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Building Our Future Together


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Executive Board:

In this issue...

President Shannon Glass President-Elect Lisa Hubbard


President’s Perspective

VP Communications Meredith Comin


25 Things You Didn’t Know About Shannon Glass


Life After Presidency: Melanie Chavez

VP Fund Development Lizzie Polston


Member Spotlight: 50 Shades of...Meredith Comin

VP Membership Jennifer Reed


Sustainer Impact: Building on Our Legacy

VP Training & Development Lauren Bosse


What’s Happening Around the JLC: Committee Updates

Legal Advisor Sara Cooperrider


Board Bank Class of 2012

Recording Secretary Brooke Hiltz


Member Milestones


Upcoming Events


A Strong Foundation: The Junior League’s Structure

Vice-Chair Darlene Kamine


From the JLC Cookbook

Secretary Laura Skidmore


Be Well

VP Community Projects Vicki Calonge VP Finance Pam Wise

Sustainer Council: Chair Linda Appleby

Treasurer Linda Nitzschke Past Chair Ginny Myer Sustainer Advisor Susan Shelton Endowment Representative Sandy Donovan

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Our Mission The Junior League of Cincinnati is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The Junior League of Cincinnati is an exclusively educational, charitable organization which reaches out to women of all races, religions, or national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism.

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Fall 2012

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President’s Perspective As the summer quickly winds to a close and we gear up for another exciting Junior League year, I can’t help but look back at the past couple of months as the leadership teams and the Board have been hard at work planning all of the exciting things we will be embarking upon in the coming year. The timing of our planning could not be more perfect as much of it has landed during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. I’m often inspired by the stories that unfold about the athletes on their quest to achieve their Olympic goals. As I reflect on what it takes to reach such great heights, a couple of things really resonate with me: passion and dedication, both of which build upon each other to create a solid foundation of excellence and sustainability. As I watched the Olympics, I noticed the tremendous amount of passion and dedication that the athletes have as they sacrifice years of their lives to prepare for one moment and a chance to fulfill their dreams. From our youngest female gold medalists on the USA women’s gymnastics team to our eldest female 3-time gold medalists on the USA women’s beach volleyball team, these women embody unity and strength and prove how teamwork, passion and dedication can empower them to achieve great accomplishments. If you think about it, The Junior League truly isn’t much different, sure, maybe not on such a grand scale, but many of us have and will dedicate a lifetime to making this organization continue to grow and be transformational in our city. It takes passion and dedication from our members to spend countless hours of their lives, often away from their families, volunteering for ‘that one event,’ or our next signature project, or planning for our future, all of which ultimately help shape and touch lives of many families in communities all over Cincinnati. Yes, it may not be on a global stage like the Olympics and we may not come home with a gold medal, but rest assured our work here in the Junior League is incredibly valuable to the communities we serve. The passion I see from each and every one of you is the reason why we are here today. Make no mistake; we are not here on a chance or a whim. We are here because each woman in this organization has woven together to create a fabric that has lasted for 93 years and will continue to last for generations to come. As I look at where we are now, we all have our reasons why we are in the league; whether it be passion for volunteering, determination to create lasting connections, or sheer dedication to devote ourselves to the greater good. This year, we will focus on building opportunities for each of us to get the most from our JLC experience. We will continue to build meaningful programs and initiatives that will transform lives in our community and we will focus on building revenue sources to ensure our stainability for many years to come. My vision for the year is focused on three areas: Community Investment, Membership Engagement, and Organizational Sustainability. Each of these areas provides us a distinct opportunity to build on the great things we have

