JLC Perspectives Summer 2013

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Executive Board: President Shannon Glass


President’s Perspective

President-Elect Lisa Hubbard


JLC Moves Forward with Two New Impact Initiatives

VP Communications Meredith Comin


Junior League of Cincinnati's 2013–2014 Leader List

VP Community Projects Vicki Calonge


New Member Spotlight: Lindsay Holt

Active Spotlight: Tara Bonistall Noland


'Be Healthy. Be Active!' Event Engages Over 500

Cincinnati Youth


Kids in the Kitchen- A Signature Project Success Story

VP Training & Development Lauren Bosse

JLC in the Kitchen- Spring Tasting at Keidel

Legal Advisor Sara Cooperrider


JLC Heart-to-Heart Luncheon Reconnects Sustainers


What's Happening Around the JLC

Recording Secretary Brooke Hiltz


Congratulations to our JLC 2012-2013 Award Winners!

Sustainer Council:


CinSation 2013 'Come Fly With Me' Soars to Success


JLC & Marjorie Motch Honored at Hearing Speech

VP Finance Pam Wise VP Fund Development Lizzie Polston VP Membership Jennifer Reed

Chair Linda Appleby Vice Chair Darlene Kamine

& Deaf Center Luncheon


Member Milestones

Secretary Laura Skidmore


JLC Rocks the Runway Bake Me Home Boutique

Treasurer Linda Nitzschke Past Chair Ginny Myer Sustainer Advisor Susan Shelton Endowment Representative Sandy Donovan


Incoming President's Perspective


Be Well


JLC's Annual Meeting- The Ultimate Mission Moment

Our Mission The Junior League of Cincinnati is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The Junior League of Cincinnati is an exclusively educational, charitable organization which reaches out to women of all races, religions, or national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism. Perspectives is the quarterly magazine of the Junior League of Cincinnati. Publication months are September, December, March, and August. Advertising inquiries and items for submission can be sent to Perspectives Committee: Fran Santangelo DiBattista, Chair, Jamie Humes, Vice-Chair, Meredith Comin, VP Communications, Meghan Abney, Reba Dysart, Alisa Strauss, Leah Taylor Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter @JLCincy Junior League of Cincinnati, 3500 Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226, (513) 871-9339, Printed in partnership with Evolution creative services


Summer 2013

President's Perspective Dear friends, What an extraordinary journey we have been on this year! I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you for your support, enthusiasm, and willingness to roll up your sleeves when there was work to do. Without the dedication of our entire membership, we would not be able to continue our transformative work in the Greater Cincinnati community. I would especially like to thank the Board members and leadership teams I have served along side of this year and last. I am truly grateful for all of the moments you have lifted me and inspired me along the way. To the past Presidents group that I have come to know and love, your words of wisdom have echoed with me day after day and have underscored many poignant moments for me this year. To the Sustainer group, a thank you seems so small for such a herculean group of women, but without it, I would not be able to express how truly precious and valuable you are to me and to the entire organization. I would also like to give a warm thankyou to our incredible office staff for your willingness to always go the extra step; you are deeply appreciated. Each one of you has played an important role this year in building our future. You have helped provide our members with opportunities to engage in the organization through events, hands-on volunteering opportunities and trainings. We made a great impact with our first ever Free Store Foodbank Giving Fields Day, where we harvested enough food to feed over 800 people. We also provided opportunity to collect over 500 items that will help clothe women entering the workforce through Dress for Success. We’ve trained countless volunteers through speakers, Board Bank, and training forums. These are just a few highlights! Our membership has helped build relationships and revenue sources to ensure our sustainability and increased visibility in the community. We formed an ad hoc Columbia Center committee that is researching ways to ensure the stability of our building. Our interim solution to increase rentals has been successful and we have increased our rental income 40% over last year. We are continuing to work on a unified approach to understand the value of the property

we own around Columbia Center so that we can make the right decision for our future. We have also reinvented our strategic plan and brought it back to life this year so that we can forecast a brighter future. We have reignited relationships with past projects such as the Children’s Museum, the Children’s Theatre, and the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center. Not to be forgotten, we wrapped our year with successful fundraisers through our Tour of Kitchens and CinSation events. Finally, we have built meaningful Impact Initiatives this year that will transform lives in our city. We will sunset our very successful Kids in the Kitchen program by handing over our resource guide and training materials to AJLI so that leagues around the country can benefit from the structured program our leaders have put into place. As that door closes, another opens with our two new Impact Initiatives: Pediatric Oral Health and Refugee Resettlement, both of which address underserved areas in our community in need of the JLC's structured approach, drive, and passionate volunteers. What an incredible and exciting time to be a member! I hope you join us next year with the same passion and dedication you have this year as we launch our two new initiatives. We are an organization committed to voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving our community. Each of you has been pivotal this year in seeing our mission carried forward. It has been an honor to serve as your President and to work beside some of the most talented women I have had the opportunity to meet. I look forward to many more years of cultivating volunteers and transforming lives in our community. As my term winds to a close, I’m humbled that you have allowed me the opportunity to serve the organization this year! With deep gratitude,

