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It’s not just for play anymore. Uncover the exciting world of Game Creation and Development at MCC-Longview. Our courses cover everything you need to know about the game industry. Get classes in: • Game Creation • Game Design • Game Programming • Game Art Ready to start? Check out or contact Cindy Herbert at 816.672.2356.


500 SW Longview Road, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

It’s not just for play anymore. Uncover the exciting world of Game Creation and Development at MCC-Longview. Our courses cover everything you need to know about the game industry. Get classes in: • Game Creation • Game Design • Game Programming • Game Art Ready to start? Check out or contact Cindy Herbert at 816.672.2356.

500 SW Longview Road, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081


September 20th, 2007



NEWS 6 Gearing Up- First car show promotes Project Grad 5 Calendar- Events between our September and October



9 Parties without alcohol- Alternative ways to have fun at

parties without alcohol

9 Punishments- New discipline policy cracks down on fighting 10 Frenemies- Frenemy(n): a fake or backstabbing friend,

who could potentially become an enemy

15 Public Speaking- Public speaking skills can improve

speeches and everyday conversations

ENTERTAINMENT 23 The American Life- A new band hits the surface 25 First Friday’s- The artist and the board seek a new type

of Friday night

OPINIONS 26 Case Closed- Caty Case talks about school


27 Staff Editorial- Large amount of students in

each lunch shift


28 Tailgating- Learn great tips to becoming an all-

star tailgater

30 Madden 08- Review of one of the best sports

video game of the year

35 Wiley Weaver- Transfer runnign back from

O’Hara is making an impact

September 20th, 2007




Holey Crater! Letter from the Editors

Josiah Jones: A long time ago in a prehistoric parking lot, a meteor landed that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, as we know it. This meteor also formed a massive crater that can swallow up an automobile of any caliber. Everyone has wondered for the longest time about how the crater in front of “B” got there and how the dinosaurs became extinct. Well here we are answering both of those questions for you today. Kelsey Leftwich: This crater can and will obliterate your suspension. I’m surprised there isn’t a pile of axles in the bottom of this malicious pit. Crystal Lawson: That crater is actually a storm drain, that has been there literally forever. It does not really bother me that much, as I do not park in B, but I can see how it is a problem for those who park near that building.

KL: Not to mention the unsuspecting visitors to our school who fall victim to the hole. How does it make our school look when we have hazards in our main parking lot? JJ: It’s nearly unavoidable and really inconvenient to try and get around. Jordan Markway: Luckily, I avoid it with no problem. I park by the senior lot! But I understand it’s a problem for people that do park there. KL: It’s a horrible way to start my day at 7:30 in the morning. My main question is Why wasn’t it fixed when the parking lot was resurfaced last year?

Staff List Co-Editors Josiah Jones Crystal Lawson Kelsey Leftwich Jordan Markway News Editor Andrew Hoien Danielle Polk Entertainment Sydney Rohan Opinions Editor Caty Case Fashion Editor Crystal Lawson Sports Editors Josh Kennedy Craig Williams Andrew Hoien Aaron Hanshaw Photo Editor Taylor Rice Copy Editor Ericka Cherry Podcast Editor Ashley Moran Advertising Michelle Hubbard Advisor Marc Russell 4

September 20th, 2007

Writers Ariel Andrews Ryan Atkins Lindsey Bales Tony Botts Amanda Brown Mallory Brown Rebecca Burandt Sarah Bussen Kathryne Cowan Lauren Croteau Tyler Ellis Eric Fabi Tyler Fromson Allison Grigsby Rachel Harness Nelson Hill Emily Jedlicka Abigail Jones Mariah Jones Meri Kindred Chris Kinman Lacy Knipp Desirae Kudra Lindsey LeVota Rachael Lynn Melanie McIlroy Ashley Moran Jordan Pence

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CL: Not only is it a danger for idiot drivers that fly over it at full speed, but it is also a blithe on the face of our newly resurfaced parking lot. JM: Well to me it seems like it would be just too easy to get the asphalt and simply pour it in the crater for a smooth surface! KL: It seems like a pretty important improvment that our school needs. I would think we would be able to find some money in our budget to deal with this issue. All: We don’t want to complain, but our school parking lot is in dire need of a facelift, both for our safety and our reputation.


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Spirit September 20Week 22 Homecoming Dance-8-11 PM 21Spirit Week Homecoming Assembly-9:50 AM Homecoming Parade-4:00 PM Homecoming Game-7:00 PM

25 Underclass Pictures-A gym

26 Underclass Pictures-A gym 28 29LSUMM math contest-7:30AM 30 Junior ring order day-Lunch

23 24 ZAPS(ACT)-3-5:30

27 Underclass Pictures-A gym

4 Senior Individual Pictures-7-10:30AM 36 week grading period ends October 1 2College Fair-6:30-8PM (JKV) meeting-7 AM 5senior pics due to yearbook 6 SAT test 7 8 9 10 NHS Senior cap/gown mtg-API 126 week grades issued-API 13 District Choir Auditions Senior ads due to yearbook 14 15 Teen read week VFB game 7 PM (Raytown S.)

16 Teen read week

Senior graduation order day NHS fall induction-7 PM

17Teen read week

PSAT testing-7:15-11 AM

18 Teen read week

11 A+

Breakfast with an expert-7:30 AM

By: Desirae Kudra

Writer’s Block

New lab aids students

By: Rachel Harness   It’s Thursday night, and there is an essay due the next day in first hour. A sigh echos through the room, as the frusterated student taps the worn pencil on the desk at, stuck on the last page of the essay, Luckily, starting this year a new writing lab will aid those students in need.   “The idea came to me last year when I would invite students to come with me to the lab after school and I would help them one-on-one with their English homework,” teacher Vicki Metzler said.   The writing lab is open Monday through Thursday from 2:45-3:45 P.M. in the B computer lab upstairs. All of the teachers in the English department will be supervising and helping students with their work after school. There will be a different teacher at the lab every day.   “When it comes to writing, there are a lot of different styles that students have, and it helps them to have one-on-one advice from someone who knows about the subject indepth,” Metzler said.   It doesn’t matter which English class or what level students are at. The teachers in the

English department range from the regular course levels all the way to IB English I.   “I think it is a good idea because I can get the teacher’s input and see what they are really looking for in a paper,” junior Nicole White said.   White is in the IB English I class. This year there will be oral presentations and many essays over novels to write. The writing lab will be a huge help to students like White.   “I would use the writing lab when I have a paper due in English and I need help with it,” junior Michael Cantwell said.   Cantwell is in the English 11 class. They will also be writing essays over novels.   “I think once the students come in for the first time, they will come back again because it is very useful,” Metzler said.   Cantwell mentioned that if a teacher already tutors after school, then they are really doing their job well. Students can also agree that a teacher is doing well if they offer extra credit.   “Depending on the teacher, extra credit may be given to students that use the lab. I know students in my classes will receive extra

Write On. “[the writing lab] is in building B after school everyday from 2:45-3:45pm. It will give the students an opportunity for a comfortable laid back environment for help with their writing.” English teacher Elaine McDonald said. Photo / Anna Taylor

credit if they ever attend the lab,” Metzler said.   The writing lab may be the spark for the idea of other labs for different classes. Students don’t only stay up long nights with essays to finish, but there is also science, math, and history. Either way, the writing lab has the potential to become a tremendous help to the student body. September 20th, 2007




Gearing Up

By: Ryan Williams

First car show promotes project grad


tudents, get ready to start those engines. Terry Winston and Kathy Reynolds are back at again, this time it’s a Car Show.   “We’re really hoping for a great turn out,” Terry Winston said.   The parents who brought Lee’s Summit High School their first ever Battle of the Bands, are now getting ready for the first Project Grad Car Show. Events such as Battle of the Bands the Project Grad Car Show are created so that Project is completely free to the seniors.   “We are continually thinking of new events so we can raise money for Project Grad,” Winston said.   Winston and Reynolds realized the great turn out earlier this year with Battle of the Bands and hope to continue their success with the Project Grad Car Show.   “We have attended a lot of car shows this summer and handed out flyers to people that we saw,” Winston said.   The idea of the Project Grad Car Show was that of Kathy Reynolds’ husband, Greg

Reynolds. He and a friend have attended millions of car shows over the years, so this car show has been thoroughly planned out. They will also be the judges of the car show.   “It was a brainstorm between Terry, my husband Start your engines. Project grad gears up to start their first car show. “We are and I,” Kathy Reynolds said. continually thinking of new events so we can raise money for Project Grad.” “Greg went to a car show Winston said. Photo by: Reflector out in Grain Valley and thought we should have the top 20. one.”   “We are really excited because of all the   The car show will be open to the public, prizes that we have,” Winston said. but there will be specific things for the stu-   Many local and corporate businesses indents. cluding O’Reilly’s, Armor All, Frito Lay, Star  “We’ve got a special category for the stu- bucks Atlanta Bread Company and Hy-Vee, dents,” Kathy Reynolds said. “I think it will be have all contributed to the planning and fun for them to come show-off their cars.” funding of the Project Grad Car Show. Win  The car show will take place on Sept. 29 in ston and Reynolds have also put an ad out the school parking lot. With the normal car on Craig’s List. Continuing to support projshow layout, there will be concessions and ects like the Project Grad Car Show and Bata DJ. There will also be tons of door prizes tle of the Bands will make Project Grad free for cars and trophies that will be awarded to for years to come.

Behind Closed Doors

By: Ryan Atkins

Staff members concerned about school spending for safety   <beep> <beep> <beep> The intercom comes on and Principal Faulkenberry announces a Code Red situation. The new Columbine doors all slam shut and the students are locked safely inside.   Unfortunately, in theory, an intruder could still break through the Columbine doors. Assistant principal Jamie Argotsinger stated that the doors were better then what the school had last year; however, not everyone is satisfied with the doors.   “We’ve spent money on the wrong things. Especially with the doors, they should have had wire so the door isn’t easily broken into,” campus supervisor John Lindmark said. 6

September 20th, 2007

  Even with that weakness, every school in the school district has had the doors installed in their buildings. Still, other ideas have been proposed.   “I would add outdoor cameras,” Lindmark said.   Also, student ID’s that can be worn as a badge of identification have been suggested as ideas for security. Even though the administration continues to have ideas regarding security, the doors continue to be discarded. The school does have a reason for the lack of wire, though.   “We don’t want to turn the school into a fortress. We want the students to feel safe and welcome,” Argotsinger said.   To further improve security,

Officer Keck has came up with the idea of reporting threats anonymously on sheets of paper commonly seen in the hallways and bathrooms.   As the students march on to their classes, they must not forget that what happened at Virginia Tech and Columbine can happen here as well. Keep Out. The new doors in the school are for the safety students. “ We don’t want to turn the school into a fortress,” Argontsinger said. Photo by: Colin Taylor


Safe Happens


By: Chris Kinman

3 easy steps to a more secure car   2:00 in the morning, you begin to dress out in black from your head to your toes. You take several deep breathes before leaving the warmth of the house and stepping into the cold night air.   As you begin your route through the neighborhoods you check every car parked on the street, or in darkness. Slowly pulling the handle waiting for that oh so satisfying click that the door makes when it opens. You get a rush of adrenaline as you go through the glove box first, then the console, backseat, floorboards, under the seats, trunk, and sometimes even checking under the hood.   In the end you leave the car a complete mess Car Theft. Is your car safe out in the walking away with open any time or will you have a broken some of the car window in the morning? “Taking extra percaution isn’t always a bad thing...” owner’s most personal Weisemann said. Photo by: Colin Taylor items. Item’s that the owner of them will never see again.   “Locking your car doors doesn’t always work.” Officer Weisemann of the Lee’s Summit Police Department said. “Taking extra precautions isn’t always a bad thing, it will only take a few minutes and will help you out a lot in the long run. A well protected car is less likely to be broken into.”   “Try to park as close to the house as possible.” Weisemann said, “The farther away you park your car, the chances of it becoming a target increase greatly. If the vehicle is in the garage, or right outside the Always keep your garage door in the driveway, it is much less cell phone out when walking vulnerable to thieves.” to your car at   “Another great way to prevent the night. You want breaking into of your car is simply keeping a it to be handy in case you need light on.” Weisemann said, “Light is a major to make a quick crime deterrent.” emergency call   “Also if you see something suspicious, such as a person walking around at 1:30-2:00 in the morning looking into people’s cars, call the police.” Weisemann said, “They may have legitimate reason for what they are doing, but we will never know unless you call us.”

