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Inside The Hi.Life takes a look at how at how synthetic drugs affect the body. Find out all about this fall’s new TV seasons. Also in this issue, a look around a local pumpkin patch.


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OCTOBER 26, 2012



14 8. News Check out the cheerleaders at state. Find out just how much work it took for them to get there, what their goals are, and what it truly takes to be a state qualifying cheerleading squad.


14. Center Spread October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Discover the stylish ways to incorporate breast cancer awareness into your apparel and about breast cancer itself.

16. Entertainment Looking for a sweet treet this Halloween? Find out which ice cream or frozen yogurt shops are the best in the Lee’s Summit area.

20. Sports This month be sure to brush up on the fall sports rap-up. Everything from football and cross country to swimming and tennis. Be sure not to miss out.

27. Features Coffee is a staple in many American diets. Be sure to read on for an inside look at what makes consumers so crazy about popular coffee shops in town.







Be able to find Iran on a map. Know what the city council is up to behind closed doors. Find out how to make an icebox peanut butter pie from scratch. Get it all in the newspaper, print or digital, because a little depth looks great on you.



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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Power of Positivity

  What is the most powerful thing that humans have? Maybe it is a bazooka. Perhaps a super computer or even a space shuttle is the most powerful thing on the planet. While each of these is great in its own way, none of it would have been possible without one basic concept to help develop and create them. This concept that you are undoubtedly worried about is the power of positivity.   When we think of a positivity, we generally think of saying nice things about somebody’s hair, complementing their shoes, or even noting that they look good with their new glasses. What we don’t realize is that while compliments are a necessity to maintain a positive atmosphere, there is another component drastically more important, avoiding negativity.   Think about your after school activities and your colleagues who are leaders for your club or sport. When they get mad at you, what do they usually do? Most likely, they raise their voice, lower their tone, and use words that are hurtful, attacking, or derogatory towards you. Without even realizing it, they have communicated negatively to you and made you want to be less positive in around three seconds.   After reading this, I am sure that some are now wondering how they are to overcome such negative feelings when today’s world seems to promote negativity matter what the situation is. The truth is that the only thing we need to overcome this is a short statement, only three words long, that we will consistently go back to for support. Yes, I can.   While it may seem overly simplistic, that is not always a terrible thing. In this case, the simplicity of this phrase allows us to hold on to it, use it, and remember it when times are tough. If people can return to this phrase over and over again, eventually, their minds will develop the sense that they can accomplish their realistic goals if given enough time.   By thinking “Yes I can,” it will also help the outlook people have on the various problems in their lives. Often time, the problem for humans is not actually the problem, but their initial attitude towards the problem. By starting out in the mindset that you can do it, the likelihood of the situation turning out better will drastically increase. The likelihood of the situation turning out better will drastically increase if you start out with the mindset that it can be accomplished.

Kevin Adams


Editor in Chief: Kevin Adams Managing Editor: Haley Gillilan Photo Editors: John Wood and Zac Harris News Editor: Shelby Wagner Features Editors: Mary Jo Roccaro and Kailyn Smith Entertainment Editor: Haley Gillilan Fashion Editors: Tori Carlile and Jordan Julian Opinions Editor: Sean Stevens Sports Editors: Jonathon Barr and Andrew Potter Copy Editors: Paige Seymour and Daniel Graham Ads Manager: Tierney VanMeter

Writers and Photographers: Aaron Hagan, Aaron LaPaz, Allison Litthong, Andrew Potter, Andy Jarnevic, Anna Meyers, Annelise Hanshaw, Ashley Hagan, Brooke McLanahan, Cara McCauley, Chelsea Englis, Cole Raymond, Darby Beatty, Darren Clay, Dia Sims, Endia Sears, Grace Rodgers, Grace Tibbitts, Hannah Nickles, Ian Nickens, Jared Shepherd, Jesse Butler, Josh Harris, Jude Spaulding, Kyle Tye, Logan Phillips, Maddy Wylie, Matt Rellihan, Megan Terry, Morgan Bruce, Nathan Michael, Payton Seymour, Sydnee Pointer, Taelor Oller, Tristan White and Victoria Gardner. Advisor: Marc Russell

Synthetic Drugs

More and more teens are using manufactured drugs, experiencing more devastating effects than ever before. The seventeen-year-old screams as he rolls