Shannon M. Glass President 2012-2013, the Junior League of Cincinnati



JLC Moves Forward with Two New Impact Initiatives By Reba George Dysart As a result of the April General Membership Meeting vote, the Junior League of Cincinnati (JLC) is excited to announce it will move forward with two Impact Initiatives (formerly signature projects): Refugee Resettlement and Pediatric Oral Health. We Are Together, the Refugee Resettlement initiative, will create a network that seeks to close the gap between services currently provided by social service agencies and refugees’ immediate and long-term needs. The Pediatric Oral Health initiative will develop a city-wide oral health campaign that promotes a lifetime of good oral health for all children. While the JLC has adopted a single signature project annually over the past few years, the Executive Board, in coordination with the Community Impact Council, recommended both initiatives be approved. With two Impact Initiatives, the JLC has greater potential to create community impact, further increase our visibility and offer the membership diverse and meaningful volunteer opportunities. Adopting both initiatives will not require any additional funds from the JLC other than a $4,500 seed grant which will be provided to each project. Remaining funding will be raised through external sources. Program Development will remain a


Members of the Program Development Team at the April GMM

standing committee, assisting both programs with evaluation activities and continuing to conduct community assessments to ensure the JLC's awareness of evolving needs in the community. As we move forward and launch our two new initiatives, it is an exciting and important time to be a part of the JLC!

Summer 2013

Junior League of Cincinnati's 2013–2014 Leader List Executive Board Lisa Hubbard— President Meredith Comin—VP Communications Susan Shelton—President-Elect Liane Barber—VP Community Impact Sara Wildner—Recording Secretary Pam Wise—VP Finance Tammy Imhoff—Legal Advisor Sarah Moore— VP Fund Development Kate Fortlage—Special Projects Tara Bonistall Noland—VP Training & Development Sustainer Advisor to the Board— Saralou Durham

Committee Chairs & Vice-Chairs Communications Council

JLC Online—Haley Elkins, Chair; Emily Haun, Vice-Chair Perspectives—Jamie Humes, Chair; Meghan Abney, Vice-Chair Publicity/Marketing—Monika Royal-Fischer, Chair; Molly Flanagan, Vice-Chair Historian—Tracey Lynn Conrad, Chair

Community Impact

Choral Group—Terry Robinson & Sue Brainer, Chairs; Pat Matchette, Director CandO—Robyn Brown & Abby Workman, Chairs; Melissa Hailey & Alison Wheeler, Vice-Chairs Program Development—Anne Bailey, Chair; Jenna Filipkowski, Vice-Chair Pediatric Oral Health—Lisa Rudolph, Chair; Elizabeth Cook-Walda, Vice-Chair Refugee Resettlement—Kelly Birkenhauer, Chair; Tanja Goldman, Vice-Chair Public Affairs (PAC)—Sarah Alford, Chair; Kate Gregg, Vice-Chair

Finance Council

Treasurer—Heather Kane, Chair Columbia Center—René Brunelle, Chair; Maggie Wuellner, Vice-Chair

Fund Development Council

Cookbook—Ami Hidaka & Stefanie Hertvik, Chairs; Sarah Schuck & Beth Ciafardini, Vice-Chairs Spring Fundraiser (CinSation)—Amy Starr & Kari Kerns, Chairs; Pamela Long & Briana Bialosky, Vice-Chairs Sponsorship—Taylor Duvall Bennett, Chair; Haley Titus Mitchell, Vice-Chair Grants—Sarah Emslander, Chair; Tamaya Dennard, Vice-Chair

Membership Council

Corresponding Secretary—Julie Niesen Gosdin, Chair Jody's Network—Stacy Chuminatto, Chair Membership Outreach & Events—Sarah Rieger, Chair; Sarah Murphy & Thanh Pham, Vice-Chairs MOM—Meredith Edwards, Chair Placement—Jane Muindi, Chair; Brianna Frappier-Schirmang, Vice-Chair Transfers—Kristian Scarpitti, Chair; Molly Lyons, Vice-Chair Nominating—Kendall Shaw, Chair; Vicki Calonge, Vice-Chair —4+ Years Members: Danielle Deja, Deanna Sicking, Emily Roberts, Tiffany Shiver —<4 Years Members: Alison Bushman, Lizzie Polston, Sally Heekin, Jacklyn Olinger —1st Year Active: Zahra Bond

Training & Development

Leadership Development—Deborah Livingston & Camille Richardson, Chairs; Katie Rafferty, Vice-Chair Meeting Planning—Sarah Lucas, Chair; Deana Browning, Vice-Chair New Members—Amy Spero & Krista Braun, Chairs; Emily Sberna & Kelley Curley, Vice-Chairs *Positions accurate as of July 2013 4



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Summer 2013

New Member Spotlight: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Lindsay Holt


I live in Covington with my dog, Harvey, and cat, Max.


