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November 20, 2012



19 8. News The ping pong tournament is always a big hit amoung students. This tournament took place on Nov. 10 and students paid $10 to enter. This event is sponsored by DECA and raises money for Lee’s Summit Socia services.


19. Center spread For the past month stores have been getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the year. Justify spendings and find out how to make Black Friday as stress free as possible.

23. Entertainment As the fall musical comes to a wrap the cast and crew can fially return to their normal lives. They can stand back and be proud of the wonderful show they put on. For the three senior stars it was definitely a show to remember.

26. Sports Athletes around the country use GNC supplements to improve their athletic abilities. Find details on the most popular supplements and the brands that can be trusted.

33. Features Forty-five teams from across the Midwest converged into one building to battle for the title of Throwdown Champion.



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No Place Like Away From Home

  Often times it is difficult to gain perspective on the bigger picture of the world when you have never been anywhere else. The moment an opportunity arises to take a trip, seize it. Walking outside your door can be one of the most rewarding things that you can do. You never know what may change in your life when you have a sense of adventure.   Travelling opens up your eyes to so many things, like different cultures, different experiences, and different people. Doing something you could never do or meeting someone you could never meet right here in Lee’s Summit is something unforgettable. Places look different, feel different, and even sometimes smell different. You’ll be surprised to find that leaving your hometown can give you a whole new outlook and appreciation to where you live. You might find Lee’s Summit to be peaceful after spending a week in busy Times Square in New York City or might find it to be too loud after a mountainous trip to Colorado. Visiting third-world countries to do volunteer work is certain to leave an impact.   You don’t have to go far to get an enriching travel experience. James A. Reed and Westport are both places to explore. Dive into history with the nation’s only World War I Museum right here in Kansas City. Support a local coffee house at The Roasterie and wander among the KC Plaza Lights this holiday season. Quickly hopping online to visitkc. com will give an abundance of ideas to this weekend that you and your friends have never tried before.   For seniors with college quickly approaching, consider looking into study abroad programs. Most colleges have them, and sometimes will help you explore financial options to help you get to the country that you want to go. Many adults will tell you they wished they had seen other countries when they had the chance in college.   Whether on a large scale or small, it is well worth it to take a trip once or twice. You are missing out on life if you are missing out on the world.

Haley Hope Gillilan MAKING IT HAPPEN

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B onfire



With winter fast approaching, one way to enjoy the cooler evenings is with a bonfire. Here are some ways to stay safe around the fire. CRACKLING WOOD, A SMOKY AROMA, AND WARMTH FROM THE FIRE are all things that come to mind when thinking about sitting around a bonfire on a cold night; spending time lke this with close friends is what this time of the year is all about.   Bonfires are always fun, but there are some safety precautions a lot of us normally wouldn’t think of.   There are many safety precautions you can take to be safe around a bonfire. Some precautions you can take are simple and some are more of a hassle, but they are worth it in order to stay safe.   When building a pit for a bonfire, be sure to make it twelve to eighteen inches deep and two feet wider than the expected fire size. To keep the fire going, it is necessary to add more logs periodically. Be careful when doing this; do not pick a log that is bigger than you can lift, approach the fire slowly until you are about a foot away, and then gently set the log on the bottom of the wood pile. Keep your face turned away from the fire as embers may shoot up out of the flames and could burn you. It is also advised to keep one or two five gallon buckets of water nearby in case they fire gets uncontrollable. Another thing to keep is mind is that when sitting around the fire, be sure to keep your distance; stay at least five feet or so away to be safe.   Many times when individuals are sitting around a fire, they may be eating

Snap, Crackle, Pop. The glowing flames of a bonfire provide an inviting environment on a cold winter night, but these flames can do serious damage if proper safety precautions are not undertaken.

