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BLACKBOARD Blackboard Overview Description This hands-on session will provide an overview to the Blackboard learning management system. Participants will learn how to upload and organize materials in this online system. No previous experience with Blackboard is necessary to attend this session. Objective The objective of the overview is to introduce new users to the Blackboard system and provide basic instruction in configuring their individual Blackboard course sites.

Library Resources in Blackboard Description Students already use Blackboard to access syllabi, assignments, etc. By adding a library resources section to your Blackboard site, you make it easier for students to also access library databases, journal articles, and other library resources you expect them to use in their assignments and research. As an alternative to placing materials on reserve, instructors can also embed persistent links for many ejournals and articles. NOTE: general familiarity with Blackboard or previous attendance in the Blackboard Overview required for participation in this session. Objective Assist faculty with integrating library resources into their Blackboard courses fluently and effectively.


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Instructional Design in Blackboard Description This seminar will focus on the pedagogy of setting up your Blackboard course. We will discuss proven strategies that have worked well for other instructors and pros and cons of each. This is a course for those instructors who are tired of always using the default settings in Blackboard and are now ready to branch out and try some other things. Bring your questions and your suggestions and be prepared for some enlightened discussion. Objective Explore tips and techniques for making Blackboard course more pedagogically appealing to students.

Blackboard Collaboration Tools Description This seminar will focus on the main tools that instructors can use to communicate within Blackboard with their students. Many of the social media tools available today are also available in Blackboard and we will discuss how to better utilize these tools to collaborate in and outside of the classroom. The discussion will consist of blogging, chat, discussion board, email, wikis (new) and virtual classroom. If you are curious to know what these tools are and how to use them in Blackboard, this is the seminar for you. NOTE: general familiarity with Blackboard or previous attendance in the Blackboard Overview required for participation in this session. Objective After this seminar you should feel more comfortable using the collaboration tools available in Blackboard – what they are, how to use them, and why.

Groups and Adaptive Release in Blackboard

Description Did you know that you can create assignments and assign them to individual students or groups within your Blackboard course? This seminar will focus on how to create groups and administer them within your course. It will also focus on how to assign various activities to a specific person using adaptive release. Great feature to use if you want to only give specific participants in your course access to certain areas in Blackboard or if you want your individual groups to only see the work that they have completed. Objective Become more familiar with how to create groups and use them to their fullest and how to assign activities to specific individuals using adaptive release.




Using the Blackboard Gradebook Description Organizing the Grade Center and using the assignment tool for the collection of electronic assignments will be the focus. How to set up a weighted column to calculate a final grade will be detailed. Additionally, the download and upload of the grade center will be demonstrated along with a discussion regarding submitting your grades from Blackboard to the Registrar's Office. NOTE: general familiarity with Blackboard or previous attendance in the Blackboard Overview required for participation in this session. Objective Participants will be able to collect assignments and input grades for students to then be able to view through Blackboard. Given a sample grading policy, participants will be able to set up a weighted total. Attendees will also be able to organize the grade center to their own "personal" view.


Assessments and Assignments in Blackboard

Description This session will focus on the tools in Blackboard that can be used to evaluate students. This will include the assessment tool that can create and deliver online quizzes and surveys. These assessments can be automatically graded or graded manually by the instructor. Also covered will be the Blackboard assignment tool that allows students to submit electronic materials that can be evaluated and returned by the instructor. Join us to find out how Blackboard can assist with your evaluation of students. NOTE: general familiarity with Blackboard or previous attendance in the Blackboard Overview required for participation in this session. Objective Participants will receive hands-on training in the configuration, development, delivery and grading of online assessments and assignments in the Blackboard system.


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Mashups Description Easily integrate  rich  media  learning  content  using  Web  2.0  resources  from   YouTube,  Slideshare,  and  Flickr.    Faculty  can  deliver  more  engaging  course   content  in  a  convenient  and  powerful  way  by  searching,  finding,  and  inserting   in  a  few  clicks.   Objective Know and understand how to use YouTube, flickr and Slideshare in Blackboard.

New Features of Blackboard 9.1 Description This session  will  highlight  the  new  features  in  the  latest  version  of   Blackboard.  If  you  have  been  using  blackboard  for  some  time  and  just  want  to   know  what  the  new  functions  are  then  this  session  is  for  you.  Some  of  the  new   functions  include:     • • • • • •

New "Build  Content"  menu   Course  File  Manager   Grade  Center  enhancements   Learning  Modules   Mashups  (Integrated  Content) Wikis  

The session  will  be  45  minutes  with  additional  time  for  an  open  Q&A. Objective Know and understand the new features of Blackboard 9.1 as listed above.




INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE CONNECT PRO Description This session will introduce you to the functionality of the Adobe Connect Pro webconferencing system. This overview will demonstrate the capability of the system to communicate online in real-time with one to many other participants. Other options, including audio, video and desktop sharing options will be demonstrated. Objective To become familiar with the Adobe Connect Pro web-conferencing system.


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TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY Turnitin AntiPlagiarism System Description The Blackboard  TurnItIn  Building  Block  allows  instructors  to  add  Turnitin   Assignments  to  their  courses  within  Blackboard.  Once  papers  are  submitted,   Originality  Reports  will  be  generated  for  submissions  to  a  Turnitin   Assignment  and  can  be  accessed  from  within  Blackboard.  This  replaces  the   process  of  creating  and  accessing  assignments  at  the  TurnItIn  Website.  This   workshop  will  focus  on  how  to  create,  grade  and  produce  originality  reports   from  the  TurnItIn  software. Objective Know and understand Turnitin and how to properly utilize the system to prevent plagiarism.

TurningPoint Clickers

Description Classroom response  systems  or  "clickers"  allow  you  to  collect  real-­‐time   feedback  from  students  during  your  class  period.  Come  learn  how  these   devices  can  be  used  to  poll  students,  assess  student  understanding  and  even   deliver  pop  quizzes. Objective Know and understand what clickers are and some suggestions on how to use them in the classroom.





Twitter in the Classroom Description This presentation will focus on using Twitter more effectively in the classroom to achieve more interactive results from your students. Objective Better understanding of what Twitter is, terminology used in Twittering, and suggestions of how to use the tool in the classroom.

Practical Approach to Blogging in the College Classroom

Description Blogging is all about writing and statistics show that students not only write more, but they write with more enthusiasm when they know they have an audience reading their submissions. This seminar will focus on how instructors can apply blogging techniques to their classrooms. Blogging is defined as well as suggestions discussed on how blogging can be an effective collaboration tool for students. Objective Understand how blogging can be used as an effective writing tool in the classroom.


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Description YouTube is the world's most popular online video community. It allows people to discover, watch and share video. Web video offers a new way for educators to communicate with their audience. Moving images use our senses more effectively. Moving images are concise, vivid and compelling. Objective To support faculty with creating and disseminating effective lectures via web video.

Description Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application that helps people make their photos available to the people who matter to them. Flickr enables new ways of organizing photos and video. This presentation will focus on the various ways to use Flickr in the classroom, such as embedding your videos or images in blogs or social media to create additional interaction, collaboration, and sharing between instructor and students. Objective An overview of Flickr and how instructors and students can use the application as a supplement in their teaching and learning.


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Podcasting Description Podcasting as an educational tool will be the focus of this session. The presentation will detail the process of creating audio podcasts which can then be distributed easily. Using some simple software as well as a web-based solution for broadcasting lectures, interviews or any type of recorded content will be demonstrated. Objective Participants will be able to identify what tools they can use to create podcasts and how to broadcast them. They will be able to also identify potential classroom applications of the technology.

Description Prezi is a Flash-based application that lets you to break away from the slide-by-slide approach. It allows you to create non-linear presentations where you can zoom in and out of a visual map containing words, links, images, videos etc. The nonlinearity format encourages dialogue with the audience and helps the audience and the presenter to remember more of the presentation by stimulating spatial memory. Objective Inform and instruct participants of this alternative presentation tool that utilizes a single canvas to communication ideas. The participants will learn how to access Prezi, set-up a user account and learn the basics of creating a Prezi presentation.

Teaching with Video Description In an effort to improve instruction, educators increasingly turn to multimedia materials, such as video, to enhance student motivation and learning. However, how those media are used often determines their effectiveness. To focus viewing, promote understanding, and enhance learning, this seminar will focus on how to couple videos with strategically planned viewing activities. Objective Using video more effectively in the college classroom.


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Personal Learning Environments – Introducing Symbaloo Description The term personal learning environment (PLE) describes the tools, communities, and services that constitute the individual educational platforms that learners use to direct their own learning and pursue educational goals. PLEs represent a shift away from the model in which students consume information through independent channels such as the library, a textbook, or an LMS, moving instead to a model where students draw connections from a growing matrix of resources that they select and organize. Symbaloo is a type of web 2.0 PLE aggregator. It allows you to locate and organize all of your favorite websites into one easy location. You can break up your websites into tabs and you even have a center area where you can search on the web without ever leaving Symbaloo. This seminar focuses on what Symbaloo is and how you can get started creating your own personal learning environment. Objective Learn about Symbaloo and how it can be an effective tool to creating Personal Learning Environments (PLEs).


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