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HI.LIFE - November 3, 2006

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I once read an editorial in a golf magazine about a man who had his clubs stolen. He wrote about how his 5 iron was always short and how his 3 wood loved to go right. Well, in response to the theft of my pink iPod Mini last year, I have decided to write this letter to let you know about it. For the first 10 months of owning it I kept the belt clip on it, so it, my iPod, has a slight tan line. I am probably the only human being in Lee’s Summit High School that has a song by Die Toten Hosen [The Dead Pants] on my playlists. I have three theme songs and proudly admit them to be: Care Bears, Fraggle Rock, and Popples. My Keller Williams collection of songs was almost complete and is now on my iTunes at home. I have been really frugal on money lately, so when my headphones broke I went cheap and bought some offbrand earbuds. Although it may be just another stolen thing to the one who took it, it was my iPod, the one that took hours of begging to get. No, I did not pay for it but the day I got it was during quality grandparent time, which I still remember more than a year later. I know that there are new MP3 players coming out each day pretty much but I believe that it is the thought rather than the product that matters most to me. If you feel the urge to return it I’ll be waiting. If not, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Sincerely,

Courtney Stoddard



3 Things I Learned From This Issue

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There are more things to do in Lee’s Summit for a cheap price than I thought so now that I know what there is to do under $10, but I need $10. Page 20.

My college application is due Dec 1 and I am scared to fill it out but at least I am not alone with my fear and excitement of the college craze. Page 5.

Too bad I can barely keep beat to ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It,’ I would so be in Steppers. Page 4.

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HI.LIFE - November 3, 2006

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Step It Out

Steppers prepare for the winter season By: Sarah Pyle

BY: KELSEY LEFTWICH NEWS EDITOR Got a quarter of a million dollars? Yeah, me neither. Luckily, I’m female. Unfortunately for those of you who happen to be male and 18 years old, you probably ought to get that quarter of a million dollars. Either that or sign your body over to the good ole USA. Ladies and (more importantly)

Hi.Life - November 3rd, 2006

gentlemen, the Draft. It is possible to apply to be a Conscientious Objector, one who is opposed to serving in the armed forces and/or bearing arms. It is not an easy process. One must have a written statement, face a local board, and have witnesses who can attest to his lifestyle. Even after all this, the local board can grant or deny him a CO classification after deliberation. When the Draft is active, men are chosen at random by their birthdates to serve. Reasons for not wanting to participate cannot be based on politics, expediency or selfinterest. Obviously, not wanting to be sent into foreign lands to fight wars you had nothing to do with are not accepted. Those who refuse to sign up for the draft can be fined $250,000 and face up to 5 years in prison, all for refusing to sign up for a sexist, unfair, program called Selective Service, aka the Draft. $24,750,000 dollars were spent during last year. I could think of a few better uses for the money than chasing down 18 year olds. The Draft is not active now, but as we get deeper into the Iraqi war, the closer we come to the Draft being used. Are you ready for your number to be called?


t’s half time and the players leave the court. Steppers take the floor and now it is their time to shine. “To be a stepper you need the desire and the will to work,” junior Afton Anderson said. Anderson is the president for this years step team along with vice president junior Ramaad Morris and junior Ashley Momon, secretary junior Shaniah Giles and choreographer junior Taylar Sanders. “They are all role models they help us with our problems we’re having and help us become our best,” freshman Donielle Stuckey said. All officers meet Monday mornings to discuss the plans for the practices for the rest of the week. Wednesday and Fridays are when the rest of the members meet to prepare for upcoming performances and the Courtwarming assembly in February. “In a normal practice we usually warm up with the founder step, review steps from past practices over and over again then break up into small groups for more individual help. When we get closer to performances we do battles between groups. They are a lot of fun,” Morris said. Just like any other sport or organization, attending practices and performances is important and requires a lot of time. “It is a lot of work. You

can’t miss a day, because you will end up behind because you learn about two new steps e v e r y meeting,” sophomore Kendra Stuart said. P e o p l e New Steps. Junior Ramaad Morris teaches new steps to the members of the steppers. “It’s more think that the of a challenge because the age group is a big Steppers are difference.” Morris said. Photo/Olivia McGhee not a diverse organization, only perform during the but that is a false Homecoming parade in the statement. fall, that means they bring “It’s not an all black it all out in the winter, thing. We were the ones “It’s exciting to perform. that started it, but now They desire to see we are very diverse and everybody’s reaction. It’s that is what we wanted. like a burning sensation We have a lot of different and you just do it and nationalities,” Morris said. everyone has attitude,” A rule for any sport, Anderson said. activity, or organization All three high schools is that the requirement of have a step team, but they a sponsor, but guidance all differ if many ways. counselor Rita Duvall is “The style we have makes more than just a sponsor. us different. We incorporate “People normally think dance and West they are that she is just there so more dance and singing. we won’t get in trouble, North sometimes uses old but she actually learns material from somewhere the steps in her head and else, but we make ours helps. She doesn’t do up and it gives us an them, but she can tell if advantage because it is all they are stepping with the new material,” Morris said. wrong foot,” Morris said. Stepper season is Every year is a new coming soon. Students beginning and a fresh start can attend games to see for new experiences. half time shows put on by “Our school is more the Steppers. involved this year unlike “We’re just like football last year when we didn’t and basketball, you need get a lot of chances to to have the heart,” Stuart perform,” Morris said. said. Since the steppers

News 5

College Craze

Life after High School By: Nicole Schmidt

Winter is on its way and while school passes fast, seniors are excited to explore life on their own. “I’m excited to be getting out of high school and moving,” senior Pete Petrovic said. Petrovic is going to be attending Longview Community College, and will be getting an apartment with two friends. Petrovic would like to play poker for a living, he plays online poker as well as with friends regularly. However, it will not just be all fun and games. “I guess I’m just scared of getting bad grades and having to drop out, but if poker fails, I would like to be a sports agent, I think it would be really cool,” Petrovic said. As Petrovic may be living his life wild and crazy, others may have a great load of work awaiting them, in hope to go far. “I got offered a lot of scholarships

for softball, I don’t know which one I’ll take though,” senior Mallory Lagud said. Lagud is looking into some colleges, College Life- College is right around the corner for some one in particular being students. Longview Community College is a local college with Texas A&M. She will various opportunities for students. For some, they are ready for the college life while others are more nervous. Photo / Kali Herbert be majoring in Marine Biology. Lagud will be staying in a dorm the first two years of KU,” senior Chris Clark said. Clark worked long and hard to college since it is required by all of the be able to get this opportunity. softball coaches for softball players. He’s very excited about everything, Lagud is excited to be able to play for especially the whole atmosphere the best and getting out of the house. of the campus. Clark will be “I really am too excited to have majoring in architecture and he is any fears about college, besides the excited to be getting out of high Freshman 15,” Lagud said. school and moving on. As some seniors are being offered “KU is a big campus. It’ll be scholarships, some are receiving them, hard to get around everywhere,” automatically. Clark said. “I got automatic scholarships for grades, and I’ll probably be attending