A lot of students have fallen to these crimes before because they didn’t take just three simple extra steps:

1.) Park close to the house, the closer the better. 2.) Keep your car parked under a bright light during the night. 3.) Call the police if you see anything suspicious going on in your neighborhood

Buy a window tinting kit. It can stop anyone from looking through your windows for valuable items.

Avoid dark parking spaces when walking to your car alone. Try parking next to a street light or busy area.

A car alarm system is the best defense againt an intruder. It comes with an air pressure sensor, door sensor, a tilt/shock sensor, microphone sensor, and and alarm speaker that works in tandum with your interior lights and headlights.

September 20th, 2007 7



Coming to America Exchange students seek something different in America By: Ariel Shy

  Walking down the halls on the first day of a new school year. Doors on the left , doors on the right . A bell sounds sending a flood of students rushing to their own particular destination. For certain students this is a whole new experience.   “I came to America through an agency,” junior Jongsaporn Sowawattanakul said.   Sowawattanakul, also called Point, came to improve her English.   “I came to learn about American culture,” sophmore Jongyoon Lee said.   In Lee’s case interest in life in a different country led him here. To expand his cultural horizon, Lee plays soccer and video games.   There are reasons other then

cultural expansion that urge one to travel far from home. Some foreign exchange students are just looking for a change.   “School was boring,” senior Tobias Lischka said.   Lischka, of Wuppertal Germany, wanted to find something less jaded, so he came to the United States looking to put a splash of color in his life, and his clothes.   “I like the free clothing [choices in America, because], in my country everyone wears a school uniform,” Lee said.   People want to feel free even if it’s the smallest thing.   Technology is another freedom here in the United States.   “Everyone here has technology. Not many

people outside of the capital [Bangkok] have technology, Sowawattanakul said.   S o w a w a t t a n a k u l experienced technological overleoad since she arrived in America.   Even teachers are also different, proving that not all teachers are the same.   “Teachers and people are friendly here,” Lee said.   The last thing that’s expected when coming to America is to meet someone unkind.   Lee has no problem in this area he finds everyone he runs in to is very kind and friendly.   Walking down the halls on the first day of a new school year. Doors open on the left, doors open on the right, new people and a new country.

Welcome to America. Foreign exchange student Tobias Lischka from Germany works hard in his new classes at LSHS. “The people try to help me and involve me, it’s really easy now. The school in general is great.” Lischka will be in Lee’s Summit until June of 2008. Photo / Hannah Morris

Where in the World...? Tobias Lischka, Germany

Aitor Quemada, Spain

Safia Aslam, India

The countries that the six year-round forgein exchange students call home

Eri Mizuno, Japan

Jongyoon Lee, Korea

Jongsaporn “Point” Sowawattanakul, Thailand 8

September 20th, 2007


Hazing History


By: Mallory Brown

Students flashback on spirit week   “My brother Andrew hazed me. I was wearing really tight sweat pants, a sweatshirt with a big F on it and mismatch soccer socks. They made me change after first hour but I didn’t get in trouble besides that. My brother was so mad that they made me change though,” junior Kyle Smitka said.

  “Rachel Gudde and Melissa Schmidt hazed me during spirit week. They brought a bag of clothes over to my house and told me I had to wear what was in the bag. They did my makeup and wouldn’t let me do my hair. One day I had to wear my moms old ugly clothes. Another day I was dressed up as a football player then I was dressed up as a Hawaiian girl. I had a big F on my forehead one day and I had to wash that off, but that was all I got in trouble for,” Junior Mackenzie Borst said

  “I got hazed by the tuba section my freshman year. They came into my house really early, at like four in the morning and took us out to breakfast. They dressed me up like Lugi, and my friend, Daniel Patterson was dressed up like Mario. I got called to the office, but I didn’t get in trouble because it was the end of the day. I thought that it was really funny,”senior Nick Bose said.

Clash of the Titans

Kanye West and 50 Cent share albumn release date on biggest hip hop day of the year.

In the left corner of the stage the college dropout himself, hailing from Chicago, Illinois . Releasing his latest and much anticipated “Graduation” which came out September 11, it is Kanye West. In the other corner the much loved P.I.M.P, hailing from New York City, also dropping his new album “Curtis”, whisch was also released out on Sept.11. Give it up for 50 Cent. Hip hop heavyweights Kanye West , and 50 Cent both releasing albums on September 11. According to Rolling Stones magazine this is will be the biggest day in hip hop music as two of the biggest MC’s today collide to become the most talked about release date in years.   Both have been on the top of their game since releasing their first albums, but having a competitive edge for that coveted number one spot has never been this huge. Hip-hop artist have been having album wars since the beginning of the culture.   “Biggie used to do it with Jay-Z playing ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems” for Jay-Z , and it would mess with him” according to an interview with the “Louis Vuitton Don,” Kanye West with Rolling Stones magazine.

  The friendly competition went public when Kanye moved up the release date of his forthcoming album “Graduation” to September 11, the same day as 50 Cent s ‘Curtis’.   This will each be their third album, with presale ranks on iTunes for Kanye as number 11, and 50 Cent as number 23. The singles include from “Graduation”, ‘Stronger’, ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ , and the ‘Good Life’ featuring T-Pain. “Curtis”, features singles like ‘I Get Money’, ‘Straight to the Bank’, ‘Amusement Park,’ and ‘Ayo Technology’ featuring Justin Timberlake. With previous sales topping the 6 million mark for Kanye, and the 11 million for 50, according to Rolling Stones.   The moved sparked a lot of speculation of the date and all the back and forth tyrant with the two superstars. 50 Cent declared that if Kanye beats him out in sales then 50 Cent will quit as a solo artist.   “Mine will sell and his will still be on the shelf ”, 50 tells Rolling Stones. It is not looking to good for 50, Kanye’ s single ‘Stronger’ hit was Number 6 on the Billboard’s Hot 100- while none of 50’s four

By: Nelson Hill singles haven’t climbed higher than the thirty-two spot.   “I would rather buy Kanye Wests,” junior Cassandra Ross said.. “ Kanye West as of Sept. 12 was number one,” Best Buy sales associate Candace said.    Kanye West was also a big seller in a Target store in Kansas City. Whoever shall triumph , it is an undoubted fact that Kanye West and 50 Cent have provided the drama that music has needed to build up hype and anticipation until one of the biggest dates in history and hip hop.

Photo/AP September 20th, 2007 9




When a friend becomes an enemy By: Anna Taylor

  Frenemy(n): a fake or backstabbing they hurt me. It made sense at the time help the situation,” Guidance Counselor friend, who could potentially become to lie to them, but now I regret it,” Dalton Sheryl Fender said. Talking to a friend about their behavior an enemy. said.   Sophomore Brittnee Dalton has had   Lying to a friend could also be may just be the best possible solution. After all, people do not want a potential her share of frenemies considered betrayal.   “Loyalty and honesty are just a few   “It does not matter who it is, it is human enemy as a friend. “Being betrayed has opened my eyes. qualities I look for in a friend. If they do nature to deceive another person. I am It has opened them not really care about to true friends and what people think about how you find them, them, it will be a much because they are better friendship,” Dalton the ones who will said. be there for you,”   Friendships should Dalton said. be based on trust and   Sometimes all honesty. Friends should a person can do not have to worry about is step back and backstabbing. Dalton closely examine the believes that if friends friendship they are are not skeptical they will in. They may see not think they are better the truth about their than their friend. friend and see how   “I have known one of much damage the my best friends for a long friend has made in time, but I have at least that person’s life. two others. It is because “I have been naïve they all have different about the trust I give personalities, which is cool Frenemies. “Girls who talk bad about other girls are going to be more likely to people. I think to myself, ‘This is because I can hang out talk bad about even their closest friend,” Dalton said. Photo by Anna Taylor my best friend, I can trust them’. with a lot of people and I The thing is, I cannot trust most have different adventures,” Dalton said. not saying everyone will always be a people in any circumstance,” Dalton   The fun thing about having a variety of back stabber, but it will happen often said. friends is getting to experience a variety in friendships. It is hard to keep secrets,” People generally are naïve. They of new experiences. Dalton does not Dalton said. think people can only   Sometimes a believe in people and trust them. have one best friend. person has had a Trusting someone with a secret is a big Frenemy(n): Different friends have a fake or backstabbing secret bundled up step in a friendship. People need to be different tastes in friend, who could for so long that all careful where their secrets go. music, style, food, potentially become an they can do is tell   “Girls who talk bad about other girls and movies, which enemy. someone. Other are going to be more likely to talk bad can make hanging times people about even their close friends,” Dalton said, “Having a best friend could be fun out with them all a blast. cannot keep a secret in any situation.   “I would say one qualification to be   “Being betrayed feels like I can not or a nightmare.” considered a best friend is being there trust anyone but me. It is more safe to   If a person talks bad about someone, for each person,” Dalton said. just not open up. I have been hurt a lot, nothing will stop that same person from   Characteristics of a best friend can by both guys and girls so that makes it talking bad about his or her best friend.   Having a frenemy is a hard thing to range from honesty to dependability. scary,” Dalton said.   “I have been betrayed a lot. Most of   Keeping things inside and never work through. If a friend is important my friends from last year I don’t have, sharing them can seem easier, but it is enough, getting a counselor to help except for the ones I am really close not healthy. People need to talk about could be one solution. Another way to with,” said Dalton. their problems and if they cannot do try and work a bad friendship out would   Betrayal happens between friends that with their friends, they feel they be to sit down and talk about it one on one. True friends are hard to come by, frequently. Sadly, friendships often come have no one to talk to. to an end. “If you fear your friend is turning into but to find a good one, that will be there   “I do not think I have betrayed a best a frenemy, talk to them about it. Do in times of need and heartaches could friend, but maybe lied to one because not keep it inside because that will not potentially be a life long friend. 10 September 20th, 2007


Work out at home

By: Eric Fabi

Step 1: Stop eating all the Roman Noodles and unhealthy foods. Step 2: When you get home from school eat a salad with Italian dressing instead of those gooey Twinkies. Don’t use Ranch dressing on your salad its one of the most fatty thing for your body. Step 3: After eating your salad go out on a nice stroll for about 35 minutes with your ipod or bring a friend. Step 4: When you get home, eat something with protein in it to regain your energy in your body such as a Pb&J sandwhich or a nice juicy apple. Step 5: If you have free weights or dumbbells at home do 4 reps of 10 on any weight that feels comfortable. Step 6: After every work out drink a glass of milk to help your muscles get bigger and stronger. Step 7: If you have too much homework after school and cant get to your exercises right away go for a walk in the evening when it’s cooler and its more relaxing. Step 8: When you’ve lost 5 pounds tell everyone it will give you a feeling that is unimaginable.

Hit the Desk The effects of sleep on day-to-day life

  Each morning, after sophomore Jasmine Peoples wakes up, she slowly staggers toward the bathroom to start her day. She eats breakfast in a stupor, finally stumbles onto the bus and immediately falls back to sleep. This is the life of someone who does not get the amount of sleep needed for everyday life.   “I wake up each day is thinking about how I only have 3 years of high school left, and then it’s on to college,” Peoples said.   Teenagers need at least nine to ten hours of sleep each night. This is one or two hours more than the average adult. Teens need more sleep because they are still growing and need more energy to get through the day than adults do.   “Lack of sleep can make you more prone to depression. The body also gets run down and that weakens the immune system,” psychology teacher Debbie Baanders said.

  Sleep does not only affect the feeling of exhaustion, it also affects memory and the ability to concentrate. While the person is asleep, the body also restores cells and produces more growth hormones.   “I can stay up for a day or so and then sleep for 18 or 20 hours, then stay awake for another two days,” Peoples said.   Lack of sleep can affects a person’s mood by making them more irritable, more susceptible to mood swings, and more likely to participate in risk taking behaviors. Lack of sleep also affects appetite by making people want to eat. The brain needs energy so it sends the message to the stomach that it needs food even when it does not.   “If you don’t get enough sleep, try to find a balance between different areashomework, and work- and don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Find moderation,” Baanders said.


