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Shoreline Written by Joe Lorenzo Alimagno

WRIFILM A51 Assignment Dr. Clodualdo del Mundo


EXT. GRASSY HILL — DAY ALEX is sitting on a grassy hill overlooking the beach. CARLO is beside him. Alex, holding an unlit cigarette, is seated facing Carlo, who is looking at the distance. They remain silent for moments as the continuous wind rustles the weeds around them. ALEX Mapapatawad mo ba ako? INT. REHAB — MORNING Alex is impatiently sitting along a row of chairs outside of an office. A sign on the wall shows that he is inside a drug rehabilitation institution. His feet are tapping frantically. He is the only one in the dim hallway and the sunlight coming in from a nearby window misses him by only a few inches. The door to the office creaks open. OLD LADY Pasok na po kayo. Alex enters and after some time, steps out of the office with a set of papers and big smile on his face. He walks out the hallway exit and sunlight hits his entire body. INT. CAR — DAY Alex is sitting in a car, feet tapping. He is staring out the window. Trees pass by outside as the car goes through the long stretch of highway. The set of papers is on top his bag beside him – “Alex Hemedes, 23 years old, Male” is printed on top. He has been released from rehab after having completed the program. Alex smiles as familiar sights pass and he nears his hometown. The DRIVER looks at Alex through the rear-view mirror. DRIVER Marami na pong nag-bago sa may atin. Mamaya po makikita ni’yo. EXT. GRASSY HILL — DAY Alex and Carlo are still seated. Alex’s feet are still.


CARLO Bakit ka pa ba kasi bumalik? Carlo remains staring at the horizon. Alex is silent for a while, head down. ALEX Hindi ko alam... Siguro it just felt like the right thing to do? Carlo doesn’t reply. ALEX (CONT’D) Siguro... I just wanted to be home. Carlo smiles as Alex ditches his cigarette and pulls out a new one from the pack in his pocket. CARLO Hindi ba dapat hindi ka na naninigarilyo? Akala ko ba nag-bago ka na? ALEX Pag-bigyan mo na ako. Ngayon lang naman to. EXT. HOMETOWN — DAY Their car enters the town. There is very little traffic apart from jeepneys and the occasional pedicab. ALEX (OS) ‘Eto na ba ‘yon? They pass by a small commercial complex, about three floors high. ALEX (OS) (CONT’D) Bakanteng lote pa ‘yan dati ah! They stop at an intersection where a traffic cop sits in his small booth, smoking a cigarette. ALEX (OS) (CONT’D) At kailan pa naging Reyes Street ‘to? Diba Rizal ‘to dati? DRIVER (OS) Malaki na po ang pinag-bago ng bayan natin.


They continue through the streets. They approach a large house with a black iron gate. The MAID, an old lady in a white uniform, pulls it open and waves at Alex. INT. ALEX’S HOUSE — DAY Alex enters their front door and sets his brown duffel bag down on the floor. The maid closes the gate and hurries to Alex. She hugs him and Alex’s eyes widen for a second. MAID Parehonng-pareho ka parin! ALEX Yaya naman, eh! Wag na tayong mag-kunwari. Tumaba ako. MAID Ay nako Alex magpataba ka lang. Hindi bagay sayo noong payat ka. Alex laughs as the maid lets go. ALEX Kayo yaya, bagong gupit? Halos di na kita nakilala! MAID Ay naku matagal na ‘to. Alex walks around, running his fingers through the surfaces of tables and chairs. ALEX Saan sila mommy? MAID Alam mo naman ‘yon, Alex. Palagi naman may business trip ‘yon sa kung saan. Pati daddy mo. Babalik yata sila bukas pa. ALEX Oo nga pala. Alex stops in front of a childhood picture of him on one table.


