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New York MintAs Seen Everywhere

Get A Piece of This “Big Easy” Gold Hoard!

These scarce New Orleans Mint $10 Liberty Gold Eagles were recently found in a hoard from Chicago. Because there were no large gold sources near New Orleans, the U.S. Mint often melted down Spanish and French gold coins to create blanks for coins like the $10 Liberty. The coins were then quickly released back into circulation. Today, New Orleans Mint gold is revered for it’s scarcity and distinctive “O” mintmark. Extremely Fine Condition. Dates our choice.

1 7 9 3 7 2 | $ 1 . 4 9 5 . 0 0 XF 1838-1906 New Orleans $10 Gold Liberty

Meade Pounces on Error, Changes History

Despite the winter chill, the collecting and precious metals markets have been blazing! Every item you order is backed by our 30-day, moneyback guarantee that ensures your satisfaction.

When two Confederate brigades moved in to occupy Gettysburg in 1863, they didn’t know the union calvary was already there. The battle that changed history was underway! General George Meade pounced on the mistake and won the battle that turned the tide in the Civil War. This 2009 $5 Silver Proof is larger than a Silver Dollar and honors Meade in color as part of the Great Commanders and Battles series.

177194| $79.95 2009 $5 Silver Battle of Gettysburg Proof

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Bill Gale, founder and president, is pictured here with his rescued dog Lucky.

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2011 Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Eagles: The 25th Anniversary of an American Icon!

With the turmoil in the precious metals in 2010, smart buyers are staking their claim on the 2011 American Silver Eagles right now. The mint had difficulty keeping up with demand in previous years, and the 2011 is the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle, so additional demand could explode. As a result, there’s no guaranty these one Troy ounce of 99.93% Silver Dollars will be available all year. Buy yours early and you won’t miss out! Buy more and save!

179343| $45.95 | $ 4 3 . 9 5 E A . Q t y - 1 0 Save $20 | $ 4 1 . 9 5 E A . Q t y - 2 0 Save $80 | $ 3 9 . 9 5 E A . Q t y - 4 0 Save $240 2011 U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar BU

2011 Silver Eagles NGC MS69 Early Release

2011 Silver Eagles NGC MS70 Early Release

Why not get the best? Most uncertified Silver Eagles struck since 1986 are worth a small premium over the spot price of These near-perfect MS69 Eagles are certified, graded and an ounce of silver. However, for those coins that earned a top encapsulated for protection by NGC. MS69-graded 2011 grade of perfect MS70, it’s a different story. No one knows Silver Eagles are the envy of novice and seasoned buyers alike. what the value of 2011 Silver Eagles graded perfect NGC Plus, the Early Release pedigree is coveted by those seeking MS70 Early Release will be in the future. But small quantities the best strikes and blazing mint luster. Order yours today! of perfect 2011 Silver Eagles are still available. Get yours today! Buy more and save! The more you buy, the more you save!

180783| $59.95 | $ 5 7 . 9 5 E A . Q t y - 5 Save $10 | $ 5 5 . 0 0 E A . Q t y - 1 0 Save $49.50 2011 U.S. Silver Eagle NGC MS69 Early Release

180785| $179 | $ 1 4 9 E A . Q t y - 5 Save $150 | $ 1 2 9 E A . Q t y - 1 0 Save $500 2011 U.S. Silver Eagle NGC MS70 Early Release

The U.S. Mint’s 5 Cents Worth Helped Win WWII

As WWII dragged on, nickel became an important metal for munitions, so the U.S. Mint changed the composition of the Jefferson Nickel to include silver and placed a big mintmark above the dome of Monticello so the coins could be easily pulled out of circulation later. Over the years countless meltdowns destroyed Silver War Nickels, but we found a small cache dated 1945 from the San Francisco Mint that not only escaped, they’re graded PCGS MS66 (only 98 coins are graded higher)! And they’re at a great price. Don’t miss these!

178698| $49.95 1945-S Silver Jefferson War Nickel PCGS MS66

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Will You Get Your Lucky China Lunar Set? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes at the Size!

Will wonders never cease? Each commemorative in this 2010 “Big Five” of Africa Silver Proof Set features amazing frosted images of Africa’s most famous animals: the lion, cape buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros and leopard. The detail and the thick mint frost are remarkable. But what’s really amazing is the size! Each is almost twice as big as a Silver Dollar! They’re the largest one Troy ounce 99.9% silver proofs ever struck. You won’t believe your eyes! Hurry, only 4,000 sets exist! Each set comes in presentation case with a certificate of authenticity.

Only 5,000 twelve-piece China Lunar Calendar animal sets exist. When you consider how the interest in the Lunar series grows by leaps and bounds every year, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one of these scarce sets now. They could be impossible to find once they’re gone. Each massive medallion is twice as thick as a coin and comes layered in 24K gold. The obverse features twelve different animals and the reverse showcases the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Don’t hesitate—you may miss out. Comes in numismatic capsules and original wooden box and includes certificate of authenticity.

177712|$149 China Lunar Calendar 12-Piece Set

180824 |$499 2010 Big Five Of Africa Silver Proof 5-Piece Set

Good Grief! Peanuts Hit the Big 6-0!

This White Rabbit Is Right On Time!

This 2011 $2 White Rabbit 99.9% one Troy ounce silver proof features the famous critter who was always late in Alice in Wonderland. But he’s right on time for the Year of The Rabbit—it’s one of the first coins to arrive! He’s featured on the proof in color, carefully studying his pocket watch. There’s also an image of a backwards running clock as an overlay. Only 15,000 were minted. Certainly one of the most unique lunar series coins ever, this largerthan-a-Silver-Dollar proof is destined for immediate “Classic Coin” status. Comes in a replica clock case. Makes a great gift!

179955 |$119 2011 $2 Silver White Rabbit Lunar Proof

It’s hard to believe that the Peanuts™ gang we all grew up with just turned 60. This 2010 $2 Peanuts Silver Proof Three-piece Set celebrates the gang’s birthday in vibrant color. Snoopy and Woodstock, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Schroeder and Lucy are all featured on coins in the set. Each coin is struck in one Troy ounce of 99.9% silver and the set comes in an official mint case with a certificate of authenticity. When we found out there were only 500 sets available for the U.S., we snapped them all up because we know you’ll appreciate owning a set this important. Don’t wait. With the huge popularity of the Peanuts comic strip, these sets will disappear fast! Makes a great gift for any Peanuts fan. 149415|$299 2010 $2 Silver Peanuts Proof 3-Piece Set

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2011 $50 Gold Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated

What’s the most popular gold coin in the world? The U.S. Mint’s $50 American Gold Eagle! Ronald Reagan started the Eagle program, and 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Eagle. What makes it so popular? Is it its one Troy ounce gold content, Saint-Gaudensinspired obverse, or the U.S. Government’s guaranty of weight and purity? You decide. But don’t wait! These big gold coins must be minted in newly mined U.S. gold, which limits the number available. 179339|$1,895 2011 U.S. $50 Gold Eagle BU

2011 $50 Gold Eagle PCGS MS69 First Strike™

Why settle for regular when you can get premium for just a tad more? Premium Gold Eagles are coins graded MS69 First Strike by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). These coins are just one point away from perfection, and because of the First Strike designation, they have the crisp strikes and blazing luster which many believe are only seen on coins from the first thirty days of release. A great opportunity!

179340 |$1,995 | $ 1 , 9 5 5 Qty. 5 SAVE $200 | $ 1 , 8 9 5 Qty. 10 SAVE $1,000 2011 U.S. $50 Gold Eagle PCGS MS69 First Strike

2011 $50 Gold Eagle PCGS MS70 First Strike™

Many ask why settle for premium when you can get the highest octane? Only a small number of coins can ever reach the exalted perfect grade of PCGS MS70 First Strike, making them highly sought after and hard to find.

What will perfect 2011s be worth in 10 or 20 years?

179341 |$2,395 | $ 2 , 3 5 5 Qty. 5 SAVE $200 | $ 2 , 2 9 5 Qty. 10 SAVE $1,000 2011 U.S. $50 Gold Eagle PCGS MS70 First Strike

Save Big on Morgan Silver Dollar Hoard!

After a long-time Texas collector died, we were able to acquire his hoard of Morgan Silver Dollars at a great price. Each coin is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and dates between 1879 and 1904—so every coin in the hoard is over 100 years old! Don’t delay—act while they are still available. Why pay $89 or more for these large 90% Silver Morgan Dollars. Dates are our choice.

140090|$69.95 1 4 0 0 9 1 | $ 6 9 . 0 0 e a . Qty. 5 SAVE $4.75 1 4 0 0 9 2 | $ 6 5 . 0 0 e a . Qty. 10 SAVE $49.50 1 4 0 0 9 3 | $ 5 9 . 0 0 e a . Qty. 20 SAVE $219.00 100-Year-Old Lone Star Morgan BU

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Get This First-Year First Strike Gold Koala!

Here’s your second chance to get this first-ever 2008 Gold Koala. Not only are they gold, they’re the first-year-of-issue for a major gold series from Australia. Collectors worldwide seek out firsts like these Koalas, but there’s more—every one is graded Gem Proof Deep Cameo by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)—and every one is also First-Strike®, from the first 30 days of release. This Koala has a lot going for it: gold, first year, First Strike and PCGS graded. And only 15,000 were minted in 99.99% gold. Get yours now!

150497| $189 2008 $5 Gold Koala PCGS Gem Proof First Strike

Don’t Miss the Boat!

This key date first-year first-ever 2011 Silver Noble is struck in one Troy Ounce of 99.9% silver and celebrates the fierce Viking heritage of the Isle of Man, a small island off the coast of England. The Vikings came, burned, and pillaged over 1,100 years ago—and never left! The Noble features a stunning Viking long ship with its diamond patterned sail. We were so impressed we asked the government for the exclusive rights to offer this coin worldwide, and they agreed! Only a small quantity of “First Release” Nobles are available. You can only get it here—no pillaging required!

177705| $64.95 2011 Viking Silver Noble Brilliant Uncirculated

Gold Rooster Issues Loud Wake-Up Call! It’s Big, It’s Silver, It’s a Koala!

You can almost smell the Eucalyptus—not really, but these Koalas are certainly one of the most popular animals ever to appear on a coin. And what a coin! These one Troy ounce 99.9% silver-dollar-sized Australian legal tender Koalas picture the “teddy bear” clinging to a eucalyptus tree branch. The deeply faceted background imparts an unbelievable dimensionality. This is a very popular series with collectors because the Koala design changes every year!

151334| $59.95 2009 Koala Silver Dollar

Whether you’re a seasoned gold buyer or new to the precious metal, this French Gold Rooster is a great way to get your share. Struck between 1899 and 1914, it’s one of the most beautiful gold coins ever minted. The Gold Rooster shows France’s version of Miss Liberty on one side and the famous French crowing rooster on the other. Most were later melted to help pay for World War I. It’s amazing that any have survived, let alone in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Answer the call to gold with this classic French Gold Rooster! Each vintage piece is struck in 6.45 grams of 90% gold. Dates are our choice.

151335| $599 1899–1914 France 20 Francs Gold Rooster BU

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The Biggest “What If?” in Numismatic History!

This commemorative piece represents one of the biggest “what ifs?” in numismatic history! It’s a special one-ounce Gem Proof struck to the exact design of U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Charles Barber’s entry in the informal competition for the design of the 1907 Gold Double Eagle. As many know, famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and his remarkable design won, thanks in no small part, due to his friendship with President Teddy Roosevelt. Charles Barber’s pattern was completed in the fall of 1906, and the only known pattern piece resides in the Smithsonian. So why did the president reject Barber’s design? And, why wasn’t Barber’s pattern destroyed as it likely should have been? We may never know. However, had Barber’s design won, we might be talking about $20 “Barbers” instead of $20 “Saints.” Officially authorized by the Smithsonian Institution and authenticated by NGC, this special-edition proof comes in one ounce of 99.99% fine silver or gold.

175957| $99.00 1906 Barber Silver Ultra Cameo Gem Proof

150869| C all Today For Pricing 1906 Barber Gold Ultra Cameo Gem Proof

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Back to the Future 2011 Silver Britannia

Every year the silver Britannia gets a new design. For 2011, the Royal Mint revived the original Britannia image used for hundreds of years and incorporated it with the stripes of Union Jack. The blending of the retro and futuristic images is striking. Keeping with another tradition dating back to the 17th century, the Brilliant Uncirculated 2011 Britannia is minted in 95.8% silver. It’s larger than a U.S. Silver Dollar and contains one Troy ounce of silver. We’re an official distributor so you can get these right here right now! The mintage is limited, so don’t wait!

179240|$59.95 2011 U.K. Two Pounds Silver Britannia BU

Maria Theresa Says: “Get the Real McCoy!”

She ruled Austria from 1741–1780 and bore the nation sixteen children, including Marie Antoinette. Her image was struck on these larger-than-a-Silver Dollar Thalers (Thaler=Dollar) during her reign. After her death in 1780, these popular silver coins were restruck by mints around the world for 240 years. The restrikes are common. Over 800 Million were made. But the Thalers from her lifetime are scarce and rarely seen. We found a small supply struck in 28 grams of silver between 1741-1780 (date is our choice) in Fine condition and locked them up so you can get one of the real McCoys!

175962|$299 1741­–1780 Silver Maria Theresa Thaler Fine

Lost Gold of Historic Empire

Gargantuan Silver Koala Kilo!

175806|$2,995 Franz Josef 100 Corona BU

177183| $1,795 2011 Australian Koala Silver Kilo BU

As the Emperor of Austria, Franz Josef I ruled from 1848 until his death in 1916. His empire came crashing down in an instant when his nephew and heir, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated in 1914, touching off events that led to WWI. Struck in 1915, this large, high-denomination 100 Corona coin is from a small hoard of pristine, Brilliant Uncirculated, one-ounce 90% gold coins that our international buyer recently discovered in Germany.

A collector favorite since it was first issued in 2007, the Koala has reached gargantuan proportions on this massive silver kilo coin! Weighing over two pounds with a diameter of 101 mm, this unbelievable coin features the new 2011 design. Considering the popularity of the Koala silver coin series, those who hesitate may lose out on the opportunity to own this Australian silver treasure. A full 14.6 mm thick, you have to hold it to fully appreciate this massive Silver Koala!

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Own a Herd of Buffalos! Now you can get your own herd of original U.S. government Buffalo Nickels—a coin not seen in decades! The dramatic images on these 1913–1938 U.S. nickels are incredible. The obverse features a blended profile of three Native American Indian models to create one proud chief. The reverse design was patterned after a powerful New York Central Park Zoo bison named “Black Diamond.” Thanks to James Earle Fraser’s well-researched and beautifully crafted design, the Buffalo Nickel has endured the test of time. Unfortunately for collectors, like time, availability of these coins elapsed. Collectors have hoarded Buffalo Nickels away, making them more difficult to find with each passing year. For a limited time, we are making them available in half (20-coin) and full (40-coin) rolls, and all are in Good to Very Fine condition. Get yours today before they stampede out of here! Dates and mintmarks will vary.

175733|$79.95 40-Coin Full Roll

175940|$49.95 20-Coin Half Roll

Government–Sealed $2 Bill Pack of 100!

This pack of 100 Crisp Uncirculated Series 2003A $2 banknotes is government sealed and has never been opened since it left the Federal Reserve Bank! The notes in the pack are all sequentially numbered. The $2 note is hard to find, because less than 1% of all Banknotes printed are $2 bills. Even though they’ve been around since 1862, many Americans have never even seen one! The note shows Thomas Jefferson on the obverse and a vignette of the signing of the Declaration of Independence used since the 1976 Bicentennial on the reverse. Keep it intact as a unique collectible, or open it and give the notes as gifts!

175295|$299 2003A $2 Government Sealed Pack Of 100 CU

Bags ofVintage U.S. Silver Coins

Demand for vintage U.S. silver coins is skyrocketing. With silver reaching prices not seen in years, scads of savvy coin buyers are hoarding as many U.S. silver coins as they can find. Here’s your chance to grab bags full of famous U.S. silver coins that fueled America. Every bag is stuffed with historic collector coins guaranteed to have a collector value beyond the silver! Every coin has been graded Very Good or higher with full dates and mint marks.

94984| $159 Quarter Troy Pound of Silver 1 3 5 7 1 4 | $ 2 , 4 9 9 Save $681 Five-Pound BAg of Silver (Includes 10 Morgan Dollars)

9 4 9 8 5 | $ 2 9 9 Save $19 Half Troy Pound Bag of Silver 1 3 5 7 1 5 | $ 4 , 8 9 9 Save $1,461 Ten-Pound Bag of Silver (Includes 20 Morgan Dollars)

9 4 9 8 6 | $ 5 4 9 Save $87 Full Troy Pound Bag of Silver (Includes 2 Morgan Dollars)

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Indiana Jones Couldn’t Keep It But You Can!

The Holy Grail. The quest of Indiana Jones and King Arthur’s knights. It’s right here in this 2009 Knights of the Round Table silver proof six-piece set. In addition to the Holy Grail, Lancelot, King Arthur, Sir Galahad, The Lady of the Lake and Excalibur are featured, each in stunning chrome-proof color. Each crisply struck sterling silver proof is larger than a Silver Dollar. With a limited worldwide mintage of only 2,500 sets struck in 92.5% silver, these “Legendary” proofs will soon only be the stuff of myth—unless you hold on to the grail! Each proof comes in deluxe presentation case.