around on the floor senselessly. He stop, he only growled at the police feels the most excruciating pain of his and continued. The police shot him life after having overdosed on 2C-E, dead right then and there. There are and all he can do is helplessly hold many other cases, such as a woman his head and yell. His pain is a lot like who tore herself to shreds by clawing taking bullet straight up his nostril. at her own flesh. Then there was the   Throughout the United States man who had climbed up a flagpole synthetic drugs are becoming more and threw himself into oncoming and more popular. These so-called traffic. ‘legal highs’ have been sold in smoke   “The symptoms displayed in a shops and herbal remedy stores as student depend on what the student herbal incense, bath salts, and herbal is using. It is typical for their eyes to supplements in order dilate or constrict, to hide their true and if they are on use; however, many a mixture of drugs of these drugs are their eyes will vary far more dangerous between the two. than their illegal You can also tell counterparts as they by their motor skills have been linked or body language. to several deaths The student’s through either dexterity and Clash. Synthetic drugs are made up of many overdose or suicide Chemical reaction time different chemicals that when combined, lead to serious while under the may be affected effects. influence of these as well,“ Sims drugs. said.   “In order to confirm suspicions of a   These synthetic drugs are made student being under the influence of with similar chemicals to their synthetic drugs, or any drugs for that counterparts, however similar matter, we perform a standard field chemicals do not alweays mean sobriety test. This includes watching similar effects. Synthetic drugs can the way someone’s eyes move, be broken down in to two different checking their motor skills such as categories. Cannabinoids, also walking in a straight line or standing known as K2, or spice,which creates on one leg. This tells us whether a euphoric feeling. The other type or not they are on the drug we is known as synthetic cathinones, suspect them to be using. Then, if the an alternative to cocaine and student requires medical attention amphetamines. we will take them to the hospital   “The most common symptoms where further testing can be done,” of a student who is under the Resource Officer Darnelle Sims said. influence of any substance include   These drugs usually will demand fidgeting or twitching, as well as medical attention after being taken, an attitude of either lethargy or as they can be deadly even if one anger,” Sims said. does not overdose, due to how it   Many of these drugs, while legal, affects it has upon the user’s brain. can still be extremely dangerous. Like many other drugs these can Many have suffered and died block out any and all logical thinking, from either overdose, or a drug.... and these drugs often cause extreme To get the rest of the scoop go online to behavior.   One well-known example is the by Jude Spaulding mauler from Miami. After being told to photo by Cara Maples-McCauley



Illness Now that it is cold and flu season, here are some helpful ways to stay healthy.

  Sitting in a hard chair, with wadded tissues in hand, waiting for what feels like hours. Just to hear someone say, Its only the common cold. As fall rolls in, so do the sneezes, coughs, and runny noses. Keeping from the tissues is a must!   “Hand washing, hand sanitizer, coughing in your sleeve, and not sharing eating utensils are ways to help prevent the spread of the common cold,” school nurse Helen Enright said.   According to Enright, upset stomachs, vomit, achiness, fatigue, and fever are the main symptoms of the cold. Staying at home when sick helps to prevent the spread of the germs. If students get sick at school, going to the nurse is the best option.   Students should tell parents if they aren’t feeling well; parents can recommend over the counter drugs.   “Chicken noodle soup and juice are the best ways to overcome the common cold. Drinking salt water when students have a sore throat is helpful too,“ Enright said.   Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep to build up the immune system and prevent an expensive and unwanted trip to the hospital.

by Sydnee Pointer photo by Zac Harris Germ Busters- To get that super clean and germ-free feeling, wash hands while singing the ABC’s. This will lead to staying healthy, not to mention having good-smelling hands.

D G fortheCURE

The Varsity and JV volleyball teams take part in an unconventional game with for a huge cause.


hursday, Oct. 11. This is a day like any other. The Lee’s Summit High School girl’s volleyball team prepares for their next game. This game is not just a regular game; it is the “Dig For The Cure” game, in which LSHS will not only take on Lee’s Summit West, but also a second opponent: Breast cancer.   Dig For The Cure (sometimes noted as “Dig For A Cure”) is a fundraiser that raises money for breast

cancer research. Dig For The Cure is an annual event that takes place at Volleyball Beach in Kansas City, MO. However, a smaller version of this event takes place locally too.   “Dig For The Cure is a game that we do every other year at Lee’s Summit West to raise money for breast cancer research. Since the event takes place at LSW, they alternate between playing Lee’s Summit High School and Lee’s Summit North,” head volleyball

coach Roy Martin said.   The game admission is standard cost, $3. Purchasing one of the pink Dig For The Cure shirts allows free admission into the game. As mentioned above, the event is fairly new however hipsters have missed their chance to participate.   “LSHS has only played in the Dig For The Cure game 3 years; it has been in existence for 5 years total. It was a new thing 5 years ago, but now it is widespread.   “Professional sports  NEWS 07

Beat Cancer Down. “Dig for the cure is a fundraiser to raise awareness for breast cancer,” Varsity volleyball coach Roy Martin said. Dig for the Cure is a tradition that has gone on for five years, and Lee’s Summit has played in it three .

do it too,” Martin said.   With so many differentorganizations trying to raise funds for cancer cell research, it is great for our sports teams to be able to pitch in. Whether it is “Dig For A Cure” or the “Melanie Grace” game, it is recommended to come to these events to help beat cancer down. by Ian Nickens photos by Aaron Hagan

Fight. Sophomore Hailey Criswell goes up for a hit against West in Oct. 11 Dig for the Cure JV volleyball match.