ALEX (CONT’D) Mukhang nag redecorate pala kayo ah. Nasaan na yung mga lumang furniture? MAID Dinala na sa munisipyo. Noong nanalo na yung lolo mo kinailangan ng mga bagong gamit dun. Alex is quiet, but smiling. He looks around some more, as if trying to find something he truly recognizes. MAID (CONT’D) Tatapusin ko lang yung linalabhan ko ha? Mamaya ko na aayusin gamit mo. INT. ALEX’S ROOM — DAY Alex enters his old room. It is dark. He walks toward the window and pulls open the curtains. Dust floats in the air. He turns around to stare at his old things. Like in the living room, he runs his fingers through his bed and his old books. He sits on the edge of the bed and looks at the floor, where burn marks can be seen under dust. Alex sees his old self using the floor as an ash tray for his weed while he was high. Alex taps his foot on the floor. He shakes off his memory and walks out to the living room again. INT. ALEX’S HOUSE — DAY Alex rushes toward the front door, still ajar. ALEX Yaya lalabas lang ako saglit ah. YAYA Oo sige! Marami nang nagbago dito! Alex speaks under his breath. ALEX So I keep hearing. EXT. RESTAURANT — DAY Alex stands outside a quaint restaurant. It’s an old house with wide open windows and a small sign saying "We are Open".


From where Alex stands he sees groups of people seated together, laughing and talking to each other. He looks for a familiar face. A WAITER approaches him. WAITER Kuya, ilan kayo? ALEX Ah, wala napadaan lang ako. Ito parin ba yung Doña Ising’s? WAITER Ay, hindi na po. Last year pa po iyon nagsara. Markus Grill na po ito ngayon. Alex laughs a little as he begins tapping his foot on the ground. ALEX Gano’n? Napaglumaan na si Doña Ising? Dati nandito barkada ko araw-araw. After school diretso kami dito. WAITER Hindi ko po alam kung bakit pinalitan eh. ALEX Sige, thanks nalang. Ay, by the way, nandyan pa ba yung si Eric? Yung matabang waiter? WAITER Wala na po, hindi ko po ata naabutan ‘yon. Bago lang po ako. Alex turns his back and faces the street. Jeepneys are going by. EXT. GRASSY HILL — DAY Alex and Carlo are still seated on the grass. Alex flicks his finished cigarette towards the sea. CARLO So how is she? EXT. DANIE’S HOUSE — DAY Alex walks toward the gate of DANIE's house. He stands in front the low iron gate, it is painted-white but chipped in places.


ALEX TAO PO? Alex shouts, looking at the windows of the house. ALEX (CONT’D) TAO PO? The front door of the house opens and Danie steps out. She looks at Alex for a few seconds then walks toward the gate. ALEX (CONT’D) Hi. DANIE Anong ginagawa mo dito? Danie speaks sternly. Alex is taken aback. Danie looks at Alex with glassy eyes. ALEX Kamusta ka na? Never ka yata sumagot dun sa mga letters ko from rehab. Did you even get them? I wrote mga apat yata. DANIE Yeah. Natanggap ko lahat. ALEX Oh, okay. Well actually importante lang naman is nabasa mo. Alex taps his foot and holds on to one of the gate’s bars. DANIE Kamusta ka na? Kailan ka pa dumating? ALEX Eto. Mataba. Kakadating ko lang kanina, actually. Alex laughs and Danie fights a smile. DANIE Pero bakit ka nandito?


ALEX Gusto lang kita makita. Pumunta ako dun sa dating tambayan ng barakada, eh Markus Grill na pala siya ngayon. DANIE Marami na kasing nagbago dito. ALEX Paulit-ulit ko nang narinig ‘yan. DANIE Totoo naman kasi! Danie raises her voice and begins to breathe heavily. DANIE (CONT’D) Bakit ka pa bumalik? Wala ka nang babalikan dito! ALEX Ang sakit mo naman mag salita. DANIE Alex tatlong taon kang nawala. Hindi ka pwedeng bumalik nalang at umasang things are all the same. ALEX Hindi naman ‘yon ang inaasahan ko. I just wanted to talk. Danie, I know you’re probably still angry pero I’ve apologized over and over again. DANIE Alam ko, Alex. Pero yung nangyari… ALEX (CONT’D) Danie I’m soDANIE Alex alam ko na you’re sorry. Pero please... Danie looks down. Alex holds the bar of the gate tighter and begins to tap his foot faster. DANIE (CONT’D) Umalis ka na.


