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Second Annual Tour of Kitchens The Chavez House, Hyde Park

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President’s Perspective PAC Hosts Forum on Issue 2: Redistricting Second Annual Tour of Kitchens New Member Spotlight: Tanja Goldman Member Spotlight: Vicki Calonge Sustainer Spotlight: Angie Carl Sustainer Synergy, Upcoming Sustainer Events Nominating Committee 101: Call for Leadership JLC Members Take Over the City What's Happening Around the JLC, Athena Award JLC + Bacchanalian Partnership a Sweet Success Human Trafficking: What the Junior Leagues Are Doing to Fight It From the JLC Cookbook Upcoming Member Events Member Milestones Be Well

Past Chair Ginny Myer Sustainer Advisor Susan Shelton Endowment Representative Sandy Donovan

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Our Mission The Junior League of Cincinnati is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The Junior League of Cincinnati is an exclusively educational, charitable organization which reaches out to women of all races, religions, or national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism.

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Winter 2012

President's Perspective Our year is steadily underway and our committees are bustling with activity, collaboration and a whole lot of progress. As we move into one of the most spirited times of the year, I can’t help but focus on one of the cornerstones of the Junior League…the commitment and passion we put into our projects. As we recently unveiled our “Lives We Touch” goal of 12,000 people this year, I took pause at this number when the thought came to my mind, ‘how are we going to reach such a lofty goal?’ Of course, I already knew the answer because many months went into the planning of ‘how’ we will reach our goal. However, after a Projects presentation at the November General Meeting, the question seemed much deeper to me. I am a firm believer that life is built upon a series of moments, some transformational and some pivotal, and it is within those moments that something captures you and alters your life course. In the Junior League, we refer to these periods of time as ‘Mission Moments.’ As I pondered my question about our goal, I also considered how our ‘Mission Moments’ play into it. The timing of my thoughts couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. The day after our Projects presentation, I received a gift in the mail from a mentor within the JLC. The book is called “The Tipping Point” and it is a biography of how an idea can essentially change the world in which we live and how little things can make a big difference. As I read through the first several chapters, the foundation of the message was clear. There are three characteristics that spark change: 1. Contagiousness, or how quickly a message can spread. 2. Little causes can have big effects. 3. Change happens, not gradually but at one dramatic moment. Of these characteristics, it is the third that is most important. The one dramatic moment when everything can change all at once is called a Tipping Point.

So what does this mean and why does it matter? ‘Mission Moments’ are essentially our Tipping Point. It is that one moment in your JLC experience which creates an ‘ah-ha!’ and alters your path, either within the League or your community. Whether it is listening to a speaker on a new topic that ignited you to action, volunteering at the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter or a training opportunity such as the Board Bank, it is that moment and experience which captures you, brings you back and strengthens your connection to the organization and the people around you. When that connection is made, we have the ability to make transformational change within ourselves and the JLC. When that change happens, it motivates us and the people around us, enabling us to reach our goals. So as I think about how we are going to touch 12,000 lives this year, the answer to my selfimposed question becomes very clear to me. We reach them through our ‘Mission Moments’ and building the connections we make within our organization and community through our projects and training. None of this would be possible without the dedication of our incredible members. As we move into the holidays, I’m so thankful to be a part of such a dynamic organization that has truly, and in the most unexpected way, become my Tipping Point. Warmest wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season!

Shannon M. Glass



PAC Hosts Forum on Issue 2: Redistricting By Sarah Moore On Tuesday, October 2nd, the Public Affairs Committee hosted the October General Membership Meeting which featured a lively and spirited Issue Forum on Issue 2: Redistricting. The forum was preceded by a well-attended Candidate’s Reception for candidates on the Hamilton County ballot. The evening was catered by the Painted Chef, a local full-service catering company owned by David Cioffi, who graciously donated a portion of the hors d'oeuvres to the Junior League. Bruce Whitman, candidate for Hamilton County Court of Appeals Judge was delighted with reception, “Thank you for the opportunity to meet your members last night. I must say that your event is the best organized and well-run event I have attended this campaign season. Nice job at making all of us candidates feel welcome. It goes without saying that your members are well informed, intelligent and interested in the campaigns. Very refreshing."

Jonathan Dever and David Pepper debate Issue 2.

The latter portion of the night was devoted to the Issue 2 Issue Forum, where two learned opponents engaged in an informative and energetic discussion about Issue 2 moderated by WVXU’s Maryanne Zeleznik. Speaking on behalf of Issue 2 was David Pepper, a local attorney and former Hamilton County Commissioner. Speaking against Issue 2 was Jonathan Dever, a local attorney and CEO of Padze Technologies. Both men have strong connections to the Junior League: David, the son of Sustainer Francie Pepper, and Jonathan, husband of Active Martha Dever. After 50 minutes of debate, one board member stated, “I’ve actually changed my mind on where I stand on Issue 2!.” The goal of the October GMM was to provide an atmosphere where League members could become more informed voters, which is critical to our mission. Not only did we want to touch members but the community around us, so it was incredible to hear the following story from David Pepper by way of our President Shannon Glass: “He approached me after the discussion and wanted to share what he had witnessed earlier in the evening. He was attending a Democratic Party dinner before coming to Columbia Center and said at one point during the dinner, candidates started getting up in mass and heading quickly to the door because they had to get to the Junior League! He mentioned the head of the Democratic dinner actually announced it as well saying, ‘for those of you who need to leave to go to the Junior League, please do so.’ David said it spoke volumes about how important our organization is to the community because it was prominently talked about at their dinner and it was ‘really cool’ to see it recognized on such a large scale.”

