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Hi.Life Volume 83, Issue 3 Lee’s Summit High School

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HI.LIFE - October 19, 2006

23 Sports: Mallory Lagud 20 Opinions: Confusing Girls

8 Features: Teen Mom


I have a confession to make. For those who know me it may, or may not come as a shock to you. For those who don’t know me, well, you probably have not even read this far into the letter. My confession is this: I am not athletic. I started golf to be involved in a sport where I did not have to run. I took easy gym classes to stay away from hard exercise, and when asked to carry boxes at work I just tell someone else that they were told to do it. I used to try to be athletic but after tripping over soccer balls, getting depantsed in flag football, being a professional daisy picker in softball and never making it to tennis practice, I decided to give up. My sports dreams were lived out in watching and writing all about them, and I am OK with that. I have come to terms with the fact that I am a nerd. I hope one day to be that nerd on the inside cover of a magazine writing about who I know and what I have learned. I hope that by being that person I inspire other daisy pickers and ball trippers to step forward. I am not an athlete but I am still who I want to be.



3 Things I Learned From This Issue

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Dell laptop batteries have been exploding and been recalled. I just hope that serious injuries did not occur from exploding laps. Page 4.

Junior Sydney Moorman has a baby boy named Chandler. I put her at my highest regards because, despite the hardships, she stayed at school. Page 8.

It is what it is,

Courtney Stoddard


There is a foreign exchange student from Hong Kong that speaks English very well. Her journey here took about 18 hours. Page 16.

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HI.LIFE - October 19, 2006

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BY: KELSEY LEFTWICH NEWS EDITOR $5.15 does not sound like much. Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha from the local Starbucks, under $5.15. One hour of pool, five films, three 1/2 lb. burritos, all under $5.15. In Missouri, $5.15 is the minimum wage, and while it may not seem like much, there are teens on the other side of the world earning less than $5.15 a week. Here $5.15 will buy you a cup of coffee, in some parts of the world it could change your life. On Oct. 3 a ban on child labor took effect in India. The environment for children in is devastating. Basic necessities are barely met. Children go without education, because they cannot afford to buy books. According to the labor ministry, there are 12 million children under 14 years old working in India. Activists say the number could be more than 60 million. The employment of these children is slavery. Most people of the world turn their backs to them and choose to ignore this problem while childhood is lost and children are exploited. There is hope that the ban, will protect the workers from such demanding conditions and abuse, both psychological and sexual. This hope is feeble. Labor laws protecting children in the past have caused little change in India. Just being able to read is an incredible gift, something so many children will never do. So while you’re reading that Starbucks with that $5.15 in hand, think about the millions of children

Mambo Italiano By: Jessi Woska

As each student shuffles through the crowded hallways, they are submerged into an atmosphere of chatter and greeted by the familiar faces of passing peers. But Oct. 20 through Nov. 2, a murmur of a foreign language accompanied by twenty unfamiliar faces will be scattered throughout the flooded hallways. “The Italian exchange program is designed to give ESL students an opportunity to come see our

culture and school, to better prepare them for their fifth year exams,” math teacher and Italian exchange c o o r d i n a t o r, Spencer Brackman said. A l t h o u g h being completely submerged into a foreign language may seem scary for most, the Italian students take on the task with ease. “The Italian students are bilingual, of course. Most are pretty comfortable with speaking, if not all. The language difference creates a

New faces fly in from across the sea

fun opportunity for the family and the kids,” Brackman said. The Italian exchange is not only an experience for the Italian exchange students, but also an experience for American hosts. “Last year I had a blast hosting. I learned a lot and it gave me the opportunity to travel to Italy as well. It was an overall great experience for me, so I knew I wanted to host again this year,” Ross said.

Crossing Countries. A few of the Italians traveling to Lee’s Summit in just a few days stand with Tiger students in the middle of Venice. Photo Courtesy/ Ashley Ross

Combusting Computers Laptop batteries are a potential fire hazard While boarding at LAX airport for a transatlantic flight, a man came sprinting off of the airplane while holding a smoking laptop. He threw the laptop to the ground and the laptop started to shoot out sparks. The laptop then burst into flames. These batteries have been recalled because they can overheat rapidly and catch fire. The reputations for these three companies have been tarnished for allowing the batteries to be sold, but not everyone is pushed away by this incident. “We’ll probably stick with Dell,” Jeff Seever of the technology department said. A few teachers possess Dell 505 laptops that can catch on fire. When the school district found out

By: Jonathan Smith

they made it clear that it went to Dell’s website. He sent Dell the could be dangerous if the information, and a few battery was left in and days later the new batteries gave instructions on what to do to be safe. If the arrived for the laptops. Both Dell and Apple computer has a battery announced recalls. Dell’s affected, immediately turn laptops that could be off the computer and take affected are multiple out the battery and use models of the Dell Latitude the power cord to power series. The Apple laptops the laptop until the new that may be affected battery arrives. are the iBook G4 and multiple models of the Powerbook G4s. Sony made the batteries, with 5.9 million batteries recalled. The recall has cost Sony about $70.8 million. Seever thinks the Laptops Ablaze. Sony batteries are companies have blowing up. The batteries in certain Dell and Apple laptops are being resuffered enough. called because of a potential fire haz“They owned up to ard. The batteries may rapidly overheat what they had going and burst into flames. “The computers overheat and can cause a fire,” on,” Seever said. Jeff Seever said. Photo/Desirae Kudra When the companies

News 5

Code Red How safe can it be? By: Nelson Hill

Columbine, the day that the safety of schools changed forever, When two students walked in, armed and ready to kill. The massacre of that day left twelve dead including one teacher before turning the guns on themselves. That was seven years ago, in Pennsylvania, Amish country. A suicidal man walked into the schoolhouse, and, execution style, lined up five girls, but let all the boys go, He fired shots, killed all the girls, then turned the gun on himself. He left a massacre that all Amish try to get away from in the city. It puts the safety of LSHS in perspective. “We can never be safe, just

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and three patrollers who help keep the school safe. After Columbine, schools across America began daily drills to help simulate what could happen during a code red. A school in Pittsburgh, PA performed these daily drills, but the drills began to dwindle because of what the government calls too costly and cumbersome. The Federal policies that are to protect the lives of students are as follows: reduce open doors, and have specifically trained teachers to help in a code red situation. The cost for school safety is $120,000 per school and to the tune of $180 million last year. Another circumstance is that the school has no cameras to watch to in and outside of the school. “[Cameras] will present a false sense of security to all of the students”. Koenemann said. Code Red drills are a way to keep students aware of what can happen and that the school is prepared for such an event. “All we can do is train and prepare” Keck said.

