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Issue No. 10

As I think back over the past JLC year, I am a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amazingness of it all… so, I did take some time to reflect on it, and I hope you do too. I am amazed that this year has gone so quickly. I am CONSTANTLY amazed by the amazing women I have the blessing of serving beside…each of you. I am amazed that we continue to live out our mission and vision...96 years strong. I am amazed that the women of the JLC pulled off two new fundraisers, continued sales of our award winning Seasoned to Taste Cookbook, and raised funds through our annual fund and other outlets to support our mission and vision. We’ve researched, developed, and are in the process of implementing a new Community Impact issue that will indeed be a “Seed of Change”, and continue to impact children’s health through ongoing work in our community through events like Kids in the Kitchen. I continue to be amazed at all that we have the joy of learning through our Education and Training sessions, and that women line up every Fall and Spring to join our ranks. I am overwhelmed at the hours that are spent each month to make sure that we communicate effectively to our entire membership and beyond. I am amazed by the continued support the JLC receives from our communityin particular our sponsors and fervent supporters. The list does not stop here…it goes on and on, but thank-you for another great year. Thank-you for living the mission of the JLC and for making life-long membership of an organization like ours a reality. Cheers my dears! Signing out as President, but staying on as a life-long member of the JLC.

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Blessings, Karen Leavengood President

2 Member of the Month, Meet Active Transfer 3 Annual Dinner, KitK, Leadership Retreat 4 Mia Cucina, Recap Sustainer Coffee 5 New Sustainers, Recap Next Door, Just for Fun 6 , In the Spotlight, GMM Minutes, Our Journey 7 May, June, July Birthdays, Calendar 8 Advertisers

Board of Directors



Emily Broyles Healy

President: Karen Leavengood President-Elect: Tahnika Rodriguez Secretary: Theresa Critchfield Treasurer: Shelley McGraw

* VICE-PRESIDENTS: Communications: Stephanie Devine Community Impact: Amanda Kelley Fund Development: Rebecca Brinkley Membership Development: Annie Hagaman

* Executive Coordinator: Meredith Rivers Nominating Chair: Laura Ketcham Placement Chair: Christy Fazio Research and Development: Ashley Farless Design and Implementation: Billie Rose Sustainer Advisor: Past President, Sustainer Missy Mckenna

2012–2013 Corporate Sponsors

Placement: Arrangements Chair Provisional Year: 2011 Spring Class Hometown: Chattanooga Hobbies: Spending time with my friends, family and husband, going to football games and taking a fun weekend trip every now and then. Employer: The Johnson Group Family: Married to Will Why Emily was the Member of the Month: Emily Broyles was chosen as the March member of the month for her exceptional work as the arrangements chair. She has put much time and effort into planning what is sure to be one of the best May Dinners yet! She has been a remarkable asset to the Membership Council this year and always does what is asked of her with a smile on her face.

2013 FALL PROVISIONAL CLASS DEADLINE Deadline: May 31, 2013 You may go to the JLC website at, email to, or call the JLC office at 423.267.5053.

MEET ACTIVE TRANSFER MARNEY BABBITT Single Visit us on the Website at Facebook JLChattanooga Twitter Editor: Holley Hasting 423.298.7806 The League Chatt, a publication of Junior League of Chattanooga 622 E. 4th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403

“Published Free”

Transferred from the JL of San Angelo, TX Provisional Year: 2011 Employment: Area Coordinator for Second Year Programs at Sewanee, The University of the South Hobbies: Service to my community, running, tennis, reading, cooking, travel Favorite Placement thus far: Project Research and Development Page 2


May 6, 2013 Lindsay Street Hall Actives receive 3 credits for attending!

901 Lindsay Street, Chattanooga, 37402 6 to 8:30 p.m. 

Active and Fall Provisional of the Year awards

Council Member of the Year awards

Voting 2012 Fall Provisional Class into Active status

Honoring JLC new Sustainers

Honoring outgoing 2012-2013 President, Karen Leavengood

Introducing incoming 2013-2014 President, Tahnika Rodriguez

Don’t miss your chance to use what you've learned at our photography sessions picture booth decked out with fun props. Use our special hash tag #jlcmaydinner to post.

$30 per person (Price includes a buffet dinner and two drink tickets!) RSVP: Go to or call the League house at 423.267.5053. All members and guests are welcome.

Emily Healy Arrangements Chair


6th Annual


Free Admission

LOOK AHEAD It is hard to believe that we need to start

DATE: Saturday, May 4

thinking about the next League year!

LOCATION: Walker Pavilion in

Chairs, Co-Chairs, and VP’s please plan to

Coolidge Park

attend our annual Leadership Retreat

TIME: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturday, August 17 from 8 a.m. until Noon.