Liane Szucs and Bruce Whitman

On behalf of the Public Affairs committee, we would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s GMM. We will see you at next October’s GMM!


PAC members: Sarah Moore, Sarah Alford, Kelly Sifford, Kerrie Martin, Abby Tuke, Heather Smith, Pamela Long

Winter 2012

Second Annual Tour of Kitchens By Stefanie Lance Ten spectacular kitchens created by Cincinnati’s most renowned designers, builders and architects were highlighted during The Junior League of Cincinnati’s second annual Tour of Kitchens, on Saturday, November 17th. This year’s self-guided tour featured magnificent and unique kitchens located in Columbia-Tusculum, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Newport, Indian Hill and Walnut Hills. The day kicked off with registration at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Hyde Park. "I am so pleased with how our partnership with Joseph Beth Booksellers worked out. I can't express how much their generosity as a sponsor and host of event check-in is appreciated! We look forward to partnering with them in the future,” said tour CoChair Jacklyn Olinger. Bronte Bistro was extremely gracious by donating a portion of the morning brunch proceeds back to the JLC. This tour included not only a sneak peak into some fabulous kitchens, but offered special events such as chef demonstrations, wine and beer tastings, decorating ideas and of course, featured recipes from our own JLC cookbook, Cincinnati Seasoned. “We are beyond thrilled with the outpouring of support from community partners, members and friends. Their contributions allow us to continue to impact, lead, and build better communities,” said Katie Hayden, tour Co-Chair. All proceeds support JLC programs and partnerships in the Cincinnati community. The Cookbook Committee looks forward to growing this event and is already back in the kitchen with a few new recipes for next year’s tour. If you have a kitchen you would like to see on the tour, are interested in sponsorship or being a vendor for next year, please contact Lizzie Polston, VP Fund Development at lizzie.vollmar@

The JLC Salutes Our Amazing Community Partners! Donors Amy Tobin Bake Me Home Cinstational Sweet Treats Cavalier Distributong

ChefNAround DeBoras Dutch's Bar & Bottle Shop Life of Riley Foods

Mick & Mack's Mirassou Winery Nan Cakes

Executive Chef

Chef De Partie

Bill's Painting & Carpentry Bob Arlinghaus Construction The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Top Shelf Exquisite Closets Carolyn Fovel Majorie Motch

Basco Linda Appleby Amelia Crutcher Lisa Kagan Darlene Kamine Key Pettingill Susan Pfau Susanna Kenyon Phillips Digi Schueler Martha Seaman Megan Stacey

Sous Chef Great Traditions Little Miami River Wines Brynne Coletti Katie Hayden

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New Member Spotlight: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Tanja Goldman

1 2

My parents always encouraged me to be fearless and follow my heart.

My grandfather was a geologist he taught me to love and respect the mountains. This combined with my international travel led to my work and passion for sustainability.


My favorite fictional detective is Sherlock Holmes. Also, Robert Downey, Jr. is without doubt the best Sherlock Holmes ever!


I enjoy spending time with my little sister. Lately, she has been teaching me rock climbing.


I will always remember who said “give me liberty or give me death!”

Curtain, the fall of the Wall symbolized Freedom.


When I was a kid I loved reading Mark Twain. I fell in love with his stories of steamboats and mighty rivers.


My first volunteering experience was through the UN online volunteering program and I have not stopped volunteering since.


When I lived in Geneva I visited every single chocolate shop and tasted their chocolate until I found my perfect chocolate match.


My first summer job was in an advertising agency designing neon signs.


It took me over 20 minutes to complete the longest downhill ski run in the World Cup (2.768 mi)10 times longer than the champions’ run-times.


I recently took acting classes at the Shakespeare Theater- a mentor of mine used to say the best thing a woman can do for her career is to improve her public speaking through acting.


I used to be petrified by open water. My husband Jeff encouraged me to learn to scuba dive and I have now been as deep as 130 feet.


I love food and I love to cook. Findlay Market is an important part of my culinary explorations.


My longest weekend trip was from Cincinnati to Amsterdam. I am fairly certain I spent more time in airplanes and the airports than in Amsterdam.


15 16



3-4-5! I lived in three continents and four countries in five years. At one point my passport had more than 110 pages. I am originally from Bulgaria. I have never lived anywhere for more than six years.


My favorite magazine is National Geographic.

