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Fall 2013


Back to the Basics

Driving Innovation profile of a JLC Entrepreneur

We’ve Got a Big Idea RefugeeConnect’s start-up milestone

JLC Makes a Difference within our city

Notes from a Junior League Skeptic full disclosure from a JLC member

Contents Executive Board of Directors: President Lisa Hubbard

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President’s Perspective


JLC 2013-2014 Leadership

VP Communications Meredith Comin


The Sustainer Perspective

VP Community Impact Liane Barber


JLC’s Big Idea

VP Finance Pam Wise


My Perspective: Notes from a Junior League Skeptic


Member Milestones


JLC Makes a Difference

President-Elect Susan Shelton

VP Fund Development Sarah Moore VP Membership Jennifer Reed


Driving Innovation: Profile of a JLC Entrepreneur

VP Training & Development Tara Bonistall Noland


In and Around the JLC: Committee Snapshots


Leadership Empowered: AJLI Conference Recap

Legal Advisor Tammy Imhoff


On a Mission: JLC Embarks Upon a New Strategic Plan

Recording Secretary Sara Wildner


Endowment Fund 101: What do You Need to Know?

Special Projects Kate Fortlage Sustainer Advisor SaraLou Durham

Sustainer Council: Chair Carol Conlan Vice-Chair Kelly Lyle

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Secretary Connie Cussen Treasurer Linda Nitzschke Past Chair Linda Appleby Endowment Representative Sandy Donovan Our Mission The Junior League of Cincinnati is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The Junior League of Cincinnati is an exclusively educational, charitable organization which reaches out to women of all races, religions or national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism. Perspectives is the quarterly magazine of the Junior League of Cincinnati. Publication months are December, February, April and July. Advertising inquiries and content can be sent to or via the Online Submission Hub at Perspectives Committee: Jamie Humes, Chair, Meghan Abney, Vice-Chair, Meredith Comin, VP Communications, Katharine Morgan Boucher, Gretchen Griffith, Kelly Schomaker, Abby Tuke, Leah Taylor Vensil, Dionn Tron, Sustainer Advisor Follow us on Facebook & Twitter @JLCincy Junior League of Cincinnati, 3500 Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226, (513) 871-9339, Printed in partnership with Evolution Creative Solutions, Inc.




Dear Junior Leaguers, Welcome to the 94th year of the Junior League of Cincinnati as we go Back to the Basics! By the end of this year, my goal is for our members to have gained a richer understanding of the JLC – who we are, what we do, how we work and how everything we do relates back to our mission to develop the potential of women, improve communities, and promote voluntarism. The year has started, and already we have made an impact on the Greater Cincinnati community. Our first General Membership Meeting of the year was one of the best attended meetings in my memory, with 235 members in attendance! Members got a roadmap of the year through presentations from Board VPs and were treated to an inspiring talk from my own high school classmate, Hai Sam, as he shared his and his family’s experiences when escaping from Vietnam in 1979 and their assimilation into Cincinnati as refugees. Our members have also been hard at work improving communities and promoting voluntarism. With the launch of our new Impact Initiatives, RefugeeConnect and Pediatric Oral Health, we are poised to make an even greater impact on the Greater Cincinnati area. This fall I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the Delta Dental Center at Oyler School, a three-seat dental clinic where children will be able to seek needed dental care free of charge through the work of the Children’s Oral Health Network, of which the JLC is a founding member.

As I think of the opportunities available for our members this year, I can’t help but reflect upon the opportunities I have experienced over the past 11 years, all because of the JLC. I have gotten to attend national training conferences, lead projects, help identify future JLC leaders, speak in public, sit on boards, work with a local artist to create the MindPeace mural, plan events, work to create a budget, learn to read a balance sheet and review financials, be on the field for the opening pitch of a Reds game, help to apply for and receive awards for our community projects, run a meeting, train others, attend debates and candidate meet & greets, be a Girls on the Run running coach for 7th graders, participate in 5K races, contribute to the JLC cookbook, experience team building, be inspired by fabulous speakers including Amy Tobin, John Pepper, Margaret Buchanan, and Julie Isphording, sell cookbooks door-to-door in Hyde Park Square, meet new people, meet best friends, reconnect with old friends, become a leader, work with children, work with adults, make a difference and volunteer. I hope every member of the JLC will be able to look back on her experiences this year and remember how the JLC transformed her in some way. Warmest regards,