already accomplished and continue to grow as a change agent within our community. This is going to be a particularly exciting year for the League as we select our new signature project in the spring! Our Program Development Ad hoc Committee has been working tirelessly over the last year to research the city’s biggest need so that we can help fill the gap and create a new signature project that all of us can get behind! This is an exciting time to truly make a difference and have a direct say in how we will improve the community for years to come through our project work. Last year we touched over 15,000 lives and this year will be no exception. Our leadership teams have been designing Done-in-a-Day opportunities with organizations such as the Battered Women’s Shelter, Ronald McDonald House, and the Children’s Home. There are also opportunities for involvement that will last throughout the year with Adopt-A-Class, Kids in the Kitchen, or our Columbia Center Ad hoc group to name just a few. We are reigniting partnerships with organizations such as the Children’s Theatre, which we were so pivotal in starting in Cincinnati, and we are working to sustain other partnerships with companies like Kroger and their Rewards Program for the JLC. We have a very exciting partnership event coming up on September 20th with The Bacchanalian Society’s Fountain Square Wine Tasting event. Please save the date, tell your friends, and buy a ticket! This is one of the largest Bacchanalian events of the year and the JLC is thrilled to be the benefitting charity. As you can see, we have an exhilarating year ahead and as September quickly approaches, I ask that you channel your inner-Olympian so that we can stay focused and determined as we continue to empower our members and our communities here in Cincinnati. We may not be vying for Olympic records, but we must continue to build upon our passion and dedication to finish strong this year. We are an organization committed to voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving our community. We have so many opportunities on the horizon as our new members are increasing, our visibility in the community is strengthening, and our contribution to the city of Cincinnati is continuing to grow stronger every year. I invite you to join us and be a part of the excitement! We are women building better communities. We are building momentum and we are building our future together! All my best,

Shannon M. Glass


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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Shannon Glass


My favorite foods are tacos and Thai. However, I’m a foodie at heart, so I love to try (and cook) any and all culinary delights.


I’m from a small town called New Carlisle where the population is less than 6,000 people.


My favorite book is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. In fact, many of his books are outstanding! The Story of B, My Ishmael, Beyond Civilization, After Dachau, The Holy... and many more.

9 10

I keep a running list of ‘things I would like to invent someday.’

I have two siblings; a younger brother and an older sister. Both are married and both have two small boys, two of which are adopted from Ethiopia and Russia.


My worst guilty pleasure is reading US Weekly, InTouch, and People. They are wonderful mental breaks from reality.


I’m a certified SCUBA diver. I’m also certified to dive with manatees.


The only thing I fear is fear itself. (A slight adaptation of the famous FDR quote from his first inaugural address).


Family facts - I have an amazing mother who showed me what true strength really means. My father, who passed away from pancreatic cancer, gave me my spirit.


Fave Cincinnati spot - It’s so hard to pick just one. I love boating on the river and seeing our amazing skyline. I love Music Hall for all of its operatic and symphonic glory, I love the Esquire Theatre in Clifton for its independent films, I love all of the Cincinnati Parks for their endless recreational opportunities and going to the Banks to watch my two favorite sports teams. My newest favorite is listening to music in Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine.

Farthest place I’ve traveled is a tie between Jordan and Ethiopia.

7 8

My biggest pet peeve is people who wish away time (I wish this day was over, I wish it was next week so I could be on vacation, etc.). Enjoy the moment!

Soccer is my favorite sport and I have played most of my life and in college. I believe it is the one sport that unites the world.


I love to travel, but I mostly enjoy traveling to volunteer in third world countries. My most recent trips were to volunteer in orphanages in Peru and Ethiopia.


Although I love people and new and exciting experiences, I’m actually very introverted.


13 My home is a labor of love. I spent two years rehabbing it and it is the reason I learned to wire electric and use a mitre saw.



Fun fact: I was born on 7-377 at 7:37 am and I weighed 7 lbs 3 oz at birth.


Interesting fact: I have my concealed carry license because I think it’s incredibly important to exercise your constitutional rights, and understand and practice gun safety.


Time is my most valuable commodity.

I’m constantly inspired by people.


I am full of wonderlust. One day, I want to circumnavigate the globe and become a member of the Circumnavigators Club.

22 23 24

Lifting weights is my favorite way to exercise. I want to own my own business one day.

I have two amazing dogs: Jake, a Labrador mix, and Scooby, a boxer mix, and a revolving door for stray animals and wildlife. My most recent temporary ‘pet’ was a miniature pot bellied pig named Dozer.