I developed a public outreach program for the UN Agency for Refugees for the World Environment Day in 2010. I went to Berlin for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Living on the other side of the Iron

20 21 22

Kaleidoscopes and stained glass fascinate me.

23 24

I met my husband Jeff in the Cincinnati Art Museum.


Learning and connecting ideas and people makes me happy.

My husband and I will never agree on the turning point of WWII.

My favorite author is Salman Rushdie- The Enchantress of Florence and Shalimar the Clown have some of the most beautiful prose I have ever read.

I really, really like NPR’s Wait, Wait, Do Not Tell Me. Humor is important to me.

Winter 2012

Member Spotlight: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Vicki Calonge



I met my husband, Allan, in the Detroit Airport and ended up sitting next to him on a flight to Chicago. We exchanged cards, met up later that year in Cincinnati, and have been together ever since.


I've played the violin for much of my life and considered a career playing in an orchestra. Now, I volunteer in my church’s music ministry (I was the Fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof!) and would love to join a community orchestra in the near future.

3 4

Dance team.

My 18-month-old daughter, Lucia, and I were was baptized in the same baptismal font.


My fitness role model is Tony Horton, creator of P90X. At the IDEA World Fitness Conference in LA, I got to be his assistant for a session. I have also had the thrill of experiencing his workouts live with him teaching!


I have dreams of being a game show contestant. I have been on The Price Is Right twice, but I never got called down.


I founded FitBrides (a fitness and wellness program for brides) at the University of Cincinnati Recreation Center. I served as the primary personal trainer for the program and am still a fitness instructor.


I traveled as a consultant for a year and visited over 30 college campuses. I am still close friends with the seven other women that traveled that year. We live all across the US, but always travel to meet each other for a reunion once a year.


My beloved alma mater (BA, MEd), the University of Cincinnati, is a big part of my life. My career in higher education began at UC nearly 10 years ago. UC has provided me many incredible memories including Homecoming Court, lifetime sisterhood in my fraternity as well as leadership experiences and relationships I will always cherish.


I regret not being the UC Bearcat mascot when the opportunity was given to me at the Motor City Bowl Game in 2000. I did, however, get to be Elmo for the day at the Cincinnati Zoo when our talent was too tall to fit in the costume.


My family is from Palermo, Italy, which is one of the reasons my husband and I went to Italy for our honeymoon.


I aspire to own my own bakery and am nearly finished with my Pastry Arts degree at the Midwest Culinary Institute.

13 14

We have two wonderful cats that we adopted from a no-kill shelter.

Everywhere I travel to I seek out a cupcakery (or two) as I am on the quest to find the best cupcakes. So far Sprinkles Cupcakes is my favorite (red velvet)!


We were led to our daughter Lucia through the Miracle of adoption. She is such a blessing and has filled our lives with love and joy.

16 17

Lucia has two middle names in loving memory of our Moms.

Favorite vacation spot: Sedona. I love vacations where we can hike, try new fitness classes, eat healthy, and go to the spa!

UC sent me as a representative to the Army ROTC Leader’s Training Course Educator Visit in Fort Knox, KY. Highlights: rappelling off a 50-foot tower, jumping blindfolded off a high dive into a pool while holding a rifle over my head. I now have even more respect for those who serve and have served our country.


I love planning parties and every little memorable detail. I have served as a day-of wedding coordinator for many brides.


I love children’s books and probably have more than 200 books that we read often to Lucia. Our favorites include Pete the Cat, Wide Mouthed Frog, and the classic, Good Night Moon!


I love my family’s Christmas traditions and look forward to sharing them with Lucia. Some favorites are: tree lighting on Fountain Square, visiting Santa at Macy’s, breakfast with Santa, cutting down our tree, Christmas movie night in PJ’s, visiting the holiday trains, reading Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve and more!


Our family (my husband’s side) celebrates our own holiday, Calonge Holiday (think Seinfeld’s Festivus!). It is a time when the whole family flies home with no holiday stress. We choose an organization to volunteer with together as a family, eat lots of yummy meals together and discuss future plans/goals for the year.


Losing my Mom to cancer and coping without her has been the most difficult experience for me. She was selfless, giving and always filled with love and cheer. I strive to be as good of a Mom to Lucia and she was to me.


A meaningful experience was at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times where I volunteered as a counselor.


Some of the items on my life/ bucket list include: kite surfing, biking across the US for philanthropy, learning to sew, participating in the Rockettes experience, going to the summer Olympic Games and more!


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Sustainer Spotlight: Angie Carl, Sustainer Advisor, New Member Committee When did you join the Junior League? I joined the Jr. League in Kingston, N.Y. in 1983, affiliated when I moved to San Francisco-East Bay in 1985, then affiliated with JLC when I returned to Cincinnati in 1987.

topic of Conflict Management for the Board and other JLC leaders. I look forward to helping again soon with the Strategic Planning effort. Besides that, I just love to be with such a sharp and fun group of women!