I am on the board of the Cincinnati Opera's young professional's group Center Stage! (Find us on Facebook to learn more and get involved!)

5 6 7

I took classical and opera voice lessons from ages 10–20. Now I just sing karaoke

My favorite vacation spot is my family's cottage in Michigan. I love being on the water and wish it were close

2 3

I walk or take a trolley over the river to work every day.

When I moved to Cincinnati for work in August 2010, I didn't know a single person in the city. I trusted my gut and took a leap of faith—it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

enough to spend every summer weekend there.


My favorite place in Cincinnati is Findlay Market. I take all of my visitors there.


I found my dog, Harvey, on Fountain Square. He'd been abandoned by a homeless man who used him to panhandle.


When I moved to Cincinnati, I planned to stay a year and then move to Chicago (where I lived right after college). Fate has other plans though! Now, thanks to love and great friendships, I'm not sure I'll ever leave.

Active Spotlight: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Tara Bonistall Noland


I've lived in six states—New York, Minnesota, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky (and then Ohio again!).


We live in an OLD house in Clifton Heights that we've been slowly improving. We're big DIYers. We just finished renovating our kitchen—only two rooms left to go!


My favorite hobbies are sewing, reading, and gardening. I share those with my grandmother and they give us a special bond.


I have two younger sisters that I adore. I love how the older we get, the closer we become.

2 3

I had 30 seconds of fame as an MTV reporter.

I met my husband when our best friends married each other—I was the Maid of Honor and he was the Best Man.


I absolutely love my work at 4C for Children and can't imagine doing anything different.


We adopted a spunky, cuddly dog named Derby two years ago and I

can't figure out what we did before him.


My husband does almost all of our cooking. He likes to cook and he's much better at it than I am. Why would I complain about that?


We've lived in Cincinnati for five years this month and have fallen in love with the city. We moved here "for a year or two," but quickly realized that this was a place we wanted to be for a long time.


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'Be Healthy. Be Active!' Event Engages Over 500 Cincinnati Youth By Joanne Moore, Co-Chair, Kids in the Kitchen For the past four years, the goal of JLC’s Kids in the Kitchen (KITK) ‘Be Healthy. Be Active!’ event has been to show children 12 and under that eating healthy foods and being physically active can be fun, and the 2013 event was no exception. More than 30 organizations, businesses and experts, along with 80 JLC volunteers descended upon the Cintas Center at Xavier University on April 13. They performed, demonstrated, and otherwise engaged more than 500 children, parents and chaperones. Not only did the children show up, but they stayed—many for the entire four hours of the event. And they had plenty to do and learn during that time. In the gym, the children learned to juggle, spin plates (Circus Mojo), stretch to avoid injury (Drayer Physical Therapy Institute), yoga poses (OMYA Studio), bike safety tips (Queen City Bike), and hula hoop and hopscotch at the KITK Playground. They also ran an obstacle course (BeneFIT Studio), moved their bodies to fun Zumba beats with instructor Julie Swart and had photos taken with cast members of Ballet Theatre's Midwest’s Cinderella. Anaya Belly Dance and Blue Ash Shaolin-Do, McGing School of Irish Dance, and Planet Dance Cincinnati entertained on the gym stage. Upstairs in the Café & Crafts Room, eager attendees learned the differences between whole and refined grains at the KITK Whole Grains table, fun experiments with food, and proper teeth-brushing techniques (UC Blue Ash Dental Hygiene Program). They also decorated their own aprons, played nutrition–themed carnival games (Nutrition Council of Greater Cincinnati) and tasted healthy pizza (Naked Pizza). This year we also brought back the Iron Chef Kids Challenge, which was to pack a healthy lunch.

An exclusive food demonstrations stage allowed us to further inspire children to make their own healthy snacks, meals and treats. Thanks go to food blogger Bryn Mooth, cookbook author Amy Heyd, dietician and instructor Peachy Seiden, chef Renée Schuler and others for sharing their cooking expertise. The pièce de résistance was the KITK Be a Cooking Star! booth where the children demonstrated how to make a yogurt parfait in front of a professional film crew (Emmy Award-winning Paul Grundy and his staff from Cincinnati State). Best of all, they were able to take home their mini cooking shows on KITK flash drives! As we bid farewell to Kids in the Kitchen as our Signature Project, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone in the JLC who has touched KITK over the last seven years. We have made a difference and will continue to do so as we share our best practices including our curriculum and volunteer management approach with other Junior Leagues across the country.

Cast members from Ballet Theatre Midwest's Cinderella.

Face painting- a childhood favorite!

Mark Messerly of OMYA Studio demonstrates a yoga pose. A few of our amazing JLC KITK leaders & volunteers.


Apron decorating in the Café & Crafts Room.

