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   

 

  

  

 


  


 

  2

HI.LIFE 2011








Page 6|Mr. Tiger

Page 10| Smallcakes

It is time to forget the cold weather, because a heat wave is about to hit tonight as a few senior boys take the stage to battle for the title of the new 2011 Mr. Tiger.

Check out this hip new cupcake joint, bringing flavor and flare to the streets of Lee’s Summit. Opened by Jeff Martin, a former cupcake war contestant, this bakery is bound to get attention.

Page 17|Oscars Review

Page 26|Bike Polo

When the Oscars roll around, we root for our favorites of the year while celebrities strut down the red carpet. The nominees for this year were all spectacular, and nearly every winner was a pleasant surprise.

Ryan Elrod spends his time differently than others, playing a sport not many people know about, hard court bike polo. Hard court bike polo is quickly becoming a popular sport.

Page 13 | Turmoil Over Seas Governments in the middle east face turmoil as thousands of protesters flock the streets in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and other countries. Citizens participating in these protests have been and still are calling for the immediate departure of the current governments in power. As protests end in some countries and begin in others, the world waits to see the outcome of the turmoil over seas.




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HI.LIFE 2011







  Motivational speeches given by coaches, teachers, and elderly people, and they typically occur in locker rooms, classrooms, and retirement homes. However, the two of us are neither certified to be coaches or teachers nor have we lived longer than 18 years. Yet here we are, on the verge of giving a motivational speech. Seniors need not read on, this is for the underclassmen.   Underclassmen, we’ve noticed a trend from the past four years as each senior class inherits the glory that comes with the final year of high school. In the 8th grade, the visiting seniors who came to encourage us to be active participants in the high school experience seemed so mature and talented. Then we actually began high school, and it was magnificent. The senior class was just as talented and mature as the one before them, all of the clubs were families, and everyone had a good time.   Our sophomore year was still a good one, but it seemed like the clubs began to decrease in size and familial bonds. There were definitely still very talented seniors, but everyone would probably agree that there were concerns for the next senior class, who had big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, some of those shoes would remain footless the following year.   Don’t get us wrong, we’re not hating on the seniors before us. Last year’s seniors were great, and we loved them. But some of you sophomores can still remember how talented and motivated the seniors before them were.   Which brings us to now. With the effects of recent budget cuts in the school district, we are worried about the motivational level of the incoming and future seniors. We want all of you to do extraordinary things in high school, but we don’t want anything keeping you from doing so.   As any parent would tell their child, we want you to have a better experience than we did. We want you to learn from previous seniors’ mistakes and rise above to make the year 2011-2012 and all following years the best in LSHS history. Good luck, this is your mission if you so choose to accept it. That is, unless the world ends in 2012 (lol).

PEOPLE who make it happen

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Big Kahuna. Mr. Tiger this year is a little different from years past. Instead of the normal 20 boys there are only 12 who decided to brave the stage. This has only brought the boys closer. “I’ve gotten close with the other guys, they are like my brothers,” Mr. Tiger contestant Chris Wilson said.


  It is time to forget the cold weather, because a heat wave is about to hit tonight as a few senior boys take the stage to battle for the title of the new 2011 Mr. Tiger.   “Our senators all grouped up into about four or five people and they had to make a poster and then they presented it to the whole senate, actually it was us officers who came up with the beach theme,” student senate president Claire Bohlman said.   Along with a new theme for this year’s competition, there has been another unexpected change. The PAC’s stage is usually filled with almost twenty boys, but not this year. Taking the spotlight this year will be a smaller group of only 12 courageous guys.   “We did expect a lot more guys to do it so that was kind of a disappointment, but it ends up being a really good thing because then all the guys can work together and be a team,” Bohlman said.   The boy’s teamwork is only getting stronger as each practice goes bye. The Mr. Tiger team has had a grand total of twenty-eight practices throughout their whole experience. Participating in these energetic rehearsals has almost made this small group of boys their own little family. Even though the boys are competing against each other for the Mr. Tiger title, they will not let that get between their friendships.   “I’ve gotten close with the other guys, they are like my brothers,” Mr. Tiger contestant Chris Wilson said.   The way each contestant handles the categories will have an effect on who will claim the Mr. Tiger title. The talent portion weighs heavily on most contestants minds as they try to decide what to do.   “The boy’s talents are going to really surprise a lot of people, they are very different but they are amazing, they are all very talented in their own way so the talents this year are actually going to be good talents. They probably won’t be the same you’ve seen as far as the football players getting up there and dressing like girls and cheerleading,” Bohlman said.   The boys take the stage tonight at 7:30 P.M. in the PAC. Mr. Tiger has always been one of the school’s biggest events of the year, and that trend is sure to continue this year.