177023|$499 2009 Knights Of The Roundtable Silver Proof 6-Pc. Set

Stained Glass Coin Offers a Glimpse of Heaven

What could be more festive than stained glass windows illuminating the darkness of a cold winter’s night? This fabulous first issue of the “Windows of Heaven” series captures that beauty in a series of full-color coins that celebrate the world’s famous cathedrals and churches. Featuring real glass, this magnificent 50 mm Proof-like treasure features Germany’s famous Cologne Cathedral. Struck in 50 grams of 92.5% sterling silver, this oversized beauty is a sight to behold. From a mintage of just 2,000, you’ll want to do more than just “window” shop this inaugural coin!

177022|$249 2010 Windows of Heaven Silver

Score These First-Year Kookaburras!

Nearly every one of these Brilliant Uncirculated 1990 Australia $5 Silver Kookaburras sold out on the first day of release. That’s why they’re so difficult to find today. This first-ever Kookaburra features the bird on a tree stump and is struck in one Troy ounce of 99.9% silver. It’s big, too, in fact, larger than a Silver Dollar. Since the very first day of release, it’s been one of Australia’s most sought-after and popular silver coins. Here’s your chance to stock up on a coin that could be very tough to find after this small cache is sold out.

177729|$59.95 1990 Australia $5 Silver Kookaburra BU

Endangered Snow Leopards from Central Asia

The amazing snow leopard of Central Asia’s mountain regions takes center stage on this rugged coin. Issued by Kazakhstan, the last Soviet republic to declare independence, this proof features a pair of snow leopards high atop a mountain on one side and the intricate Kazakhstan Coat of Arms on the other. It’s also struck in a full ounce of 92.5% sterling silver. With an edition limit of just 7,000, the coin’s mintage matches the total number snow leopards in the wild!

174847 |$79.95 2009 Snow Leopard Silver Proof

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Theaters of War ... Coins, notes and stamps may vary.

A WWII Collection Worthy of the Greatest Generation

This astounding coin, stamp and banknote set is the most incredible World War II collection we’ve ever seen. It tells the year-by-year history of the war on each page, which also includes the coins, stamps and bank notes from those respective years and countries where the battles were waged. This concise narrative chronicles the conflict using genuine historic artifacts from around the world. Thirty-one stamps, eight coins, 12 banknotes and a ration coupon—each in collectible condition—are intertwined with period photos and graphics as the drama builds and the historic tale unfolds page after page. For those of us who are members of the “Greatest Generation,” it’s sure to bring back memories of a bygone era, the likes of which we may never see again. For the rest of us, it’s a wonderful reference to an epic period in our nation’s history. The entire collection is beautifully displayed in a hardcover book that comes housed neatly into in a slipcase holder. But you won’t want to leave it on your bookshelf! You’ll want to make sure this treasured heirloom is proudly displayed now and for future generations. 1 5 0 0 3 7 | $ 2 2 9 WWII Coin, Stamp and Bank Note Collection

These Steel Pennies Helped America Win WWII

Von Hindenburg Reichsmark Coin Set This two-coin set features a 2 and 5 Reichsmark issued in Nazi Germany between 1936 and 1939. When the Nazi party came to power in Germany in 1933, it immediately set out to galvanize public support by using popular German figureheads like Paul von Hindenburg and powerful images such as the German Eagle and Nazi swastika on public buildings, in newspapers, and on the coins Germans used every day. When Nazi Germany was defeated by the Allies in 1945, anything bearing Nazi symbols was confiscated and destroyed. What few silver Reichsmarks survived are now scarce WWII relics.

113928 | $44.95 German Reichsmark 2-Coin Set XF

During WWII, the military used copper for everything from shell casings to radio wire. To ensure a steady supply of copper, the U.S. Mint halted copper cents and issued special steel Lincoln Cents—but for just one year—1943! These “Steelies” are popular with collectors and are difficult to locate. We recently acquired a cache of 1943 Steel Cents, and they’re available in 50-coin rolls only while supplies last!

138499|$19.95 1943 Steel Cents 50-Coin Roll VG

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U.S. Proof Sets

Presidents, Parks and Native Americans

This 2010 U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set™ features fourteen coins struck in stunning Proof condition at the San Francisco Mint. All five parks quarters, the Roosevelt Dime and the Kennedy Half Dollar are struck in 90% silver. The coins in the set show deeply mirrored surfaces and frosted designs. They’re superb! Proof sets are one of the most popular issues from the mint every year, with countless collectors lining up to add this year’s silver set to their collection. Don’t miss out! Key first edition in this new series: Hot Springs, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Mount Hood Silver Quarters. Plus Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan Presidential Dollars; Native American Dollar; Lincoln Cent; Jefferson Nickel; Roosevelt Dime; and Kennedy Half Dollar.

176460| $79.95  010 U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set 2

Big “O” Mint Morgans From the Big Easy The New Orleans Mint is one of the most historic mints in American history. Completed in 1838, it was the first branch mint outside of the Philadelphia “Mother Mint.” During the Civil War, it was briefly operated by three governmental bodies— the United States, the State of Louisiana and the Confederate States of America. With its distinctive “O” mintmark, a coin struck at the New Orleans Mint immediately commands intense collector interest. No “O” Mint coins attract more attention than big, 90% fine silver, Brilliant Uncirculated Morgan Dollars!

175618|$79.95 1899-O Morgan Dollar BU

Liberty Exposes More Than Artistic Beauty

America’s 3-Cent Nickel?

In 1917, America’s new artistic era and “Lady” Liberty’s right breast were revealed on the new quarter. Among the scarcest of all U.S. vintage coinage, very few of these controversial, bare-breasted “Type 1” Standing Liberty Quarters were issued. After public outrage denounced the design as immoral, Liberty’s exposed bosom was covered later that year and reissued by the government as the “Type 2” variety. One of the most coveted coin types, our Type 1 “barebreasted” specimens come in Extremely Fine condition.

175692|$279 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter Type I XF

During the mid-1800s, mailing a letter cost only three cents. The problem? No such coin denomination existed at the time. An 1851 United States congressional act was then authorized to create the 3-Cent Nickel—a most unusual denomination. Add this genuine 3-Cent Nickel coin to your collection. Each comes in Fine condition, and each is guaranteed to be over 135 years old. Call now to reserve this interesting and scarce piece of American history while we still have quantities available at this affordable price! Dates are our choice.

175315 | $39.95 1865-1889 3-Cent Nickel

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2010 Silver Eagles: U.S. Mint Stopped ProductionOrder Yours Now!

2010 Silver Eagles Are Still Available Here!

The U.S. Mint has stopped the production of 2010 Silver Eagles. We’re pleased to announce that the 2010 U.S. Silver Eagles are still available here! Considered one of the most beautiful U.S. coin designs, Adolph A. Weinman’s “Walking Liberty”—which famously appeared on the U.S. half dollar issued from 1916 to 1947—continues to shine on this stunning 2010 issue. Silver Eagles are struck in one ounce of 99.9% pure silver and measure 40.6 mm in diameter. They are also the only silver bullion coins that have their weight and silver content guaranteed by the U.S. government. For a limited time, you can choose Brilliant Uncirculated, near-perfect MS69 or flawless MS70 specimens for your collection. Order yours now before they’re gone for good! Buy more and save! 150278|$199 | $ 1 7 9 e a . Qty-5 | $ 1 5 9 e a . Qty-10 perfect MS70

150277|$69.95 | $ 6 7 . 9 5 e a . Qty-5 | $ 6 3 . 0 0 e a . Qty-10 Near Perfect MS69

146991|$49.95 | $ 4 7 . 9 5 e a . Qty-10 | $ 4 5 . 9 5 e a . Qty-20 | $ 4 3 . 0 0 e a . Qty-40 Brilliant Uncirculated

Get Your Gold Eagles Before They’re Gone! The 2010 Gold Eagles are still available here! And for a limited time, you can amass your own personal hoard in quantities of one, three or five $5 Eagles! Even better, we’ve also secured a small allotment of coveted First Strike Eagles graded in pristine Mint-State condition by PCGS. The U.S. Mint’s Gold Eagle is America’s premier gold bullion coin. Each coin is struck in 22-karat gold that, by law, must come from mines in the United States. Featuring the famous Saint-Gaudens design from the 1907 $20 Double Eagle, each coin will make a breathtaking addition to any collection. Buy more and save!

150744|$229 | $ 2 2 5 e a . Qty.-3 Save $12 | $ 2 1 9 e a . Qty.-5 Save $50 2010 $5 Gold Eagle BU

150745|$260 | $ 2 5 5 e a . Qty.-3 Save $15 | $ 2 4 9 e a . Qty.-5 Save $55 2010 $5 Gold Eagle PCGS First Strike MS69 150746|$330 | $ 3 1 5 e a . Qty.-3 Save $45 | $ 2 9 9 e a . Qty.-5 Save $155 Gold Eagle PCGS First Strike MS70

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“Manifest Destiny” In Gold Early 20th Century Indian Head “Saints”

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, designer of the famous $20 Gold Double Eagle, once again showed his unique talent with this popular U.S. $10 Gold Indian, minted between 1907 and 1933. In addition to holding the intrinsic value of the gold, each of these coins is considered to be a historic artifact of the early 20th century. The obverse of this highly collected coin features Lady Liberty wearing an ornately feathered war bonnet. Dates are our choice.

1 5 1 2 8 9 | $ 1 , 5 2 5 XF 1 5 1 3 0 3 | $ 1 , 5 8 5 BU as shown $10 Gold Indian Head

The Return of the Gold Indian Scarce 19th Century U.S. Gold

There’s nothing quite like holding an authentic 100-year-old U.S. gold coin in the palm of your hand. With its classic portrait of Lady Liberty and 90% gold content, this U.S. $5 Gold Half Eagle coin packed major buying power. Now, an “insider” opportunity was secured by our senior U.S. gold buyer and we’re making these amazing coins available to you. Due to continued high gold prices and the scarcity of these coins, we encourage you to place your order today. Dates are our choice.

1 5 1 2 8 4 | $ 8 7 0 XF 1 5 1 2 8 5 | $ 9 9 5 BU as shown 1839-1908 $5 Gold Liberty

The unique $2.50 and $5 Gold Indians were the only incuse coins ever struck in U.S. history. Always popular, they’re an elusive quarry for collectors to track down. When they were first released, however, the public expressed concerns about the Indian Head design and cleanliness of the incuse (sunk-in) images. This disdain for the $2.50 and $5 Indians in the early 1900s, coupled with the U.S. Treasury gold confiscation and subsequent meltdown during the Great Depression, meant few were saved. Nice examples like these $5 specimens are tough to find today. With collector interest in these beauties skyrocketing, order now to avoid disappointment! Dates are our choice.

1 5 1 2 8 6 | $ 8 7 5 XF 1 5 1 2 8 7 | $ 9 9 5 BU As Shown 1908-1929 U.S. $5 Gold Indian

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Found: California Gold Rush Scarce Incuse $2.50 Gold Indian Gold Dollars! Because they featured incuse designs—designs struck into the metal versus raised above the surface—the $2.50 and $5 Gold Indian coins were two of the most intriguing U.S. coins ever issued. Struck from 1908 to 1929, the incused images featuring a proud Native American and stoic American Eagle are revered by collectors everywhere. Though tough to find today, we have amassed our own spectacular hoard of fabulous $2.50 Gold Indians. Dates are our choice.

While almost everyone has heard about the 1849 California Gold Rush, this beautiful U.S. gold dollar is unknown to most Americans. The U.S. Mint produced three varieties of gold dollars from the mid to late 1800s. The specimens we’re offering are the short-lived pre-Civil War “Type 1” variety (1849–1854). The Type 1 dollar was the smallest regular-issue U.S. gold coin at 13 mm and was a direct result of the California Gold Rush. These are “must-have” specimens for any gold coin collector. Dates are our choice.

1 5 1 2 8 2 | $ 6 1 0 XF 1 5 1 2 8 3 | $ 7 2 5 BU As Shown 1908-1929 U.S. $2.50 Gold Indian

9 3 6 3 6 | $ 4 6 0 XF 1 5 1 2 7 7 | $ 5 7 0 BU as shown 1849 -1854 $1 Gold Liberty

Double Your Pleasure With This Double Eagle

Granddaddy of U.S. Gold Coins

1 5 1 2 9 0 | $ 2 , 1 9 5 XF 1 5 1 2 9 1 | $ 2 , 3 9 5 BU 1849-1907 $20 Gold Liberty

1 5 1 2 9 2 | $ 2 , 1 9 5 XF 1 5 1 2 9 3 | $ 2 , 3 9 5 BU as shown 1907-1933 $20 Gold Saint-Gaudens

The $20 Gold Liberty was the country’s largest gold coin for nearly 60 years. For the average person living in America during the latter half of the 19th century, the chances of seeing one of these magnificent coins were two-fold: slim and none. But thanks to our connections in the industry, you can own one of these fantastic coins, each saved from the government’s melting pots. Highly coveted by collectors, these historic $20 Gold Liberty coins are sure to be scooped up quickly. Get your gold today! Dates are our choice.

In 1907, President Teddy Roosevelt commissioned famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gauden to redesign America’s gold coins. The first coin to receive “sainthood” was the $20 gold piece. The granddaddy of all U.S gold coins, the Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle has everything collectors want—vintage, beauty, scarcity and precious metal. With the abolishment of personal gold ownership in 1933 and subsequent meltings, few of these treasures survive today. Thanks to a recently uncovered find, we have a fantastic selection available. Dates are our choice.

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Art World’s Most Famous “Cover Up”

Two of Spanish Master Francisco Goya’s most famous works are The Naked Maja and The Clothed Maja. They depict the same woman in the same pose, naked and clothed, respectively. The Clothed Maja as featured on this stunning 40 mm proof struck in 92.5% silver was intended as a cover for the naked one to throw off the watchful eyes of the Spanish Inquisition. Part of the Greatest Spanish Painters Series, just 10,000 of these magnificent proofs were struck for worldwide release.

150403| $99.95 2010 Goya’s the Clothed Maja Silver Proof

Lowest-Mintage Silver Maple Leaf Hoard Discovered!

First issued in 1988, Canada’s Silver Maple Leaf is one of the world’s most popular annual releases. So when we discovered a hoard of 1997-dated Maple Leafs we couldn’t believe our eyes. The 1997 release is the lowest mintage of any Silver Maple Leaf, numbering less than a third of the next lowest mintage. Each of these important key-date 1997 Maple Leafs is struck in a full ounce of 99.99% pure silver and comes in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

175963| $99.95 1997 Key-Date Silver Maple Leaf BU

First Did King Tut Walk on This Sand? World’s Pyramid-Shape Coin This Silver Pyramid coin has actual sand from King Tut’s tomb embedded into the sun disk at the peak! He may have trod on this very sand inspecting the progress on his tomb. The coin celebrates the return of King Tut’s treasures to museums in the U.S. and U.K. It features the king on his “Night Journey” that carried the dead through the perils of the underworld to their new life in the morning. That’s one heck of a night at the museum! Comes in an eye-stopping golden pyramid case.

140564| $159 King Tut Pyramid Silver Proof

The 1922 discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb sparked renewed interest in ancient Egypt for which Tut’s burial mask remains the most popular symbol. Artifacts from the tomb have toured the world in the years since. In 2007, the display arrived in London, prompting the Pobjoy Mint to commemorate the occasion with this spectacular coin—the world’s first pyramid-shape, legal-tender coin. Featuring Tut’s famous burial mask, the bronze coin is layered in 24-karat gold, giving it an exotic ancient appearance.

116022|$29.95 King Tut Mask Pyramid Coin

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Save Over $300 on the Complete 1992–2010 U.S. Silver Proof Set Collection

Hard-To-Find 1994 POW Silver Dollar Proof

Andersonville. It was America’s rude awakening to the brutality experienced by our brave soldiers held as prisoners of war. It was The historic U.S. Silver Proof set series has grown to become one the first, but unfortunately not the last time the nation would be of our most popular issues each year. All 19 years since 1992 are shocked. This 1994 Silver Dollar Proof is struck in 99.93% silver at the here, even the scarce 1999 set, the first to include State Quarters. Philadelphia Mint and honors those who suffered and commemorates The sets include Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Silver Roosevelt the Andersonville POW Memorial. The proof features a Bald eagle Dimes, Silver Washington Quarters, Silver Washington Statehood in flight and the entrance to the museum. It’s one of three militaryQuarters, Silver Kennedy Half Dollars and golden Sacagawea themed Silver Dollars struck in 1994, all of which are tough to find Dollars. The 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 sets include the four today. Get this one now! Presidential Dollars issued those years. Each comes in original 178211|$69.95 U.S. Mint packaging. Also available in individual years below. 1994 $1 Silver Prisoners of War Memorial Proof

135107|$1,525 1992–2010 Silver Proof Sets 176460

2010 Silver Proof Set



2009 Silver Proof Set



2008 Silver Proof Set



2007 Silver Proof Set



2006 Silver Proof Set



2005 Silver Proof Set



2004 Silver Proof Set



2003 Silver Proof Set



2002 Silver Proof Set



2001 Silver Proof Set



2000 Silver Proof Set



1999 Silver Proof Set



1998 Silver Proof Set



1997 Silver Proof Set



1996 Silver Proof Set



1995 Silver Proof Set



1994 Silver Proof Set



1993 Silver Proof Set



1992 Silver Proof Set


Celebrate 100 Years of the “Granite Lady”!