Summer 2013

Kids in the Kitchen- a Signature Project Success Story By Vicki Calonge, VP Community Impact In 2006, the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) implemented a League-wide initiative called Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen (KITK) designed to help our communities address the urgent issues of childhood obesity and poor nutrition. In its first year, over 225 Junior Leagues across four countries participated in the KITK program. Media coverage reached over 80 million people with messages about the issues surrounding childhood obesity and the Junior League’s initiative to address these problems. The Junior League of Cincinnati (JLC) joined the initiative in 2006 to help our own community address the consequences of childhood obesity and poor nutrition. KITK began as a JLC ‘one day’ event for three years (from 2006-2009). This event demonstrated a need in the Greater Cincinnati area for further education and hands-on training regarding the implications of childhood obesity. We continued to increase our efforts and expanded to become a major part of the Childhood Obesity Network in Cincinnati. KITK was selected as the JLC Signature

Project for 2009-2011 and was then re-adopted for 20112013. When KITK became the Signature Project, both the (wo) manpower and scope of work increased tremendously. Our KITK initiative aimed to continue making an impact by educating the public at the grassroots level about solutions to address childhood obesity. We developed a comprehensive curriculum and provided lessons and demonstrations related to preparation of healthy meals and snacks that are tasty, easy to prepare and affordable. JLC implemented these educational programs in partnership with local community organizations and generated media coverage to further raise awareness and provide solutions for this growing problem. The overall goal of KITK has been to empower youth to adopt healthy habits in an attempt to reverse the growth of childhood obesity. Due to the work the JLC has done over the past seven years, the children we have worked with are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices because of the experience they had with KITK.

JLC in the Kitchen- Spring Tasting at Keidel By Stefanie Hertvik

A Recipe for Success • Committee strategy utilized a four-tiered approach: Community Outreach, Media, Events and School Programs • KITK programming was successfully implemented in three Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS): Riverview East Academy, the Academy of World Languages (AWL) and Pleasant Ridge Montessori School. • KITK leadership team developed a rich schoolbased curriculum focused on nutrition, cooking demonstrations and physical education activities. • "Kitchen Kits" were provided to each school participant, which included supplies necessary to help students create healthy snacks. Made possible by a $3,200 grant awarded by The Freestore Foodbank. • JLC helped to create a city-wide strategy to combat childhood obesity as a member of the Growing Well Wellness Committee and taking an active part in the Childhood Obesity Network.

The Cookbook Committee wrapped up the year with our “Spring Tasting and Friends of the Junior League” Celebration on May 9 at Keidel Kitchen & Bath Showroom. It was the perfect venue to host our celebration and an evening filled with good friends and great food, featuring recipes from our own Cincinnati Seasoned cookbook. The highlight of the evening was the cooking demonstration by Graeter’s Executive Chef, Steve Hellmich, who offered a hands-on experience and a few secret tips for the kitchen. His homemade shrimp and grits were incredible and we topped off the mini-feast with Graeter’s ice cream for dessert. The JLC will be partnering with Keidel Kitchen & Bath and Steve Hellmich to provide upcoming Cooking Classes to members. Get ready ladies! You will not want to miss the next evening scheduled for October 17. Additional details to follow. The Cookbook Committee is also looking forward to our 3rd Annual Tour of Kitchens on Saturday, November 9. Save the date! Our committee has already headed back to the kitchen and is working on a few new recipes for this year’s tour. If you have a kitchen you would like to see featured on the tour, are interested in sponsorship or being a vendor for this year, please contact Stefanie Hertvik (Cookbook Co-Chair) at or Ami Hidaka (Cookbook Co-Chair) at

• "Be Healthy. Be Active!" Expo (April 2011- 2013): over 2000 children and families impacted, featuring 51 kid-friendly activities focused on nutrition, healthy food, fitness and crafts.



'JLC Heart-to-Heart' Annual Luncheon Reconnects Sustainers By Reba George Dysart are at the heart of the JLC”, says Zemke. JLC President Shannon Glass and Sustainer Chair Linda Appleby presented year-end updates. Sustainer Sally Eversole, who oversees the Sustainer Council’s Adopta-Class initiative at the Academy of World Languages, reviewed the project's success to date and shared future opportunities for Sustainer involvement. The highlight of the luncheon was the presentation of The Cookie Nowland Sustainer Award to Barbara Lewis, who was honored for her life-long commitment to volunteering, outstanding community service and dedication to the JLC. Sustainers Digi Schueler, Darlene Kamine & Linda Appleby

On Wednesday, May 8, the Junior League of Cincinnati hosted its annual Sustainer Luncheon at the Cincinnati Country Club. Chaired by Ellen Zemke with assistance from Cathy Huenefeld, Laurie Leonard and Cinny Roy, the 'JLC Heart-to-Heart' themed luncheon drew over 100 JLC sustaining members. “The Sustainer Luncheon is always a wonderful event for reconnecting with friends from the JLC outside of various interest groups and hearing about the inspiring work our members do for the community— the service projects that

Women view money differently than men

Sustainers Nono Allen, Susan Buse Mosher, Susan Closson, Patricia Gaede, Barbara Havlovic, Joyce Koehler, Mary Lou Mueller, Connie Rosekrans, Meg Rudd, Barbara Runck and Susan Stewart were also recognized for 50 years of membership Susan Shelton & Cookie Nowland and service to the JLC. Award winner Barbara Lewis

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312 Walnut Street, Suite 3120, Cincinnati, OH 45202 | 513-421-3100


Pamela Schmitt, CFA, CDFA, Managing Director, expert in helping women transition to financial independence

Summer 2013

What's Happening Around the JLC: Committee Updates New Members

social events. In March, we enjoyed a visit and inspirational talk from chef extraordinaire Amy Tobin, and our Fundraising Subcommittee planned a rejuvenating Health & Beauty Spa Day in April. The year wrapped up with a party at Igby's organized by the Yearend Planning Subcommittee and finally the Annual Dinner in May which officially made them JLC Actives!

