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Hi.Life | The Student Newspaper of Lee’s Summit High School November / Vol. 91 / No. 4 /

18 | HOLIDAY FASHION Find out what to look for when shopping for winter clothes this season. This issue, Hi.Life reccomends choosing timeless pieces and avoiding trends.

21| DO IT YOURSELF This grunge inspired fabric necklace is as easy to wear as it is to create. Follow these simple steps to create a causal, one of a kind necklace that can be worn with any outfit.

6 |BLACK FRIDAY The busiest shopping day of the year is coming up on November 27. Read about the history of Black Friday, and learn some helpful tips for surviving this hectic day.

25 | BEHIND THE SCENES It takes a lot to make a show happen. Nobody outside of the musical will ever truly know how much effort goes into making all of the pieces fit together. Read some of their stories to catch a glimpse of the magic.

14| STEVE’S ART Campus supervisor Steve O’Hora is in charge of paroling the hallways and keeping students in check. But behind closed doors, he is something he has always enjoyed being: an artist.

33 | Skating When the weather is unfriendly and everyone is curled up in their homes, there are some who sate through. They put on some extra clothes and brave the weather because of their passion for skating.

On the Cover Seniors Lily Schiffbauer and Darec Stowell pose for Hi.Life’s Winter Style Guide. Styling by Amy Notestein and Lily Schiffbauer. Photo by Michael Bushur.

What They’re Wearing On Her Cotton Turtleneck by Charolett Rouse $39.99; Pencil Skirt by Express $59.99; Penny Loafers by Isaac Mizrahi $19.99; Pearl Necklace by Ann Taylor $78.00 On Him Cotton Sweater by Banana Republic $59.90; Cotton Chinos by J.Crew $59.50; Suede oxfords by Calvin Klein $148.00





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4 Hi.Life 11.09

Letter from the Editors Online This Month



very year we welcome Thanksgiving as an opportunity to take a break from school and embrace our gluttony. Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, and most people will use this time to reflect upon what they are thankful for. Yet, it seems like many people take those things for granted the other 364 days of the year. We go through our school days complaining about getting up early, having to actually write that paper during English instead of getting on Twitter, or that the boy or girl we like didn’t acknowledge us in the hallway. We understand that these things can be frustrating, but it’s important that we don’t forget all the things we can be thankful for. When people become accustomed to getting what they want even when it’s undeserved, they most often develop a misplaced sense of entitlement. This can undoubtably be seen in the students at Lee’s Summit High School. For some reason these students believe they hold an unalienable right to receive a Loud Crowd t-shirt, bring in their own picture for the yearbook, text during class, or receive credit for work they didn’t complete. These students are due for reality check that will come as a shock when they become independent adults. Every person has something they can be grateful for. If you’re reading this, it is because you have received a free education from one of the best schools in the state. Remember all the things you have received and given away over the years, the joy they brought you, and maybe your opinion about this day will change. We encourage you to enjoy your short break, stuff your faces at Thanksgiving, and count your blessings while you’re free from school for a while. Taylor Rice and Michael Bushur

Whistle Stop Ben Quinnelly presents a sound slide on this Lee’s Summit coffee shop.

Balloon Boy An editorial on the recent national media attention surrounding the Heene family.

Call of Duty Review Najee Sears gives his opinion on the release of two new video games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3.

Gymnastics Eric Fabi interviews the Gymnastics coach for this team’s inside story.

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>> Protection


Against H1N1

Prevention against the spread of flu

Final Sale Frenzy. Black Friday has been going on since 1924. Wal-Mart is one store that gets a lot of business on Black Friday.

Black Friday

by Sierra Lewis

Shopping becomes hazardous on the busiest shopping day of the year.   Stores across the country will be more congested than usual on Nov. 27, swarming with impatient people anxiously anticipating the Black Friday sales. The day after Thanksgiving has been known as Black Friday for the last 140 years and is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It is accepted to be the first official day of the Christmas shopping season. As a result, many retailers spend thousands of dollars purchasing advertising to convince shoppers to spend their rather limited budget at their stores.   The term Black Friday has several origins. The first reference comes from the 1869 stock market crash. Speculators of gold attempted to corner the gold market, causing the gold market to collapse and the stock market to decline. Another reason for its name is that it has been used to describe disastrous financial markets. On a particular Tuesday in 1929, the stock market crashed. That Tuesday started the beginning of the Great Depression; hence, that same Tuesday is now called Black Tuesday.   In more modern times, the term comes from a reference that many retailers use to express that Black Friday is the first day that they actually turn a profit for the year. To break it down into simpler terms-many stores are operating in debt, owing more for their inventory than they have brought in sales for the year. Once the greatly anticipated Black Friday deals and sales arrive and the eager shoppers start coming to fill their baskets with bundles of items, many retailers reach the point to where their debts are paid and they officially can start turning a profit.   Each year, Black Friday becomes more and more chaotic. Last year, at a Wal-Mart in Long Island, a stampede of 200 Black Friday shoppers bum-rushed Jdimytai Damour, an employee at the store. As a result, he died from being trampled by the out of control mob. Other workers were also knocked to the ground and some had to hop on top of vending machines to avoid the heavy crowd. Four shoppers and a woman, eight months pregnant were injured, as well.   To avoid the crowds, Internet shopping is now available. Many shoppers choose to take this route because it is easier and they do not have to worry about driving from store to store, waiting in unbearable lines for hours.

Seven tips for getting the best bargains on Black Friday: 1. Check out the ads. 2. Do your research before that Friday. 3. Compare prices. 4. Look for early bird shopper discounts. 5. Beat the crowds with Night Owl Discounts on Thanksgiving. 6. Bring the ads. by Sia Nero

6 Hi.Life 11.09

  New channels booming, newspapers flying, and people talking about swine flu and how hard it’s hitting the United States, so why isn’t LSHS getting hit as hard as other schools?   The reason would be how the janitors are putting a stop to the virus before it begins to spread. Every day at 2:30 after students leave they go to work, janitors us a system called Kaivac cleaning system. By using this system, it makes things easier for the whole cleaning process. They spray down the bathroom stalls and even the sinks by using Kaibosh, a disinfectant cleaner. Then they to suck up all the left over water and blow dry it clean.   The reason they spray down everything from top to bottom is to keep germs from spreading. They clean every classroom that students learn in. Using cleaner concentrate, neutral cleaner, and floor cleaner, they clean the halls top to bottom. By doing this, they have eliminated any type of germ that wants to creep through the night.   Although this system has been doing a great job, it hasn’t been doing it alone. With hand sanitizer placed in classrooms and in the cafeteria, more students are keeping their hands clean. The virus is dying down more each day by just keeping the school and students sanitized.    With the new cleaner at work, there will be no reason to for the swine flu to be floating around LSHS and students will not have to worry about germs in their school environment. by MaRyah Cooper photos by Colin Taylor


Maul of the Dead LSHS freshman becomes part of a hair-raising Halloween show

by Michael Bushur

  It was a dark, stormy night. A cold, abandoned JC Penney, full of terrified people. Enter freshman Jordan Rice, a blood-thirsty zombie, lurking in the shadows, wreaking havoc, advancing on her quivering prey.   Jordan Rice is not really a hungry zombie, but an eager freshman who awaited her first show in the Off Center Theatre at Crown Center. The show was put on at the Off Center Theatre, but was produced by the Coterie Theatre.   The show is called Maul of the Dead, a spoof on Mall of the Dead. The show is based on a group of actors who are playing shoppers that get locked in a JC Penney store in the 1970’s. The shoppers try to get out, but they run into some unfriendly creatures along the way. That is where Rice comes in.   “There are zombies all around in JC Penney, and it’s a big mess. But if there were no zombies, there wouldn’t be any interesting parts and the audience would get bored,” Rice said.   Although Rice is only a freshman, she has already had to dive into the more advanced and technical details that come with being in a show.   “In order for us to be in the show, we had to learn to put on the makeup. It took us about two days, and we did it for two hours each day. Then the director had to put us in the show. We had to learn our blocking and other zombie attacks,” Rice said.   Zombie attacks weren’t the only dangerous aspects of the show. Rice had to learn about some safety issues before she could go on stage.   “We also had to learn about safety when being around the guns. Each gun would shoot out fire when it went off, so the actor would have to yell first, then we would look up, and then the actor would fire,” Rice said.   Zombie makeup and firing guns sounds like a lot of fun, but there is one

other special thing about this show.   “We have two types of blood we use. The blood that we smear on the windows and our faces, and the blood that we have in our blood packs. The blood that we smear on the windows and our faces is a little chunkier than the blood in our blood packs,” Rice said.   For the two types of blood that is used, there is a lot of mixing going on. To make the blood in the blood packs. Karo syrup, chocolate syrup, and thin red food coloring were mixed together. To make the blood smeared on the windows and the zombies’ faces, ketchup and chocolate syrup were mixed together.   “There was a lot of chunky stuff in the blood we smeared, and it was really gross. We had to dip our hands into the mix, and smear it on ourselves and the windows,” Rice said.   Rice isn’t the only one who had a problem with the fake blood.

Rising Star. “I’ve done a lot of the coterie classes. Acting onethree, comedy under feet, I even helped with fourth through grade classes”, says Jordan. She has had a lot of experience, and loves what she is doing. Acting is a passion of hers.

(Continued on page 8) JLABMAG.COM 7


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(Continued from page 7)   “Probably my favorite experience with the show is that I get shot in the beginning, and I have a blood pack. But one time when my partner behind me squeezed his blood pack it got all over this musician’s instruments,” Rice said.   Despite the show’s scary appearance, it has a fun and entertaining twist at the end.   “At the end, when almost everybody has been turned into a zombie, we come out onto the stage, and we surround the last human who is an actor pretending to be a mannequin, and we do a dance to Stayin’ Alive,” Rice said.   Rice loves to act so much, she even has a stage name. Her real name is Jordan Rice, but her stage name is Jordan Spats. This is not the first time that she has participated in acting with the Coterie Theatre.   “I’ve done a lot of the Coterie classes. I’ve done Acting one through three, comedy under feet, and I have even helped out with the fourth through sixth grade acting classes. This year I got invited to take their master’s class. I’ve been waiting forever to get invited. When my mom started working there, I just fell in love with it,” Rice said.   Acting may seem like fun, but there was a lot of stress and practice that came with being a part of Maul of the Dead.   “The first two weeks in October, we had rehearsals on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30. This was just getting to know the actors and learning how to do the makeup. The third week of October we had rehearsals on Monday, Friday, and Sunday evenings from 5:00 to 8:30. This was when we actually had to learn the blocking and we were put into the show,” Rice said.   Rice has had a great experience with this show and has made a lot of new friendships in the process.   “I have met a lot of new people through this experience. In fact I met three new people that I still keep in touch with,” Rice said.   No matter how long Rice continues to act, she will always remember her very first show with the Coterie Theatre as a zombie in Maul of the Dead.

  On Wednesday Dec. 2, there is no second or third hour. On Thursday Dec. 3, there is no first or third hour. The following schedule will be the schedule all students will follow due to the American History EOC testing. Tuesday Dec. 1st: Assembly Schedule- See planner for specific times Wednesday Dec. 2nd: 1st hour: 7:35- 9:05 3rd hour: 9:12- 10:42 5th hour: 10:49- 12:51 7th hour: 12:48- 2:28

Lunch Shifts: EOC: 10:42- 11:12 3rd: 11:15- 11:45 4th: 11:48- 12:18 5th: 12:21- 12:51

Thursday Dec. 3rd: 2nd hour: 7:35- 9:05 4th hour: 9:12- 10:42 API: 10:49- 11:32 5th hour: 11:9- 12:51 6th hour: 12:58- 2:28

Lunch Shifts: EOC: 10:42- 11:12 3rd: 11:15- 11:45 4th: 11:48- 12:18 5th: 12:21- 12:51

by Haley Merriott

Jobs in Demand

Jobs students should consider for a successful future   As the global economy continues to falter, job prospects for 2009 are expected to slow, but if students are lucky enough to go into one of these in-demand careers, their job futures can still be quite bright. The list below could be a great asset in looking into careers, colleges, and the future itself, all according to school counselor Rita Duvall.   Nursing:   “Nursing is huge. Part of the reason is there are a lot of people my age… that are nearing retirement, and in the process of retiring, and so there has to be a huge replacement. Also with nursing, or really anything in the healthcare field. Any job related to healthcare is in demand. And home healthcare, where you’re actually going into homes, working with people, because our age is retiring, getting older, we demand more health care because of aging, so that increases the numbers too. Particularly nursing and then some of the more technical respiratory therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist: All of those jobs are high demand.”   Science:   “Science related jobs: Engineering is huge, especially if you get to the more specialized engineering: chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, different things like that.”