In 2006, the U.S. Mint issued a proof Silver Dollar to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco Mint surviving the great earthquake of 1906—which gained it the nickname, the “Granite Lady.” Now you can capture all the glory of this legendary S-Mint with this two-piece set which includes a NGC PR69 2006-S Proof Silver Dollar and a NGC MS64 S-Mint Morgan Dollar dated between 1880 and 1882 (date is our choice). Each coin shows George T. Morgan’s spread-winged eagle reverse design. A great opportunity to get these two historic Silver Dollars in one set!

180184|$225  880–2006-S Granite Lady Silver Dollar 2-Pc. Set 1

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Silver Buffalos Sold Out at the Mint in Five Days These first-ever large Buffalo Silver Dollars are inspired by the Buffalo Nickel struck from 1913 to 1938—certainly one of the most widely collected coins in the United States. The design for the silver dollar is exactly the same! Collectors rushed to buy them in 2001—they sold out in just five days! This is the coin that inspired the U.S. Mint’s current Gold Buffalo coin series. You can get both the Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof versions. Key first and one-year-only issue, certified by NGC.

1 3 9 2 0 7 | $ 3 2 9 MS69 2001-D $1 Silver Buffalo NGC 1 3 9 2 0 6 | $ 3 6 9 PF69 2001-P $1 Silver Buffalo NGC PF69

1878 7-Tail-Feather Morgan Silver Dollar

When the 8 tail feather Morgan Dollar appeared, critics howled because eagles have an odd number of tail feathers. A revised 7 tail feather design was struck later in 1878 to correct the mistake, which created a unique collector variety. It was only minted in Philadelphia, and it’s a one-year-only design. Ours includes a deluxe presentation case, and comes in Extremely Fine condition.

109915|$59.95 1878-P 7TF Morgan Dollar XF

Go for the Gold With Gobrecht’s Liberty

Act Fast Before This Silver Dollar Is History!

1 5 1 2 8 0 | $ 6 1 0 XF 1 5 1 2 8 1 | $ 7 2 5 BU as Shown 1840 -1907 $2.50 Gold Liberty

141614 |$139 2009-P Lincoln Silver Dollar Proof 69

The Liberty Quarter Eagle is a highly sought-after gold coin for collectors and investors alike. Its rich history and uniqueness makes it stand out from many other gold coins. Now you can own an authentic U.S. treasure with a $2.50 Gold Liberty coin struck from 1840 to 1907. Designed by Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht, this is America’s most recognizable gold coin design, a design used on five of the most circulated U.S. gold coins ever minted. Dates are our choice.

For years collectors anticipated 2009—the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. To commemorate this momentous event in U.S. history, the Mint released this one-year-only 2009 Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar Proof. Only 500,000 were minted, and these rapidly sold out. We’ve hunted down as many as we could get our hands on and can now offer this spectacular Silver Dollar. The reverse features the last 43 words of the Gettysburg Address. Don’t wait or you will miss out! NGC or PCGS Proof 69 (our choice).

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HollyWood Legends

Silver Screen’s Brightest Stars Light Up These Silver Proofs

There’s just something magical about the twinkling stars on a crisp winter’s evening. But for real star power, look no further than this fabulous set featuring three of the biggest stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age. The first three coins in the “Hollywood Legends” Silver Proof Set, you’ll get stunning legal-tender coins that honor Clark Gable, John Wayne and Ginger Rogers. Each 38.61 proof is struck in glittering 92.5% sterling silver with a design modeled after a portrait taken by famous Hollywood glamour photographer Bruno Bernard. The set, limited to just 2,500 for each coin, comes beautifully displayed in a custom presentation case modeled after an old-time movie reel. There’s even space in the case for the next three coins of the collection—Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. If you want to be star struck, this set is for you. Or, be the star and give it as a gift! 1 7 7 1 8 8 | $ 2 2 9 2010 Hollywood Legends 3-Piece Silver Proof Set

Head ’Em Off at the Pass, Aussie Style!

This 2010 Man From Snowy River Silver Proof celebrates the 19th century tale of grit, guts, and persistence from down under. When everybody else gave up the pursuit of a runaway horse, the Man From Snowy River got the job done. He was first celebrated in a poem by famed Australian poet Banjo Patterson, and later he ended up on movie and TV screens. This limited edition silver proof captures the excitement of the chase and marks the 120th anniversary of the poem. Only 5,000 were minted in 99.9% silver. The coin comes in mint case with certificate of authenticity. Don’t miss it!

177029|$109 2010 Man From Snowy River Silver Proof

All the Way With JFK!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been fifty years since John Kennedy was elected president. It seems like yesterday. This colorful 2010 $10 Silver Proof celebrates our fallen hero and his vision for America, represented by the Saturn V rocket lifting off, with the White House in the background. Kennedy’s portrait is layered in 24K gold, and the U.S. flag waves in full color behind him! This special commemorative is a great way to remember the man and his time, and its one Troy ounce of 99.9% silver and low mintage of 2,000 make it a valuable gift! Comes in a black velvet pouch with a certificate of authenticity.

178730|$119 2010 $10 JFK 50th Anniversary Silver Proof

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Penny Blacks— Direct from Pobjoy’s Vaults!

Did You Get Your “Wheaties?”

When it was released in 1990, the Penny Black series became one of the world’s most celebrated coin programs of all time. With an unprecedented three “Coin of the Year” awards, this unique coin with its groundbreaking Pearl-Black finish blew collectors away. Now, 20 years later, you can obtain the last remaining coins secured directly from the vaults of the Pobjoy Mint. Choose between the 1 Crown 99.9% silver proof or the never-before-released tenthounce 99.99% gold proof. Better yet, get both… while you still can!

For over 100 years, the Lincoln Cent has been a familiar coin. Struck from 1909 to 1958, these Wheat Ear Cents were originally issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. Most have disappeared, but now you can acquire them by Troy weight in a half-pound or 3-pound bag! With the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Cent a few years back, these “Wheat Ears” are now even more desirable. Get a FREE Indian Head Cent when you order the 3-pound bag!

117969|$119 1990 1-oz Silver Penny Black Proof 177177|$399 1990 Tenth-oz Gold Penny Black Proof

Australia’s FirstEver Silver Kangaroo

San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate!

150882|$149 2010 High-Relief Silver Kangaroo

178551|$79.95 2009 $10 Silver Golden Gate Bridge Proof

96428|$21.95 Bag of Wheat Cents – 1⁄2 Troy lb. 9 6 4 2 9 | $ 9 9 . 9 5 Save $31.75 3 Troy lb. Bag of Wheat Cents

Until now, Australia’s popular Kangaroo series was always struck in gold. But this year marks a departure from tradition with the addition of the first Silver Kangaroo Proof. Not just any silver coin, this baby is struck in one ounce of .999 pure silver in incredible high relief. The proof is 6 mm thick, enabling the coin to display every detail of its “boxing” kangaroos design. From a mintage of just 20,000, each comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

This 2009 $10 Silver Proof is part of the Golden Gates of the World series and celebrates San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. John C. Fremont named the inlet into San Francisco Bay the Golden Gate in 1846. The bridge was one of the wonders of the world when it opened during the Depression. Its features are layered in 24K gold on this spectacular Silver-Dollar-sized proof. Hurry! Only 5,000 were minted, and it’s selling fast.

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P Honor the Veterans of the Korean War

The veterans who served during the Korean War will never forget their experiences. In 2010, to pay tribute to their sacrifices and mark the war’s 60th anniversary, this Proof-like coin was issued that shows a soldier marching through the mountains of Korea. Struck in one ounce of 99.9% fine silver, this 40 mm coin features selective color that accentuates the soldier’s grim determination. Just 2,000 coins were issued, and each comes in a custom metal display case painted military green.

174848|$99.95 2010 Korean War 60th Anniversary Silver Tribute Proof-Like



No Mintmark

Get the Only P-D-S Morgan Mint Set!

All three Morgans struck in 1921 were the first Silver Dollars struck since 1904, and all three were the last Morgans minted at each mint. This set is a dream come true, with the 1921 Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mint Morgans all together and in Brilliant Uncirculated condition! The 1921 Denver Silver Dollar is the first and only Morgan Struck in the mile high city. The set is great memento of the most popular Silver Dollars ever struck by the U.S. Mint. It’s not easy to find all three. But don’t worry, we’ve assembled them right here for you!

91715| $ 2 1 9  921 PDS Morgan Silver Dollar 3-Piece BU Set 1

Genuine 100-Year-Old $10 Liberty Gold

U.S. $10 Liberty Gold Eagles were the backbone of banking transactions throughout the 19th century. Now, you can stake your claim for one of these historic (and scarce) treasures. Driven by worldwide economic and political pressures, gold prices are climbing, which in turn is driving investors and collectors to not only modern gold bullion issues, but also toward vintage $10 Gold Eagles minted over a century ago. Dates are our choice.

1 5 1 2 8 8 | $ 9 9 9 XF 1 5 1 3 0 1 | $ 1 , 1 9 9 BU as shown 1838-1907 U.S. $10 Gold Liberty

Key-Date Wartime Silver of the Greatest Generation

In any coin series, key-date coins are the pieces most coveted by collectors. For the 1916 to1947 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar series, important dates are 1941 to 1945—the years America’s greatest generation fought the Axis powers during World War II. Struck in 90% fine silver, each of these beautiful WWII-dated coins comes in gorgeous Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Our quantities are limited. Increasingly popular with collectors, order this historic halfdollar coin before it’s too late. Dates are our choice.

175709| $ 7 9 . 9 5 1941–1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar BU

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Heaven Already Knows He’s There This limited-edition, affordable 2009 $10 gold proof honors the life of Pope John Paul II as the “Pilgrim of Peace.” Shortly after his death in 2005, church officials began the process of declaring him a saint. They’ve made great strides toward the goal, and now you can share the anticipation of the Vatican’s official declaration with this intricately struck and frosted 99.99% gold proof. Get this limited-edition gold tribute to one of the most influential men of the twentieth century.

176049|$139 2009 $10 Gold John Paul II Proof

If Only (Fill in the Blank) Were This Good!

Fill in the blank with your favorite sports team. This 2011 New Zealand Silver Dollar Proof celebrates the nation’s famed rugby team, the All Blacks. They have a stunning 75% win record, an astounding feat in any sport. The unique black surface of the coin shows a reflection of the New Zealand Silver Fern, famous for glowing in the dark. The Native Maori laid this fern out along a path so they could find their way home in the dark! It’s also the All Blacks official logo. Only 10,000 were minted in 99.9% silver! New Zealand coins always sell out fast, so don’t wait! Each comes in original mint packaging.

179262|$119 2011 New Zealand $1 Silver All Blacks Proof

Binion Hoard Found in Secret Desert Vault!

After Las Vegas casino magnet Ted Binion’s mysterious death in 1998, his concrete bunker stuffed with silver was opened. His personal hoard of high-grade 1923 Silver Dollars was found inside. After extensive negotiation, we’re now able to offer a small number of 1923 Silver Dollars from Ted Binion’s hoard. And what coins! All the coins show amazing luster and they’re graded MS64 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), with a special label identifying it as a coin from the Binion Collection. Here’s you chance to grab a piece of real Las Vegas history. These coins have that special provenance that coin collectors love. And you don’t have to dig a hole in the desert to get one!

150933|$149 1923 Binion Collection Silver Dollar NGC MS64

Wildly Popular Tiger is Sold Out– But We Have Them!

One-third of the entire mintage of this 2010 Australia “Year of the Tiger” Dollar sold in the first month of release. Every other Australian Silver Tiger we’ve offered has sold out. We don’t expect our supply of this silver tiger to last. The coin features the big cat at rest along with the Chinese character for “Tiger” and the “P” mintmark of the Perth Mint. Here’s an affordable way to own silver and get a great commemorative to boot! Each Brilliant Uncirculated coin is struck in one Troy ounce of 99.9% silver.

146526|$79.95 | $ 7 6 . 9 5 e a . Qty-3 save $9 | $ 7 1 . 0 0 e a . Qty-5 save $44.75 2010 Australia $1 Silver “Year of The Tiger” BU

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Get Your Gold Before It’s Gone

These Gold Eagles Will Soar!

Considering the rising price of gold over the years, acquiring these 2010 Gold Eagles could be a wise move for you. In addition to the Brilliant Uncirculated coins we have in stock, we are also offering certified near-perfect MS69 and flawless MS70 specimens as well. Each has been graded, certified and encapsulated by NGC. The pristine quality and sharp strikes of these graded and certified one-ounce specimens are highly valued by collectors. Order yours now!

150290|$2,495 150289|$2,095 147019|$1,979 2010 $50 Gold Eagle BU | $ 2 , 4 5 5 e a . Qty-5 Save $200 | $ 2 , 0 5 5 e a . Qty-5 Save $200 | $ 2 , 3 9 5 e a . Qty-10 save $1,000 | $ 1 , 9 9 5 e a . Qty-10 save $1,000 2010 $50 Gold Eagle MS70 2010 $50 Gold Eagle MS69

Aaahhh... What’s Up Doc?

Bugs Bunny on a Franklin Half Dollar? Well, at least his teeth! This 1955 Franklin Half Dollar variety is known as the “Bugs Bunny” Half. It was created when the coin press slammed together without a planchet inside, creating a conspicuous die clash which gave Ben Franklin a set of Bugs Bunny’s teeth! This popular variety is hard to find and highly sought after today. They’re even more rare in MS64 condition, certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PGCS). We found a small supply and now you can get one of these famous halves! You won’t even have to hunt the wabbit, hunt the wabbit!

178968 |$129 1955 Silver Franklin “Bugs Bunny” Half Dollar MS64

Get This “Undiscovered” Leif Ericson Proof Before it Disappears Today’s Icelanders are real Vikings, descendants of the Norseman who conquered the Island in the 9th century. So, it’s only fitting that they honored one of their own, Leif Ericson, on the 1,000th anniversary of his discovery of the New World. This 2001 silver commemorative was issued in conjunction with the U.S. Mint’s Leif Ericson Silver Dollar struck the same year. This is the first and only time the U.S. Mint has ever issued a coin with another country! Both were struck at Philadelphia and are Silver-Dollar sized. The Iceland coin is much harder to find. Get your “undiscovered” Leif Ericson Proof before they’re gone! 178237 |$55.00 2000 Iceland 1,000 Kronur Silver Ericson Proof

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Now That’s One Dang Cute Pup!

This 2011 Australia 99.9% Silver “Bush Babies” Dingo Pup colorized proof is the third release in the hugely popular series showing the continent’s wild animals as babies. The dingo came to Australia with the first humans, and wasn’t fully domesticated at the time. Since then, it’s become the continent’s top predator. The legal-tender coin is larger than a Silver Dollar and features the loveable pup in full color. Comes in mint packaging with certificate of authenticity. A great gift sure to please all ages. Hurry, with only 10,000 minted, they’ll go fast!

179292|$79.95 2011 Australia Silver Dingo Pup Proof

Good Grief - Snoopy Turns 60! In 1950, who knew a comic strip featuring a “blockhead,” his precocious dog and a gang of peanuts would become the world’s most popular comic strip? Certainly not its creator, Charles Schulz, who is honored on this coin along with Snoopy, the Red Baron-fighting beagle, on the 60th anniversary of the “Peanuts” strip. Each adorable coin comes with a custom box and a plush Snoopy toy.

150291|$39.95 2010 60th Anniversary of Peanuts Uncirculated Cuni

The Golden Saint of Calcutta

The two most iconic religious figures of the 20th century are both featured on this wonderful gold Proof that commemorates the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth. Along with Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa of Calcutta shines forth from the reverse of this gleaming 99.99% pure gold proof. Mother Teresa has already been beatified as a saint, and it seems Pope John Paul is destined to soon join her in sainthood. Just 10,000 of these marvelous coins were issued in 2010, and with the popularity of both figures, a sellout seems ordained.

149370|$79.95 2010 Mother Teresa Gold Proof

Disappearing “Down-Under” Rabbit Gold Proof

The “Year of the Rabbit” is here. Don’t miss your chance to get this tenth-ounce gold Rabbit proof issued by Australia’s renowned Perth Mint. This delightful coin is struck in 99.99% pure gold and features a bright-eyed bunny next to a bit of cabbage. Just 5,000 of these wonderful proofs were issued for worldwide release and each comes beautifully displayed in a colorful oval-shape presentation case with a mint-numbered certificate of authenticity. Get a jump on this Rabbit before it’s gone!

177195|$349 2011 “Year of the Rabbit” Tenth-oz Gold Proof

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Hurry to Get Your Mercury Dime 15-Coin Set!

