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The Li'le  Merwhale  

There once  was  a  li.le  merwhale  named  Arel.  She  lived   in  a  castle  deep  under  the  sea.  The  walls  were  covered   with  precious  stones,  and  floor  was  covered  in  a  blanket   of  gli.ering  sand.  

She had  everything  a  person  could  want,  but  she  was  lonely.  Her   father,  a  humpback  whale,  went  on  a  migra@on  every  year  to   get  some  food  for  them  to  eat.  She  was  leA  alone  with  only  a   crab  and  a  flounder  for  company.  

They were  good  friends,  but  she  wanted  to  see  what  

was outside  of  the  castle.  But  she  wasn’t  allowed  to   leave  because  two  huge  hammerhead  sharks  lived  in  a   trench  outside  of  the  castle.  These  two  sharks  had  eaten   her  mother  when  she  was  really  young.    

Because of  those  sharks,  she  wasn’t  allowed  to  leave   the  castle.  But  one  day,  her  curiosity  overcame  her,  and   she  snuck  out  of  the  castle  late  at  night.  She  stared  in   awe  at  the  vast  expanse  of  water  beyond  her,  and   started  to  explore  the  wonders  of  the  sea.  

But two  large  shadows  driAed  over  her,  and  the  hammer-­‐heads   were  suddenly  there.  With  one  snap  of  its  head,  he  knocked   Arel  unconscious,  and  she  driAed  to  the  ocean  floor.  Luckily,  the   crab  and  flounder  realized  Arel  was  gone,  and  came  in  the  knick   of  the  @me  to  save  her.  They  grabbed  Arel,  and  quickly  hauled   her  into  the  castle  before  the  shark  could  eat  them.    

When Arel  woke,  she  had  no  idea  who  where  she  was.  She  couldn’t  even   remember  who  the  flounder  and  the  crab  where.  She  had  completely  lost   her  memory.  The  crab  and  the  flounder  did  what  whatever  they  could  to   bring  her  memory  back,  but  it  didn’t  help  at  all.  Because  she  couldn’t   remember  anything,  she  decided  to  leave  the  castle.  She  went  to   Antarc@ca  and  lived  with  the  penguins  for  9  years.  

One day,  a  huge  steel  ship  came.  It  was  the  newly  made  Titanic.   On  board  was  a  prince.  The  prince  was  named  Aladdin.  He  was   sad  because  his  former  wife,  Jasmine,  had  go.en  eaten  by  her   @ger  Raja.  Arel  went  up  to  Aladdin  and  started  talking  to  him.   They  soon  became  very  close  friends.  

Eventually the  Titanic  had  to  leave.  The  prince  said  good-­‐bye  to   Arel  and  leA.  But  the  Titanic  hit  an  iceberg,  and  started  to  sink.   Arel  was  able  to  save  the  prince,  and  dragged  him  to  a  floa@ng   piece  of  ice.  She  kissed  him,  and  brought  him  back  to  life.    

When she  kissed  him,  her  tail-­‐fin  disappeared.  She  had  become  human!   But  now  she  couldn’t  swim,  and  they  were  stuck.  Luckily,  Dumbo  was   flying  overhead,  and  said  he  would  fly  them  to  the  castle.    

When, they  got  to  the  castle,  they  decided  to  get  married.  Jamaal,  Arel’s   father,  found  Arel  at  the  castle.  With  his  permission,  Arel  and  Aladdin  got   married.  Arel  bought  a  submarine,  and  visited  her  friends  under  the  sea.   Dumbo  became  the  royal  elephant.  They  all  lived  happily  ever  aAer.  

Brought to  you  by:   Ajay  Dave,  Johnny  Fink,  and  Hora@o  Gates  

Little Merwhale  

Little Merwhale