8 Hi.Life 11.09

Education:   “Some areas of education, especially secondary, which is middle school, high school, science and math, because a lot of people who have that interest, that intense interest, can go into other fields like accounting or engineering where they make a lot more money. So there’s a demand there, and then special education.”   Sales:   “Retail sales and sales reps likes drug reps and people that go out and sell a particular product to businesses. That’s always a good business to be in, but it’s rough. You have to have a strong ego or be secure in yourself, because there are a lot of no’s. It’s a tough business to be in, but sales reps that are good can make a lot of money because they get commission. Typically they work on commission. They may get a salary, but a salary and commission on what they sell and the orders they take. If you’re a sales rep, and you’re selling auto products or something to a dealership, and those are big-dollar items, then your commission is going to be higher. So that’s good, and you probably know kids in the building already who already have that sales knack, that could sell ice to Eskimos. So it’s something to consider.”

by Nicole Kelleher

Add it Up: One of the most in-demand jobs of the moment is accounting. “Accounting is pretty secure,” school counselor Rita Duvall said. “and they get good pay too.”

  Jobs and the economy:   “[These jobs] can be affected by the economy. Obviously, some jobs are much more affected. Education is not. Education and nursing are pretty secure. Even in the medical fields, there are always going to be sick people, and insurance money to pay for it, so those are pretty secure. Accounting is pretty secure, maybe on the lower end. In really rough times, when businesses are cutting back and not making as much or going out of business might affect it. Engineering, depending on what you are in. If you’re in a new construction industry, that’s on a downturn right now, and that may be affected. Architects would be affected. So much of that is on a downturn right now, but it just depends.” by Ben Sobek

Flashback   Click, click, click. The sound of calculators tapping away in the math rooms. Oh, how relieving the gasp of students finally understanding what they have been taught. This is what math teacher John Reetzke loves and it drives him to come to work everyday. Reetzke loves being a teacher, but when he was younger, Reetzke wanted to become a professional baseball player. Not for the bags of money or the girls, but for the love of the game.   “I enjoy the students learning and enjoy teaching them math everyday,” Reetzke said. “I like to watch the students progress through the years that I have them.”   English teacher Stacy Allison had an interest in teaching when she was younger, but decided she wanted to become a pharmacist.   “I didn’t get into

Is teaching what teachers have always dreamt of doing?

school for pharmacy so I went back to teaching,” Allison said.   Allison loves interacting with the students and feels that the students here at LSHS make her job so wonderful.   Chemistry teacher Bruce Holder and physical education teacher Rachel Stone both loved animals when they were younger. That is why being a veterinarian was what they dreamed of pursuing when they were grown.   “I worked at a veterinarian clinic for a short period of time, but after a while I saw that it was a nasty job so I decided not to do that,” Stone said.   For Holder, a veterinary position was what he really wanted to pursue. When he did not get accepted to vet school, he was stuck. He later got the advice of becoming a sub until he found the path he wanted to take. Holder sent out 50 resumes to different places and got 40 job offers. He turned them all down because he loved being a sub so much. That is why he decided to become a teacher.   “I love being a teacher because everyday

is different. I also like to help students improve,” Holder said.   Some teachers, like Holder, love to help students improve in their school work, watch them grow through the years, and knowing that everyday is going to be different and interesting.   Although some teachers like waking up early in the morning feeling refreshed, there are some hate the thought of it.   “Waking up early is a hassle. It’s much nicer to sleep in a little bit longer, then head to work,” Reetzke said. Clicks and “Oh’s” are what teachers enjoy hearing five days a week, but they wouldn’t change their job as a teacher for anything else. by Summer Richards photos by Brittney Webster

When I Grow Up Now and Then: What do students want to be when they grow up?   The Pussycat Dolls made it very clear in their hit song, When I Grow Up that they wanted to be famous. Some of the celebrities today probably did not dream of becoming a Hollywood star when they were younger. People change their choice of careers constantly until they figure out what they want to be. Students talk about what they wanted to be as a child:   “When I was younger I wanted to be a football player because as a child, that’s all I use to play! Now I want to be a barber and own my own shop. The reason why I changed my mind is because as you grow up you start to think of different things, and being a barber is my passion,” Freshamn Mario Allison said.   “When I was younger I wanted to be a vet because I loved animals when I was little! Now that I’m older I want to be a business woman because I just like the whole business- concept. I kind of changed my mind because I would make more money as a business woman than as a vet, but also because I couldn’t do the whole “medical thing,” and I hate shots in general,” Sophomore Morgan Eagleburger said.

The Dre ams We Ha wanted to be eit d. At one time stu he an astro naut. No r a doctor, a fir dents eman, o w through r high sch that they gone ool, why o change have th r going d? ier drea ms

  “When I was younger I wanted to be an R&B singer because I loved to sing. As a child I would sing in the mirrors, and I had this karaoke machine and I would sing until my mom would say, ‘Okay time to go to bed!’ Now I want to be a pediatrician and attend UMKC Medical School because I realized that I’m good at science, and I like helping people. I changed my mind from a singer to a pediatrician because being a pediatrician is my passion.” Junior Kennita Wallace   “When I was younger I wanted to be a pediatrician, and now that I’m older I still want to be a pediatrician. I didn’t change my mind over the years because I like kids, and I want to help them. This career is more of a passion to be, and I’m going to do it!” Senior Jodeci Ross   After students told Hi-Life what they wanted to be when they were a child and what they want to be now, it became evident that over the years, from a child to a young adult, careers can change. Sometimes people change their choice of career because it’s his or her passion, and other times they change their choice for the money; however, some career pathways remain the same. In either case, everyone has a dream that they want to follow, and everyone has a goal that they want to accomplish. by Kim Tabe photo by Julia Huisman JLABMAG.COM 9

Student Profile

Emily Griffith

The Merit Scholar

Senior Emily Griffith talks about life as the only LSHS National Merit Scholar Semifinalist. by Kara Klein


by Kristina Hagan Pushing her way to the top. Studying hard for Griffith pays off as she works her way to achieve the National Merit Scholar award. “I think I’ve lived up to a specific academic standard and so theres a level of expectation,” Griffith said as she strives for success.

alncing difficult studies, completing homework and can get a lot of scholarship money,” Griffith explained. extracurricular activities fashion the life of Emily Griffith. On   Some colleges offer much more than others when the student is recognized top of that, she has scholarships awaiting and colleges begging as a National Merit Scholar. for her attendance.   “A lot of the bigger schools will only give you $2,000. Oklahoma University   “You take the PSAT. It’s the National Merit Scholarship will give you a full tuition, full room and board, a full meal plan, plus a stipend Qualifying Test (NMSQT). If you score above a certain point (It’s different for a laptop,” Griffith remarked. every year based on a national average) you become first a Commended   Griffith is not interested in bigger schools. She just wants to keep it simple. Student and then Semifinalist, which is about 16,000 students. Then there   “The bigger schools have more competition for students. They don’t have to are 15,000 Finalists,” senior Emily Griffith said. bribe you to be there. Some of the public schools that aren’t   Taking this test has helped Griffith in the long-run. really big name schools still want you there and they’ll give you   “People in the past that have taken the test have gone the money for it because they’ll be taking you away from the “I think I’ve lived on to be finalists and got a lot of scholarship money and other opportunities,” Griffith said. so I just took the PSAT because it had a $12 fee, and that’s   Griffith does not want all of the complications that come up to a specific a small price to pay if you get lots of money out of it,” with the more recognized schools. academic Griffith said.   “I still want to be able to be in a couple ensembles or play my standard and so   Griffith still works vigorously to achieve success and her clarinet while I’m at college even though I’m doing academic there’s a level of teachers still expect the same superlative work. stuff,” stated Griffith. expectation. If I   “I think I’ve lived up to a specific academic standard   Griffith has a specific plan for her future. and so there’s a level of expectation. If I don’t advance to   “For my undergrad, I’m going to major in either biology or don’t advance to finalist level they wouldn’t think anything less of me. I’ve chemistry. Hopefully, I’ll be going somewhere that has a pre finalist level they had all of them [teachers] come in contact with me and med program.They have programs that will help you get ready wouldn’t think tell me how proud they are of me that I worked hard to get to take your MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), and anything less of this far. I don’t think there’s any change in their perception then I will go to med school,” Griffith said. me.” of me as a person. I’ve put work into school, learning, and   Testing for the PSAT is normally in October. If the student things like that,” Griffith stated. qualifies as a commended student, they will be notified by   Griffith has plenty of colleges already contacting her for mail. her outstanding achievement.   To become a finalist the student will be evaluated on their   “A lot of them are Missouri schools that I would already be getting stuff leadership and participation in school and community events and must also from. I’ve gotten stuff from Harvard and Northwestern University (which submit an essay. I was already interested in) and bigger name schools than what would   Despite the workload this might seem, students all over the world participate. normally be trying to contact students in the area,” Griffith said. With one of 16,000 semifinalists worldwide being right here, students, parents,   Being a Semifinalist will help Griffith achieve her highest dreams. teachers, and administrators are enthralled.   “Once you’re at semifinalist level you get tons and tons of colleges that are   Extravagant rewards can come with paying a small fee. All it takes is a few bombarding you with information about their school. Schools really want hours to take a test that can change a student’s life. you to come there, even if they’re not going to give you any scholarship money. They know that you’re a good student and then at finalist level, you

10 Hi.Life 11.09

Eat This, Not that by Alisha Gillespie

In the depths of weight gain, eating poorly is swinging from a very discerning extreme. Here are some ways to make healthier choices.

For all six: - 260 calories - 52 grams of carbs - 4.5 grams totalfat


Not That! Cinnamon Roll

For One: - 360calories - 38 grams of carbs - 22 grams total fat

Other Picks

Fat Free French Vanilla Cappuccino

80 calories 0 grams fat 19 grams of carbs

140 calories 2.5 grams fat 27 grams of carbs

Cake Donut Holes

340 calories 4.5 grams fat 71 grams of carbs

550 calories 25 grams fat 51 grams of carbs

Cafeteria Eat This! Macaroni and Cheese

For One: -459 calories -39g fat -932 mg sodium Hamburger on Wheat Bun Uncrustable PB & J

310 calories 318mg of soduim 33 grams of carbs

Breakfast Burrito


Not That! Baked Potato with roll

For One: -637 calories -39g fat -1248 mg sodium

Other Picks 210 calories 545 mg of sodium 29.3 grams of carbs

Hot Chocolate

2437 calories 977 mg of sodium 44.8 grams of carbs

Chicken parmeasan w/ noodles

316 calories 1107 mg of sodium 28.5 grams of carbs

Cold Meat Sandwhichs photos by Kassi Torrence

Try your hand at making these light and fluffy, low-fat rolls that will fill you up and be the perfect part of any perfect meal. by Kevin Adams Crescent Rolls What you need: + ¾ cup hot water + 2 packages of dry yeast + ½ cup sugar + ½ cup melted butter + 1 teaspoon salt + 2 eggs + 2 cups of flour

Thanksgiving Recipe

Quiktrip Eat This! Donettes

How to make it: 1. Mix together: ¾ cup hot water and 2 packages of dry yeast. 2. Add to the mixture: ½ cup sugar, ½ cup melted butter, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 eggs, and 2 cups flour. Mix together. 3. Next, add 2 more cups of flour to the mixture, and mix again. 4. Place dough in a greased bowl and cover with a greased lid. 5. Let rise until double in size. Then punch dough down. 6. Let rest for 10 minutes. 7. Divide dough in half, and roll into 2 circles. 8. Brush melted butter or oil on top of circles. 9. Cut into 16 “pizza” slices. 10. Roll each slice into crescents, beginning with the widest edge. 11. Place on greased cookie sheet, cover and let rise until double in size. 12. Bake at 400° for seven to eight minutes. 13. Remove from oven and immediately brush with melted butter. Serve


Tiger Gear

Come to the Tiger Post by room A118 to buy new Tiger Gear! There you can buy t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies with two different designs. Tiger Gear is comfy and perfect for Black and Gold Fridays.