Lisa Hubbard, Darlene Kamine with Judy Arnett & Vicki Nixon (Executive Director) of the Cincinnati Dental Society

Lisa Hubbard, President 2013-2014

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JLC 2013-2014 Leadership Executive Board of Directors Lisa Hubbard President Susan Shelton President-Elect Sara Wildner Recording Secretary Tammy Imhoff Legal Advisor

Saralou Durham Sustainer Advisor Kate Fortlage Special Projects Meredith Comin VP Communications Liane Barber VP Community Impact

Pam Wise VP Finance Sarah Moore VP Fund Development Jennifer Reed VP Membership Tara Bonistall Noland VP Training & Development

Committee Chair(s) Vice-Chair(s) COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL Historian Tracey Conrad JLC Online Haley Elkins Emily Haun Perspectives Jamie Humes Meghan Abney Publicity/Marketing Monika Royal Fischer Molly Flanagan COMMUNITY IMPACT COUNCIL Choral Group Terry Robinson/Sue Brainer Pat Machette, Director Community and Outreach (CandO) Robyn Brown & Abby Workman Melissa Hailey & Alison Wheeler Pediatric Oral Health Lisa Rudolph Elizabeth Cook Walda Program Development Anne Bailey Jenna Filipkowski Public Affairs (PAC) Sarah Alford Kate Gregg Refugee Resettlement Kelly Birkenhauer Tanja Goldman State/Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) Legislative Analyist (Officer) Heidi Black Nominating Coordinator (Officer) Haley Elkins Senior (voting) Delegate Kerrie Martin Junior Delegate Heidi Black FINANCE COUNCIL Columbia Center Rene Robers Maggie Wuellner Treasurer Krystin McKim FUND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL Cookbook Stefanie Hertvik & Ami Hidaka Kristen Myer & Beth Ciafardini Grants Sarah Emslander Tamaya Dennard Sponsorship Taylor Duvall Bennett Haley Titus-Mitchell Spring Fundraiser (CinSation) Kari Kerns & Briana Bialosky Pamela Long & Lindsey Herb MEMBERSHIP COUNCIL Corresponding Secretary Julie Niesen Gosdin Jody’s Network Stacy Chuminatto Membership Outreach & Events Sarah Rieger Sarah Murphy & Thanh Pham MOM Meredith Edwards Nominating Kendall Shaw Vicki Calonge Nominating Members 4+ Years: Danielle Deja, Deanna Sicking, Emily Roberts, Tiffany Shiver >4 Years: Alison Bushman, Lizzie Polston, Sally Heekin, Jacklyn Olinger 1st Year Active: Zahra Bond Placement Jane Muindi Brianna Frappier-Schirmang Transfers Kristian Scarpitti Molly Lyons TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Leadership Development Deborah Livingston & Camille Richardson Katie Rafferty Meeting Planning Sarah Lucas Deana Browning New Members Amy Spero & Krista Braun Emily Sberna & Kelley Curley #jlcincy | 3


The Sustainer Perspective By Saralou Durham, Sustainer Advisor to the JLC Executive Board

Photos left to right: 1. Carol Conlan, Angie Carl & Linda Appleby strike a pose. 2. A Sustainer “Dream Team”- Saralou Durham, Amelia Crutcher, Linda Smith, Linda Appleby & Angie Carl. 3. Saralou Durham with JLC icon Marjorie Motch. 4. Saralou shares a “teachable moment” with first graders at the Academy of World Languages.


hree garden clubs, three book clubs, one dinner group, two lunch groups, weekly pilates classes, eight cooking classes…OH MY! Sustainers have built lasting friendships and certainly do know how to have a great time together. But those numbers do not tell the full story of our 570 Sustainers…taking the time out of their lives to volunteer all over the city, whether it is at the Art Museum or the Playhouse in the Park, the Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center or Fernside, the Academy of World Languages or Ronald McDonald House. And don’t forget the hours spent on our projects, the 50-year-old Choral Group, the RefugeeConnect and the Pediatric Oral Health Projects. Sustainers serve hundreds of organizations and contribute innumerable hours, while improving the lives of women and children in Cincinnati. Additionally, Sustainers continue to contribute both time and money to “sustain” the Junior League of Cincinnati, helping to ensure the strong training programs and Impact Initiatives continue. Even more important is the number of lives transformed in the process, both the lives of our members and the lives of those they serve. Sustainer membership in the JLC is more than the sum of all these numbers. It is made up of people, people who touch the lives of others and whose lives are touched by those we serve. I challenge you to continue to nurture and cherish your JLC connections. More importantly, continue our legacy of impact on Cincinnati!


tr.v. sus·tained, sus·tain·ing, sus·tains 1. to keep in existence; maintain. 2. to support from below; keep from falling or sinking; prop. 3. to support the spirits, vitality, or resolution of; encourage. 4. to provide for.