I believe you should never ever be told you can’t do something. Believe that you can do anything.

Fall 2012

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Life After Presidency: Melanie Chavez

By Fran Santangelo

After an amazing year of giving 110% of herself to her position as Junior League President extraordinaire, many of you might find yourself wondering, “what is Melanie up to?” To find out, I set up an interview to get to the bottom of what comes of our Presidents after they pass the torch. The conversation began simply enough, I began by asking Melanie what she’d been up to this summer. She proceeded to rattle off a list of activities that squashed any hope that she’d taken some time to relax and unwind after stepping down as JLC President. Melanie has been volunteering with the Symphony, gearing up for Opening Night on September 15. She just joined the May Festival Board and is CoChairing the CSO Opening Night featuring Renee Fleming on September 18. She’s been catching up on all her work at Chavez Properties. Most importantly, she glowed when talking about the extra time she’s been spending with her three little ones, Jackson 6, Jefferson 3, and Natalie 2. Her oldest is prepping for the first grade and she can hardly believe it! Curious, I asked her what the first significant change she noticed in her daily life was after she handed off the Presidency. “The hundreds of daily emails stopped almost immediately,” she answered with a chuckle. However quickly followed up by saying that she “misses the camaraderie and sense of personal fulfillment the most,” now that she is out of office.

Melanie Chavez, Past-President of the Junior League of Cincinnati

What does Melanie miss the least about being President of the Junior League? “The overwhelming sense that so many things needed to get done,” and “worrying that we would never be able to tackle it all.” I think every member of the JLC can agree she did more than anyone imagined possible! Melanie’s husband, Jeremy, recently threw Melanie an amazing surprise birthday bash. The party was wonderful not just because Jeremy planned it so well, but because it reminded her of all the relationships she now had time to focus on again. Melanie is excited to reconnect with her life outside the JLC, but it is somewhat bittersweet. She truly misses her place within the League. She is excited to stay active, but doesn’t yet know exactly in what capacity she will do so.

Melanie with her husband Jeremy

Looking back on Melanie’s year in charge, it is clear that our past President is much like an Olympic athelete. She trained for years, all her efforts leading up to the big event. Once there, she took gold in every event and showed everyone what a graceful winner looks like. She continues to look forward to her next challenge. Well done Melanie! Now relax and enjoy a glass of champagne, you deserve it.


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Member Spotlight: 50 Shades of...Meredith Comin

By Jamie Humes and Meredith Comin

Meet Meredith Comin, 2012-2013 Communications Council Chair. She is positive, fun-loving, focused, full of energy, and she is giving strong voice to the JLC. She has many dimensions…50 shades if you will. So this month, we decided to get up close and personal with her to give you a closer look into who Meredith is and what she’s all about, as well as her vision for the upcoming year.