walk for charity with a new spin [zombie walk] Abrings Halloween spirit to Kansas City. THERE, THE MAN STOOD, waiting to cross when hundreds of bizarrelooking creatures came parading up the street. His eyes widened as hundreds of zombies of all ages passed. This event is called Zombie Walk for Hunger, and it is dedicated to gathering supplies for homeless and hungry people of Kansas City. By allowing children to participate, Zombie Walk hopes to raise their awareness to those in need in our community. Zombie Walk draws more participants every year,

and the reasons for this seem clear.   “Who doesn’t love dressing up like zombies, watching zombies, or dressing up like a zombie hunter?” new manager Paige Turner said.   The main reason Zombie Walk is held is for charity.   You have to donate to participate in the Walk. The Walk has produced over 3000 pounds if food in two years. “There is nothing like providing food to people who can’t afford it! It’s a great

feeling that people is a charitable event are proud to contribute to.” Turner with a fun twist open to anyone with a main said.   This event is a great focus of helping the cause to donate to, less fortunate. plus participants have   “The last couple an excuse to dress up years have been in crazy makeup and pretty hard on everyone. People are in costumes to scare others.   Each year, the Zombie Walk collects more and more food donations and they hope to keep growing.   “The June 2012 walk had 450 participants and we collected seven vanloads of food.” Turner said.   The Zombie Walk

need of a little help.” Turner said.   And that is just what the Zombie Walk is doing.

by Matt Rellihan photos by Zac Harris

, d u o L r Chee r e e h C


n their r a e s r e d heerlea c y t i s r pride. a v d n a Our t i r i p LSHS s g n o r t s r ou

a year of prep

Varsity cheer has spent the year getting the crowd pumped up at games, practicing, for long hours, and conditioning after school, all to help reach their goal of state.   Oct. 21 Varsity cheerleading will be headed to Columbia, Missouri to compete at University of Missouri for the state cheerleading competition. LSHS cheerleaders will be part of the 5A small division. 5A represents the size of the school, and small refers to size of the cheer team. 14 or less members is considered a small category.   “These girls work really hard around state time to prepare. We don’t just practice twice a week; we have to cheer at games during the week and football on Fridays. We practice our stunts and other things from the routine at games for the crowd,” Cheer Coach Dacia Whalon said.

In order to prepare the team has been practicing extra hard the past few weeks. The team learned a new routine on Sept. 8, forcing them to work hard to hit the new stunts, pyramids, and tumbling given to them. The team even practices the Sundays from 7AM to 9AM so they can get in extra practice.

friendly rivalries

“Lee’s Summit West, Lee’s Summit North, Truman, William Chrisman, Blue Springs, Blue Springs South, and Liberty are just a few of the schools in the area that are going to be competing. However, we will not be competing against all of them because they are in different divisions and categories,” Whalon said.

cheer proud practice makes perfect


te, s a t s t a s e strip

State costs $10 to enter, and it is often worth our school’s time and money to participate, as they do

fairly well. Last year at state the team placed second, and they year before that they got third.   “I think they will do good. We have the best energy in Missouri.” Freshman Tyler Bartlett said.

the end is yet to come

Many other students would agree. Although the team doesn’t compete after state they continue to practice and cheer for basketball and to do our routine at halftimes for basketball games,” Whalon said.

after the competition When the last flips were done and the pom poms were dropped, the final results were tallied last Sunday, Oct. 21. Our varsity cheerleaders came out big. They finished second, only beat out by Ray-Pec cheer squad. North and West finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Be sure to congratulate our cheerleaders on a great performance and pride they brought back with them. by Maddy Wylie photos by Zac Harris

Tiger Pride. Cheerleaders Bria Broils and Lexi Beckman amp up the Tiger spirt in a performance.

School Spirited. Senior cheerleader Bria Broils leads the crowd in a cheer at our fall pep assembly.

Strong. Supported by her teammates, sopohmore Addison Feeney is lifted into the air during a stunt.

Quotes from You   “In school I see a lot of disrespect from students towards teachers and it really bugs me. Not a lot of work can be done in class because students keep interrupting. It wouldn’t bug me as much if it wasn’t interfering with my learning. I would really like it if the schol could be more strict and punish the people who are getting in the way of others schooling.”

by Mary Kate Cronin

  “The only problem I face at LSHS is lack of respect. Kids need to be more respectful to their teacher. They also are not even respectful to each other. It is a problem because if it doesn’t get fixed now it won’t. Just show that you care about what they are talking about. That is the problem I have seen. By Dawson Becerra

  “One problem in LSHS is that the B-Lobby is always crowded.”

by Parker Gates

  “Unlke most of my peers, I actually find the lack of disipline for dress code vilations is a problem. This is a problem because it’s, in my opinion, really disgusting to see that much skin. It also is a distraction in school. A way that the school can fix this would be to continuing the strict enforcement from the beginning of the year.” by Kimmy Michaels

  “A problem I see almost everywhere is people making judgements before they know anything... This is a problem because it creates a hostile enviroment for people to live in,”  OPINIONS 09

  “A problem with the school that bothers me would be the amount of bugs, especially in the weight room locker room. I have found many spiders, crickets, and unnamed bugs that I’ve never seen before in the locker room. I find this very disgusting. If we spray the school one weekend, I think that would help a lot.”



The Street

by Janae Groh

  “A big problem I see at Lee’s Summit High School is bullying. Whether it’s intentional or playful is hard to tell, it just doesn’t make it right. When you’re walking down the hall, you wouldn’t want somebody to push you into a locker, other people or the walls, so why would you do that to somebody else? It has happened to me numerous times. It gets annoying and old. It makes me question the maturity of some students. by John Pumphrey

  “A group of people at our school that deserves praise is the custodians. Often timees we take them for granted, but withourt them our school wouldn’t operate like it should. One reason I think they deserve praise is they work long after school has ended to clean the restrooms and the floors. Another reason I think they deserve praise is without the custodians we couldn’t have the events we have at the school since they set up for many of the events such as the football games and concert.” by Kaylee Brooks

If we could listen to music in class, what would be on YOUR playlist?