New Members celebrate a successful year at Igby's Downtown The 2012-2013 New Member year has been an exciting and successful year! We are fortunate to have 85 newly initiated Actives gearing up for the upcoming year. Over the past year, the New Members had the opportunity to engage in the community through many volunteer efforts, off site meetings/trainings, fundraisers and

Public Affairs Committee The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) rounded out their year with a segment at the March General Membership Meeting (GMM). We were honored to have Renee Harris, Executive Director of Closing the Health Gap, speak to our membership about food deserts. It was an engaging presentation that highlighted the issue of food insecurity prevalent in the City of Cincinnati.

Renee Harris, Executive Director of Closing the Health Gap, at the March GMM. One way the JLC can get involved with eradicating food deserts is by adopting a Do Right Healthy Corner Store! If you would like to know more or get involved, please contact Kerrie Martin, PAC Chair, at kerrie.martin@

Building Community. Proudly developing some of Cincinnati’s finest Master-planned communities for over 35 years.

a vision of the future...inspired by the past Leslie Holtmeier 3545 Columbia Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45226 513.271.1717

3545 Columbia Parkway

4000 Executive Park Drive, Suite 250 Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 (513) 563.4070

3545 Columbia Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45226

3545 Columbia Parkway | 513-271-1717 10


Congratulations to our JLC 2012-2013 Award Winners! Shanon Marks Award- Haley Titus Mitchell. Haley fully embraced her New Member year. From General Membership Meetings (GMM) to New Member meetings to volunteer events, Haley was always in attendance. She was highly engaged with the New Member Volunteer sub-committee. She assisted with scheduling all of the volunteers for the Bake Me Home family portraits at the Krohn Conservatory for ProKids and also spearheaded the opportunity at the Krohn Conservatory for the Butterfly Show. Haley always has a positive attitude and lots of energy. Additionally, Haley planned a Food and Wine Interest Group event this year. In sharing a Mission Moment from the year, Haley was quoted as saying “In the JLC, EVERYONE is an energetic leader that dives in and supercharges productivity and community impact by sincere dedication to every project. It is empowering to be part of a group of women who share similar values and drive!” Haley personified this during her New Member year. Community Partner Award- Academy of World Languages. The Academy of World Languages, or AWL, has become a familiar name in the Junior League of Cincinnati. Both the Board and Sustainer Council have adopted classes within the school. Most recently, AWL has proven to be a pivotal supporter in the development of our new Refugee Resettlement Impact Initiative. The JLC is particularly grateful for the opportunity to share our outgoing Kids in the Kitchen Project at AWL. We were invited in with open arms to present our cooking and nutrition lessons and physical education activities during afterschool programming. The AWL website states: “Communities and schools are strongly linked— one seldom succeeds if the other fails.” AWL principal, Jackie Rowedder, and Community Resource Coordinator, Jill Smith, along with all of the faculty and staff, have certainly embraced and embodied this statement. The JLC has been privileged to work alongside them in achieving a strong school and community interface. Training Award- Deanna Sicking. A volunteer-driven organization needs actively engaged committee members and Deanna has helped ensure our newest members are prepared and for their JLC futures. She was integral to providing a curriculum to help New Members understand the JLC’s history and future vision. She provided opportunities for New Members to join a committee and experience the satisfaction of working with others towards a common goal. Besides opportunities to sit on Active committees, Deanna helped develop sub-committees within the New Member class to offer additional outlets and exposure to committee work.


Jenna Filipkowski

Lisa Rudolph

Rising Star Award- Jenna Filipkowski and Lisa Rudolph. This award is presented to JLC members who continually go above and beyond expectations. This year, the award goes to the two team leaders from the Program Development Committee. Jenna and Lisa applied and were selected to be team leaders for their respective focus areas, Refugee Resettlement and Pediatric Oral Health. They coordinated the work of their teams, conducted additional meetings outside of regular Program Development Committee meetings, met with community partners to develop strong relationships for the JLC, and spent countless hours developing the project concepts for each team.