Meredith 101

20. First three words that come to mind when you think of JLC? Determination, Energy, Empowerment 1. How old are you? 28 21. Vision as VP Communications? I want to see 2. Where do you currently live? Mainstrasse Village, a stronger sense of cohesion between the Covington, Kentucky Communications Council and our member’s 34. What does your perfect day look like? I’d begin 3. Where did you grow up? Atlanta and Marietta, needs. I’m going to work with each commitwith sleeping late followed by a fabulous Georgia tee to help over-communicate and educate pool-side brunch. I’d spend the rest of the 4. How long have you lived in Cincinnati? Four years our members about what we are here to help morning sun-tanning followed by a spa ses5. Where do you work? Rockfish Interactive with. sion. A late afternoon nap leading into din6. Job Title? Program Manager, Business Develop- 22. Any advice for the New Member class? Above all ner and dancing caps off my perfect day. ment else, have fun! Cherish the time to learn 35. What does a typical day in the life of Meredith look 7. This means you...? I help manage deliverables, about the JLC and remember that there is a like? Every day is a different adventure but it timing, and expectations for all new client group for every individual. is mainly meetings and work place fun. After opportunities across our three offices. work I am often at meetings for the JLC and 8. University attended? Auburn University – WAR then a late dinner followed by bed. EAGLE! 36. Best things about Cincinnati? Cincinnati has such 9. Degree & major? BA in Public Relations Concenpassion for sports, arts and the restoration 23. Words that best describe you? Passionate, Loyal, tration in Marketing of the city. I love that people work hard and Adventurous, Strong. 10. Best & worst subjects in school? English was my rarely give up on the goals for making this a 24. How would your parents describe you? Extrovertbest and Math by far my worst. better place to live. ed, Excitable, Funny and Strong. 11. What did you want to be when you grew up? A 25. How do you define leadership and what makes a large-animal vet or interior decorator. great, effective leader? A great leader is someone who never fails to remember those they are leading. Being able to listen, inspire, and 37. Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal? Ryan Gosling help your team members are of the utmost hands-down! importance. 12. How long have you been a member of JLC? Four 38. Guilty pleasure? It’s awful…reality TV and tab26. Favorite quote? “Excellence is not an act but a years loids habit.” –Aristotle 13. Current JLC position? VP Communications 39. Most embarrassing moment? In college, I ran into 14. Past committees & positions held? First-year Ac- 27. If you had a tag line, what would it be? “Dream the kitchen to answer my cell phone and as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die tive on Nominating Committee, Co-Chair of slipped. Upon getting up I realized I had torn today.” –James Dean CinSation, Chair of Cookbook the meniscus in my right knee. Most people 15. Meaningful JLC Mission Moment? Being 28. Words of wisdom? I truly believe that being have knee-surgery for hard-core injuries and yourself is the best gift you can give. selected for 1Y Active on the Nominating mine was mobile phone-related. Committee. To be chosen by my fellow New 28. Most influential person(s) in your life? My mother 40. Favorite place in Cincinnati? I really like Ault Park is one of the most influential people in my Members was an honor. and Mainstrasse Village. life. It is from her that I gain much of who I 41. Favorite restaurant? It’s so difficult to pick just 16. Memorable JLC moment? One of my funniest am. I see what her mother did for her, what memories was cleaning up after CinSation one! I’d have to say Nada for the food and she did for me and I want to carry on that 2011 in my cocktail dress and Uggs. Even Graeter’s for the ice cream. pride. better that my fellow chairs were in the same 42. Top five interests? Reading, food and wine, col29. Greatest weakness? I can be a bit of a procrasgetup! lege football, swimming, and fashion. tinator and sometimes allow perfect to get in 43. Can’t-live-without websites? FaceBook, People, 17. What led you to join JLC? I am a fourth-generthe way of being great. ation member of Junior League and it was Google, and Pinterest. very important to uphold that legacy. Hear- 30. Greatest strength? I feel my ability to inter- 44. Favorite vacation spot? Honolulu, Hawaii act and relate to people is one of my best 45. What’s your hidden talent? My arms are doubleing the experiences my mother, grandmother strengths. Inter-personal skills are something and great-grandmother had created a pasjointed so I am able to turn both 360 degrees I take a lot of pride in. sion for wanting to be a part of the Junior in the opposite direction. 31. Proudest moment? Graduating from college. It 46. Biggest pet peeve? I dislike when a man opens League. is important that women educate themselves 18. What makes you stay? Why do you love JLC? I feel a door then walks in ahead of a woman. This and show they are just as vital to the workthe JLC has undergone great transformation applies to elevators too! ing world as men. in the last few years. Seeing the continued 47. One thing you can’t live without? Auburn Football passion and drive is what makes me want to 32. Where do you see yourself in five years? I would 48. If you could change one thing about yourself, it would love to have started a family and furthered stay. I love the women in this organization be? I would be much taller! my education by obtaining my MBA. and the dedication each puts forth. 49. Favorite book? My favorite book is To Kill a 19. How has your JLC experience impacted you? I believe 33. What would be your ideal job? I would love to Mockingbird. work at the Make a Wish Foundation. Hav- 50. Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? I have and it has helped to make me a better, stronger ing the opportunity to change a child’s life woman. Interacting with so many different found it quite eye-opening. would be amazing! people has left a lasting impact.