The First Peace Dollar

175298|$99.95 15-Coin 1941-1945 WWII Mercury Dime Set VG

175698|$279 1921 U.S. Peace Silver Dollar XF

This 15-piece collection includes 15 different Mercury Dimes, each struck between 1941 and 1945. The Winged Liberty Head resembles the Roman god Mercury and helped fuel America’s economy during WWII. These 90% fine silver coins were quite popular in their own era. Had President Franklin D. Roosevelt not passed away in 1945—which led to a new dime in 1946 featuring his bust—the Mercury Dime would have likely continued for some time.

This silver dollar commemorates the peace that followed the end of WWI. 1921 was the first year that Peace Dollars were struck. A beautiful follow-up to the Morgan silver dollar that was brought back for one final mintage in 1921, this majestically detailed coin was released later that same year. The 1921 Peace Dollar’s high-relief design was discontinued after its inaugural year in favor of a lowrelief, regular-circulating version that began in 1922. Now is your chance to own the first-ever high-Relief 1921 United States Peace Silver Dollar.

Relive the Days of the California Gold Rush

Hard-to-Find 1925 California Half Dollar

Long before the State Quarters series hit it big, a series of commemorative half dollars was released in much smaller quantities. Struck in 90% silver, they featured some of the most captivating designs ever seen on U.S. coins. Among the best was this 1925 California Silver Half Dollar that honored the 75th anniversary of the California Gold Rush. Featuring a prospector on one side and a California Bear on the other, just 86,394 coins of the original 150,200 mintage survive today.

176928| $595 1925-S 75th Anniversary Silver California Half Dollar Choice BU

Get One of Only 5,000 Goodacre Dollars!

In the world of coins, the most popular issues are those with a great provenance. We landed just the thing for you! When famed artist Glenna Goodacre won the competition to design the new Sacagawea Dollar in 2000, she asked the U.S. Mint to pay her with 5,000 of her new dollar coins, and they agreed! Each coin has a special Specimen finish that immediately identifies these “Goodacre” dollars, and each is authenticated and graded Specimen-67 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). We purchased a small number directly from her holdings. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to obtain the most sought after dollar in the series.

177716| $1,395  000-P Sacagawea Dollar PCGS SP67 2

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This Proof Has Collectors Howling!

Capture This ”Extinct” Tassie Tiger

The extinct Tasmanian Tiger isn’t a tiger, and it may not be extinct. It has tiger stripes, but it’s another Australian marsupial. It hasn’t been seen in captivity since 1935, but there have been over 3,800 unconfirmed sightings in Australia since then. It’s sort of an Australian animal “UFO.” This 2011 Silver Dollar proof celebrates the 75th anniversary of the last known Tassie Tiger. Capture the Tasmanian Tiger for yourself, before it disappears again—Only 5,000 were minted in 99.9% silver, and it’s already “Sold Out” at the mint. Comes in mint packaging with certificate of authenticity. 177026 | $109 2  011 Tassie Tiger Silver Dollar Proof

Feel the Protective Power of the Silver Madonna

This hefty 2010 92.5% Silver Proof is the second release in the Protection of Nature and Landscape series. It commemorates the Poloniny National Park in Slovakia. It’s the only place in Europe where the Buffalo still roam, and where the grey wolf (pictured on the coin) still hunt them down. Poloniny means “meadow” and the rolling grasslands of the park are displayed on the obverse along with native flowers. It’s larger-than-a-Silver-Dollar size, nature theme, high denomination of 20 Euros and low mintage of only 27,000 make this commemorative a prime candidate for a rapid sell out. Don’t miss out!

179258 | $99.95 2010 Silver Poloniny National Park Proof

Just Released for 2011: Australia’s Gold Kangaroos

Featuring a fresh rendition of one of Australia’s most recognizable animals, the Perth Mint’s brand new 2011 Gold Kangaroo coins When you consider the lore of this Bavarian Madonna Silver Thaler, depict a kangaroo superimposed on the rays of the rising sun. One its image of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus is fitting. Struck from of the world’s most popular coin series, Australia’s 99.99% pure gold 1753 to 1775, these 41 mm pieces often displayed “adjustment Kangaroo bullion coins feature a new one-year-only design each marks” made by minters as they shaved the coins to precisely year. We have both the affordable tenth-ounce and the coveted oneadjust their weight. Commoners made their own marks by shaving ounce coins. Don’t miss your chance to acquire genuine Australian bits of silver for expectant women to consume—the coin’s silver gold in the form of these popular kangaroos. supposedly protected mother and infant from harm! No one knows 1 7 7 1 8 7 | $ 2 , 2 9 9 which marks are which, but demand for this coin remains strong. 2011 Australia Gold 1-ounce Kangaroo BU

175964|$199 Madonna Silver Thaler Fine

177186 | $279 2011 Australia Gold Tenth-ounce Kangaroo BU

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America’s Revolutionary First Silver Dollar

America had no coins of its own after winning independence from England in 1783. Instead, it used Spanish Silver Dollars like those in this two-piece set. Minted the same year the American Revolution ended, each coin has been hand selected for the best possible detail. One coin features a strong obverse, the other a strong reverse. Your set comes in a protective display holder and is accompanied by an informative certificate of authenticity. Best of all, it’s available for almost 50% less than what a single coin sells for elsewhere!

137138|$149 | $ 1 3 9 e a . Qty-3 Save $30 | $ 1 3 5 e a . Qty-5 Save $70 America’s First Silver Dollar 2-Coin Set

America’s First Coins Get America’s First Gold Dollar

Before 1849, the only gold dollar in the U.S. was the Spanish 1/2 Escudo. They were legal tender all the way up to 1857, and the U.S. Gold Dollar is patterned after them. Some were lost at sea, and some were buried by pirates who never returned to claim their treasure. Many more were melted down. We snatched up this small hoard of Spanish Gold Dollars dated between 1742 and 1788. Each is over 220 years old. When you consider that U.S. gold coins from the 1700s can cost $40,000 or more, you pay a lot less than you might think at this special hoard price! Just imagine: George Washington and Ben Franklin could have carried this very same coin around as their “pocket change”! Each comes in protective capsule and presentation case– and is guranteed to be in Very Fine condition.

115285|$629 1742-1788 America’s First Gold Dollar VF

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First-Ever, Reverse-Proof Silver Maple Leaf

The price of silver is skyrocketing and the best place to find it is in—Maple Leafs? You bet, but not just any Maple Leafs—the Royal Canadian Mint’s first-ever double-thick “Piedfort” Maple Leafs struck in a full ounce of 99.99% pure silver! Canada’s Silver Maple Leaf debuted in 1988 and is one of world’s premier annual coin releases. Only 6,000 single Reverse-Proof coins are available, and between collectors and silver buyers, we expect a quick sellout.

174827|$149 2010 Maple Leaf Piedfort Silver Proof

Is This the Face of Jesus? You Decide!

Study the hologram on this 2010 Shroud of Turin Silver Proof. Is this the face of Jesus? Millions believe it is, and science hasn’t been able to disprove it. This commemorative honors the shroud and the exhibition held in 2010 where 100,000 pilgrims got to decide for themselves. The next exhibition won’t be until 2025. When you own this commemorative you’re in luck—you can see the shroud anytime you want. Rotate the coin 60 degrees and the hologram appears with no color—just like on the shroud! Only 2,010 were minted. Orders yours now!

176468|$89.95 2010 Shroud of Turin Silver Proof

Gold Maple Leafs “Fall” Into Your Hands!

Teardrop Coin Is Crying For Attention

Combining crystal and color effects, Canada’s 2010 Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop Silver Proof actually features a Crystallized Swarovski® Element about to drop from a mature maple leaf . The effect is utterly fantastic and is sure to draw tears of joy from whoever receives this gorgeous proof. Struck in 99.99% pure silver, the 38 mm coin is from a limited edition of just 10,000. Reserve yours now before these raindrops vanish likes tears in the rain.

150735|$129 2010 $20 Silver Crystal Raindrop Maple Leaf

For over 30 years gold buyers have been “raking in” these one Troy ounce Gold Maple Leafs when they’re released by the Royal Canadian Mint. Gold more than doubled in price the first year they were issued, and this superb out-of-the-gate performance tagged the Gold Maple leaf as the “buy-it-now” gold. It’s no different today. At 31.1 grams of 99.99% gold, the Brilliant Uncirculated Gold Maple Leaf is one of the purest gold coins in the world. If you haven’t been buying them all along, don’t let yours fly away, order today! 179152|$1,949 2011 Canada $50 Gold Maple Leaf BU

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200 Coins for Lincoln’s 200th Birthday!

Chances are you haven’t seen many of these 2009 Lincoln Commemorative Cents from the Denver Mint in circulation. That’s because collectors have been socking them away as soon as they see them. You don’t have to miss out on this special one-year-only issue! Here’s your opportunity to get not one, but fifty complete Lincoln Cents sets at once! You’ll get a 50-coin roll of each design: Lincoln’s Birthplace, Formative Years, Professional Years, and Presidency—all from the Denver Mint. That’s 200 coins total in Brilliant Uncirculated blast-red condition— just as they left the mint. Happy Birthday, Abe, indeed!

147725|$29.95 | $ 2 6 . 0 0 e a . Qty-3 Save Over $10 | $ 2 3 . 0 0 e a . Qty-5 Save Over $34 2009-D Lincoln Cent 4-Roll Set (4 designs)

Get Your Own Gold Buffalo from the Herd “Godless” Gold Sparks Public Protests!

Rough Rider President Teddy Roosevelt commissioned the redesign of America’s gold coins by famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. When the coins were released in 1908, a public protest ensued because the motto “In God We Trust” did not appear on the new coins! It was added later, making these “godless” 1908 No Motto Gold $20 Dollar Double Eagles highly sought after by collectors ever since. Today, they are difficult to find in the Brilliant Uncirculated condition we are offering. Housed in a deluxe presentation case, each is struck in 33.436 grams of 90% gold.

4726|$2,495 1908 U.S. No Motto $20 Gold Double Eagle BU

Wow, what an opportunity to get a Teddy-Roosevelt-era design on a modern U.S. Mint gold coin! Gold Buffalos are one of the most popular gold coin series ever issued by the U.S. Mint. Struck in one Troy ounce of 99.99% pure gold, 2010 is the fifth anniversary, and collectors are hunting high and low to find them. But you can’t get these special 2010 Gold Buffalos directly from the mint. In fact, they are very hard to find anywhere. We have them, and they’re always near the top of our list of bestselling coins! Even better, we located a small quantity of these Brilliant Uncirculated beauties in perfect MS70 condition—each graded, certified and encapsulated by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Bag your Buffalos now before they stampede out of our vaults and into other collectors’ hands.

1 5 0 0 1 1 | $ 1 , 9 9 9 BU 1 7 6 9 9 6 | $ 2 , 5 4 9 MS70 2010 $50 Gold Buffalo

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He Won the World and Left Coins Behind

Found: Missing Flamingos From the Bahamas

This is perhaps the most inexpensive scarce coin you’ll find anywhere. Released in 1979, this copper-nickel Flamingo coin While Alexander the Great conquered the world, mints all over his from the Bahamas has a known mintage of just 300. As we were realm struck Silver Drachma coins to celebrate his victories. It was doing inventory on an acquired stockpile of coins, we came across the main trade coin of the day. Hercules in a lion headdress appears a small cache of Flamingos that hadn’t been seen in decades. Except on one side, and Zeus is on the other. Because of the coin’s standard for a few bag marks from storage, all of these rare birds grade in Uncirculated condition. And we’re offering them for less than $50. weight and purity, it served as a model for silver coins for 2,000 What a deal! years! A great coin to start your collection or add to an ancient 175960|$49.95 coin collection!

150391| $199 300 B.C. Silver Alexander Drachma

19th Century Italian Gold

Struck to the same size and weight as the Swiss 20 Francs Vreneli and the French 20 Francs Rooster, Italy’s classic 20 Lire gold coin is much more difficult to find than its European counterparts. Originally minted between 1879 and 1897, most 20 Lire gold coins were later officially melted to help Italy recover from the world wars that engulfed Europe. The obverse features Umberto (Edward) I, who came to be known as “Umberto the Good” by his supporters. These 21 mm, 90% fine gold coins are better than “good” though. Each comes in dazzling Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

175727| $599 1879–1897 Italy 20 Lire Gold BU (Dates are our choice)

1979 Bahamas Flamingo Unc.

It’s Dejá Vu All Over Again For the Gold Krugerrand!

Between 1893 and 1898 the South African Republic was in a fierce struggle for independence from Great Britain. To signify their freedom, they produced a One Pond gold coin. So, when South Africa proposed a new gold coin in 1967, they adopted the same obverse image of Paul Kruger—South Africa’s first president— from the 1 Pond coin for the new gold coin. The rest is history. We recently found a small cache of the original Gold 1 Pond coins, and now you can capture a piece of this history yourself! Each is in Very Fine condition and struck in 91.6% gold. We’ll send a date of our choice between 1893 and 1898. Buy a new Krugerrand at the same time and compare!

175660|$695 1893–1898 South Africa Gold 1 Pond VF

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They Honored Our Nation— Honor Their Service

This 2010 U.S. Mint Silver Dollar honors veterans who are disabled for life as a result of their service to the nation. Each Silver Dollar features the legs of three disabled veterans. A scroll above them reads: “THEY STOOD UP FOR US.” The reverse shows a forgetme-not flower at the base of an oak-branch wreath wrapped in a ribbon. A surcharge of $10 per coin goes to support the planned American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington D.C. With their 90% silver content and important theme, these special commemoratives are sure to sell out quickly.

1 4 7 8 6 1 | $ 1 2 9 PF70 1 4 7 8 6 0 | $ 9 9 . 9 5 PF69 as shown 1 4 7 8 5 8 | $ 1 1 9 MS70 1 4 7 8 5 7 | $ 8 9 . 9 5 MS69 2010 $1 Silver Disabled Veteran Commemorative

1909 Lincoln Cent Created Public Outcry

Folks lined up for blocks to get the new Lincoln Cent when it was released in 1909. Then they noticed Victor David Brenner, the designer of the coin, had placed his initials prominently on the bottom of the coin’s reverse. So many folks complained that the mint had to remove the initials from the coin! Since then, the “VDB” Lincoln has become one of the most popular cents of them all. Get this key first-year 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent today in choice Red/Brown condition before they’re gone for good.

148397|$99.95 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent BU

Celebrate America’s Greatest Recovery

In the 1950s, the Bald Eagle was almost gone with only 412 nesting pairs left in the lower 48 states. In 2008, the U.S. Mint issued this $1 Bald Eagle Silver Dollar Proof to celebrate the removal of America’s symbol of freedom from the endangered species list. The proof Silver Dollar is struck in 90% silver and features a majestic Bald Eagle in flight on the obverse and the first Great Seal of the United States on the reverse. These are already hard to find, so get yours today.

134822|$79.95 2008 Bald Eagle Silver Dollar Proof

The “Bloody” Red Baron Soars Again!

Eighty men tried and eighty men died before the Bloody Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen) was shot down in April of 1918. Now the legendary “Ace of Aces” flies again in this 2008 Pioneers of the Sky 92.5% silver proof. The commemorative features the Baron’s Fokker Dreidecker triplane, which he had painted red so he wouldn’t be shot at by his own men! It worked the other way when he was shot down. Join the dogfight yourself with this limited-edition largerthan-a-Silver-Dollar proof! Only 5,000 were struck!

180176|$89.95  008 $5 Silver Bloody Red Baron Proof 2

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This Crown Didn’t Get Lost in The Triangle!

These Butterflies Flew Out of Mint’s Vaults in One Week!

This dramatic 92.5% silver 2010 Papillons D’Amour (Butterflies of Love) hologram Silver-Dollar-size coin sold out in one week at the mint. It’s no wonder. Only 2,500 were minted, and the dazzling hologram creates a rainbow of shimmering color on the two butterflies. This second-year issue follows fast on the heels of the first-year Tender Love coin, which has already been offered for $176! The series is shaping up to be one of the most popular we’ve seen. Don’t miss out. Get yours before they’re gone.

Long before the island was settled, ships were disappearing in what later became known as the Bermuda triangle. And, in a sort of twist of fate, Bermuda itself was first settled as a result of a shipwreck in 1609! In 1959, the island issued this 92.5% Silver Crown to celebrate 350 years as a British colony. And, rather than ignoring the already eerie history of lost ships in the triangle, they celebrated it by picturing two ships on the Silver-Dollar-size crown! We found a small supply of this fifty-year-old issue and every one is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition! Only 100,000 were struck in 92.5% silver.

174874|$79.95  959 Bermuda One Crown Silver BU 1

148974|$79.95 2010 $10 Silver Butterflies of Love BU

Did Caesar Carry This Coin on March 15, 44 B.C.?

Did Julius Caesar have this coin in his purse when he entered the Senate in Rome on March 15th, 44 B.C.? He could have had this very coin with him when he was assassinated! It’s a Roma Head Silver Denarius struck before his murder, and it was the Silver Dollar of the day—it was about a day’s wages and everyone carried them. It displays the head of the goddess Roma, the patroness goddess of Rome and protector of the city. If Caesar had her with him when he was stabbed, the magic didn’t work! Just think: Your coin could have passed through Caesar’s hands! Each historic piece comes in Very Fine condition.