Hours: M-F 10 am-8pm Sat 10am-6pm Sun 12pm-5pm

Pedicure: $25 ($5 value)

Hi.Life - October 6, 2006

Graphic/Garrick Hall

ready with a plan,” administrative assistant Koeneman said. During the 20052006 school year a stranger began walking up to the premises. The entire school went into an immediate code red. School doors were locked, and the entire school became its own Fort Knox, locked down until the stranger was removed. Now with two shootings happening in just these last couple of weeks, Schools around the metro have taken up percussions. Metal detectors are used in some schools. “A major part of why we don’t have metal detectors is because of the cost” Koeneman said. On Sept. 10 the president held a presidential summit after the Amish schoolhouse disaster to see how America’s schools are holding up to the challenges of school safety. seven years ago another presidential summit was held after the infamous Columbine massacre to uphold the same situation. In the whole school we only one resource officer, Officer John Keck,

6 Features

Orphaned Animals

By: Ariel Andrew

The lost and abandoned seek homes

Hi.Life-October 19, 2006

Big, sad eyes gaze upwards, pleading to be taken home. The lost, abandoned, and abused wait to belong to a loving family, but they don’t have much more time for patience. George Harding cares for these orphaned animals at the Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter, and he knows all too well that these animals don’t have time to be ignored. In fact, they only have seven days. “There are a few options after one week. An animal can be adopted into a foster home, adopted by a search and rescue team, or euthanized,” Harding said. Unless adopted, animals are put to sleep after only one week with a lethal injection by a veterinarian. Harding has limited time to spend with the animals at the shelter, but he is truly fond of them. “You really make a connection with the animals,” Harding said. Harding keeps very busy, as every resident of Lee’s Summit has the right to abandon their pet at Lee’s Summit’s shelter. Harding acknowledges that his job is very difficult. “This is a high stress position,” Harding said. Although Harding’s job is very emotionally demanding, he recognizes the fulfilling aspects of working at the shelter. “The best part of my job is reuniting an animal with a new owner,” Harding said. Junior Zach Walsh also has experience with pets from animal shelters. Walsh adopted a twoyear-old sheepdog from a shelter in Kansas about seven years ago. His newly adopted puppy, named Echo, was not without a troubled past. “She’s afraid of blonde women and water. A blonde woman abused her by dunking her head under water,” Walsh said. Walsh still prefers pets from animal

Take Me Home.While waiting for her new family to pick her up from the Lee’s Summit Municipal Animal Shelter, this unnamed terrier lays patiently in her cage. “We adopt out 90-99% of our dogs”, shelter worker Amanda Billings said. The shelter rarely puts dogs to sleep, unless they are not adoptable. Photo / Hannah Morris

shelters, though. “I’ve just had better experiences with them,” Walsh said, They’re better trained.” Senior Tanya Drew knows how meaningful a personal relationship with an animal can be. Drew’s five-year-old border collie, named Mojo, has changed her life for the better. “It makes your life more full, having a pet to come home to and play with,” Drew said. Drew also believes that personal relationships with animals change the way people view life. “I think having an animal really makes a person better, because they have to learn traits of patience and love,” Drew said. Drew also believes that purebred animals and those from shelters should be treated as equals. “Animals from shelters are just as smart as purebreds,” Drew said.

Harding knows how desperately pets from the shelter need families. “All the animals need homes,” Harding says. “The thing about the animal shelter is that the animals have no other option.”

Where to find the Shelter Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter is located at 1249 NE Tudor Road

Phone number Service Requests and Shelter (816) 969-7405

Car Crisis

To Drive or Not to Drive?

Walking into school it is impossible to ignore all the cars in the parking lots. Almost half of the student population drives to and from school. One would have to wonder whether owning a car in high school is worth the money. Sophomore Matt Sweeton thinks it is helpful to have his own car. “When you have a car you don’t have to rely on parents,” Sweeton says. This makes a big difference to those who go through the popular independence stage in high school. Having a way of getting around allows teenagers to gain the space and freedom they have craved since adolescence. Students in after school activities also know the wrath of parents who have been waiting for twenty

Features 7

By : Kailtin Schaller

minutes for their child to come out of practice. However, only the coaches have control over this. Participants have also gone through the boring act of waiting that goes along with what should be the great joy of being released early. Gas is also a matter that makes a large difference in your vehicle expenses. Although it seems to be at a somewhat affordable price now, it was at a maximum high not long ago. Some were not even capable of buying gas to drive to work. One solution would be to purchase a hybrid car. Unfortunately, they are not very affordable. “I spend about twenty dollars a week on gas,” sophomore Francie Englert said. While for some this seems like a rather nominal fee, it

may be an extravagance for others. The issue of parking passes also needs to be discussed. To park at school it must display the valuable sticker. To obtain a parking pass students must tell the office the make/model of their vehicle and the license plate number. Unfortunately, there is also a twenty-five dollar fee.

“I think it’s reasonable,” Englert said. Overall, it depends on personal preference. Convenience comes at cost

Freedom Wheels: After recently receiving a new car, sophomore Matt Sweeten defiantly thinks having a car is worth the cost. “I think it is worth it because I feel more independent and can go when I want to go places”. Matt has been driving for about 3 months. Photo / Hannah Morris

Homecoming Commotion

By : Desirae Kudra

Dance Dance. Homecoming King, Jason Klingsolver, and homecoming Queen, Megan Vemmer, share their royalty dance, with all eyes on them. “It was a little bit awkward because he was injured. We decided to do that dance even though he was hurt,” Vemmer said.. They danced to I don’t want to miss a thing Photo/Desirae Kudra

The lingering smell of fingernail polish, the sight of jewelry lining the bathroom counter, and the soft sound of friendly laughter- this is the atmosphere that sophomore Ariane Meyer adores.

“The most exciting part of the night for me was getting pretty, because you don’t get to do it often,” Meyer said. Sophomore Adam Cederburg, however, thought the best pat of the evening was after the dance. “My favorite part of the night was after the dance, because I went home and watched a movie with my girlfriend,” Cederburg said. While he enjoyed the dance, Cederburg thought there could have been a better theme. He thought it wasn’t formal enough. Meyer thought the theme did not fit either. “I guess I liked the music, but the D.J was a little cheesy,” Meyer said. Sophomore Beth Rhodes thought some of the music he played wasn’t very popular. “I didn’t really enjoy the music choices, because some of the songs were hard to dance to,” Beth Rhodes said.

Her favorite song that night was Lips Of An Angel by Hinder. Rhodes thought the balloons were cool, but the theme was hard to go with. “I think the D.J. was a little old fashioned, and he only had a couple good songs,” Cederburg said. Many students at the dance expressed criticism towards the D.J. Some thought he didn’t play a very good variety of songs. Students who attended the dance even said he should have talked less and played more music. “My least favorite part of the dance was the beginning, before it really got started. It was boring because nothing was really happening,” Rhodes said. Cederburg enjoyed the dance enough to do it over again. “I spent seventy dollars all together and I would do it again, because it was a fun night,” Cederburg said.

Hi.Life - October 19,, 2006

A night to remember

8 Features

Baby Boom

By: Elizabeth Fuller

Junior Sydney Moorman meets the love of her life

As the nurses rolled junior Sydney Moorman through the double doors and into the delivery room, she was not even nervous.

Hi.Life-October 19, 2006

“I knew that it was going to hurt, so there was no point in being afraid,” Moorman said laughing. Only hours after Moorman had checked into the hospital her son Chandler was born. “Chandler was born on June 13, 2006,” Moorman said Moorman got the surprise that she was pregnant about a year ago. “I was very shocked to learn that I was pregnant, Moorman said. “I wasn’t sure about what would happen next,” Moorman said. Like most girls think, Moorman believed that her parents would be furious when she told them the news. “I thought that they would be very angry, but they weren’t. My mom actually had to go out of town for business, so we didn’t really talk about it for a couple of weeks,” Moorman said. After the initial shock, Moorman’s parents were more than willing to help their daughter through the battles of pregnancy. Fortunately for Moorman, she did not have any morning sickness, weird cravings or swollen feet that most women experience. “I didn’t have to deal with the effects of pregnancy that you normally get. I did gain weight, so that slowed me down a bit, but nothing else,” Moorman stated. One thing that Moorman did have to deal with was learning how to manage her time between her new son, Chandler, and school. “I’m just always busy with school, and its taking care of my son. It’s a 24-hour job taking care of a kid. I don’t get out much, but every once and a while I do,” Moorman said. Even though taking care of an infant child is a full time job, it is the only way Moorman could ever have envisioned it. “I couldn’t ever see myself giving

him to someone else and watching them raise him,” Moorman said. At first her parents weren’t supportive of this decision but in the months leading up to the birth of their grandchild they came to terms with having another baby in the house. “Of course, now that he is here they don’t even like to mention that they wanted me to give him up for adoption,” Moorman said with a chuckle. Even though having a baby comes with a heavy load, Moorman would not change it even if she could. “I love him, of course, it would just be wrong if I didn’t,” Moorman said.

