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An inquiry by Josh Lepawsky

"US isn't flooding third world with E-waste"

Reality is a far cry from the long-standing claim, first made by the basel action network ‌. that as much as 80 percent of U.S. e-waste is exported to the developing world.

Most interesting! I see that the NGO report the journalist refers to is part of the scientific archive...

and Before he knew it...

Indeed, the NGO report is most often cited in the journal "Environmental Science and Technology". Does this citation chain bolster the authority of the NGO?

‌a hearing before the Committee on science and technology House of representatives... 2009...

‌The ngo is cited as support for the 80 percent export figure.

It really is stunning to know that the united states exports 80 percent of its electronic waste to other countries. - Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson

Following a floating statement.  

An exercise for an online MOOC with Professor Bruno Latour.