Size Healthy. A fit lifestyle starts at home with nutrition. Fruits play an important role in a healthy diet. According to easyfunschool. com the average crop of apples from the U.S. is 4,427,000 metric tons. Apples are a way to get five fruits a day and are an easy to find fruit.

By: Rebecca Burandt

Nap Time. Many students find it easy to fall asleep in class when they didn’t get enough sleep the night before. “I’m always so tried in class, I just want to fall asleep rather than learn something.” Junior Katy Winston said. Photo by Meighan Walsh

September 20th, 2007 11



Freshmeat Jeopardy

By: Abigail Jones

Helpful high school tips for freshman

-Learn to stay with the right people. Don’t let anything, or anyone take over you.

-Wake up every morning with enough time to eat, get dressed, and take care of your hygiene. Wake up extra early if you fell asleep face down on your homework so you can work on it in the morning.

-Take it slow in classes, think about what you are doing, and know where you are going with everything you do.

-Use the breezway or walk outside as much as possible for shortcuts. It will decrease the number of tardies you have.

-If you have an older brother or sister or more than one upperclassman you are good friends with- just some advise; watch out for hazing.

-Don’t get too caught up in the drama that tends to come with high school. While some drama is may be unavoidable, most is a waste of time and stress. It’s not worth it.

12 September 20th, 2007

-Freshman should get involved and not be afraid to step out into the open.

-Try to keep moving in the hall to avoid cluttering. Remember not everyone’s classroom is just down the hall.

-The more activities you are in the more people you will meet, the better choices you will make, there is more time consumed- less time getting in trouble.

-Don’t let people influence you to do anything you don’t want to do. They have no control over your decisions.

-Some classes are really easy, but some are rediculously hard. Always be prepared by having all lf your books, extra materials, and most of all- your homework.

-Have fun. You are only in high school once, so make the most of it. Try to attend football games, dances, or whatever else may catch your interest.

Freshman Fears. Freshman Josh Weger picks up his books after dropping them in the hallway. “I wasn’t as nervous [going into high school] as I was going into middle school,” Weger said. This year the no hazing policy sets up a safer environment for freshmen. Photo by Meighan Walsh


Hot Wheels   They are the preferred method of transportation; it’s fast, fuelefficient, and compact. It’s a car.   “Cars are easier to drive and afford” sophomore James Baldwin said.   Compact cars can be easier to drive because most of them have better suspensions and easier to afford because most of the cars are cheaper than trucks and SUVs.   “ I like cars because they are fuelefficient and they are fast” Baldwin said.   Cars are better at fuel efficiency because they are more arrows dynamic than a truck.   According to a Hi.Life poll, the parking lot is divided into compact cars at 57percent, SUVs at 23 percent, at13percent, and bikes and minivans at 7percent.   “I drive a dark blue Mazda, my dad gave it to me as a gift, but I wish I had a nicer car to drive around in” Baldwin said   Some students that have cars got it as a gift


Students drive a variety of cars to school. By: Tyler Ellis

from their parents, other students are not so lucky and have to buy their own cars to get around in.   “ I wish I had a new Trans-Am to drive to school in because that is my favorite car ever. It would feel so cool to drive a powerful car like that each day” junior Jordan Bolding said.   No matter how tricked out a student’s car is, the most important thing is how well the student drives.   “I don’t think I drive crazy,” Baldwin said   Some students are less willing to admit how they drive.   “ I plead the fifth,” Bolding said   Some believe students here should take responsibility and drive well to keep their cars looking their best.

Vitamin Water™

Boy Hood Dream. These hard to miss cars sit right outside in the parking lot. This Ford truck and Pontiac sports car may stand out for different reasons but have their own great stories to tell. “I like fast cars,” Jordan Bolding said. “ This car is fast and good looking.” Photo/Mckenzie Marston

by Kayla Peters and Kelsey Leftwich

The drawbacks of vitamin-enriched beverages exposed


itamin Water™ may appear healthy, because it uses the word “vitamin.” This is not completely true. The taste of Vitamin Water™ can be appealing, but it is only healthy in moderation.   “I think Vitamin Water™ is another way to make money,” advanced biology teacher Laura Tewes said.   Although the human body does need vitamins, drinking Vitamin Water may not be the healthiest way to ingest vitamins. Some vitamins are not water soluble and can be unhealthy to consume in large quantities. Drinking too muc could make vitamins build up in the digestive system.   “It’s basically sugar and water with some vitamins tossed in,” dietician Linda Antinoro said in a CBS interview.

  Some schools have adapted policies banning sugary beverages including Coke, Pepsi and Vitamin Water.   Freshman Dani Wasson knows tap water is healthier, because it does not have sugar or calories.   “I drink Vitamin Water™, because it’s good and it’s not as sweet as Gatorade™ and has more vitamins,” Wasson said.   According to, “Depending on the variety, each 20 fl. oz. bottle contains 100 to 125 calories and 20 to 32.5 grams of sugar.” This

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

is nearly the same amount as in a can of Coca-Cola.   An alternatives to Vitamin Water is milk. Milk has most of the vitamins offered in Vitamin

Water. Fruit juice is also a good alternative, but some fruit juices can contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Natural or, ideally, fresh squeezed juice are excellent choices. September 20th, 2007




The Perfect Man

What every girl wants in a guy By: Lauren Croteau

  We have all heard that girls want guys looks can even end up hurting someone. who are loyal and guys want girls who   “If a guy’s too into himself, even if he are fun to hang with, but according looks like Brad Pitt, if he is more into himself to Lee’s Summit High School students than me it’s over,” Burrison said. While there are plenty of other traits they look students desire good looks, cockiness is a for in a potential boyfriend/girlfriend. trait that no one looks for in a relationship.   Not only can pride   “She has to be easy to get hurt someone’s along with and laid back,” chances, but a bad senior Joe Mike Bondick dating history can also said. “She has to make me come back to haunt feel good about myself.” future relationships.   When it comes to guys,   “If I know they have girls feel the same way. While a bad history, like they look for the common cheating or something, qualities like good looking, it makes me hesitant,” trustworthy, or nice, guys are Burrison said. held to higher expectations   While a past through the girls’ eyes. relationship can cause   “If a guy has a bad personality someone to worry, it cancels out his looks,” senior it isn’t considered a Courtney Burrison said. determining factor While looks definitely reside in whether they are at the top of the list, they Cute Couple. Sophomores Lauren considered dateable. are not considered the most Whyte and McKinley Duke are an eximportant aspect. In fact, good ample of a typical couple. “I like his   “I believe everyone

deserves a chance. Sometimes people do stuff out of character,” Burrison said.   While cockiness and a bad past relationship are some of the undesired characteristics, things like a good sense of humor and good morals remain some of the most commonly looked for traits.

Top 8 Qualities  1. Good sense of humor  2. Attractive 3. Great personality 4. Trustworthy 5. Able to hold a conversation 6. Outgoing 7. Well-liked, has a wide variety of friends 8. Has morals

eyes, I like his family, I like that he plays sports and I like his smile when he actually does smile,” Photo by/ Whyte said.

Energy Drinks

The GOOD and the bad on energy drinks By: Lindsey LeVota

  When feeling tired or low on energy the this could cause complications in the body. one solution is to drink an energy beverage.   “I used to drink one about everyday, What students do not know is they are usually I would drink them in the mornings getting more than they bargained for. One at school, or over the summer,” Smitka said.   What many people assumes they just bought do not take notice of is about two and a half hours the way energy drinks worth of energy, when affects the body. Inside really it result in health these drinks is caffeine conflicts for the future. assorted with vitamin   “I got addicted to them B, ginseng, guarana, when the place I used to and ephedrine. work at sold them,” junior These ingredients Kyle Smitka said, “we got put together can the drinks for free, and I cause more than just thought I would try one.” Rain and Fire. Are energy drinks addicting or not?   Energy drinks contain “I used to drink one about everyday, usually I would a boost of energy. large amounts of caffeine drink them in the mornings, at school or over the Since energy drinks are a stimulant, and sugar in order summer,” Kyle Smitka said. Photo by/ Colin Taylor they have been to get the consumer known to boost the addicted to the product. rate and blood pressure. These drinks contain about 80 mg of heart drinks can cause an caffeine, compared to 37mg in Mountain   “Energy Dew and 23mg in Coca-Cola. That is more increased heart rate and sodium and than double the amount of caffeine and potassium imbalance,” health teacher 14 September 20th, 2007

Kim Schieber said, “Water is preferred.”   Since these drinks have been known not to last a long period of time without crashing, new methods of gaining energy can be used such as: Propel, water, Gatorade etc.   “It wasn’t hard switching to water. I know that water is the best thing you could drink really,” Smitka said.   Energy drinks are not 100 percent bad if used in the right way. Energy drinks are not to be used during exercising. Loss of sweat and other fluid loss can cause the user to become severely dehydrated.   “Energy drinks do not have to be destructive if proper precautions are taken. They should not be consumed everyday and especially no more than one a day,” the director of Salt Lake Community College and Health and Wellness services Jackie Farnsworth for the Globe said, “I really recommend using energy drinks with caution. Know what you are putting into your body and do not use with alcohol or while pregnant.”


Speak Up


By: Ericka Cherry

Public speaking skills improve speeches, everyday conversation   An auditorium full of people face a stage. In the middle of the stage stands one person circled by the blaze of a spotlight. Every eye fixes on this person and waits for what they have to say. This person may sweat, this person’s mouth may go dry, this person will choke and end up sounding ignorant if they are anything like Miss South Carolina.   “At first I laughed, but then I felt bad because she was obviously nervous,” junior Matt Sweeten said.   Miss South Carolina became the subject of YouTube and national news broadcasts alike after she gave a fumbled answer to the question, “Why can’t some Americans locate America on a map?” during the Miss Teen USA competition.   “I think most of our students could have answered that question better than her,” senior Alyssa Kennedy said.   Even if a student is intelligent on a subject; however, nerves can still confuse their words while giving presentations, such as speeches.   “You should start by reading your speech out loud in front of parents and friends, that way you’ll be prepared for the real thing,” Sweeten said.   Public speaking is not limited to speeches in front of large crowds; it includes passing

conversation in the halls when the excuse of nerves does not apply.   “A lot of people speak to sound cool, they think that using perfect grammar will make them sound weird,” Sweeten said.   To sound intelligent, perfect grammar by the book is not necessarily important.   “It’s important to know what is considered correct, but I think certain rules will change to reflect how language evolves,” English teacher Eden Ecklund said.   Intelligence is the ability to get a message across clearly. The lack of this skill can be seen in Miss South Carolina’s mixed up answer.   “Being able to speak well in public shows that you are putting forth an effort. First impressions can tell a lot about a person, so it helps if you present yourself like someone who knows what they are talking about,” Kennedy said.   Whether in front of an audience of two or two hundred, overcoming fear and speaking with conviction are qualities that just take practice.   “The most important thing is to feel confident. Oh, and don’t use the pronoun ‘who’ when talking about a person. I can’t stand that!” Ecklund said.   Miss South Carolina apparently did not practice her answer with an English teacher first.

Apple A Day

Speaking Out. Public speaking may not be something a lot of people like to do but Senior Kevin Dresnick stands in front of his English class to tell his story. “I am usually in front of friends so I don’t get really nervous,” Dresnick said. Public speaking can be easy when you are in front of a crowd you are familiar with. Photo by McKenzie Marston

By: Meri Kindred

Healthy eating now means a healthy future

  About 276 students need to think about their lunch. An estimated 15 percent of students are in danger of succumbing to the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. According to the American School Board Journal.   “I don’t worry about what I eat. I play sports, so what I eat doesn’t matter.” freshman Victoria Gevorkov said.   What students need to remember is that what they eat now can affect their health in the future.   “Eating too much, eating too much sugar, eating too much fat causes weight gain and elevated cholesterol,” registered nurse Jill Dusing said.   When cholesterol is increased, fat circulates through the blood and the heart gets deposits in it. This is what causes heart attacks. Knowing the nutritional content of food can prevent heart attacks from happening.   “The board will list nutrition facts soon. Students can also email the food service and have the nutrition facts sent to them,” food service director Donna Staggs said.   The food a student eats is not the only concern, how much a student eats matters too.   “I buy the combos, they taste better,” Gevorkov said.   Eating one basket of fries every once in a while is not the problem, it’s when people continually eat large amounts of unhealthy food that health can be at risk.   “I like to give kids choices on what they can eat. I know some kids

don’t like broccoli so I try to have other things out for them,” Staggs said.   Many students eat one out of their three meals in the cafeteria every day. Therefore, students need to be aware of how healthy their food is. A healthy menu now can promote a healthier life in the future.