Meredith’s Perspective

Just For Fun

All Things JLC

Fall 2012

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Sustainer Impact: Building on Our Legacy

By Susan Shelton

Our ability to move forward is grounded in the legacy of our past, which includes our strong tradition of Sustainer involvement. With our focused, deliberate integration of New Members, Actives, and Sustainers as a united and seamless membership, the Junior League of Cincinnati (JLC) has more expertise and resources to impact the community. Our Committees and Councils benefit from a Sustainer Advisor who provides the background and best practices of prior years to help the current Committee get a fast start. It is especially impressive to watch the process of Actives and Sustainer Advisors on the Program Development Committee working together to develop the new JLC Signature Project. Beginning last year, the Sustainers helped revive the rich tradition of researching priority areas to initiate project development. The research phase of the process identified gaps in three areas: 1. Pediatric oral health, 2. Refugee resettlement, and 3. Mothers living in poverty. Eight years ago, when the JLC went through the process of understanding the gaps in children’s mental health and developing our Signature Project that would ultimately become MindPeace, we engaged our membership and community leadership and took over a year to do this. Our team right now is covering three areas in the same time period. Impressive. The uncharted journey that will take the JLC from concept to a viable, transformational project is being guided and supported by Sustainer Advisors Amelia Crutcher who is working with the Refugee Committee, Priscilla Ungers who is working with the Mothers of Children in Poverty, and Darlene Kamine who is working with the Children’s Oral Health Committee. They are currently working together with their inter-generational committee members to imagine a better future for our community. They are imagining how the JLC will make a difference for the single female heads of households who make up 70% of people living in poverty, or the 48% of children in Cincinnati estimated to be living in poverty, or the 11,000 refugees who have settled

Susan Shelton, Sustainer Advisor to Board here in our city, or the 27,000 local children living below poverty with at least one oral health problem. Our seasoned JLC members and the bright, energetic and optimistic younger members are synergistically working side-by-side to imagine how we can make a difference – and then to engage the membership and the broader community to make THE difference. Our city is enjoying a renaissance as is our League, and we hope that all of our Sustainers will find a new way to be part of creating a new legacy – as a Sustainer Advisor, a member of the Round Table of Advisors for Columbia Center, or a “done in a day” opportunity to work side-by-side on a good works project. Building on our proud and extraordinary past, we are building a strong future together!

General Meeting Dates

Social time for each begins at 6:30 pm and meetings will start promptly at 7:00 pm.

September 4, 2012 “Inspire & Build” Columbia Center

October 2, 2012

“Issue Forum: Issue 2, Redistricting” Reception at 6:15 pm Presented by PAC Columbia Center

November 6, 2012 “Educate” Location TBD

December 4, 2012 “Build Community Involvement” Area Meetings

February 5, 2013 March 5, 2013 April 2, 2013

May 14, 2013 Annual Meeting Celebration!


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What’s Happening Around the JLC: Committee Updates



CandO is red hot this year! The committee leadership was busy all summer lining up a great calendar of events. We’ll be bringing back our longtime favorite projects: Children’s Hospital Halloween Party, Fleece Blankets for Ronald McDonald House, and the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter Valentine’s Day Party. We’re also introducing a new spring project at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Clifton Campus. In November and December we’ll celebrate some of our favorite past projects, the Art Museum Docent Program, Children’s Theater, and Girls on the Run, then we’ll help out at some of our favorite holiday hot spots like Brighton Center and Adopt A Class. Finally, we’re thrilled to introduce a yearlong drive for Dress for Success! Every two months we’ll feature a different article of clothing Dress for Success needs to help their clients spruce up their professional wardrobe culminating in an opportunity to actually work with some of their clients. The competition will be fierce as each committee competes to bring in the most articles of clothing and win a fabulous secret prize. This year is going to sizzle and we invite all membership to jump in and feel the heat!