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Above: JLC President Lisa Hubbard, RefugeeConnect Chair Kelly Birkenhauer and Vice-Chair Tanja Goldman at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s Big Idea Challenge awards ceremony. Right: Kelly displays the winning entry as GCF CEO Kathy Merchant & Board Chair Pete Strange present the Big Idea Challenge winners

JLC’s Big Idea

RefugeeConnect Receives Start-Up Grant By Kelly Birkenhauer & Jamie Humes The RefugeeConnect Committee achieved an early milestone this fall when they were awarded first place in the Economic Opportunity category of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s (GCF) Big Idea Challenge. As a result, the JLC received a $5,000 start-up grant from GCF that will be used to implement this Big Idea.

volunteers and refugee students.

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) created The Big Idea Challenge to celebrate its 50th anniversary and challenged citizens to submit ideas for potential projects that would make Cincinnati better. The community’s response to the Big Idea Challenge was overwhelming. More than 250 ideas were submitted with over 6,000 votes cast for 21 finalists in seven categories to determine winners.

The program would create a training curriculum for tutors consisting of online and in-person training led by ESL teachers. Central to the concept is to work with community partners to set up classes at convenient locations and times for the refugee population. Since transportation is a major barrier for many refugees, classes need to be held close to their community for improved accessibility.

Submitted by Chair Kelly Birkenhauer, RefugeeConnect’s winning Big Idea entry, Expand Adult-ESL Resources for Refugees, seeks to provide accessible English classes to refugees in our community while fostering meaningful relationships with #jlcincy | 5

This initiative proposes to create a highly trained community volunteer group of ESL (English as a second language) tutors and teachers with the goal of establishing additional and accessible Adult-ESL classes specifically designed for refugees.

This “Big Idea” is unique as it targets a very specific at-risk population that is in need. Of the 11,000 refugees living in Cincinnati, 92% of them need additional English language training. Language and communication skills are critical to improving refugee acculturation in

Greater Cincinnati and to also increase their ability to secure meaningful job employment. The opportunities created by helping refugees acquire the skills needed to establish careers they were previously not qualified for due to language barriers will directly enhance refugees’ quality of life, as well as support their children and future generations. This program will be a key component of the JLC’s RefugeeConnect Impact Initiative and will provide meaningful volunteer and engagement opportunities for JLC members. Furthermore, this Big Idea has clear impact potential, as validated by the community and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The Greater Cincinnati community believes in this Big Idea and as a result of this start-up grant, the JLC is now able to take this idea and bring it to life. Heartfelt congratulations to Kelly Birkenhauer & the RefugeeConnect Committee for their hard work, innovative thinking and their winning Big Idea!

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Portable, high quality, modular furniture that is constructed and deconstructed without the use of tools.

Leslie Holtmeier 3545 Columbia Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45226 513.271.1717

The JLC expresses our appreciation to Geoff Mather for our 2013-2014 member t-shirts! | Phone 513.376.7182

3545 Columbia Parkway | 513-271-1717

e v i t c e p s r e My P Notes from a Junior League Skeptic By Haley Elkins My transition from Dallas, Texas, to Cincinnati, Ohio was not an easy one. When I stepped foot in Cincinnati for the first time, I didn’t even know where it was; I was startled when I realized you could drive five minutes across the river and be in Kentucky. My hair was too big and my voice was too loud and my very being felt all wrong. I drove an enormous truck, I owned a shotgun, I thought 70 degrees was coat-weather, and I was puzzled why strangers didn’t want to strike up heart-felt conversations with me in the grocery store line. I was used to a grid street-system, but here all the roads curved around hills and changed names; I couldn’t even find my way around. I had also left a very close-knit group of women back home. I emailed some of the local chapters of the national feminist organizations I’d worked with in Texas, without much success. One even responded with a cold one-line email: “I don’t know what you’re looking for here; it’s not like we have meetings or anything.” I’d lost my tribe. I was lonely for a long time. Then I met Carolee Schwartz, and I confided to her: “I am having some serious trouble making female friends here.”