Emily Gutierrez: “Probably a bunch of Flogging Molly, cause that’s my favorite band.” Ashley Hunt: “There would probably be a lot of musical soundtracks cause, for whatever reason they help me focus.” Liam Horner: “Songs from Portal”

by Madi Pugh

Can we quote you on that?

Hi-Life welcomes letters to the editor. Stop by A227 with your letter, or submit one at, and keep an eye on the next Hi-Life to see if you made it.

Tyler Adkins: “Country, country in general; new country.” compiled by Anna Myers


To Whom It May Concern,

  In our school, a lot of concern is put out by students about the B building lobby, and trying to get through it without running into people.   The problem has gotten so bad that we actually have dedicated teachers out in the lobby trying to keep students from standing still and blocking up the hallway. While it is a big problem, there is not very much that administration can do because we have a lot of students here, and they are all trying to get through the school, so there will always be congestion there. The problem is that students will stand there, and no matter how much the teachers standing there will tell them to move, they are more than content to stand in the middle of the lobby and block up the hall.   However, students have many more choices to get through the B building, and out to the other buildings, than just the blocked and congested lobby. Students can always leave B building through a different door, or

Changing Policies

  There are many policies put into place at the school. However, students do not always agree with these policies.   “If you fight, if you choose to fight you are going to get consequences,” principle John Faulkenberry said.   There is a progression of consequences for violent acts at the school. The first offense, in most cases, will result in a five day out of school suspension. If a second fight is to occur, then a ten-day OSS will be given. These transgressions transfer over a student’s entire four years of

Illustration by Jillian Moore


walk upstairs and down a different staircase.  While alternate routes will work, it is a little inconvenient for students. Administration should continue doing what they are already doing, but they should find a way to enforce the policy with telling people to move on threat of punishment, rather than just asking them to. It may seem harsh, but after one or two times that students get in trouble, the rest of the students standing around will get the picture and stop blocking up the hall.   Hopefully, administration will have the problems with B lobby figured out and fixed. by opinions editor Sean Stevens

schooling, being built upon for each violent act.   Many students think that the dress code is unfair in how it treats sports differently than other students. The dress code is a strict policy that limits what students will wear to keep the decency and limit distractions within the classroom. However, a student wearing his or her sports uniform during the school day creates blurry lines.   “If we are going to have a swimming program, kids are going to be breaking the dress code,” Faulkenberry said   When it comes to wearing certain uniforms during the school day, some may be completely unacceptable, such as wearing a swimsuit during the day, but the cheerleading uniform can slip through the cracks because it is school spirit. All and all, it ends being administration’s decision where lines have been crossed.   Cell phones: almost all students have one, and some students want to use them to access the internet. However, this is against school policy.   There is only a certain amount of bandwidth for the entire school; if every student were to use it with external devises then it would run out and all of the school’s computer systems would run slow. This would affect learning within the classroom as well as communication between teachers. Some students choose to request the use of the internet for a laptop or other device to help with schooling, and this is occasionally allowed. However, if the student is found to be using this privilege inappropriately the student could get into trouble.   With these rules in place, students are kept safe and learning can still take place in a classroom. by Anna Myers  OPINIONS 11

Bilingual Benifits

>>Taking a foreign language is like opening the door of opportunity. The more you learn, the more you can do. The better you can speak this language, the more people you can connect with.

  Students are taking languages every year, but not everyone can see the benefits.   “Taking a foreign language definitely helps people with their cognitive processes because the more that you learn, the more potential you have to learn more,” said psychology teacher Debbie Baanders.   Ever wonder how people who learn a language at a younger age seem to be able to absorb more languages?   “When you learn a foreign language, it is much easier to learn it at a younger age. The critical time for language development is, birth to 3-5, because it is more natural to learn at this stage,” Baanders said.   “The power to learn a language is so great in the young child that it doesn’t seem to matter how many languages you seem to throw their way....They can learn as many spoken languages as you can allow them to hear systematically and regularly at the same time. Children just have this capacity. Their brain is ripe to do this…there doesn’t seem to be any detriment to....develop[ing] several languages at the same time” according to Dr. Susan Curtiss, UCLA Linguistics professor.   But not only young people can learn a new language. If someone is interested in learning a language, they should look into it, because as it can be seen, there are a lot of benefits to being by Megan Terry bilingual.

Tv: Hurt or Help

>>Relaxing on an over-stuffed couch and watching television after a stressful day of school may not seem helpful or hurtful, but it does have effects.