AGAINST CHOCONOGO P r e p a r e f o r b a t t l e . Te x t C H O C O t o 7 4 6 4 2 . S t a n d a r d t e x t a n d d a t a r a t e s a p p l y.

twYw 12 Hi.Life 11.09


Be Prepared

by Sarah Kensinger


lanning for college requires students and parents to stay informed about academic preparation in high school. A student needs to take college entrance tests, visit colleges, choose and apply to colleges, and plan to pay for college through the help of financial aid and scholarships.

Students should start early and have a plan. They should look at colleges and scholarships early so they know what they have to do,” guidance secretary Nancy Frick said.   If a student takes the ACT at least once junior year they will have more chance to re-take the test. This makes it possible to improve their score, and possibly get more money. Statics show that of students who take the ACT more then once 55 percent increased their composite score, 22 percent had no change, and 23 percent decreased their score. There are several ways to study for the ACT to help students prepare for the test. The most popular ways are taking a prep class, students can get information on the school’s prep class and sign up for it in the guidance office, and going on to more many helpful resources.   “There are a lot of scholarship and finical aid opportunities if students take just a little time researching,” Frick said.   There are several different ways to get financial aid including scholarships, grants, and loans. Scholarships are no repayable awards based on merit most of the time. Some of the things students can get scholarships for are academics and activities they participate in like sports, and clubs. Academic scholarships are normally based on students GPA and ACT scores. Students can look at the college they are interested in to see what scholarships they offer as well as looking online. There are a lot of scam scholarships

Get Started. Talking with a counselor about applying for college scholarships, or just applying for college is a smart way to get good information. Taking a trip to the guidance office can be extremely helpful.

by Morgan Pena

so students have to be careful. One reliable website to go to for scholarship opportunities is Students can pick up a TIGER bulletin in the guidance office every Friday for updated information on college and career events, scholarships, and other information from guidance.   Grants are non repayable awards based on need. Educational loans are available through private lending institutions, college, and the federal government. There are several different kinds of loans that are available. The FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is also a way some students can get assistance. The FAFSA collects demographic and financial information from students and parents to determine a student’s eligibility for Federal Pell Grant, other federal financial aid programs, and many state programs. During a student’s senior year, they should complete the FAFSA as soon after January first as possible. Parents should also get all the information needed for the FAFSA done early. Information can be found on www.   Students should look at colleges and their applications early so they know what the school wants. A lot of colleges and scholarship committees want recommendation letters as part of the application.   “Students should ask teachers and counselors for recommendations early, this way they will have plenty of time to get it done, and they won’t have a lot of letters to write for other students,” Frick said.   Students should keep an updated resume to give to people writing their recommendations. Colleges and scholarship committees like to see well-roundedness, but also that a student does things in the community. Students should do as much community service as possible and report it to the school even if they already have the hours needed to graduate.   “My advice to students is to start early and have a plan. Do research and know when deadlines are so they can get everything done early,” Frick said.   If a students has questions or wants information or help with college things, or scholarship information they should go to the guidance office, where they are ready to assist students.

what’s on the

radar this month



t is a seemingly innocent action that people all over the globe have done. The term is virtually heard everywhere, from close conversations with friends to the packed hallways of any school. And now, as of Nov. 16, it will be added to the 2010 edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary.   The word is ‘unfriend’ and its official definition is: “to remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.” The word has already begun collecting much controversy, but scholars turn their noses and simply state the reminder that the purpose of the dictionary is to provide words of the modern language that people use in everyday life. And, like almost everything else, language evolves.   It is the first ever Internet-inspired term to be given the ‘Word of the Year’ title and is highly regarded as having potential longevity as a common word. Its root word, ‘friend’, will also appear in the form that it’s used on Facebook.   This will not be the only ‘tech-savvy’ word to be added next year. The word ‘hashtag’, which refers to the symbol used in updates on Twitter, and the commonly referred term ‘sexting’ will also be new additions to the dictionary.   And just when you thought society could not be even more dependent on technology... by Tyler Fromson






Steve’s Art

Supervisor Steve O’Hora

by Marissa Raukar photo by Sierra Lewis


mong the bodies filling the hallways, Steve O’Hora may be seen walking students to Student Administration or breaking up fights. However, most are unaware that O’Hora is the creator of the beloved tiger paintings and sculptures all around the school, emphasizing the background of LSHS history.   O’Hora is a friendly face engaging in small talk with each student. Breaking up the fights or helping a freshman find their class on the first day of school are jobs that he is usually given. Though he engages in several jobs, O’Hora’s actual title is Campus Supervisor. This is someone that patrols the hallways and enforces school rules.   The most interesting thing, though, is what he does when the hallways are empty and there are no fights to break up. “I’ve always been into art,” O’Hora said.   He has done about 10 paintings and sculptures of tigers throughout the school. The tiger in the field house, the tiger next to the cafeteria, and even the tiger head in the library are some of his works that students have seen and adored.   “When I saw the tiger by the cafeteria, I thought it was noticeable and who ever did it was really good. It must have taken a lot of time to make,” senior La’Ron Cooper said.   Among his other contributions would be the pillars in the cafeteria and the tiger by the R.O.T.C rooms in the A building.   “I just love painting it or making it!” O’Hora said.   With these pieces of art and a determination to have them shown, O’Hora has helped emphasize our school history and has brought character and personality to every crowded hallway.

School supervisor dabbles into the fine arts

Signs show early

Signs of the ‘disease’ begin to originate as fall approaches: laziness, carelessness, inability to focus, difficulty making decisions. By spring, the average healthy high school senior will have caught the unavoidable. It only gets worse as the year drags on.


It affects everybody


There’s only one cure...

Senioritis attacks most college bound seniors once they have submitted their applications, but for some it hits much earlier. “I’ve had it since freshman year,” Brayden Lighthizer said. Seniors are easily distinguished on campus. Lighthizer agrees that sweatpants become the preferred uniform among seniors.

Besides choosing comfort over fashion, another sign of senioritis can be seen when students begin to slack off. “Kids simply shut down. They have gone through their thirteenth year of school, and are ready to move on, and that readiness overshadows the need to finish,” guidance counselor Chris Homan said. The only real cure is graduation, which this year is May 14, 2010.

by Bianca Wang

14 Hi.Life 11.09

Garret Wiley, Tiger Mascot

Photos courtesy of Suzanne Wiley

Average student shines as school’s source of spirit. By Haley Mershon


hroughout Lee’s Summit’s 85 years of playing football, the sight of the mascot has been present at the games. Last year, the mascot was no where to be found. One student decided to restore this tradition and become the mascot. Students are left to wonder how much work it takes to be the mascot.   “You have to be alive. You can’t sit down at halftime; you are at it the whole time. You have to have an upbeat personality and be willing to go crazy. You can’t be scared that people will laugh at you jumping around, they are already laughing because you in a big tiger suit. You can’t be boring because you have to pump up the crowd,” the Tiger mascot said.   Our mascot got the job simply out of curiosity; he wondered why we didn’t have a mascot and decided to go to the main office and ask Susan Newsam, who then referred him to the head cheer coach. The head cheer coach said yes, and there was no one else who wanted to do it so tryouts were not necessary. They gave him the costume and he went to games and cheered.   “We didn’t have a mascot and I wanted to do something that fans could cheer about and make games more exciting. So I figured why not, it was a chance to do something different and have fun; it isn’t something a lot of people do. I also found out that you can get scholarships for college by being the mascot,” the mascot said.   There aren’t many obligations associated with being the mascot. Some of them include going to games, mostly home football games, and cheering in the costume for at least the first three quarters. It’s a pretty lenient schedule; the mascot just works the games into his or her schedule. However, the mascot can’t say they are the mascot and then not do anything.

Tiger Spirit. Last year the school mascot was rarely seen. This year the mascot has made its presence known. “We didn’t have a mascot and I wanted to do something that fans could cheer about and make games more exciting,” the Tiger Mascot said. There was only one student who was inturested in becoming the mascot this year so they were given the job without a tryout.

  “I don’t have to go to practices to be the mascot; fingers together which feels kind of weird. And I just wing it. I show up before the game, put on when I’m running around, the tail goes between the suit, and do my thing,” the mascot said. my legs and gets in the way,” the mascot said.   Even though being the mascot is a job, there are   The mascot recalled that his favorite part of several perks that come along with it. being the mascot is whenever the football   “One perk to being the mascot is team would score a touchdown and “You that I don’t have to get all layered the fans went crazy; he would have to up for cold games. I also get then dance and run around. to make people excited and Also, the mascot enjoys the be alive. You sometimes they want to give fact that some of the students can’t sit down at don’t know who it is inside me high fives. It’s just super duper fun,” the mascot said. costume. halftime; you are  the“Being   When asked about the the mascot is pretty downsides, the mascot said cool and it makes you happy. at it the whole that there aren’t any, except It’s like a little mystery, people time.” that there is limited vision. Since think about you just as the mascot, the mascot can only see out of the not about who is behind the mask. I mouth, he or she has to lean back to see get a laugh out of it because I know people straight. but they don’t know me,” the mascot said.   “Some things that people may not know about   To continue the tradition of having a mascot being the mascot is that it is hot, but there is a fan pumping up the crowd at games, the mascot in the head that cool’s me off. Also, the paw only advises aspiring mascots to not be dull, but go has three fingers so you have to keep your middle crazy and dance. JLABMAG.COM 15

Grateful Gabs

by Jordan Shawhan

Many students have forgotten what Thanksgiving is all about. When Thanksgiving comes to mind, it is all turkey and football. It has been forgotten why this yummy and historical holiday is celebrated; to give thanks to those who love us. Here are things students are thankful for this time of year: {Who is the first person or thing that makes you smile in the morning?}

{What can you not live without?}

{Why are you grateful?}

{Who are you grateful for?}

“The abilities I’ve been blessed with in academics and soccer. I’m also grateful for the people around me who care,” senior Brandon Brockman said.

“My wife, I’m always happy she is still there. I don’t tell her I’m thankful very often because I don’t want her to get a big head,” English teacher Jack O’Keefe said.

  “Austin Aletano, my boyfriend, cause he calls me to tell me good morning, and I love him,” sophomore Ashlea Woods said.

“Sports, they keep me busy. I like everything about them, they’re a lot of fun,” junior DJ French said.

photos by Taylor Rice

HMH Autosport

16 Hi.Life 11.09

Sleepwalking Ever thought you were dreaming, but when you woke up, you were not in your bed?

In backyard

by Lindsay Nelson


Crazy Laws


leepwalking is surprisingly more common than most people probably imagine. Here in our own school, there is quite the batch of napping wanderers.   “So, I laid down on my couch one day and fell asleep,” junior Dalton McDonald began. “I had had a glass of water on the table next to me. Well, I remember thinking to myself that I was hot. I woke up at like two in the morning, and my shirt and the couch cushion was soaked. I looked at the table and saw that my glass of water was empty. So, apparently I poured my water on myself in the middle of the night.”   Not exactly sleepwalking, but still crazy to pour water on yourself without waking up. Another junior, Bryan Graham, had some interesting tales to share as well.   “I went to bed in my bed. The next thing I know, my sister is shaking me to wake me up. I was in the living room in a chair. I had been chanting ‘Alaska has snow!’ the whole time.   “Another time,” Graham continued, “I woke up underneath my kitchen table. I was covered with a

Missouri’s wackiest laws affect students.

by Julia Huisman

Did You Know? Children are more likely to sleep walk than adults. Seven percent of girl children and 6 percent of boy children, to be exact. The adult numbers for sleep walking is 3 percent of adult women and 4 percent of adult men.