150592|$259 Roman Republic Silver Roma Denarius VF

The Good Mother in Precious Silver

Celebrate Mother Teresa’s miraculous life with this coin. Depicting the soon-to-be saint, the coin shows Mother Teresa nuzzling a child beside an inscription that reads, “In our house there is always a bed ready for one more child.” The reverse shows her with Pope John Paul II superimposed over a crowd. Part of the Paris Mint’s “Great Causes” series, this touching 37 mm proof is from a limited edition of 20,000 struck in 90% fine silver to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the good Mother’s birth.

149206|$79.95 2010 Mother Teresa & Pope John Paul II Silver Proof

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! D E T N A W ger Dillin

“baby f ace”

y” “pretty bo

Roaring ’20s Gangster Dollars

America’s last circulating silver dollar, the Peace Dollar was struck to celebrate the peace following WWI. But during the Roaring Twenties, the coins in this hoard were anything but “peaceful.” The link between the racketeers and silver dollars has been captured on the silver screen with indelible images of the gangster flipping the hefty coin signaling the rumble to come. Each beautiful 90% silver dollar comes in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, and we are offering them for 33% off what they sell for elsewhere—with no risk of jail time. Call now to make your heist!

139275|$49.95 | $ 4 7 . 9 5 e a . Qty-2 Save $4 | $ 4 4 . 6 0 e a . Qty-5 Save $26.75 1922–1926 U.S. Silver Peace Dollar BU

These 1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollars Are on a Roll

When I was a boy, my grandfather used to “find” Kennedy Silver Half Dollars behind my ear. With one of those beauties, I could get a comic book, a candy bar, a pack of baseball cards and a soda. That made it a pretty popular coin for lots of kids. Today, it’s even more popular among collectors. And now you can get not one, but a full 20-coin roll of Brilliant Uncirculated, first-year 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars. Intended as a one-year-only tribute to our fallen president, the first Kennedy Half Dollars were struck in 90% silver. Order yours today!

117920|$379 1964 Kennedy Roll BU (20 coins)

Eagle Half Dollar Marks Historic Recovery!

You share in the celebration with this 2008 Bald Eagle Recovery Half Dollar Proof. By 2007 the historic back-from-the-brink recovery of America’s national bird was complete, and it was officially removed from the endangered species list. This commemorative features two eaglets and an egg in a nest on the obverse and a Bald Eagle profile with an American flag on the reverse. Each spectacular proof is struck at the San Fransisco Mint multiple times on specially prepared planchets, so every detail comes to life. They’re spectacular! Your coin comes in clear protective numismatic capsule.

178039|$29.95 2008 Bald Eagle Recovery Half Dollar Proof

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U.S. Proof Sets

The U.S. Mint® made its first proof coins around 1818. In 1936, the mint began striking proof coins of every denomination. These coins were sold individually. Starting in 1950, the mint issued Proof Sets that contained one example of every coin minted that year. Except for 1965 to 1967, they’ve issued a set every year since!

United States Limited-Edition Proof Sets

The ultimate standard in coins is the proof—a gleaming coin with details so sharp and luster so dazzling that one instantly recognizes it as the pinnacle of minting perfection. Each year when the U.S. Mint creates a small number of U.S. Proof Sets, Americans scramble to get their share of the limited edition. Now, we’re making these sets available to you! Each set contains Proofs of each regular-issue coin from that year and includes original U.S. Mint packaging. Proof Sets are the only way to get yearly coins in each denomination with unparalleled craftsmanship. For a limited time, you can order a complete 25-year U.S. Mint Proof Set (1961­–1985) and save! As a special free bonus, you’ll also receive the hardcover book United States Proof Sets and Mint Sets by Bill Gale and Ron Guth, two nationally recognized experts in the field of numismatics. This volume is filled with fantastic photographs and interesting information about these popular coin sets. (Proof sets were not issued in 1965, 1966 and 1967.) 175931|$29.95 Book (FREE with purchase of 25 Year Proof Sets)

1 7 6 2 4 8 | $ 3 4 9 Save Over $100 25-Year Proof Sets (1961–1985) 92731 92733 92734 92735 92736 88207 92569 92570 92572 92573 92574 92575 92576 92577 92745 92579 92580

1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 (3 pc.) 1976 (6 pc.) 1977 1978

$52 $49 $49 $49 $47 $19 $19 $22 $10.95 $10.95 $14.95 $14.95 $16.95 $49 $14 $13.95 $15

92581 92583 92584 92586 92587 92591 92593 92594 92596 92598 92600 92602 92604 92606 92610 92614 92620

1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995

$14 $13 $14 $10 $10 $13.95 $10 $16 $10 $11 $13.95 $11 $19 $10.95 $16 $16.95 $39.95

4401 92642 92646 92649 92652 92655 92658 92661 135093 97407 104698 112433 136524 143367 175433

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

$23 $37 $23.95 $49 $19 $89 $41 $24 $37 $19 $39 $69.95 $126 $59.95 $49.95

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London Olympic Games Gentlemen: On Your Mark For the Double-Thick Silver Proof

The 3-2-1-0 countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games is under way with this first-ever countdown silver piedfort proof from Britain’s Royal Mint. Coins from London are already shaping up to be the hottest Olympic Games coins ever. This £5 silver proof is already long sold out at the mint, and when our small supply is gone they could be virtually unobtainable—a full two years before the games even start! It shows the number “3” and the Olympic sport of Swimming. This first year of issue and first-ever countdown piedfort is certified Gem proof by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Don’t be left at the starting gate. Get this first London countdown doublethick silver piedfort proof today.

175340|$199 2009 UK £5 Silver Piedfort Countdown NGC Gem Proof

Bejing to London: Hand It Over!

The Olympic Flag, that is. To celebrate the passing of the flag from Beijing to London, Britain’s Royal Mint struck this first-ever 2008 £2 Silver Handover Proof. It shows the flag being passed from the 2008 to the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. The coin is minted in sterling silver and layered in 22-karat red gold around the periphery. This stunning first-in-history proof commemorates both the 2008 and the 2012 games. Sold out at the mint, it’s already hard to find— those who have them aren’t selling! Each is graded Proof 69 by NGC. Act fast while our small supply holds up.

149410|$119 2008 UK £2 Silver Handover NGC PF69

Countdown “3” Silver Proof Blasts Off!

What coin is already sold out at the mint two years before the London 2012 Games begin? This £5 Countdown “3” Silver Proof! It’s the first in the series of four proofs leading up to the start of the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games. It shows a “3” outlining a pair of swimmers and has a ticking time element on the right counting down to the start of the games. You can’t get this coin from the mint. As an official distributor for 2012 coins, our supply is shrinking. Act fast to assure you’ll get the complete set! Each 92.5% silver proof includes a mint case and certificate of authenticity. 142267|$99.95 2009 UK £5 Silver Countdown “3” Proof

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Save on First Four Years of Presidential Dollar

Here’s your chance to get the first four years of Presidential Proof Dollars graded near-perfect PF69 or perfect PF70 condition—and save! For 2009, the motto “In God We trust” has been moved from the edge to the obverse of the coin, making 2009 the first year of the second design. Each year comes together in one holder, and all the coins grade the same. 

Happy Birthday, Ben!

There’s still time to get the U.S. Mint’s commemorative $1 Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Proofs—but our supplies are limited! Struck in 90% fine silver to celebrate Franklin’s 300th birthday, these coins honor Franklin’s legacy with razor-sharp details and blazing mirror finishes. Honor Franklin the statesman as well as his famous Fugio Cent—one of Colonial America’s earliest coins.

175939|$84.95 Scientist 175719|$84.95 Founding Father 175946|$159.90 2006 Franklin Proof Set—Buy both and SAVE!

1 4 8 9 7 9 | $ 6 9 . 0 0 2010 - PF69 1 4 9 4 0 4 | $ 6 9 . 0 0 2009 - PF69 1 3 8 0 1 5 | $ 6 9 . 0 0 2008 - PF69 1 1 4 9 4 4 | $ 6 9 . 0 0 2007 - PF69 Presidential Dollar PF69 Set 1 4 8 9 8 0 | $ 1 9 9 2010 - PF70 1 4 8 4 3 3 | $ 1 9 9 2009 - PF70 1 3 8 0 1 4 | $ 1 9 9 2008 - PF70 Presidential Dollar PF70 Set

Turn-of-the-Century Liberty Head Nickels

First struck in 1883, Liberty Head Nickels displayed only a large Roman numeral “V” to indicate five cents. Many criminals soon plated them with gold and passed them off as “new” $5 gold coins. The U.S. Mint quickly added the word CENTS to all subsequent issues and today Liberty Head Nickels are one of America’s favorite coins. Now you can get five different dates or mintmarks struck between 1883 and 1912. This pre-WWI nickel is widely considered to be one of the most attractive ever struck. Each is in Good condition.

175774|$29.95 5-Coin Assorted Liberty Nickel Set

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Get and Give This Eternal Love Memento

Not Just Another Pretty Face!

They say it’s everywhere, and it is. All you have to do is seize it! This fabulous 2011 $2 Silver Eternal Love Proof commemorative is an easy way to get or give some love. It’s the latest in a series from the New Zealand Mint and features two rising doves and colorful flowers. Only 5,000 were minted in one Troy ounce of 99.9% silver. The proof comes in a white heart-shaped box encrusted with crystals. Look inside! There’s a frame for a picture of your special loved one. A perfect gift for young and old, and a great wedding gift!

179274|$119 2011 $2 Silver Eternal Love Commemorative Proof

Britannia has been ruling the waves on British coins since 1672, when she was modeled after one of the king’s mistresses! And there’s no more remote waves to rule in the British Empire than Tristan da Cunha. It’s at the end of the earth! To celebrate Britannia, the tiny island issued this £5 Silver Tribute Proof with selective gold layering featuring the image of Britannia first used in 1672. It’s struck in 28.28 grams of 95.8% silver, and it’s the first double dated commemorative in the island’s history. It’s larger than a Morgan Silver Dollar! 180862|$89.95 2001 5 Pound Britannia Tribute Silver Proof

Nazis Discovered in Texas!

While in Texas, we discovered a hoard of German coins struck by the Third Reich and seized the opportunity to offer them to you. These Aluminum-Bronze 5 and 10 Reichspfennig sets were struck between 1936 and 1939 and display the infamous Nazi symbol. Many were melted down during the war to obtain their metal. A Texas collector accumulated a quantity, which we are making available 70 years after they were minted! Each coin is in Very Fine condition. Dates are our choice.

142542 | $19.95 1936–1939 Germany Reichspfennig 2-Coin Set VF

Hadrian Built the Other Great Wall

Hadrian caused the last Jewish Revolt of 132–35 A.D., and built a great wall across England to keep the Scots out. This Silver Tetradrachm featuring Hadrian’s image was the “coin of the realm” at the time. These ancient relics were minted in Cilicia, now in southeastern Turkey. 150465|$349 117–138 A.D. Cilicia Silver Hadrian Tetradrachm

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Missing Lady Resurfaces After 103 Years!

And she quickly sold out at the Mint! In 2007, the U.S. Mint commenced the $10 First Spouse Gold Coin Program. Each coin honors the First Lady of every president, starting with Martha Washington. James Buchanan, the 15th President, was single. So for his 2010 coin, the U.S. Mint used the bust of Christian Gobrecht’s Miss Liberty last used on U.S. gold coins in 1907. The engravers at the mint sure did their homework. The Liberty bust is an exact replica of coins from back in the day. It’s uncanny! And she’s reborn in all her glory! These 2010 specimens are as fresh and crisp as the $10 Liberty Gold Eagles that fell from the presses at the U.S. Mint in the 19th and early 20th centuries. But that’s not all. Each coin is a half ounce of 99.99% gold, the highest purity gold used by the mint to strike coins. Only one thing could add to this exalted pedigree. You can get both the Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated versions in perfect First Strike™ PCGS 70! There’s only one more word to describe these coins: Winners! But you need to act fast, because our supply is tiny—this may be your only chance to get this spectacular gold!

178544|$1,895 PCGS PR70 First Strike 178974|$1,795 PCGS MS70 First Strike 1 8 0 1 9 0 | $ 3 , 5 9 0 Buy Both And Save $100 2010 $10 Gold Buchanan Spouse PCGS MS70 First Strike

This Key-Date Franklin is Hard to Find!

Act Fast to Get 2010 Silver Eagle Proofs!

178788|$59.95 1955 Silver Franklin Half Dollar MS64 PCGS 178966|$79.95 1955 Silver Franklin Half Dollar MS64 PCGS Full Bell Lines

1 8 0 1 8 6 | $ 9 9 . 9 5 Gem Proof With Original U.S. Mint PAckaging 1 8 0 1 8 7 | $ 1 2 9 Proof-69 1 8 0 1 8 9 | $ 1 7 9 Proof-70 2010 $1 Silver Eagle Dollar Proof

The 1955-P Franklin Half Dollar has the lowest mintage in the entire series and is one tough coin to find! It was struck at the Philadelphia Mint, the only mint to strike Franklins every year from 1948 to 1963. We found a small cache graded MS64 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Also available are specimens with the more rare Full Bell Lines grade. That means the lines at the bottom of the Liberty Bell are complete all the way across. They’re very hard to find with this crisp detail!

Who knows how long they’ll be here? The mint didn’t produce any 99.93% Silver Eagle Proofs in 2009, and pent-up demand for one of it’s most popular products is huge. They’re literally flying off the shelf as you read this! Because the mint isn’t required by law to make them, there may not be any more struck for years to come. You can get Gem Proof, near perfect PF69 or perfect PF70. Don’t wait! They’re such a gorgeous gift, you should get several. And remember to treat yourself!

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The Servant of God Has Met His Maker

And his maker is well pleased! This 2010 $10 Servant of Peace 92.5% silver proof celebrates three anniversaries for the twentieth century’s most influential spiritual leader, Pope John Paul II: the fifth anniversary of his death, his 85th birthday, and the 50th anniversary of his book Love and Responsibility. The coin features the pontiff and his coat of arms, with the yellow of the Vatican flag in the background layered in 24K gold. It’s a stunning work of art with only 5,000 minted that should be seized by all of his ardent admirers. Includes velvet pouch and certificate of authenticity.

178549|$99.95 2010 $10 Silver John Paul II Proof

Enjoy Your Own Adventures in Paradise!

Nothing says nautical adventure like a five-masted Windjammer! This 2010 $10 Preussen 92.5% silver proof features the largest wind powered sailing vessel ever built. She cruised around the world numerous times between 1902 and 1910, when she ran aground and was lost. Who knows what tales she could tell! Tales of bar fights in dangerous ports, hurricanes, killer waves and maybe a Polynesian grass-skirted lady or two! Get this very low mintage proof (only 2,500!) and capture a bit of her adventure yourself!

176464|$59.95 2010 $10 Silver Preussen Proof

Dreadnoughts Clash on Naval Series Proof

Big warships on coins is a very popular commemorative theme. This 2011 $1 Silver Battle of Jutland Proof features HMS Iron Duke, the flagship of the British fleet during WWI. It’s the latest release in the Famous Naval Battles series. The battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle in history, involving 250 ships. The Germans sank more ships than the British, but Britain’s command of the North Sea remained intact. This proof features the battleship in color, is larger than a Silver Dollar, and comes in colorful mint packaging. Only 5,000 were minted. The first release in the series is sold out, so don’t wait!

179293|$119 2011 $1 Silver Battle of Jutland Proof

Stake Your Claim to the World’s Scariest Coin

This coin is not for the squeamish! It showcases a Samoan fruit bat in all its vampiric glory. Actually, the fruit bat—commonly known as a flying fox—lives harmlessly on fruit. But with flaming-red gemstones for its eyes, the upside-down hanging character on this 38.61 mm coin is scary as can be wrapped within its leathery wings. Struck in 92.5% sterling silver, this proof may not be for the faint of heart, but with only 2,500 available, few will have the chance to own it.

150376|$79.95 2010 Flying Fox Silver Proof

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(Standard-size cards)

Gold Hold ’em Cards. Not Just for Texans!

Millions of folks around the world play poker, but few have the opportunity to play with a set of 24K gold-layered playing cards! This complete set of 54 handmade cards arrives in a deluxe wooden presentation case. Each card is struck like a coin, then layered in 99.99% gold, creating a stunning playing experience. Just make sure you count all the cards after the game, before your “friends” leave! This gold 52-card regulation poker deck plus two jokers makes for great fun and a great gift idea.

144876|$279 Gold Poker Card Set

New Buffalo Nickel Caused an Uproar!

Shortly after the new Buffalo Nickel was released in 1913, folks noticed that they were already wearing down! This was because the buffalo stood on a mound, and “Five Cents” rose too high. The ensuing uproar forced the mint to redesign the coin before the year ended. The result is that these 1913 Type I Buffalos are hard to find, particularly in Extremely Fine condition. We found a small number so you can add them to your collection today! One-year-only and first-year-of-issue Buffalo Nickel. Struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

148390|$59.95 1913 Philadelphia Type I Buffalo Nickel XF

Did You Get Your Sold Out 2009 Silver Eagles?

Did you get your 2009 Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Eagles yet? The demand for 2009 Silver Eagles was massive. They’re one of the world’s best-selling silver coins, and they disappear fast whenever they’re offered. Many collectors couldn’t find 2009s. The 2011s are now released. We bought up as many as we could, and we’re releasing our entire stock to you so you can get your one Troy ounce 99.93% 2009 Silver Eagles before they’re gone.