Liberating Literature

By: Greg Kinman

There is a place where rogue individuals and isolated groups could decide the rules for everyone else. It’s not 1930’s Germany. It’s the library. Around the world, libraries and schools ban books. Fortunately this usually isn’t a problem at the LSHS library. “In a democracy it’s so important to read. We would never let someone else determine what to think or choose for us,” librarian Sandy Stuart-Bayer said. The week of September 24th the library media center hosted Banned Book Week, covering the ‘offending’ material in plain brown sacks and scattering them through the library. “We have about 500 banned or challenged books on display. If we removed all them, we would have almost no classics in the library,” Stuart-Bayer said. “In a southern library, Anne Frank’s diary was challenged because they said, ‘it was a real downer’,” Stuart-Bayer said. The school library is very much for the celebration of all literature, even that which some people might find inappro-

priate. However, there are some powers greater than librarians in this school district. “It was a pretty frightening experience,” English teacher Susan Hitman said. In 1995, while teaching an English 110 college credit class, Hitman experienced first-hand what happens when a book is banned. “The book was One Day of Life by Manlio Argueta,” Hitman said. “The student chose it himself.” The boy’s mother had objected to the content of the book after reading two or three paragraphs. The book does contain graphic content, it’s about a woman and her family under an oppressive government; their family becomes the target of horrific punishment. “The mother claimed her reasons for objecting to the book were that she felt it was against her religion, when the whole point of the book is that the character’s faith in the church helps her family survive,” Hitman said. The mother went to central office and

the Board of Education with her objection. The board came into the school and removed the book from classrooms and the library, and disposed of them. Even today there are no copies of One Day of Life in our library. “Parents should have faith in teachers and their children’s education,” Hitman said. Though the library still must uphold the ban by the district, they strive to encourage reading of many kinds of literature, controversial or not. LSHS can be proud to have a library that understands the importance of all human experience, and the maturity of it’s student.

Risky Reading - Books including How to Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, and even The Diary of Anne Frank have had to dodge or submit to censorship. Photo Illustration/ Cameron Wiley

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

The LMC celebrates Banned Book Week

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Lifestyle of LSHS finest

By: Nicole Schmidt and Mallory Brown

Hi.Life - November 3. 2006

Almost everyone has seen MTV’s version of Cribs. Huge houses on the California coast line, or the cozy cabins up in the mountains. The celebrities with fancy cars that are too expensive to be driving and closets full of clothes that most of us only dream about. This is a new version of Cribs, looking into the houses of the students you see in LSHS very own hallways. Sophomore Trey Cox’s house is tan with a red tiled roof. Cox house has eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a four-car garage. Cox has a game room, a weight room, a partial movie theater and a room with antiques’ that barely anyone goes in. He has a dirt bike, a four-wheeler, a go-cart, an outdoor pool and a rumbler couch. A rumbler couch is a couch that shakes when something loud happens on T.V. Cox likes having a big house because it’s easier to be alone without anyone else in the house bothering him. “I like being in my basement alone on my rumbler couch and not having anyone else around,” Cox said. In addition to Cox’s house in Lee’s Summit, he also has a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s a lake front house with eight bedrooms and a game room. Cox has an outdoor pool, a water trampoline, 7 jet-skis, a speedboat, and a cruiser. “I like my lake house because it’s really cozy,” Cox said. Freshman Jeremy Brasel’s house is brown with 33-foot ceilings, four

bedrooms, and three bathrooms, with a urinal in it. Brasel has an unfinished basement that has been turned into a skate park. He has an indoor pool next to his living room. He also has a go-cart, 6 horses, and 10 acres. “I like to go to his house because we can skate in his basement and it’s really fun to hang out with everyone there,” freshman Michael Woska said. Brasel likes having a big house because when it is cold, rainy, or snowy he is still able to skateboard or swim inside. Brasel is able to have a lot of people over without bothering his parents. “It’s nice having a lot of land so I can ride my go-kart and for my sister to be able to ride horses in the backyard,” Brasel said. MTV cribs hotshot, sports players, and big time movie stars could someday be LSHS students

Living Large. Although Freshman Jeremy Brasel likes his house, he has one favorite spot. “My basement, I skateboard and there is ramps down there,” Brasel said. Brasel has lived in his house for three years. Photo/Olivia McGhee

Features 7

IB, The Smartest By: Melanie Mabry

It’s six thirty in the morning as most Despite the five to six hours Lohr Lohr thinks that everyone students begin to roll out of bed, spends on his homework nightly he should have the opportunity to be dreading the day ahead of them. For still finds time to enjoy extracurricular a so called ‘over achiever.’ some, thinking of having to endure seven actives and hobbies. “I think a lot of people are hours of school five days of the week “I enjoy trap shooting for the team smart, and I view grades as an is heart breaking, but for Senior Greg here, I spend time shooting just for fun. opportunity to show effort,” Lohr Lohr seven hours does not seem to be I’m also in the math and robotics club, said. enough time to fit in all the opportunities and outside of school I enjoy mountain je has. biking and running” Lohr said. “I take IB Theory of knowledge as a zero hour every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning at 6:40,” Lohr said. “I’ve been taking IB classes since junior high.” To students certain subjects may come off as a bit tougher than others, but with a little hard work and effort anything is possible. “To me English is the hardest subject, but I haven’t given up at it and this year I am taking IB English. My favorite subject is math, It was suggested that I go to college for math by Mr. Biggerstaff, but that would be three hours after school and it would be to time consuming,” Lohr said. Lohr does not only find school as one big place for an opportunity, but a place to open doorways into his future. “I study hard, and take challenging classes in hopes of getting a scholarship into MU. And from there I am planning on majoring in chemistry, and then hopefully getting into a dental school so I can pursue a career in dentistry.” Lohr said. To some students the thought of going home and studying with their friends isn’t even an option, but Lohr and his friends think differently. “My parents and I hold study groups at my house after school when my friends and I need to do a big project or study for a test. My Senior Greg Lohr prepares himself academically to achieve mom will make us something to eat, Getting motivated. goals for the future. “I want to go to MU, I would like scholarships there and and we hang out while studying,” Lohr his I would like to go to UMKC for dentistry.” Lohr said. Photo/Olivia McGhee said.