Danie turns around and walks back to her house. Alex, standing outside the gate, lets go of the bar. He is dumbfounded by what happened. Alex turns around and begins to run. EXT. HOMETOWN — DAY Alex runs through the streets. Through the trees, the shoreline and the grassy hill are seen. EXT. GRASSY HILL — DAY Alex and Carlo are seated on the grassy hill. Alex takes out a new stick to light. He is sitting still, his foot rested. CARLO She’s not angry. Ikaw kaya, kung biglang magpakita sayo ang isang multo, ano magiging reaction mo? ALEX Ako pa ang naging multo? They both laugh. CARLO Of course she feels uncomfortable. Or sige sabihin na nating angry. She’s tried to get over everything for years now. ALEX Talaga bang wala na akong babalikan dito sa bayang ‘to? Tama ba si Danie? CARLO Bakit ka pa ba kasi bumalik? ALEX I felt that after three years locked up in that place, something was missing. Alam mo na, yung cliché na parang may emptiness... CARLO Grabe Alex nag rehab ka lang, cheesy ka na. Carlo laughs and Alex turns red in embarrassment.


CARLO (CONT’D) So nahanap mo ba? Nahanap mo ba yung missing thing na ‘yon? ALEX Parang hindi rin. Alex is silent, holding his unlit cigarette. ALEX (CONT’D) I guess I came back kasi I wanted to feel at home again... Pero like everyone keeps telling me... Marami na nga ang nag-bago. Ako, itong lugar na ‘to. It doesn’t feel like home anymore. CARLO Everyone’s moved on. ALEX Akala ko rin after rehab I could move on. Pero parang hindi pala. Parang I’m still guilty. Carlo turns to look at him for the first time, tears in his eyes. CARLO Tama na, Alex. Pinarusahan mo na ang sarili mo for too long. ALEX Mapapatawad mo ba ako? Carlo laughs through tears. CARLO Matagal na kitang napatawad, Alex. Eh ikaw, mapapatawad mo ba ang sarili mo? Alex stars to cry. He is sitting beside a gravestone reading “Carlo Heneracion. Beloved son and friend. May he rest in peace.” INT. DANIE’S HOUSE — AFTERNOON Danie is seated on the couch, crying. The windows are shut and curtains are drawn, shrouding her in darkness. Beside her is a framed news article with Carlo's picture on it. The headline reads “Young man shot dead in drug bust.” In a


smaller box in the article, Alex's picture is shown with the caption “Local politician’s grandson charged with drug pushing, caught during the operation.” The frame beside it has Carlo and Danie are seen smiling, arms around each other. INT. ALEX'S HOUSE — SUNSET Alex takes his bag, untouched from when he set it down earlier that day, and brings it to the car. DRIVER Aalis tayo ulit, sir? The maid sees Alex and runs to him, concerned. MAID Saan ka pupunta, Alex? Alex smiles and hugs the maid. MAID (CONT’D) Dito ka ba magdi-dinner? Ipinagluto pa naman kita ng Arroz a la Cubana! Paborito mo mula bata ka! Alex hesitates for a moment before loading his bag into the trunk. ALEX Hindi na, yaya. MAID Eh kung baunin mo nalang? Ay naku ihahanda ko na yung Tupperware! Alex smiles wide and laughs. ALEX Sige, yaya. Yun nalang. He gets in the car and rests his head. DRIVER Saan po tayo, sir? ALEX Kahit saan lang. Just drive.


Sometimes home isn't exactly where you left it.