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Diploma 2012 fonts tarot fonts szudy Interactive book fonts gruba fonts Modular einai “Metaphysics” Pictogram of an ecological house Autonomous Available Home Infographic project – ecology motyf What is painting? tea foundation Media logo Artistic book George Orwell tahoma video clip Postproduction RIDE 2 LIFE EYE ON CULT UR FESTIVAL 2013 Advertisement for Bank studio graphics photography curriculum vitae Jan Duda portfolio 2


Jan Duda portfolio 3


Diploma 2012 The diploma is a visualization of the poem “Girl” by Bolesław Leśmian from the collection titled “Napój cienisty” (1936). Unfortunately, a translation of this poem is not available, therefore I present it in the original version. The poem tells the story of the desires of 12 brothers who heard the voice of a beautiful girl - their desire to break through a wall (to get to the girl), their fighting shadows, and finally their hammers breaking through the wall. They then realize that it was all a fiction and an illusion, because it was only the voice of the girl, and not actually her. The poem tells the story of a heroic battle, which is the purpose in itself. The the piece was created via video editing and simple animation. The purpose was to surprise the viewer with extreme simplicity, to draw the focus to the content of the poem. Finalist in the competition “Wolę kino”foundation Wislawa Szymborska Jan Duda portfolio 4



Tarot The purpose of this project was to design a new initial font. The initial font was created using a rule – each letter is rotated 180°. Through this, 26 basic alphabet characters were created. Additionally, this complex font allows one to think about how far you can go in changing a character as not to lose its readability.

2011 – 2nd year of studies – computer techniques Jan Duda portfolio 5

fonts Szczud The font is an attempt to create a cut to facilitate the reading of people with impaired reading. This is a type of sheryff font to increase the diversity of characters such as ‘p’ , ‘d’ , ‘p’ , ‘q’. The sheriff is thicker in order to emphasize the place of letters and increase their diversity. Additionally, it has a longer extension of the bottom to increase the optical space between the letters. It has not been tested yet, it is only a hypothesis based on theoretical knowledge.

Szczud,.! The timeless classic presented in

the original edition f you care for journeys there and back, out of the comfortable the original edition f you care for journeys the


ard hardcover edition us


the original edition f you care for journeys there and back, out of the comfortable

ing the author's original jacket design

Tolkien'sown description for the original edition f you care for journeys there and back, out of the

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ąęśćł AFHKOTS !?.,

12 pt

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv wxyz ąęśćł AFHKOTS !?.,

18 pt

abcdefghijklmnop qrstuvwxyz ąęśćł A F H K O T S ! ? . , 26 pt Jan Duda portfolio 6

degree planned

working drawings

Interactive book about designing for people with dislexia

Theoretical posts

The purpose of this project was designing an interactive book, which would be a dialogue between designers and psychologists, leading to creating options for helping people with specific reading impairments. Apart from substantive content, the book will contain interviews, discussions with psychologists and designers as to ease the understanding of its content. (I am dyslexic myself, so I prefer to portray the work dynamically rather than write about it, hence the idea to combine a book with film).

Abstract of the bachelor’s diploma of Jan Duda The work contains a discussion of selected studies on the impact of text parameters on the quality of reading by dyslexic individuals. In conclusion, it was stated that interdisciplinary studies should be initiated, involving psychophysiologists and typographists to build fonts that would ease reading for these dyslexic individuals. The first chapter contains

a brief introduction on the history of discovering reading disabilities, a definition of ‘dyslexia’, and a discussion of the results of studies of the causes of dyslexia as well as data regarding dyslexia in the Polish society. The second chapter discusses the current state of dyslexia studies, with special attention paid to studies of the impact of text parameters on understanding of text by dyslexic individuals. In the third chapter, basic rules of typography and a critical font analysis of fonts for dyslexic individuals are discussed. Jan Duda portfolio 7


Modular font GRUBA The purpose of this project was the creation of a new modular font based upon the module of a rectangle and circle. 26 basic characters were created. Additionally, a poster promoting the s

Font was created in A3 using digital technique 2011 – 2nd year of studie Jan Duda portfolio 8


Modular font The purpose of this project was the creation of 5 basic letters. The font was based on the module of a square. Additionally, a stop-motion animation was made, showing the creation of the font, as well as a poster promoting the project.

Digital technique in A3. HD stop-motion animation. 2010 – 1st year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 9

typography Einai A project aiming to present the phrase ‘einai’, consisting of a poster and an animation. The phrase ‘to be’ has many different meanings and exists in many languages. The purpose of the project was to show the ambiguity of ‘to be’.

Poster – digital technique in print A3 2012 – 4th year of studies Jan Duda portfolio 10


Full HD animation. work was presented at MoTyF 2013 Jan Duda portfolio 11


Visualization of the poem “Metaphysics” by Wisława Szymborska

Full HD animation 2012 – 4th year of studies. work was presented at MoTyF 2013 Jan Duda portfolio 12

typography The purpose of the project was to focus on word meanings through synesthetic association. For instance, the word “passed� can be associated with disappearing, and this is portrayed graphically as blurring to a grey stain.