or drinking. When they are finished with their food or drink, oftentimes it is easier to toss the remains into the fire; however, it is important to keep in mind that not everything is flammable or will burn easily. Be weary of this and the fact that some things are harmful to the environment when burned. Along with this, some people may make s’mores or roast hot dogs. Be sure when doing this to stay as far away from the flames as you can, and be weary of glowing embers that will crackle around you.   At the end of night, when the fire grows low, the night grows cold, and friends grow tired, it is time to put out the fire. Never, never, never leave the fire unattended; never leave it burning to go inside as it can grow into a dangerous conflagration if not attended to. In order to put out the fire, first let all

the wood left burn down   Safety might not always be the first thing that comes to mind when hanging out with friends, normally everyone just wants to have fun. Some activities may sound fun but they can be equally dangerous without even knowing it. Fires can cause very serious injuries like minor burns to burns so severe that you they would require medical attention. Often times people think that these types of injuries would not happen to them.     If you do not take proper precautions when around a hazardous bonfire that could easily turn into something unpredictable, you could get severely hurt. You can never be too safe around a fire pit with rowdy friends. Taking the extra step to have the supplies you would need in case the fire were to get out of hand. by Hannah Nickles photo by Allison Litthong  NEWS 07

Advanced vs. Regular Classes

Each year, students must choose a classes for the follwing school year. Many opt for the ‘easy’ way out, but challenging courses may be more beneficial in the long run.

Cadet Teaching >>

A bead of sweat rolls down the young girls face as she stares at the enrollment paper in front of her. Advanced or Non-Advanced? That is the question she is faced with.   A bead of sweat rolls down the young girls face as she stares at the paper in front of her. Advanced or Non-Advanced? That is the question she is faced with.   Almost every student is faced with the choice of taking an advanced or non-advanced class at some point in their life. The main difference, according to many is not the amount of work, but the depth of the learning that goes on in the classroom.   “The learning goes deeper, it’s more analytical, not more work.” principal John Faulkenberry said.   Although it may not be more work, it often feels like it to students taking advanced classes. The students in advanced classes are often more pressured due to the fact that more is expected of them.   “Colleges want students who take the most challenging classes offered, more rigorous classes look better on scholarships and applications.” Faulkenberry said.   Colleges and jobs do look at the courses students take and how difficult they are. Often colleges just want students who are willing to take the harder class and add the extra pressure. Many sources say that they believe that a ‘B’ in an advanced class is better or

equivalent to an ‘A’ in a nonadvanced class. However, many other sources disagreed stating that if you do your best in any class your applications will still look good while applying for finical aid and scholarships.   “Financial aid is for any student, however students need to know that the money from finical aid is not free money, it is a loan.” Faulkenberry said.   To apply for finical aid you must fill out a document known as FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is then review by the government.   “I prefer advanced classes, because they go at a faster pace and doesn’t sit on a subject for a long time.” freshman Haley Wolff said.   Wolff is right when she said that advanced classes go at a faster pace, they often go into more details than non-advanced classes. For example advanced classes often assign more projects that are due in a shorter amount of time. Advanced classes are also weighted, and affect GPA’s slightly more. Of course there is always the option of taking even higher weighted and ranked classes, such as IB and AP courses. In the end the choice is up to the student and what they believe they are capable of. by Maddy Wylie photo by John Wood

A group of couragous students tackle the challenge that would seem daunting to other.   BRANG! BRANG! BRANG! The alarm blares, waking the student. They drag themselves out of bed and start to get ready for school. They grab dockers, dress shoes, and a nice button-up shirt. They check their lesson plan, and grab all the homework they graded. Yes, this is a student in high school, but they also get the opportunity to teach students on a day-to-day basis.   “It’s a lot like student student teaching,” senior Dashawn Young said.   Cadet teaching is a class featured at Summit Tech that allows students the chance to learn the theory of teaching, and even get to teach a bit.   “We meet on Mondays and every other Friday over at Summit Tech,” teacher Kathy Nash said.   Students even get a little incentive for going into this class. If you take the class, it can count towards your college credit in teaching, and get you three college credit hours.   “My favorite part is working with my students, and seeing them grow,” senior Brooke Romi said.   The only caveat to a great class like this is that only seniors in high school can take it, and only they ones that can drive and own a car.   “There isn’t really any difficult parts to the class. It’s not hard at all,” Young said.   This class offers a lot of unique chances for students to go out, and make sure that the teaching career is really what they want to do, and even offers them college hours while they do it.   At the teacher wraps up their lessons, hops in the car, and cruises home, they think of all the great opportunities of today, and look forward to the wonderful day they have in store tomorrow. After they finish their homework. by Sean Stevens



1 1 Battle Royale. Two students battle it out for ping pong glory in a fierce face off in the 3rd round of the DECA ping pong tournament held on Nov. 11.