What motivated you to become a Member? I loved the idea of working with a group of other women who wanted to make a positive impact in the community. What still keeps you connected? I can honestly say I have enjoyed every year I have been a member. Meaningful work, the opportunity to learn and lead, and the friendships I have made in the League keep me coming back, even after I changed to Sustainer status about 20 years ago. What has been a recent “Mission Moment” for you? Helping to design the bus tour for New Members with Linda Appleby, three other “champion Sustainers,” and the New Member Committee was awesome! We loved the opportunity to share with the New Members the impact JLC projects have had in our wonderful community and in our lives. It was amazing to review the breadth of JLC projects and fundraisers for the past 92 years! Linda Smith did an outstanding job organizing that history. How long have you been Sustainer Advisor? This year I am working with the New Member Committee, last year I worked with the Leadership Development and Training Committee and several years ago I served as Sustaining Advisor to the Board. However, I have worked with numerous JLC Presidents and Boards over the past 20 years, facilitating planning or board training. How do you view your role as Sustainer Advisor to the New Member Committee? It’s been a blast working with the committee leaders planning a good program for the New Members. Although I’m old enough to be everyone’s mother, they don’t make me feel like a dinosaur! I genuinely enjoy being with the Actives and learn from them as much as they learn from me. There are some tried and true principles and strategies for building community volunteers I have enjoyed sharing, but it’s fun to see how some newer dynamics, especially the use of technology, make things easier in some ways today than in the past! What has been the most rewarding part of your experience as a Sustainer Advisor? Since training and development is in my DNA, I always enjoy the opportunity to present a training session or facilitate key decisions. Earlier this year, I presented the 7

Angie Carl with Active leaders of the The New Member Committee, Krista Braun, Amy Spero, Danielle Deja, and Deanna Sicking.

Any other JLC thoughts you'd like to share? In 1992-93 I led a JLC “dream team” to develop a 5-year plan for training and development in the Jr. League. One of the initiatives we started was the Volunteer Board Bank. That was dropped somewhere along the way, but I am thrilled it has recently been reinstated. Serving on a board is such an important way to help strengthen the community. We also developed a comprehensive curriculum for training and developing members in a variety of subjects from beginning to advanced levels to prepare them for community voluntarism. While there simply isn’t enough time or woman-power to offer all those courses today, I would love to see an online “Communiversity” available to all members. I have talked with key leaders about this for the past several years and hope that it will eventually come to fruition. The League is a safe place to learn new skills and develop competencies. I like to encourage members to take advantage of as many placement and training opportunities as possible to gain experience in a wide range of areas. Angie's Words to live by: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. - Dr. Suess

Winter 2012

Sustainer Synergy

By Jamie Humes

The definition of “sustain” is to to supply with nourishment, to support, to keep from falling, to encourage. The Junior League of Cincinnati is rich with women who make up our Sustainer Membership and embody these defining qualities. They are leaders in the community, hard-working women, dedicated and caring mothers, and pillars of the Junior League community. Our Sustainers are a highly accomplished group with an extensive reach across all facets of the Cincinnati area. Whether involved with the non-profit community or exemplifying strength in business, their impact on the city is significant. In an effort to spotlight some of these incredible women, we begin with a closer look at Susan Shelton and Darlene Kamine, who, through their collaborative talents, commitment, and vision, represent the best of the JLC. Susan Shelton has been an extremely active member of the Junior League since 1997 and currently serves as Sustainer Advisor to the JLC Board of Directors. This fall, Susan was awarded “Outstanding Leader in a Community Setting” by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for her leadership of MindPeace, where she serves as Executive Director. MindPeace began as a JLC Signature Project, spearheaded by Susan, and has continued to grow into a thriving organization responsible for improving the access to mental health services for children and families in the Cincinnati area. Susan has brokered and supported the development of a mental health partnership with almost every community mental health agency for nearly every single CPS school. The result? Today, over 100 mental health therapists are partnering with local schools, serving over 33,000 children.

unteers to become Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) in an effort to ensure each foster child has an independent contact to support their health and well-being and ensure their needs are being met. In 2002, ProKids established the “Darlene Kamine Award,” which was created to recognize outstanding volunteers committed to making extraordinary efforts on behalf of a child. In addition to her accomplishments with ProKids, Darlene was the Co-Founder of the Cincinnati Children’s Museum and formerly served as President of its Board. She has also served as the President of both the American Bar Association Institute for Child Advocacy, the Junior League, and was last year’s Sustainer Advisor to the JLC Board of Directors. Darlene Kamine (left) and Susan Shelton (right) at the NAMI Annual Celebration. Over the years, countless JLC volunteers have devoted their time and energy to improving the mental health system in Cincinnati. In 2007, JLC launched MindPeace as its own non-profit, and continues to work collaboratively with the organization to grow and strengthen access and availability of mental health services. In a very special tribute to Susan and her work, her award was given to her by another remarkable Sustainer, Darlene Kamine. Darlene Kamine currently serves as the Executive Director of the Community Learning Center Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming schools into community learning centers. She served as a Juvenile Court Magistrate for 17 years, and has been a JLC member since 1982. She was the driving force for the JLC Signature Project that led to the foundation of ProKids. ProKids trains vol-