Daily Schedule 4:30-5:00 A.M. - “I usually wake up, and if he isn’t up yet I hurry and get ready for school. If he is up I feed him and get ready while he eats,” Moorman said. “After I get ready and he eats we usually sit around and watch T.V. for a little bit, because he likes it a lot,” Moorman said. 6:20 A.M. - “My friend comes to pick us up, and we drop Chandler off on the at the baby sitters on our way to school,” Moorman said. “Then I’m in school all day,” Moorman said. 3:00 P.M. - “My friend and my sister and I leave school and pick up Chandler from the baby sitters, then head home,” Moorman said. “After school he sometimes takes a nap, and I use that time to work on my homework,” Moorman said. 4:30-5:00 P.M. - “He usually has a bottle,” Moorman said.

Rock Abye Baby. Junior Sydney Moorman rocks her four month old son Chandler to sleep. “When he is sleeping it gives me time to get things done,” Moorman said. Photo / Courtesy of Sydney Moorman

“A little while after he eats my mom comes home from work. Most of the time she plays with him, which gives me time to do my laundry and finish homework,” Moorman said. “Then while my family and I eat he sits with us. Then afterwards we usually play before I feed him his last bottle,” Moorman said. 8:00-9:00 P.M. - “After his last bottle I put him down for the night. If I have anything else I need to finish I do that, then go to sleep,” Moorman said.

Features 9

Tell Me Lies Students reveal secrets Moorman is the proud owner of a septum piercing. She was able to have a friend pierce it who was licensed but not employed by a parlor. “I have three tattoos and my parents know about two of them, but the third one I got on my own,” senior Whitnee Sanders said. After Sanders turned eighteen, she decided to get a third tattoo. With out the knowledge or permission from her guardians she inked up her lower back. “If my mom and dad found out they would probably tell me it was a really stupid decision, but I’m not worried about it,” Sanders said. Although what these students have done may cause a family feud, there is always the thought that the parents’ love is unconditional. “I don’t think that my parents would be mad, but they would be disappointed in my choices,” Sanders said.

All Inked Up. “The rose on my back is blue because I wanted a color other than black,” senior Whitnee Sanders said. Sanders tattoos include an abbreviation of her name on her wrist and the rose on the lower part of her back. Photo / Kimrey Burmeister Get Hooked. “I decided to get my septum pierced because it was just something I’ve always wanted to do, so I did,” junior Lindsey Moorman said. A septum piercing is piercing the skin in between the two nostrils. Photo / Kimrey Burmeister

Hi.Life - October 19, 2006

The sirens scream and the blue and red lights begin flashing in his rear view mirror. He pulls his vehicle to the shoulder and turns off the ignition. The officer rounds the back of his car and makes his way to the window. Another ticket to add to his long track record. “I have received over 35 tickets, but my parents only know about three of them,” senior Cody McShane said. Over McShane’s driving career he has received numerous tickets for careless and imprudent driving, racing, and speeding. He is sure that if his parents knew about all the tickets they would be pretty upset. “I only informed them of the three tickets because I was short on money to pay for my fines,” McShane said However, there are a few secrets that don’t include run-ins with the law, but that doesn’t mean that parents won’t disagree with choices of their offspring. “I’m pretty sure that my mom knows about my piercing now but we have never actually exchanged words about it,” junior Lindsey Moorman said.

By: Kimrey Burmeister

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10 Features

Feeling at Home


80 1,

Transfer students share their thoughts on coming to a new school

These numbers can be intimidating to someone coming from a much smaller school.

Hi.Life- October 19,2006

“I came from a school of only 500 people, so it is a lot bigger here,” senior Trae Tunison said. Tunison, who transferred from O’Hara High School, didn’t do it to escape the school, but to reunite with friends. “I went to middle school with all the kids here and had friends here,” Tunison said. The process Tunison went through was very simple. “Basically, we went to my old school and told them I wasn’t going there anymore and then I came here and enrolled,” Tunison said, “But to play soccer, we had to file for a hardship and that took forever.” Although Tunison likes it here, he does miss some more personal aspects of O’Hara. “I made friends there, and it was a small school so you knew who everyone was,” Tunison said. Tunison has nothing but positive things to say about going here. “I like the people here, I like the sports, and it’s a lot of fun,” Tunison said. For junior Piper Wilcher, transferring two days before school started was not a challenge, but a necessity. “I didn’t like North, because I didn’t have as much in common with the people there,” said junior Piper Wilcher. Wilcher transferred here two days before school started because she did

not really like North’s environment. She did leave some friends behind, however. “My friends at North were surprised and shocked that I was transferring, but I was excited to come here,” Wilcher said. The transfer process for Wilcher was more strenuous then it was for Tunison. “You have to give a reason and have the principal at your old school approve and sign it. The Board of Education had to sign and approve it. Then it goes to the principal at the school you’re transferring to and they approve and sign it and it goes back to the Board,” Wilcher said. It may seem like a long process, but transferring was well worth the time and effort for Wilcher. “I like it here, because I don’t know as many people, so I don’t have to deal with a lot of drama,” Wilcher said. Both Wilcher and Tunison’s parents were supportive of their decision to transfer. “Whatever makes you happy, makes us happy,” Wilcher’s parents told her. For both Wilcher and Tunison, transferring turned out to be a positive experience.

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By: Chad Thomas




Ninety-three acres, one hundred classrooms, and eighteen hundred people...

Transfer Trials. Trae Tunison sports his former high schools soccer shirt while wearing a Lee’s Summit High School letter jacket. “I decided to come back to Lee’s Summit after my brother graduated from O’Hara, that was the only reason I went there,” Tunison said. Photo/Desirae Kudra

A European Flower Market


Friday 5-10 pm Saturday Noon- 10 pm 224 S.E. Douglas 554-0069 Lee’s Summit, MO - Corsages and boutonnieres

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Radio Buzz Quirky, wacky, out there, random, funny, goofy, these are just some of the words to describe the comedic troop of AM static. “AM static is an improv team, kind of like Who’s Line. Basically we just try and make people laugh,” sophomore Courtney Stanger said. If you have never watched the ABC Family TV show, improv is a bunch of games, done on impulse. When playing a game, you come up with everything off the top of your head, in hopes to make the audience laugh. “It’s just great to see the audience laugh,” senior Bobby Bruce said. AM static meets up once a month at the school to practice, then heads off to Borders to perform for the eager students and customers of Borders. “We always come up to the school and practice before we perform. We run through a few games, and then have a dance party,” Stanger said. Variations of games are played to entertain the audience. “187/World’s Worst is my favorite game. it’s a puning game. You have a horrible object and you have to make up a pun about the object, it can get pretty funny,” Bruce said.

Features 11

By: Amanda Brown

Lee’s Summit’s Own Improv Team Many think of improv team as an easy, way to be part of the school’s activities, but it is not as easy to just walk in and crack a few jokes, a lot of thought has to go in as to how you are going to approach your joke. Making AM Static in itself, is not as easy as it may sound. “I tried out freshman year because my sister said I would be good at it. I didn’t make it, then I tried out again sophomore year and I made it. I have just stuck with it because I love it so much,” Bruce said. This tight group of friends, who share the same passion for acting, stick together through performing at Borders, to acting on a stage. The feelings for each activity are different however.

“I really love comedic improv. It gives you the best feeling when you get up there and make people laugh. You just feel so much better, because you had something to do with making up the joke, and your just not reciting it,” Bruce said.