2 Ferocious Forehand. Senior Dan McElroy streches out to return the ball during the final match of his round.

3 Focused Fun.Returning the dreaded serve is the biggest part of each game during the first-annual DECA ping pong tournament.

>> Ping Pong Tournament 3

Students gathered to participate in DECA’s first annual ping pong tournament, benefitting Lees Summit Social Services.

UNDER NORMAL circumstances, sophomores Devin Mart and Jackson Ham would be friends, but now, they are both sworn enemies as they battle to see who is the greater ping-pong player. In this tournament, there are no “friends”. Only warriors, brawling to win the grand prize that this deadly tournament has to offer.   So, that was a bit exaggerated. Realistically, the DECA first annual ping- pong tournament that took place on Nov. 10 was a friendly gathering of competitors that wanted to play each a few games of pingpong. This tournament attracted many people.

  “40-45 people signed up. For our first time, that’s pretty good.” marketing teacher Kayla Leatherman said.   The ping-pong tournament was originally meant to serve as a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, with the entrance fee being $10, but that was later changed.   “We changed the tournament to a fundraiser for Lee’s Summit Social Services. The entrance fee was free, but participants had to bring at least one canned good to donate,” Leatherman said.   LS Social Services will use the donations to feed hungry families who have trouble affording food.  

  While Leatherman is the DECA sponsor, the person mainly responsible for putting together the pingpong tournament was junior Madison Upton.   “The ping-pong tournament was an idea that was tossed around last year but was never official. I was appointed as vice-president of fundraising, so I made it my DECA project and a community service event.” Upton said.   Like she said, this tournament served two purposes: providing donations to LS Social Services and a DECA competition that Upton will be participating in.   The tournament was divided into three shifts, each

with its fair share of competitors. The overall organization of the tournament was extremely complex.   “People signed up for the most convenient time for them and were randomly selected to face off,” Upton said.     The winner of each shift would receive a prize and then come back to play against the other two champions in order to win the grand prize: a gift card good for five Chipotle burritos. All of the players fought valiantly, but eventually there were just three players left standing, the winners of their brackets: Daniel McElroy, Bailey Reed, and Austin Buhr. All three of them played each other

until Bailey Reed came out on top as the first annual DECA ping-pong tournament grand champion.   For its first year, the ping-pong tournament did very well and will be even better next year, hopefully attracting more players.   “I think that next year the tournament will get more advertisement. It will continue to be a fundraiser for LS Social Services because this is a good time of year for this,” Leatherman said.

by Ian Nickens photos by Cole Raymond

Mr. Russell:Librarian  NEWS 09

by Anna Myers photo by Morgan Bruce and provided by Michael Russell

  It is a mountain climber, it is a photographer, no he is librarian Michael Russell. This man may seem like a simple librarian but there is much more to him than just that.   Q: What made you decide to be a mountain climber?   A: I wanted to get away, and I wanted to go somewhere where there weren’t a whole lot of people. a great perspective check on a lot of And I have a fear of heights, so I thought that will be challenging and things.   A: What is it like being on a I will either over come my fear of heights or I won’t but I will be able to mountain?   Q: Well in perfect conditions it is get away and it will be lovely. one of the most exhilarating, inspiring   Q: Is there any reason you are places to be. That you can literally scared of heights? see hundreds of miles and you are in   A: Gravity… you know you are up high, you fall, you die. The funny an environment where there is twenty percent less oxygen than where you thing is I went to Worlds of Fun, for the first time in twenty years, a few start so you know you are a little light weeks ago, I took my kids, and they headed just because one there is less were freaking out we were so high oxygen and two you probably hiked twelve miles and climbed 5-6 thousand up on the roller coaster and I was like ‘This is nothing, this is absolutely feet. It is one of the most rewarding nothing compared to what I do on things. There are a lot of the mountains.’ It has been kind of times when I am climbing that it is

hard and exhausting and almost every mountain I climb I think ‘Why am I doing this? What is the point?’ All I am going to do is go to the top and climb back down, but it is just phenomenal, breathtaking. Sometimes on the easier ones, no fourteen is easy but on the comparatively easy ones, there is a crowd of people up there and you can hang out and talk with a couple dozen people. Generally you are the only one, or one of two or three people, and you have it all to your self it is just unbelievable. To read the rest of the interview, check out