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HI.LIFE 2011

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A Haub Photo gift certificate


Free bowling games at Summit Lanes

A Papa Murphy’s gift card


A Custard’s Last Stand gift card

One free yoga class at Zen Zone

by Shelby McNealy & Paige Seymour photos by Timmy Snook & Abigail Jones


Got Blood?



  Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood.   Last year, LSHS pulled in a total of 198 units of blood with the In one year, 14 million blood transfusions take place, each one Community Blood Center (CBC). Unfortunately, due to the snow day consisting of roughly three units (pints) of blood. That amounts on February 25, there was no blood drive this year. to about 42 million units of blood each year and only 15 million of   “The only time we could have rescheduled is in May and that’s those are donated. when we have all the EOC testing. Then we lose   “We need 580 pints a day to serve our our seniors halfway through the month and they community, so it’s important that if you are make up the bulk of our donors,” Wilson said. able to, make sure you donate,” National Honor Even though LSHS did not host a blood Society sponsor Kerri Wilson said. drive this year, it does not mean that students   With the need for blood at a high demand, should not donate at all. giving blood is a paramount importance to help   “I always think what if something happened to local hospitals, but some people can be hesitant me or my kids or someone special? That’s why it is to do so. In fact, 60 percent of the U.S. population so important to give blood,” Wilson said. are eligible to give blood, but only 5-6 percent   Donating with CBC can be done by setting up actually do. an appointment online or by participating in   “People think that they are going to get sick; another blood drive that is listed on the CBC’s they think it’s scary. Get a good breakfast and website. lunch and make sure your body’s hydrated, and   “We have always worked with CBC for our blood you will respond better. What’s really important drives. What’s great about them is that the blood is to make sure you drink water, though,” Wilson we donate stays in our community. With the said. others, the blood might end up being sold in Teas,   To be eligible, though, a person must weigh but with CBC, all the blood stays local,” Wilson a minimum of 115 lbs. and must be 16 years said. old or older. Any tattoos or body piercings must   Red blood cells can only live up to 42 days and have been done with a sterile needle and/or by a with the demand for blood increasing, giving doctor or that person is ineligible to give blood. blood helps meet the 580 units of blood that all If someone has had a cold, then they must be the 70 community hospital’s needs each day. Life Liquid. Although the National Honor Society blood drive was snowed out, students should still consider donating blood symptom-free for at least 48 hours before they by Erin Rottinghaus on their own time. “We need 580 pints a day to serve our photo courtesy of Mid-Content Library give blood. community,” NHS sponsor Kerri Wilson said.

Naka-kon Crazy


  Every year, there is an event in Kansas City, where they find people in crazy costumes, artwork, autograph sessions, and video games. Thousands of people attend this event to find things that are not available at any other place. This event lasts for only three days every year.   Welcome to Naka-kon, one of dozens of anime conventions held yearly throughout America. Anime is a growing popular phenomenon in America. It originated in Japan and is essentially animated television shows, but usually directed at teens or young adults. Its counterpart is manga, which are Japanese comic books. Manga is often televised, and then it becomes anime. There are some anime that people know and a few examples of them are Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, and Pokémon.   This year, Naka-kon was held from Feb. 1820 at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center. This year at Naka-kon there was approximately 4,000 people that attended. The main thing that Naka-kon is about, is to celebrate the

love that people worldwide have for Anime and Manga. The most popular way to do that is for them to dress up in their favorite cosplays, outfits that favorite characters of theirs wear in their shows, while attending Naka-kon.   LSHS has its own anime club. There are meetings every wednesday at 7:00am, that are either held at the Lecture Hall or the Library Media Center.   “At the anime club, we watch anime together, and go crazy over it together. The best part is, we are all friends, and this is our hangout time,” said Tatum Friedrich, president of the anime club.   Every year the anime club at LSHS attends Naka-kon. It is their ‘field trip’ so to speak, and the thing they look forward to most in the year. They look forward to seeing many other people dressed up in cosplay, deciding on what type of souvenir they want to buy, but mostly to just being with their great friends. That is what Nakakon is all about.