Hi.Life - October 19, 2006

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12 Features

Guess Who?

By: Kimrey Burmeister

Make ’em take a second look Halloween is the one time of the year when you can change your identity. By wearing make-up, wigs, and crazy outfits you can disguise yourself and become the character you are portraying. “Anything sparkly and cheap works wonders,” senior Joel Gardner said. Gardner dresses up annually. He believes the best costumes are those you make yourself. Last year he had

Hi.Life-October 19, 2006

his own creation using toilet paper tubes, pipe cleaners and old sweat pants. “Colors and your imagination are the best tools for creating a costume,” freshman Madi Cannon said. Cannon and fellow freshman Melanie McShane consider themselves costume fanatics. They insist that dressing up can be an every day activity. However, Cannon claims her favorite costume was the dead ballerina she impersonated at a church haunted house. “I like to shop at the Good Will or any thrift store really. They always have old funny interesting clothes,” McShane said. McShane’s favorite finds include fishnet hose, a bright green tutu and her red devil dress. She has even raided her mothers Mirror Image. “We focus more on eras rather than actual characters, so you can have more fun closet for fun fresh establishing the costume,” Glenda Rowlett of A twists on the older to Z Theatrical Supplies and Service said. Senior style. Theresa Sims imagines herself in southern belle gear. Photo/ Kimrey Burmeister “My best costume was the year I went


as a headless man,” sophomore Michael Carpenter said. “We used Styrofoam to build up my shoulders so I could carry my actual head. People were pretty scared.” On the other hand there are many places around town that are more than Wig Out.“Wigs are pretty neat accessories. They can willing to help create completely change the face of a person with very little Glenda Rowlett of A to Z Theatrical Supplies the costume to die effort,” and Service said. A to Z has a variety of wigs to change for. your every day coiffure. Picture/ Kimrey Burmeister “The first thing is you need to think extravagant make-up, a new about is the event that you hair color, or even funny will be attending and the teeth. You have to change requirements or restrictions it to make people take a you’re allowed to have for second look and question your costume,” Glenda who that person is,” Dottie Rowlett, of A to Z Theatrical Mae Groves of Dottie Mae’s Supplies and Service, said. Costumes said. Most costumes begin as a So this Halloween, take simple idea, but then manifest a chance to step out of into their own character. the ordinary. Make others With the help of make-up and comment on the creation accessories, the identity that and turn heads. Whether the once started as an image in costume was home made ones mind comes to life right or created at a store make it before their eyes. special. “You have to change “The best costumes are something from your those that you never forget,” shoulders up, rather it Groves said. be different sunglasses,

What will you dress up as for the Costume Ball?

By : Ashley Ross

Freshman Cassie Sigman

Sophomore Travis Sterrett

“I’d be a bag of Jelly Beans because I have been that before and it was a lot of fun. I blew up water balloons and put a clear dress bag over me.”

“I think I would be a super hero. That would be tight. Or I would be someone from the 70’s, because I am all about the Afro.”

Features 13 Leadership conference gives students new opportunity “I think it should be an all out Halloween dance,” Hocker said. “Lee’s Summit doesn’t make a big deal out of Halloween, and it’s my favorite holiday ever.” Student Senate and the administration have planned all the rules, decorations and music fo the Costume Ball. “It will be from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM in the field house,” Everhart said. “There will be a DJ, free admission, and refreshments for sale inside. Also a $2 donation is suggested to help Special Olympics.” Hocker has planned out exactly what she feels the dance should include. “It should be decorated like a haunted house. They should also have candy, costumes, and Halloween confetti,” Hocker said. “As far as the music goes, the Monster Mash is a must and then anything you can get down to, and shake your groove thing.” Ewing DJ’s, the people who did the Homecoming Dance, will once again provide the music for the night. The idea for the dance came before school started last fall. “Someone at the Summit Leadership Conference brought it up when thinking of fun activities to do in order to bring the school together and be more spirited,” Schnell said. “We want students to enjoy coming to LSHS and we want it to be a good place to be instead of other alternatives outside of school.” Schnell feels that the spirit this year has already been phenomenal and hopefully that will continue throughout the year at events such as this dance.

“I think our students have done a tremendous job,” Schnell said. “It all started at the Lee’s Summit North game and continued on to more than 100 students attending the St. Joseph Central game. It’s fun to see our students support our school and so I feel that this dance will be another demonstration of the spirit we have.” Hocker feels that the idea is amazing because it is something everyone can relate to. “It gives people that normally wouldn’t go to homecoming a chance to do something fun that is school related,” Hocker said.

Dance Fever. Student Senate President Tosha Everhart and athletic director Dan Schnell work together to plan the Costume Ball that will take place in the next couple of weeks. “The plans are not all finalized yet, but we have started talking about what will happen.” Schnell said. Photo/ Ashley Ross

Junior Cierra Myers

Senior Nick Elder

“Last year I was salt and my friend was pepper for a party we went to. It was a lot of fun, so I would probably do that again.”

“I would dress up as a girl because me in a short skirt and tight shirt would be hilarious.”

Hi.Life - October 19, 2006

Batman? Catwoman? A pirate? Little Red Riding Hood? A nurse? The costume ideas are limitless, but the time to prepare for this fall’s Costume Ball is not. The idea for a Costume Ball originally came from the Summit Leadership Conference last August. This group, which included student senators, mentors, and club leaders, presented administration with a list of ideas they wanted to see happen this school year. “We talked through the possibility with Student Senate and agreed that our students handle things the right way,” administrator Dan Schnell said. “Because of behavior at events such as Candle Lighting, and football games we decided we could trust our students and have the dance.” The ball is Fri., Nov. 3 in the Fieldhouse. “It will be kind of like a fifth quarter party, minus the football game, and wearing costumes will be optional,” Student Senate President Tosha Everhart said. One student, Jordan Hocker, is excited about the dance because it will be something new and fun to do around the holiday. “I would definitely go. It would be something different to do, and it would promote more school involvement,” Hocker said. “But I think everyone should have to wear a costume or it would be kind of lame.” Others feel that this dance will be the best of the year and wish for it to be more than just a fifth quarter party.

By: Ashley Ross

14 Features

Let’s Get Physical

By: Stephanie Russell

You can run but you cant hide

Hi.i.Life-October 19, 2006

The inevitable sweating of gym class comes from the push-ups, jogging, and sit-ups. Gym class may not be the favorite class to take, but research is showing that it’s important for now and later. Fitting gym class into student’s schedules could have students and administration facing a challenge. “To add in gym classes all four years we would have to change graduation requirements,” assistant principal Jamie Argotsinger said. “If going to all four years will happen, then it will affect the freshmen class coming in.” The decision to add gym class all four years won’t be made in haste. “Our school district is a very data driven district. If kids need more gym then deciding to add more gym classes will be based by looking at data that proves it’s needed,” Argotsinger said. Kim Shieber, lead teacher of the Health and P.E. Department, thinks that having all four years of gym will have its benefits for students. “The main thing is for students to get enjoyment out of physical activities and for all the things that students learn to last throughout their lives,” Schieber said. Senior Bryan Stoeffler, who has taken Individual Sports every year, agrees that gym class is important. “Gym is a good thing to have because it keeps people active,”