We have so many fun activities planned for Kids in the Kitchen this year! Once again we’ll be teaching students how to use basic kitchen utensils to prepare food, and we’ll be incorporating some lessons from the Flying Pig Hog Log into our school curriculum. We had our first Children’s Museum program on August 18, and the other two will be December 1 and December 29. Our spring event, ‘Be Healthy. Be Active!’ will take place on Saturday, April 13 at the Cintas Center. We’ll continue expanding our reach by sharing healthy tips on Facebook and producing cooking demonstration videos for – and with – children. Finally, our leadership team will work with an ad hoc committee to research and develop a plan for KITK once a new JLC Signature Project is developed.


The Treasurer sits on the Finance Council and is a member of a small team that manages the financial well-being of the JLC. The Treasurer’s responsibilities include managing payroll, managing all JLC deposits, monitoring and tracking credit card transactions, and acting as an event treasurer for major JLC fundraising events.

Transfers Public Affairs

The primary role of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is to educate JLC members about current public affairs and train them to become effective advocates. Coming off the success of last year’s October GMM, PAC will host another candidate’s reception and issue forum on Issue 2 (redistricting) at the Columbia Center. We will then turn our focus toward spotlighting food deserts in Cincinnati in support of our signature project to combat childhood obesity. We will provide opportunities for members to advocate for nutritional food access within the city, so everyone can experience the full breadth and depth of the advocacy process!

The Transfer Committee welcomes 14 new transfers to the Junior League of Cincinnati! Transfer Committee will be hosting two all transfer happy hours and we are adding an additional “Get to Know Cincinnati” interest group event. The all transfer happy hours are scheduled for October 17 and March 20 and are open to any member who transferred to the JLC from another league. The “Get to Know Cincinnati” interest group events are open to all members and are tentatively scheduled for January 12 (Cincinnati Art Museum) and April 20 (TBD). Look for details for all our events in future eblasts.

Fall 2012

Cookbook/Fall Fundraiser

The Cookbook/Fall Fundraiser Committee is already hard at work planning the 2nd annual Tour of Kitchens, a community-wide event promoting Cincinnati Seasoned, our latest cookbook. Attendees will get to visit kitchens and homes in the Greater Cincinnati area. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, November 17. Please see page 10 for more details.

Page 8

Membership Outreach & Events

The Membership Outreach and Events Committee has been busy planning the upcoming 2012-2013 year! Get ready to try some fantastic wines at the Bacchanalian Society event on Thursday, September 20th on Fountain Square at 7:00 p.m. Also, save the date for this year’s Fashion Show on Thursday, May 16. Watch for more fabulous socials down the road! Do you have someone in mind that would be perfect for the League? Encourage your non-league friends to attend the Junior League Info Sessions in November (time TBD), Saturday, April 20 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and Wednesday, May 8 from 6:308:30 p.m.

Leadership Development

Our committee is working hard to bring you excellent training opportunities this year. Starting with the Leadership KickOff, we’ll be helping JLC leaders become even more effective. This committee is also working on training opportunities for the general membership, creating new online training opportunities, and assisting with general meeting programming. Watch for an event for emerging leaders in November, and the return of the hugely popular Board Bank training series in the spring!

Meeting Planning

Our committee is already hard at work to ensure that this year’s General Membership meetings are fun and exciting for everyone involved! We are continuing with the “happy half hour” social time starting at 6:30 p.m. before each General Membership meeting at the Columbia Center, with great food and refreshments before the meetings get underway at 7:00 p.m. We hope to build on the success of the JLC wine cellar from last year and encourage everyone to consider donating a bottle of your favorite wine. We look forward to

seeing you!


This year to earn MOM credit, Junior League members only have to participate in one MOM-approved volunteer opportunity. A MOM page on the “members only” section of the website will list all approved volunteer opportunities. To sign up for the opportunities, go to the Volunteer Calendar. If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Wais at

Your committee is working on something great and...