Forty years ago, in the town I grew up in, my mother was submitted for membership to an adult women’s sorority. They turned her down flat, citing that she’d been divorced, and they didn’t accept the type of women who got divorced. There was no way the women’s sororities of 1960s West Texas had any use for women like my mother -- the best woman I knew. And that was my only anchor-point for something like Junior League. When I told my mother I’d been accepted into the Junior League of Cincinnati, she responded with an incredulous “...excuse me?” through 1,200 miles of phone line. Combine that baggage with my feminist theory degree, and visions of bored housewives danced in my head: women whose idea of activism was to discuss less fortunate people over lattes. It’s ugly to say, but it’s true. I approached the JLC membership process with a sideways look, mindful of buried explosive devices. None of those explosions ever came, and our Junior League didn’t so much erase that mindset as it quietly put it to bed with an understanding smile. Phyllis & Michael Elkins,

Her solution was straight-forward: “Oh! We’ve got to get you involved in Junior League of Cincinnati.” I responded enthusiastically, mostly to be polite. Inside, I was skeptical, for a few reasons.

#jlcincy | 7

Circa 1978

It’s a complex thing to examine a history I wasn’t part of building but am now expected to be representative of. I’ve heard tales that decades ago, the admission process looked very differently than it does now.

And yes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look down the list of names across 90 years and realize there was a time when the Junior League was composed exclusively of a single “type” of woman. But it’s also impossible to ignore that even in that nebulous then, it was still a source of agency for a gender that had very little of its own overall. And I’m no omniscient narrator; I can’t speak to the feelings of the entire JLC at present. But I know what the Junior League of Cincinnati has done for me: It’s given me a posse of women to call on, who are always in my corner even when they don’t necessarily agree with me. It’s given me mentors of both genders from whom to ask guidance and advice. It’s given me structured ways to grow my own knowledge, from understanding complex public policy to improving my communication skills.

Columbia Center

It’s displayed trust and self-actualization in me to become a leader -- a luxury that has not been traditionally afforded to women as a whole. And it’s made me an evangelist. When I’m approached by women in the same boat as I was, I say the same thing Carolee said to me: “We’ve got to get you involved in the Junior League. of Cincinati.” Many of them greet me with a familiar, quiet skepticism that I combat as best I can. “It’s not that those concerns are unfounded,” is my response. “It’s not that we never have arguments, or make mistakes. We’re not paragons of virtue. But I can tell you our focus is bettering the lives of other women and children in Cincinnati. And I can tell you that I’m there. And a lot of other women like me are there, and they will be good, and kind, to you -- because they are good and kind people.” Because sometimes it’s just that simple. Yes, we need to continue to pursue JLC’s diversity initiatives. We must still combat specters of elitism. And we have a great deal of work to do, but we should always have a great deal of work to do -- because I have a secret to tell you: the Junior League of Cincinnati is progressive. It’s progressive because it believes, whole-heartedly, in forward momentum, with making things better, continuously. And it has made me better, continuously: as a woman, as a leader, and as a Cincinnatian.

Unique and Charming Event Space, Minutes from downtown Cincinnati The Columbia Center, in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood of Cincinnati, is a beautiful, historic location that serves as a unique and charming event space From hosting small- to large-scale business meetings to entertaining intimate or extravagant social gatherings, the Columbia Center is truly the perfect place. For more detailed information about Columbia Center rental opportunities, please call(513) 871-9339 or email

Member Milestones promotions • new babies • weddings • achievements 1




6 2


Little Leaguers



1. Patrice & Tom Hodges welcomed baby Harper Louise on September 30.

6. Meghan Abney & Joshua Morrow were engaged July 28. They are planning a May wedding.

11. Julie Niesen Gosdin & Emily Roberts were named to the Business Courier’s 2013 Forty Under 40 Class.

7. Jenny See & Josh Essner were engaged August 30. They are planning a May wedding.

12. Venue Magazine & Lead Magazine have named Jamie Humes as a 2013 “Woman of Influence”.

2. Vicki & Allan Calonge welcomed baby Vincent Marsala on September 17. 3. Priya Patel-Rolfes & husband Dave celebrated the birth of baby Maya Grace on September 11. 4. Megan Mullinix & Matthew Reecer welcomed baby Houston on September 4. 5. Erika & Mark Robbe welcomed baby William “Will” Patrick on July 17.