At the Duke Energy Children's Museum Difference Maker Awards in October, Darlene received the inaugural "Community Honoree Award”, signifying a lifetime achievement. During her acceptance, she credited her father with instilling her drive to improve the lives of children. “He always said every single day is worth living if you can be of value to just one person. That is the standard to which I hold myself. Is there some one person—most importantly at least one child—who is better off because of what I am doing today?” Without a doubt, Darlene has met and exceeded this goal time and time again. It is who she is. Susan and Darlene exemplify what the Junior League stands for and consistently strives to reflect through our commitment to community and service. As members, we are fortunate to have such high-quality Sustainers who serve as our role models and best-in-class examples of how women truly are making an impact in the community.

Upcoming Sustainer Events United Sustainers (US) Lunch Group: meets February at St. Thomas Church to hear the JLC Choral Group, and April 4 or 5 at Joan Ireton's. Contact: NoNo Allen at 221-1616 or Carol Davidson at 871-2920.

Junior League Garden Club: meets at 10 a.m. on the second Tuesday, six times a year. New members welcome. Upcoming dates: April 9, May 14, June 11. Contact: Barbara Fitch 891-0389 or Laurie Leonard 561-0370.

Sustainers Too Lunch Group: locations vary monthly. January 25, February 22, March 22, April 26. Contact: Robin Boue 300-9762 or Lynn Larson 470-1870

The Evening Book Club: meets second Tuesday monthly at 7 p.m. at Joseph Beth. Contact: Mary Ann Taylor 321-3700.

Cooking Classes: 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. with an informal tasting lunch after demonstrations. Feb. 26 & 27- "Tapas" with David Cook, Owner/Chef of Daveed's Next. April 23 & 24- "Sensational Salads and Sides" with Amy Tobin, Culinary Director, EQ at The Party Source. Contact: Linda Smith 231-2295.

The Junior League Gardeners: meets the 3rd Tuesday in January, February, March, April and May at 11:30 a.m. with lunch following. New members welcome. Contact: Laura Turton 759-6062. Annual Sustainer Luncheon: Wednesday, May 8, Cincinnati Country Club 8


Nominating Committee 101: Call for Leadership By Kendell Shaw What do we do? We slate the best and most qualified candidates for leadership positions within the Junior League. In the fall, these include the Board of Directors, Nominating Committee Vice-Chair and Committee positions (excepting the First Year Active, who is elected by the New Member class at the end of the New Member year). The active membership then approves this slate of the Board and Nominating at a spring General Meeting. In the spring, we slate vice-chairs for the various League committees and any one-term committee chairs. We slate open leadership positions as they may arise throughout the year. How do we do it? We, like other Leagues, and with the guidance of AJLI, are migrating to an application-based, candidate-initiated nominating process. Last year was the first year the Nominating Committee called for applications for open Board of Directors and Nominating Committee positions and it was a great success! We are building on this success by seeking applications for future vice-chair and open chair positions. Applications for these positions are found on the JLC website, Applications may be submitted through the website or directly to Nominating Committee Chair, Kate Fortlage ( Applications are due on January 15, 2013. Frequently Asked Questions Are applications required to be considered for a leadership position? Applications are strongly encouraged, though not required at this time. The application process benefits the League in several key ways: 1) it is more efficient for the Nominating Committee to know what women are interested in which positions; 2) it offers a more professional, fair and objective view of a candidate's qualifications; and 3) it helps the Nominating Committee find talented JLC members with vast leadership experience outside of the League – while League leadership is certainly one important factor Nominating considers in the slating process, we are fortunate to have members with exceptional career or volunteer experience through other venues on which we want to capitalize. Are Senior Actives and Sustainers eligible for leadership positions on the Board or Nominating? Yes, the Nominating Committee would love to tap into our Senior Actives and Sustainer members as an additional source of leadership within our League. Both are eligible for Board and Nominating positions as long as they change their membership status to Active.


Are New Members eligible for leadership positions? Only active members are eligible to hold leadership positions. Once new members become active members at the May Annual Meeting, they are eligible to hold leadership positions. What Board and Nominating positions does Nominating Committee slate? Each fall, Nominating slates a President-Elect and half of the Board of Directors* positions. In even years: • Recording Secretary • VP Fund Development • VP Community Projects • VP Training and Development In odd years: • VP Finance • VP Communication • VP Membership The Legal Advisor and Sustainer Advisor are Board positions appointed by the President. Nominating also slates a Vice-Chair for the Nominating Committee and eight Nominating Committee members annually, four who have been active for four years or less and four who have been active for four or more years. * Board of Director positions are two-year terms. How do I know if I am qualified for a leadership position? What does Nominating look for in JLC leaders? To be slated for any leadership position, you must be a member in good standing. The JLC Regulations and Policies and Procedures (both found in the ‘Members' Only’ section on describe the job duties and attributes sought for Board of Directors positions. The Nominating Committee has compiled job descriptions for each committee that can also be found online. How do I find out more about becoming a leader within the JLC? The best place to start is to talk to current and past leaders about their positions and paths to leadership. You can also contact Kate Fortlage (, Nominating Committee Chair, or Kendall Shaw (kvshaw@porterwright. com), Vice-Chair. Also, take advantage of training programs sponsored by the Training and Development Committee offered throughout the year regarding leadership opportunities!