We Want To Know! Share your JLC activities and events with membership by submitting them to Perspectives at


Page 9

Board Bank Class of 2012

Member Milestones

JLC Members Join Local Non-Profit Boards

By Tara Bonistall Noland

Members of the first Board Bank class hit the ground running after the program finished last spring. Eighteen women participated in the training series, which was developed in partnership with ArtsWave. The series prepared our members for the responsibility of serving on an organization’s Board of Directors, and also helped match them with local non-profits. Anne Bailey Gabrielle Blocher Sara Cooperrider Jane Muindi Kari Kerns Kathryn Rafferty Katie Koppenhoefer Lauren Bosse Lisa Hubbard Meredith Meyer Lizzie Polston Natalie Wais Sarah Rieger Sarah Schuck Traci Nestheide

Internal placement with Program Development Committee UC’s Gardner Center for Movement Disorders Internal placement to JLC Board Girls on the Run Ballet Theatre Midwest Families Forward, Civic Garden Center Welcome House Coalition for a Drug Free Cincinnati Internal placement to JLC Board Board consultant to Ronald McDonald House Internal placement to JLC Board Project GRAD Ohio Valley Voices Young Professionals Board of Cincinnati Nature Center Josh Cares

The Board Bank is a newly established annual program and will be run exclusively by the Junior League in the spring of 2013. Applications will be available later this fall!

Babies Wendy Haffey welcomed twins Finley and Brogan, born in May. Kristian Scarpitti had baby Evelyn on June 6. Dorrie McCarthy had twin girls in May. Ann Linck welcomed a new baby. Martha Bond welcomed baby Rose on July 21. Brittany Haines greeted baby Preston in early June. Kendall Shaw welcomed Edward (Ted) on July 31. Maura Lairson had baby Archer on June 22. Lisa Rudolph welcomed baby Charlotte on August 18. Kristen Van Ee greeted baby Charles on August 22. Emily Stubbins had baby Mary on August 26. Rebecca Warren welcomed baby Mary on August 28.

Wedding Liane Szucs (now Barber) married Brendan Barber on June 9th in Cincinnati.

The CandO Committee is thrilled to announce that we have confirmed a project for our National Day of Service event! On September 9, we will be working as part of the Giving Fields Program at the Freestore Foodbank to help harvest and plant produce in their farm located just outside Cincinnati. All produce harvested from this farm is given directly to Freestore food pantries and other on-site feeding organizations. The event will be held from 4-6 pm on Sunday, September 9. Please sign up online today!

News Tara Bonistall Noland is now Director of Development for 4C for Children and was named to the Business Courier’s Forty Under 40 class. Preeti Thakar graduated from the Chamber’s WE Lead leadership development program. Jamie Humes was promoted to Vice President at Great Traditions Land & Development Co.

Fall 2012

Page 10

Upcoming Events September


9/4/12 General Meeting “Build and Inspire” 7:00 p.m., Columbia Center

11/6/12 General Meeting 11/17/12 Tour of Kitchens, Make your reservations today!

9/9/12 CandO: National Day of Service Project, The Giving Fields Program


9/20/12 Bacchanalian Society Fall Gathering, 7:00 p.m., Fountain Square

12/4/12 Area Meetings 7:00 p.m., Various locations


12/1/12 KITK, Children’s Museum Program

10/2/12 General Meeting Candidate Reception, 6:15 pm, “Issue Forum: Issue 2, Redistricting”, 7:00 pm, Columbia Center

Tour of Kitchens

Having a baby? Getting married? Landed a new job? Been promoted?

Share with Us! Share your milestones with Perspectives Magazine by sending them to Fran Santangelo, Perspectives Chair, at

12/29/12 KITK, Children’s Museum Program

Save the date!

JLC Fashion Show Thursday May 16, 2013

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Join us for the 2nd annual Tour of Kitchens, a community-wide event promoting Cincinnati Seasoned, the JLC’s latest cookbook. Attendees will get an inside look at kitchens and homes located throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Each home will feature a chef’s demonstration, wine tasting, or other kitchen-related presentation. Guests will also have a chance to taste some of the recipes from the cookbook, which will be available for purchase at each stop on the tour.


Page 11

A Strong Foundation: The Junior League’s Structure Have you ever wondered how the Junior League can accomplish so much? It is in large part the result of good organization. The chart below provides a helpful overview of how the League is structured. Many different groups all coordinate and work together— Sustainers, Active Members, New Members—a lot! It is this synergy and teamwork that drives our success.