Time for an Attitude Adjustment by Jared Shepard

  Every class has a few people who are loud and disruptive and make jokes and poke fun at the teacher, attempting to get on their last nerve. Many would argue that this is just light-hearted fun, but this disrespectful behavior is getting in the way of other students’ learning.   Lately it seems that more and more teachers have to stop class to deal with a student who is being loud and disruptive and rude, usually more than once. Often times, these students go unpunished. This seems to enable them to disrupt class even more. As these disruptions continue, many students find themselves having trouble paying attention. With these students getting off free, students are wondering if the administration is doing anything to combat this problem. At this point that remains to be seen.   It is pretty obvious that teachers are getting fed up with disruptive students. But how do these students affect the classroom, and how do other students feel about these disruptions? Disruptive and disrespectful students make it more difficult for teachers to stick to their lessons. This causes other students to have more trouble concentrating in class. This can lead to these students getting lower grades. While some students may think of class as goof-off time and don’t care about whether or not their grades go

down, most would probably say that disruptive students are an annoyance and should be dealt with accordingly.   Most students have a general respect for their teachers. There are some students, however, that for whatever for reason, whether it is to be funny or rebellious or just apathetic, still do not follow the teacher’s directions. All the while, this problem continues to grow.   Administrators and advisors hammer respect for others into the minds of students, but usually, they only touch on respect for other students, not for the teachers pouring out their souls into their profession. Is it that the administration feels that students would have enough common sense to show respect to authority figures like our teachers? Do

students not have the good sense to just show a little respect to those who are above them?   Perhaps it would make sense for the administration to include a segment on teachers in their lectures to students about respect for those around them. It is possible, that by doing this, students may gain a little more respect for their teachers and cause fewer outbursts in class.   Another possible solution to this problem is disciplinary action. The threat of a detention might deter a disrespectful student. If, in this case however, the problem of disrespect were to persist, an influx of students might begin to flood detention rooms.   Students really need to change their attitudes toward their teachers.


Live on the

~Edge~ Combine girly and rocker styles and the result will be an edgy look. Studs, black and leather are the three main elements to complete this style.


Short leather boots help to express the sassy side and they’re perfect with skinny jeans. $69.95, BKE sole

1 3

A leather jacket is the greatest finishing touch to any edgy outfit, and they’re warm. $79.95, BKE outerwear

A black and gold sequined top can be very edgy with the right apparel. Black jeans, boots and a leather jacket would set this shirt off. $29.95, BKE

5 4

This studded satchel is a fabulous accessory for an edgy look. $39.93, BKE  FASHION 13

These studded bracelets would look gorgeous with a girly, rocker outfit. More than one bracelet is an edgy trend. $14.97, Charming Charlies


Tall leather boots are the best part of a “bad girl” look. They can be dressed up or dressed down to keep warm. Leather boots go great wtih leggings or jeans. $79.95, BKE sole


A blue and silver sequined shirt would go awesome with jeans and leather boots. $30, Charming Charlies

by Tori Carlile photos by Victoria Gardner


Winter Fashion Checklist

by Jordan Julian photos by John Wood and Jordan Julian

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Look fashionable this season with a winter fashion checklist.



big boxy sweater Aside from just keeping you warm during the harsh winter weather, a big baggy sweater paired with leggings, a scarf, and boots is a must-have.


Tall slouchy boots: Pair with skinny jeans or leggings for a classic winter look. Avoid wearing bootcut jeans tucked into them. Fringe boots: Pair with leggings, skinny jeans, a dress or skirt with tights for a casual look. Boots with a heel or wedge: Pair with a dress or skirt and a blazer to make a fashionable statement for a night out.


jewels & rhinestones

If you want to dress up but it is too cold out to wear a dress or skirt, jeans with some kind of embellishment on the pocket can really dress up an outfit. Jewels, rhinestones, and thick metallic stitching adds some style to an everyday outfit.