President's Award- Sarah Moore, current SPAC Chair and future VP of Fund Development. Since joining the JLC in 2001, Sarah has held various leadership positions including PAC Vice-Chair and Chair from 2010-2012. She was elected by the Ohio Presidents as Ohio State Public Affairs Chair, which she served this past year. Sarah believes it is through this work– meeting with community leaders and legislators, attending conferences alongside advocacy groups for the welfare of women and children and working with other women of the JLC to improve the lives of others– that the mission of the Junior League is achieved. She works incredibly hard to continue to strengthen the ties of the JLC mission and vision to our communities and see that our volunteers have the best opportunity to achieve the biggest impact. Cookie Nowland Award- Barbara Lewis. This award is given to a Sustainer who has exhibited a life-long commitment to volunteering, outstanding community service, and dedication to the JLC, which Barbara has done for over 50 years. She moved to Cincinnati and joined the JLC in 1963. She said the JLC was a wonderful way to meet people and learn about the city and that it really prepared her for her work and for volunteering. She made some very close friends through the JLC and they are still friends today! Barbara’s first JLC placement was with the Mental Health Program for three years at Longview Hospital. She was a JLC Board Member responsible for Community Research and she volunteered on, and then later chaired, the Fashion Show. Barbara also served as President of the Wyoming Schools Board of Education, President of Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates, and was a Trustee of Pikeville College and Springer School. She was also a Trustee for the Contemporary Arts Center, Director of the Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati and a Board Member of Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and the Social Health Association.

Summer 2013

CinSation: Come 'Fly with Me' Soars to Success By Reba George Dysart On Saturday, March 16, the JLC held CinSation, its annual fundraising gala at the Cincinnati Masonic Center in Downtown Cincinnati. 'Come Fly With Me' was the theme of this year’s event, organized by Co-Chairs Sarah Avila Murphy and Tracey Lynn Conrad and Vice-Chair Kari Kerns. Over 350 guests enjoyed diverse food, drinks, entertainment and décor from countries around the world. Guests were treated to an international style dinnerby-the-bite provided by local restaurants including Crave, Cumin, Dutch's, Fusian, Jimmy G's, Keystone Bar & Grill, Naked Pizza, Sung Korean Bistro and Taste of Belgium, who all competed in the 'Best Bite of the Night' contest. Cumin won the event’s popular vote while Jimmy G’s was awarded the Judges' Pick by celebrity judges Julie Niesen Gosdin of wine me dine me and Ann Mitchell of City Beat. Late night desserts provided by Tres Belle Cakes and Busken provided a sweet ending to the evening. Guests also enjoyed an open bar featuring libations from Meier's Winery, Market Wines and Sierra Nevada. This year, CinSation honored Kathy Wade, JLC Sustainer and Co-Founder and CEO of Learning Through Art, Inc. for her community efforts. The evening’s entertainment included moving live performances by Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts founder Tatiana Berman, Afrikan-American Drum and Dance Ensemble and Dante’s Gypsy Circle. Opening Minds DJ Vikas played dance music from around the world. Special thanks to our sponsors, Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc., 4EG, First Financial Bank, Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers, Clark Schaefer Hackett, Meier’s Wine Cellars, Market Wines, VLiNG Mixers, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Opening Minds Entertainment.

The dynamic CinSation 2013 Committee at the Cincinnati Masonic Center. 12


we are dedicated to helping our clients look and feel great. our highly educated service providers can inspire you to experience the benefits of beauty and wellness.



Summer 2013

JLC & Majorie Motch Honored at Hearing Speech & Deaf Center Luncheon By Jamie Humes On May 1, the Junior League of Cincinnati was honored by the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center of Cincinnati (HSDC) for our role in the creation of the first Deaf Nursery School in Cincinnati in 1956. Sustainer Majorie Motch, who spearheaded the project for JLC, was also honored. Numerous Sustainers, past presidents and Actives attended the ceremony held at the Horseshoe Casino. Lisa Hubbard delivered a powerful speech on behalf of the JLC and had the unique opportunity to present the honorary award to Marjorie Motch, recognizing her efforts in establishing this important service organization. In 1954, the Speech and Hearing Center Nursery School became a JLC Signature Project. Over a seven-year period, JLC contributed $40,000, including the initial $15,000 seed funding, in addition to providing intensive volunteer support. Marjorie was the “driving force” for the Preschool Program, serving as Project Chair and co-ounder of the Nursery School. Her leadership continued for 11 more years as a board member. Today, HSDC continues to strengthen our community through advocacy and providing services to individuals and families to help overcome obstacles of communication.

(Left to right, back row) Buffie Rixey, Sally Thompson, Kari Kerns, Kristen Van Ee, Pamela Long, Amelia Crutcher, Cathy Carmichael, Erin Lombardi, Amanda Mangas, Katie Koppenhoefer, Comfort Wendel, Cindy Taylor, (front row) Cynthia Henderson, Melanie Chavez, Susie Laubenthal, Linda Appleby, Marty Humes, Jamie Humes, Lisa Hubbard, Saralou Durham and Judy Delambakis

The JLC played a formative role in helping to grow the organization. This transformative collaboration is a clear example of JLC’s impact in the community. It is through such past accomplishments we can draw further inspiration as we continue to address real service needs, create positive change and build better communities.