139237|$59.95 | $ 5 4 . 0 0 e a . Qty-20 save over $115 2009 Silver Eagle BU

Lady Liberty Turns Heads and Hands!

This lady can still turn heads! It’s a fabulous timepiece fashioned from a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar. The case is gold-fused and has a reeded edge—just like the famous dollar. We can now offer this marvelous technological feat at this remarkable price, but only while our small supply lasts! Morgan date of our choice.

181078|$145 Morgan Dollar Watch

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U.S. History in Your Hands

Two Bits, Four Bits— Wait a Minute, 20 Cents? The First Morgan Silver Dollar Designed by George T. Morgan, the “Morgan” dollar is the most coveted vintage silver dollar in the world. Renowned as the silver dollar of the Wild West, this hefty coin measures almost 1 ½ inches in diameter. Struck from silver mined at the historic Comstock Lode in Nevada, it was affectionately known as the “cartwheel” because of its large size. This first-year 1878-dated coin is a “gotta have” for any collection!

149848|$139 1878-S First-Year Morgan Dollar

Few collectors realize that the U.S Mint struck a 20-Cent Piece during the 19th century. First proposed by Thomas Jefferson as part of his decimal model for U.S. currency, the 20 Cent Piece wasn’t adopted until the massive amounts of silver pouring out of the Comstock Lode in Nevada made it feasible. Alas, like the Susan B. Anthony Dollar 100 years later, it was too close to the size of a quarter for the public to accept it. Struck only from 1875 to 1878, fewer than 1.4 million were minted. Nearly all have long since disappeared. Coins are in Very Good condition and struck in 90% silver. One of the most elusive of all U.S. coins, each comes with a certificate of authenticity and is housed in a display case.

94188|$239 1875–1878 20 Cent Silver Piece VG

Across the Great Divide on the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail Half Dollar is regarded as one of the best designs ever for a U.S. commemorative. It features a classic Native American facing east and a Conestoga covered wagon heading west. It was minted between 1926 and 1939 and honors the pioneers who travelled west along the trail. It’s the first commemorative ever struck at the Denver and San Francisco Mints. In 14 years, only about 200,000 were minted, making this coin very difficult to locate in any condition. Don’t wait! These aren’t often available to add to your collection. Struck in 90% silver. Dates and mints are our choice. About Uncirculated condition.

148386|$329 1926-1939 Silver Oregon Trail Half Dollar AU

Lincoln Penny’s Facelift Makes a Lot of Cents

2010 not only marks the Lincoln Cent’s 101st anniversary, it also marks only the second time the coin has undergone a permanent design change. The coin’s reverse has been redesigned as a shield representing the preservation of the Union. The design, widely used during the Civil War, features 13 stripes representing the states in support of the federal government. Collectors are snatching up these new cents as fast as they’re released. Here’s your chance to get 50-coin rolls from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. That’s 100 coins in all! A deal this good sure makes a lot of “cents.” Order yours now!

149164|$15.95 2010 P & D Lincoln Cent “Preservation of the Union” 50-Coin Roll

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200th Anniversary Constitutional Proof In 1787, delegates at the Constitutional Convention began the U.S. Constitution with three simple words that can be recited by every citizen from the youngest student to the oldest retiree: “We the People.” Those three words dominate the Silver $1 Constitution Proof issued in 1987 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of one of the world’s most important documents. Struck in 90% silver, this classic was struck at the San Francisco Mint specifically for the anniversary.

175716 | $39.95 1987 Silver $1 Constitution Proof

The Ultimate Franklin Half-Dollar Set

Coin Collectors Made This Coin Scarce!

Congress authorized 250,000 of these silver San Diego commemorative half dollars in 1935. When collectors saw the Franklin Half Dollars circulated from only 1948 to 1963. Their short high mintage figure they didn’t buy the coins. Then, the issuers run represents America’s last-ever set of circulating half-dollar coins raised the price and scared away even more collectors! The struck in 90% silver. After years of amassing them, we’ve assembled actual mintage was about 100,000, and today the coin is hard to find. The goddess Minerva is featured along with buildings from complete sets—every date, every mintmark—all 35 coins! They’re all here, even the scarce 1953-P (the lowest mintage in the series) as the World’s Fair the coin was made for. The coins are known for well as the key 1949-S and 1955-P issues. Get ‘em all at once before their frosty luster and super-fresh appearance. A great addition to your silver commemorative collection. Get yours today! they’re gone! Each coin is in Brilliant Uncirculation condition and Professionally graded MS65 by PCGS or NGC. Date, mint and comes in a handsome album. grading service is our choice 175711|$1,395

1948-1963 Franklin Half-Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated Collection

1 5 0 2 8 6 | $ 3 2 9 MS65 1935-1936 Silver San Diego Half Dollar

Large Cents Survive 19th Century Meltdown!

During the 1850s, large cents were melted by the millions, and most were lost forever. Craftsmen purchased them in 14,000-coin kegs from the mint and immediately melted them down to get the copper. They actually paid less for the coins than the U.S. Mint paid for the raw copper used to strike them! That’s why they’re so hard to find today! These are in Very Good collector condition. Struck from 1835 to 1857. Date is our choice.

113031|$69.95 United States Large Cent VG

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Tribute to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving

Last $500 and $1,000 Federal Reserve Notes

Today it seems that $100 bills disappear from our wallets as fast as $20 bills used to. But back in 1934, $500 and $1,000 bills were the largest denomination Federal Reserve Notes in circulation. They were used primarily for bank-to-bank transactions, so ordinary folks never saw them, and, even if they had, they couldn’t save them. So, when they were withdrawn from circulation years ago, most were destroyed, making them very hard to find today. We’ve managed to locate a small group of each at such a good price you can save a substantial amount, while they last. In 1934, you could take a two-month European cruise for a $500 bill and got $5 back in change—but it cost $720 to fly round trip across the Atlantic on the Zeppelin Hindenburg! The $500 Note features William McKinley, and the $1,000 Note shows Grover Cleveland. Series 1934 legal-tender Federal Reserve Notes in Very Fine condition.

135123|$1,999 $500 Federal Reserve Note VF 135124|$3,499 $1,000 Federal Reserve Note VF

10 Last-Ever Silver Certs in a Row

$1 Silver Certificates were issued between 1878 and 1957. Up until 1968, you could redeem one for an ounce of silver, so they were popular with “hard money” advocates. Today they’re hard to find, particularly in the Crisp Uncirculated condition coveted by collectors. It’s even tougher to get Silver Certificates with sequential serial numbers. We found a small lot, and you can now get 10 notes in a row. Each is fresh, with strong vibrant colors and attractive centering. Crisp Uncirculated Condition.

148398|$299 1957 $1 Silver Certificates CU Ten-Piece Set

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Missing “In God We Trust”

Last “Godless” Dollar Bill Found!

All coins and most U.S. currency from 1864 to today have the motto “In God We Trust” somewhere on them. But not this 1935 Silver Certificate. Most were issued with the motto, but some were printed without it. They’re even more desirable because the front is very similar to the current Federal Reserve Note, but the back is slightly different. It just shows a large “ONE” in green ink (the motto should be above the “ONE”). Very popular and highly collectible! • The last dollar bill without “In God We Trust” • Crisp Uncirculated condition

148400|$24.95 1935 U.S. $1 Godless Silver Certificate CU

Farm and Factory on First Federal Reserve Note

Teddy Roosevelt inspired gold coins with iconic American images, and this first-ever 1914 $10 Federal Reserve Note did the same thing for paper money. The reverse features farming and industry, the two drivers of the economy at the time. The farmers are using real “horsepower,” and the factory symbolizes American power and ingenuity. This classic note is rarely seen and makes a great addition to any collection. Check out the neat Federal Reserve Bank seal on the front! • Part of the last series of large-size “Horseblanket” notes • Fine condition, comes in acrylic holder

148381|$199 1914 U.S. $10 Federal Reserve Note F

Federal Reserve Note Captures Steam Power!

The vignettes on this first-ever 1914 $20 Federal Reserve Note capture the power of steam transportation, which ruled the world at the time. Racing toward each other on the back of the note are the two workhorses of the day, the locomotive and steamship. On the front, Grover Cleveland displaces Andrew Jackson. This scarce and seldom-seen note is a great start or addition to any currency collection. They don’t make them like this anymore! • From the first series of $20 Federal Reserve Notes • Comes in an acrylic holder. Fine condition

148382|$299 1914 U.S. $20 Federal Reserve Note F

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Hard-to-Find Consecutive-Number Notes Surprise Your Friends and Family!

Money may not grow on trees, but with this sheet of uncut $2 bills, it can hang on your wall! These are real legal-tender $2 bills, complete with official seals and serial numbers, but never cut apart! These fascinating and rarely seen sheets of uncut bills are perfect for framing and sure to make an interesting display that will attract attention in your home or office. Makes a great gift, too! 1 1 3 9 0 9 | $ 3 9 . 9 5 $2 Uncut Sheet of 4 1 1 3 9 8 9 | $ 6 9 . 9 5 $2 Uncut Sheet of 8 7 5 0 7 | $ 1 6 9 $2 Uncut Sheet of 32

It’s not easy to find five $2 Federal Reserve Notes with consecutive serial numbers. This five-piece set of 2003 series $2 Notes features five serial numbers in a row. Each note is in Crisp Uncirculated condition. The reverse shows the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It’s far and away the most elaborately engraved vignette on today’s currency. Jefferson on the obverse appears to be contemplating his Louisiana Purchase. Currency is the fasting growing collectible in America. Makes a great gift!

148401|$24.95 2003 U.S. $2 Federal Reserve Note CU 5-Piece Set

Will You Ever See Ben Franklin Again?

Half Dollars in Brilliant Uncirculated condition get harder to find every year. When the Kennedy Half Dollar came out in 1964, collectors saved those and ignored Ben. Then, silver skyrocketed in price, not just once in 1965, but again in 1979, and millions of these last-year coins were melted. Silver prices rose dramatically in 2010. More last-year Franklins may now be doomed to the melting pot. Get your 1963 Franklin rolls before they’re gone forever! You get a 20-coin banker’s roll of this last-year-of-issue half dollar for less than $20 per coin.

5986|$399 1963 U.S. Silver Franklin 20-Coin Roll BU

Flawless Civil War $5 Gold Commemorative

One of the most popular modern coins ever issued, the 1995 $5 Civil War gold commemorative is also one of the hardest to find in pristine condition. We have a small group of Mint State 69 and 70 coins and Proof 69 and 70 coins—among the scarcest modern commemoratives available. Each has been professionally certified, graded and encapsulated. The razor-sharp details and flawless design of a lonely Civil War-era bugler will give you chills. Collectors are crawling all over each other to get fascinating near-perfect specimens like these, but we’ve done all the legwork for you. 150856|$2,195 150857|$2,695 150858|$1,095 150859|$1,795


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Rare 1996 Olympic Games Commemoratives Found in the Southeast!

While on a buying trip in the Southeast, we found these special 1995 baseball and basketball half-dollar commemorative issues of the San Francisco branch of the U.S. Mint. They’re unusual because each coin is in official U.S. Mint 1996 Atlanta Games packaging, and each includes a pin for the 1996 Games. (These pins are a hot collectible in their own right. They’re actively traded at every Olympic Games.) After further research, we discovered that these special packs were on sale in Atlanta during the 1996 Games and perhaps nowhere else. So, it’s likely very few of the Olympic collectors who started their collections after 1996 even know these exist! They could be as tough or tougher to find than some of the other Atlanta issues, like the 1996-D Tennis Dollar valued at $245 in BU and the 1996-D High Jump Dollar, which is valued at $305 in BU. We don’t really know, because apparently no official sales records were kept! When you add up all the positives and consider the low price, this is a collectible to buy and sock away. With every new Olympic Games, more and more collectors seek out collectibles, and there’s no telling how these could be valued in the future—or even if they’ll be available. Act now! We don’t know if we’ll ever see these again! Both Baseball and Basketball half dollars available. Each coin is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. 1 5 0 2 7 3 | $ 3 9 . 9 5 1995-S Olympic Baseball Half Dollar BU 1 5 0 2 7 2 | $ 3 9 . 9 5 1995-S Olympic Basketball Half Dollar BU

Destined to be the Scarcest Parks Proof Set?

It’s a fact that the first-year silver state quarters proof set is the scarcest of all. The same thing could happen with this complete first-year five-coin America The Beautiful Silver Proof Set™ from the U.S. Mint. If all the state quarter collectors seek it out, this prized set could disappear fast. It features the five first-year quarters: Hot Springs, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Mount Hood. Each is struck in 90% silver and frosted proof condition. Comes in original U.S. Mint packaging. Get started today!

149835|$49.95 2010 Silver America The Beautiful™ Proof Set

The Few. The Proud.

This 90% silver dollar was issued in 2005 to commemorate the 230th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps and its proud tradition of defending the United States. Dual dated 1775 and 2005, it features the famous raising of the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima atop Mount Suribachi—the most enduring military image of World War II. The personification of American military might, this official U.S. legal-tender coin was awarded the prestigious “Coin of the Year” award.

175718|$89.95 2005 $1 Marine Corps 230th Anniversary BU

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Coins That Led to Hitler’s Rise to Power

The Only Coin With An “Ironclad” Guarantee

The Monitor vs. the Merrimack marked the first time in naval history that two “ironclads” squared off. The Civil War battle, fought in 1862 at Hampton Roads near the confluence of the Elizabeth and James Rivers, is captured in a full ounce of 99.99% pure silver on this large 40.6 mm proof. Part of the renowned Perth Mint’s “Famous Naval Battles” series, this colorized coin is sure to strike a direct hit with coin collectors and Civil War buffs alike.

175857 |$99.95 2010 Battle of Hampton Road Silver Proof

Watch This “Kitten’s” Claws!

This Year of the Tiger cub looks cute enough to play with, but even at this age their claws pack a punch. The 2010 Tiger Cub Silver Dollar is one of the most interesting tiger coins issued. She’s rolling around in a basket, playing with a colorized ball of yarn. Tiger coins are immensely popular around the world, with many issues selling out very quickly. With such a small mintage and great theme, this tiger cub could be the next to disappear. A great addition to your Year of the Tiger collection! Only 6,000 stunning Proofs were struck.

2010 Tiger Cub Silver Dollar Proof

After its defeat in WWI, Germany was brought to its knees by economic and political instability. With hyperinflation making Germany’s currency nearly worthless, the government led by the Weimar Republic attempted to reform the currency. One of the results was these impressive 200 Mark aluminum coins. With the onset of the Great Depression and the emergence of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party, the Weimar Republic collapsed. Now you can own a piece of pre-WWII history with a 40-coin roll of these remarkable Uncirculated coins.

176457|$79.95 1923A Germany 200 Mark Weimar Hyperinflation 40-Coin Roll

Give Me Your World Heritage Site Silver!

This 2010 $5 Silver Statue of Liberty color proof celebrates Lady Liberty being added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. It shows Miss Liberty in blue, raising her torch with Manhattan in the background, and it is part of the World of Wonders coin series. With an extremely low mintage and such a popular theme, these large silver proofs won’t be around very long. Only 2,500 minted in 92.5% silver in Proof condition with selective color added.

176481| $79.95 2010 $5 Silver Statue of Liberty Proof

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Last-Year Morgan From “The Big Easy” Between 1879 and 1904, the New Orleans Mint produced some of the most desired Morgan silver dollars in the entire series. This 1904 specimen is the key last year of issue for those struck at the historic mint. Each of these Brilliant Uncirculated beauties from the “Big Easy” was part of the famous U.S. Treasury Hoard. With its distinctive “O” mintmark, a coin struck at the New Orleans Mint immediately commands intense collector interest— especially their last Morgan silver dollars!

175634|$79.95 1904 New Orleans Mint Morgan BU

Your Golden Opportunity

Get Your Own Gold Buffalo from the Herd

The 2010 Gold Buffalos have been out for only a short time and already collectors have thinned the “herd.” But don’t let that stop you from bagging your bison—we’ve got these gorgeous Proof Buffalos available. We’ve also acquired a small cache of near-perfect and perfect specimens. Each has been certified, graded and encapsulated by NGC or PCGS, the world’s leading third-party grading services. America’s Gold Buffalo coins are the first 99.99% pure gold coins ever struck by the U.S. Mint. They represent a simple and tangible means to own 24-karat gold in the form of legal-tender coins whose content and purity is guaranteed by the U.S. government. Steeped in American history, the original James Earle Fraser design that first appeared on the Type I 1913 nickel is one of the most popular images ever to grace U.S. coinage. Order yours now at today’s prices! 1 5 0 3 9 3 | $ 2 , 2 9 5 2010 $50 Gold Buffalo Proof 1 7 6 9 9 7 | $ 2 , 3 9 5 2010 $50 Gold Buffalo PCGS PF69 1 7 6 9 9 8 | $ 2 , 4 9 5 2010 $50 Gold Buffalo PCGS PF70

Get the First U.S. Commemorative Half

The first U.S. commemorative half dollar was minted for the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1893, the huge World’s Fair held to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the voyage of Columbus to America. The coin features the explorer on the reverse and one of his ships on the obverse. Only 1.5 million were made. Most were heavily circulated and later melted. We found a small cache, and you can now add this first-ever U.S. commemorative half dollar to your collection. Sold elsewhere for $55. Struck in 90% silver.