Jan Duda portfolio 13

design Pictogram of an ecological house The purpose of the project was to create a pictogram which portrays an ecological home. It was shown through a symbolic straw home. To better present the pictogram, an animation and a picture showing it in space were created.

Pictogram and picture – digital technique. 2010 – 2nd year of studies

Jan Duda portfolio 14


Jan Duda portfolio 15

IDENTIFICATION Logo for the Autonomous Available Home (Autonomiczny Dom Dostępny) Project The purpose of this project was to create a graphic symbol identifying the project of designing a home that uses almost no energy, is autonomous (self-sufficient) and inexpensive, therefore available. Experience with the pictogram assisted in realization. Adding the color green emphasized the ecological nature of the home and its positive impact on the environment. Digital technique 2011


Autonomiczny Dom Dostępny

Lider projektu

dr Ludomir Duda audytor energetyczny KAPE nr 0001

ul. Polna 15 05-506 Magdalenka tel.kom. +48 509 850 255 NIP 1230710929

w w Jan Duda portfolio 16


Infographic project – ecology The purpose of the project was the creation of an interactive infographic showing one of the most important concepts of ecology – fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. The project consists of two parts:

2012 – 4th year of studies.

1. Multimedia part, created using Adobe Encore, containing six information boards with animations. 2. Material part in the form of a lamp, whose shape is a print with infographics Digital print.


Jan Duda portfolio 17


MOTYF An International review of mobile typography at the National Museum in Warsaw. Together with Zuzanna Walas, we are creating the entire identity of the festival and dealing with the organizational aspect under the supervision of Dr. Ewa Setelecka. all idenfikacja the link:

Jan Duda portfolio 18


What is painting? The purpose of the project was answering the question of what paining is. An animation which in a simplified way shows the development of painting throughout the centuries was presented. Technique – drawing and animation. 2012 – 4th year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 19


Project for the TEA foundation The purpose of the project was to show the problems of anti-discrimination education by showing an interview with a disabled individual.

Video. 2012 – 4th year of studies. work was presented at MoTyF 2013

Jan Duda portfolio 20

Media Copy - original The project has been used AR technology (Augmented Reality). The aim of the project was to show that in modern times it is difficult to determine what is a copy and what is original. Physical elements of the installation were two archaic stamps that read “COPY” and “ORIGINAL”. after stamping “copy”, the word “original” appeared on the screen, and vice versa: after stamping “ORIGINAL” appeared the word “COPY”. The effect is to encourage the viewer to consider what role it plays in today’s world.

Republic 2.0 The project was developed with the help of the program Animata and sensor Kinect. This resulted in an interactive puppet that moves synchronously with the person involved with the installation. The project was inspired by the slogans that appear on demonstrations. The same puppet had its simple passwords change the meaning of other terms.

Jan Duda portfolio 21


These are projects of logos: (from left), a company dealing with film production, cardiac surgery, and a foundation for art, culture and education.

Jan Duda portfolio 22


Artistic book The book presents to present the word ‘metal’. It was made from five metal plates with dimensions 10 cm/10 cm. A single letter was lasercut into each plate. The letters from the word METAL.

2011 – 3th year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 23


George Orwell book composition project The purpose of the project was designing the composition of ‘1984’. The cover, composition and sample illustrations alluding to Big Brother were designed. Digital Technique

Digital Technique I llustrations done using vector technique A3 2011 – 3th year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 24


Jan Duda portfolio 25


Tahoma The project is a presentation of the Tahoma typeface through animation, a poster and a leaflet showing the characteristics of the typeface. Created using mixed methods. 2010 – 2nd year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 26

video clip

A color in space This short video is to show the city at night from the other side, the colors and the incredible sensations. With the film and the next and the treatment of the music daft pank was created with a simple picture. 2013 4nd year of studies.

Jan Duda portfolio 27


“SOCJETY” Eugeniusz Kowalski In the production of it was just to the unreal world move cartons welcome to the real world, the two protagonists. Through post-production we can get the effect of cardboard people 2013

Jan Duda portfolio 28


YouTube channel

Ride 2 Life In creating R2L dealt with the creation of the artwork film posters with information and pictures of the preparations for the expedition Peter Uliasz. 2013

Jan Duda portfolio 29


EYE ON CULTUR FESTIVAL 2013 The idea was to show what can be seen at the festival in no way cliches, so it has been in the eye will show 2013

Jan Duda portfolio 30


Advertisement for Bank Studio An advertisement created for Fashion magazine promoting Bank studio. Two advertisements were created: a press one and a poster. The Bank studio space was used in the process of creation.

Jan Duda portfolio 31


Illustrations for Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita” created using a calligraphic feather pen and digital technique A4 2012 – 4th year of studies.

Jan Duda portfolio 32


“Birds” 29,7/84 cm 2010 – 2th year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 33


“Hyena” 29,7/63 cm 2010 – 2th year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 34


“Piano” 50/70 cm 2010 – 2th year of studies. Jan Duda portfolio 35


satirical illustration for Christmas 50/70 cm 2011 – 3th year of study. Jan Duda portfolio 36


“Mouth “ digital photography 2011

Jan Duda portfolio 37


“Stairs” digital photography 2011

“Tower” digital photography 2011 Jan Duda portfolio 38


“Tram “ digital photography 2011

“Subway” digital photography 2011 Jan Duda portfolio 39


Photographs from film sets From the end of 2012 I have been involved in film sets as a photographer, thanks to which I can gain experience in film production outdoors, at night and inside a production hall.

