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Beginning June 5th


hat a first day in Rome! I slept until 5 am here because of jet lag. I managed to get some more rest and woke up at 9 am feeling like I just got beat up. My whole body was exhausted. My group then started to make our way to the ACCENT center. We quickly realized that the directions their representatives had given us the night before were terribly confusing and useless. This led to us being lost for hours. We wandered the streets of Rome worried that we might be late for class but were too fascinated with our surroundings to really stress ourselves over the whole situation. After all, it was only our first day. That’s perfect excuse to be late.

My group finally made it to class 40 minutes late. We were not the only group to get hopelessly lost. So we didn’t look too bad I guess. I went to my history class, then to orientation. I got with another group that wanted to go back to our apartments. We took a bus (got lost) and finally made our way back to our apartment (got lost again). I was able to look at some of the other groups apartments and quickly realized we managed to get one of the better ones. Our apartment is very big and in a nice neighborhood with a bunch of families.

Beach June 7th


rode on a train for an hour and a half across the Italian country side today. It was beautiful. The train passed through farmland and small towns. In the background, I was able to see big, rolling mountains. The train went into a tunnel that passed straight through one of the mountains! From the train station, it was just a a twenty-minute bus ride to the beach. We set up camp and spent the day wading through the sea, tanning, and napping. It was a much deserved rest after another long week. I got a little burnt, but it was completely worth it!

Colosseum June 11th


he are around the Colosseum has the most tourist in all of Rome. After standing in line for a ling time, I was finally able to go inside the Colosseum and have a look around. I was a little overwhelmed by the heat and the crowds of people. stepping foot inside the Colosseum is absolutely breathtaking. It’s huge! I felt so small standing in it. I have no clue how people could even build it without the technology we have today. I was blown away by how old and huge it was. I felt so lucky to be there.

Models June 13th


n Wednesday, I was able to go to Tarquinia with both my photography and history classes. While the history class ran around and looked at tombs, the photography class worked with models for the first time. The assignment was to practice taking photos of three models in our class. For many of us, this was our first time photographing models ever! Throughout the assignment, we worked on being verbal and telling our models how we wanted them to pose. We learned how important it was to direct models so that we can get the best shots possible. We were also instructed on the best lighting and positions to put them in whenever it is the middle of the day. At first I was a little nervous about doing this. I'm very new to photography and have only been working with my camera for a couple of weeks. I just learned how to use it on manual last week! That being said, I loved this assignment and felt that I learned a lot from it. Now I know what to do in the future whenever I have to photograph models.

Paris June 21st


t feels great to have a four day weekend to do whatever I want! I chose to go to Paris with some friends. I have been having a blast! It is such a nice change of pace from Rome. The lifestyle here is very different. It's not as hot and the streets are full of nice places to shop. It's also nice to blend in here. In Italy, I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. In Paris, I've had several people try to speak French to me. Which is too bad because I hardly know any French! Today I went to two museums. In the morning, I went to the Dalí museum. The museum in Paris has the biggest collection of his work in France. His work is so fascinating and interesting. That afternoon, I went to the Monet museum. There were

other works similar to Monet’s featured there as well. They were all so beautiful. It’s so cool to see the famous paintings that I have studied in class, right in front of me! These museums weren’t very crowded. I didn’t feel rushed looking at everything. It was a nice to be able to go at my own pace and look at things at my leisure. Later, I explored the church called Saint Chapelle. This church had stunning stained glass windows that lined the entire room. I ended the night by going to see the Eiffel Tower. I was able to go to the very top and see all of Paris. As I was going back down the whole tower light up. It was breathtaking ot see for the first time.

Saying Goodbye June 29th


fter spending a whole month in Rome, my trip is finally coming to a close. Today has definitely been bittersweet. I'm ready to go home and see my family. However, I wouldn't describe myself as being homesick. I'm really going to miss Rome. I've had some great experiences here. This trip has changed me for the better. I have become a more independent person. I survived a whole month of immersing myself in a different culture without knowing the language or exactly what I was doing. This trip will always be special to me. I now have a taste for travel. I’m confident in myself now and know that I can go anywhere or do anything and be okay.