Stoeffler said. Stoeffler likes taking gym because of the competition. “I like the competitiveness of Individual Sports and when the tournaments start they’re crazy,” Stoeffler said. The School Board will have the final say if four years of gym will be required in the future. “A couple of years Fitness Craze. A group of girls runs together to make time pass ago we did change the faster in their Physical Education Class, which may be required all four years in the next few years. “ It is good because P.E. curriculum to having a is an easy and fun credit,” sophomore Emily Neuburger said. half credit of Foundations The school district is hoping to promote fitness more in school by making it a graduation requirement. Photo / Hannah Morris of Fitness and then having another half credit of another gym class. “Throwing students into competition This wasn’t a big change for the isn’t the way to go. Learning fitness students,” Argotsinger said. with games, monitoring your heart One problem that Argotsinger rate, and making a class to help the thinks will occur if gym is moved to students is a good way,” Schieber all four years is that students won’t said. be able to enroll in other elective There are a lot of diet plans for classes that they want to take. people to try, but picking the best “Students will then be forced into plan difficult with all of the options taking a class that they don’t want to today. be in. Then students will be saying “I’m really against the fad diets like that they can’t take band, choir, or Atkins and South Beach,” Schieber the classes that they want to be in,” said. “To diet you need balance, just Argotsinger said. don’t take out an entire food group With the increase in technology like carbs.” students may not be as physically The benefits to staying in shape active as they could be. will help people now and as they get “We are a lazy society. We play older. game boys, watch T.V., and we e“You will have strong mental mail,” Schieber said. health, you will have the sense of Schieber thinks that making accomplishment, and you can say gym class personal is the key to a that you could live longer,” Schieber successful class. said.

1) Do you think gym should be required for all four years in high school? YES 31%

NO 69%


2) Do you feel gym should be optional? YES 73%

NO 27%


3) Do you think the studen body would benefit from having gym all four years? YES NO MAYBE 55% 41% 4% (120 students from all grade levels were polled)

Sounds Of Summit

By: Whitney Norton

Features 15

How to make the sound of music Sing loud; perform proud, have love for music, the group of students who can defy this best. Sounds of Summit isn’t just another choir group, it is an auditioned group of juniors and seniors. Auditions are held in February. Walking in to the audition one may see teachers like Carla Oliver, and Diane Riffie. These teachers will be judging the applicants. They choose the top 8 people for each voice part to be in Sounds of Summit. For the majority of students, Sounds can be a two year experience. For others, like the two lucky sophomores, Travis Sterrett and Brett Bornhaft, it can last three. “Only two other times in all my years of my career have

sophomores made it into Sounds,” Riffie said. Some upperclassmen had to wait two years to be in S.O.S and yet these underclassmen jump from Men’s Choir to Sounds. “The sophomores earned their spots in Sounds,”senior Matt Musgrave said. To get a comfortable feel and bond together Sounds takes a retreat to Conception Abbey. It’s not just an acquaintance process its also a time to rehearse and do fun team building activities. Sounds of Summit do many performances, ranging from regular choir concerts to holiday season performances in the community. Another concert S.O.S has done recently is a performance at

The Best Movies

Sing up: Students straggle in from the halls for a Monday night practice. Getting ready to start rehearsal Annaca Bergin, Ashley Ross, and Stevie Olsen look at the music in which they are about to read. “ Its an honor to be in the choir, and its really great because we are all friends.” Stevie Olsen said. Photo/ Whitney Norton

the Renaissance Festival. This group of singing sensations has fulling earned the recognition and praise they are recieving. “They are awesome

musicians, awesome human beings, and the nicest kids,” Riffe said.

By: Clint Sparks

The silver screen turns golden In this world of tired story lines, clichéd themes, and two-dimensional characters, it’s a rare thing for a movie to come along that tugs emotions. “I-Robot was a good movie,” sophomore Brett Jackson said. What made it good were the characters, characters that were memorable and seemed like they were real, without being forced to do what the director wants. Movies that provoke a particular emotional response are also favorites. “I liked Cinderella Man, sophomore Jarrett Eskina said. This movie did a good job of conveying what it was like to exist as a workingclass man in the great depression, and what it was like to beat the odds in spite of it all. Uplifting movies like this are often favorites, like the classic Annie, also named as a favorite. Other people appreciate movies that they can apply to their own personal tastes.

“Rolling Kansas, man,” sophomore Kevin Bailey said. In short, the best movies are often not the ones with the biggest budget, or the most famous actors, but the ones that possess originality, like V for Vendetta. So the next time you got to the theatres, cash in hand and with your eyes on the show-times and titles, think about which movie might be something different, not the just the one with the biggest bowl of eye-candy.

Horray for Hollywood: (Left) Russell Crowe stars in Cinderella Man. (Top) Annie continues to be a favorite. (Above) Sam Huntington stars in Rolling Kansas. Photo/ AP

16 Features

Feeling at Home

Coming to a foreign land.

By: Sam Dusing

illionnd. m n Seveethousay people -on man busyong fortayt’s how gh the o H Th lk throustreets Ofne of wa wded ryday. on plus crong eve en milli g, a Ko se sev ca Chin ange thos Jessi n exch waw foreig ne dent. stu

Hi.Life- October 19, 2006

In a city where everything is so urbanized, Hong Kong has one of the best transportation systems in the world. “Hong Kong has a lot better transportation system,” Ching said. She’s right too. Hong Kong International Airport serves over 36 million passengers a year. It also has one of the most efficient and advanced train systems. Whereas in Lee’s Summit nearly all transportation is private and riding a train to get places is almost unheard of. Living in the United States is a lot different than in her homeland, Hong Kong. “Here, they live in houses,” Ching said. “But in Hong Kong, they live in apartments.” The typical Hong Kong apartment is a giant high rise. Many Americans see apartments as freedom from home, a college hangout or an uncomfortable transition between homes; Ching disagrees. “It’s more comfortable in an apartment,” Ching said. Apartments in Hong Kong can be extremely luxurious and contain everything an American home would have, maybe more. But home is more than steel, glass Adjusting to an unfamiliar place can take a while especially when coming from a completely different country “It’s all right, I’m still not used to it,” Ching said. One can’t blame her either. Hong

Kong, a city of over-population, Trading Places. Chinese exchange student Jessica Ching bright lights and adjusts to American life.“It is such a huge place, I always have sky- scrapers, can trouble with directions here,” Ching said. Photo / Josh Wallace be quite different from the rural sprawl of Lee’s Summit. “Life is busy and not as relaxing,” “Hong Kong is very crowded and there’s stated Ching, remarking on life in Hong a lot of sky scrapers,” Ching said. While life here is just the opposite. Kong. The key to feeling at home can be While some people would pick a more urban environment Ching did not have a determined on the people that welcome you. Feeling at home can be completely choice. “I didn’t have a choice of where to go,” changed by the people and Ching thinks we’re doing a pretty good job. Ching said. “People here are friendly,” remarked Ching went through a foreign exchange organization that didn’t give her a choice Ching. Coming to a completely new place of where to go. Thus, she ended up in Lee’s Summit. One might think she would can be intimidating and feeling welcomed have been sent to a more familiar place would be important, so hopefully Ching will feel at home very soon. but that is not the case. Americans take life for granted how laid back and leisurely our society can be.