#jlcincy | 9

Weddings 8. Rene Brunelle married Matt Robers on August 3. 9. Leah Taylor married Seth Vensil on June 22. 10. Jenna Filipkowski married Jason Mott on June 15th in Scranton, PA.


13. Congratulations to Erin Savage-Weaver for passing her CFP exam! 14. Kendall Shaw & Megan Butler have been accepted into the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 WE Lead Class.


15. Haley Elkins was named a “Rising Star” by the YWCA of Cincinnati. 16. Congratulations to Beth Nowak for being named a finalist for Duke Energy Children’s Museum’s Difference Maker Awards!

Share with us! Submit Perspectives Milestones to jlcincinnati@gmail. com or via the Online Submission Hub at




Nowak, Melanie Chavez, Lisa Hubbard, Beth nge Calo i Vick & man Alison Bush

JLC Recognized at the Sixth Annual Difference Maker Awards On November 7, the Junior League of Cincinnati was among several finalists recognized at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum’s Center Sixth Annual Difference Maker Awards. The Museum Center created the Difference Maker Awards to honor the dedication of citizens and community organizations that go out of their way to enact significant change and share their focus on bettering the lives of children and the Greater Cincinnati community.

Vicki Calo nge

& Melanie


Along with the JLC, finalists in the Large Non-Profit category included The Children’s Home of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Reds Community Fund, Comprehensive Children’s Injury Center and Crayons to Computers (C2C). It was an honor to be recognized alongside these top-tier non-profit organizations and is a clear reflection of how well our organization is regarded within the community. The JLC warmly congratulates C2C who received the Difference Maker Award in this category!

In early October, a team of dedicated JLC volunteers spent the day beautifying Columbia-Tusculum, home of our Columbia Center headquarters.

Adopt-A-Class 3.0 For the third consecutive year, the JLC has adopted a first grade class at the Academy of World Languages (AWL) through the Adopt-A-Class program. In addition to education-based class visits, members of the Executive Board are paired with individual students and correspond with them as pen pals throughout the school year.

National Service Day at the Giving Fields Spearheaded by the CandO Committee as our National Service Day project, over 45 JLC members participated in the JLC’s second annual event at the Giving Fields. By day’s end, JLC volunteers harvested over 500 lbs. of vegetables to feed those in need within the community. Founded by Doug and Sheila Bray, and in collaboration with the Freestore Foodbank, the Giving Fields is a community farm where fresh produce is harvested through the help of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities to provide fresh, healthy food to support Northern Kentucky residents in need of emergency food assistance.

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Driving Innovation Profile of a JLC Entrepreneur: Ashley Volbrecht What inspired you to start Truckshop? I have always had a dream to create something from scratch that capitalized on my two greatest passions; entrepreneurship & fashion. Ironically, I have never actually worked retail, but I love shopping and bargain hunting. A mobile boutique presented an opportunity to truly do something completely out of the box. Once the thought popped in my head, my mind raced with ideas on it…and it still does. What is Truckshop? Truckshop is Cincinnati’s first fashion boutique on wheels! We sell colorful & feminine tops, dresses, and statement jewelry for $65 and less. We transformed a bread delivery truck into a full-service boutique (dressing room, chrome molding, lighting, etc).

What advice or ‘lessons learned’ can you share about taking risks, following your dreams and starting your own business? Just because you don’t have experience doesn’t mean you can’t be good at it. I had never worked in a retail store until opening Truckshop, but I felt I knew retail better than anyone. Anything I didn’t know, I learned on the fly. I Googled. I researched. I would just show up at tradeshows and figured things out. My background is in managing consumer product businesses at major retailers. While I didn’t have a fashion background, I capitalized on my ability to think on my feet, grow a business profitably and strategically build growth plans based on price/ promotion/product/merchandising.

Your attitude and gratitude is everything when beginning. People support a world they help create– so reach out to people, ask questions. Be proactive in educating yourself.