  Our minds are constantly being changed whether it is by friends, computers, books, and so forth. Television is not an exception.   Honestly, television cannot be a helpful or hurtful experience if we do not let it. We are in control.   “It depends on what you watch,” freshman Chance Copeland said.   Quite obviously, watching shows like Jersey Shore, Real Housewives shows, or Adventure Time is not going to help.   “It would help to have personal responsibility...recognizing morals and values, not the dancers and Snooki. Think of what you would want little kids to see,” Guidance Counselor Sally Sabata said.   “Watching trashy shows loosens morals and respect,” Sabata said.   The more things are seen, the more normal they become. They may seem okay eventually.   Thankfully, there is a positive side to television.   “If you’re watching television, you aren’t out doing bad things, it’s inexpensive, and it’s a common way to gather with friends and family,” Sabata said.   Television—a clichéd waste of time – can be of help too. A movie night with friends is a very beneficial way to save money and lower chances of getting into trouble.   “Not all teenagers watch trashy, raunchy television,” Sabata said.   With the positive intentions of entertaining yourself by watching an accountable show, television can be a helpful experience.   The amount of time watching television helps can vary upon info. Some may find it helpful to watch Tiger Woods take a swing before golfing themselves, and others may find Fox News the way to go in order to prepare for the election. Plus, as a kid, I learned a lot from Veggie Tales that I still remember today.   Upon further research, I learned how reality television in particular is helpful. Although some shows are hurtful, some put these harsh realities into perspective. Shows like Hoarders and Teen Mom can put viewers into their shoes and realize the pain in the situations.   Many things in life can hurt or help us and, ultimately, the control is in our hands. by Annelise Hanshaw



Bring out the pink this month for breast cancer awareness.


very girl loves to wear pink, but in October it can have a completely different meaning. With October being the official breast cancer awareness month, pink is seen in everything from earrings to socks to water bottles and sports equipment. This time of year stores come out with all kinds of breast cancer awareness attire, most of this attire is pink. Some of the profit from these pink products is donated to breast cancer awareness organizations to help with research, prevention, and education.   In 1996, Lee Jeans, based in Kansas City, started National Denim Day which would usually occur on a Friday in October. This is a day where you can donate $5 to breast cancer and you are able to wear your jeans to work. They have raised over 86 million dollars for breast cancer research.   In the past couple years breast cancer awareness clothing has become more and more popular. Before clothing companies started to put the pink ribbon on clothing, people would just attach a pink ribbon pin to their clothing to show their support. Manufacturers caught on to the trend and started to embroider the logo onto clothing to sell throughout October. It started out small with socks and hats, but nowadays you can purchase any piece of clothing with the logo on it such as scarfs, jackets, shirts, and pants. Not only do women participate in wearing pink, but there are many choices for men also.   The National Football League has started their own breast cancer charity called A Crucial Catch to help raise awareness of mammograms and early detection of breast cancer. Their players even get into the spirit by wearing pink cleats, helmets, socks, and sweatbands during October. Even local sports teams have joined in and put pink tape around their wrists to show support. The NFL also has a website dedicated to NFL sports gear that has the pink logo and colors on all the gear available for fans to buy. You can get any gear for any NFL team with the pink on it to show your support.   Another link to breast cancer in the fashion world is through the charity Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. This charity was started by fashion designer Ralph Lauren and is now made up of fashion designers all over the world who have come together to raise money for research. So far, they have raised over 50 million dollars and have divided that money up between various charities worldwide. They also sell a t-shirt that you can buy on their website and they will donate the cost of your purchase. by Hannah Nickles photos by Alison LItthong

Ribbon Ring: Charming Charlie $5.97 Hoodie: Under Armour $64.99 Water Bottle: DIck’s Sporting Goods $21.95 Purses: Charming Charlie $35-60 Jacket: Columbia $39.90

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month  CENTER SPREAD  15

For years, breast cancer has impacted many women across the globe.


very October, an annual international health campaign is organized by major breast cancer charities. There organizations raise awareness of the disease and also raise funds for research, prevention, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers support and information to those affected by this disease.   National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also known as NBCAM, was founded in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of imperical chemical industries. In 1993, Evelyn Lauder, senior corporate vice president of Estée Lauder Companies founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and established the pink ribbon as the official symbol of breast cancer awareness. Today everyone recognizes it wherever it is seen.   Breast cancer is an ongoing battle for women ages 40 and older. Less than 7 percent of women diagnosed are under forty years of age. There are very distinct symptoms of breast cancer, and everyone should be aware of the damage that can be done, both physically and emotionally.   Another organization that supports breast cancer awareness is the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Its logo is also a pink ribbon that resembles a runner in motion and is meant to reflect the importance of Komen’s Race for the Cure. This race is currently the world’s largest fund raising event for breast cancer research and education. by Hannah NIckles photos by Darren Clay


Top Ice Cream Spots

As you are wondering around the town of Lee’s Summit, you see the old rustic brick buildings and you can hear the wind chimes blowing on a beautiful fall day, you might want to stop in some of the top ten best ice cream and frozen yogurt places.

Custards are another favorite place to get ice cream. One of their most popular concretes is the Berry Berry Berry. This place is a little pricey but it is definitely worth every penny!

months’ blizzard is the Pumpkin Pie. Most people seem to like everything they offer because it is not very expensive.

