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Some Great Benefits Of Using Wholesale Rubber Mulch When you have a large landscaping project such as a playground remodel or new construction, you will need to select the safest mulch for the project while, simultaneously, attempting to save money on cost. A great option to offer a safe mulch for the area and also keeping your cost to a minimum has to be wholesale rubber mulch. Manufacturers make use of used tires to make the rubber mulch. During processing, the majority of the metal is separated from the rubber remnants, providing an end-product that is extremely safe, even when ingested accidentally by children. By recycling old tires instead of sending them to the landfill, we save landfills from being clogged by millions of old tires for centuries. Because they are being used for playgrounds and landscaping and are totally safe, you are able to say that rubber mulch is among the most environmentally friendly materials getting used for playground mulches today. Plus, the durability of the mulch is incredibly high. The paint used in rubber mulches are often antimicrobial, and can last up to 10 years with regular use. The colors are guaranteed to last, not fade, and they are available in a myriad of colors such as natural wood shades, black, red, blue, green, and even purple. Based on the appeal of the rubber mulch, it is top-notch. Rubber mulches tend to be safer than conventional mulches too. Research, for example, has stated that you will require 12 inches in depth for standard mulch like wood, sand, and pea gravel to safeguard the children if they should fall from a 12 foot height. In comparison, rubber mulch only requires 6 inches of depth for the exact same amount of protection. Unlike conventional mulch, rubber is resistant to freeze damage and erosion from wind and rain. In addition, the rubber mulch won't attract animals, pests or some other insects that may wind up in the mulch or consider it their litter box, unlike sand or wood. You won't have any issues with mold on the rubber either, making it a far more hygienic choice in comparison to other mulches. Considering that rubber mulches last so long and don’t need to be replaced yearly like wood mulches, rubber mulches actually are cheaper in the long-term. No longer will you have to replace wood mulch that has washed away or decomposed into compost. Rubber mulch surfaces are also much more comfortable to walk on during hot summer days. While sand can burn children’s feet, rubber mulches distribute the heat more evenly, maintaining a comfortable temperature even on the hottest of summer days. For large projects, it's possible to find dealers who offer wholesale rubber mulch when buying by the truckload. Check online and see if there are dealers nearby who offer delivery and reduced prices for large orders. You will be impressed to see how beautiful and durable rubber mulches may be, but most importantly you can be sure that you have the safest playground mulch available. Confirm that the mulch you buy has a guarantee on the color for 10 or more years, and that the mulch doesn't contain any metal, especially any type of mulch that will be placed around a play area for children. For landscaping purposes, you can also get rubber mulches that are created specifically for home landscape use. The look of the rubber mulch is incredibly similar to wood bark mulch, in fact so similar that it will be difficult to tell if you don't look at it very closely. Recycled Products Distributor LLC

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Some Great Benefits Of Using Wholesale Rubber Mulch

So, the very next time you have to buy mulch, consider using rubber mulch, one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective option on the market today. Purchasing rubber mulch in bulk is a popular way folks covers sizable areas of ground with the product. For additional details on Discount Rubber Mulch, see their website at

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Some Great Benefits Of Using Wholesale Rubber Mulch