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STEPHANIE MADDEN By now, most of us know Stephanie’s story.

chaired literacy programs like Read to

A Lakelander who married her high

Vision’s Literacy Council, Lighthouse

Succeed, and served on the boards of United Way’s Success By 6 and Polk

school sweetheart, Steve, 25 years


ago; a mother who has raised six

Cotillion Club, Lakeland Lacrosse,

children; a small business owner, who together with Steve founded Madden out of their two bedroom apartment and now partners with



Southeastern University Leadership Forum, Lakeland High School Parent Teacher Partnership and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Steve’s brother, Greg, and his wife

What you may not realize, is how

Lori to employ 26 people in Lakeland;

much credit Stephanie gives the

a past president of the Junior League


who has served for 22 years, and even

about things that influenced her

as a sustaining member continues

decision to run for the Lakeland City

to log monthly hours as she mentors

Commission. Stephanie attributes

emerging leaders on the Provisional

her Junior League training with

Committee. In the middle of all

giving her the experience and skill

that activity, Stephanie’s passion

in being able to build consensus

for Lakeland has shown as she’s

across many points of view. In the

graduated from Leadership Lakeland,

League, she learned how to listen





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JLGL Fall 2017 Newsletter  

JLGL Fall 2017 Newsletter  

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