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

Lohr prepares for his future

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Freshman Hazing

By: Brittney West

Hazing limits should be allowed

Freshmen hazing is a fear that freshmen have while entering High School. Being stuffed into a locker, having food dumped all over his or her cloths, or ducked taped to a flagpole for everyone to see. Hazing can be different things; it can be good or bad. Hazing should have its limits but some student’s feel like hazing shouldn’t be banned “I think hazing should be allowed, but to a certain extent,” Senior Amber Hardwick Said. Hazing can also be something that students force upon the freshmen class. “Any level of hazing is inappropriate. It is making one group of students doing something that other groups of students are making them do,” Administrator Dr. James Argotsinger said Some freshmen may tell you they want it, but deep down they don’t. “Some freshmen do it out of intimidation because they are to scared to say no,” Argotsinger said. Dressing up freshmen in colorful clothes for spirit week should be allowed, not everything banned from high school fun. “It was fun getting all dressed up by

your senior. It helped bound with the seniors and get to know them better,” sophomore Lauren Davis said. Hazing is a part of high school tradition you don’t want to miss out on. It helps you get to know your seniors and have fun at the same time. “Its very difficult to say you can only do certain things. One thing will lead to another and then they will think its ok to break all the school rules,” Argotstinger said. Students still think that hazing is ok and would take away from school tradition. “If you don’t get hazed your missing out on a high school experience,” Davis said. “When the freshmen become seniors they are going to want to haze the freshmen also,” Notestein said. Students feel like hazing should have its limits, and needs to become a part of high school spirit again. “Hazing shouldn’t make the freshmen feel like they are not being made fun of. Hazing should be fun and something to look forward to, but you shouldn’t be able to force them into doing it,” Davis said.

Haze-Phase. Freshman Emmalee Fiser gets ready to head off to school wearing this grandma’s dress with a huge “F” on it, along with some crazy pig tails. She was hazed that morning by brother David Fiser, and friend Brian Duncan. “It was pretty embarrassing walking through the halls, but it was all in good fun, and they probably could have done a lot worse,” Fiser said. Photo By/ Taylor Rice

Hi.Life-November 3, 2006

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Features 9

Big Spender

By: Sarah McCurren

It is a crisp, cool Saturday morning and the dew can still be seen over the grass. The sun is beginning to peek over the trees. Junior Tyler McIlroy arrives at work, ready for a new day. “I work at the Hill Crest Country Club,” McIlroy said. “I basically assist with the golf aspect of it all.”

McIlroy drives about twenty minutes into Kansas City to work at the country club. “I have to leave pretty early to get there on time but it is worth it, It is not too hard really and driving around the golf carts is pretty fun,” McIlroy said. Along with driving around

the golf carts, McIlroy cleans golf clubs and picks up the driving range. “I make six dollars an hour but I also get to keep any of the tips that anyone gives me. I usually get pretty good tips from everyone,” McIlroy said. Getting paid every two weeks, McIlroy feels that he does a pretty good job saving and spending his money wisely. “My parents do not really make me pay for too much,” McIlroy said. “I did have to buy half of my car though.” Now that he is past buying the car, McIlroy gets to spend his money exactly how he wants to. “I eat fast food a lot on the weekends. That is probably where most of my money ends up going in the end,” McIlroy said. Even though his parents pay for the insurance and most of Going Clubbin’- Junior Tyler McIlroy prepares for another day of work at the e v e r y t h i n g Hillcrest Country Club. McIlroy cleans golf clubs, picks up the driving range, and else, McIlroy still drives golf carts around. “I usually take my clubs with me because since I get to puts his money play for free, I sometimes decide I want to,” McIlroy said. Photo / Sara McCurren somewhere. “I do buy

my gas which gets kind of expensive when it comes to driving twenty minutes to work, but other than school and work, I do not really drive anywhere,” McIlroy said. Even after receiving his paycheck and saving most of it, McIlroy still receives more money. “I get fifty dollars a month from my parents, I guess you could really say it is like an allowance so that helps go to my gas,” McIlroy said. McIlroy feels like he has a good balance of spending his money and saving it for other things. “From time to time I go on dates, I usually pay so it is good when I have some previously earned cash saved up for it,” McIlroy said. McIlroy knows after learning from his parents how to save wisely that he is doing a better job than most teens. “I know my friends are pretty low in cash sometimes, I am just glad that I have been saving and I am pretty set for awhile,” McIlroy said.

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

Students try to balance their cash flow

10 Features

Put a fork in it

By: Missy Greene

Eating on Thursday requires creativity

Several changes have occurred throwing the forks away,” Staggs in a request for plastic knives. They in the cafeteria, many seem to be said. are currently researching the cost,” unsatisfactory. The disappearance of A few months ago when Staggs Staggs said. Staggs is currently doing all she can metal forks on Thursdays has greatly attempted to order more metal forks, affected students’ attitudes. in her power to improve the situation. her request was refused. It seemed “They expect us to eat like useless to spend more thoughtlessly She understands the frustration that students are facing. Staggs makes barbarians. To eat with flimsy forks throw away, when the cost is rising. and a spoon as a knife,” junior Tyler “There is a possibility of them sure to experience the situations Keel said. reconsidering, but until then I have put students have in order to understand Keel, one of many upset it better. students, expressed his thoughts “I tried to eat the CFS with two about the situation. CFS is one plastic forks, cutting with the end of the main foods served in the of one, and it didn’t work,” Staggs said. cafeteria that requires utensils As Thursdays pass, no obvious in order to eat. Without metal utensils, students find themselves progress has been made in bringing our metal forks back. either using weak plastic spoons to Staggs has done as much as she carve out bites, or tearing the steak apart with their fingers. can. Now it’s up to the students. “Students need to contact their “It’s gotten to the point that I nutrition council to voice their bring my own metal fork,” Keel said. opinion and the council will take it Crunch. Freshman Abby Stetzler struggles to get Cafeteria Manager Donna Staggs Lunch to our director,” Staggs said. her chicken fried steak cut so she can eat it for lunch. The If enough students bring the has been doing her best to explain plastic forks barely can cut most foods given out for lunch, making it a daily problem for students. “Sometimes I just request for metal forks forward, the sudden loss of metal forks. have to eat it by hand, which I guess I don’t mind that “There were issues at a meeting a much, but it would be nice to have forks that can actually there may be hope for eating CFS cut through my food,” Stetzler said. Photo/Taylor Rice again. few years ago, with students