Winter 2012

JLC Members Take Over the City By Danielle Deja On Saturday, November 3rd, nearly 85 New Members, Transfers and Sustainers attended the JLC Bus Tour. The tour, led by Sustainers Linda Appleby, Angie Carl, Saralou Durham, Amelia Crutcher and Linda Smith gave members the opportunity to learn about past projects of the JLC while taking in the sights from the greater Cincinnati area. One of the many highlights of the day included a visit to the St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica in Covington, home of the world’s largest church stained glass window, where the organist played for us. New Member Priya Patel-Rolfes’ take on the experience, “I really appreciated seeing some of the League’s past projects and gaining a better understanding of their significant community impact. I’m a Cincinnatian and feel I know this city well, but learning about our strong history while touring such unique landmarks and architecture gave me a renewed appreciation for the city.”

Queen City Jewels: JLC members gather at Devou Park and strike a pose on the Grand Stairway at the new Smale Riverfront Park

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What's Happening Around the JLC: Committee Updates estimated we provided enough for 800 people. The event was a huge success with many satisfied volunteers!


CandO On September 9, 2012, 40 members of the Junior League of Cincinnati volunteered at the Giving Fields. The Giving Fields is a community farm where fresh produce is harvested to benefit local food pantries and on-site feeding organizations. It is a collaboration between Doug and Sheila Bray, the Freestore Foodbank, churches, soup kitchens, and community businesses. The Brays provided the idea and the land for the community farm then partnered with the Freestore Foodbank for help with the operations. Community businesses are making generous donations, while members of the community are volunteering to harvest and take care of the farm. The farm is located on the banks of the Ohio River in Melbourne, Kentucky about 10 minutes east of downtown Cincinnati. The goal is to help the growing number of families in need of food assistance in these tough economic times. League members harvested everything from cabbage and Kale to peppers and tomatoes, gathering over 90 bushels and 3,000 lbs of food. The Brays

The MOM web page is LIVE! Since MOM credit has been revamped, we created a web page on the Junior League website under the "Members Only Section" to assist members in locating opportunities. The MOM page lists all available Board-approved volunteer opportunities for MOM credit and ways to receive fundraising credit. Don't forget to periodically check CloserWare to make sure your credits have been entered!

Transfers The JLC has welcomed 19 transfers so far this year, and the transfer committee is working with them to help them get involved in the JLC and get to know their new town! The transfer committee will offer two “Get to Know Cincinnati” interest group events this year that will be open to all league members. The first event is scheduled for Saturday, January 12 at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Look for details in future e-blasts and hot sheets!

Meeting Planning Meeting Planning continues our efforts to ensure that the JLC's monthly General Membership Meetings are engaging, informative and exciting for our members. Our committee has also started brainstorming ideas for our year-end Annual Meeting. Though it's hard to imagine thinking about the end of the year already, May will be here before we know it. So mark your calendars for May 14, 2013!

New Members The 2012-13 New Members are off and running. In September, the New Members were hosted by the Cincinnati Parks District at the Krohn Conservatory. Past JLC President Judy Dalambakis and Andrea Scheppman addressed the New Members and they took a tour of the Krohn Conservatory. In October, the New Members welcomed 3CDC to the Columbia Center and provided the New Members an update on their extensive work in Cincinnati.

ATHENA Award The Junior League of Cincinnati was proud to be a Community Partner for the 2012 Athena Award event, put on by Cincy Magazine. The ATHENA Award recognizes outstanding women who have achieved professional excellence, given back to their communities, and created leadership opportunities for other women here in the Tristate. The ceremony took place on October 24, 2012, at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. Eleven outstanding and accomplished women were among the finalists for this year's award. A special congratulations to this year's winner, Zeinab Schwen, Founder and President of Strategic Regulatory Consulting and community leader. All of the finalists are changing the game and truly making a significant impact within the community. The Junior League proudly salutes their achievements. For more information about the event, please visit


Winter 2012

JLC + Bacchanalian Partnership a Sweet Success The Fall Gathering of the Bacchanalian Society benefiting the Junior League of Cincinnati was a great success! We sampled delicious foods and beers from local area restaurants including The Heritage Tastings Cottage, Silver Ladle, and 50 West Brewing Co. We enjoyed the evening's varietal, Sauvignon Blanc. We also socialized with over 800 of Cincinnati's young professionals and raised close to $10,000 towards the endowment. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and to the Junior League Board for their support and encouragement. Cheers!

Lisa Hubbard, Sarah Reiger, Pam Wise & Jennifer Reed

???, Brittany Haines & ???