Truly Healthy. Junior Zach Boehm pours gravy over his mashed potatoes on CFS day. Overall, most of the cafeteria food is pretty fatty. “Eating too much, eating too much sugar, or eating too much fat causes weight gain and elevated cholesterol,” said registered nurse Jill Dusing. Photo by/ Sami Dowd September 20th, 2007 15



The Best Burgers in Town

By: Jordan Pence

Students vote on their favorite burgers in town

  It is almost impossible to drive more than 1 mile through Lee’s Summit without seeing a fast food place. More than half of these commonly found places serve up hamburgers. The smell of thick juicy beef floating through the air. The stacks of lettuce, onion, and pickle tingle your taste buds in whiff you take in. The urge to satisfy this craving drives could drive a person into the nearest burger joint, and then have to walk out unsatisfied, biting into a dry blob of what was going to be the best hamburger ever. Now, to go home still hungry with three less dollars waisted on a slice of meat, can be extremely aggravating.   If this has happened to you, you are not alone but what if I told you I knew where you could get five different hamburgers, all that are appealing in five different ways.   The five categories are: most popular, biggest, least fattening, and most unique. first off is most popular and although I understand “the most popular burger” would vary with who took the poll and what places I listed, but one of every three students I asked agree, the best tasting burger can be found off of 800 SW Blue Pkwy at a little drive-in called Johnny Ray’s.   “Mmm they put those fried onions on them

and its just… mmm,” junior Brett Jackson said   Now the cheapest hamburger, most students automatically assume McDonalds because their double cheese burger is only a dollar therefore a simple hamburger has to be less but, in fact, its not. A McDonalds hamburger is actually 10 cents more than a McDonalds double cheese burger, leaving Wendy’s Jr. Hamburger the cheapest at a measly 99 cents.   Next on the list is the biggest hamburger, according to serving size. On top of the list is a burger with a weight of 151 grams. The burger calls Backyard Burger it home. 151 grams is a lot taking into consideration that 71 grams is roughly the weight of a deck of cards.

  The next category is the health craze’s least fattening hamburger, which I judged on saturated fat percentage. The lowest percentage found was a Hardee’s, hamburger measuring in at 1.13 percent. This hamburger is actually 5.7 percent lower than what a person’s average daily intake of saturated fat should be.   Finally, the most unique hamburger, this could probably be a hot topic for students, but for the limited places that were surveyed, the only hamburger that truely stood out from all the rest is another Backyard Burger concoction. The Miz Grazi Spicy Hamburger,   “Topped with our famous Miz Grazi Hot Stuff, a fiery seasoned hot pepper sauce, grated cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.” As their website describes, “It’s SPICEY!”   Now with all of these choices of burgers floating through your head, their should be no problem when it comes time to make a selection. Transcendent Taste. Burgers from Johnny Ray’s Drive In were voted the best in Lee’s Summit. Many students enjoy getting a quick bite to eat at this 50’s-styled diner known for their hamburgers. “Mm. They put those fried onions on them and it’s just…mm,” Junior Brett Jackson said. Photo by Sami Dowd

13 Things To Do When Your Bored When boredom strikes, do something about it By: Nicole Schmidt

1. Bake 2. Ride a bike 3. Paint your nails 4. Eat junk food 5. Hang out with your friends 6. Sing 7. Write 8. Go out to eat 9. Watch T.V. 10. Get on the internet and watch funny videos 11. Talk on the phone 12. Go shopping 13. Crossword puzzles 16 September 20th, 2007

1. Brownies, cookies, muffins, cakes are some great things to bake when looking for something to do. 2. Dust off that old bike and take it for a spin around the block. 3. Boredoms a great time to touch up your chipped nails. 4. Junk food might not be the best thing for you, but it’s a sure way to make time past. 5. Laughing and joking around with friends is the best cure for boredom. 6. Sing your favorite tune while working out or taking a shower. 7. Writing helps take away the stress of the day. 8. Grab a group of friends and head out to your favorite restaurant. 9. Sit back, relax and catch up on your favorite show. 10. Get a good laugh out of YouTube. 11. Call up your best friend, grandma, or new fling and chat it up. 12. Give that birthday money a good use, and spend it on a new out fit. 13. On a rainy day, break out the crossword puzzles and give your brain some work.


Alternative Parties   It’s Friday night after the North game with the devastating loss by one measly point some students gather up their group and go drink the sorrow away but for some they find other ways to lift their chins up. They find comfort and excitement in just going back to a friend’s house, dancing and playing pingpong.   “I don’t have alcohol at parties mostly because of my relationship with Christ. Besides, it’s easy to have fun without beer,” junior Travis Sterret said.   Having parties does not have to be about getting drunk, there are many different party ideas and ways to get the word out if planned right.   “To plan for a party I usually talk to my parents, clean my basement, facebook it, and then pick some food and drinks,” Sterret said   Besides having a blast playing ping-pong,

Partying takes a whole new meaning

By: Amanda Brown

chatting with friends, dancing, and maybe the occasional costume party, throwing a party alcohol free has its advantages. It will be one party you won’t regret going to.   “Drinking is against the law at our age. I like giving my friends a place to go where they can stay safe,” Sterret said

Photo/ AP

Fighting Frenzy


Halloween- Halloween is a great excuse to dress up and be whatever you want. Go all out with cobwebs, bobbing for apples, and creepy decorations. If land allows then build a bonfire to set the mood. Don’t forget candy and a little scare!   Dance- Having a dance party is an awesome way to get everyone together to have a good time. Make a compellation of rap, slow, oldies, and of course techno music. Don’t forget to supply plenty of beverages.   Toga- Invite friends with themed invitations and make sure to include dress code. Dress up in togas and crown of leaves. Wear leather sandals that tie up your leg. Play music and provide beverages.   Holiday- Holiday parties can be thrown for every holiday from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure to know exactly what the holiday is about and go all out. Make themed invitations, decorate, and give out favors.

By: Allison Gribsy

Fighting at school comes with concequences

  Everything was crazy. The crowd was yelling and screaming at them. All she had was anger toward this girl she was punching. This was how sophomore Donielle Stuckey described the fight.   “What’s running through your head is you just really wanna hurt this person and you hope that you don’t lose,” Stuckey said.   Fights start weeks before they happen, when two people have a disagreement.   “Fights start when anger builds up and [there are] grudges against other people and letting others hype you up,” Stuckey says.   Our school has a strict no fighting policy, which has just become stricter. The three high school administrators changed the policy over the summer. Instead of three days of out of school suspension it is now five days of O.S.S, and second offenses get 10 days of O.S.S.   “We feel like five days is a better fit for the severity of fighting. Bigger consequences deter [bad] behavior,” assistant principal Christiana Barger said.   Though, one student does not think the same way as Barger.   “You can’t control how people react when they are mad,” Stuckey said.

  Which is somewhat true, because when people are in highly stressful situations, like fighting, then they will not think as straight as they do in normal situations.   The fighting policy also states that all students in the fight will be punished, even if one student claims to have used self-defense. If a student fights back, then that student will be punished.   “From the school’s perspective there’s fighting and assault. Fighting is when both people engage physically. If one person truly is working to get themselves out of the situation as quickly as possible, then that would be considered assault. So if you don’t fight back, you don’t get in trouble,” Barger said.   The only option to get out of a fight without punishment is to not fight back or run away. Sophomore Spencer Gaines does not agree with this part of the discipline policy, though.   “I feel that punishment is wrong because it’s self-defense, and I don’t think it should be five days for self-defense,” Gaines said.   Most students caught in fights will not run away because running away will hurt that student’s pride. So the victim will fight back,

and he or she will get five days of OSS.   “Fighting is all about a reputation, I guess, but at the end of the day it’s stupid,” Stuckey said.   The fight ended as quickly as it had started. She was sitting in the principal’s office with a black eye, wondering how she could have avoided this fight. Instead of resorting to fighting, she could have talked it out. She also could have scheduled a meeting with her school counselor. This is one reason the school has counselors; to address the problem before it gets worse.

Don’t Fight Back. Students who fight at school will automatically be punished with out of school suspension. “We feel like five days is a better fit for teh severity of fighting,” Barger said. The punishment has been bumped up to five days of O.S.S. instead of three. photo by Sydney Rohan September 20th, 2007



Center Spread

What comes around... Administration encourages improvement in school recycling By: Stephanie Russell


sickening sweet odor that attracts insects is what science teacher Kathy Jones dealt with to assist in recycling cans in her classroom. Jones had to stop collecting cans in her room because of the awful smell and bugs.   “Recycling can be a difficult process. I remember when a coach from the P.E. department had his CA go around to collect cans and he recovered a lot of money for the cans,” Jones said.   Right now, the school has only what the teachers provide in classrooms for recycling. The school only recycles paper, but assistant principal Jeff Meisenheimer plans on helping the school improve.   “We are in a process of getting brand new recycling bins and putting them in the cafeteria,” Meisenheimer said.   Smur-fit Recycling is providing the school with the new recycling bins and Meisenheimer hopes that more bins can be set up throughout the school soon.   “Setting bins in the cafeteria will hopefully be successful, and depending on the success of the bins in the cafeteria we could place more bins in both the

A and B buildings,” Meisenheimer said.   The new bins will also provide more recycling options.   “The bins will allow more recycling; instead of just paper, we can recycle aluminum cans, plastic, and bottles,” Meisenheimer said.   At the end of everyday there is more trash being collected than recycled items. When Jones notices a student throwing items away that can be recycled, it bothers her.   “I do point out to my students that there is a recycling bin and it also bothers me when I see plastic and cans being thrown away,” Jones said.   Not recycling as much as possible does have its consequences on the future of the planet.   “Being wasteful is taking up excess land and we are not reusing items wisely. In the future there will be a decrease in land and possible tainting of the water due to leachate. Leachate is when a solution filters down in a landfill and if it gets out it will filter into ground water,” Jones said.   The bins in the cafeteria will give more

opportunities for students to recycle.   “If students had the choice between throwing items in the trash or placing them in the recycle bin, I think 90 percent would place items in the recycle bins,” Meisenheimer said.   The new recycle bins will draw more attention to improving recycling habits.   “If we start to recycle more there will be a decrease in trash and an increase in a public forum and it can be carried over outside of school. Recycling could then become a priority,” Jones said.

Trash Vs. Treasure Composed by: Stephanie Russell and Kelsey Leftwich LSHS Garbage Stats


dumpsters dumped everyday


cubic yards in a dumpster


dumpsters dumped every other day


charged to manage garbage than recycled items 18 September 20th, 2007

Message in a Bottle

United States Garbage Stats

Billions of water bottles are in landfills. In 2003, 40 billion water bottles a day went into the garbage. Every environmentally conscience person can do the following things to decrease the amount of garbage produced by water bottles.

115 pounds of garbage produced in the united states per person everyday

Drink tap water - buy a water filter, around $8.00 (the cost of a weeks worth of bottled water), if contamination is your major concern. Use a reusable water bottle - companies like SIGG ( produce metal, lightweight water bottles with fun patterns and designs. They are good for the environment and fashionable too! If you buy a plastic water bottle, recycle it - LSHS has recently installed bins for plastic waste to be recycled.

180 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), waste produced by Americans in their homes and where they work, are produced each year 3% of American waste is MSW 40% of MSW is paper 72% of MSW goes to landfills 15% of MSW is burned 13% of MSW is recycled

Center Spread


It’s Easy Being Green Tips for creating a healthier planet By: Tyler Fromson


  Green: adj. the color of growing grass; overspread with green plants or foliage; not dried or seasoned.   Green, besides being a color and used to describe Earth’s richness, is also the centerpiece of a rising revolution against the swindling health of our planet. It is one word that has the ability to change the world and how we treat it. It is the description of everything humans should do to revitalize our planet and save us from the devastating effects of global warming.   Among the many methods to become green, there are things that even high school students are able to do.