The Junior League of Cincinnati Leadership Structure 2012-2013 Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) JLC Office


Building Maintenance & Rental

JLC Online

Building Superintendent Finance Assistant Office Manager

Executive Board

(President, President-Elect, Sustainer Advisor, Recording Secretary, Legal Advisor, VP Communications, VP Community Projects, VP Fund Development, VP Membership, VP Training & Development)

Sustainer Council

Community Projects


Fund Development


Training & Development


Columbia Center

CinSation Gala

Corresponding Secretary

Leadership Development


Cookbook/ Tour of Kitchens

Jody’s Network

Meeting Planning

Membership Outreach & Events

New Members

(Community AND Outreach)

Marketing & Publicity

Choral Group

Perspectives Magazine



Kids in the Kitchen (KITK)




(Membership Obligation Menu)

(Public Affairs Committee)


Program Development

Placement Transfers


Recommendations you can trust! Now collecting trustworthy recommendations from JLC members! We need references for reliable babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, house sitters, and senior caregivers for the next issue of Perspectives. Submit your recommendations to jlperspectives@gmail. com by October 31 and we will share them with everyone in the JLC.

Fall 2012

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From the JLC Cookbook Brie and Chutney Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Coconut Curry Cream Sauce Cincinnati Seasoned, page 101 Stuffed Tenderloin Ingredients: 1 (2-pound) pork tenderloin 1 cup mango chutney ½ (6 inch) round Brie cheese, thinly sliced ½ cup finely chopped pistachios

Cream Sauce Ingredients: 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup coconut milk 1 teaspoon curry powder ¼ cup flaked coconut salt to taste

Preheat oven to 450°. Cut tenderloin horizontally three-fourths of the way through the meat and lay open on plastic wrap. Cover meat with another piece of plastic wrap and pound with a meat mallet to ½" thickness. Remove plastic wrap. Spread chutney over the tenderloin and arrange the cheese slices over the chutney. Sprinkle with pistachios. Roll up the tenderloin tightly from the long side, keeping the filling enclosed and tie with kitchen twine at evenly spaced intervals to secure. Place tenderloin in a shallow roasting pan. Bake for 25 minutes or until meat thermometer inserted in thickest portion registers 165°. Remove to serving plate and cover with foil. For Coconut Curry Cream Sauce, heat cream and coconut milk in a saucepan over medium-high heat until mixture begins to boil. Reduce heat to medium and stir in the curry powder. Then stir in coconut and salt. Simmer until sauce is thickened. Slice the tenderloin and serve with Coconut Curry Cream Sauce.

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we are dedicated to helping our clients look and feel great. our highly educated service providers can inspire you to experience the benefits of beauty and wellness.


Fall 2012

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Be Well

By Fran Santangelo, Certified lifestyle and weight management coach

Attention all health-conscious Leaguers! When the Perspectives team met to discuss topics that could be presented in our quarterly magazine, we focused in on the common interests of our League’s members. Many of the categories we defined fell under what could only be described as the theme of “wellness,” and we decided to take the topic and run with it. Diet, exercise, time management, mental health, and more were all on our minds and we hope you’ll be excited to read the features we have in the works!

Holiday Issue - No Time to Lose

Summer Issue - Confidence is key!

With the time crunch we all experience in the busy winter months, we can all use some help to ward off extra pounds this season. This issue will focus on how to maintain your weight over the holidays.

Since no one is ever ready for bathing suit season when it arrives, find fitness tips to get you beach ready in this issue.

Spring Issue - Get it Together This issue will help you figure out ways to bust out of a winter rut, get positive, and other tricks to living with a healthy mindset. With mental health awareness month right around the corner, we thought a few tips for our brains would get us on track!

Have a wellness question that you’d like answered by an expert? Future editions of Be Well will be written in question and answer format so wonder no more! Send your questions to Fran via email at today. Your questions will be answered in the issue relating to the topic of your question. I can’t wait to help!

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