“My parents had been having a dinner party. I walked into the room and began berating the dinner guests, shouting ‘Give me my cheeseburger!’ over and over. My mom simply took me back to bed.” ton of blankets. I freaked out and thought I had been kidnapped.” He laughed. “Sometimes I just wake up in weird places throughout my house. I thought about setting up cameras to watch and see what I do.” He finished, “The scary thing is, I go down stairs.”   Going down a flight of stairs is probably not the best thing to do while sleeping. It may not seem possible. After sophomore Michael Lewis’ story, however, stairs might not be the most dangerous thing.   “I was at my cousin’s house. We went to bed late. So, apparently I got up and walked to the couch where my cousin was. I sat down on him. I guess he tried to move me, but I just sat and stared off.” He chuckled a little. “Well, he shook me to wake me up, and I freaked out and punched him in the nose.”   While he does not sleepwalk anymore, head choir director Chris Munce used to sleepwalk a lot when he was younger.   “My family and I was camping when I was, say, 9ish.

Munce said

We were staying in a cabin. It was about a mile away from the main campground,” he explained. “So, in the middle of the night, I walked all the way through the woods to the main ground to use the restroom. I woke up in the bathroom and freaked out.   “Another time,” Munce continued, “my parents had been having a dinner party. I walked into the room and began berating the dinner guests, shouting ‘Give me my cheeseburger!’ over and over. My mom simply took me back to bed.”   One may now wonder if he or she has ever done something strange while unconscious. While it may be weird to find out, it sure makes for a great story later.

Crazy laws were put in place a long time ago when most cities were just small towns and the legislative branch was probably only a few good neighbors that knew each other very well. Somebody would do something that affected some one else, and soon, a law was passed to stop it from happening again. Say, for example, a guy is walking down the sidewalk when suddenly he trips and falls over a rock! Well, the man is not very happy about this so he goes to the mayor and says, ‘I want a law that everybody needs to clean their sidewalk!’ After a strong case, that might have became a law.   Columbia isn’t the only city with some weird laws; in Buckner, burning yard waste is illegal on Sunday. So be sure to burn it all on Saturday as to not disturb a perfectly fine Sunday afternoon.   Everybody hates spoiled milk. For this reason, St. Louis now says that milkmen cannot run on duty, all that jumbling around isn’t good for the produce. No more spoiled milk for all those people, they just won’t have cereal for breakfast.   Kansas City is full of animal lovers because they find it cruel to have household items that look like animals, thus the law that it is illegal to install a bath tub with legs that resemble animal paws.   The most extreme city with a grand total of four bizarre laws is University City. In University City, nobody is allowed to have a ‘garage’ or ‘yard’ sale in the front yard, so be prepared to follow the sign that says ‘garage sale in the back yard.’ Also, shining a light in a neighbors window is illegal, wouldn’t want to wake them up! However, the most important thing to know in University City, is to not honk another’s horn!   With all these crazy laws out there, it is sometimes weird and sometimes just down right funny, but be sure to lookout for what is going on because no one ever knows when the cops might show up, but they won’t be making a silly joke. Fun fact: It used to be legal to speed (but that was repealed). All of these laws, however, aren’t just state laws; most of them are city laws. Some of them were made to stop a specific example from happening again (like the example). For instance, in Columbia, your not allowed to have clothes lines! Perhaps the city thought they looked tacky, or maybe they just got in the way too much. by Nick Cappo JLABMAG.COM 17

ter Win e Style Guid Although fashion is constantly changing, there are some things that will never go out of style. This winter, recommends investing in a few timeless articles of clothing and avoiding trendy designs.

On Him Cashmere Blend Jacket by Banana Republic $149.00; Polo by Original Penguin $63.99; Corded Pants by Calvin Klein $68.00; Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ray-Ban $139.00 On Her Wool Peacout by J.Crew $169.99; Pearl Knit Sweater by American Eagle $29.99; Cable Knit Sweater by Gap $79.50; Dark Wash Jeans by Express $69.99; Sunglasses by Mossimo $19.99

18 Hi.Life 11.09

On Her Pearl Knit Sweater by Delias $29.99; Denim Dark Wash Jeans by Express $69.99; Penny Loafers by Isaac Mizrahi$19.99; Necklace by BCBG $48.00; Earrings by Anthropologie $32.00

On Him Button-down gingham shirt by J.Crew $59.50; Cashmere cardigan by Gap $98.00; Relaxed Boot-cut 527 Jean by Leviâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s $49.90; Ankle Boot by Banana Republic $160.00



Feather Earings These earrings add a splash of color, but keep it casual with the toned down color and no sparkle

Champagne Top


THE HOLIDAY SEASON is approaching, which means there is no time for the little things. From baking all the goodies to shopping for the perfect gift for friends and family; which means stressing 24/7, and it is not until the last minute that everything falls perfectly together -at least for the most part -leaving only seconds to put ourselves together perfectly -as perfect as can get. ¶Between packing for grandma’s house and running out to get those last minute gifts, the perfect outfit for the Christmas party needs to be decided. With as hectic as the holiday season can, get most people do not have time to change an entire outfit from day to night. ¶This instant, chic way will show one how to completely change the look of your outfit from the work day to that special party that evening with just essential accessories. From headbands to tights, accessories can shape an outfit that is appropriate for a causal day and transform into a spectacular statement outfit for a night out. by Lily Schiffbauer

The top is kept simple with a neutral color without ruffles or sequins allowing it to be paired with many different accessories.


Gold Filigree Earrings

With such an eye catching necklace keep the earrings simple; even studs would pair wonderfully with the necklace. If a flashy earring is what is wanted to wear, wear them but keep the necklace simple this time, so the accessories do not have a battle of the flashiest.

Double-Stand Necklace Tied with Ribbon

Black Fitted Blazer

An easy way to personalized jewelry, take to complementing necklaces and tie them up with a matching ribbon.

Keeping the blazed unbuttoned allows the outfit to look relaxed and casual, adding a broach or necktie would be a pleasant little detail to pair with it.

Vintage Sequined Belt

Sparkling sequins dress up the outfit, and singe the loose top to complement the waist line. A bright colored sash would complement the neutral colored top as well.

Black Over The Shoulder Satchel Keep it laid back with a satchel whether it is over the shoulder or crossing over the chest, it is sure to make the look causal.

Cream Clutch This style of purse keeps the outfit elegant and classy, and quickly dresses up any outfit.

Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans The dark wash jeans keep it versatile being able to be dressed up or down easily.

These pumps paired with the boot cut jeans complement the legs wonderfully. If boots are wanted, give the legs the look of length by tucking them into the jeans.

20 Hi.Life 11.09

Black Peep-Toe Flats

Cream Pumps

These keep it just about as fashionably casual as casual can get, the neutral color with the absent heel keep this outfit looking classy but relaxed


Alice In Braids


Grunge Inspired Braided Fabric Necklace

Products Needed: floral print fabric scraps (other print if desired), ruler, brown ribbon, safety pins, and scissors


By Lindsey Bales




•Take the stands of the scrap fabric and place three strands in each of the three groups. The necklace is going to have a layered look, the groups need to be at least four inches longer than the last group. If there are no scraps to be used, cut own fabric into strands of at least 12 inches (three of each size strands).




> >

•Take the first group of fabric strands and braid the fabric together. When the braid is complete (braid until the end of the fabric), tie a tight knot so that the braid will not come out. Follow these instrutions for the other two groups.


•After completing the braiding of the fabric, now take all three of the braided groups of necklaces and tie them together in one big, tight knot.

•Take the three group layered necklace and safety pin the ends of the necklace (where the knots were tied). For the finishing touch, take the strand of black ribbon and connect to the necklace by using the saftey pins. Tie a bow using the ribbon in the back of the necklace for a clasp.



DO YOU HAVE A PASSION FOR FASHION? Then you can have the opportunity to be featured in one of our upcoming publications! Send us your favorite picture(s) that represents your personal style at its best, and a few sentences describing your unique look. If chosen, you will be contacted and featured our fashion section. Send us your personal style at: JLABMAG.COM 21

Static Session

Make Em’ Laugh. A.M Static is a performing improv team. “Shows are kind of like ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ You get a prompt and go with it. It gets pretty hilarious,” Greufe said.

photo by Kassi Torrence


This year’s improv team shapes up

t an improv show, everything is up in the air. The actors up on stage know as much as the audience does when it comes to what’s about to happen next.   Improv is a different kind of theater. It requires quickthinking, trust in your team, and a certain level of comedic skill. It’s not an easy form of drama, but our school’s improv team, A.M. Static, is bent on perfecting it.   “Last year I look a theater class and was introduced to improv and really liked it,” freshman Connor Greufe said. “When I heard the high school had an improv team, I had to try it.”   Greufe said that so far, he’s having an awesome time on the team.   “It’s a blast. You get to hang out with people like you who enjoy this kind of stuff,” Greufe said.   Jill Williams, junior, had a less enthusiastic start with A.M. Static.   “My sophomore year my friend Abby Jones encouraged me to try out for the team. I really didn’t want to and thought I’d be

22 Hi.Life 11.09

horrible, but I made the team and ended up having a ton of fun,” Williams said.   The A.M. Static team practices once a week on Tuesdays, to prepare themselves for shows.   “At rehearsals, we try to help each other out of our comfort zones, so we can become better improvers,” Williams said.   Greufe and Williams both insist that the audience is in for treat at A.M. Static shows.   “Shows are kind of like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? You get a prompt and go with it. It gets pretty hilarious,” Greufe said.   “During A.M. Static shows, we play games for the audience, get them involved, and try to make them laugh,” Williams said.   However, improv teams aren’t born ready. There are several things that go into having a good team. According to Williams, variety is a favorable thing.   “It’s good when everyone is well-rounded. You don’t want too many people good at one thing. Some people are good at oneliners and others good at characterization,” she said.

  However, improvisation isn’t a piece of cake, like a good improv team would make it seem.   “You really have to know what you are doing. Everything is very on the spot,” Greufe claimed.   On the other hand, improv really isn’t all about seriousness and techniques. It’s about letting go, laughter, and possibilities.   “You can do anything. You have a little suggestion, and you can take it any direction you want,” Williams said.   Each of these ‘staticers’ has advice for those interested in trying out for the team.   “Give it your all and don’t try to be funny,” Greufe offered.   “Relax, just go with it, and don’t think,” said Williams. “Improv will surprise you. You don’t you don’t know you’re good at it until you try.”   A.M. Static shows are the 2nd Thursday of each month from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the Lecture Hall. It costs $2 to get in. by Haley Gillilan

A Bad Romance   Where to start, where to start? This month has been a pretty emotional one for me. For one, two of my boyfriends had pretty huge news: John Krasinksi announced that he and his fiancee (Emily Blunt) have set a date for their wedding. They are planning to be married on the beach (so jealous). Also, this month John Mayer’s new album Battle Studies was released. Its official release date was Nov 17 2009, but it was leaked way before that... and it ROCKS. It’s definitely one of those albums you should buy, not just illegally download, because it is THAT GOOD. I promise.   Anyway, along with those two announcements, this month brought a chilling interview with Rihanna on ABC that discussed her relationship with assailant and ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, the attack itself, the aftermath, and the many emotions that she underwent because of the experience. The interview itself aired on Nov 5 and Nov 6, and was shown in three separate parts.   Rihanna’s composure and steadiness are extremely present in the interview. She states that she is strong, yet admits to feeling embarrassed by the entire ordeal - embarrassed that she fell in love with the type of person that would hit her. Then she went on to talk about the horror of realizing news of the attack had reached the public. She explains that she did reunite with Brown, only to break it off weeks later due to intense guilt and pride in herself.   I do not care to throw out domestic violence statistics at you. You can Google them yourself; do some research. It is horrifying. This happens every single day, and some girls are not as lucky as Rihanna; some girls do not get away in time. More than once during the interview Rihanna mentions the fact that young girls die because of domestic abuse. People lose their lives because they do not speak up. She mentions the disheartening but true fact that, on average, it takes a person eight or nine times before they leave their abuser (I guess I lied about throwing statistics at you).   Rihanna ends the interview with sound advice: Do not react off of love. Love is blind, and in cases such as these, it is a lie. Look at the situation from a third person point of view and assess what you will do from there. Do not let yourself be sucked into this trap; do not be a statistic.   I’ll get off my soap box now, but dang, I wish I could make everyone watch that interview. Look it up on youtube. Heavy stuff. I’m serious. by Jessie Curtis