Naka-kon. 4,000 people attenend the great Naka-kon convention held at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in February. Many people dressed up with their friends as their favorite anime characters. “At the anime club, we watch anime together, and go crazy over it together. The best part is, we are all friends, and this is our hangout time,” said Tatum Friedrich, president of the anime club.

photo and story by Jesse Butler






THE STUDENTS OF LSHS HAVE SPOKEN. SAY HELLO TO THE NEW STUDENT COUNCIL by Wendy Hayworth photos by John Wood PRESIDENT, CHRISTINA JONES! How do you want to change senate? I want to change senate by making sure that everyone in (and out) of senate has their voice heard when making decisions. I want Senate to be more of an exciting and fun group, with a variety of people representing the school. Student Senate is a great opportunity to make the school and community a better place. Next year, I hope that we can take advantage of every opportunity to have fun things for the student body, and give back to the community that has always been so supportive of the educational and extracurricular opportunities we have.     What do you have planned for next year? I have a lot of plans for next year. The first change I would like to initiate is a new system for getting into Senate. In the past, it has always been the top 10 people with the most votes. For the next election, we have plans to have a weighted system that factors in other important aspects of being a good representative. The other areas that will be considered are teacher recommendations, attendance and GPA. Next year, I hope to add a couple more all school assemblies. Not necessarily spirit assemblies, but opportunities to hear guest speakers, perhaps around Veterans Day. I also plan on having a "House of Representatives", consisting of one representative from each club/organization. I plan on holding meetings for the House once a month, or once every 6 weeks. By having these meetings, the Senate will get to hear the concerns and questions of more clubs and groups in the school. It will also give us another way to get the word out about our plans. I also hope to maximize school spirit at school events with a new "Loud Crowd" system and new, fun black & gold spirit gear. Why did you run? I ran for president because Student Senate and Student Council has always been something that I have been excited about. I see this position as an opportunity to make the school a better place, during and after of the school day. In my three years at LSHS, I have witnessed fantastic presidents, and they have taught me a lot about how to be a good leader.  8

HI.LIFE 2011

What do you want the student body to know about you? I want the student body to know that I didn't run for president so that I could make every decision. I became president because it is something that I feel very strongly about. I feel that with the background I have from past presidents, the Student Council camps I have attended, and all of the support I have received, I can make difference. I want every student to know that I really do want to hear their questions and concerns so that I can be the best president possible. What is the hardest part about running? The hardest part about running was to hear some of the negative comments. I didn't expect to hear some of the things I did.  The experience really opened my eyes to how things needed to be presented. Good communication is really important.  Running was a great experience because I was able to experience wonderful support from my peers. Every time someone expressed support, or told me how excited they were that I was a candidate,  reminded me that it was all worth it. I appreciate the confidence of LSHS.  I will do my best to be a great president.

GETTING TO KNOW CHRISTINA What is your favorite color? Blue Do you have any pets? I have a little black pug named Jazzy. She is the cutest dog in the world, and all her snorting just adds to it. What did you want to be when you were a child? When I was a child, I thought I would want to be a teacher or doctor. What do you want to do after high school? I know I’ll go to college, but I haven’t even started narrowing down all of the options yet. What are your hobbies? Clubs? Aside from Senate, I run cross country and track, play the violin, Tiger Mentor, and I just recently joined robotics. What is your favorite food? Macaroni and Cheese New President in Town. Sugar, spice, and everything nice, Christina Jones is our girl. She is the next in line for the rigorous task of running our rambunctious school. Christina Jones worked all angles to get her job as Student Senate President.





Leaving to Learn- Every school day, some students leave the high school early, but these kids are not skipping out on their classes. Teenagers travel to off-campus career centers to get a jump start on their futures.