Do it now. I had a moment when I realized there will never be a perfect time to start a business. The older you get, the harder it can be to walk away from a current job, invest savings, etc. I realized not having any regrets vs. having a perfect plan was more important. I personally did not have a business plan when I started. I just started doing things to bring it to life. I don’t recommend that route per se, but for me, it was the best thing because I think I would have otherwise dragged my feet on creating a formal plan initially.

Business n ame: Truck stop Date open ed: Spring 2 013 Owner: As hley Volbre c ht Years in JL C: 5 How to fin d/w www.shopth here to shop: Email: shop thetruck@g

What has been the most rewarding so far? The response has been overwhelming. I remember the first day I opened, I told my best friend “I just hope someone buys something.” As it turned out that day, I sold out of almost everything in the truck. June 15, 2013 – hands down one of the coolest days of my life. What is your vision? Where do you hope Truckstop will be in one year, in five years? We’re thinking big. Our next phase will be an e-commerce website this winter. Next season, Truckshop will branch from being Ohio-based, to Midwest-based.

How has as your ‘JLC experience’ impacted you? I didn’t know a soul when I moved to Ohio and if not for the Junior League of Cincinnati, I think I would have really struggled in finding an identity here. Joining the JLC has brought me so many friends, opportunities and leadership experiences that truly helped build me into a confident community resident. I have been inspired over the years by such tremendous women.

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In and Around the JLC A snapshot of what’s going on in the JLC committees


Vice-Chair Vicki Calonge

Go the EXTRA mile…apply to be a leader of the JLC! Leadership, like membership, has its benefits – especially in an organization as storied, dynamic, and fun as the JLC! The Nominating Committee will begin slating Vice Chair and one-year Chair positions in January. Look for the online application in early 2014. Please update your profiles on Closerware with job history, volunteer experience outside the JLC and additional skills. Keeping your information current helps Nominating slate the best leadership teams for the JLC. JLC members are highly encouraged to nominate themselves if interested in a leadership role and/or recommend other women to fill a leadership position. To make a recommendation or if you have any questions, please contact Kendall or Vicki.

PLACEMENT COMMITTEE Chair Jane Muindi Vice-Chair Brianna Frappier-Schirmang

The Placement Committee worked hard to ensure that members were placed in one of their top two selections for the year. 214 committee members have been placed in the various committees that fall under the six JLC Councils. 70 members were placed in various leadership roles via the Nominating Committee. During the League year, the committee provides an avenue for members to understand the placement process and the different placement opportunities within the JLC. If you have any questions regarding your placement, please contact the Placement Committee at


Vice-Chair Elizabeth Cook Walda

2013-2014 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the Pediatric Oral Health Committee! Our Branding and Education Teams are working to promote oral health awareness and develop unique programs to educate our community; filled with hands-on opportunities for all of our JLC members to make a difference. Our Museum Team is working hard with the Cincinnati Children’s Museum to design an educational and interactive oral health exhibit. Our Advocacy Team is identifying key issues hindering the delivery of dental care services and developing a plan to best address these obstacles and effect change.


Vice-Chair Deana Browning

JLC continues to take orders for fabulous new name tags that will be yours to wear to general meetings, committee meetings, JLC socials and volunteer opportunities. They are magnetic, so you can simply pop it off and store it in your glove compartment. It will always be with you when you need it. Make the investment, it’s worth it! Order online at

TRANSFERS COMMITTEE Chair Kristian Scarpitti

Vice-Chair Molly Lyons

An exciting calendar of events is underway for the Transfers Committee! Our events are designed to make Transfers feel at home in the League and in Cincinnati. In addition to monthly social events, we have planned a number of “Cincinnati Discovery” interest group activities, including an upcoming event at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights. These events are open to all members, please check the JLC calendar for more information. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email Kristian Scarpitti at or Molly Lyons at