Tessa Wolfarth & Meredith Comin

???, Jenna Flipowski, ???, Monica Miller & ???



Human Trafficking: What the Junior Leagues Are Doing to Fight It By Sarah Moore Since 2009, Junior Leagues around the country have raised their voices through Public Affairs (PACs) and State Public Affairs Committees (SPACs) to drive awareness of Human Trafficking in the US. As Luke Blocher said in his address during the November GMM, “laws follow public awareness.” This statement embodies what the PACs and SPACs do on a daily basis and how we can leverage our advocacy efforts through the JLC PAC and OH SPAC to make a difference. The Ohio SPAC was reformed this year, after being disbanded in the late ‘90s, and consists of elected Officers and Delegates from seven of the eight Junior Leagues in Ohio. As we re-form and choose a key issue on which our OH SPAC will focus its education programs, advocacy efforts, and public actions, we are inspired by the initiative of our sister Leagues in fighting Human Trafficking.

Impact in Action: • In January 2012, New Jersey SPAC co-hosted a Human Trafficking Awareness Day with guest speaker Holly Austin Smith, a domestic minor sex trafficking survivor. • AJLI was recognized by the United Nations Association of NY in May 2011 for collective efforts to combat this issue. • Georgia SPAC successfully advocated for the passage of House Bill (HB) 200 strengthening a human trafficking law. • Michigan SPAC raised awareness of the issue and supported a house bill instituting stiffer penalties on human trafficking. • JL of Los Angeles has addressed human trafficking through legislative and community advocacy since 2007 and created the AJLI Groupshare to promote awareness among Leagues. In June 2012, Governor Kasich signed a bill with stricter laws against human trafficking, making it a first-degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The law also creates a path for victims to have their records expunged if they have prostitution or solicitation charges as a result of being forced into the sex trade. tHowever, Ohio received a D grade on minor sex trafficking based on the Protected Innocence Legislative Framework, an analysis of state laws performed by the American Center for Law & Justice and Shared Hope International. There is still much to be done. I hope this article fires you up to use your collective voice to make a positive impact on our state and our country. From making “comfort bags” for trafficking shelters to pushing governments to drive impactful legislation, we can make a big difference. As Luke mentioned at our meeting in November, “a mass movement is required.” And it starts with each of us.

SPAC Vision The State Public Affairs Committee of The Junior Leagues of Ohio impacts the lives of Ohioans through volunteer actions supporting three pillars: education, reciprocity of ideas, and advocacy. We envision becoming a collective voice to further The Junior League Mission. We strive to educate members of our diverse communities on issues and to advocate for courses of action that positively affect our communities.

Approach: • • • • •

Educate on key issues Provide for civic engagement Encourage voting Take a stand Train organizations and mobilize volunteers with skills for direct action on issues

To further educate yourself on this issue and how to get involved: • • • • •

To learn more about joining the OH SPAC, please contact Sarah Moore ( For more information about Human Trafficking in our state, please consider attending the 4th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11, 2013 at the Statehouse in Columbus. 13

Winter 2012

From the JLC Cookbook Peppermint Chocolate Icebox Cake Cincinnati Seasoned, page 162 This is an easy recipe that’s very pretty on the plate. It’s a unique, decadent alternative to serve during the upcoming holiday season. Check out our “Lighten It Up” options to make a lighter, healthier version! 3 cups heavy whipping cream – lighten it up by using fat-free Cool Whip instead 3 tablespoons sugar – lighten it up with Stevia or your favorite sugar substitute 1 tablespoon peppermint extract 3 drops of red food coloring 2 boxes of Anna’s Chocolate Mint Thins cookies (or any Thin Mint Cookies will do!) 10 peppermint candies, crushed – lighten it up by using sugar-free candies 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup – lighten it up by using a sugar-free syrup Beat the whipping cream, sugar, peppermint extract and food coloring in a mixing bowl at high speed until soft peaks form. Arrange six cookies in a circle on a serving plate and place one cookie in the center. Spread ½ cup of the whipped cream over the cookies, leaving the edges of the cookies exposed. Repeat the layers to use all the cookies. Spread the remaining whipped cream over the top. Sprinkle with the crushed candy. Spoon the chocolate sauce into a small sealable bag and cut off a tiny corner of the bag. Drizzle the chocolate sauce over the top of the cake. Chill for 8 hours before serving! Serves 12. NOTE: Be sure to serve the cake quickly, as the whipped cream will soften once removed from the refrigerator!



we are dedicated to helping our clients look and feel great. our highly educated service providers can inspire you to experience the benefits of beauty and wellness.