11 Ways to Go Green 1. Replace a regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb (CFS). 2. Move thermostat down 2° in winter and up 2° in summer. 3. Use less hot water. 4. Turn off/unplug electronic devices when not in use. 5. Plant a tree. 6. Buy fresh foods, not frozen. 7. Avoid unnecessary driving whenever possible. 8. Carpool.

>>> 3



9. When it is time for a new car, choose a more fuel-efficient vehicle. 10. Avoid throwing away objects that can be recycled instead. 11. Recycle and buy recycled paper products. Websites used:

September 20th, 2007 19



By: Crystal Lawson

Oval Face

When counteracting an oval face, choose a pair of face-wrapping sunglasses. While oval faces are naturally longer, oversized frames help to balance them out. Choose pairs with embellished sides to add appeal.

Square Face

Square faces usually have more definition in every aspect, so compensate for a square jaw line with round-framed sunglasses. By choosing round frames, a balance is set to soften the edges of the face.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are wide at the top and slender at the chin. Equalize the top and bottom of the face with aviator glasses. Bring the widest part of the face together with a connecting bar in true aviator fashion. These misshapen lenses work to make the top and bottom of the face seem more equal.

Round Face

Sunglasses for every face shape

While sunglasses serve as protection from the blinding rays of the sun, they also make a statement about the individual that is wearing them, but not every face is the same. With the help of COSMOGIRL writer Lisa Grue, ensure that every statement is correct by finding the perfect fit for every face shape.

Round faces tend to lack definition, so choose square frames to add depth. Create appeal by adding shapes on an otherwise shapeless face. Be careful not to choose extremely large lenses so as to not make the face appear smaller.

20 September 20th, 2007



1. Mondonation is an organization

By: Jessi Woska

Clothing with a Cause

In the past, purchasing clothing for ones self has been considered a selfish act, but that concept may have taken a complete turn. Now there are organizations that allow people all over the world to purchase fashion pieces, and in doing so, donate to a cause. Just by purchasing an article of clothing or an accessory, you can do your part to help someone, plant a tree, or even save the world while looking great at the same time.


committed to inspiring positive global change. On the website the buyer can customize their own t-shirt by printing their personal belief on the back, and the charity which their money will be donated to on the sleeve. This organization enables people to give money to something they believe in while wearing something they believe in at the same time. Available at $35.00

2. The Invisible Children Foundation

sponsors this fashionable tank. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this tank are donated to this foundation to help save the children of Northern Uganda. This shirt also includes a red Africa shaped pin to serve as a daily reminder. Available at Guess. $19.50

2. On the Back

3. Buy a bangle, save a tree! This organi-

zation was made to help the environment off the coast of Bali. Just by purchasing one bracelet, ten percent goes to plant bamboos in Nusa Penida. The bracelet is a sterling silver bangle molded to look like a piece of bamboo. Available at $125.00



3. 6. 5.

This leather bracelet is part of the (Product) Red line teamed up with Gap. It was created to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa. A portion from every sale of each (Product) Red item goes directly to the Global Fund to help women and children suffering from AIDS and HIV in Africa. Available at Gap. $6.00

5. This t-shirt is made from 100 percent

organic cotton. A portion from the sale of each t-shirt is donated to the World Wildlife Foundation to help save the rainforest and plant trees around the world. Available at Nordstroms. $32.00


These t-shirts are created by Youtube star and fashion guru, William Sledd. These fun and funky t-shirts are available in men and womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sizes and feature eye-catching patterns and phrases. One dollar from every t-shirt purchase is donated to an animal shelter. Available at $25.00

September 20th, 2007 21



Battle of the Bands   In a crowded theatre of friends and enemies, with bright lights shining down and nothing to count on but their band mates, they step out onto the stage. Once the guitars are plugged in with the microphone stand at the right height, they begin. They hope to be the best and do not want to be disappointed. With the first notes the fear subsides and the realization that practice has indeed paid off sets in as the crowd goes wild. Eight bands give it their all to sway the audience in their favor and win the coveted title of top band of the night.   “I’m 112% confident we’re going to win,” senior Adam Goff said about his band Terra Nova, who will be playing at Battle of the Bands.   LSHS and LSW are working together to bring the second Annual Battle of the Bands.   “The Battle of the Bands is a great fundraiser and it reaches out to a group of students who don’t usually participate in fundraising activities,” Project Grad member Carla Simpson said.   Any band with a member currently

LSHS and LSW team up for a night of music

attending LSHS or LSW can enter. Eight bands will be performing but if more sign up and the competition gets too intense, auditions will be held to narrow it down. If anyone is interested in entering, contact business teacher Kimberly Sterne.   “It will be held on Oct. 20 in the PAC,” Sterne said. “It will cost $5 in advance and $7 at the door.”   Bands have many different reasons for entering the Battle of the Bands. Some enter to see if they are as good as they think they are. Goff, along with band mates Danny Becker and Steve Lynn, have their own reason for entering this competition.   “We are entering for publicity,” Terra Nova said.   When the time comes to perform it will not be so much as to why they are competing but how they compete. All their hard work is put to the test. Also their strategy to win, and their general mindset becomes an important aspect of the performance.   “I like to stay focused,” Lynn said.   The Battle of the Bands could not be successful without the support of the student

Jammin’ Downtown

By: Mariah Jones

Listen Up. Senior Steve Lynn and his band will try for the title of winner of the Battle of the Bands. “Mostly we just wanted to get publicity, [to] get people to hear our stuff,” Lynn said. The band, Terra Nova, is made up of all seniors. Photo by/ Meighan Walsh

body. Attending helps provide much needed money to Project Grad while also allowing local bands an opportunity to showcase their talent. For students, it is an entertaining way to spend a Saturday night.   “It would be a fun reason to get out of my house,” sophomore Sarah Mathews said.

By: Lacy Knipp

Lee’s Summit becomes a new hot music spot

  The Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre is empty and so is Kemper Arena. Nobody is at the Grand Emporium. Tonight somewhere else, the music blares and people are screaming, jumping, and dancing until late. The concerts in downtown Lee’s Summit are the place to be on Thursday and Friday nights.   “Everyone is upbeat and having a blast. Most adults come with their young children,” senior Bethany Nonnemaker said.   Nonnemaker works for Legacy Park and was asked to work at the concerts in downtown Lee’s Summit. The concerts attract mostly adults, who love to have a good time and let loose.   “My favorite concert was the Jamaican Jam because I got to sell hats and necklaces,” Nonnemaker said.   People follow the concert theme by dressing up for the different styles of music.   The outdoor summer concerts have ended, but the music still continues at Jerry’s Bait Shop. They hold weekly concerts for teens and adults. 22 September 20th, 2007

  “The shows are crowded, loud, and really fun,” junior Kyle Smitka said.   Smitka performs with some of his friends on Thursday nights at Jerry’s Bait Shop. Thursday nights are Jerry Jam nights from nine P.M. to one A.M., which teens are allowed to play at and watch. At the cost of three dollars.   “If you can play an instrument and pick a song from the song list, you can play,” Smitka said. It is a good opportunity for teens to show off their talent and ability to play. Bands perform every night and anyone can come and listen.   On Friday nights, live performances take place outside at Jerry’s Bait Shop. Employees pick from a select group of their bands to play. Teens are welcome till ten on Fridays, after ten P.M. only twenty-one and older are allowed.   “It’s a fun place to be. I like hearing new music and getting the rush of performing,” Smitka said.

  The concerts are an exciting and entertaining place to be during the week and weekend. Lee’s Summit has flourished into a bustling area where one can experience the thrill of loud music,and a great time at the concerts downtown

Local Tunes. This electric violinist gets the audience pumped for the main act, a local band by the name of “Saucy Jack.’ Even some of our own students have played at the jam nights on Thursdays. “All in all, it’s always fun being up there; whether you’re playing, watching, eating, or whatever. If you like that kind of music, it’s your place to be,” said Junior Kyle Smitka. Photo by/ Sami Dowd


The American Life

New band hits it big in the Kansas City music scene

  Blue and red lights tint the room. Kids shuffle though the door of the Grand Emporium to take their place in the crowd. It is unlikely that they know who is about to perform. Eight band members set up around a multicolored stage. Breakdowns drum beats and vocal warm ups, start to overcome the up beat funk music playing. The American Life is ready to take the stage. Hi.Life: As a band what’s your biggest accomplishment?   The American Life: Getting all of us in one place at one time, since there is eight of us. But really it would have to be Warped Tour because it was kind of random that it happened and I think we worked really hard and they saw that and they allowed us to play. It made us feel really accomplished. Bands spend their whole career to get a spot on Warped Tour, and it was only our fifth show. We had a great time and it was hot. HL: How would you describe your band?   TAL:It’s kind of like boom! No, actually our band is a mixture of pop-rock and synths and bass. Also a lot of hardcore influence and pop punk. HL: How is your music different from other bands?   TAL: We concentrate on writing structured songs, we try and write the best songs we can. We don’t just throw stuff together. If we don’t like it, we start over. We work until we think it’s good enough. We’re veterans, we like to rock. Instead of doing the normal thing like two guitars, a lead singer, bass, drums and the predictable break down with the screaming. We tried to do something with more members instead of just being a generic four piece band that everyone does now days. We wanted to push the envelope and put more melody into a generic rock sound. Basically, kick the creative levels up a notch. Or two. Oh, and we turn our amps up to eleven.

done for two months now and we are all excited to get in our hands and the hands of people who have been asking us for months now. HL: What’s your favorite song from your band?   TAL: ‘We Are Alive’. It describes us as a band collectively. When we finish that song it kicked off how we wanted to sound and those lyrics are the best.That’s what we want to convey as far as what we are all about. I’d say that’s our signature song. If you want to hear the American Life you have to listen to that song. HL: Compare your band now to when you first started out.   TAL: Can anyone remember six months ago? Now that we finished our record, we know what kind of music we want to write. We have progressed a lot father. The new stuff is phenomenal. Basically we have taken our sound and taken it up to the next level. It’s not more complicated there is just a lot more going on. It was one person writing this stuff now it’s all eight of us having input. So if you like the album that you’re hearing now, that was one person writing now there are eight of us writing. So it’s eight times better, eight hundred times better. HL: What is your favorite show you have played and why?   TAL: Warped tour because there was a lot of kids there and a lot of people got to see us. Or the last show at the Grand Emporium with Josephine Collective. It was a sold out show; tons of kid, lots of fun, and a huge crowd response. There were a lot of hugs given. It was rad. HL: What is the hardest problem your band has faced?   TAL: Getting this record out was our hardest thing.Or the hardest struggle as


By: Lindsay Bales

Photos by Meighan Walsh a band is finding time to just be friends. Because there are eight people, there are two bands in this band. It’s hard to get everyone to the same place at the same time and just relax. It’s hard to turn off business and just have fun. We look at each other as co-workers now, but a lot of us have been friends for a long time. But now that we are in a band together, it’s like we work together. So we don’t hang out as much. HL: Describe the rush on stage.   TAL: The rush of being on stage is not colliding people’s heads with your instruments. You have to move without colliding with other people. If I had to describe it, it’s the sensation of when you mix Pop Rocks with Coca-Cola and your insides are exploding. You’re on stage with your best friends. It’s brother hood, and it’s kind of like being chased by Jason in an eighties horror film. HL: What made you decide to start the band?   TAL: Josh wanted to start something different in the music scene and also around Kansas City. We are not saying that this music isn’t being done, but we are the most original of our style. We wanted to do something that was your typical cookie cutter band. We wanted metal mixed with mainstream. We just want to have fun. To check out more information on the American life go to theamericanliferock

HL: What goals do you want to achieve as a band?   TAL: I think our immediate goal right now is releasing our record. It’s been

