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Jane Latus Emmert

406.270.1238 /montanajaneartist Fine art notecards, prints and originals by oil painter and outdoorswoman “Montana Jane� allow viewers to travel back in time to the days when the west was wild and life moved at a gentler pace in the Land of the Big Sky.

Flower Series

F-01 Flower Garden

F-04 Varigated Tulip

F-05 Paintbrush

F-03 Riot of Color

F-02 Anemones

F-06 Beargrass

F-07 Pink & “Wild”

F-08 Yellow & “Wild”

Bird Series

B-01 Chickadees

Jane Latus Emmert

B-02 Cedar Waxwings


B-03 Blue Jays

Landscape Series

L -01 Farm and Pheasant

L -02 M ountain Goat Guard

L -03 M ountain Wildflowers

L -04 H eav en' s Peak

L -05 Sno w Capped Peaks

L -06 Bird Woman Falls

L -07 Twin Birch M eadow

L -08 Riv er Vista

L -11 Fishin’ H ole

L -12 Yellowstone Riv er

L -09 Glacial Waters

L -13 Runnin’ Fast & Cold

L -10 Birch Trio

L -14 Trail to the L ake

L -15 Waterfall & Red Bus

L -16 Riv er Glow

L -17 Aspen Grov e

Images are available as blank note cards, magnets, 8x10 prints, 11x14 prints or 16x20 prints. Note cards are 5x7 inches, printed on textured paper with a deckle edge. Magnets are 4x5”. Full color, rice paper prints with deckle edges are mounted on a black mat (off-white for the Angel Cloud Art) which creates approximately a 1 1/2 inch border around the print for a finished size that fits standard frames 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20. Designed to show off the art images and the deckle edge paper for an elegant, artsy look.

Jane Latus Emmert


Wildlife Series

W-01 Bear and Beargrass

W-02 Buck

W-03 Buffalo Mornin'

W-04 Buffalo Head

W-05 Mountain Goat

W-06 Winter Bear

W-07 Bull Elk

W-08 Moose

H-01 Julio & Mario-Draft Horses

H-02 Runnin' Free

H-03 Paint at Dawn

Flyfishing Series

FF-01 Chasin’ Rainbows

Jane Latus Emmert

FF-02 Eye On the Fly

FF-03 Driftin’ Along


FF-04 Fresh Catch

Angel Cloud Art A Touch of Heaven Here on Earth

AC1-I’m Glad You’re in My Life

AC2- We Grow Wiser

AC3-A Wise Woman

“Life is oh-too-short to miss the chance to say I’m glad you’re in my life.”

“We grow wiser and more beautiful as time and experience flow through us. We were cute when we were young, but now, with wrinkles and a touch of gray, we are exquisitely beautiful.”

”A wise woman lives within you and me. Sometimes we ignore her...sometimes her wisdom is drowned out by noise, busyness and the neediness of others, but she waits patiently, knowing we’ll return for she is the best of all we are.”


AC5-When You are Lonely

AC6-The Women Friends

“’Dance!’ said the wise old woman. ‘Dance from your soul and wise women everywhere will dance with you.’”

”When you are lonely or sad remember that those who love us are nearer than we think. Even though we cannot see them they are watching over us whispering, ‘Grow, dream, believe.’ We are not alone.”

”The women friends joined hands and danced in a circle and the love and energy from their friendship rose up to the heavens to form the moon so that even on the darkest night no woman must walk alone.”

Jane Latus Emmert


Angel Cloud Art A Touch of Heaven Here on Earth

AC9-Keep Reaching for Your Dreams

AC7-Let Yourself Be Cradled

AC8-You are Strong and Wise

“Let yourself be cradled in the arms of those who love you. We are never too old to be held.”

“You are strong and capable and oh-so-wise. I see you rising up, speaking out, and shining forth. I celebrate the wonder of you.”

AC10-I See Your Beauty

AC11-Reach for the Stars

AC12-Joy! Joy! Joy!

“I see your beauty even when you feel less than beautiful. I see the loveliness of your tender heart, generous soul and sweet smile. You are always beautiful to me.”

”Reach for the stars, follow your dreams and trust your instincts. You are a strong, wise woman. Trust yourself.”

“Joy! Joy! Joy! You fill my heart with joy! Thank you for being you.”

Jane Latus Emmert


”Keep reaching for your dreams. Don’t stop believing in yourself. I believe in you!”

Angel Cloud Art A Touch of Heaven Here on Earth

AC13-Friend and Sister


AC15-My Friend

“You are both friend and sister to me. Our hearts are one.”

“When your faith is weak, borrow mine. I’m here to remind you God sees, God knows, God cares.”

”Because of you, my friend, I have a reason to smile again. Thank you for being a blessing to me.”

Love Letter from God You are My masterpiece! When I look at you, I don't see your faults and failings-I see your potential and MY plan for your life. Please don't believe the lies the enemy whispers in your ear. He says you are worthless. It is a lie! He calls you ugly and useless. It is a lie! He claims that you're a failure. It is a lie! I created you and have given you talents and gifts which are uniquely yours. Ask Me and I will reveal them to you. Rest in Me and I will show you the beauty I see when I look deep inside you. Nothing can separate you from My love! I know your heart, your hurts, your secret sins, your weaknesses, and I still love you! You are beautiful and precious to Me. Keep your eyes on Me and rest in My infinite love for you. I will never leave you or forsake you. You are my precious child and I will always love you. © 2013 Jane Latus Emmert

Sincerely, Your Heavenly Father

LL1-Love Letter from God

Jane Latus Emmert


Walk on the “Wild” Side

W-10 “Wild” M oose

W-13 “Wild” Buffalo

W-12 “Wild” H orse

W-11 “Wild”Bear

W-14 “Wild” E lk

W-15 E arly Riser Bear

W-16 “Wild” Plains Buffalo

“Snow” Boarder/Skier Series

S -01 “Sno w” Sk iers

S -05 “Sno w” Sk ier

S -02 “Sno w” S ki Racer

S -06 “Sno w” Boarder

Jane Latus Emmert

S S -03 “S now” Boarders

S -07-”S now” board lesson

S S -04 “S now” Bunny

S S -08 “S now” Board D uo S S -09 “S now” S katers


Product and Package D isplay E xamples

Rice paper prints with deckle edges are mounted on a black mat (o ff-white for the Angel Cloud Art) which creates approximately a 1 1/ 2 inch border around the print for a finished siz e that fits standard frames 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20. All prints are presented in a protectiv e plastic sleev e.

Blank note cards are printed on heav y weight card stock with matching env elope, both of which hav e a deckle edge for an elegant, artsy look. Presented in a protectiv e plastic sleev e.

We offer customiz ed packages to meet your needs. Package options include tiered or spinner rack displays for note cards, magnets and prints.

Jane Latus Emmert



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Montana Jane Brochure 2013

Montana Jane Brochure 2013

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