Scarves add color while still keeping you from freezing outside. Whether it is a solid color, a print, fringed or ruffled, the right scarf can turn boring clothing into a stylish winter outfit.

leather jacket Instead of messing with a big bulky coat this winter, get decked out in a leather jacket. Leather jackets are a must-have staple for the winter season. Aside from being more lightweight than the average heavy coat, leather jackets are stylish while protecting against the cold. It can add an edge to an otherwise average outfit and can really tie it together. Invest in a quality leather jacket to insure it lasts a long time and will prevail against the cold.



No outfit is complete without accessories, no matter what you are wearing. Berets and knitted earwarmers are a fashionable way to stay warm. Big jewelry makes a statement, and gold tones are the way to go this season.  ENTERTAINMENT 21

Bria Jones as Margaret

Hayley Munoz as Kathy

Evan Dir as the Doctor

Mallory Murphy as Employee

Eight Hours- Junior Sheldon Ledbetter dancing in the opening scene of 9 to 5 the Musical; as part of the chorus, he participates in the dance numbers.

Ben Velasco as Dick

Chris Sloan as Ensemble

Curled to Perfection- Preparing for her entrance, freshman Caitlin Forgione curls her hair in the dressing room.

Heart to Hart- Madly in love with Mr. Hart, senior Haley Gillilan, as Roz, rubs the toilet paper Mr. Hart just touched to her face.

All Tied Up- Since he is playing a lying, egotistical, hypocritical bigot, junior Daniel Verschleden, as Mr. Hart, finds himself tied up and gagged on a couch.

Pitch Perfect- Directing and managing the sound, sophomore Rachel Walker is the sound crew head.

Papers Fly- Senior Sierra Walker, as Doralee, and Verschleden, as Mr. Hart share a scene in Mr. Hart’s office as Doralee picks up papers


c i t Sta

by Andy Jarnevic photots by Zac Harris

audience. The group tries to meet every Thursday.   “Practicing consists of learning the games. That way we can go in knowing the games, but not hat will happen,” Burns said.   Joining the group allows its members to show off their humor in front of a crowd, containing many of their classmates and others that the performers know.   “My goal is to get everybody to laugh,” sophomore Corey DeMarco said.   Being a member of the team provides a fun and entertaining environment to improve your acting skills.   “You get to have fun, and goof off,” Austin said.   The next famous comedian could be a current member of the AM Static team. It’s not a show to miss.


It is impossible to know where the next great comedian will come from. He or she could graduate from LSHS this year. If this is the case, the place to look would be AM Static.   “It’s challenging and extremely fun to come up with entertainment things on the spot,” senior Kayla Burns said.   AM Static is the group at LSHS that puts on an improv. comedy show once a month. Improvisation is acting without a script.   “My goals for AM Static are to better myself as an improv. actor and help the team become better as a whole,” Burns said.   Working on the team is a fun way for the students to spend their times, and being in the group provides them with other opportunities.   “It’s a great way to express yourself,” sophomore Cameron Austin said.   On top of being fun, the group can be a good way to improve abilities useful outside of work with the group.   “AM Static helps develop the skills to think on your feet,” senior Jordan Dale said.   Performing with the team comes with many difficulties.  “Making it sound natural is a challenge,” Dale said.   The shows AM Static puts on consist of games the actors play designed to entertain the audience. These games include a game where the actors are required to talk like Shakespeare for the duration of the performance and a game where the performers are challenged to create a rap based on a one syllable name provided by the


Coming soon to a Lecture Hall near you.


by Matt Rellihan photos Courtesy of Ap Images  SPORTS 25

GNC Supplements


The inside scoop on sports nutrition.

Easy as Gnc- GNC sells a wide varitey of products from Muscle Milk to whey powder protein shakes. They are the ultimate stop for everyone’s nutrional needs!


n the offseason, most athletes look forward to working out and bulking up. Some people take supplements to build muscle quickly and get the nutrition they need. While taking these can have some benefits, but there are some bad side effects to be aware of.   Are supplements a friend or an enemy?