Mark & Co. 318 SE Green 246-9956

Hi.Life-November 3, 2006

Call Today For ALL $5.00 OFF Men’s To Make Your of Your Haircut Appointment Hairstyling or Needs FREE Haircut With Color Service Call Michele FREE Haircut Up-Do 816-695-1180 With Any Color AND Located in Service Color Specials Downtown of $45.00 or more Call Erin Lee’s Summit Call Angie 816-456-3464 816-215-1314

Features 11

Liquid Fuel Students decide whether or not energy drinks work

Leah Steele

Anna Earley

Corey Lee



Red Bull

How does it taste? Do you think that it will give you energy?

“It’s good. It tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher.” “Maybe.”

“It tastes pretty good, kind of like the Sobe I like.” “No.”

“Kind of like club soda mixed with Mountain Dew.” “No.”

How did it affect you?

“It really didn’t give me any energy.”

“It didn’t do anything. It was like a normal drink.”

Would you try it again? Overall, what do you think of energy drinks?

“Yeah, it was good.”

“No, it had a really nasty aftertaste.” “They’re a waste of money because they don’t give you energy.”

Name Drink

The Next Day

“It’s all in your head if it gives you energy or not.”

“It gave me the boost of energy I needed to get through math class.” “Yeah, it’s good stuff.” “Some taste better, but don’t give you as much energy as Red Bull.”

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

By: Missy Green

12 Features

By: Ericka Cherry & Brian Duncan One supports, one is against; one is organized, one is spontaneous; one is girly, the other is sporty. One is a boy and the other is a girl. Friendship does not always mean similarity. Differences between two people can give a strong personality to their relationship. These four pairs of opposite friends share bonds that outlast their differing opinions. Freshmen Kory McEnaney and Bo Amos For freshmen Kory McEnaney and Bo Amos it all started with baseball. “We met while playing on a baseball team together in the third grade and we’ve been going to school together ever since,” McEnaney said. The two friends have bonded over sports, but they don’t always see eyeto-eye. “Sometimes we debate over world issues, like the war on terror,” Amos said. Both agree that their friendship is made more interesting because of their differing perspectives. “Having different opinions helps us see other points of view; it helps us balance,” McEnaney said.

Juniors Amanda Carter and Chauncey Packard Hi.Life-Novemer 3, 2006

There is an obvious line between sporty and girly, and although juniors Amanda Carter and Chauncey Packard stand on opposite sides of it they remain close friends. “I’m a sporty, jeans and T-shirt kind of person and she dresses cute and girly,” Packard said. The clothing choices they make reflect their opposing activities in school. “Amanda dances and I’m on varsity swimming. I also work a lot now and that cuts down on the time I’m free during the weekends,” Packard said. Despite their busy schedules, Carter and Packard still make plenty of time to spend together. “We have a good time together. We like to laugh a lot and be silly,” Carter said. Besides their activities Carter and Packard also have contradictory personalities. “She’s loud and open about how she feels, I’m not,” Packard said. If they were complete reflections of each other, Carter and Packard admit it would make them go crazy. “Our differences make the friendship interesting. We’re not alike, so when we hang out we’re never bored,” Carter said.

Features 13

Close friends with differences.

Sophomores Heather Hare and Michelle Humphrey

Seniors Byron Jennings and Ciera Calhoun The friendship between two girls is a particularly strong bond because they can relate to one another’s feelings, but senior Ciera Calhoun begs to differ. “Being friends with Byron is the same as being friends with a girl. Our friendship is just as strong,” Calhoun said. Calhoun is referring to her friend senior Byron Jennings, who she met when she started attending Pleasant Lea Middle School in the eighth grade. “There’s so much drama between females. When I tell Byron something I know he won’t go out and tell anyone else,” Calhoun said. Gender is the main difference between the two friends, but they both bring certain opposite characteristics to the friendship. “She’s caring and gives hugs, and she has strong morals,” Jennings said. Calhoun’s sensitive temperament balances out Jennings. “He’s more social. I start off shy at first while he’s more outgoing,” Calhoun said. While Calhoun and Jennings do not spend every minute outside of school with each other, they know whom they can count on when it comes to problems with schoolwork. “Luckily we’re in the same math class this year. It’s really hard but it makes it better because we can talk about problems,” Jennings said.

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

Sophomore Heather Hare is picky. She likes to plan her schedule and organize her thoughts, unlike her friend, sophomore Michelle Humphrey who is more free-spirited. “Michelle’s more spontaneous and carefree—she just goes with it,” Hare said. Hare and Humphrey met in the fifth grade and became friends in the sixth. “Our friendship is strong because we can talk and we get along really well,” Hare said. The differences they have within their friendship provides them with a bond that is not easily broken. “Since we are different each of us is able to try new things,” Humphrey said.

14 Features

Typical Teens By: Mallory Brown Parents correlation with teens lives Typical teen problems happen everyday. Disagreeing with a teacher, drama with a boyfriend or girlfriend, fighting with friends, and rumors that spread like wild fire in the hallway. For some teens, fighting with parents is the biggest and most typical problem. “It’s more than normal for teens to not get along with their parents during the teenager years,” counselor Rita Duvall said. Parents are the most influential people in a teen’s life because teens reflect what some parents do. Friends also play a big role during the high school years because teens always want to fit in with friends. In the long run, parents are going to have the most impact on a teenager’s life. “My parents have already influenced

me because I am already kind of like them. I think when I am a parent, I will be like them even more because my parents are both good at parenting,” freshman Catherine Jones said. Parents who do not have a good relationship with their teenager due to illegal activities or any other negative activities will have lasting effects. If a parent is abusive, involved with drugs, or any other illegal activities, will have an affect the teenager. It will affect the way a teenager relates and communicates with others. “Learning how to relate with people is taught through the family,” Duvall said. An average teenager does not always have a positive attitude toward everything, such as school and parents.