#jlcincy | 13


REFUGEECONNECT COMMITTEE Chair Kelly Birkenhauer Vice-Chair Tanya Goldman

The RefugeeConnect Committee’s teams have been hard at work and pursuing some strong initiatives: Refugee Children’s Drive: The CandO, Refugee Resettlement and Pediatric Oral Health Committees have joined together this year to lead a year-long fundraising drive for refugee children. Suggested items and drive information can be found on the JLC’s website. “The Last Survivor” Film Screening and Panel Discussion: On October 29th at the Columbia Center, along with The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, we hosted a screening of “The Last Survivor”. This powerful documentary explores the idea of genocide in the 21st century and presents the stories of survivors and their struggle. A thought-provoking panel discussion was held after the screening. Big Idea Challenge: We achieved a significant milestone this fall when the Greater Cincinnati Foundation awarded us first place in our category for our Big Idea Challenge submission, “Eaxpand Adult-ESL classes for Refugees”. As a result, the JLC received a $5,000 grant to support our implementation of this initiave. Not only is this further validation of the impact potential for the JLC’s new Impact Initiative, these funds help build financial resources to ensure program implementation. See page 5 for more details!


Co-Chair Camille Richardson

Vice-Chair Katie Rafferty

Our second Board Bank class graduated this past spring. The JLC now has over 25 members who are trained and ready to serve on non-profit executive boards serving the Greater Cincinnati community. Board Bank members are currently serving on boards and committees supporting The Ronald McDonald House, Childrens Home of Cincinnati, Childrens Law Center, Melanoma Know More, Cincinnati Ballet, Families Forward, Cincinnati Nature Center, Josh Cares, Girls On The Run, The United Way, and many more. Last winter the Leadership Development Committee also hosted Public Speaking 101, a presentation by Jessica Selasky of Confidence Builders. Over 40 JLC members attended the training to learn best practices in public speaking and presentation making. When the training started, Jessica had everyone on their feet and telling a partner our “life story in 30 seconds.” She then presented a plan for developing a successful, succinct message by utilizing her proven 6 ½ Step Model for Public Speaking. All attendees left with a copy of her book “The Public Speaking Workout”. We are honored that Jessica is coming back on February 19 to present the next training in this series, Public Speaking 201. The Leadership Committee hopes you will put this on your winter calendar and join us for another fantastic professional training session.

2013 Board Bank Members Lisa Hubbard President

Anne Bailey Natalie Bieser Gabrielle Bolton Heather Ciesielski Meredith Comin Sara Cooperrider Sonya Davis Shannon Glass Kara Hardy Lisa Hubbard Heather Kane

Kari Kerns Katie Koppenhoefer Pamela Long Molly Lyons Kerrie Martin Jane Muindi Traci Nestheide Lisa Nolan Lizzie Polston Katie Rafferty Sarah Rieger

Sarah Schuck Deanna Sicking Haley Titus-Mitchell Kristen Van Ee Lisa Hubbard Natalie Etienne Wais President Jamie Williams Pam Wise Ashley Volbrecht Meredith Yacso Farrah Zemke

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Leadership Empowered: AJLI Recap By Lisa Hubbard, President

Earlier this year, as the JLC’s incoming President, I attended AJLI’s 91st Annual Conference in Washington, DC, along with delegates from more than 200 other Leagues across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. The “unofficial” conference began with Hill Day. Sarah Moore, at the time serving as the outgoing Chair of Ohio’s reconstituted SPAC, along with other SPAC members, met with eight of Ohio’s elected officials, including Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur from Ohio’s 9th District, to share and discuss SPAC’s focus area of Foster Care. This year’s conference theme was Leadership Empowered. As AJLI President Toni Freeman emphasized, “Each of us is empowered to build our future.” I had the honor of participating in the official procession for the Junior League Roll Call and voting in the annual business meeting, where the Junior Leagues passed advisory resolutions on gender inequality, AJLI’s Reaching Out Statement, and the National Women’s History Museum. I also attended several highly educational workshops on diversity, parliamentary procedure, the new Junior League governance paradigm, and financial awareness. SPAC delegates from Cincinnati (Sarah HillMoore), day: Cleveland, SPAC delegates from Cincinand Youngstown (right to left) with Congresswoman Kaptur. nati, Cleveland, and Youngstown (right

to left) with Congresswoman Kaptur.

Lisa Hubbard with JL Honolulu President Jennifer Dotson,

.Two highly moving presenters closed out the conference. Texas Senator Florence Shapiro of the JL of Collins County, Texas, was awarded the Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award. Senator Shapiro’s series of bills, known as Ashley’s Laws, became a national benchmark in the fight against sex offenders. Zainab Salbi followed and presented the keynote speech. Salbi is an Iraqi-American writer, activist, and founder of Women for Women International, an organization that equips women from conflict-torn countries with job training for independence. Both were such inspiring women! I returned home to our own JLC reinvigorated and re-inspired. I met amazing women. I was exposed to many other Junior Leagues, their camaraderie and their commitments. I developed a better understanding of the important work being done at the AJLI level and the resulting impact it has on JL organizations at local levels across the country…and across our borders. Above all, the experience was further validation to me that our Junior League of Cincinnati is “doing it” right...and we are doing it together. For me, that is Leadership Empowered.