I met a celebrity...


iving in Lee’s Summit, it is not common for someone to casually run into a celebrity. Brad Pitt does not pop into the nearest grocery store, Lil’ Wayne normally is not walking his dog through your neighborhood, and Megan Fox would never order a burrito at a local Taco Bell. Celebrity encounters are rare. Most just dream of meeting their favorite actor, but there are a few lucky souls, like Brendan McKenna and Katelyn Baron, who have spoken to a famous person in their normal life.   Brendan McKenna has experienced a celebrity encounter that is rather interesting. McKenna has met Pat Sajak, the host of the popular game show, Wheel of Fortune. He also met Vanna White, the woman on the show who touches all the letters and makes them turn.   “My dad’s station, channel 41, was sponsoring the show when it came to film in Kansas City. Our family got front row seats, and we were allowed to go onstage,” McKenna said. “It was completely planned, like they had gift bags for us on our chairs. That’s where I got the Wheel of Fortune t-shirt I wear sometimes.”   Surprisingly, McKenna was very calm throughout the whole show.   “They called our family out of the audience and onstage. I remember that Vanna White patted my shoulder and I shook hands with Pat Sajak. We took a picture, and I did not say much of anything. It was so cool. I mean, is there really any other game show as famous as Wheel of Fortune?” McKenna said. McKenna has not had the privilege of running into Pat Sajak or Vanna White again, “They have not decided to come back to Kansas City yet, but hopefully they will! It was a memorable experience.”   Unlike McKenna, Katelyn Baron was able to meet the same celebrity twice in the same week!

When Baron was in New York City on vacation, Lea Michele, who plays the role of Rachel on the new TV show Glee, was performing in the musical Spring Awakening on Broadway. Baron and her family went to see the show. Afterwards, they waited at the stage door, hoping that the cast would come out and meet them. Although she was freezing in the cold, New York weather, Baron stood her ground and waited for Michele to come out of the stage door, and it was well worth it.   “She finally came out and signed my program and asked me if I liked the show. I said ‘Hi, you were really great!,’” Baron said.   Baron went to see the musical again two nights later and went to the stage door, thinking that she couldn’t possibly get lucky enough to meet Michele twice. But she was wrong!   Some may say that Baron and McKenna were just lucky, and they were in the right place at the right time, but this is not the case. These students made their own luck, and were convinced that they were going to see these celebrities in person. In the words of McKenna, “To meet a celebrity is to meet a celebrity, and you have to take advantage of the moment.” by Ellen Spaar

[ ] Personal Pack

  Back in the day the lunch box was used for personal expression. It was a reflection on your personality and what you liked. More than just a container for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, your lunch box would exemplify to the world your interests, heros, and show who you admire. Some students continue this act of carrying lunch boxes that communicate their statement. by Kristin Sands photos by Laina Gunsallus

1. “My lunch box was a birthday gift from my best friend, Morgan Pena. It has Darth Vader on the lunch box because I am a closet Star Wars fan,” junior Sara Borneman said.

2. Exciting Encounter. Junior Brendan McKenna got the chance to meet Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune. “It was so cool.” McKenna said.

photo provided by Brendan McKenna

Faulty Phrases

  Have you ever been in the car with your friends, singing along to your favorite songs, and suddenly, someone screams out the completely wrong lyrics? Or have you ever made this error? You’re not alone. Check out these incorrect song lyrics that others have belted out! You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift WHAT CHARISSA BUCKNER HEARD: WHAT IT IS: “I can’t help thinkin’ this is “Go call your brother, now we’re partners in how it ought to be...” crime. Go get a baby! WHAT NATALIE HOLDER HEARD: “I   “These lyrics are so obviously not right! I cannot blink and think about how you love thought it was so hilarious when my friend me.” sang it,” Buckner said.   “The words in the song aren’t very hard to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas understand, so I laughed really hard at my WHAT IT IS: “People in the place, if you friend when he sang it wrong. I told him he wanna get down, put your hands in the air!” was wrong, but he didn’t believe me,” Holder WHAT DANIEL MUSGRAVE HEARD: said. “Needles in the face, if you wanna get down, Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry put your mans in the air!” WHAT IT IS: “Don’t call your mother, cause   “My brother sang this, and I was just like.... now you’re part of the crime. Don’t be a are you serious? That doesn’t even make sense! baby!” It was so funny,” Musgrave said. {Don’t get caught singing the wrong words!}

“I found my lunch box at one of the peace frogs store. It is a metal Beatles lunch box, I chose it because I am in love with the Beatles,” freshman Mallory Murphy said.

3. “I really like the Beatles, and it has lots of fun colors. I get lots of compliments on my lunchbox because everyone loves the Beatles,” junior Jackie Land said.

by Ellen Spaar JLABMAG.COM 23

Gross Grammar

by Emily Dowdle photo by Taylor Rice

Students spend incredible amounts of time on the Internet, but are they spending this time making theselves look foolish?

It is a crisis of epic proportions, an epidemic sweeping the nation, a problem that keeps millions of Americans living in the shadows of ignorance. Nearly every student at LSHS has dealt with it: illiteracy on the internet.   Every student has gone through nine to 13 years of schooling (maybe even more) so it pains me to see Facebook and Twitter status updates that are along the lines of “Gots a new ridezz wif ma swweeetie their. Lolz your my sweethart!!!:)”   If you are reading this article you have succeeded in the first step of defeating this crisis, learning to read. You must next recognize that you have a problem. To do this look at your last ten Facebook status updates and show them to a younger sibling around grade five. If they are unable to comprehend what you are saying this means you have a serious problem.   The next step is to take a deep breath. This problem can be fixed.   Common errors that occur on the internet are homophone mix-ups such as “you’re” and “your” and “their”, “they’re” and “there”. “Their” is a possessive noun, “they’re” is a contraction meaning “they are” and “there” is used regarding a place. “You’re”, like “they’re”, is a contraction meaning “you are”; “your” is possessive like “their”. If ever contemplating which one of these homonyms to put in your Facebook status or “tweet” simply think about each homonym in context. For example:   Their shoes are super fly.   They’re the lamest fools in school.   There is Barack Obama!   Another very critical mistake that teens make on the internet is misspelling. I know we all did not dominate our elementary school spelling tests like some, but all you need to remember is you are on the internet. Even if spell check does not exist for most computers- Google does. If in a pickle and you do not know if “definatlly” is the right spelling, Google it, Google will

spellcheck your inquiry and you will soon learn that “definatlly” DEFINITELY is not the correct spelling.   Then there is the “I’m going to use words I really don’t know how to use so I look smart” mistake. This is the most deadly and will solidify your place in the Facebook stupidity hall of fame. Let’s get this straight- if you really don’t know what the word means, then do not use it. If you have any inclination to, Google it, find out what it means and then use it in context. One word commonly used improperly is “Irony” . Many a time the type of irony you would like to use is situational irony, meaning the effect was the opposite of what you thought.   Irony: The bullet bounced off the bulletproof car and hit the president. Irony!   Not Irony: My car is working. Irony!!   The easy fix to this is to think before you type. Is this the opposite of what you thought would happen? If not, then it’s not irony. And then there is “whom”. The word “whom” is an object whereas “who” is a subject. This situation can be confusing to most, so it is best not to use “whom” unless you are certain the situation is correct.   Homophones, spelling, and misguided vocabulary- no student should live in fear of these. We can beat this crisis, one contraction at a time.

Some students let the grammar mistakes they make online affect the way they write for school work, and they end up becoming worse writers.

Just Out Jams Secret songs today that will be top hits tomorrow. New & Notable Artists: Stars of Track and Field Innerpartysystem Safetysuit Passion Pit

Rising to Fame: Kings of Leon Drake Muse A Day to Remember Friendly Fires

by Burkett Powell

“Silvia” by Miike Snow is a great electro-pop indie song that has received air time on The T.O. Show on MTV. Although Snow’s music is not mainstream, his album was produced by the same producers that have provided hits for Britney Spears, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue.

Chris Brown’s song “I Can Transform Ya” features Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz and is currently rising on the charts.

“She like me” by Megha Maan from the album the Maan is Back is an instant hit that evokes a unique island sound.

“La La La” by LMFAO is a party song with the unique sound that can also be hear in “I’m in Miami Trick”.

For all your DJ needs contact “DJ C Style“ (816) 868-5576 or 24 Hi.Life 11.09

“ It’sto seerewarding how the

actors improve as the season progresses.

-Suzy Fowler, Stage Manager

The Stage Scoop Behind the scenes of the fall musical


he audience rises. ‘Bravo! Bravo!’, someone cheers. The chorus members reappear on stage, hands locked, they rase them high and take a bow. The leads of the musical come out finally, still panting from the last scene, they too lock hands and bow. The audience claps louder. Some cry, and some are unable to speak because they are smiling so wide. Forgotten, pit members pack up their instruments and walk away while stage crew moves sets off stage and begins sweeping the newly polished wooden boards that neatly line the stage.   Little does the audience know how much effort backstage and pit members put into making each years musical what it is.   “During shows I’m in charge of all the light cues and sound cues,” Junior Suzy Q. Fowler said, “I’ll be sitting in the sound booth, while the other stage managers stay backstage during performances. At rehearsals I call line cues and helped manage props,”   Students who involve themselves with behind the scenes aspect of the musical


sometimes spend more time than the performers do.   “I don’t have much extra time to do school work, and I’m at school until around 5 or 6 PM for rehearsals,” Fowler stated.   “At first we only practice an hour a day, but as the show gets closer, it becomes around a 3-hour practice,” pit member senior Rebecca Cooper said.   “We stayed until musical practice got over,” junior Charissa Buckner, said reminiscing back to when she played trumpet for Beauty and the Beast and Singin’ in the Rain.   For all the hard work students put into making the musical happen, they are given little recognition, but it doesn’t bother them that much.   “All your hard work is shown once opening night comes,” Fowler said.   “I guess it was a good thing if [the audience] didn’t know we were there. That means we did a good job.”, Buckner said.   Though it seems like these students sow more than they reap, its not true. As they put their time and effort into

making the show happen, friendships are developed, and memories are made.   “Since I’m so busy, playing in the pit also becomes hang out time with my friends”, Cooper said.   Buckner recalled one funny memory when she said, “People would bring in 5 pound gummy bears into the pit and they would be eaten within 10 minutes.”   “It’s rewarding to see how the actors improve as the season progresses,” Folwer said.   Though their rewards may not be a standing ovation, or a bouquet of roses, fulfillment reigns true while the actors can perform to their full potential because of the people who make the show possible. So as the curtain rises at 7 o’clock for this years fall musical, Carousel, it is important to remember that the actors on stage are not the only ones contributing to the show. by Bianca Wang photos by Anna-Marie Gallo

Backstage Musical. With this year’s fall musical coming up fast, the actors and crews have been busy with getting everything and anything ready for their opening night. Stage crew is finishing sets, actors are remembering their lines, and costume crew is making sure they have the right sizes for the costumes. “At rehearsals I called line cues and helped manage props,” says junior Suzy Fowler, stage manager.