September 20th, 2007 23



A ‘Beast’ of a Show

Expectations held high for this year’s musical

  Anticipation filled the halls as the end of the day approached. Hopeful actors, singers, and dancers nervously waited for their audition times while warming up their voices and repeating lines. Such a popular show calls for only the best of the best, and there was no telling who would or would not make it.   With over 100 students auditioning for a part in this year’s musical, Beauty and the Beast, and only 49 parts, everyone knew that in the end more than half would be cut. Auditions were spread out from Monday through Wednesday, with callbacks on Thursday and a cast list posted Friday morning. For both the students and the judges, it was quite an intense week.   “The initial tryouts are pretty easy because you go in and perform what you’ve memorized. Callbacks are a lot more nerve-wracking because you’re singing and acting with other people. You really have to show the judges what you can do with materials that you get only a few hours before,” senior Johanna Merwin said.   Merwin will play Belle, and opposite her is the Beast, who will be played by junior Brett Bornhoft. Aside from being his first lead role, this will be Bornhoft’s first musical. Bornhoft has also been involved in soccer, Men’s Choir, Concert Choir, and Sounds of Summit. This year he will be trading in soccer for the musical.   “A lot of doors have been closed in my life recently, but now, especially with the musical, a lot more have been opened,” Bornhoft said.   Bornhoft has been preparing for the part of the Beast since June. He attended the Missouri Fine Arts Academy this summer, and while he was there, he worked with a vocal teacher on the Beast’s ballad “ If I Can’t Love Her.” He also practiced the feel and characterization of such a difficult role. Not having much acting experience, Bornhoft knows that this will be a lot of work. Like everyone else, however, he is very excited.   “I’m looking forward to everything. So many people were qualified, and I did not think that I would be cast as 24 September 20th, 2007

the Beast. When I looked at the list, I was really excited,” said Bornhoft.   Director Micah Hensley also knows that Beauty and the Beast will require a lot of hard work. Putting on such a big name show that is a classic Disney movie makes for high expectations as well as a big expense.   “With this show, there will not be one specifically hard aspect. The whole show will take a lot to pull off, but I know that we can do it. That is one reason I picked it, because I love a challenge,” Hensley said.   The dedication put into last year’s shows truly paid off. The theatre department received 18 nominations from Cappies, winning awards in five of their nominated categories. The six nominations from Blue Star was also worth cheering about. Even more exciting was the three awards that Wonderful Town received from Blue Star included Best Choreography, Best Set Design, and the most prestigious award, Best Overall Show. With Beauty and the Beast, the cast is already preparing for long rehearsals and practices in order to keep up the theatre program’s tradition of excellence.   “It can be hard to know what to expect for awards or nominations with this year’s show. We can put on a great show, but last year with Wonderful Town the audience did not know what to expect. With Beauty and the Beast, we will have to work twice as hard

By: Rachael Lynn

because everyone generally knows the story and will come with an idea of what they’re about to see,” junior Matt Sweeten, who will play Cogsworth, said.   One thing that the whole cast looks forward to is the chance to be a part of such an amazing show. Before long, opening night will be here and that happy anticipation will fill the town with Disney dreams. Performances will be November 9, 10, 16, 17, and 18. Tickets will be on sale in mid-September for $7 in advance and $8 at the door.   “Personally, I am expecting a lot from this show. There is no negative energy among any of us involved, and everyone has been placed so well that it should take a lot for us to not push forward with all of our enthusiasm,” Merwin said.   Auditions are over, the nervousness has faded, and this beautiful ‘Beast’ of a show will soon be opening and entertaining those who are young, as well as those who are simply young at heart.

Cost break down


Costume budget for whole cast

$6000 Rights to the show and script rental  rental$5500 Costume for principle actors $2000 Materials for the set  Total$1500-2000 for special effects

Strike a Pose. Junior Matt Sweeten and Senior Melissa Boatright wear their practice costumes during a dance rehersal in the PAC. They danced with all of the other Enchanted Objects in the song and dance number ‘Human Again.’ “The hardest part will be manuvering around in my costume and trying to be like the character in the movie,” Sweeten said. photo by McKenzie Marston

$40 building materials for new risers


First Fridays


By: Ariel Andrew

The artistic and the bored seek a different kind of Friday night

  The dazzling streetlights illuminate the faces of excited passerby. The crisp night air hangs heavily with anticipation as noisy traffic inches through the streets. Animated conversation and laughter fills this bustling atmosphere as a city reawakens. Kansas City now has its very own Renaissance.   Art teacher Melissa Woody explains exactly what happens during First Fridays, the monthly artistic movement that is rocking downtown Kansas City.   “It’s when the local artists open their galleries. There are a lot of independent artists and college students,” Woody said.   There is an ample supply of galleries in downtown Kansas City’s Crossroads district. Kelly Kuhn, owner and director of the Blue Gallery, describes her gallery and the others surrounding it.   “All the galleries down here are great, but we represent a pretty broad spectrum of styles,” Kuhn said.   Sherry Leedy, of the Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art Gallery, gives insight into her own gallery.   “We’ve been in business for twenty-one years. We represent top-notch artists known nationally and internationally. We will be featuring Jun Kaneko. He is a ceramic sculptor as well as a painter,” Leedy said.   Aside from the vast selection of artwork, the best feature of First Fridays is its price: zero

dollars. All the galleries are free of admission, and the trolley service running through downtown from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. is also complimentary.   While this may seem like an experience that would only entertain older audiences, Woody assures students that it’s a worthwhile adventure for people of all ages and interests.   “It’s amazing, the exposure to art culture. Students can find resources, ideas, and inspiration for their own art. It’s also a great way to appreciate it,” Woody said.   Kuhn explains why students would feel welcome in the Blue Gallery, which will be celebrating its seventh anniversary.   “It’s a very friendly gallery. A high school student would feel comfortable here. There will be numerous local items from local artists,” Kuhn said.   Leedy also describes the people who would be interested in visiting her gallery.   “Anyone with an interest in art would want to come. It’s a good idea to see what’s going on in your community,” Leedy said.   First Fridays happen on the first Friday of every month.Most galleries open from 5:00 to 6:00 P.M., and close around 9:00 P.M. There are also numerous restaurants, including the Italian restaurant Lidia’s and the barbecue restaurant Fiorella’s Jack Stack, around the Crossroads area, as well as a free concert in Grinders’ Sculpture Park.

Third Thursdays •

The Crossroads District opens all the galleries’ doors to the public, free of charge. The diverse galleries represent a wide variety of styles that vary from photography to paintings to sculptures. • Although Third Thursdays and First Fridays seem alike, each event has a distinct vibe. First Fridays, while welcoming, is more upscale. Third

Thursday is based on the grunge trend. The Brick, a restaurant with a huge selection of American-style food, is featuring live music. Brannock Device and The Ants will be performing at 10 P.M. For more information on The Brick, go to

  First Fridays is not only an exciting cultural movement, but an alternative to the predictable Friday night dinner and movie. The only difference is that students only need to pay for dinner.   “I think all students should come,” Woody said.

Artsy Amusement: A couple admires a painting by a local artist at the Blue Gallery, located in the Crossroads Art District. “First Fridays is something that all students would enjoy. It’s amazing. It’s a total submersion in art,” said Melissa Woody. photo by Sami Dowd

Concert Corner Who: The Academy Is... Where: The Beaumont Club When: Saturday, October 6th Cost: $19.99 plus service charge Who: Rascal Flatts Where: Sprint Center When: Thursday, October 25th Cost: $52.25-$67.50 plus service charge Who: Underoath Where: The Beaumont Club When: Monday, October 15th Cost: $17 plus sevice charge September 20th, 2007 25



Case Closed   Politics seem to consume our world today. So it should be no surprise we can not escape them even at school. When we look around the school you see students who have leadership roles are treated differently, partly because they have a higher expectation and partly because they should be able to be trusted.   Student athletes are required to sign a form at the start of their season that states they will not drink, smoke, or partake in any risky behavior in or outside of school. If they do any of those activities they will be kicked off the team. The leaders of the school are held to the same standard as the athletes simply because they are looked up to. If a student is given a position of power in the school it is rarely seen that they are punished for their mistakes.   All students can hear when they walk through the hallways are profanities being shouted, or how much someone “got wasted” over the weekend yet teachers pretend they can not hear these conversations. Students can sit in class and talk about their plans to “get trashed” or other risky behavior with a teacher in ear shot, and still they maintain their positions of authority. Why does it seem that action is only taken when the matters are absolutely extreme?   Students party on the weekends, and by Sunday night pictures of it are on Facebook. If colleges see pictures of students, that they have accepted, partaking in partying they will withdraw their acceptance. Somehow or another the pictures always come back to kick you in the butt.   If an average student was to get caught breaking the rules in any manner they would be swiftly disciplined, while our student leaders get the benefit of the doubt. Yet, in the real world it is the exact opposite. We hold the leaders of our country to a much higher standard than ourselves.   I feel that students leaders are not held to the standard they need to be. It states in the plan book district policies that will get suspended for 10 days if they are under the influence, in possession of, or caught buying illegal substances or alcohol, yet the leaders of our school can partake without fear of repercussion.   The logical thing to do is simply hold them accountable. If the leaders are held accountable it will set an example for the rest of our student body by showing them no one is above the law. Teachers need to stop turning their heads when students talk about risky behavior, but instead take action. It should not take pictures of the events for our leaders to be held accountable. 26 September 20th, 2007

The Line Up

This year the lunch lines are REALLY long. by: Meighan Walsh

Letters to the Editor Dear Editor, I always thought that America had the philosophy that you are innocent until proven guilty, but apparently Lee’s Summit High School is the exception to these ideals. When being called up to STAD [Student Administration] there is an automatic accusatory tone in their voices, as they automatically assume that you are the one in the wrong and havedone something “bad.” I thing that maybe they should rethinkthe attitude before they start accusing the students, because if they are wrong, then they have made themselves look bad. senior Jordan Miller

Dear Editor, I think the recent change in the number of credits to graduate is unfortunate or the underclassmen. Now that our juniors and underclassmen are required to have 26 credits in order to graduate it dramatically eliminates the possibilities for experiences during their senior year. The work program and other activities that allow students to leave campus probably won’t exist any more. I truly feel bad for them. Twenty-four credits, now that’s a nice number. senior Brittany Davis


Man on the Street What change you like to see in the lunch room?

“I would like to see better seating. Either longer tables or more chairs, just something,” freshman Reina Hill said.

“I would like to see new food because the food isn’t that great,” sophmore Brittany Fellows said.

“Just about everything. The fries... can’t stand them. The pizza is too greasy. I usually don’t eat school lunch,” junior Jarrett Eiskina said.

“Since my paycheck doesn’t get any higher, I don’t think the prices on food should,” senior Tyler Sinnett said.

The Hi.Life is an open forum to provide up to date and pertinent information compiled by high school journalist. The magazine exists to credibly explain all facts in a professional, yet entertaining manner. We will be a bold and trusted publication that raises the bar of high school journalism. The Hi.Life newsmagazine is a student led publication. Our obligatoin to readers is to provide credible informationto the student body. None of the opinos in our bublicatoin reflect the views of the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District. The Hi.Life is composed of the orginal ideas and opinions of our staff. The Hi.Life strives to creat a professional news magazine that provides accurate insights and entertainment with confidence and excellence with an obligation of creating an unbiased and reliable publication.


Staff Editoria   If there is one thing I would change about lunch it would be....well, there is not just one thing I would change, there are many. Lunch is supposed to be the fun time out of the day. The time to relax, but to me it seems like it is the morst frustrating time of the day and here’s why.   The first problem I have about lunch is the set-up. I have the third lunch shift and there is total chaos in there. To be quite honest, the atmosphere in the caferteria during that time is similar to that of the movie Animal House. Trying to find a seat is impossible having third lunch and if first and second lunch shifts were combined, they would not equal to the amount of people that are in there. I am certain this is not only a problem for the third lunch shift.   Along with the seating arrangement, I also find it hard to pay for lunch that even most of the staff refuses to eat. The alternitive to plate lunch is paying for a la carte, which is more expensive that a meal at McDonalds. The other day I bought chicken strips, a carton of fries and one of those new Green Tea Snapples, coming to a grand total of $4.25. A double cheeseburger, large fry and drink at McDonalds only comes to about $3.50. Now I am not the biggest McDonalds fan, but I am a money saver and $4.25 is just too much for me to spend on a school lunch. I would just buy the plate lunch at a cheaper price, but I usually will end up not eating it.   Ever since I was young, I have always gotten a school lunch. On ocassion I would bring my lunch for activities like field trips and what not, but most of the time I would rely on the school lunch. The most disappointing thing is that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I have talked this editorial over with most of the editors on the staff and we all feel that lunch has changed tremendously over the years. Each year, lunch becomes more and more of a drag, and if I didn’t have my friends in my lunch shift, then I probably would not even go. I just would like the old, fun-loving lunch back. Until then, I will remain dissatisfied.   What I am trying to say is that it stinks having to wait in a fifteen-minute lunch line for only three minutes to eat my expensive school lunch. I have seriously considered going back in time to the elementary days and bringing my own lunch. I did the math and would save about $30 a month, which would amount to $270 at the end of the year. That is a lot of money to save on food that may or may not be eaten. So join the club and save money. Why buy a lunch, when you can just brown-bag it up.