The Junior League of Chattanooga is pleased to announce its sixth annual Kids in the Kitchen event, a fun-filled day for

Additional details to be announced this summer.

children to learn about healthy eating habits and exercise. Tahnika Rodriguez President 2013-2014

Jennifer Coker KitK Chair

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1 Mem


p Cr ershi

Mother's Day Open House at Mia Cucina Thursday, May 9 at 5:30 p.m. Take your mama to a fun night of tasty samples and demonstrations of a few of the spring and summer recipes from our award-winning cookbook, Seasoned to Taste. Mingle, discover new recipes, and find the perfect Mother's Day gift. Food provided by Earth Fare.

Jessie Noblett

HI SUSTAINERS! Thanks to all the wonderful ladies that joined us for Sustainer Coffee last month. We had a great time chatting with you, and hearing about your days in the League. Also, thanks to my committee members for doing a great job helping to prepare for this fun event. Have a great summer! Pictured from left to right are Sustainers Debbie Red, Pam Blanton and Suzanne Nolan. From left to right are Sustainers Susan Cobb and Caroline Cavett.

Suzanne Maxwell Sustainer Liaison Chair 423.265.7845

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JUST FOR FUN MAY 10! WINE TASTING AT DEBARGE WINERY DeBarge Winery 1617 Rossville Avenue, Chattanooga, 37408 Swirl, sip and socialize with JLC at a wine tasting event at Debarge Winery Friday, May 10 at 6:30 p.m. The tasting is free and there will be bottles available for purchase ranging from $15 - $28. This event is open to friends and/or significant others.





Brittain Bussart

Theresa Critchfield

Rebecca Davenport

Monica Griffin

Tracey Hankins

The 2012 Fall Provisional class is proud to announce that their class project was a huge success! The project focused on helping women at The Next Door, a facility for women leaving prison and looking to start over on a more successful path. The Next Door needed clothing for women to wear to around the facility and to job interviews, as many women arrive with only prison issued clothing. With the help of local businesses and JLC League members, the fall class was able to collect 124 bags of stylish clothing, accessories, and shoes for The Next Door! Our Provisional class also spent many hours at The Next Door sorting and organizing donations, leading the women in craft projects, and serving meals. Thank you to everyone who donated to this great cause!

Amy Holland

Laura Jennings

Kristen Patterson

Kelly Reese

Billie Rose Page 5

Jessi Rymer Project Leader

MARCH GMM MINUTES (Full minutes attached for March and April) The March General Membership Meeting (GMM) of the Junior League of Chattanooga (JLC) was called to order by President Karen Leavengood at 7 pm. All attendees were welcomed; Spring Provisionals were welcomed. The January and February GMM minutes were approved by unanimous vote. A report was given regarding the success of the Fall Provisional project, The Next Door. More than sixty (60) bags of clothing have been donated to this organization and they thankfully report that the “boutique is totally transformed.” Additional donations will be accepted through April 15, 2013; monetary donations can be made online in the JLC e-store. Membership VP Annie Hagaman introduced the members of the month for January was Lindsey Ledford – Recruitment Chair and February was Jennifer Summerlin – PR Assistant. Finance VP Shelley McGraw provided an update regarding the League’s financial status. Reminders were given regarding: the deadline for payment of dues, considered late after March 31; where revenues are earned and what expenses they cover; changes to the Personal Financial Contribution system and the upcoming ability to allocate that however the member sees fit. Options for the payment of dues were provided. Nominating Chair Laura Ketcham presented the 13-14 Slate. The membership was asked to ratify the proposed Slate and a motion was made for ratification; the motion was seconded and unanimously approved. Laurie Lynn and Autumn Fitch, Co-Assistant Chairs, provided a Placement update and gave a reminder regarding membership requirements, as well as alternative membership statuses: placement, twenty-four (24) membership credits, dues and the Personal Financial Contribution; maternity leave, senior active, leave of absence, sabbatical, and placement leave of absence. Requests must be submitted to the Placement Chair no later than June 1. Corporate Relations Chair, Leah McDaniel, provided an update on the annual fund, $4,315 has been raised thus far; there is still time to donate. Members were reminded to honor their pledges and that one (1) membership credit could be earned for every $25 donated, up to four (4) credits. Celebrate the JLC’s 95th Anniversary with a $95 donation. Fund Development VP Rebecca Brinkley provided a report regarding Task Force recommendations. The report was provided with the assistance of Finance VP/President-elect-elect McGraw, Mini-Grants Chair Lucy Gates and Education & Training Chair Angela Ballard. Task Force goals were identified as follows: (1) increase JLC financial contribution to the community; (2) ensure that JLC fundraisers are mission focused and mirror the JLC community impact issue; and (3) harmonize with JLC traditions. The following recommendation was given by the Task Force for continuing fund development: Savor – September 2013; A Very Merry Holiday Tour, a Tour du Jour event. – November 2013; Clean Sweep – Spring 2014; Seasoned to Taste Cookbook – ongoing. Mid-day Masquerade will not be an event for 2013-2014. A ballot was passed out and later confirmed that the recommendation by the Task Force was approved, seconded and unanimously approved. Education & Training Chair Angela Ballard provided a recap of prior events, including the event organized by Active Katie Wilson and featuring speaker, Will Allen – urban farming activist, MacArthur "Genius" Award winner, author of The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities and founder of Growing Power (a 2-acre urban farm in Milwaukee). An outline of upcoming E&T opportunities was provided; members were encouraged to watch for their weekly e-blasts and to go online to the JLC Volunteer Calendars to sign up. Kids in the Kitchen Chair Jennifer Coker provided an update on KITK, the date for the event was clarified as May 4 and not the previously schedule April 20. President Leavengood reminded members about “Night at the Lookouts;” all were encouraged to attend and to sell tickets – for every ticket sold, $2 will be donated to the League. Members were encouraged to help support this organization that has been a friend APRIL GMM MINUTES: In lieu of an April to the League. The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm. Theresa Critchfield Secretary