1 4 8 4 0 9 | $ 2 9 . 9 5 Save $22.05 1892–1893 Silver Columbian Half Dollar XF

Capped Bust Silver Half Dollar

What’s a ripe old age for U.S. coins? This half dollar is at least 175! Almost none survive in Fine condition like these Capped Bust Half Dollars. They feature a bust of Miss Liberty and a shield-chested reverse eagle with his wings spread, holding an olive branch and a bundle of arrows. A real classic U.S. type coin in great collectible grade with lots of detail still showing. Struck in 90% silver between 1809 and 1836. Dates are our choice.

148385|$165 1809-1836 U.S. Silver Capped Bust Half Dollar

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First-Ever Wolf Has Collectors Howling For More!

Once in a blue moon we see a new release like this 2011 $5 Canada Silver Wolf with such a powerful and iconic image it has “soon to be a classic” written all over it. It’s struck in Brilliant Uncirculated condition in one Troy ounce of 99.99% silver and the same size as a Morgan Silver Dollar. It features the Timber Wolf poised on the forest heights beneath a full moon, carefully surveying his domain. It’s the first release in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Wildlife coin series. This legal-tender limited-edition series is sure to be a big hit, so you’ll want multiples of this stunning first coin!

179153|$49.95 2011 Canada $5 Silver Wolf BU

His Salt Is Your Salary!

Roman soldiers were paid in salis—Latin for “salt.” Our word for “salary” comes from this practice. This glorious one-ounce proof honors Roman soldiers who spread the power of the Roman Empire across the world. The first coin in the new Great Warriors series, it’s struck in 99.9% fine silver and features a battle-tested legionnaire in vivid color. Order yours now! With only 5,000 proofs issued for the entire world, you may have to go to war to get one later. At this price, it won’t dent your salary.

149371| $99.95 2010 Roman Legionnaire Silver Proof

Feel the Fury of the Viking Age

In battle, Vikings were known as Berserkers for their nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury. It’s no wonder they’re among the world’s greatest warriors and the latest theme for this epic limitededition series of 99.9% fine silver proofs. Struck in full color, a massive Viking warrior is ready for battle with a pair of Dane axes on this large 40.6 mm coin. Only 5,000 of these exciting coins were released, and each comes in a mint presentation case with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

150387|$99.95 2010 Great Warriors Viking Silver Proof

Give a Gift of Biblical Proportions!

This biblical widow’s mite is set in a Jerusalem Cross pendant carved from genuine olive wood grown between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The coin is mentioned by Jesus in the bible. The coin in your pendant was actually in circulation in the Holy Land at the time of Jesus and could have passed through the hands of the Apostles! A wonderful memento from the time of Jesus!

175671|$39.95 135–49 B.C. Widow’s Mite Olive Wood Pendant

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U.S. Mint Honors Korean War Heros

Korea. 34,741 U.S. dead. 92,134 wounded. 7,245 POWs. This 90% silver 1991 Korean War Memorial Proof Silver Dollar was struck at the San Francisco Mint and honors those who served on the 38th anniversary of the conflict. The sales of this special commemorative helped pay for the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C. It features images of air, ground and naval forces on the obverse. The reverse, designed by famed mint engraver John Mercanti, has a map of Korea showing the 38th parallel. A great memorial and gift for those who served.

178205| $49.95 1991-S Silver Korean War Memorial Proof

The Coin Struck to Remember the Alamo!

Sam Houston and Stephen Austin share honors with a winged angel of victory hovering over the Alamo on this silver Texas commemorative half dollar. The star is on the other side. It’s a virtual pictorial history of the founding of the Lone Star State! Struck between 1934 and 1938, the Texas Half Dollar celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Republic. The intricate detail of this dramatic half still attracts collectors 75 years after issue. Start your set of early U.S. commemorates right here. Professionally graded MS65 or MS66 by PCGS or NGC. Date, mint and grading service are our choice.

1 7 6 8 0 3 | $ 5 9 9 MS66 1 5 0 2 8 5 | $ 4 9 9 MS65 1934-1938 Texas Commemorative Half Dollar

1857–1858 U.S. Flying Eagle Cent

When the Flying Eagle Cent was released in 1857, more than a thousand people lined up around the Philadelphia Mint to get them. These elusive first U.S. copper-nickel coins are still coveted by collectors for their classic eagle design. Get yours in Fine collector condition now! Date is our choice.

175313|$79.95 | $ 7 5 . 0 0 Qty-3 save $24.50 | $ 6 9 . 0 0 Qty-5 save $54.75 U.S. Flying Eagle Cent Fine

Tribute to Vietnam Veterans

More than 30 years after the last American soldiers left Vietnam, the sacrifices made by these unsung heroes were finally honored with a one-year-only U.S. commemorative silver dollar. Struck in 90% fine silver, the 1994 Vietnam Commemorative Proof features a poignant image of a hand reaching up to touch the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., with several names clearly visible. This popular and profound coin serves as a somber remembrance of the divisive conflict during a pivotal era in our nation’s history. Only 226,262 of these historic proof coins were ever issued.

175933| $159 Vietnam Commemorative Silver Proof

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Get All Five First Parks Quarters at Once!

Scarce “Godly” Peace Dollar

Peace Dollars make fantastic additions to any silver dollar collection. This particular 1926 Peace Dollar carries a one-year-only detail that makes it especially desirable—the word “GOD” is struck in high relief on the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Why was this done? It is believed that it had to do with U.S. Mint Chief Engraver John Sinnock’s strong faith amid a 1920s public outcry that pitted the teaching of evolution against divine creation. This specimen also comes in Mint State-63 condition that shows this remarkable detail. Quantities are limited, so we encourage you to call today to secure this piece of American history.

You get all five first-ever America The Beautiful Quarters™ when you order this first-year official U.S. Mint proof set. Following fast on the heels of the state quarters, this new series features a park or other significant natural heritage site from each state. The first-year coins are Hot Springs, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Mount Hood. The set comes in a colorful hard plastic protective display. This first-year set could be the scarcest in the series, so get yours now and you won’t miss out on this key first year of issue, to get all five frosted-clad quarter proofs in one set.

150137|$21.95  010 America The Beautiful Clad Proof Set 2

175938| $129 1926 “Godly” Peace Dollar PCGS MS63

Complete 23-Year Proof 69 Eagle Set!

Proof Silver Eagles are some of the most popular coins ever struck by the U.S. Mint. They’ve been the collector’s choice ever since the first one was issued in 1986. We’ve assembled this complete 23-year Proof Silver Eagle collection dated from 1986 to 2008. Each coin is professionally graded near-perfect Proof 69 by NGC or PCGS! Grading service is our choice.

138933|$2,995 1986­–2008 American Silver Eagle PF69 Set

Hard-to-Find 25-Piece MS69 Silver Eagle Set

This 25-piece mint state Silver Eagle set includes all 25 regular-issue Silver Eagle Dollars! Every coin is graded MS69 by PCGS or NGC. (Grading service is our choice). Even better, your set comes in a hard plastic NGC or PCGS box, which features their logo. This is the preferred way to store and preserve your collection.

149010|$1,799 1986–2010 American Silver Eagle MS69 Set

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U.S. Mint Sets

Folks have collected U.S. coins ever since the first coins were minted in 1792. During the 19th century, a collection was considered complete if you had one coin from every year of a series. Starting in the 20th century, collectors focused on the bigger challenge of getting an example of every date and mint. The U.S. Mint began producing complete Mint Sets in the 1940s. Now you can get an example of every coin from every mint issued since 1960. That’s 51 years of coins all at once. And every one is in official mint packaging. You could hunt through pocket change for the rest of your life and never find them all—and none of them would be in uncirculated condition!

1960-2010 U.S. Mint Sets

Official government-issued Mint Sets include an example of every circulating coin for that year. Sets from 1973 to 1978 include the Eisenhower Dollar, sets from 1979 to 1981 include the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and sets from 2000 to 2004 include the Sacagawea Dollar. Plus, the 1976 Bicentennial Set contains one-time-only 25¢, 50¢ and $1 designs, and sets from 1999 to 2010 include State and Territorial Quarters. Mint Sets were not produced in 1982 and 1983. Get a jump start by ordering 25 years of Mint Sets. You’ll receive every Mint Set released from 1968 to1994—274 coins in all! You’ll save by ordering the set and you’ll receive a copy of United States Proof and Mint Sets by Bill Gale and Ron Guth—free! 1 0 1 4 7 8 | $ 3 9 5 Save over $30 25-Year Mint Sets (1968 – 1994) 92676 92677 92678 92679 92680 92681 92682 92683 92684 92685 92686 92687 92688 92689 92690 92691 92693

1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965* 1966* 1967 * 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976

$72 $79 $72 $69 $67 $17 $17 $21 $11 $13 $35 $9 $9.95 $39.95 $13.95 $18.95 $16.95

175931|$29.95 Book (FREE with purchase of 25 Year Mint Sets) 92694 92695 92696 92697 92698 92699 92700 92701 92702 92703 92704 92705 92706 92707 93679 93680 92709

1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995

$16.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $27 $12.95 $13.95 $27 $13.95 $15.95 $12.95 $12.95 $17.95 $13.95 $16.95 $16.95 $29.95

92710 92711 92712 92713 92714 92715 92716 92717 94292 103358 104699 115241 137429 146016 175434

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

$39.95 $39.95 $22.95 $38.95 $35 $39 $39 $39.95 $69.95 $39.95 $29 $39 $89.95 $67 $48.95

* Special Mint S et

Parks, Union Cent Highlight 2010 Mint Set

The 2010 U.S. Mint Set is bursting with 28 coins, one of every type struck from both the Denver and Philadelphia branches of the U.S. Mint. The set is housed in two blister packs, one for each mint, and includes the first-year-of-issue parks quarters: Hot Springs, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Mt. Hood. Another first is the new Union Shield Reverse Lincoln Cent. The 2010 Presidential Dollars honor Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan and Lincoln. Also included are the Native American Dollar, the Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime and Kennedy Half Dollar. Wow!

175434| $49.95 2010 Official U.S. Mint Set Uncirculated

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Third Crusade Created Two Legends: Richard the Lionheart and Robin Hood!

This 2010 Third Crusade Antique finish silver commemorative features Richard the First of England in the heat of battle. He gained his moniker “Lionheart” as a result of his brave exploits in the Third Crusade. This miniature sculpture shows one of the greatest battle Duck! This Mace Is Fatal! scenes ever! Meanwhile, back in Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, Modern Mace® burns the eyes. This knight’s mace crushed the the sheriff used his alliance with John, Richard’s brother, to have his skull. That’s how a warrior of the middle ages achieved a decisive way with the locals. The result? Robin Hood and his Merry Men outcome. The first to land the blow won. This 2010 $1 Knight 99.9% arose to protect the downtrodden. These won’t last—only 1,000 silver proof is the third in the Great Warriors series and features the were minted. Hurry! colorfully-clad knight about to lunge at his opponent. Did the rise or 1 7 7 1 9 3 | $ 8 9 . 9 5 fall of a kingdom hinge on his blow? You can visualize the outcome 2010 $5 Silver Third Crusade Commemorative with no personal risk when you land one of these impressive proofs yourself! Only 5,000 were minted. Comes in presentation case with certificate of authenticity.

176937 | $99.95 2010 Knight Silver Dollar Proof

Cuddle Up to the Golden Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? With this unique bear-shape coin, you can please everyone on your gift list. Struck in 99.99% pure gold, this legal-tender coin comes in the actual shape of a teddy bear right down to its ears, paws, face and tummy. Whether as a keepsake for yourself or a gift to a loved one, it’s a cuddly little treasure that’s sure to delight. It also makes a charming piece of jewelry! 1 7 6 4 6 7 | $ 7 9 . 9 5 Gold Teddy Bear

The Healing Power of Ancient Silver

Asklepion was an ancient healing center in the first century B.C., the “Mayo Clinic” of its day. This Greek Silver Tetradrachm was struck in Pergamane to provide patients with coins to pay their bill! It shows the double-twined snakes of the caduceus, the universal “doctor” symbol. The snakes look a bit gruesome, and it might not be an accident. Asklepion had the world’s first psychiatric hospital— so maybe seeing writhing snakes wasn’t so unusual! Get this seldom-seen ancient coin that’s packed with history—and reptiles! Struck between 76 and 67 B.C. Extremely Fine.

151314|$750 76–67 B.C. Silver Snake Tetradrachm XF

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Scarce Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar

With mintages much smaller than other Morgans, 1882 to 1884 Morgans issued by the Carson City Mint are truly scarce today, especially those graded in MS63 Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition by NGC or PCGS. Their famous “CC” mintmark says it all–these 90% silver coins are genuine artifacts of the Old West. Dates are our choice.

110394|$399 1882–1884-CC Morgan Silver Dollar MS63

Abraham Lincoln— Bold and Beardless

Now you can own the first U.S. legal-tender silver coin depicting Abraham Lincoln! The 1918-P Lincoln-Illinois Commemorative Half Dollar was authorized and struck to celebrate Illinois’ 100th anniversary as a state. The very first coin issued to mark such an occasion, it featured Morgan’s beardless Abraham Lincoln. Less than one-half of one percent of all 1918 Half Dollars were of this Lincoln design! Get yours now!

175694 | $289 1918 Lincoln-Illinois Half Dollar BU

Vintage U.S.Treasures

“Five” or “One Half” of the Other?

This half dime was the first silver coin authorized by a United States congressional act. Interestingly, the half dime actually circulated at the same time as a 5-cent nickel. Why? We’re not sure. But we do know that even though they were technically five cents, half dimes were not considered “nickels” because they were struck in 90% fine silver. Struck well over 125 years ago between 1837 and 1873, this circulated Seated Liberty Half Dime was the last type issued of this strange denomination and is seldom seen today. Dates are our choice.

175300|$79.95 1837-1873 U.S. Seated Liberty Half Dime

Indian Head Cent Collection

Before today’s Lincoln Cent was introduced in 1909, the “Indian Head” Cent dominated America’s coin landscape. Now, you can obtain this fantastic 10-coin set that features the widely popular Indian Head Cents in assorted dates. Each comes to you in at least Fine condition and is guaranteed to be over 100 years old! Featuring the beautiful Indian Princess design, the coins in this affordable set will be treasured for years. Dates are our choice.

175296|$59.95 1864 -1907 10-Coin Indian Head Cent Set Fine

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Lost Razor Causes End of the World!

You may have heard the world is about to end, but it’s not because of end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. It’s all due to Charlemagne’s beard! The whole story is told in detail on this 2010 Tales of Austria 92.5% Silver Proof, the next coin in this spectacular series. The king’s been sleeping under a mountain for centuries, with his beard growing, circling around a table twice. It’s about to make the third round, and when it does, he will wake up and initiate the battle of all against all. Poof! We’re toast! You’d better hurry and get this proof before it’s really “too late!”

178711|$49.95 2010 Austria 10 Euro Charlemagne Silver

It’s Hammer Time With These Silver and Gold Proofs

One of the most unusual creatures of the sea is the hammerhead shark. To pay tribute to this most unusual of predators, the South Pacific island nation of Palau has issued a pair of coins that absolutely nail the creature’s distinctive appearance. The colorized 92.5% sterling silver proof and 99.99% pure gold proof each show a school of hammerheads prowling about a reef on one side while the obverse shows a pair of alluring mermaids frolicking in the ocean.

176473|$69.95 2010 Hammerhead Shark Silver Proof 176474|$119 2010 Hammerhead Shark Gold Proof

Shroud of Turin Unveiled by Pope Benedict This 2010 $5 Silver Shroud of Turin Proof celebrates the exhibition of Christianity’s most sacred object by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. The famous burial shroud of Jesus was first exhibited in 1357, and one hundred thousand pilgrims came to see it at the recent exhibition. This rectangular silver proof with 24K gold layering shows the face of Jesus with an achromatic hologram. When you rotate the coin, the face appears just as it does on the shroud! Only 5,000 proofs were minted in 99.9% silver with 24K gold layering. A unique and thoughtful gift.

179241|$139  010 $5 Silver Shroud of Turin Proof 2

2011 Silver Kookaburras Are Here!

Struck annually by Australia’s Perth Mint, the design of the silver Kookaburra changes each year. And the new 2011 design is another crowd-pleaser! Featuring a Kookaburra on a stump ready to take flight, you won’t want to miss this fantastic offer. This .999 pure silver, crown-size coin measures 40.6 mm and comes in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The Perth Mint began issuing one-ounce Silver Kookaburras in 1990, and the little bird with the funny name became the namesake of this beloved coin series.