Letters and Staff Ed HeLetters Said, and She Said

He Said, She Said

The INBOX Letter

Emily Kraxberger

Dear Editors,   Sitting in English class has now become note taking 101 because somebody has decided to limit the paper usage for teachers. I think it’s great to care for the environment, but at what cost to our classes? We still waste paper by using our own notebook paper to take notes, and notes take up so much more class time than to just pass them out. This way we would have more time for actually teaching. Maybe we should be thinking more about learning than taking unnecessary measures to say we are saving the planet. If this were a budget issue, I would totally understand, but all of my teachers have said it is to be more green.


  he walls at Lee’s Summit High School are constantly b e i n g plastered with various flyers and posters. Some of these inform the dates for the fall musical while some of them remind students that there is indeed a  chess club.  Some of them announce events that are going on in the LMC, and some of them motivate students to wear black and gold on fridays.  Most recently, some flyers have made students think about their religion.   Many students have

motive. Why is whoever doing this taking the time to go behind administration’s back to post the flyers? You could say it is  to make people feel guilty by referring to millions of Christians being killed for their faith in foreign nations. The only other motive that can be assumed is to evangelize.  But no 16-year-old is going to look at a piece of paper that says that Jesus died for him and say “Oh my Go..goodness! This is so true, I’m going to be a good Christian now.”  These papers are only making people upset that they are there in the first place.  Not so

that the school is not a place to talk about religion. When these conversations start, it drives a stake between friends; feelings are  hurt, and harsh things  are said.  People believe very deeply in their religion, it is probably one of the only things that they are most unwilling to give up.  We’re not advising to sweep anything under the rug, we’re just saying it is wise to choose your battles.     Whoever is behind the flyers needs to stop.  He or she (assuming it is a one-man group)  is wasting his or her time, paper, ink, and ultimately

“Why is whoever is doing this taking the time to go behind administration’s back to make the flyers?” heard about ‘those flyers’ that have been circulating (from an  unknown source) throughout the school for the past couple weeks.  For those who have not yet seen one, these flyers have  short and simple slogans on them about Christianity.  For example:  “Jesus  gave us the gift of eternal life by dying on the cross... are you going to accept his gift to us?” While some  students believe that these flyers aren’t a big deal, many (including two opinions editors on the Hi.Life staff) see them for what they truly are: divisive.     One of the first things that comes to mind about the flyers is the

surprisingly, a lot of Christians (including student leaders of Club 121) agree with this and are troubled by the  presence of the flyers. They do not like the suspicious and negative atmosphere of the flyers being associated with Christianity.        Students come to school to learn and to have fun, not to be told that some of their religious beliefs are wrong. The two of us are not writing this to insult or offend anybody; we are just reminding

money. If what he or she was going for was to get some attention or send a message to fellow Christians, then he or she has accomplished that. Good job, well done. But the flyers are upsetting people, not helping any cause. Most importantly, they are against school policy.   Of course, everybody is entitled to the freedom of speech, but school is not the place to be doing this.  Stand by the highway and throw papers at people, just wear a safety vest.  Let our walls be papered with chess club reminders and our floors littered with ACT test dates, but let our religions be.

by Max Belanger & Julia Duckworth

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26 Hi.Life 11.09

Staff Editorial


e live in a world so saturated with negativity. The media flocks to stories of scandal and misfortune. And while we can certainly pretend to not notice or pay attentions to any of this, we take in negativity everyday. Whether it is complaints about homework in the classroom or text messages bashing the latest club meeting, everyone is affected by it. School spirit has reached a standstill with the end of football season and it seems that students have lost motivation. With half a school year left what will become of the student body.   Negativity feeds off negativity. We have all known, or perhaps even spoken to a deeply pessimistic person who hates their job, but most of all school. What they have not yet realized is that their attitudes are detrimental to their high school careers. It is a fact that those who participate in school activities receive higher grades than those who do not. Not only does it improve grades but it also builds character and life-long skills. Then why do so many students acquire the ‘I don’t care attitude’?   It is never tolerable to say ‘that club is stupid,’ or ‘that sport is lame,’ because chances are the joker saying that knows nothing about what it really takes to participate in that activity. It goes back to the age old saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’. Not to say that students must love every aspect about their school, but some things are better left unsaid. Even when it came down to cheering on their home team some students refused to go to football games, let alone any sports games. When conflicting attitudes turn into ignorance they become toxic to the student body.   Students can turn things around with a new year approaching fast. It can be interpreted as a makeover from the inside out, a way to improve the school’s current health and condition. From Graphic Novels to Youth in Government offers the students a wide range of clubs and many things to get involved with. If by chance one cannot find something that sparks their interest they can always go to the main office to start a club. There is always an option here because teachers and administrators emphasize the importance of school involvement.



How do you think participation in extracurricular activities affects students?

9 “It lets them meet new people and probably gives them more self esteem. It also gives them something to look forward to during the week. By being involved, it helps them figure out what they like to do and what they want to do,” said freshman Jonah Graves.

10 “You get to meet new people and hang around a different crowd. It teaches you disipline and responsiblity. You have to work hard and you can’t slack off. Being involved helps you prepare for the real world,” said sophomore Rachel Brammer.

11 “I think it makes the school year go by faster and makes it more enjoyable because you’re involved and have activities after school to look forward to. You get to meet other students and make friends,” said junior Max Engquist.

12 “Participating in extra curricular activities makes you feel like you belong more. Looking back at high school you can see that you participated in and accomplished something. Not to mention it’s a great way to meet new people. I met most of my friends because I participate in extra curricular activities,” said senior Heather Brewer. Getting involved at school can help one be more successful and enjoy their high school experience more.

illustration by Bianca Wang

interviews by Amy Notestein photos by Laina Gunsallus & Taylor Rice JLABMAG.COM 27


Necessary Nuisances

Too Much Attention

While students at Lee’s Summit High School thumb through the pages of their planners, a student in Ohio clicks a button on his PDA to check what assignment is due that afternoon. While students at LSHS dig through their backpacks hunting for a pen, the same student from Ohio types his math assignment into his PDA and slips it gracefully into his pocket.   Some students find it unnecessary to be issued a planner each year. Reasons for their opinions range from inconvenience andpointlessness to a striking observation: Most students have some sort of electronic device in which they could just as easily type their assignments.   While planners and organizers are far from inconvenient or pointless, it is important to respond to these opinions. One may agree that, in some cases, a planner does not hold enough room for one to record all off their assignments. It is also a huge favor done to each student to be given a personal organizer at the beginning of each year. One can always buy their own planner if they cannot fit their daily homework assignments in the one provided by the school.   In response to the argument that planners are pointless, it goes without saying that the human mind is incapable of remembering every single piece of information it is given. Research shows that not

only is it beneficial for people to write down what they need to do, but that it greatly improves their mood and organizational skills. Being organized relieves stress, and stress is a constant factor in a student’s life.   The third argument, or observation, is the object of heavy discussion among school boards throughout the country: In this day and age, with technology so easily accessed and readily available to young men and women, paper organizers are beginning to be obsolete. In many ways, PDA’s are far more convenient.   This is where the argument of cost arises. Many schools- including a few public schools in Ohio, as previously mentioned- have found that the monetary sacrifice is indeed worth it. They have issued their students their own PDA’s in hopes that they will reap the benefits of good organization.   So, while these arguments wage on, the argument of whether planners are necessary is easy to read. A way of keeping organized in absolutely essential in the life of a student- if not the life of a human in general. Should one choose not to use the schoolprovided planner, it is still in their best interest to find a way to organize that suits their classes and lifestyle. And who knows, maybe someday students all of the United States will be carrying PDA’s and checking their homework with the push of a button. by Jessie Curtis

It was all for attention. That is the easiest way to explain the event now commonly known as the ‘Balloon Boy Hoax”. Why else would Richard Heene, a father who has been on two Wife Swap episodes, throw his children into the warzone that is our national press to be questioned about things that they could not explain? The young boys did not have a clue why their father wanted to lie to the police, to the Federal Aviation Administration, and to the media that their father so desperately craved. They could not understand their father’s insatiable hunger for national attention; the sad thing is that Heene was willing to ruin his children’s futures for a couple of weeks of publicity.   But those couple weeks of publicity are worth it to some people. Because of the excessive coverage from news channels and reality TV shows, small incidents are blown up into breaking news stories or special edition shows. Not only do these stories not matter to the average person, they also make personal situations that should be resolved privately become play-byplay expositions that make matters

The Age of Innocence

that there could be a negative effect.   The High School Musical franchise is a perfect example. It seems that kids of a certain age do not connect with a singing, dancing, we’re-allin-this-together high school. This could possibly be due to the fact that the first HSM came out when the seniors were already in high school. Maybe they just could not buy into a high school that seemed nothing like real life. This seems to be a constant trend with the ‘new’ Disney.   Disney is now trying to relate more to the ‘tween’ crowd. The problem with this being that middle schoolers buy into it, but when they hit high school, they start to lose interest. This could be because the tween crowd is becoming too old or because Disney is becoming too

young to be ‘cool’ for them. People can never dispute that we all have an inner child and that Disney can speak to most of them, but what seems acceptable to like and what isn’t is always up for discussion.   Universally, cartoons are most accepted because they are the most child-like and people can’t help but become attached. More tween devoted shows like Hannah Montana, Jonas, or Wizards of Waverly Place seem to have everyone feeling mixed emotions on if its cool to like it or not. Yes, sometimes they are funny and have memorable lines, but they are all based on younger themes. Its easy to see why a 17-year old-would not buy into a show about a teenage pop-star that lives a double life and the public does not know about it.

Disney’smovies teach life lessons, touch hearts, and often have a catchy tune, but to some people thats there idea of a nightmare. With Disney taking over most childhoods, it’s hard to not imagine

28 Hi.Life 11.09

worse. Look at Jon and Kate from the hit reality TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8. Before they were put onto the show, Jon and Kate had a stable family life that was just a bit more unusual than most because of the high number of children. But after a couple of seasons of having their family life become national news, the two are now finalizing a divorce because Jon was cheating on Kate with a woman who only knew him because she had seen him on the show. If the show had never been broadcasted, they would probably still be a happy family.   Media attention has a profound effect on ordinary people. The jump from off-the-street guy or girl to TV stardom can be highly toxic to a person’s personality. It may even cause people to develop personality disorders that had never surfaced before in a celebrity’s life, such as histrionic personality disorder. HPD where a person craves attention so much that they use provocative displays or flirtation to get said attention. Too much attention can also make a person develop narcissistic personality disorder, or ‘the God complex’...

>>Want to read the full story? Check it out at by Nathan Baker   Believing this idea as reality is automatically thrown out, simply for the way the media is today prying into every stars personal life. It would be like saying Lady Gaga led a double life as a popstar and a regular, average looking California girl. No doubt with all the paparazzi out there, the general public would find out in a heartbeat.   It is easy to like these shows, but just be careful to not cross the line from being a fan to being obsessed. So the next time someone is singing along to the Camp Rock soundtrack or quoting lines from Finding Nemo, just remember, it is your inner child truly shining. You can thank Disney for that. by Brittni Keyhill photos by Taylor Rice

Wrestlers warm up for the

Start Sprawling

season and tell us why they will dominate this year


ew sports are as physically trying or as mentally toughening as wrestling. In order to succeed, a wrestler must be able to push his body to the maximum and train until the takedowns and matwork become second nature. That is exactly what wrestlers like Spencer Courier and Steven Kingsolver have been doing since the end of last year’s wrestling season.   “The training for wrestling is hard. We have to run a lot, and do a lot of conditioning during the off-season,” Courier said.   Conditioning is almost mandatory for a competitive wrestling team. If a wrestler wants to be able to go the full two minutes for three periods at full throttle, he needs to take his conditioning seriously. One way to keep conditioning optimal is to play other sports during the off-season, like Steven Kingsolver, who is a talented football player as well as a great wrestler.   “Wrestling really helps me be a better football player, and vice versa,” Kingsolver said. “They

both go together really well.”   Wrestlers like Courier, on the other hand, handle their own training, and train with the wrestling team during the off-season. It is this type of team bonding and dedication that convinces the Tiger wrestling team that they will do well this season.   “Dylan Case, Jesse Morris, Spencer Courier, John Williams, and Josh Howard are some of our returning wrestlers that qualified for state last year,” Coach Don Graham said. “We are hoping to improve on our performance from last year, to get to districts and possibly get a trophy. We also hope to at least place in the top 10 in State this year.”   Last year, the Tiger wrestling team placed 33rd in the Class 4 2009 MSHSAA State Championships as a team, although a few wrestlers like Spencer Courier did better personally. Graham hopes to use this year’s State wrestling tournament to determine the improvement of his team. One of the signs of a successful wrestling team is having a large group