Having a bad attitude now will not affect future success, unless the bad attitude carries on with the teenager through life. It can cause serious problems later on. “I have a bad attitude sometimes toward my parents because I always seem to do what I want, when I want and I don’t like to listen to my parents. Luckily, my parents really never get to mad,” junior Andy Gerke said. Typical teen problems happen everyday. Parents influence teens life’s more than anyone else.

Raintree Pediatrics A division of Lee’s Summit Physicians Group, Inc. Newborns through 21 yeas of age

Hi.Life-November 3, 2006

Appointments scheduled Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. & 1 to 4 p.m. Same Day appointments are available Urgent care avalable evenings and weekends at Lee’s Summit Physician’s Group Urgent Care Clinic For on-line appointment request, go to for Dr. Allison Henschel & Dr. Jeffrey Yannette Prenatal Consults for expectin parents can be scheduled by calling 816.524.3223 ext 150

for appointments call

816.525.4700 821 SW Lemans Lane

(at the southeast corner of Ward and M150 Hwy in Raintree Village Center)

Abductions happen to anyone

In this world, abductions happen so frequently they seem to be a way of life. People need to learn it could happen to them, anywhere and at anytime. The only difference is learn how to watch out. “Girls don’t want to admit it could happen,” freshman Becca Staples said, “They are really scared it could happen to them.” Staples read a story about how a woman was home alone one night and heard a baby crying. Immediately, the woman called the police to tell them what she heard. The police officer on the phone assured her not to open the door and that police officers on the way to check it out. The woman didn’t understand this. She told them she heard the cry closer to the window and was scared that the baby would crawl into the street and get hit by a car. The officer finally told her that the station had already gotten a lot of these phone

calls. They think there is a man outside hoping he can lure girls out of the house to save the baby, and snatch the girl when she comes out. “Hearing this story makes me really scared and more cautious about what I do now,” Staples said. If more people read stories like this, abductions may decrease because people may will be on guard. “The way T.V. and movies show what happens so graphically makes people get ideas,” Staples said. The producers of shows may want to rethink what they put out on television for the whole world to see. “When girls wear their short mini-skirts and tanktops, that makes nasty old men want to come and get them. Men also probably go for quiet girls, because they think nobody will notice or the girls won’t say anything,” Staples said. Teen girls are at more of a risk of getting kidnapped than boys. But this doesn’t

Features 15 By: Anna Taylor mean boys can not get kidnapped as well. “I think the school should offer self-defense classes so that girls will know exactly how to protect themselves in an emergency,” Staples said. Self-defense classes are helpful, but remember common sense too. Don’t walk around at night, have a cell phone with you if possible, and mainly have some one with you at all times. “I think neighborhood watch is a good idea. It makes me feel safer,” Staples said. Neighborhoods should have neighborhood watch program. This is a good thing, because it will keep the neighborhood a lot safer. “When I hear the media talk about all the abductions, I tend to disregard it, and not think about it much,” Staples said. “It’s a lot to think about.”

Kick Quick {Who to contact for self defense classes}

Yeagley’s Academy of Fighting Arts www.wetrainharder. com (816) 525-5555

USA Karate (816)554-3744

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

Watch out!

16 Features

Smaller not always better An inside look at alternative schools

By: Lindsey Bales

Hi.Life- November 3, 2006

Alternative School, the troubled kids work is easier because they get all of “When I was there at the end of the school, or the place where the kids it ahead of time, but they have to get school year, they started getting more who get kicked out of public school an 80% or higher on their homework activities outside of school. Sports go. Alternative school has been called and grades or they will not pass the and academic activities, they started many things like that. The only people class. becoming more of a school,” Gallo that honestly know what alternative “We would eat lunch with Lee’s said. school is like are the people who Summit West High school, and Alternative school is neither a good, have been there or are going there sometimes fights would break out. nor bad thing. Some people go there now. Many people who do not go to The kids there would make fun of us for getting in trouble in school; others alternative school go because think it is easier and their schedule is just a place to doesn’t work slack off. So if they for them, and had the choice they other reasons would go there too. that have But if they take a nothing to do good look at it this with getting way, they would kicked out of see what it is really school. like. Alternative “It is different school offers at the alternative different kinds school, classes are of education much smaller, and for different the grading system kinds of is harder than people. So here at the public this means schools,” junior that people Richard Gallo said. should not He went to view the Alternative School. Going to the school for a year and a quarter junior Richard alternative school for Gallow prefers the public schools to the alternative schools. “The alternative school’s kids seen at a year and a quarter. classrooms are smaller than the ones here,” said Gallow. Photo by/ Brittney Westoff a l t e r n a t i v e “The rules are school as more strict and there are more of because we went to an alternative people who just get kicked out of them than there are here.” school,” Gallo said. school, they might have some other The alternative school sets their Alternative school is not just for reason of why they have to go there. expectations higher than the ones at ‘bad kids’ who get kicked out of Some students want to go to an mainstream school. public schools, some kids choose to alternative school because they think “They are more strict with colors, go to alternative school. If they had to it is easier, less work to do, and they with electronics, and everything else” work at a job where you can not go to just want to go there as an excuse to Gallo said a full day of school all the time, they slack off. It’s another way out for the People may think that the alternative choose to go to alternative school. people who really need it. school teachers would be more strict “Most people get kicked out for “ It is much better to go to a public than the teachers at public schools, fighting, or drugs, when you are at school or another school, then to go but as Gallo said, they are not. the Alternative school it is best just to an alternative school is out there, “The teachers there are much more to do your work, and do not talk too if you have a choice. Even though laid back, and if you need to talk to much. But now I have heard that it alternative school is out there, if you them, you can talk to them about has changed.” Gallo said. have the choice I suggest going to anything and everything.” Gallo said. Alternative is different from public school.” Gallo said. At alternative schools students do mainstream school. They are changing not get as much work as the students it to make it similar to a public school here at the public schools do. The in some ways.



The Fashionista

Run.Way Hi.Way

Fashion 17

Classifying the look of the moment Thrift store tragic is out, and classic elegance is in. Emmalee Fiser does not conform to the normal fashion rules, but instead, rewrites the book with her own unique style.