5. Yogurtini

Yogurtini is a fun place to create your own dessert. You can pick as many flavors as you Sheridan’s is a fun place to gather want and all the toppings you wish. It is pretty inexpensive; it only costs thirty-nine cents per outside and hangout with your Come on in to Orange Leaf and friends and enjoy good ice cream. ounce! get one of the best, frozen yogurt They have a wide variety of almost places in Lee’s Summit. It is one of anything. Their most popular items Baskin Robbins is another local ice cream the cheapest places to create your are the Dirt and Worms and their place. A lot of people like this place because own frozen yogurt. They offer fourshakes! they have a wide variety and the price is just teen different flavors of fro-yo and right. A recommended flavor is the Chocoalmost any topping you can think Dairy Queen is another popular late Chip in a waffle cone. of. ice cream shop. They always have by Payton Seymour photos by Zac Harris a new blizzard of the month. This

1. Orange Leaf

3. Sheridan’s

6. Baskin Robbins

4. Dairy Queen

2. Custard’s


Fall Edition

Walking Dead

666 Park Avenue

The third season of the critically acclaimed series on AMC, “The Walking Dead” is finally here. After an exciting finale to the second season of the popular zombie-apocalypse program, the survivors are back for another season where the the zombies will be more grotesque and the battles will certainly be bloodier. Last season, the show left off at the group of survivors being split up after a walker (the name given to the zombies) attack on the farm they had seeked refuge at for a short time. Leaving the farm in flames and after losing a few lives, including one of the leading characters, Shane(Jon Bernthal), the group left the farm for good and once again, homeless. The season ended with the main character, Rick(Andrew Lincoln) telling the group that he was in charge, and if they didn’t like it, well, have fun getting eaten by the zombies. This season picks up a few months later as the group still can’t find a new home, until they come across the prison. The group must battle their way through the prison full of blood-thirsty zombies to build a temporary home there. Forewarning for this show: “The Walking Dead” certainly doesn’t hold back on the blood and guts, and it can get a bit intense. With season three picking up quickly, full of action and of course, zombies, this season is looking to be the best of the three if it keeps up the good pace. With fans of the show complaining about season two not being gory or action-filled enough, the writers certainly heard the complaints and stepped it up this season. The acting is still flawless among all actors, and the the storylines, within the main story of a zombie apocalypse, aren’t lost amongst all of the zombie fighting and attacks. Just as strong as ever, “The Walking Dead” is a must-see TV show for people who like action and don’t have a light stomach.

The horror/thriller genre in television has become a common trait for TV shows in the past couple of years. With shows like “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” becoming very popular among primetime TV viewers, the horror/thriller genre seems to be the safe route to take when introducing a new show to the public. “666 Park Avenue” is the newest show to follow this path. The show follows a young couple (Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable) that just took on the job of co-managing the Drake Hotel, a beautiful building that has some not-so-nice things happening behind doors. Jane, one of the new managers soon finds out the secrets of the Drake Hotel, and begins picking up on some strange happenings around the hotel like ghosts, a thief, oddball tenants and the mysterious owner of the hotel, Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn of Lost). Mr. Doran seems to be too involved with the tenants in the hotel; making deals with them to give them all of their desires, but at a deadly price. The story is something new, however, the writing isn’t the best. The story jumps from character to character a lot, but the show does a good job at developing each character (the only problem is the characters aren’t very interesting), with the help of the strong acting from each of the lead and supporting roles. Those who looking for a scary show will not be pleased with “666 Park Avenue”. The intended scares aren’t very frightening, especially compared to other shows on TV now. Despite this, it still is creepy and mysterious, and what’s going to happen next is always unsure. Overall, while “666 Park Avenue” certainly has it’s flaws, it may become a hit if the story picks up a little, and the characters get a little more interesting. If the rest of the first season is like the pilot episode, there won’t be any need to see it since it won’t make it to season two.


***** by Nathan Michael photos Courtesy of AP Images


NAHS Pumpkin Carving by Maddy Wylie photos by John Wood

National Art Honor Society gathers for their annual pumpkin carving contest


Who doesn’t like carving pumpkins?

dim flickering light lit up the back of room B132 as National Art Honor Society club members took a step back to admire their hard work.   On Oct. 9 students belonging to the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) family participated in the third annual pumpkin carving contest. From bloodcurdling and grim to heartfelt and endearing each pumpkin has it’s own unique style.   “A few of my students three years ago came up with the idea,” Club leader Angela Hays said. The contest has been tradition since.   “It is well worth the time and money,” Hays said   Although students have to purchase their own pumpkin they often see the investment as a good decision.   “The event is absolutely worth the time,” Hays said. “It’s really fun and social, even though most kids often start by joining with their friends the club is social by the end of the year. Everybody gets to know everybody.”   Fun it was, the room was filled with non-traditional jack-

o-lanterns inspired by artist’s who carve pumpkins year long. Some pumpkins were painted while others were carved. One pumpkin even had a large pumpkin eating a small one.   “I think more people would get involved if they knew how fun it was.” Freshman Tyler Bartlett said.   The club has a monthly meeting and welcomes new members. All new members have to do is fill out a form and pay admission fee’s. The club also is good to have on resumes and applications.   “NAHS members have been the only one’s to participate in the past but they are welcome to bring their friends.” Hays said. That is another thing that makes NAHS unique, it allows people to bring their friends.   Every year the contest has a victor; this year the winner was senior Jordan Spatz. Congratulations Jordan. Unfortunately, Jordan did not receive a reward.   Freshman Tyler Bartlett said it best when he said “Who doesn’t like carving pumpkins?”  ENTERTAINMENT 19 Every fall, thousands of pumpkins are grown and chosen for carving to decorate festive homes.