Unsung Heroes


he crack of a bat, the swish of a swimmer’s arm hitting the water, the crunch of the tackle; these are all actions we see at sporting events. One element of sports that is frequently overlooked is the behind-the-scenes people called managers.   These managers assist the teams wherever is deemed necessary. “We record the batters and pitchers with a video camera during the softball games,” softball manager junior Megan Ross said.   M. Ross discussed how although she no longer plays she enjoys feeling like part of the team. Other than recording, there are other roles that managers carry out such as statistics and assisting at practice.   “I help at practice, and record the statistics for the volleyball games,” volleyball manager junior Allison Ross said.   Ross explained that during practice she would input statistics into the computer. There are some advantages to being a team manager.   “Since I have been a manager for two years now, I got to letter in management,” A. Ross said. Ross explained how she did not make the team

of underclassmen ready to step up and build off the successes of senior wrestlers. Freshmen are especially important for this.   “The level of enthusiasm and the work ethic they [Freshmen] have brought to the wrestling room during the preseason is hopefully indicative of their performance this season,” Graham said.   This year, Courier, Kingsolver, and their fellow wrestlers have put vast amounts of sweat, blood, and passion into their training during the off-season. For the next couple of months, they will take that dedication with them to their many wrestling meets, representing Lee’s Summit High School as they face off against formidable schools like Blue Springs, who placed third as a team in the Class 4 2009 MSHSAA State Championships. However, this information does not daunt the Tiger wrestling team; after all, they did not plan on putting all of their effort in improving during the off-season just to leave all of their fight on the training mat. by Nathan Baker

A look at the people who work behind the athletes

the previous year, and so she decided to manage the volleyball team.   “I had surgery on my shoulder and cannot play anymore, but managing helps me feel like I am still part of the team,” softball manager Kelsey Cox said.   A. Ross said some other advantages of managing for her were having their photos on the varsity wall, and meeting new people.   Managing, at times, is potentially dangerous.   “A foul ball almost hit the camera when I was filming,” M. Ross said.   Cox explained there had been many close calls getting hit by the softball, but her and M. Ross were not injured, and there were no damages.   The volleyball manager has not been as lucky.   “I have been hit in the head around seven times, and I jammed my finger once,” A. Ross said.   They might not be the stars of their respective sports, but managers are very important to their teams. Without managers sports would not function as smoothly as they do now. Although sometimes overlooked, managers contribute to the team.

by Kristin Sands

nd xa Co ll. y a e s b Kel r soft rt of iors fo ill pa ur t Jun gers s . t eo m n ana u se le e I’ me ge the m eel lik e yo peop a n . f m Ma ss are s me ext ti e are s win u N o her lp er Hig gan R g he said. er th help o n x b Me nagi ,” Co mem rs wh a “M team ms re playe the rts tea st the u spo ides j s be

photo by Brittany Webster JLABMAG.COM 29

College Basketball Preview Top 10 teams 1. Kansas 3. Texas 5. Purdue 7. Butler 9. West Virginia

Top 5 players

2. Michigan State 4. Villanova 6. Duke 8. Kentucky 10. North Carolina

1.Cole Aldrich, C Kansas 2.Luke Harangody, PF Notre Dame 3.Sherron Collins, PG Kansas 4.Kyle Singler, PF Duke 5.Craig Brackins, PF Iowa State

Top 3 freshmen 1.Avrey Bradley SG Texas 2.Xavier Henry SG Kansas 3.John Wall PG Kentucky

Sleeper Team

Player to Watch

Dayton Flyers

Kalin Lucas

Big 12 Preview 1

Kansas Jayhawks: The Jayhawks return every relevant player

from a 27-win team and add a top 10 recruiting class featuring Xavier Henry, Elijah Johnson and Thomas Robinson and Arizona transfer Jeff Withey. Thanks to Sherron Collins, Tyshawn Taylor, the Morris twins and Cole Aldrich, Kansas is talented and deep at every position, perhaps even better suited to win a national title than the 2007-08 team that won a national title.


Texas Longhorns: The Longhorns would probably win the conference


Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners lost the first overall pick in the NBA


with this lineup any other year but this year Kansas is stacked 14 deep. Texas goes just as deep as Kansas but the One, Two punch of Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins will be just to much to handle.

Draft last year in Blake Griffin. With Willie Warren back though, the Sooners will still be a threat against any team and not to mention the fact that Oklahoma brought in a top 15 recruiting class.

Kansas State Wildcats: Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen, a dynamic

backcourt that combined to average 28.9 points per game last season. Add to that UConn transfer Curtis Kelly and McDonald’s All-American Wally Judge, and KSU has the pieces to be good. I’m not sure they can crack the top two, but third in the Big 12 is achievable.



8 9 10


respectable year in and year out, they can compete with any team in the Big 12 and will take advantage of every mistake you give them. With that they are returning two key pieces, in Donald Sloan and Bryan Davis. Keep your eye on A&M as they could have people surprised and finish in the top half of the league and maybe more.

Baylor Bears: Scott Drew has recorded back-to-back 20-win seasons

even though last season was, overall, a disappointment. The Bears were supposed to challenge for a Big 12 title; they instead finished 5-11 in the league but made a run to the Big 12 tournament title game suprisingly beating Kansas and Texas. After losing to Missouri, Baylor accepted a bid to the NIT, where it beat

Texas Tech Red Raiders: The Red Raiders won just three Big 12 games last season (including one over powerhouse Kansas) and were terrible defensively. But lost their only relevent player in Alan Voskuil. Pat Knight has lots of experienced players to rely upon; of course, they are the same players who just finished 3-13 in the league.

Nebraska Cornhuskers: Doc Sadler is respected in the business, and

he has improved in the Big 12 each of his three seasons. But it’s difficult to win in a power conference without the proper talent, and it can’t be overlooked that the Huskers are operating without their top two scorers, Ade Dagunduro (12.8 ppg) and Steve Harley (10.2 ppg). That means it will be a challenge to do better than the 8-8 Big 12 record Nebraska posted last season, although Sadler’s approach to defense will keep the Huskers in games they otherwise shouldn’t be in. Not to mention the loss of their “thug” point guard in Cookie Miller who many Kansas fans didn’t like at all.


Iowa State Cyclones- Brackins averaged 20.2 points and 9.5 rebounds

last season, both numbers more than doubling ISU’s second-leading scorer and rebounder. And that’s the problem. Brackins is as good as anybody in the Big 12, but no player is good enough to win by himself in this league. The hope is that junior college transfer Marquis Gilstrap can play the role of reliable sidekick.

tournament in six years. This year they try to repeat that performance without their talented senior class including the standout players of DeMarre Carroll and Leo Lyons.

Texas A&M Aggies: Coach Mark Turgeon has made this Aggie team

Oklahoma State Cowboys: Oklahoma State returns the talent that

led them to an NCAA bid last year. This year they will be contending for the No. 3 spot in the standings. Guard James Anderson is back aafter averaging 18.2 points as a sophomore. Senior Obi Muonelo has an 11.1 career scoring average. The Cowboys, who scored 80.9 points per game last season, also received a seven-man recruiting class regarded as one of the best.

Missouri Tigers: Last season the Tigers appeared in the first NCAA


Colorado Buffaloes: The Buffaloes are 4-28 in the Big 12 in Bzdelik’s two seasons, finishing last in the league both times. Predictably, they’re the obvious pick to finish last in the league again, and Chauncey Billups isn’t walking through that door. by Max Olson and Michael Rellihan

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Boys Basketball Preview Games

12/10 - 12/12: BLUE VALLEY SHOOTOUT @ Blue Valley High School 01/18 - 01/22: LS/ Culvers “V” Shootout @ LSHS/FH 01/07: Lees Summit North @ LSHS/FH and 02/09 @ LSN 01/12: Liberty @ LSHS/FH and 02/12 @ Liberty

Students train hard during the boys basketball conditioning.

  This year’s team looks to be a very good and potentially great team for the Tigers. Looking to bounce back from last years season ending loss to rival Lees Summit West, the Tigers return many key players and have a lot of depth for this team to make a run at state. Here are my key players for the season.

01/26: Blue Springs South @ BSS and 02/19 @ LSHS/FH

Players to watch

  Sean Green: point/wing guard, great shooter, good ball handling, good at steals, need to improve on finishing in the lane

Prediction   My prediction for the season is very high for the Tigers. I believe LSHS will win one of the tournaments they play in and lose a maximum of two to three regular season games. With that I believe that Lees Summit will win districts and make a good run in state! So go put on some black and gold and go out and cheer on this years LSHS boys basketball team as this years squad can do some very special things. by Michael Rellihan photos by Kristina Hagan The students leave a long day of conditioning waiting for the season to start.

  Ladarrius Whitehead: small/power forward, great scorer, shot blocker, vocal team leader need to improve on posting up   Nate Schumacher: center, big presence, great post player, drawls fouls, need to improve on mid-range shot


Co-ed Collision Comparing girls and boys sports   High school means more than just learning and going to class, most students look forward to playing or watching their favorite sport. There are both girls and boys teams in high school, but as the year goes on it is the boys team that gets all the attention. Some students would say that the boys athletic program is better than the girls, but is that really true.   “There is not a lot of difference between the teams,” soccer Coach David Wiebenga said.   Both the girls and boys soccer team practice every day during their season. The big difference that the coaches have noticed is the way they micromanage the teams.   “I have found that the boys can handle criticism and positive reinforcement

Ace It. Jourdan Mercurio swings for the win during the state competition for tennis. “I was just enjoying the fact that i made it all this way. I played the best I could, but I was not really focused on winning,” Mercurio said.

photo courtesy of Stephen Bubalo

Swinging Hard One Lee’s Summit player qualified for state for the first time in over 21 years

Battle of the Sexes. Players from the boys and girls basketball team compete for the schools respect. “ If you like basketball then you will like to watch our girls play,” Coach Bubalo said.

better in front of the whole team, and with girls its better to talk to them in small groups,” Wiebenga said.   Wiebenga believes it is the history of the boys soccer program that draws people to watch the games. This year the boys team finished with a record of 17 wins and five losses, they also won conference for the second year in a row. Last year the girls soccer team finished with a record of 16 wins and six losses, they also won their second straight district title. With the recent successes that the girls team have had, both the girls and boys soccer team deserve the same amount of popularity.   “We practice for three hour during the pre-season and then we cut back to two hours during the regular season,” girls basketball coach Brian Bubalo said.   “We practice for two hours. During a practice we emphasize on fundamentals, and team concepts,” boys basketball coach Keith Miller said.   Both the boys and girls Basketball teams practice hard every day during the season, working on individual and team skills. The boys basketball team ended with a record of 10 wins an 16 losses last year, while the girls basketball ended with a record of 14 wins and 12 losses last year.   At the end of the day both girls and boys teams look pretty similar with how they practice, what they do during the practice, and their achievements. The students that say that boys sports are better have a lot to think about this year. by Derek Brooks photo by Kristina Hagan

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  Most people believe tennis to be a simple, effortless sport; just swing a racket at a ball and hope that it lands in bounds. But the truth is that tennis is a grueling, backbreaking sport and senior Jourdan Mercurio is the master of it.   “Tennis takes a lot of endurance. You have to run back and forth for almost two hours straight while having to place the ball where you want it to go,” Mercurio said.   Mercurio, who recently went to Springfield, Missouri to compete in state, has played tennis throughout her whole life so she knows when to push herself to her fullest.   “Jourdan did almost all of the work herself. She practiced constantly with her hitting coach and worked hard over the summer. As a coach, you want to say ‘Well, I did this and I did that’, but in the end there is no substitute for talent and Jourdan is a great tennis player,” head coach Jamie Voelker said.   There is no doubt that Mercurio excels in tennis. She is the first tennis player from Lee’s Summit High School to qualify for state since 1988 when Jill Chullino went all the way to the championship match as an individual.   “It feels really good to have gotten all this way. I worked all last year

to get to State, but it feels more like an honor to me than anything else,” Mercurio said.   She has the right to feel proud, too. To make it to state, a player has to go up against four or five of the best players in their district. It might sound easy, but when there’s no team to back you up when you’re down three matches and can’t move your racket any more, you realize just how difficult this sport is. In addition, Mercurio also has the chance to play the sport in college, something that rarely happens to high school students.   “It feels really good to know that I’m going to keep on playing tennis. Very little high school students get to play sports in college, much less, tennis, so I feel honored by this, too,” Mercurio said.   In any sport, the option of only going halfway is always a choice to the players, but once they hit that halfway mark, the question of their determination kicks in. They have the choice of fighting for what they want, even when there’s no hope, or backing down, even if they’re secretly yearning for it. This one determined girl from Lee’s Summit, however, will show everyone that she is willing to risk it all for that sport she loves. by Erin Rottinghaus photo by Kristina Hagan