Fashion Editor The history of fashion consists of poodle skirts and sweater sets, hotpants and go-go boots, bellbottoms and platforms, and designer jeans with legwarmers. If nothing else, this quick recap proves that fashion in itself has many faux paws. The time lapse between trend-transitions also proves another cold, hard truth: fashion always repeats itself. Some items become vintage chic, while others become garage sale fodder. Old trends return, adding a fresh flair to make them new again. For instance, bell bottoms came, went, and came again. Instead of flairing at the knee, they have evolved into a low-flair, better known as boot-cut. No matter the context, fashion is a never-ending entity, with a mind of its own. This being said, fashion wouldn’t exist without people to model it. In turn, each person adapts their own sense of style; thus making the person more important than the clothes. The right person has to wear the just the right thing. Some people can’t pull off outfits if they can’t back them up with attitude. To be totally free in the fashion world, one must throw inhibitions to the wind, while adapting the ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Although it is true that it takes a person to sell the look, it is proven that in the near future, only the clothing is remembered. So in the quest for clothing karma create a look that will last a lifetime.

Q: Is your style more classic elegance, or vintage thrifty?

A: Classic Elegance. Q: What does classic elegance mean to you?

A: I think of it as looking unique, and classy, but not overdone.

Q: How would you describe your style? A: I don’t know, some people say it’s my

Fashion Pose. Freshman Emmalee Fiser’s sense of style does not come at cheap price. “I can’t seem to teach myself how to bargain Photo By/ Crystal Lawson shop,” Fiser said.

own style. I don’t classify myself into any groups. One day I’ll look one way and the next, I’ll look completely different.

Q: Where do you shop? A: I pretty much go all over, but I really

like Hollister, Charlotte Russe, and Old Navy.

Q: What is appealing about Charlotte Russe?

A: The clothing is more dressy but still comfortable and cute.

Q: What is your weakness? A: I don’t know how to look for cheap

things; I just go for the first thing that I see.


When you are shopping, what catches your eye first?

A: I always go for shirts first, then accessories to match.

Simple Elegance. Freshman Emmalee Fiser shows off her style around school. “I don’t want to care about what people think of the way I dress. I just want to have my own sense of style,” Fiser said. Photo By/ Crystal Lawson

color in shirts because it is closest to my face.

Q: Do you shop at any local places? A: I love Molly Jane’s because I know that when I leave I am going to have something that can’t be found at a regular department store.

Q: What do you style your look around? Q: Are you a trend setter or a trend A: Accessories. follower. Q: What is your favorite color and how A: I would say that I’m a trend follower. do you work it into your wardrobe? However, I take a trend, and I make it my A: I really like turquoise blue because it own. brings out my eye color. I usually wear that

Hi.Life-November 3, 2006

By: Crystal Lawson

18 Opinions

Bark at the Moon What has a speeding pulse, high blood pressure, and the possiblity of heart problems? Is it your local drug addict, or maybe an LSHS student slamming down an energy drink? Cocaine; the name brings with it feelings of resentment for most, and, for me at least, kicks in a gag reflex. A new energy drink, created by the Redux Beverage company, has recently stirred up controversy by going with the same alias. Now, I don’t know much about finances or anything like that, but that sounds like amazing marketing to me. The person that created this name not only knew that people would be completely against the name, but that the name would cause a big controversy as soon as it hit the shelves. I’m not condoning the drink though, far from it. ‘Cocaine,’ the drink, has 280 milligrams of caffeine, where as the recommended daily dose of the stuff is 250 to 300 milligrams, can anyone else hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand youthful hearts exploding. Caffeine makes your heart work harder, and with huge doses of it, can help to make your heart fail. High amounts of caffeine have been directly linked with high blood

By Matthew Gratton

pressure, a sped up heart rate, and an eventual ‘crash’ from low energy. Writer Carla K. Johnson, from the Associated Press, reported that though there are no sudden deaths directly related to drinking an energy drink called ‘Red Bull,’ but the Swedish government recommended, after testing the stuff, that it should not be used to, quench thirst or replenish liquid when when excercising.

If you are an athlete, drinking these things could be making your heart work hard enough to someday shut down. I would rather live my whole life and be as good as I could be without any other substances, instead of live half my life with heart related problems. Basically all I’m trying to say is that good marketing should not be an excuse to lose your health.

Animated Outlook

By Drew Levota

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

Letters to the Editor Dear Editor, I have a problem with the school hours. I have always been interested in going to school an hour more, while getting fridays off. I understand the factors affecting sporting events by we all enjoy three day weekends. -senior Randy Melloy

Dear Editor, Priveleges are one of my main concerns. Most other schools allow students to leave campus or visit other areas Instead of letting us only stay in the cafeteria these should be available. I think that by letting studeents have more choices for privelages, they will try to obtain higher grades to attend them. -senior Tyler Daugherty

Dear Editor, My concern is the strict rules on no cell phones in school. I do not see the problem with having cell phones out. I think a four hour detention for having your cell phone out is too much. My solution it that we are allowed to have our cell phones out during passing period, but not during class. It would be like my freshmen year and i think there were less problems with phones. - senior Lauren Wilson Have a problem in the Lee’s Summit community? Want to express that problem with other people through the Hi.Life? Write a “Letter to the Editor” or a column and drop it off in Locker A 423 or Room 227.



The Cheap Cure

Anna Taylor takes a look at 10 things to do under $10 in Lee’s Summit When the weekend rolls around everything there is to do seems to empty out your pocket. Here’s a list of at least ten things to do for $10, or less.

1. Paradise Park 2. Bowling 3. Legacy Park 4. Movie Theater 5. Pizza Street 6. Acoustic Friday 7. Rent a movie 8. Skating 9. Go out for coffee 10. Dollar store shopping The perfect place to hang out would offer a variety of attractions, as well as a slamming food court.



Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

is not too expensive and is extremely fun. Things to do: -Miniature Golfing: ages 3-12 $4.50 13 and up $6.00 -Rock Wall: $5.00/3 climbs -Game Room: $0.25/token -Foam Factory: Adult $3.00 Youth $6.00 -Batting Cages: 20 pitches $1.00 -Go Karts: $7.00 driver/passenger free -Bumper Cars: $3.50 Must have closed-toe shoes on bumper cars, go karts, and rock wall. Go Karts close one hour before closing. The hours for Paradise Park and Paradise Café are as follows: Mon-Thurs: 12pm-8pm Fri: 12pm-10pm Sat: 9:30am-10:00pm Sun: 10am-8pm Call Paradise Park at (816) 246-5224 or their address is 1021 NE Colbern Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO, 64086 Bowling is exciting, especially with a big group.