  The new trend is to start taking supplements because it is heard that they really work, but do they really? The most common supplements are multivitamins, fish oil, and protein powders. Multivitamins help your vitamin levels stay at a healthy rate. Fish oil is a great supplement because it helps you build muscle and also keeps your cholesterol at a healthy level. It also is good for joint support and anti-inflammatory. Protein powder helps you recover after a hard day at the gym and make you feel good.   What are the Side Effects?   Now people are probably wondering what some of the

side effects are when they take these. First one needs to make sure that they are not overdosing on these because that could cause some minor problems that could soon turn to even bigger ones. If someone chooses to take more than recommended for a multivitamin then this would cause them to become nauseous. Consuming to much fish oil can make blood pressure drop to very low levels. With protein powder people need to be the most careful with because one should get more of their protein from animals because the powder is more for recovering after a game or day at the gym. Taking too much of this can severely corrupt one’s liver. Something else that people might ask themselves is will this affect them later in life and how? By taking a multivitamin once a day this would reduce one’s chances of getting cancer. If this lowered chances of getting cancer then some would live longer because more and more people are getting cancer than a few years ago. Fish oil prevents people from catching diabetes because the nutrients help keep their insulin level at a healthy rate. Protein powder can ruin one’s liver if they take too much, but if they do the right amount at the right time then this will help replace everything lost from their workout. Once someone wakes up in the morning, they will want to take their multivitamin and fish oil. Then if they are serious about bulking up they might want to use a pre workout powder like C4, but one should only use this product if they are doing more than one workout a day because it will increase their energy levels. Finally, once one finishes their workout, it would be a good time to drink their protein shake because they want to replace everything that got burned off in their workout. Also with protein one needs one gram of protein for each pound they weigh because this will help them build muscle the easiest and fastest.


by Payton Seymour photo by Logan Phillips

3 Most Popular Supplements

1) Fish Oil: Top 5 brands are Finest Natural, Iceland Health, Natrol, Windmill, and Schiff. 2) Mulitvitamins: Top 5 brands are 21st Century, 4Life, Absolute Nutrition, Action Labs, Advanced Physician’s Products 3) Protein Powders: Top 5 brands are Optimum, Cellucor, MusclePharm, BSN, and ProMera


>> Ultimate Frisbee  SPORTS 27

A way to be active, socialize, and have fun—Ultimate Frisbee is more than throwing around a disk.


hisk. Thump. Toss. Catch. These are a few of the many sounds heard while playing a simple game that will last through all seasons.

pull.   “A benefit of ultimate is getting great excercise,” freshman Zack Walker said.   Other great pieces of ultimate include teamwork, entertainment, and spending time with friends. The toss of the disc, anticipation of a catch, and the feeling of a victory bring the excitement and energy to this fast-paced sport.

3 Most Common Throws Used

by Annelise Hanshaw photo by Aaron Hagan


  “I played ultimate frisbee for the first time a few weeks ago,” senior Mary Kate Brooks said. “It was a lot of fun! It was pretty easy to pick up on and a great way to exercise. I can’t wait to play again.”   Playing ultimate can warm up the approaching winter days and entertain players. If that sounds good, all that’s needed is a frisbee, players, and knowledge on how to play.   In The Beginning: The game begins when one team tosses the frisbee to the other team; some groups find it fun to yell ‘ULTIMATE!’ while throwing that toss, called a pull. The Response: The second team responds by picking up or catching the disc and passing it along, hoping to avoid the other team claiming possession of the frisbee. This can happen if they intercept a pass, the frisbee is dropped, or if it goes out of bounds.

Moving The Game Along: The frisbee moves along by one player passing it along to a teammate. No one is allowed to run while holding the frisbee. If someone happens to, they will have to return to where they started. Get Defensive: While on defense, players should ‘keep their hands to themselves,’ because ultimate is a non-contact sport. The team on defense can only touch the frisbee once it has left their opponent’s hands. Fouled Up: A foul occurs when a player makes contact with another player. The play continues as if possession was maintained. Score Big: When a pass is completed by the offensive team in the defense’s end zone, they receive a point. Then the defense takes their walk of shame to the other side of the field, and the team that just scored a point starts again with a

1) Backhand: This is the most popular throw in Ultimate Frisbee. It is when players curl their arm around the disc and tuck it into their body. Then when straightening their arm, they let go of the disc in the right direction with a final flick of the wrist. Whoever is throwing may find it beneficial to step into their throw. 2) Forehand: The player holds the disc to the side with their index and middle finger on the Frisbee’s inside. They then swing their arm forward and whisk their wrist like they are dealing cards. The wrist carries the momentum for the forehand throw. 3) High Release: A high release throw is similar to the backhand but used when needed to get around a defender. The disk is released above the thrower’s shoulders to ensure that the pass is not interrupted by a defender.