Run.Way Hi.Way

17 By: Crystal Lawson

Finishing’s for that everyday look Ambling down the constructionriddled streets of Downtown Lee’s Summit, subtle tremors shake the ground below, as an obnoxiously deafening horn sounds in the distance. Metal wheels grind against the worn metal track, as lines of cars patiently wait for the train to pass. On foot, and winding in and out of stores, anxious consumers seek the serene refuge of a welcoming environment filled with reassurance and relaxation. Many stores fit the Sales associate Suzanne bill, but only one has the expertise to Pandora’s Box. Reece shows a unique collection. “We are call itself a boutique. a full distributor of Pandora Bracelets and “Finishings for Her specializes in charms,” Reece said. Photo/ Crystal Lawson unique accessories, and fashions, but it is also an extremely personable In comparison with large department place to shop. We listen to customers stores, small boutiques retain the quality and really go the extra mile to provide of being unique. them with a great shopping experience,” “The clothing and accessories are one store manager Dawn Ackley said. of a kind, so you won’t find them any place Ackley has been the Lee’s Summit else. However, we don’t order things in store manager for over a year, but has large quantities, so what we order is all been with the company for almost five. we have,” Reece said, “however, the Store owners Peter and Diane Mohn chance of seeing someone else in the have had Finishings for Her for 18 years, same clothes as you is slim.” but have expanded locations. A multitude of items are sold at “They actually started out at the Plaza, Finishings for Her, ranging in appeal but closed and moved to Crown Center, from adolescents to adults to women Oak Park Mall, Lee’s Summit, and are over fifty. about to open a new store at Briar Cliff “A given line of products that we carry Village,” Ackley said. all the time is Brighton which ranges Finishings for Her has a variety of from accessories to luggage. We also anomalous items, but there is one in carry clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, particular that not many people know and many other products that the every about. day woman would like to have simply “One exclusive item that we have, because it is different,” Reece said. would be the Pandora bracelets,” sales The merchandise varies by store associate Suzanne Reece said, “they depending on the location and what are regular bracelets with charms that sells best, but the store owners get the slide onto it.” material in many other places. For a bracelet and one charm, the “Everything is ordered and bought at cost is $37.50. That being the most markets in other states. Some things inexpensive, they can go up to well over come out of Dallas, and the edgier, $1000.00. These bracelets are rare, but trendier stuff comes out of Los Angeles,” expensive. Ackley said. “The prices ranges vary mainly The incentive for many shoppers is the because of the variety of charms. We influence of a wide range of cliental. have sterling silver and gold, as well “Not many boutiques can allow a as a multitude of gem stones,” Ackley mother and her daughter to shop in said, “the variety helps to make it the same place and have both find a contemporary twist on the classic something that they want,” Ackley said, charm bracelet.” “this boutique features classic and trendy

Finishing Touch. Pandora bracelets make a one of a kind gift. “They are great because they vary by each person’s individuality,” Ackley said. Photo/ Crystal Lawson

Pandora Individuality. Suzanne Reece helps a customer find the right bracelet. “We have a wonderful sales staff that is always ready to help customers find the perfect item,” Reece said. Photo/ Crystal Lawson

Strap It. Ackley is proud of the unique enviroment her staff provides. “This store is a more intimate place to shop than the average department store,” Ackley said. Photo/ Crystal Lawson


18 Opinions

Bark at the Moon Dear Adam, was Eve confusing? Did she send you mixed signals? Did you guys ever have a date planned, where she blew it off to wash her hair? It would be great to know because if she did then a woman’s puzzling attitude wouldn’t be so puzzling. Since I can remember women have been a complete confusion to guys everywhere. The constant reminder on the playground of a girl saying she liked you was to make fun of you and your friends until you chased them around. I can totally understand why men of the past were so quick to make women get married to some rich benefactor; they were confusing. Their games have been so confusing, the “Parker Bros.” haven’t even made rules yet. Shere Hite, in her book Women and Love, says that 84 percent of women are deeply dissatisfied with their male parteners, feeling a closed bond instead with their female friends. Does this mean an end to the human population as we know it? Maybe that would be best. Call me, biased, but I don’t really see

By Matthew Gratton

where girls get the notion to call us fellas confusing. Really what every man wants is a girl to hold, a new suit and a place to hang their hat. Ok, that was cheezy, but the point is still there. Even though girls just want to have fun, guys just want to be loved. I once read, that a civilized man’s biggest flaw is that he can’t be happy with what he has. He has to keep getting something better, and faster, and shinier. Well, all I’m saying is, maybe this goes for women as well. If guys want to keep

getting upgrades, and can’t resolve on one thing, or person, then maybe it’s the guy’s problem. Maybe girl string us men along just so that we won’t get bored, so that they can maintain our attention. That’s a big maybe though. Either way the fact is that one side will have to buckle down and ride this bucking bronco of attraction, and congrats ladies more than likely it will be the guys. Man I hope Adam writes me back soon.

Animated Outlook

By Josh Wallace

Even without giant barrell flailing monkeys, girls are still tricky.

Hi.Life - September 16, 2006

Man on the Street Are men or women more confusing? Women, I never see them in the men’s room.

-senior Austin Church

Women, They have more thoughts and perspectives on things.

-sophomore Rebecca Ziga

Women, A single action can change their day, in a positive or negative way.

-junior Kevin Mitchell

Women, We gossip, are emotional and are just plain mean.

-freshman Jennifer Schumaker

Opinions 19

Letters to the Editor Dear Editor, The problem is the doors. There are two doors connected an in door and an out door. Everyone seems to think it is just an out door, so the peopletrying to get out, can’t, and the people trying to get in have to push their way out. -senior Caitlin Hatchette Dear Editor, I have been getting a lot of parking tickets lately, and for no reason at all. I have purchased a parking permit but sometimes I drive a different car to school and I don’t transfer the sticker. The sticker loses its stickiness when you move it back and forth, so they should give everyone more stickers in order to keep the stickiness. - senior Brigham Cook Dear Editor, I find that the API system is unneccsary in our school. It doesn’t really help anyone and many consider it to be a nuisance. To fix this problem, API should be discontinued, classes should resume as normal without advisory. -senior Tyler Daugherty Have a problem in the Lee’s Summit community? Want to express that problem with other people through the Hi.Life? Write a “Letter to the Editor” and drop it off in Locker A 423 or Room A227.

If there is anything more frustrating then waking up in the morning for school, it’s trying to think of a new route to there. Yes, we are talking about the horrid roads of Lee’s Summit. Due to the constant construction that takes place in our growing town, we, the inhabitants, must come up with new ways to reach our destination. In the past year, we have done major work on Chipman Road and have just finished construction on the bridge of 291 south Highway. Both roads being worked on created massive traffic and daily headaches. The detours that were taken from both of these construction sites added numerous minutes to the people of Lees Summit’s destination i.e. high school and the work place. Many students have been late to school as a result of the construction and a resolution must be initiated fast. A probable solution might be to actually work on the roads through the night. Working on the roads through the morning puts the workers at risk because of the traffic that’s created. Construction occurring through the night would mean less people on the road and would lead to faster production. Lees Summit roads are no doubt awful, but please let the construction be done while we sleep.

The Hi.Life is an open forum to provide up to date and pertinent information compiled by high school journalists. The magazine exists to credibly explain all facts in a professional, yet entertaining manner. We will be a bold and trusted publication that raises the bar of high school journalism. The Hi.Life newsmagazine is a student led publication. Our obligation to readers is to provide credible information to the student body. None of the opinions in our publication reflect the views of the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District. The Hi.Life is composed of the original ideas and opinions of our staff. The Hi.Life strives to create a professional news magazine that provides accurate insight and entertainment with confidence and excellence, with an obligation of creating an unbiased and reliable publication.