Jan Duda portfolio 40

curriculum vitae CURRICULUM VITAE


NAME: Jan Ludomir Duda DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 09.06.1990, Warszawa ADRES: Polna 15, 05 506 Magdalenka CELL PHONE: +48 512 059 100 E-MAIL:

2003 -2006 Drawing classes taught by Ika Matyjaszkiewicz 2006 -2009 Architectural Drawing courses in DOMIN studio 2006 -2009 Drawing classes conducted by Mikołaj Chylak and Katarzyna Broniewska-Mazurek 2011 FontLab Studio workshop with Marian Misiak 2012 Advertising Film Workshop organized by the Creative Agency Quicker 2012 „Ala ma pióro” Typeface design workshop inspired by calligraphy, The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. 2013 Computer program MAX MSP workshops - Paweł Janicki PJWSTK 2014 Workshop with Martin Majoor of designing fonts on PJWATK

EDUCATION 2006-2009 I Społeczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące Bednarska 2009 Matura (Polish school-leaving examination) 2009-2012 Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Department of New Media Art (PJWSTK), graphics major, undergraduate studies 2012 Bachelor’s degree (honours degree) promotor dr hab. Janusz Knorowski 2012 Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (PJWSTK), Department of New Media Art, graphics major, postgraduate studies (to obtain master’s degree) 2013 Erasmus in Wales to “Glyndwr University” at the Department of Graphic

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS- GOOD WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterFX, Adobe Encore, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, FontLab Studio, BulidAR Pro, Metaio Creator, Package Office FOREIGN LANGUAGE SKILLS Intermediate English INTERESTS Photography, Cinematography, Typography, Painting, Motion Design Sport-, Mountain Biking, Martial Arts, Aquatics, Philosophy

Jan Duda portfolio 41

curriculum vitae PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE / INTERNSHIPS 2010 Holiday internship in School and Education Publishing House (polish WSiP) – publication design for kids 2011 Holiday internship in Post-production Studio BADIBADI Fx – learning about film postproduction process 2011 Participation in Autonomous Accessible House (ADD) Team - 1st place prize for energy-efficient PLGBC home design preparing project’s graphic identity 2012 Holiday internship in Architectural Study Center Adam Burski – work on architectural visualizations 2012 Participation as a graphic designer in action V-DAY, graphic design 2012 Designing press advertising for STUDIO BANK – FASHION magazine 2012 Supporting photo and video exhibition React For World in the period from September to November 2012 Photo in the article ‘super-energy efficient house’ in the paper “Ładny dom” 2012 Supporting photo and video exhibition Gemilut Chasadim Żydzi, Dobroczynność, Warszawa (Jews, Charity, Warsaw) - still photographer 2012 Took part in an exhibition “Kultura 2.0” (“Culture 2.0“) in Warsaw and presenting interactive work “Republika 2.0“ (“Republic 2.0“) 2012 Still photographer on the set of the “ WINTER IS BACK “ music video Director: Katarzyna Garstka. 2013 Cooperation on the project WWW and Youtube channel Bakoma – Kaleciń Agency 2013 Still photographer on end ostproduction on the set of “SOCJETY” Eugeniusz Kowalski Director: Michał Jaskulski

2013 Work as a graphic designer in the expedition RIDE 2 LIFE dealt with the creation of post-production, making photographs, and posters and leaflets 2013 Organization of the student review “motyf moving typography international students’ festiwal” in national museum 2013 Exhibitions “Wspólna wyobraźnia“ in the night of Museums in Lubelska 30/32 2013 Took part in an exhibition night of Museums in PJWSTK 2013 Finalist in the competition “Wolę kino” foundation Wislawa Szymborska 2013 Postproduction in advertising EMPiK director Michael Jaskulski 2013 Postproduction in the video “Strachy IN LACHY - Bankrupt ... Bankrutowi” Directed by: Slawek Pietrzak Photos: Michael Jaskulski 2013 Stuntman in the film “Stones on the quarterdeck” director Robert Glinski2013 stabizacia obrzu Reżyseria: Sławek Pietrzak 2013 Lighting technician on the set of TV series “Blonde 2” in the care of the engraver Ryszard Kozak 2013 Making off in the movie “MOCNA KAWA WCALE NIE JEST TAKA ZŁA” Directed Alek Pietrzak of Warsaw Film School 2013 The composition of the journal “Software Developer’s Journal” 2013 Editing and postproduction Internet advertising for the festival “EYE ON CULTUR FESTIVAL 2013” 2013 Exhibition at the Helsinki Music Centre project “Metaphysics” 2013 Video mapping in Wrexham “Big Night of Lights”

Jan Duda portfolio 42

Jan duda Portfolio 2014  

tu Państwo znajdziecie moje wybrane prace. To teraz pokażę zakres moich umiejętności