Art show in that provides fun Friday nights for all ages. With the culture, entertainment, and food, it is much more than just art.

First Fridays

by Grace Tibbits photos by Brooke Mclanahan

The streets of Kansas City come alive the first Friday of every month. The sounds of people talking and laughing fill the air. Best of all, art from all over can be seen in the galleries and on the streets. The First Friday art show in Kansas City is a lasting tradition that doesn’t disappoint.   As people walk through the busy streets of the crossroads district, many galleries are open for anyone to go in and look around. Places such as iconstudio, Breidenthal Art,

Blue Gallery, Todd Weiner Gallery, and many others display art of all kinds. From paintings and drawings to sculptures and jewelry, every artist has a different style. People come from as far as Texas or as close as the heart of Kansas City to share their work.   Michael Williams, an artist from Olathe, Kansas, has his own unique style; metal and nail art. Williams was found talking to interested spectators in an empty lot where his art was displayed.   “I usually have a studio that someone rents to me, but it was closed tonight, so I decided to take to the streets. I figured, why not?” Michael Williams said.   From guitars to palm trees, Williams creates it all using just nails, wood, and metal. However, Williams doesn’t go to First Fridays just to promote his art.   “I love the culture here. The art and people are so interesting and I love to people watch.” Williams said.   The people and the art aren’t the only interesting things at First Fridays, though. Entertainment is also a big deal. Though in the colder months there is not as much entertainment, a

Micheal Williams, an artist from Olathe, Kansas shows his artwork using: metals, nails, and wood.

few bands and lone performers take to the streets to entertain. The First Friday Art Show has singers, musicians, comedians, magicians, and even poetry readers that crowd the corners of every street. Not only individuals, but also groups come to perform. Bands as well as acrobatics groups and even fire breathers come to amuse the crowds.   Finally, the last thing First Fridays have to offer is the food. Places like Town-Topic Hamburgers and Three Woman and an Oven, Boutique Bakery, are open to enjoy the delicious tastes of Kansas City.   Every month First Fridays continue to not only wow with their art, entertainment, and food but also provide fun and free Friday nights for people of all ages. Join the fun or learn more by going to www.

Blue Gallery contains contemporary art along with other artwork.


Skate On

by Ashley Hagan photos by Ashley Hagan

Ice skater Emily Sparks works hard everyday to accomplish her dreams.

“By the time I am done with skating I would like to have completed the Freestyle 6, which is the highest level besides private lessons.

12 9

3 6

Wake up and get ready for school 6am

Do homework, eat dinner and get ready for skating. 3-6pm

12 9


12 9


Head out to school 7am

Leave to go to lesson 6pm

12 9



Start school 7:30am


Start ice skating lesson 6:30pm



3 6

3 6

12 9

3 6

12 9


Get out of school and go home 2:30pm

  It has been a long road for Emily Sparks. At age fourteen, her future seems to have no boundaries.   “I started skating when I was 13, but I joined the synchronized team in June,” Freshman Emily Sparks said.   Sparks is part of a synchronized ice skating team, called Amore, which practices at Independence Events Center every Saturday morning. She has only competed for a short amount of time, but she has been skating for a while longer.   “I practice twice a week for about three hours each,” Sparks said.   Saturday morning is when the whole team practices, and Tuesday evening is when Sparks has an


Go home and rest 7:30pm

individual lesson. All of the practicing that she does prepares her to go to competitions. She attends a competition once or twice per month, depending on the season.   “When I first started this, flexibility set me back,” Sparks said.   Overcoming struggles is a part of everything. Some things come easily to her, but some take longer to master. It all depends on the person teaching, and how advanced the skill is. Few things have set this competitor back, and she hopes to keep it that way.   Emily Sparks still has a long way to go before being a skating superstar, but she expects to continue her plan


3 6

for the remainder of high school, and would like to complete free style 6, which is the highest level.

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November 2012  

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