By Clint Sparks

The public pays taxes out of pocket for a multitude of things, everything from better roads to better schools. However, where some of this money goes once it has been taken from the hands of the taxpayer, is a mystery. Often it disappears so suddenly that it seems to be being put through a shredder. Upon entering the school one may notice that there are several poles flanking the parking lot, with the school colors proudly displayed. The poles themselves each cost eight hundred-ninety dollars. The flags cost eighty dollars each, including materials and the installation fee. The question becomes; can students read silver poles? Can they eat them? No. A far better use of this money might have been cheaper school lunches, or food that actually contains enough calories to light a candle. Better yet, underpriveleged students might have gotten books or food. In another, more solid example, students in English classes can purchase their vocabulary and grammar books. Instead of these poles, why not free books? Even more confusing, there is a plan now at the drawing board, that aims to bring plasma screen TVs to each of the hallways for the purpose of announcements. Doubtless that’s

going to be expensive, and fairly ridiculous if not plainly unnecessary. This money could have been given to clubs for better equipment. When greeted with the statement that our school doesn’t need any more money, people have said that it does indeed, for their clubs are ill equipped and struggling. Our school does not need more money, then, just better spending habits. But perhaps not. Certainly the administrators and school financers can supply the inquiring mind with a reason why these flagpoles and TVs are absolutely vital to the learning environment. Perhaps they make up an elaborate calendar system? The impulsive spending never ends, and it only seems to be getting worse. Rather than returning the money to where it came from, the taxpayers, or using it constructively, there are now smart boards, projectors, shiny silver flagpoles, and soon to be plasma screens. This kind of bingeing has no place in public schools. The public has the right for their money to be put to good use, not melted down and raised to bear flags.

Hi.Life - October 19, 2006

School Funding

Staff Editorial



Employee Scores Stars By: Courtney Stoddard

Each gold star is one step closer to the goal


Hi.Life - October 19, 2006

Employee of the Month was surprisingly good. I say that because there were no ‘real actors.’ There was Dane Cook, a comedian, Jessica Simpson, a singer, and Dax Shepard, the guy from Punk’d. The main plot of this movie was the new checker, Simpson, transferred from the old Super Club because of relationship problems. (With a broken candy bar anything could be found out from the women in Human resources.) The slacker at the store, Zach (Cook), attempts to win over the new girl by becoming the Employee of the Month, however, Vince (Punk’d), has won it for the past 17 months. The owner announces that no one has ever won 18 in a row and the first person to achieve that will win a “new-ish 2002 Chevy Malibu,” and the possibility of becoming a manager.

Through the movie you are introduced to many different characters as well as some raunchy humor. In relation to that, Andy Dick makes an appearance as the blind vision department assistant, and is like normally funny in his way. Another memorable character was Vince’s follower, Jorge, played by Efren Ramirez (Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite). He was the comic relief for the serious Vince. He was also in love with the car that Vince just got. It was a 1981 Honda Coup. He over paid for it and said that: “when you find a piece of equipment like this, in this kind of condition, grab it.” I honestly think that the fighting that went on between Vince and Jorge was one of the funniest parts of the movie. The movie takes you through the story of Zach’s attempt at getting

employee of the month and his struggle of winning the girl. His first date with her carried out a dream of mine, to play with everything inside of Super Club. Starting off with dinner and a movie Shining Stars. Employee of the Month stars and moving Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook, and Dax on to a fun Shepard. The unlikely group has put together Photo / AP a fun and entertaining film. game of golf the surprises they find in that store will bulk because it is our God make one wonder if it could given right.” happen at their local bulk seller. Without giving to much away I will just have to say that the turning point in the movie involves a softball game against Maxi Mart, their opposing bulk seller, and the phrase: “We sell in

Each star is earned with hard work by the employees at Supermart. So with the hard work of the staff on this movie done I thought I should supply some stars as well.

Humor: ***/***** Relationship: **/***** Violence:*/***** Expected cliches: *****/*****

By: Sydney Rohan

One of the best musicals

By: Laura Reed

Justin Timberlake’s sound evolves

He has hung up his ears, he has spit ‘Sexyback’, is currently his single out out his gum, and he is here to bring and it has been a hot topic in music sexy back. Justin Timberlake’s new industry recently. He has made quite the change from hit single ‘Sexyback’ is shooting up being a teeny-bopper in the boy band the charts. N’sync, to going His new solo in his album album titled FutureSex/ Justified, to LoveSounds now, FutureSex/ shows how he LoveSounds. has evolved His new album musically and is mostly updeveloped beat songs with an urban a techno/beatbox sound. JT hip-hop style. features other Several of artists in his new his new songs CD, including are about girls and dancing Snoop Dogg. in clubs. Timberlake Specifically on Sexy Back Justin Timberlake has reinvinted his has had many sound and image saveral times. With the release his album, he of FutureSex / LoveSounds, he takes yet another c h a n g e s has a song titled step into a new image and genre. throughout his photo / AP ‘Lovestoned’ career and all in which he is of his different very descriptive in his lyrics; leaving styles have been successful. After such little room for imagination, making it a unique new album, fans can only obvious that he has grown up musically dream of the possibilities the future and lyrically. brings. The second song on his album,

Mewithoutyou By: Erik Dierking

Brothers and sisters, listen up!

For years, Mewithoutyou has such as, “you were a song I couldn’t been known primarily in the world sing” and, “you are the wineglass” and of underground music. This third following it with new lyrics like, “I was album released by once the wine” add the group, Brother, new dimension to the Sister, is fresh new songs. and something Mewithoutyou has unexpected from the the ability to reinvent band. their sound, but Their previous two maintain their appeal. records have had an The pleasantly overall aggressive performed song sound, with loud ‘Orange Spider’, only shrieks and distorted confirms this. The guitars carefully mellow arrangement placed in each song. of horns, acoustic The new album has a guitar and smooth more melodic sound vocals add a new and the lyrics more Fresh Sound The new album, Broth- dimension to the er, Sister, shows a different side to passionate. album. Even though the band, Mewithoutyou. Their apThe delicate proach is unique and fresh. photo / AP the song is short lived layering of sounds (only 1:10 long), it is a and melodies create for a different pleasant transition between the rough experience, yet leaves the listener sounding ‘The Sun and the Moon’ and feeling satisfied with what they just the jazzy ‘C-Minor’. The album closes experienced. An interesting feature of with the boisterously innovative ‘In Brother, Sister is that the song ‘Nice and a Sweater Poorly Knit’. The hodgeBlue (Pt.2)’ is a sequel to a song found podge of instruments and vocals close on their previous album [A-->B] Life. out the album in an unforgettable This is a pleasant surprise to devoted manner, leaving the listener satisfied, fans of the band. The repetition of lyrics but wanting more.

Hi.Life - October 19, 2006

If you are one of the unfortunate souls that was unable to make it out to Starlight Theatre to see Hairspray, you missed out. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, including Broadway shows. Hairspray takes place in Baltimore, MD in 1962. It tells the tale of Tracy, a stout girl who has dreams of being famous. After overcoming her weight and winning a part on a local TV show, Tracy’s new challenge is beating out the producer’s daughter, Amber, for the title of ‘Miss Hairspray’. Tracy sparks a romance with Amber’s boyfriend and star of the show, Link. Tracy soon realizes how unfair the segregation going on in her town is. The ‘Miss Hairspray‘ title takes a backseat in Tracy’s life while protests take front. After riots and jailbreaks, Tracy barely makes it in time to participate in the contest. She breaks onto stage and blows the audience away. Tracy is crowned ‘Miss Hairspray’. Hairspray is a courageous story of a girl whose heart overcomes her dress size. It is both heart-wrenching and comical. The dance numbers are very true to the time period. They are upbeat and lively. I am sorry to say that Hairspray is no longer running at Starlight. If you did miss this opportunity, you could always rent the movie.