Winter 2012

Upcoming Member Events 12.11 12.13 12.15 12.19 12.29

New Member Holiday Party JLC Leadership Holiday Party CandO Event: Children's Theatre KITK Event at Riverview East KITK Event at Duke Energy Children's Museum

1.08 1.11 1.15 1.15 1.15 1.23

January General Membership Meeting: CanDo Fleece Blanket Project Board Bank applications due to Leadership Development Committee Leadership applications due to Nominating Committee "Get to Know Cincinnati" Event: Cincinnati Art Museum New Member Meeting at Columbia Center Choral Group Performances KITK Event at Academy of World Languages

2.05 2.12 2.19 2.27

February General Membership Meeting CandO Event: YWCA Valentine's Day Party New Member Meeting at Cincinnati Art Museum KITK Event at Academy of World Languages

3.02 CandO Event: Ronald McDonald House Meal Service 3.05 March General Membership Meeting 3.19 New Member Meeting at Columbia Center 4.02 4.13 4.16 4.20

April General Membership Meeting KITK Capstone Event: Be Healthy. Be Active! Cintas Center New Member Celebration Prospective New Member Information Session

5.08 5.11 5.14 5.16

Annual Sustainer Luncheon at Cincinnati Country Club CandO Event: Children's Hospital Clifton Campus Spring Party May Annual Meeting JLC Fashion Show

The Choral Group will perform on the following dates: 12.05 2.06 12.12 2.13 2.27 1.09 1.16 1.23 1.30

* Check the online calendar at for updated event listings

Share your 'Mission Moment' Have you experienced a 'Mission Moment' today? A moment where you felt what you are doing within the JLC is truly making a difference in the lives of others? Submit your 'Mission Moment' at (go to Member Login) for consideration in an upcoming Issue of Perspectives and other JLC materials! We ARE Women Building Better Communities! Vicki Calonge, VP of Community Projects,



Member Milestones Welcome JLC "Little Leaguers"!

Thomas & James, born in September. Proud parents Michele & Thomas Hoar

Nathaniel James, born October 5. Proud parents Celeste Pugh & James Dressman

Rose Margaret, born July 21. Proud parents Martha & Erik Bond

Emmett Joseph, born October 7. Proud parents Meredith & Steve Meyer

Lauren Margaret, born October 22. Proud parents Stacy & Brad Chuminatto

Rebecca Warren - new baby Mary (Rebecca taking leave of absence)

Pam & Creighton Long expecting baby Alex any day now!

Emily Stubbins - new baby Mary Hope born August 26 Kristen Van Ee - new baby Charlie born August 22

Weddings & Engagements Congratulations to Dayle Dresden on her engagement. Congratulations to Bessie Hernandez (right) and Betty Dubbs (far right) on their recent marriages. Shawn Kelley married Andy Gibson on September 15th. Monika Royal (below right) married Jeremy Fischer on October 20th. Fran Santangelo married Chris DiBattista on December 1st.

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Joyce Attee and Marjorie Wagner. Please keep their families in your thoughts.

Share With Us! Having a baby? Getting married? New job or promotion? Share your Milestones with Perspectives Magazine for inclusion in upcoming issues. Please send announcements to

JLC Members in the News Darlene Kamine – inaugural recipient of the "2012 Community Honoree" Award, a lifetime achievement award, at the Duke Energy Children's Museum "Difference Maker Awards” Susan Shelton – founder and developer of MindPeace, received the "Outstanding Leader in a Community Setting" Award by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Catherine Vernon – recipient of the 2011-2012 "Outstanding International Corporate Counsel Award" from the American Bar Association of International Law Shannon Glass & Maura Kelly – recipients of Venue Magazine's "Great Leaders Under 40" Award Tara Bonistall Noland – honored as one of the Business Courier's "Forty Under 40" Class of 2012 Katy Crossen & Jamie Humes – named to the Cincinnati Chamber's 2012-2013 WE Lead Class Congratulations to our 82 Sustainers who celebrated 50+ years of JLC membership in 2012!


Winter 2012

Be Well By Fran Santangelo, Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach The holidays are a time to celebrate! However, with celebration comes temptation and it can be quite easy to overindulge and load up on calories. So how can you eat, drink and be merry without worrying how it will impact your waistline? Stick to these simple guidelines and you can enjoy this season...without overindulging and giving up the fun! 1. Lighten up your favorite recipes. Little changes make a big difference when cooking your holiday favorites. Check out our "lightened up" recipe from the the Junior League's "Tastefully Seasoned" cookbook for a delicious sample of how you can minimize calories while still maximizing flavor! 2. Don't give up on your workout routine. Plain and have to burn as many calories as you consume if you want to maintain your weight. When you know you are going to be consuming more calories than usual, plan a good sweat session to balance it out! 3. Choose wisely. You can still make good choices when it comes to indulging. Choose one thing to treat yourself to per party. If enjoying a few extra cocktails, decide to skip dessert. That must-have slice of pecan pie? Pass on the bread basket. Keep in all adds up (quickly), but a few smart decisions can make all the difference.

Have a wellness question that you’d like answered by an expert? Send your questions to Fran via email at today. Your questions will be answered in the issue relating to the topic of your question. I can’t wait to help!

Perspectives Magazine Staff

Fran Santangelo Chair

Jamie Humes Vice-Chair

Meghan Abney

Alisa Strauss

Leah Taylor


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