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____DIY: How to Set Up a Class Blog Using BloggerTM___ To create a single class blog that has multiple student authors: 1. Sign up for a Google Account if you don't already have one. 2. Log in to Blogger using your Google account information. Create A Blog

3. Create a blog. You may create more than one blog and use one per class, if you'd like. 1

4. Have students create Google accounts.


5. Go to your blog's dashboard to manage the blog settings . 6. Settings > Permissions> Blog Authors Click Add Authors button. Enter your students' email addresses (i.e., separated by commas. Students will receive an email confirmation. Once they accept the invitation in the confirmation email, they will be listed as blog authors. 7. Settings> Permissions> Blog Readers You might choose to invite administrators or parents to be readers of your class blog. You can do this without making the blog public by adding email addresses of only people you desire to have access to the blog.

Blog Authors Your blog can have up to 100 authors. Blog Readers Your blog can have up to 100 readers. 8. Settings> Email/Mobile > Email Notifications> Blogsend Address You (or an administrator or parent) can receive email notifications each time a blog post is published by entering email addresses here.

Email Notifications BlogSend Address

Choose from contacts Enter a comma separated list of up to 10 email addresses to have your blog mailed to whenever you publish.

To create individual student blogs for which you are an administrator: 1. Have students sign up for a Google account if they don't already have one. 2. Have students sign in to Blogger and create a blog. Be sure to guide them through the settings so that their blog are aligned with your school's policies and your intent. 3. Settings > Permissions > Add Author Have students add you as an author and give you administrative control once you've accepted the invitation. You will be able to change the blog's settings, templates, as well as any post that is published. Blog Authors Your bIog can have up to 100 authors.

4. Settings> Site Feed> Allow Blog Feeds Set to short. Click on Advanced Mode to set the comment feeds if you want to be notified of comments that are posted to students' blogs. 5. Sign in to Google Reader using your Google account login. 6. Subscribe to your students' blogs by clicking on the Add Subscription button and entering the URL of each blog. Each time your students post to their blogs, you will see a new link in your reader.

Click here to subscribe to your students' blogs


Consider asking parents to do this step so that they have access to their children's accounts Decide if your class blog is public or private, if comments are allowed and / or moderated, if readership is limited, choose themes, add widgets, etc. 2

DIY - Set up a Google Blogger account  

Do it yourself instructions for setting up a blog community using Google Blogger.