Bringing ‘Sexyback’



Entertainment 21

22 Sports

Bringing the Heat

Senior Pitcher leads team to great season

By: Megan Stueve Glaring across the mound, she began to sweat just remembering losing to these Liberty Blue Jays just a few weeks before, and she did not want that to happen again. The ball felt heavy in her hand and she knew what she had to do, just one more strike! She revolved and with one powerful stride she catapulted the ball at the opponent. The umpire shrieked ‘Your out!’ and the game was over as the tigers took the victory. “We had lost to Liberty 3-2 in extra innings the first time we played them, and I definitely wasn’t about to lose to them again,” senior pitcher Mallory Lagud said. The varsity girls softball team is 273 so far, with their loses are to Liberty (twice) and Jefferson City. All of those games were very tough, and went into extra innings. “We know what we had to do to beat Liberty, we came out hard and ended up winning that game. I had 32 strike outs

in 13 innings,” Lagud said. Lagud is a huge key player to the team again this year, she has set her goals high and she expects to meet them. “I have already broken a lot of records so far this year. My record last year for strike-outs was 303 and so far this year I have 321 and still going,” Lagud said. Lagud knew at a young age that she had the potential to be successful. “When I was ten years old I discovered I was just as good as anybody else. I realized that this was a sport I really wanted to put my whole heart into, and that’s exactly what I did,” Lagud said. Lagud’s parents were the ones who got her into the sport. “They started having me hit off of a tee when I was three years old just for fun. Then I started playing recreational ball,” Lagud said. The Lady Tigers are conference champs (10-0) and are now district champs, however the tiger’s season was ended

Rebuilding a Powerhouse Football team having best season in years

HI.LIFE - October 19, 2006

The Tigers have won four games in the last two seasons combined and this season in the first seven games they have exceeded that total. ”This is one of the most impressive football teams Lee’s Summit has ever had”, head football coach Mike Spiegel said. The team is 6-1 with their only loss to Blue Springs. The last time they went undefeated for five games was in 1985. That year the team went 13-1 and lost the state championship to Hazelwood Central. The Tigers have never won a state championship. Their season could have been in jeopardy with the loss of running back Kevinn Mitchell. Mitchell tore his ACL in the second game

against Park Hill. “It wasn’t very painful but I thought it was in a position it wasn’t supposed to be in and it scared me,” Mitchell said James Fithen and Darryl Slaughter will fill Mitchell’s shoes. “I see myself as a big part of this team but Fithen and Slaughter will be able to take over,” Mitchell said. Mitchell will be back next season. Darryl Slaughter and James Fithen have rushed for a combined total 641 yards. Despite going 6-1 there are things this team can improve on. “ We need to improve on not getting penalties,” Spiegel said. “I would give the offense a B.” The defense is doing better they stopped Winnetonka on

with a quarterfinal loss to the Liberty Blue Jays.

Wind Up – Mallory Lagud (7) winds up for the pitch to Raymore – Peculiar on Sept. 25. The Tigers won 6 to 5 “Pitching against Ray-Pec and winning was awesome, and it made my confidence go way up because usually Ray-Pec is a very worthy competitor.” Lugud said. Photo/ Colin Taylor

By: Alex North

their first drive going 3 and out. They also held Truman to a shutout. “I would give them an A. We’re doing a lot better at stopping the run,” Spiegel said. Though we might feel good about the successful start to the season we must prepare for the games that really matter. ”It doesn’t matter where you are in September it matters where you are in November,” Spiegel said Belton and Ray-Pec will be the Tiger’s final two opponents. These two teams will be the toughest teams the Tigers will face all season, according to Spiegel, not only because they are some of the best teams in the state, but Ray-Pec is the two time

defending state champion. “By having a great attitude in practice we can win,” Spiegel said. The Tigers start district competition against Springfield Central tomorrow night and face Belton on Fri., Oct. 27 and Ray-Pec on Thurs., Nov. 2.

Takedown – Matt Speaks (89) tackles a Blue Springs Wildcat on Fri. Oct. 6. The Tigers lost 44-7.“ The plan was not to let them score and win the game,” Speaks said. Photo / Colin Taylor

By: Bobby Hagedorn In case anyone hasn’t noticed the Missouri Tigers are having one of their best season in the history of the program. As usual this great season has gone mostly unnoticed by most of national media, who still seem to be amazed by the teams in the southeast and on the west coast. Even though they lost this past weekend they are still off to a 6-1 start which is their best start in years. So far this they dominated a team from SEC, which is considered by most to be the toughest conference in the country. They have also dominated Texas Tech on the road who is a perennial Big 12 power. This team is led by a young quarterback by the name of Chase Daniel. So far this season Daniel, who was considered to small to play quarterback by most major college programs, is having the one of the best season by any quarterback in the country. This has also gone unnoticed by many people around the country. The only way that these Tigers will get any respect is by sustaining this success throughout the entire season, which has been a problem for Tiger teams in the past. However, this year I feel is different, with Daniel emerging as a star at quarterback and a defense that is one of the best in the country, the Tigers should have a season for the ages. But the real questions is whether anyone will notice.

The Dream Team Tiger soccer team having great season By: Brandon Wolz The crowd roars, the whistle blows and the Tigers walk off the field in celebration. One glance at the scoreboard shows that the team has notched another win. Win’s have been a common occurrence for the boys varsity soccer team. They have compiled a record of 17-1-1 and are 3rd in the state. Even though they have had some bumps along the way, including the recent loss to powerhouse Blue Springs, they are keeping their winning attitude and confidence going. “We are playing better than we thought,” coach David Wiebenga said. On offense, they are lead by mid fielder Ryan Ruble, who has scored 22 goals and Forward Chris Buhr who has 14 goals. Midfielder Ruble also leads with 11 assists, followed by Jacob Chiarelli and Randy Melloy with 5 assists. The defense has held opponents to under a goal per game. “We have a solid defense,” goalie Craig Williams said. Williams has also recorded 7 shutouts. There have been many keys to their success this season. The most important are the players. Coach Wiebenga is proud of the players that have stepped up this season. “Ryan Ruble, Matt McDevitt, Tyler Stewart, and all our seniors,” Wiebenga said. They have the tools

Goal Kick - Ryan Guenther (5) returns a goal kick Oct. 2 against the Park Hill Trojans. The Tigers won 2-1. “The object was to keep are heads in the game and to keep the defense strong and not to let them score,” said Guenther. Photo/ Colin Taylor

for a successful season. They play well as a team, they have many returning starters from last season, and they are used to each other. “Varsity has been playing together for three years,” Williams said. “ We know each other well.” They already have lists of accomplishments this season. They won the Lee’s Summit R-7 Tournament and the Blue Springs South Tournament. They have also knocked off tough teams like Ray Pec, Oak Park, and probably their biggest win so far this season, Rockhurst, where they were able to claim victory in the final moments. They had one troubling game this season, in which they tied 2-2 with Lee’s Summit West, a game in which most players thought they would win. As the regular season winds down the team is aiming for districts. While there will

be several tough teams in their district, coach Wiebenga seems to think there will be some other tough competition. “Ourselves,” Wiebenga said.“ We need to stay consistent and keep taking care of business.” While the team is looking forward to districts, that is not their only focus. “We should not overlook anyone,” Wiebenga said.“ We need to play well every night and take one half at a time.” In the past few weeks the team has been dealt a huge blow, with the suspension of four of their major contributors. However, this has not slowed their season so far. “The team has responded well,” Wiebenga said. They can only get better from here, and even though they are not undefeated, it will still be a season to remember.

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At the Top of His Class

Valedictorian candidate Greg Lohr studies hard to make the grade. 1. 5 IB classes, 1 AP class, robotics (Team Driven ) and trap shooting; it is no wonder senior Greg Lohr is sleeping. With all this work he does everyday it is amazing that he is still holding his 4.53 GPA. 2. 6/7 B days are filled with beakers and Bunsen burners. IB Chemistry has labs to help improve the students’ knowledge. He is working on a lab to find out the melting points for certain variables. IB biology was not in question for Lohr. “I didn’t want to be a frog counter,” Lohr said. 3. Valedictorian candidate Lohr sits and listens closely as his IB Spanish 5 class learns a new topic. 4. Lohr spends second hour being a CA for Jim Nazworthy. It is his relaxation time during the day. “It’s a break in my day,” Lohr said.


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