Member Milestones Welcome JLC "Little Leaguers"! Regan Schmidt & husband Julian welcomed Sebastian Julian February 4.

Ami Hidaka & husband Mike Giansiracusa welcomed Ayla Marie February 17.

Ashlee Dagenbach & husband Jon welcomed William Francis on March 23.

MaryEllen Farrell & husband Scott welcomed John Patrick February 7.

Laura Sullivan & husband Ryan welcomed Connor William February 4.

Jacklyn Olinger & husband Brad welcomed Jefferson Douglas on May 24.

Meredith Edwards & husband John Ficks welcomed George Edwards May 26.

Congratulations to Natalie Dotson, who welcomed twins Foster Grey & Kendall Paige!

Congratulations to our New Sustainer Members!* Kathryn Balnes Lauren Bosse Michele Bourne Betsy Findlay Christy Flanagan Brooke Hiltz Maura Kelly


JLC Love Grey Hall and fiancĂŠ Matt Borneman were engaged on April 12.

Shannon Glass on an outstanding year as JLC President! Thank you for your vision and leadership.

*known list as of July 2013

Heartfelt gratitude to Lauren Bosse for your last nine years devoted to the JLC and past two years of great leadership as VP of Training and Development Council. You will be greatly missed!

With love, Deanna Sicking and Danielle Deja

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Welcome to our two newest transfers, Angela Schindler and Jaclyn Meeks! The Transfers Committee has welcomed 22 new members to the JLC this year!

Summer 2013

JLC Rocks the Runway at Igby's On Thursday, May 16, the Membership & Outreach Committee hosted another successful JLC Fashion Show at Igby's Downtown. Several JLC members rocked the runway in stylish looks from Sloane Boutique of Over-the-Rhine and Soho of Hyde Park. Our dashing male models strutted their stuff in digs from Covington-based Flow- a Shop for Men. Saks graciously provided make-up and hair styling.

JLC Models (Left to right, back row): Tracey Piening, Jennifer Beam, Breana Roth, Michelle Langenbahn, Shawn Kelley Gibson, Candice Price, Emily Sberna, Lizzie Ackerman, Lisa Nolan, Cassie Iseman-Wissel, (front row) Meredith Comin, Laura Sullivan, Ashley Volbrecht, Gina Germana, Jamie Humes, Monica Miller, Thanh Pham

Bake Me Home Boutique by Stefanie Hertvik The Junior League of Cincinnati participated in the 5th Annual Bake Me Home Boutique at Coldstream Country Club in Anderson on April 20. This event was not only a great way to promote the JLC by selling our cookbooks, but also a fantastic opportunity to support this growing non-profit organization. Bake Me Home was established in 2008 by fellow JLC member, Alison Bushman, and her then seven-year-old twin daughters, Amy and Emma. The Bushman family had been volunteering at area homeless shelters, but wondered what more they could do to help. After attending a kids cooking camp where they returned home with a mason jar filled with cookie mix, the girls got the idea of starting a charity of their own. A simple jar of cookie mix for families leaving the shelter— what a great way to give other mothers and children the same experience of something they loved so much‌.baking with their mom. When a family is ready to leave a homeless shelter, Bake Me Home provides them everything they need to make homemade cookies in their new home, all in one of their

Bake Me Home cloth bags. Nothing makes you feel more at home than the smell of fresh baked cookies. Bake Me Home started with a simple chocolate chip cookie and these amazing ladies have grown this non-profit to include additional programs such as family portraits, kid service projects and sending cookies to troops. This fun afternoon was filled with various local vendors featuring fantastic and unique gifts, treats and a silent auction. All vendors donated a percentage of their evening proceeds to Bake Me Home.

Started in 2008 by Amy and Emma Bushman at the ages of seven, Bake Me Home today serves over 350 families per year from 14 agencies in four Ohio counties. Amy and Emma (Alison too), you are amazing ladies and we can only hope you will join the Junior League of Cincinnati when you grow up! If you would like to learn more about Bake Me Home please visit them at 16


Incoming President's Perspective Dear Junior Leaguers, I am so honored to be taking on the role of 65th President of the Junior League of Cincinnati. What a wonderful time for us to be members of such a transformational organization. I am so proud of the work we have done to change both ourselves and the Greater Cincinnati Community.

entire membership engaged by giving a voice to all of our members through the Sustainer Round Table, Transfer “Think Tanks", and integrating New Members into Active committees. Above all, I want our members to be excited about what we are doing!

With the upcoming launch of our two new home-grown projects, Refugee Resettlement: We are Together and Pediatric Oral Health, I feel like I have come full circle in my JLC experience. I began my career with the JLC in 2002, the year our prior home-grown Signature Project, MindPeace, launched. I still remember the excitement and energy that pervaded our membership during that time. I attended my first General Membership Meeting (GMM) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where we learned about mental illness in children and how we could make a difference in the community addressing this issue. From that point, my goal was to get involved with MindPeace. Fortunately, I was placed on MindPeace my first year as an Active member and I had a fabulous team leader. She taught me valuable leadership skills and identified and promoted me as a leader for the next three years.