fruit of fall There are many more uses for pumpkins than carving, they can be made into delicious treats like pumpkin pie


Fall Sports Wrap-Up

Taking an in-depth look at just how great the LSHS Tigers did in each of their fall sports! Blake Ramsey ran a time of 20 2. Sophomore min. and 16 sec. and junior Claire Tadokoro ran a time of 23 min. and 4 sec. in the girls’ Varsity race at the Grandview Invitational. Austin Pace tried to 1.Sophomore stop the Blue Springs South ballcarrier from getting the first down but was unsuccesful. The Tigers lost 84-62.


Cross Country

Cross Country is running over the competition. How did your season go? “It was successful, much better than last year with our good training and new freshman,” junior Blake Ramsey said. How did your season go? “I had a lot of fun this season! I love my coaches because they’re funny and encouraging,” junior ClaireTadokoro said. Favorite moment? “Pasta parties are the best!” Favorite moment? “At the Ray-pec course I tried to push myself and i was really happy when I placed.” Tadokoro said.

1. Football

The Tigers really caught the competition napping, they are 3-6 as of now with districts coming up. We interviewed senior Dustin Keyhill about the football team How did there season go? “It’s going well, we have been getting better each week and put in a lot of work.” Keyhill said. Whats been your favorite moment so far? “ Beating North because we are cross town rivals,” Keyhill said.


Girls’ Golf

Girls golf was in full swing this year. We interviewed Senior Brooke Romi about Girls Golf. How did your season go? “fabulous, me and Jamie (Weeda) went to state on the 15th and 16th. Romi said. “ Favorite moment? “City championship and all of those crazy socks.” Whats the best thing about girls golf? “Getting to meet other girl golfers from other schools.” Romi said.

4. Boys’ Soccer


Senior Brooke Romi had a reason to smile big as she was a State Qualifier and had a great year of golf.

The Tigers really had a leg up in soccer this year. We interviewed senior Bailey Reed about soccer. How did your season go? “We’re doing alright we’re 7-5”. Favorite moment? “Beating Lee’s Summit North last year.” What’s the best part about playing soccer? “Scoring and winning.”

Aaron La Paz drove in to 4. Sophomore have a chance on goal, before the Pembroke Hill defender slid in and kicked the ball away. The Tigers won the game 3-1.  SPORTS 21

5. Sophomore Brittany Kendall ran in to score another run against Lee’s Summit North. The Tigers won 6-0.

6. Senior Mary Mosby

returned the ball against her Blue Springs opponent. She won the match.

5. Softball The lady tigers really hit home this year in Softball. We interviewed sophomore Natalie Dummitt about this year. How did your season go? “Fun, exciting, we won conference so that got us white letters,” Dummit said. Favorite moment? “When we won conference.” Best thing about playing soccer? “The girls are balls of joy,” Dummit said.

6. Girls’ Tennis

The girls causes a lot of racket this year. We interviewed sophomore Kayla Sellers about girls tennis. How did your season go? “ The season is over and it went pretty well. I was on varsity this year, and tried as hard as I could,” Sellers said. Favorite moment? “ One of our bus rides talking to Mary Mosby making weird faces and being idiots, pressing our faces against windows on the bus,” said Sellers.

7. Boys’ Swimming

The tigers really made a splash this season. We interviewed senior Zack Knoche about boys swimming. How did your season go? “The season is still going but so far it is going really well, the team has placed at several meets. Personally I am going to state November 9-10 and hope to do well there,” Knoche said. Whats the best part about playing your sport? “Competing and beating the guys next to you,” Knoche said.

8. Volleyball

These girls really set themselves up for a good season. We interviewed sophomore Libby Smith about volleyball. How did your season go? “The season was alright. We may have not won many games, but we weren’t a terrible team. We were actually pretty good, we just had a really hard schedule strength. Which means the teams in our conference were really good,” Smith said.

8. by Matt Rellihan photos courtesy of Aaron La Paz, John Wood, Josh Harris, Amanda Beason, and Brooke Romi

The Lady Tigers JV volleyball played against the lady Titans volleyball team.

Brandon Neds swam a good 7. Senior race as he placed in the top 5 of the 100 meter butterfly at the Lee’s Summit Aquatic Center.


Jake Pycior

Interviewed by:

Hannah Nickles

Photos by:

Alison Litthong

Nickles: How long have you been playing soccer? Pycior: I’ve been playing soccer since I was about seven years old. Nickles: What teams have you played for? Pycior: KC Select and then Sporting KC Juniors for two years. Nickles: Do you like club soccer or school soccer better? Why? Pycior: School soccer, you get to play with your friends and represent your school. And all you family and friends are in the crowd. Nickles: How do you feel being a freshman on varsity?