-- Paradise Park -->

AMF Strike Market

936 SE 3rd St. Lee’s Summit Mo, 64063 (816) 525-1900 or Open Hours; -Mon-Tues 11am-10pm -Wed 9am-10pm -Thurs 9am-12am -Fri 11am-12am -Sat 10am-9pm -Sun 12pm 9pm Prices: -Youth 12-under -Adult 13-up -Thurs 6pm-10pm $1 games and $1 shoes -Fri all you can bowl 10pm-12am $10 -Mon-Thurs adults $3.75+tax before 6pm $4.25+tax after 6pm Youth $2.75+tax before 6pm $3.25+tax after 6pm

Legacy Park

901 NE Bluestem Drive Lee’s Summit Mo, 64086 (816) 969-1550 or -Mon-Fri 5:30am-10pm -Sat 8am-8pm -Sun 10am-8pm Things to do to there: -Pool -Workout Machines -Racquetball -Basketball -Track Each attraction is $5

^-- Legacy Park --

Summit Lanes

803 SW Oldham Pkwy Lee’s Summit Mo, 64081 (816) 542-3322 or Open Hours: -Mon 9:30am-noon and 3:30pm-5pm -Tues 9:30am-3: 30 -Wed 9:30am-noon -Thurs 10am-6pm -Fri 11am-5: 30pm and 9pm-11pm -Sat 10am-9pm -Sun 12pm-5pm Prices: -Youth 17-under $2.75 per game -Adults 18-up $3.75 per game -Shoes $3.00 Workouts are always fun with your friends. Compete to see who can lift more or run faster.

Movies are a great place to hang out with friends and to catch up on the funniest phrases and see the newest movies.

Dickenson Eastglen 16

Prices: $7.50 after 5pm $6.50 before 5pm For movie times and special events, go to What used to be the fun hub upstairs, is now a state of the art laser tag arena. Single Play: $5.50 Double Play: $9.50 If singing, reading poems or playing an instrumentis more appealing, check out Acoustic

Friday. It happens once a month at school from 2:30pm-3:30pm. There will be announcements made periodically with the vital information concerning this fun, free event. Even though the quaint town of Lee’s Summit can come across as boring, with a few dollars, there are several opportunities to have fun here than most youth think.

By: Katelyn Rawert

Take a peak into Kansas City’s spookiest places haunted houses have some big differences. The Edge of Hell has five floors with a corkscrew slide taking you from the top to the bottom to visit the ‘devil’. The Beast also has a slide but it is not as popular as the one at the Edge of Hell. “Even though most people ask about the slide at the Edge of Hell, I like the one at the Beast better,” Caponetto said. The Edge of Hell is a warehouse conversion that lasts only 30 minutes, while the Beast lasts around 45 minutes. “I liked the Beast better than the Edge of Hell because it is longer and there is more things that scare you,” senior Nathan Graham said. Those who are thinking of going to a haunted house usually chose to go with a group of friends. “Never be in the back, but don’t be in the front either. Just be the middle guy,” freshman Tyler Mullins said.

Which haunted house is ranked the highest by students? 29%

The Beast The Edge of Hell


*86 students participated in this poll

Scare-tactics. Workers strike a pose in front of The Beast during Halloween season, when they have the most visitors. They always have fun scaring the people who come in daily through their haunted house and most just do it for the amusement. “I do it as a hobby. If they did not pay me for it, i would do it for free,” senior Adrian Capenetto, who works at the Beast, said. photo / AP

The Edge of Hell warns that children under 12 stay home, unless they have a parent or guardian with them. People with heart conditions, pregnant women, and those with high blood pressure are cautioned to stay home. With floors uneven, a spiral slide faster than most people’s comfort level,

and tricks that will scare thrill-seekers to hysteria, haunted houses are not meant for everyone. “I would recommend it to anyone who has any bit of confidence because you get to have fun and be scared,” Caponetto said.

Concert Corner

Who: Copeland When: Tuesday, November 7 Where: The Granda, Lawrence, Kansas Cost: $12 plus service charge

Who: Hello Goodbye When: Wednesday, November 15 Where: The Granada, Lawrence, Kansas Cost: $13.50 plus service charge Who: Rise Against and Thursday When:Saturday, November 11 Where: Beaumont Club Cost: $19 plus service charge

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

The Beast and the Edge of Hell are the unsettling place to be around Oct. 31. These haunted houses are hair rising, spine tingling, and blood curdling. The Beast and the Edge of Hell are not only the most widely known haunted houses in the Kansas City area, but also around the country. “The Edge of Hell is the oldest haunted house in the country. The Beast is the best ranked haunted house,” senior Adrian Caponetto said. Caponetto works at the Beast and the Edge of Hell as a special effect artist, acting part time. “I do the special effects like the blood and makeup,” Caponetto said. The Edge of Hell and the Beast are disputable competitors. “The Beast is scarier but the Edge of Hell has more special effects tricks, like lighting,” Caponetto said. Although people think they are very similar, the


Creepy Corridors

Entertainment 21

22 Sports

Local Stars vs. Big Time Stars Comparing our stars with the Chiefs stars.

By: Josh Kennedy

Position: Quaterback Name: Andrew Schnell Size: 6’ 2 185 lbs. Stats: 939 yds. 5 TD’s 7 INT’s

Position: Quaterback Name: Damon Huard Size: 6’ 3 218 lbs. Stats: 1475 yds. 8 TD’s 1 INT’s

Position: Running Back Name: James Fithen Size: 5’10 185 lbs. Stats: 630 yds. 14 TD’s 5.0 avg

Position: Running Back Name: Larry Johnson Size: 6’1 230 lbs. Stats: 649 yds. 8 TD’s 3.7 avg.

Position: Wide Receiver Name: Travis Mosby Size 5’11 175 lbs. Stats: 17 rec. 331 yds. 3 TD’s 19.47 avg.

Position: Wide Reciever Name: Eddie Kennison Size: 6’1 201lbs. Stats: 24 rec. 406 yds. 2 TD”s 16.75 avg

The Name Game

By: Danny Kliethermes

Athletes share about their well known nicknames


HI.LIFE - November 3, 2006

verybody has a name, some like their name others do not. Most people have another name, a more unique name that their friends or peers call them. Everybody that has a nickname has a different story or event to go along with his or her nickname. Almost everybody knows or can name an athlete by their nickname. Professional athletes range from ‘Broadway’ Joe Namath, Walter ‘Sweetness’ Peyton, Jake ‘The Snake’ Plummer, Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez, and many more. Most people here at school can point out their favorite athlete by crowning them with a nickname. “All of my good

friends, actually pretty much everybody calls me Ryno,” senior Ryan ‘Ryno’ Guenther said. Guenther was entitled Ryno by his dad when he was about six at his first soccer game. “I like my nickname because it is unique and I have never heard of anyone else who is called Ryno,” Guenther said. Nicknames can be a powerful thing. When at a game there are chants of a person’s favorite athlete. At varsity soccer games voices yelling

Ryan “Ryno” Guenther

‘Ruble’ can be heard throughout the stands. That chant is actually more like a praise, when the crowd repeats senior Ryan Ruble’s last name over and again. While at a girl’s varsity basketball game the chant ‘D-Train’ echoes from the crowd for senior Danielle Adams. “I like my nickname, it motivates me to play harder when I hear it from the crowd,” Adams said.