September 20th, 2007 27



Tailgating Tips

By: Tyler Sherman

Tips to becoming an all-star tailgater


usic erupts into the air. Teenagers are laughing and talking as they throw the football around before the home opener at Tiger Stadium. Junior Jake Nazworthy and his friends set up their grill, ready to cook and tailgate before the big game.   “Before I go to the game, I stop by Quiktrip to buy some pop to wash down the food that the other people I tailgate with bring,” Nazworthy said.   Quiktrip is a good last minute stopping place because it’s right by the school.   Nazworthy brings his Dr. Pepper he bought from Quiktrip, hotdogs, hamburgers, a football, and his iPod. Nazworthy tosses a football around to have fun and do something while waiting for the big game.   “I arrive at the game to tailgate around 4:45, so I can set everything up and meet up with all of the people I’m going to tailgate with,” Nazworthy said.   It is better to get there early to find a good parking spot and have plenty of time to prepare the food.   When Senior Jed Toliver goes tailgating, he parks in the senior parking lot because there is tons of room and it is quick to get to the stadium from the senior parking lot.   “When I tailgate, my friends and I just lay back, relax, listen to music, and cook our

food on the grill,” Toliver said.   “I use my truck during tailgating to sit in the back of so i can be more comfortable and hold my grill.   Once Nazworthy, Toliver, and their friends are done having fun and tailgating in the senior parking lot, they head for the football stadium around 6:30, so they can find a good seat in the student section.   Nazworthy and Toliver both said three easy foods they bring are hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips. To have more time for fun, these foods are quick and easy to prepare before the game.   Tailgating is a fun expirience and is a good way to spend your time with your friends, laugh, and have some food while waiting to watch your tiger football team in action.

photo ap

Next chance for tailgating Tomorrow, game against Winnetonka

Helpful tips to fun and easy tailgating -Park in the senior parking lot or somewhere close to Tiger stadium -For a last minute stop for food or drink go by the quicktrip acrross from the school -To get a good spot, get to the school a couple hours before the game -Throwing a football around is a fun way to entertain before the game.

28 September 20th, 2007

-A truck, SUV, or lawn chairs are good ways to be able to sit back, relax,anddbe comfortable before the game

-Hy-vee or price chopper is a cheep and convinient place to get meat, chips, and whatever you need.

-Easy foods to prepare while tailgating are hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips.

-A small charcoal gril is the most popular and convinient way to prepare food prior to the game.

-Head down for the the game thirty to fourty five minutes before kickoff to get a good seat

-Tailgating is a fun pre-game activity to enjoy before any and every home football game


No Fear


By: Brett Stoddard

Athletic trainers help athletes play with confidence

  The crowd roars. Excitement fills Tiger Stadium as the Tiger’s offensive unit threatens the goal line. Running back Kevinn Mitchell is in the zone; he has been running all over the Park Hill Trojan defense all night. Then, in the blink of an eye, as he is thundering down the sideline for what seems to be a sure touchdown, Mitchell collapses and grasps his knee.   “All I felt was a numbness in my knee, there was basically no pain,” senior Kevinn Mitchell said.   Silence fell over the stadium as the athletic trainers, James Oyler and Paul Wible, hustle out onto the field.   “Whenever I see a player go down, the first thing I think of is what exactly happened and what the possible injuries that could have occurred are,” athletic trainer Paul Wible said.   The job of an athletic trainer is to prevent and evaluate athletic injuries and then to administer the initial forms of treatment whenever an athlete is injured.   “To become an athletic trainer, I attended West Virginia University and got a bachelor’s degree in athletic training,” Wible said.   Wible then obtained a master’s degree in education from Northwest Missouri State University.   “After I was done getting my degree, I interned at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a

couple of seasons,” Wible said.   While interning at Tampa Bay, Wible worked with star defensive tackle Warren Sapp who, he says, is a “very big” man.   “The thing that got me into athletic training is when I was an athlete, I tore my ACL. Then, while I was in therapy, I just fell in love with athletic training,” Wible said.   Since Wible knows what it feels like to get a season torn away from him because of an injury, he has tremendous compassion for athletes that are going through what he had experienced.   “While I was hurt, the trainers treated me like I was a member of their family,” Mitchell said.   When athletes are hurt, they go into the training room, located in building D, every day right after school for treatment.   “When I got injured last year, it was very convenient to have athletic trainers at our school willing to treat me so I could finish the football season,” junior Drew Coffman said.   Coffman, who tore a ligament in his shoulder, went into the training room almost every day after school and received therapy from the trainers.   “By having the trainers there, I was able to save a ton of money by going to them for free instead of having to spend a lot of money elsewhere,” Coffman said.   As Mitchell and the tiger football team enter into the 2007 football season, they

know they can play fearless knowing there is a skilled athletic training staff standing on the sidelines.

Photo AP

Photo AP

Photo AP

Photo AP

September 20th, 2007 29



Madden Mania

Review of one of the best sports games of the year

Many Faces of Madden

Madden Covers from 1996 to today 1996 1997

By: Brandon Wolz


t sells millions of copies each year, holds tournaments throughout the country, and even has its own TV show on ESPN2.   EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise has captivated gamers since its debut in 1989. With realistic graphics, innovative gameplay, and creative new features, Madden has consistently amazed and impressed all those who play it. I have been playing Madden from the Sega Genesis to the Playstation 3. I have seen it evolve from a bland, basic game in the 90’s, to a game that puts me as close to the NFL experience as I can get without being a coach or a player.   This year’s edition, Madden 2008, continues the tradition and excellence that has made Madden as popular as it is today. Every year EA Sports creates a theme for Madden that is the focus of each game. This year, Madden has unveiled a new feature called ‘player icons’, which designate a specialty to many of the marquee players throughout the NFL based on their positions. For instance, Brett Farve has a ‘cannon arm’ designation that allows him to throw the ball with incredible speed and power. Larry Johnson has a ‘power back’ designation that allows him to run over most defenders with his size and strength.   My personal favorite is the ‘spectacular catch receiver’. Players like Chad Johnson and Tory Holt have this designation that allows them to make incredible, gamechanging catches. If I need to convert on a 3rd and 25, I look to these receivers. If everything comes together, I will have gotten that big first down, or even a touchdown.   The player icons are also present with defensive players. Champ Bailey has a ‘shutdown corner’ designation that allows him to stop big-play receivers. Shawne Merriman has a ‘big hitter’ designation, which forces fumbles and can injure players. One of the most interesting designations is the ‘smart’ players. These players have a lightbulb under them and when a defense or offense calls similar plays, the lightbulb 30 September 20th, 2007

fills up. When the lightbulb is filled all the way, the player can read what the defense or offense is going to do. Players like Peyton Manning and Troy Polamalu have these designations. These are not the only icons that can be countered. Any icon on an offensive or defensive player can be countered by another offensive or defensive player, which makes winning a never-ending battle.   Madden 08 holds some historical value as well. Devin Hester, the Chicago Bears’ wide receiver and special teams player, has a 100 rating in his speed category. He is the first player in Maddens history to ever have100 in any individual player category because the highest level for players in past Maddens has only gone up to 99.   One of the cooler, but not as well known features, is the ‘lead the receiver’ function. This feature allows me to guide the ball out of the way of a defender by using the analog stick, and into the hands of a receiver. Accurate quarterback icons are much more effective at this than normal quarterbacks, but I still use it with any quarterback I play with.   Franchise mode had been one of my favorite features in Madden to date. It is exciting to take a team and build it into a winner. Franchise mode is mostly the same as past Maddens except for a few new features. Before any game, I can train any of my players to increase their stats through a variety of mini-games. If I think that my running back is too slow, I can put him in the 40-yard dash to increase his speed. I can also hire a scouting agency to help get a leg up on future college draft classes to find the best players available for my team.   I admit I have noticed a few flaws with Madden. I found that there are too many fumbles. I can see occasionally fumbling, but when I fumble the ball three times in one game, I know something is not right. Almost every game I play, I fumble no matter how good or bad my player is. EA Sports is known for its realistic gameplay, but this is just a blatant error that should not have been included in the game.


2001 1999 2000







  There is a higher difficulty level that I am not used to. In past Madden games, the highest difficulty level, All-Madden, was surprisingly easy. I was able to move down field and score without will. I could put up at least 35 points a game. In Madden 08, everything has changed. It is very difficult to move the ball because the defenses are much improved. It is a lot harder to play defense because no matter what play I call, the opponent’s offense always has an answer for it. Instead of scoring 35 points per game, I am lucky to score 24 points per game with a good offense. I like the fact that there is more of a challenge, but I do not like that I can hardly score and cannot play defense very well, while the opponents cannot make a mistake.   Overall, Madden 08 impressed me greatly. Since it is available for all video game systems, I would recommend it to any sports’ junkie or loyal Madden fan. No sports game comes close to the realism that Madden offers, and it continues to top itself year after year. Madden has set the standard for how football games should be made, and it will be interesting to see what the genius’ at EA Sports have in store for us in the future.



Mizzou Preview A look into upcoming tiger season   The 2006 Missouri Tigers had a great year but the defense fell apart toward the end of the season. With the loss of five starters, Missouri has a lot of work to do. The Tiger’s offense is predicted to have an explosive year and the defense has a little more work to do, according to the Big 12 website. Hopefully, the 2007 Missouri Tiger football team has what it takes to go far this year.   As stated in Big 12 website, the Tiger’s offense should be great this year. Junior Chase Daniel is a great quarterback with 3,527 yards and 28 touchdowns he should be even better this year. Behind Daniels is running back Tony Temple with 1,063 yards and seven touchdowns last season.   “If we improve our running game, the offense will be unstoppable.” junior Michel Busbash said.   The Big 12 website makes note of the Tigers many great wide receivers and tight ends. Tight ends Chase Coffman and Martin Rucker had led

By: Josh Zans

the team in receptions last year with 58 receptions and 53 receptions. The Tigers lost two offensive linemen, Joel Clinger and Mike Cook. All though these losses still hurt, the line should still be good.   “Offense should be great overall this year with Chase Daniel and Tony Temple.” junior Alex North said.   With this offense, the Tigers should be exceptional on offense. The Tiger’s defense fell apart at the end of last year. There are many returning defensive players with some players switching spots at their positions. The secondary needs to improve for the Tigers, but overall they should be much better. North said “Defense will still be good.” The Tigers are predicted to win the north division this year.   As stated in Missouri Tigers Football website. Some Missouri fans have mixed feelings about Gary Pinkel. Pinkel was an all American tight end at Kent State University. In the 1970s

he was a tight ends and receivers coach, and eventually became an offensive coordinator for Washington University.   In 1991 he was the head coach for Toledo Ohio. Since 2001 he has been the head coach for the Missouri Tigers. He has really helped the Missouri Tigers and has been very successful over the years with the Tigers improving every year. He is a recruiting machine bringing in exceptional players. Many people believe that making no game day adjustments is the one thing keeping him from becoming a great head coach. Hopefully this is the year for the Missouri Tigers football program.

The New British Invasion


Beckham brings a spotlight over soccer in the United States   American soccer may never be the same again. That is, once David Beckham hits the states. Beckham was expected to come to Kansas City on September 27th in the very anticipated LA Galaxy vs. KC Wizards game, but now, due to a knee injury, he will not be playing.   Patrick Ervin is a charter member of the Crusaders, a Kansas City Wizards service group that promotes the Wizards.   “Beckham is the beginning of a new era for major league soccer,” says Ervin.   Ervin believes that Beckham coming is a good step along the way to attract attention to United States soccer. Beckham received 6.5 million dollars to play 310 minutes, says

ESPN soccer network. Beckham has a five-year contract for 250 million dollars, which includes payment for public appearances and royalties on merchandise.   “Nobody is worth that much money to play soccer, but this is so much more than just playing soccer,” says Ervin.   He says that Beckham is going to promote and raise awareness for United States soccer.   “Beckham is the Mr. Hollywood of soccer.” Says Ervin.   Dave Wiebenga, the LSHS soccer coach, believes that     “One player can’t change soccer in the US, but it takes good performances by all players.” Wiebenga says that, “As we can see, injuries happen and we

By: Sarah Bussen can’t rely on just one person.”   While Beckham will do a lot of good for marketing, Wiebenga believes that he was a poor business decision on the part of the league.   “The biggest pitfall of the league is that they are bringing over older players when they should be spending money on younger players,” says Wiebenga   Beckham is only one part of a multi-dimensional plan to revolutionize soccer in America. Next year there will be two new professional teams added. This is all in hope that the interest level of soccer in America will soon be on the rise.


