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new york

is truly a city that is constantly t e e m i n g with life. I visited this city in the winter of 2009. I believe it is essential for any urban planner or designer to visit and experience as many different cities as possible in order to determine what works and does not work in the urban realm. It was interesting to see how the spaces were utilized inside the city as well as out. I also enjoyed visiting Central Park and experiencing the u l t i m a t e in urban park design. I would love to experience New York again, but possibly another season in order to get a new perspective.


poland and germany

were such amazing places. I visited these places on a mission trip with my basketball team in the Summer of 2006. While our group spent most of our time in the small city of Kascalin, Poland, we did travel around Poland and some in Germany as well. The a r c h i t e c t u r e of these cities was astounding and the obvious reliability on either public transportation or on walking was very interesting and even enjoyable. One of the most memorable places we visited was the A u s c h w i t z - B i r k e n a u Concentration Camp. Learning the history and seeing the conditions in which the persecuted people of World War II endured was something that I will never forget.