Pycior: I feel young compared to the rest of the team, but they treat me equally. Nickles: What position do you play? Pycior: Left mid-fielder Nickles: What’s your best memory of the season so far? Pycior: My best memory is the game we played Kearney. We were down 4 at halftime and came back 5 to 4 and won. Nickles: Is there anything the whole team does before each game? Pycior: We all huddle up and kneel down and just talk about what we need to do to win and stay focused and play a clean game.  ADS 23



ruce Holder lectures in front of the periodic table as his students scribble notes. All their worries about what they expected to be a hard class Argon.   Bruce Holder has been teaching for thirty-one years, but teaching was not his original plan.   “I left college with a degree in chemistry and animal science. My plan was to become a veterinarian,” chemistry teacher Bruce Holder said.   He realized that this plan was not for him while substitute teaching, what he thought was just a temporary position.   “I got forty-five job offers, and I turned them all down. I went back to Rockhurst and got a degree in teaching,” Holder said.   In all his years of teaching, he has had a number of great and interesting experiences involving his students.   “Years ago we put our attendance slips by the door, so anyone who was absent that day had to put a slip on the door. I had this one student, a great big guy, and he would crunch up my attendance slips, so I set up a firecracker. I taped one string to the wall and the other to the clip. When he pulled, it went off and all you could hear was a whimper,” Holder said.   Holder feels that teaching is what he was meant to do, and he has nothing bad to say about it.   “How can you have a bad experience when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do?” Holder said.   As they listen to Holder giving his lecture, the students realize that they are going to be fine in this class. They take their fears, and Barium.

Bruce Holder:

Destiny?- Bruce Holder did not start out wanting to teach, but once he got a little experience, he realized it was the only way to go.

The Man Behind the Safety Goggles

Swim coach and chemistry teacher Bruce Holder has been teaching for the last thirty-one years. His teaching has influenced young minds and changed lives.

On Teaching- “How can you have a bad experience when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do?“

by Andy Jarnevic photos by Kyle Tye


Local Coffee Shops

Photo by Victoria Gardner

by Victoria Gardner

Photo courtesy of AP Images

Gusto Coffee-New Longview 3390 SW Fascination Dr

Starbucks Coffee 125 SE Hwy 291

  Two shots of espresso, tons of whip cream, and drizzled in caramel. One of many ways students may start their mornings. Where can students get the best coffee?   One of many places in town to get some of the best caffeine beverages and pastries may be known to some as Gusto’s, formally known as Jp’s Coffee. At Gusto’s they have activities such as live music almost every Saturday. Gusto’s has a lounge area welcome to the community of Lee’s Summit no matter what age. One of the most popular drinks offered at Gusto’s is the white mocha, and the best selling pastries are cinnamon rolls, and the cranberry nut muffin. One thing that makes Gusto’s different from any other coffee shop is that baristas make the drinks in their own way by making art with the coffee. Gusto’s is not a corporate coffee shop. Gusto’s loves to support all up coming events around Lee’s Summit offered to everyone such as plays, fundraisers, and the art festivals. Something most

coffee shops don’t offer at their stores may be frozen yogurt. Gusto’s wants to accommodate every liking. Something that may be surprising to know is company’s make specialty truffles and other treats just for Gusto’s. Many people know Gusto’s atmosphere as a sit down for hours, talk, lounge, and work in a quiet environment, but in a very homey like feeling. Some things offered at Gusto’s is a nice large space with comfy lounge chairs, booths and fire place.   Poppy’s ice cream and coffee shop is another great places to get coffee and pastries in town. Poppy’s offers many activities such as free Wi-Fi, magazine night, and acoustic night for Joplin tornado charity. The most popular coffee drink is the lattes, and the most popular pastries and ice cream are pretzel rods, chocolate turtles, and Gianduja Hazel Nut. Just like Gusto‘s they serve an extra item other than coffee and sweet pastries. Poppy’s is also one of the most known ice cream shops too. The things

Photo by Cara McCauley Poppy’s Ice Cream and Coffee House-Downtown LS 307 SE Douglas Street

that make Poppy’s different are everything is homemade and they have over 200 flavors of ice cream and they have gluten free treats.   Starbucks most known all over the world is well known for their Hazel Nut Mocha Frappuccino and Pumpkin banana loaf. Although Starbucks may be all over the world the ones in Lee’s Summit try and make people feel warm and cozy in the multiple shops around town. Some activities Starbucks offers their customers are free Wi-Fi, gold card after 12 drinks are free, and free birthday drinks. Starbucks atmosphere is a place to connect with others and take time out of the day to relax. Starbucks difference than other places are by giving you the choice to design the drink exactly to the way the customer wants it.   These places are just three of many great coffee shops around Lee’s Summit that offer the community the best coffee and pastries.  FEATURES 27

photos by Cara McCauley and Victoria Gardner

Coffee Shop Stops

Exploring local coffee places around Lee’s Summit can lead to the discovery of a new favorite drink.






1. Gusto’s most popular bakery item is the Cranberry Nut Muffin. 2. Employees of Gusto’s say their most popular drink is the White Chocolate Mocha. 3. Starbucks employees state their most popular drink is the Hazel Nut Frappuccino. 4. The most popular bakery item at Starbucks is their Banana Nut Bread. 5. Poppy’s most popular treat is their Gianduia Hazel Nut ice cream. 6. The most popular drink at Poppy’s is their plain latte.



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