177179|$49.95 2011 Silver Kookaburra BU

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These Coins Are Just Your “Type” Last-Year Morgan Silver Dollars Found

Discovered in a Midwest farm cellar, this cache of long-forgotten 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars are among the most sought-after coins in America. These 90% silver beauties still dazzle with their mint luster. Weighing in at 26.73 grams with a diameter of 38.1 mm, they are the largest American coins struck for circulation. Get your key last year of issue, presented in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

175696|$49.95ea. | $ 4 7 . 9 5 e a . Qty-5 Save $10 | $ 4 5 . 0 0 e a . Qty-10 Save $49.50 | $ 4 2 . 0 0 e a . Qty-20 Save $159.00 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar BU

U.S. Type III Gold Dollars from the second half of the 19th century witnessed the Civil War, Custer’s Last Stand and the Industrial Revolution. Named for a third and final design change, they also survived the gold meltings of the 1930s. Thanks to our connections,a fantastic cache of these coins is now available once again. America’s last circulating $1 gold series, order yours now before it’s too late! Dates are our choice.

1 5 1 2 7 8 | $ 4 6 0 XF 1 5 1 2 7 9 | $ 5 9 9 BU as shown 1856 -1889 U.S. $1 Gold Type III

94,000 Iowans Sold in Lottery! America’s First Modern Commemorative

In 1982, the U.S. Mint struck its first commemorative coin in almost 30 years—this fabulous 30.6 mm silver half dollar that honors the 250th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. The obverse features Washington mounted on horseback, and the reverse depicts his home at Mount Vernon. This inaugural .900 fine silver coin is in immaculate Proof condition and comes preserved in its original U.S. Mint packaging.

175715|$29.95 Washington Half Dollar Proof

The majority of these 1946 Iowa commemorative Half Dollars (94,000) were sold to state residents in a county-by-county lottery. Only 5,000 sold out of state. That’s why it’s difficult for collectors around the country to locate one. The coin features the old State Capitol in Iowa City and the state seal and motto. Iowa commemoratives are some of the best-looking coins ever issued by the U.S. Mint. They display bold cartwheel luster and a super-fresh appearance, likely because they were carefully saved by Iowans themselves — in every county! Each comes professionally graded MS65 or MS66 by NGC or PCGS.

1 5 0 2 8 7 | $ 2 2 9 MS65 1 5 0 2 8 8 | $ 3 9 9 MS66 1946 Iowa Silver Half Dollar

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Latest Battleship Is Going, Going, Gone!

Here’s the latest in the wildly popular square battleship series, the 2010 $10 Richelieu Silver Proof. The pride of the French fleet, she fought on both sides during WWII, first with the Vichy French, and later with the Allies in 1944 and 1945 after being repaired in New York in 1943. This big square silver proof is sold out at the mint. No wonder! Only 1,000 were minted in two Troy ounces of 99.9% silver. We could only grab 50, and a quick sell out is expected. You need to call right now to get her, because of our extremely limited allotment and sharp demand. Each proof comes in velvet pouch with certificate of authenticity. 178719| $179 2010 $10 Silver Richelieu Battleship Proof

“Santo Subito!” Sainthood Now!

Thousands cried out at John Paul II’s funeral for instant sainthood, and millions around the world thought it. This 2005 John Paul II twenty-fifth ounce gold proof is one of the first coins to honor his life and ministry. It features the late pontiff in deep meditative prayer. The frosted images stand out boldly against deeply mirrored proof surfaces. Coins featuring John Paul are a fast-growing collectible area. That’s because he’s universally recognized as the “Peoples’ Pope,” and why this coin is a collectors’ favorite. (Even more so when he becomes a saint!) This early issue could become highly sought after in the future, with only 25,000 minted in 1.24 grams of 99.99% gold.

150267|$139 2005 $10 Gold John Paul II Proof

These Rabbits Aren’t Multiplying

In fact, as one of the first releases in the new Chinese lunar calendar animal series, they’re disappearing fast! The reverse of the 2011 one Troy ounce 99.9% silver coin features an alert doe with a bevy of youngins’. The larger-than-a-Silver-Dollar commemorative was minted in Proof-like condition in an extremely limited edition of only 5,000. With the ranks of lunar coin collectors growing by leaps and bounds every year, this one could be difficult to find after it sells out. Hop to it!

180175| $99.95  011 Silver Year Of The Rabbit Proof-Like 2

The Only Moray Eel You’ll Want to Get Close To!

The dreaded moray eel has a reputation for being one of the ocean’s most ill-tempered and vicious predators. In reality, moray eels hide from humans and would rather flee than fight. This exotic and mysterious sea creature is the subject of the fifth and final coin in the world-renowned Perth Mint’s popular Australian Sea Life Series. Not only is this Proof struck in a half ounce of .999 fine silver and from a limited edition of just 10,000, but the fascinating design shows a spotted moray eel in full color. It’s so lifelike you might flinch if you hold the coin too close!

150266| $59.95 2010 Australia Moray Eel Silver Proof

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Discovered! Never-Before-Seen Historic Coin Design

Imagine examining artifacts in the Smithsonian Institution and finding a never-before-seen sketch of the largest and highest-denomination American coin ever proposed! That’s just what happened to one coin expert recently when he explored the collection at this celebrated public institution. But as this numismatist discovered, it has more to share than he could ever imagine. To his surprise, he had found the original design concept for a hundred-dollar denomination created by George T. Morgan, arguably the greatest American coin designer. These sketches, hidden within an original sketchbook for nearly a century, represent perhaps the grandest American coin ever proposed—the $100 Union. George T. Morgan will always be remembered for his most famous coin—the Morgan silver dollar. Until recently, the world knew nothing of Morgan’s larger-sized and higher-denomination $100 Union concept design. Who knows what such a magnificent piece would be worth if it had made its way from Morgan’s sketchbook to U.S. coinage? The secret’s out! For a limited time, you can secure the world’s first and only $100 Union proof struck in .999 fine silver. Each comes certified and encapsulated with a Smithsonian Institution® velvet pouch and story card. For customers interested in obtaining an exquisite $100 Union proof in .999 fine gold, we suggest the limited-edition Ultra Cameo Proof. It includes a superb custom presentation case that features Morgan’s original design concept accompanied by a story card and certificate of authenticity. Call today to secure a piece of American history!

149992| $99.00 $100 UNION™ Silver Ultra Cameo Gem Proof

149778| C All Today For Pricing $100 UNION™ Gold Ultra Cameo Gem Proof

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Big Silver Balboa Is Not Named For “Rocky”! This Affordable Gold is Un-cus-cus-able!

Keep your eyes open for affordable gold that features animals, particularly low mintage gold celebrating endangered ones like this Spotted Cuscus. They haunt the forests of Australia and New Guinea. We search the world to find gold like this for you because you’re getting a commemorative with a lot going for it. It’s high-purity gold (99.99%), it’s a convenient size, and it has a collector demand that could easily outstrip the small supply (Only 15,000 were minted). These gold proofs will disappear fast, so order yours today.

180865|$99.95 2010 $5 Gold Spotted Cuscus Proof

Panama named it’s currency after Vasco Balboa, the first Spaniard to cross the country to the Pacific Ocean. Starting in 1971 they released these gargantuan silver 20 Balboas featuring an image of Simon Bolivar, the “George Washington” of South America. Way beyond impressive, they’re struck in shimmering frosted proof. They’re nearly 4 ounces of 92.5% silver in weight and 2.5 inches in diameter! At one time, these were the largest silver coins struck for circulation by any country. We found a small hoard of 80 pieces and snatched them up for you. Comes in protective numismatic capsule. The only way you’ll be disappointed is if you don’t get one. Call now!

177170|$199 1971­–1979 Panama 20 Balboas Silver Proof

Awesome Savings on 2011 Silver Koalas!

The new 2011 edition of Australia’s immensely popular Silver Koala series is on its way, and here’s your chance to obtain this fabulous coin in quantity and save. Featuring an engaging one-year-only Pope in the Holy Land Gold design of a mother koala and her baby sitting in the fork of a tree, This affordable Gold Proof Dollar celebrates Pope Benedict this coin is struck in one Troy ounce of 99.9% fine silver and comes XVI’s historic pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2009. It pays in Brilliant Uncirculated condition direct from the renowned Perth tribute to his trip by featuring the Dome on the Rock in Mint. At 40.6 mm in diameter, you really see the spectacular design. Jerusalem and the Coat of Arms of Vatican City. Affordable gold Order yours now before they make like a tree and leave! coins honoring historic events are hard to find. Add this one 178191| $49.95 to your collection before it’s gone! Struck in 99.99% gold, only | $ 4 8 . 9 5 e a . Qty-5 Save $5 25,000 proofs were minted. | $ 4 7 . 9 5 e a . Qty-10 Save $20

145176|$79.95 2009 Gold Pope in the Holy Land Proof

| $ 4 6 . 0 0 e a . Qty-20 Save $79 2011 Australian Koala Silver BU

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This Key-Date Coin Caused Nickelmania! Claim Your Gold Rush S-Mint $5 Gold Half Eagle

Struck at the “Gold Rush” Mint in San Francisco between 1866 and 1906, these Half Eagles survived the government gold meltdown over a half century ago. From just after the Civil War through 1906—the year of the San Francisco earthquake—the $5 Gold Half Eagle was one of America’s most prized coins. Struck in 90% gold, the major details of this beautiful coin are still well defined. Over 100 years old, dates are our choice. Struck at the San Francisco Mint. Collector’s grade Extremely Fine condition

Since the day it was released, no other nickel has created such a frenzy as the key date 1950 Jefferson struck at the Denver Mint. You see, fewer than 3 million were released, an unbelievably small number for a modern coin, and the lowest mintage in the entire Jefferson Nickel series. It’s the Key date! In the day, folks bought and sold rolls of 50-D’s like stocks and bonds! Now you can get this scarce nickel in PCGS or NGC MS66 (grading service is our choice). Luckily they’re right here, and at a great price! Hurry, we have fewer than 100.

178697|$79.95 1950-D Jefferson Nickel PCGS Or NGC MS66

92863|$840 | $ 8 0 0 Qty. 5 SAVE $200 | $ 7 5 0 Qty. 10 SAVE $900 100-Year-Old S-Mint $5 Gold Half Eagle XF

Parks Quarters and Union Cent Highlight 2010 Mint Set

The 2010 U.S. Mint set is bursting with 28 coins, one of every type struck from both the Denver and Philadelphia branches of the U.S. Mint. The set is housed in two blister packs, one for each mint, and includes the first-year-of-issue parks quarters: Hot Springs, Yellowstone, Yosemit, Grand Canyon and Mt. Hood. Another first is the new union shield reverse Lincoln cent. The 2010 Presidential Dollars honor Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan and Lincoln. Also included are the Native American Dollar, the Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime and Kennedy Half Dollar. Wow!

175434|$49.95 2010 Official U.S. Mint Set Uncirculated

Start Your Graded Parks Proof Sets Today

Get started at the beginning. Available in near-perfect Proof 69 and perfect Proof 70, here are complete first-year 2010 five-coin silver parks proof sets in NGC multi-coin holders. Did you see Old Faithful as a kid? How long did you have to wait for it to blow? Well, it’s in full throttle on the proof quarter! You also get the Yosemite, Mt. Hood, Hot Springs and Grand Canyon America The Beautiful Quarters™ in the set. These holders give you an impressive display and are great space savers. An easy way to start, and you get all the first-year silver proofs in NGC grades at once!

175919|$99.95 2010 Silver Parks Proof Set NGC PR69 175920|$269 2010 Silver Parks Proof Set NGC PR70

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Final Boarding Call For Lindberg Silver Proof!

The frenzy that resulted from Charles Lindberg’s first crossing of the Atlantic in 1927 was something never before seen. It made him a superstar and he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor as a result. Now we take transatlantic flights for granted. This 2010 Silver Proof celebrates Lindberg as part of an aviation commemorative series. It’s struck in 92.5% silver and is larger than a Silver Dollar. With only 5,000 minted and its popular theme, a rapid sellout could be imminent. This is your final boarding call!

177774 |$79.95 2010 Silver Charles Lindberg Proof

Get on Top of the 2010 Gold Koala From “Down Under”

Australia’s Koala gold Proof coins this year feature a fresh interpretation of a young koala on a tree branch eating gum leaves. The new, one-year-only design absorbs the reverse of the coin. Struck in 99.99% pure gold, just 5,000 of these tenth-ounce proofs have been issued for worldwide consumption. The 2010 Koala Gold Proof coins are housed in a presentation case with a jarrah timber lid and custom designed packaging. Each coin comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

176436 |$349 2010 Koala Tenth-oz Gold Proof

This Silver Ferrari Has Your Name on It!

The Legend. You. The Ferrari. This $5 2010 Silver Ferrari Proof features the 250 GTO from 1962 and the 599 GTO introduced in 2010. The rearing-horse Ferrari emblem is in blazing color and jumps right to your eye. Only 1,010 were struck and it’s sold out at the mint. Don’t miss your chance to own the legend! Hurry, we don’t have many. Each pedal-to-the-metal proof comes in official Ferrari packaging.

176475|$139 2010 $5 Silver Ferrari Proof

First-Ever Caribou Captured in Gold!

The Royal Canadian Mint is famous for its precise strikes, razorsharp designs and undeniably Canadian themes. This wonderful 11 mm gold coin more than lives up to that tradition. The caribou featured on the reverse of this coin marks the first time this animal has appeared on a gold coin—this after appearing without change on Canada’s quarter since 1937! Struck in 99.99% pure gold, just 15,000 are available, so get yours now before the entire “herd” gallops away.

150733|$99.95 2010 25-Cent Gold Caribou Proof

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Don’t Wait To Find Out When the Mint Will Run Out of These 2011 Gold Buffalos!

This is the sixth year for the wildly popular Gold Buffalo series from the U.S. Mint. The design, a tribute to James Earle Fraser, is a true depiction of his Buffalo Nickel first released in 1913. It features two iconic images of the old west, a portrait of a Native American and the bison that once roamed the great plains in vast numbers. It’s no wonder collectors love Gold Buffalos. They look even more spectacular in 99.99% fine gold, the highest purity gold coin struck by the mint. Adding to their allure, they’re also a U.S. legal-tender gold coin. But you can’t get these special 2011 Gold Buffalos directly from the mint. You can only get them from a distributor, like us. Last year, the U.S Mint ran out of Brilliant Uncirculated Gold Buffalos before the year was out. It’s one of the most popular gold series they’ve ever minted, and month after month, year after year it’s the most popular gold coin at New York Mint. This year, there’s no telling how long they’ll last. We have them for you right now in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) First Strike™ MS69 and MS70. Don’t wait! Round up your Gold Buffalos right now!

1 7 9 3 3 0 | $ 1 , 9 4 9 Brilliant Uncirculated 1 7 9 3 3 1 | $ 2 , 0 4 9 PCGS MS69 First Strike 1 7 9 3 3 2 | $ 2 , 4 9 9 PCGS MS70 First Strike 2011 $50 Gold Buffalo Brilliant

Back of Safe Yields Perfect 2008 Eagles!

Recently we found these 2008 PCGS MS70 First Strike™ Silver Eagles in the back of one of our safes. No one could remember why we saved them, but you’ll sure be glad we did. You see, finding current year Silver Eagles in perfect First Strike condition can be tough to do, because they are only graded in the first 30 days of release. Finding them from three years ago? Well, good luck! Bringing you lucky finds like this is what we’re all about. Don’t miss your opportunity to stock up and save! Only 360 are available. 175068| $199 | $ 1 8 9 e a . Qty-5 Save $50 | $ 1 6 9 e a . Qty-10 Save $300 2008 U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar PCGS MS70 FS

122-Year-Old Mother Mint Morgans Found!

In 1889 the Philadelphia Mint churned out 22 million Morgan Silver Dollars. If you could have told someone back then that someday they’d be hard to find, they wouldn’t have believed you. But what they didn’t know was that 270 million Morgans— including many of these 1889s–would be melted to get their precious 90% silver. And they’re still being melted today. Luckily, we managed to find a small supply for you. Every one is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Get as many as you can!

92023|$69.95 1889-P Morgan Silver Dollar BU

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Now’s Your Chance To Turn A New LEaf in 2011!

The Royal Canadian Mint is back again this year with one of the world’s most popular and recognizable one Troy ounce silver coins: the $5 Canadian Maple Leaf. At 99.99% silver, it’s one of the purest silver coins minted anywhere in the world. These legal tender coins have been minted every year since 1988, making this the 24th coin in the series. With silver on the move and the future uncertain, now is the time to stock up on these Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Maple Leafs!

179151|$49.95 | $ 4 8 . 9 5 Q t y - 5 Save $5 | $ 4 6 . 0 0 Q t y - 1 0 Save $39.50 | $ 4 3 . 0 0 Q t y - 2 0 Save $139 2011 Canada $5 Silver Maple Leaf BU


The Gold Eagle Proof That Almost Never Was!

The U.S. Mint shocked the world when it released these 2010 $5 91.7% Gold Eagle Proofs in late October. They didn’t make any in 2009, and folks weren’t expecting to see any for 2010. With such a short window of opportunity, many Gold Eagle Proof buyers were frozen out. We kept on top of the situation, so you can get your 2010 $5 tenth-ounce Gold Eagle Proofs right here, in Gem Proof condition and graded PR69 and PR70 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Each tenth-ounce gold proof has its weight and purity guaranteed by the U.S. government. But act fast, or you’ll miss out!

180191|$269 2010 $5 Gold Eagle Gem Proof 180192|$299 2010 $5 Gold Eagle PCGS PR69 180193|$399 2010 $5 Gold Eagle PCGS PR70

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New York Mint January catalog 2011  

New York Mint January catalog 2011