September 20th, 2007 31




occer Budget By: Brian Williams

  There is no better way to begin a new soccer season than with the newest and best equipment in the area. At least that is how senior Tyler Stewart feels.    “I think it makes the team a lot more confidant going into the season,” Stewart said.    Each of the last three years head coach David Wiebenga has had a big budget for soccer.   “I usually spend somewhere between four and seven thousand dollars each year,” Wiebenga said.   This last year the team got many new things: new practice jerseys, warm-up uniforms, and light warm-up jackets. This year they also got fiberglass bench covers to protect the players from the rain and wind during games. Also a concession stand was built right outside the soccer field.    “It’s really good and I think that it makes the team play better knowing that we

have the best equipment,” sophomore Joey Wood said.   The students would say that they deserve the new equipment after coming off an impressive 23 win season including a conference and district championship.   “Our team is not treated like a high school team, they are treated more like a professional team,” Wiebenga said.   This is not the first year they have got new equipment though. Two years ago they got new white jerseys. Last year they got new black and new yellow jerseys. They also got warm-up uniforms and warm-up jerseys.   “I love it, it’s nice getting the best equipment every year,” Stewart said.   The players have a lot of confidence going into the season.   “It helps develop a positive attitude for all the players,” Wiebenga said.



A professional look for the soccer team

See The Field. Senior Chris Shrankler sends sophmore Travis Ruble a though ball to give him an attempt on goal. “I was dribbling the field looking for a pass and i saw Ruble making a run behind the defense,” Shrankler said. The Tigers tied Raytown 0-0 in their second game at the Blue Springs Invitational. Photo by Travis Lloyd

X Team Outlook

On The Run. Senior Steve Ardoin strives to do his best at practice so he can be ready for the next meet. “I always run hard in practice to make sure i am ready for my next race,” Ardoin said. Ardoin is the top runner for our boys cross country team. Photo by Michelle Hubbard

Boys Next five races

Top three runners

KC Metro LS City Championships Grandview Inventational Steve Ardoin - 16.03 Tyler Keel - 16.10 Conference Dallin Sims - 17.02 Districts

32 September 20th, 2007

Girls Next five races KC Metro LS City Championships Grandview Inventational Clinton Inventational Conference

Top three runners Marlee Tegenkamp - 19.21 Jessie Craddock - 20.08 Delaney Smith - 20.21




By: Tony Botts

Tigers spike their way through the competition

  A perfect set by junior setter Jordan Dauer sends the ball high over the shuffling bodies below. The waiting defenders direct each other to their spots. Senior Kelsey Knoche approaches the net, focused on the high lob. With smooth and graceful movements, she spikes the ball at the feet of two defenders.   This is seen from high above the court, in the electrified student section while at the varsity volleyball games. The Tigers not only return First Team All-Conference and First Team All-District outsider-hitter Knoche, but they also return two other experienced seniors. First Team All-District and All-Area honorable mention Senior outside-hitter Julie Strope, and Second Team All-Conference and Second Team All-District middle-hitter Lisa Moore add experience and strong leadership. Along with these decorated seniors, the Tigers have senior libero Abbie Garlich, Dauer, sophomore outside-hitter Kayla Boswell, and freshman middle-hitter Sarah Borneman filling out the starting lineup. 

  These talented Tigers have started fast and continue to tear through the competition. The season opener against cross-town rival Lee’s Summit North started fast and ended with a two game sweep. Dauer made clear the team’s season goals.   “We want to be first in conference and districts, and go undefeated,” Dauer said.   The Tigers have taken aim at that conference goal by going 4-0 in early conference play, Defeating Ray-Pec and Truman on the road, and Saint Joe Central and Winnetonka at home. Through the first four games the Tigers posted a 4-0 record, and after the recent Cape Girardeau tournament, they have a combined 111 record. Strope accredits the Tigers early success to three important factors.     “The teams hard work, the teams close friendships, and the good team leadership.” Strope said.   Individually, the Tigers have high expectations for themselves as well.   “I want to be First Team All-Conference,

First Team All-District, and be named to the All-State team,” Moore said.   The Tigers are rolling, and primed and ready to take on the nationally-ranked Lee’s Summit West Titans, September 18th at Lee’s Summit West.

Team Work. The volleyball girls huddle before getting on the court to play. The team must work together and support each other if they want to play a good game. “We always encourage each other and we work well as a team,” sophomore Kayla Boswell said. Photo by/ Taylor Rice

A Proud Tradition By: Kaitlin Schaller   Do not walk under a ladder. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. People hold superstitions highly, and athletes are no different.   “The girls all wear number ten sweatbands for me,” senior Katelyn Cahill said. “We also wear our headbands with the Nike sign above our left eyebrows.”   This is a special way for all of the softball girls to feel a sense of camaraderie. They also have a routine way of coming together and getting focused before games.   “We pray and then listen to music,” senior Leah Steele said.   “We make the circle of thumbs, which is the special way we hold hands,” Cahill said.   The softball girls are not the only ones who search for guidance before meeting their competition.   Defensive end and offensive guard, senior Jordan Abel participates in the varsity football

Athletes share their pre-game rituals team’s pre-game rituals.   “After warm ups, coach talks and we pray together,” Abel said. “It’s quiet. We’re all thinking about what we need to do in the game. I visualize making a big block.”   Although many teams have very subdued ways of getting focused, some rely on loud games to get them ready.   Setter junior Jordan Dauer takes part in the varsity volleyball team’s energy rising routine before games.   “We do ‘ride the pony’, which is where every player dances like crazy in a circle of other players to get pumped up for the game,” Dauer said. “I’m thinking about dominating the other team.”   Whether they are quiet and focused, or loud and crazy, , all of the teams have a unique way of getting ready to face their competition.

Jump Around. The varsity volleyball team jumps around to get pumped for their game. The girls like to play games like Little Sally Walker to get them excited and ready to play. Photo by/ Hannah Morris

September 20th, 2007 33





We disagree: you read

By: Aaron Hanshaw and Andrew Hoien

We explain the Hi.Life Fantasy Football League, and trade a few insults along the way. Aaron: It’s a new season in the NFL and for millions of Americans that means only one thing, fantasy football. Here at the Hi-Life, we have a fantasy football league of our own, consisting of eight editors and writers from our staff. Of course, I believe I am going to win this year, but nothing is guaranteed, except for the fact that Hoien will put together an awful team. Andrew: I see, resorting to insults so early Aaron? How petty. Of course, I have a team where I got Randy Moss in the 11th round, and Warrick Dunn in the 12th, along with Reggie Bush, the Baltimore defense, and Donovan McNabb. It’ll be either a feast or famine season for me, unlike you, who decided to draft as if someone were hitting you with a sock full of wood screws. Defense in the 5th round, really? Aaron: Trash-talking is definitely a theme in our league, and no one is safe. While you may have made some decent picks, you also decided to put Michael Vick and Chris Henry (who is suspended for the first eight games of the season) on your team. In all reality though, between all of the jabs we take at each other’s teams, we really have no idea who will do well and who will not. Andrew: Good work Hanshaw, now you’ve gone and ruined my top-secret weapon in Vick, thanks. Seriously though, you and I have solid teams compared to people like Josh, who took Eli Manning and Rex Grossman, because he apparently wants to make things really, really tough on himself. Really, the only person who I am afraid of is Craig. He got LT, and that is always an automatic eight or nine wins in leagues like this. Still, I like my team best, and at the least finish better than you. Aaron: Well, I absolutely agree with you about Josh. It is kind of pathetic that our top sports editor cannot even put together a decent team. Then again, Brandon Wolz picked Steven Jackson with the second pick in our draft, and Jackson only scored half a point for him in the first week. Overall, despite the strange draft picks and even stranger people, we have a pretty good league.

Hi.Life Fantasy Football League: Update One Standings





1) Aaron Hanshaw





2) Brian Williams





3) Tony Botts





4) Andrew Hoien





5) Ryan Williams





6) Josh Kennedy





7) Craig Williams





8) Brandon Wolz





34 September 20th, 2007



Meet Wiley Weaver

Transfer running back from O’Hara is making an impact

By: Aaron Hanshaw   When senior running back Wiley Weaver’s mother told him that they were moving, and that he would have to transfer, he automatically knew where he wanted to go.   “I said that if I was going to transfer from O’Hara, I wanted to go to Lee’s Summit,” Weaver said.   And, here he is. Weaver, who was an honorable mention All-State running back last year at O’Hara, got his wish. Head coach Mike Spiegel is quite happy about that, too.   “Wiley brings some added speed to the backfield with the ability to make a big play,” Spiegel said. “He lets his performance on the field do the talking.”   If he wanted to, Weaver could also let his statistics do the talking. Through two games, he has 159 yards, two touchdowns, and is averaging 7.9 yards per carry. One of his touchdowns came against Lee’s Summit North, when he dashed 48 yards into the endzone. While Weaver’s play on the field has been great, his off-the-field demeanor is just as good for the team.   “Wiley’s a great individual,” Spiegel said. “He has been a great fit for this team.”   Junior running back Darryl Slaughter, his partner in crime, also enjoys having Weaver as a teammate.   “He’s very focused and energetic,”

Slaughter said. “It’s fun [being Wiley’s teammate]. We have fun on and off of the field. Sometimes, we’ll talk about what move we are going to do on the next play. We say stuff like, ‘I’m going to make this guy miss,’ or ‘I’m going to do this move.’ It’s great.”   While Weaver may be making defenders miss, colleges are not missing anything. He is being recruited by Kansas State, Iowa, Kansas, and Louisiana State. He even has a scholarship offer from Northwestern University, a Big Ten Conference school. But, as Weaver is thinking about his football future in college, he is still adjusting to his present situation here.   “With football, there’s such a different atmosphere,” Weaver said. “With the bands, the fans and everything, it’s amazing.”   Weaver has also found that the players here are much different than at O’Hara.   “There’s a lot more leadership [than at O’Hara]. There’s also kind of a family bond,” Weaver said. “Here, the guys have a lot more experience, too. When you go out on the field, you don’t have to worry about covering for somebody.”   Weaver may appreciate his teammates a lot, but according to Slaughter, it is not just a one-way street.   “He brings so much more excitement to

The New Kid Wiley Weaver is still adjusting to his new school. “It’s a lot different here [at Lee’s Summit] than at O’Hara,” Weaver said. Photo/ Aaron Hanshaw

the team with the way he runs and moves. He’s just so quick,” Slaughter said.   Even though Wiley Weaver’s time as a Lee’s Summit Tiger will go by as quickly as he runs, he will definitely be an important part of the football team this season.

Wiley Weaver’s 2006 Statistics and Awards Kickoff Return Yards

421 yards

Kickoff Return Touchdowns

2 TDs

Rushing Yards

900+ yards

Rushing Touchdowns

13 TDs

Yards per Carry

10.3 yards

Awards: First Team Mid-State, Honorable Mention All-State

September 20th, 2007 35

Friday Night Feud Crosstown rivals battle it out Photos by: Meighan Walsh

On Friday, Spetember 13th one of the most important games of the year took place on our home field. We all anticipated a win and went all out to cheer our team on. We had spent a couple days voting on Fox 4 for the game of the week and won for the first time ever. As we filled the stands with excitment we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe when the buzzer hit zero. The broncos had won the game by a single point. The team was pushed to the limit, but never gave up hope.






1. Senior Andrew Schnell pushes into the endzone for the Tigers first touchdown of the game. 2. The rowdy crowd cheered on our football team during close game. 3. The team showed thier respect during the national anthem. 4. Junior Drew Coffman prepares to snap the ball to Schnell. 5. The tigers anxiously watched the rival game. 6. Junior Darryl Slaughter ran a crisp route.


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