IN THE SPOTLIGHT Chattanooga Women of Distinction JLC Sustainer, MaryStewart Lewis has been named one of the 10 Chattanooga Women of Distinction by the American Lung Assoc. The JLC is very proud that each year, at least one of the ten women is a member or a Sustainer of the JLC due to all the work JLC women do for our community.

GMM, members are provided opportunities to volunteer in the new JLC Community Impact area of Food Deserts. Participation in one (1) of the nine (9) identified volunteer opportunities is worth three (3) membership credits; the opportunities will provide hands-on experience with JLC partners in our Community Impact issue. Dates and other information about the identified opportunities will be sent to members by e-mail. e-blast. Three (3) “bonus” membership credit are available for any member who participates in four (4) of the available opportunities.


GPS 2013 Distinguished Alumna Honored Congratulations to JLC current and past Sustainers were honored at this year's GPS Alumnae Weekend event. Sue Anne Wells received the 2013 Distinguished Alumna Honor. Caroline Caulkins Bentley, Patrice Hobbs Glass, and Betsy Chapin Taylor received the Margaret Rawlings Lupton Award of Excellence. Page 6

 

To the family of Sustainer Emeritus Mary Street for their loss. To the family of Sustainer Emeritus Dorothy McGauley for their loss.




Brooke McCants, Robin Nunley


Honor Hostetler


Katie Sanders


Niti Shah Tejani


Ansley Kellermann


Lynn Brown


Elaine Clark


Savannah Kilgore, Liz Topping


Anna Smith, Jennifer Williams


Anna Adamson


Stephanie Devine, Lindsay Wolford


Candy Cooper, Ardis Zeleznak


Sheena Cotton, Meghan Rechel


Ginger Birnbaum, Cassie Rieder


Kate Boyle, Laura Knight, Lauren Mitchell


Erin Carboni, Tracey Hankins


Jessica Heffern


Marney Babbitt


Vanessa Guin, Jill Rooks


Katie Rankin


Allie Holland, Theresa Youngquist Popas


Allison Bourg, Jasmin Rippon


Laura Bass


Bree White


Rachel Mucciolo


Lara Fisher


Susan Campbell


Jennifer Summerlin


Beth Wells


Elizabeth Webb



Amy Autuori


Kids in the Kitchen 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pg. 3


Annual Dinner/Final GMM Page 3

Crosby Young


Mother’s Day at Mia Cucina 5:30 p.m. Pg. 4


Katie MacGregor


Debarge Winery Just for Fun Pg. 5


AnnaLea Malone, April Watson


Memorial Day Office Closed


Bethany Wagner


Deadline for 2013 Fall Provisional Class


Suzanne Maxwell



Laura Ketcham


Lindsey Brewer


Amelia Johnson, Ashley Sorrow, Jamie Tew


Emily Healy


Laura Dutton, Hannah Haley


Liz Collins, Hannah McWilliams, Dannis Weathersby

13-14 Board Retreat 6:30 p.m.

AUGUST 17 13-14 Leadership Retreat 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Sustainers: Donna Brody, Andee Guthrie Actives: Autumn Boyd, Meredith Rivers, Tahnika Rodriguez, and Missy Elliott

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Chattanooga’s NorthShore 330 Frazier Avenue Suite B Monday - Friday 10-6 & Saturday 10 - 5


Unique finds for all of your gift needs. Catharine Daniels

May 2013 League Chatt  

May 2013 League Chatt