‘The D-Train’ received her nickname sophomore year when someone on the team called her D-Train and it stuck ever since. “When I got hurt all I could think of was Friday Night Lights and how Booby Miles injured his knee. I don’t like the nickname Booby since I got hurt this season,” junior Kevinn Mitchell said. Some people are referred to by their nicknames more then their first names. Some people like Guenther and Adams like their nicknames. Other people like Mitchell and senior Jared Edwards do not like their nickname. If anyone is uncertain of Edward’s nickname, ask him and he will share this name.

By: Bobby Hagedorn Damon Huard has flat out saved the Kansas City Chiefs season. His performance has been spectacular. I have to say that I was probably one of thousands who was sitting at Arrowhead Stadium on opening day when Trent Green got hurt saying that the season was over. I really thought that the Chiefs had no hope and that they might as well start playing for the number one draft pick, because I had no hope in Huard. Well hasn’t he proved me and thousands of other people wrong? I would say there is probably not a person in this city who could say that they thought the Chiefs would 4-3 and Huard would be playing like a all star. This has also created quite a discussion among sports fans on who should start once Green returns from his concussion. In my opinion the Chiefs should wait until Green is perfectly healthy and they are sure that he can perform at level he has for the last several years. Green needs to be the starter when he comes back, because he is heart and sole of this team and he has earned to at least have a chance to get his job back. However, when Trent does come back, he will have to perform very well because everyone now knows that Huard can play.

By: Danielle Polk

Dribble, Dribble, Swoosh. Is it that time of the year already? No, it is not. Then what could all that noise be? As the Lady Tiger Girls Basketball team gets ready to begin a fighting year on the court, many of the girls on the team are already preparing for the upcoming season. From playing fall sports, like junior Kelsey Knoche, to doing conditioning after school, like senior Danielle Adams, each female on the team is already starting to contribute to the 2006-2007 basketball season. “This season will be a lot better than last year, we have younger players that are stepping up to fill the positions of seniors that left last year,” senior Danielle Adams said. “And it also helps that we moved down a conference.” Having four powerful seniors graduate last year does not faze head varsity coach Brian Bubalo. He believes that this season will still be great. Bubalo knows that every girl is willing to step up to perform as well as previous years. “The five returning letter winners are going to be ready. I know Danielle Adams will be stepping up. Kelsey Knoche has greatly improved already, and the season hasn’t even started yet. Lizzy Simonin, Ashley Washington, and Taylor Simpson all are showing improvement since last year. All five will step up. Two players from J.V. that I’m seeing good things from already are Julie Strope and Megan Stueve,” Bubalo said. When a whole team is willing to step up and take a leadership role, many good things will come out of the season. “I believe that we can

Team looks continue dynasty

make it to state this year,” Adams said. “If we all work hard we will make it to state, and we have a good chance of winning.” As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, the same thing goes for the ladies this year. Many of the girls are doing a lot in order to prepare for the season. “I have been running a lot, running a mile every day, and playing basketball every day,” Adams said. Not only are the girls doing things to get ready for the season, the coaches are also getting prepared in different ways. “We have coaches meetings and I’ve been to two clinics already,” Bubalo said. “On Oct. 18, we have a coaches meeting and on Oct. 20 and 21 the coaches are going to a clinic. Right now I’m also trying to get caught up with all of my schoolwork so I’m not behind when the season starts. I’m trying to run to get in shape so I can help the girls. Also my wife and I are getting ready to take a vacation because it will be the last time I get to see her for four months.” Since each person has already began preparing for the upcoming season, Bubalo has high expectations for this season.

Sports 23

“I think we are going to be competitive from the beginning. I anticipate us being in every single ball game,” Bubalo said. “Just because we come to play every game, still doesn’t mean that we are going to win them all. We expect to contend for championships in tournaments, conference, and districts.” With the girls coming to play every game, the wins will be rising in numbers. “I expect us to win 20 plus games, after that I don’t know. We are good enough to win conference and districts,” Bubalo said. With the goal to win in mind, Adams also has other goals that she is working towards this season. “I want to be in the state championship, I want everyone to work hard, and I would like to be one of the best players in Lee’s Summit,” Adams said. As tryouts begin, and the season starts, we will see many hard played games from the Lady Tigers basketball team. With everyone working hard, and putting their time and effort into every single day, there is a lot of hope for them in the near future.

Get Pumped. Freshman Sarah Bohlman and Sophomore Katy Winston run hills during the conditioning part of training. The girls involved in Fall Weights and Conditioning run daily, doing exercises like bleachers and hills, along with lifting weights and working on basketball skills. “The running helps me stay in shape so I know in the game, when I need endurance I’ll have it,” Winston said. Photo/ Taylor Rice

Hi.Life - November 3, 2006

Court to Field

Bouncing Back

24 Back Page

Half Day, Full of Fun What Teens do on a Half Day

Photos by Cameron Wiley

10:32. 10:33. 10:34... The school day is just coming to an end, but most students have a very full day in front of them. 1. 11:00 AM- Among many other local restaurants, Johnny Rayʼs is a popular one for students to eat at. 2. 11:45 AM- Located right next to Johnny Rayʼs, the Salvation Army provides vintage clothing for an affordable price. Sophomore Meagan Malloy searches for a good deal. 3. 12:05- Junior Jordan Dent shops for more than just clothes at the Salvation Army. 4. 12:25- Ping Pong provides hours of fun for students at Dentʼs tournament last Thursday. 5. 12:32 Malloy returns a serve in the tournament. 6. Dent serves the final point of the tournament and went on to be the first Ping-Pong Tournament Champion.





6. HI.LIFE - November 3, 2006


4 - November 3  

Matthew Gratton- Opinions Editor- for extra photos and interviews not seen in this is...

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