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Athens, Greece

was a very interesting place to behold. The i m m e n s e size and sprawling nature of the city was overwhelming when viewed from airplane upon arrival to the city. I loved how the Greeks constantly utilized vines for shade. The Acropolis, though, was the highlight of visiting this city. The incredible h i s t o r y that permeated throughout the site was an something that I will never forget.

T u r k e y , by far, is one of the most interest-

ing and c u l t u r a l l y r i c h places that I have visited. I visited both Turkey and Greece in the summer of 2009 on a faculty-led study abroad course. We traveled from Istanbul down the western coast of Turkey and visited approximiately 13 cities along the way such as Epheses, Troy, Priene, Bodrum, and Assos. The mediteranean landscape was absolutely and it was like going back in time when visiting the smaller towns. The city layouts, the building materials, and culture was so much d i f f e r e n t than anything I am used to here the United States. I experienced so much variety and so much history in just two weeks that I would love to go back and experience it again!