Incoming Junior League Presidents from Ohio.

On a Mission JLC Embarks Upon a New Strategic Plan

Lisa Hubbard President

Lisa Hubbard President

By Heather Kane & Sarah Moore Our Mission is clear: Develop the potential of women, improve our community and promote voluntarism. But how do we ensure that everything we do supports the Mission? The answer lies in our strategic plan. A multi-year strategic plan is a tool that helps an organization focus its energy. Being strategic means being #jlcincy | 15

clear about the organization’s objectives, being aware of the organization’s resources and Lisa Hubbard then incorporating both into President being consciously responsive to a dynamic environment. A project team has been created to gather the information needed to develop a strategic plan for the Junior League of Cincinnati. This cross-functional team consists of Board members, Committee members, and Sustainers. Much

of the information this team needs to build our strategic plan will come from you, our members.

Project timeline and deliverables: 1. January 2014- identify three to five measureable organizational goals 2. February 2014- establish a framework for developing annual plans to ensure progress toward our organizational goals

3. March 2014- Solidify process to ensure execution of the plan In order to achieve this, we need your input! The project team has recently sent out a survey, giving all members an opportunity to help shape the future direction of our organization. We want to hear from you. Please send us your feedback and join us on this journey as we set the course for JLC’s future.

Endowment Fund What do you need to know? By Pam Wise, VP Finance



Did you know the Junior League of Cincinnati (JLC) has an Endowment Fund? This fund contributes to the overall financial health of the JLC and has a mission-based purpose. Here is what you need to know:

What is it used for? The JLC Endowment Fund was established in 1994 to build a fund that could support the JLC beyond our lifetimes and perpetuate the organization’s mission. This fund is comprised of tax-deductible gifts and bequests, which require the principal to remain intact and invested in order to create a source of ongoing income for the JLC. This income helps to increase the JLC’s annual revenue, which enables more funds to be allocated to our mission instead of administrative costs. The Endowment Fund is overseen by a 5-member board of trustees elected within the guidelines of the JLC’s Policies & Procedures, who meets quarterly to review the fund’s financials and investments.

How can someone contribute to the fund? Please consider making a donation to the Endowment Fund by using the ‘Donate’ button on A donation is a meaningful way to memorialize an individual, recognize a member’s birthday or other significant event. The JLC Endowment also participates in the Kroger Rewards Program, which is easy to sign up for and does not require you to spend extra money. Contact Chris Lewis at for more information.

Women view money differently than men

Celebrate the Tradition of the Cincinnati Ballet’s Nutcracker Join the JLC’s Arts Lovers interest group as we celebrate the holiday season with a trip to the Cincinnati Ballet’s The Nutcracker on Opening Night.

Friday, December 20 7:30 p.m. Aronoff Center for the Performing Arts, Downtown Cincinnati RSVP and register at

We view money as a necessary means to an end – a way to provide for our life-long needs. We don’t approach investing as a competition. Instead, we recognize its role in helping us reach our long-term goals – like caring for our aging parents and improving the lives of those we love. For us, planning our financial future is about feeling stable and secure, today and long into the future.

At RiverPoint Capital Management, we understand. In fact, our depth of experience in the customized management of investment portfolios and attentiveness to our clients’ individual needs has resulted in a 98% client retention rate. Put simply, our experienced wealth professionals focus on ensuring your financial peace of mind. So you can sleep better at night. Valerie Newell, CPA, Chairman, named among 2011 Top 50 Women Registered Investment Advisors in America by Registered Rep Magazine



312 Walnut Street, Suite 3120, Cincinnati, OH 45202 | 513-421-3100

Pamela Schmitt, CFA, CDFA, Managing Director, expert in helping women transition to financial independence

Congratulations to the Junior League of Cincinnati & the Cookbook Committee on another successful Tour of Kitchens! 2013 GREATER CINCINNATI


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