Collectively, we will continue the momentum we have achieved over the last few years through the hard work of all of our councils and committees, including our fantastic recruitment efforts that have brought us so many new, talented members; the relaunch of SPAC and Program Development, as well as the launch of our two new initiatives, which will provide us with new ways to positively impact our community, both locally and statewide; our Board Bank and Emerging Leaders training, which promotes women in leadership roles internally and externally; the relaunch of Perspectives, which gives members and others a tangible look into the work and world of the JLC; the relaunch of the Columbia Center Committee, which will revitalize our marketing efforts; and of course our fundraisers, Cookbook/Tour of Kitchens and CinSation, which provide us with funds to support our efforts and fabulous events where members and guests can celebrate the JLC's important work. None of this could be done without our talented, knowledgeable, generous, committed members and I look forward to working with all of you as we continue our vital work.

Fast forward to today, and I now have the privilege of leading the JLC as we begin two new initiatives. The successful launch and implementation of Refugee Resettlement: We are Together and Pediatric Oral Health will be the main focus of our year. We will also get to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the JLC’s longest-running project, Choral Group! The theme for next year is “Back to the Basics”. I want members to gain a richer understanding of the JLC—who we are, what we do, how we work both internally and in the community, and how everything we do relates back to our mission. We are a membership of women with a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge, and skills that we can harness and share through training opportunities. We will be visible in the community through our projects and National Service Day events. We will learn about the JLC’s rich history of community impact through the Past Projects Fair. We will explore the inner workings of the JLC through council-hosted GMMs. We will keep our


In closing, I must acknowledge and thank all my predecessors, including Shannon Glass, Melanie Chavez, and Shelley Poffenberger, for their accomplishments and the processes they put in place that have so positively impacted JLC. Without their vision and drive, the JLC would not be the thriving, transformational organization it is today. My goal is for us as a membership to propel the JLC forward on the path they helped create. Thank you, Lisa Hubbard, Incoming President 2013-2014, the Junior League of Cincinnati

Summer 2013

Be Well By Fran DiBattista, Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach Get fired up for healthy eating! Tis' the season to shed the layers, get outside, and fire up that grill! The good news is that the grill can be your best tool for sticking to your diet this summer. Whether you're cooking up chicken, pork, or fish with a marinade or rub for flavoring, nothing is easier than this American classic way of preparing food. Here are some quick and easy pairings to throw together for weeknight family meals this summer that your waistline will thank you for! Chicken Kebobs - Cubed chicken, peppers, onions, and pineapple make a delicious combo. My favorite shortcut? Buy them at Fresh Market already prepared for you. Cook up a quinoa or couscous mix for a light side pairing. Grilled Salmon - Add some jerk seasoning to your salmon to spice things up! Make your own mango salsa to go with your fish with fresh mango, avocado, red onion, cilantro, tomato, lime juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Not feeling much like Martha Stewart today? Go with a fresh version of the real thing found chilled in the refrigerated salsa section and no one will know the difference. Place the salmon and salsa on top of a citrus dressed salad and you've got a meal. Glazed Pork Loin - Grill up a pork loin and add the following marinade to it while it cooks‌dijon mustard, soy sauce, sesame oil, fresh ginger, salt & pepper to taste. Not feeling creative? Ken's Steak House always has some amazing sauces to pair up with your meat of choice. Pair with oven baked potato slices that will make you feel like you're eating a lighter version of fries. Wishing you all an amazing and healthy summer!

Perspectives Magazine Staff

Fran DiBattista Chair

Jamie Humes Vice-Chair

Meghan Abney

Reba Dysart

Alisa Strauss

Leah Taylor


Columbia Center 3500 Columbia Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio 45226

JLC's 93rd Annual Meeting- The Ultimate Mission Moment By Jamie Humes On Tuesday, May 14, the Junior League of Cincinnati membership celebrated the close of another successful year at the 93rd Annual Meeting, held at Hyde Park Country Club. We reflected on the past year's achievements and milestones, many of which were captured in a memorable tribute video produced by Tracey Lynn Conrad. The Leadership Council each took the podium to recognize their committees and to recap the significant work each accomplished. Awards were presented (see page 11) to the well-deserving members who have gone above and beyond to advance the JLC this year. Included among the honorees were Barbara Lewis, recipient of the Cookie Nowland Award, for her service and long-standing commitment to the JLC, and the Academy of World Languages (AWL), who received the Community Partner Award in recognition of their important collaborative relationship with the JLC.

2012-2013 Executive Board

Incoming JLC President Lisa Hubbard introduced her vision for the upcoming year (see page 18) and Shannon Glass closed out her term as President, celebrating her Executive Board and the entire membership with a poignant toast, "to what you've done, to what you will do and to what you will be". Cheers to a fantastic year!

To what you’ve done, to what you will do and to what you will be.� - Shannon Glass, JLC President, 2012-2013

Past, present & future presidents

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2013-2014 Executive Board