Skating Through It All


A look at how local skateboarders are preparing for the winter seasons.

he sound of wheels rolling against the pavement, a snap of wood popping off the ground, and metal grinding against metal. All of this resonates at Lee’s Summit’s new Lea McKeighan Skatepark. Within each paved paradise, every skater probably feels like they are in their own world. But, as winter approaches, there is something new they will feel as they go out to skate.   As you walk out from your cozy home and into the outside world, it slaps you in the face. The cold weather can be unbearable, even for those who bundle in coats, gloves, and all type of accessories. For skateboarders it can be worse than just unbearable, so why go through with it? Two skaters here at Lee’s Summit High School, Junior Zach Munoz and Sophomore Jeff McIntyre, explain their reasoning for it and exactly what they do when they skateboard despite extreme conditions. “If its ever really cold, there isnt much I do besides put on an extra long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, and maybe some gloves.” said Munoz.   As for McIntyre, he said, “I just put on two t-shirts and a sweatshirt, nothing too extra.” Both of these skaters claim they won’t be switching to any other sports, and will stick with skateboarding year round.   “I’m not involved in any other sports, I’ll keep skating even though its cold out. Sometimes we will head to Derek James’ barn and skate inside.” McIntyre said.   Munoz added “I don’t do any other sports so I have to bear through the cold weather. Hopefully the new KC Indoor Skatepark will open soon and thats another place to skate at in the winter.”   If you have skateboarded as long as both McIntyre and Munoz have, you probably have a few unique stories of bad falls or skating in extreme temperatures.   Munoz mentioned “One time we were trying to finish up a video, so we skated in 17 degree weather and 30 mph winds.”   McIntyre said, “I had to get 9 stitches in my shin one time from trying to 50-50 on an 8-stair hubba.”   Munoz also said, “It takes a lot longer to warm-up when its cold, and your tricks aren’t as consistent, but it’s definately worth it.”   So as the winter draws near, and the days get colder, one thing is for sure for these skaters: No matter how cold it gets, they will find a way to skateboard. by Nathan Williams photo by Bradley Roberts

It’s Too Cold. In the winter most sports in Lee’s Summit can move to an indoor facility, but the skateboarder’s here do not have that luxury.

It is About Time


weets From a Twit. That was the original title for this article, and the purpose was to talk about how Larry Johnson is a constant problem and needed to be dealt with. That was when he was only given that minor punishment. However, the Chiefs must have read my mind, because they dealt with him soon after I decided to write the article. By dealt with him I mean they fired him.   Personally, I think the Chiefs waited too long to fire him. For those who do not know, the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was Johnson’s use of Twitter.   He tweeted, “My father played for the coach from remember the titans. Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefly. Our coach. Nuthn.” Johnson then went on to respond to messages from fans.   One person wrote,”… Hey LJ, is it Haley’s fault you fall when D-Linemen blow on you?”   To this, Johnson responded, “think bout a clever diss than that wit your (gay slur) pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.”   The gay slur that Johnson used is what got a lot of people’s attention. Johnson then went on

by Nate Day

to apologize for this word. His apology is kind of funny for one reason. It is not the apology itself, it was the almost exactly a year after he apologized for the situation which occurred between him and a women at a night club who accused him of throwing a drink on her. With these multiple off field situations, the Chiefs thought it would be best to release Johnson. Johnson was also 75 yards away from breaking the Chiefs’ rushing record set by Priest Holmes, however before his release, there was an online petition that asks the Chiefs to keep Johnson on the sideline so that he may not break the record.   When typing ‘Larry Johnson’ into Google, Google automatically brings up the most frequented searches. The words that appear most often after Larry Johnson include: Twitter, Slur, Twitter Slur, and Comments. Also, after you type in ‘PE after Larry Johnson, the petition to keep him from breaking the record is a frequented search. This just goes to show that Larry Johnson probably will not be remembered as a near record breaking running back for the Chiefs, more likely, he will be known as ‘That one guy who assaulted that girl,’ ‘The guy that made fun of his coach,’ and most likely of all, ‘That dude who used an inappropriate slur on twitter.’ JLABMAG.COM 33

Tiger Swimming High hopes for state champions

    As the team arrives at    the pool, a mix of emotions surrounds the swimmers and divers. Its the biggest meet for the team and they have prepared all season for this one event. They are filled with excitement, fear, and nervousness.   Garrett Nevels and Max Enquist are the two divers that represented the Tiger’s in state. Nevels who qualified at the first meet, was able to clinch sixth place at the state meet with his

signature 2 1/2 dive.   “I was really excited when I got sixth, even though I feel I could of done better,” Nevels said.   Kyle Adams the strong anchor of the swim team, swam in five different events. Adams took place in the 200m individual medley, 100m breast stroke which he took 14th overall, Medley, 200m free relay and the 400m relay. Adams was able to help the Tigers to take a 32nd overall place in state.   Cooper Flack and Jeffrey Beck are

the other two swimmers who swam in solo events. Flack in the fly and Beck in the breast stroke, these two also are helping in the Medley and 200m free relay.   “I’m really happy with the teams performance, we swam hard and made this a great year,” Flack said.   The Tiger swim team had three different relays that went to state. The Medley, 200m free and 400m relay. In the medley was Flack, Jakob Leaderbrand,

Adams and Dakota Ewigman. 200m free relay Flack, Beck, Adams, Ben Devilbess. The final relay is the 400m Devilbess, Christian Simpson, Adams and Leaderbrand.   “ We all swam great times, next year I think that were going to be able to take home state,” Leaderbrand said. by Luke Jarnevic photo by Kevin Adams

Timeline of an Athlete A perspective from senior athletes





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Honors and Awards:   Football: Three Varsity letters   Wrestling: Four Varsity letters, all conference, state participant Motivation: Determined to Win Favorite High School sports moment: Football: beating north   Wrestling: Beating opponent in last three minutes of first ever Varsity match. Future Plans:   Enroll at Pitt State for Construction Management and possibly play football. Preparation in the off season: Lift weights, stay in shape

Honors and Awards: Football- Two Varstiy Letters Track- Two Varstiy Letters Motivation: determined to win Favorite High School sports moment: Football- beating North and making it to the playoffs Future Plans: go to a four year college for PreMed Preparation Before a Big Game: Football- Thursday night ice baths to keep legs fresh. Preparation in the off season: lift weights, agility drills





by Miranda Vaughn


#11 and #24

Honors and Awards: Softball- all tournament team UCM 2008, three varsity letters Motivation: blasting music, thinking about winning Favorite High School sports moment: Softball- getting all tournament team in 08’ Future Plans: Attend Mizzou and major in atomospheric sciences Lucky Charms: #10 sweatband for Cahill Preparation in the off season: batting cages, competitive softball team

Honors and Awards: Soccer- four varsity letters, all conference, all district, defender MVP, all metro honorable mention Favorite High School sports moment: Basketball- having a record of 26-1 in 06-07 Future Plans: 4- year college at Missouri State or Mizzou Lucky Charms: Four leaf clover from a little girl at basketball camp Preparation in the off season:   What off season? There is no off season!

Fantasy League, Real Competition The new craze of fantasy football is taking over the lives of LSHS students.


s the NFL season is coming to its mid-point, LSHS male students are on FOX Sports, Yahoo Sports, and fixing up their fantasy football teams for the upcoming NFL week. Students, especially girls, are wondering what is the allure and addiction of fantasy football.  

“I love to play football, watch my favorite football players, and being at the top of my league,” said junior Davis McElroy. “I play in a church league and we had our draft at Buffalo Wild Wings. I also like to talk trash to them.”   There are many things to like about fantasy football. There is a live draft and players stats are shown every weekend. What some students dislike, however, on any given Sunday anyone can win, sometimes just because of sheer luck.   “The people in my league also like to play and watch football,” said McElroy. “We all trash talk with each other. Sometimes I’ve gotten in trouble for playing too much, especially on Sundays when i haven’t done my homework. I’m up late many times doing homework.”   The scoring system in fantasy football is very simple. Every time a player scores a touchdown he gains five points. When a quarterback throws an interception he loses three points, and for every 30 yards he throws, he gains one point.

Bitter Rivalry


For running backs and wide receivers for every 10 yards they gain, they are awarded one point. McElroy’s main players are quarterback Kurt Warner, running back Ray Rice, and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.   “I love to use ESPN,” said McElroy. “It shows me who I should start and about the injuries in the league. I love playing fantasy football and I would recommend playing it, it’s just a little too addicting.”   NFL season is at its highest point; LSHS boys are competing to have the best fantasy football team. The reasons that guys love to play fantasy football is because of the competition, having “guy time”, and to get away from everyday life. by Pete White Fantasy. Online Games are extremely popular to the male population at LSHS. But Fantasy football isn’t just at game, its a time for guys to get together and talk about football.

by Kassi Torrence

The ongoing rivalry between Lees Summit High School and Lees Summit North High School

ragging rights and a chance for the Lee’s students from LSHS switched schools and started Summit High School football team to go fresh. With two high schools in Lee’s Summit, to the play new friendships, offs for the first relationships time in 22 years and sports teams is at stake. It also were created. The happens to be the rivalry between the biggest game of original and the new the year, against exploded, especially Lee’s Summit during football North. This bitter season. rivalry appears   “North is our rival once a year and in everything, test everyone wants to scores too. We want be the school to to be better than chant ‘This is our them at everything,” town.’ Cross town football player Tyler rivalries take the Wigger said. already exciting   What many School Rivalries. Our football players work hard to gain game of football students do not every yard in every football game, the North game was no exception. Senipr Zach Wiseman said “The adrenaline and make it even realize is that the you get when competing against them because you more intense and rivalry does not just want to beat them so bad,”. by Tyler Bailes thrilling. start on game day. It   This rivalry is a week long thing. started when LSN was built and hundreds of It starts on Monday and proceeds throughout

the entire week. Schools and cars get tagged, students from the rival school tailgate in our parking lot, and tigers are even hung from the goal posts. These are just a few things that LSN did in preparation for this year’s game, yet LSHS students were classy and did not retaliate.   “LSN vandalized our school because they were afraid of what would happen that night,” senior Zach Wiseman said.   When Friday night came around, everything was on the line: the pride of the football players, the pride of the coaches, and the pride of every single person who attends or has attended LSHS. In the end the football team snagged a victory, restoring our LSHS pride.   “Even though North is our rival, it was a chance to go to the play offs, so it was on a higher level,” Wigger said.   Friday night football games may be over now, but there will always be a rivalry in everything else, too. This game will always be in people’s memories. It will forever be known as the game that got LSHS to the playoffs for the first time in 22 years, and finally gave students, staff, and fans the right to chant ‘THIS IS OUR TOWN!’ by Rebecca Wadle JLABMAG.COM 35

1) The flower on the binding of the book he is reading is gone. 2) The magazine holders on the shelf went from blue to red. 3) The leaves on the counter were extended. 4) The big dictionary on the top right of the photo is now gone. 5) The chair on the left side of the photo changed from purple to green. 6) The books on the shelf on the right of the photo are gone. 7) The Motocross magazine on the left side is blurry. 8) The after photo is cropped more than the before photo.

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Changes to keep score


after before

Second Look

Sophomore Nick Whitford reads New Moon, part of the Twilight Saga in the LSHS library. The movie version of New Moon came out recently, so check out the Hi.Life movie review on!

See if you can find the differences between the two photos!

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