  Nick Manley is a student that heads out to Cass Career Center every day with a group of other students to participate in classes related to firefighting. Right now, Manley is studying the basics of the profession, such as rolling out fire hoses and other drills; but later in the year, he and his classmates will be gaining real-life experience by putting out an actual grassfire.   Cass Career Center in Harrisonville provides programs involving career paths such as farming, auto tech, construction, nursing and others. Going to CCC can help someone immediately jump into the career they choose once they are out of high school. Even though these classes seem to be college level, these classes can be taken during a student’s time at high school. Cass Career Center, like the other two career centers,

allows a student to gain a much needed unique learning experience that would enable them to get a head start on their career while still attending high school.   For the more technically inclined crowd, Summit Technology Academy would be the ideal choice. STA also offers many technology-oriented classes such as digital media technology and digital electronics. STA also provides pre-professional nursing and teaching programs. It is overlooking the new Summit Fair shopping center.   Anthony Clayton is another student who travels after fourth hour to a career center, Summit Tech, to further develop his already tech-savvy skills. Clayton is in the digital media technology class, which he says is a step up from the Advanced Broadcast class at our school. Clayton also mentioned the

Most of us know of the off-campus career centers available to LSHS students. But what may not be widely known is how much these centers can prepare a student for their career right after high school; like firefighting, nursing, and automobile technology. extensive use of new video editing software that he and the other students in the class have the opportunity to use while in class.   For those looking into the automotive or construction fields, Raytown’s Herndon Career Center specializes in automotive and construction programs. Some courses available to students are automotive mechanics and auto-body repair. As for construction, Herndon offers classes for carpentry, welding technology, and heating and ventilation.   So for students that are thinking of being immediately ready for the workforce right after high school, or if they just want to get a head start on the competition, then the many career center opportunities offered during high school are a very valuable and unique options.

by Nick Rellihan and Aaron Wood photos by Morgana Pena and from Associated Press








SMALLCAKES MEANS BIG BUSINESS   With lines out the door, people jam their way in craving the mouthwatering taste of this hip new trend. Making their way from the east coast, these decadent new treats are the latest fashion in both taste and hang out spots in Lee’s Summit. These delicacies are none other than cupcakes.   On Feb. 18 a new store opened at Summit Fair: Smallcakes. This trendy new hangout spot sells 15 different types of cupcakes, ranging from red velvet to birthday cake. The man behind the icing is named Jeff Martin.   “I’ve been baking since I was 16, growing up in Atlanta. After high school I went to culinary school, and then opened Smallcakes in Overland Park about two years ago,” business owner Jeff Martin said.   “Back in Atlanta cupcakes are a huge trend, and I realized that it hadn’t hit the midwest yet, and when my wife and I moved back to Kansas City, we decided to open a cupcakery and be the first on the scene,” Martin said.   Having grown up on the east coast, Martin was well aware of the newest trends, and got CATERING CUPCAKES. Smallcakes employees box up some cupcakes for the anticipating customers.


HI.LIFE 2011

a lot of training and experience in baking as a kid. However culinary school is not the only experience in baking he has had.   “We got a call from the Food Network at Smallcakes, and they asked me to be on their brand new show called Cupcake Wars. I felt crazy awesome because a lot of the people on the Food Network are big names from the coasts, and here I was a Midwesterner going on T.V.” Martin said.   Martin did not quite finish the show, but he got his name out there and appeared on the View after his debut, and was interviewed by Whoopi Goldberg.   The menu at this cupcakery is definitely a unique one. Martin tries to have 15 flavors on display everyday; although Lee’s Summit’s is not quite off the ground yet, he is in the process of getting out more flavors.   “My favorite cupcake would definitely be the red velvet cake. I got the recipe from my grandma and tweaked it a little bit to make it an official Smallcake. We give forks out with our cakes, because they’re really hard to eat without them.” Martin said.   These cakes are not only famous for their flavors, but the way they are prepared.   “Our cakes are unique in that they’re incredibly moist. All of the cupcakes are baked fresh everyday and are really big and filling, to try and give our customer the best product we can. We don’t freeze our cupcakes, but get rid of any that aren’t sold at the end of the day,” Martin said.   This new hangout spot at Summit Fair is certainly one of a kind. Being the innovator that he is, Martin tries to give his customers the best value and the best tasting cakes he can. With lines out the door, Smallcakes struggles to keep from selling out, making this new fad appear to be here to stay. by Jonah Graves and Tyler Robertson photos by Stephanie Rowden


Lee’s Summit’s Best



Price Range: $6.00-12.00   Panda Express is a great place for one who likes to be able to see the chinese food while they are in line and make sure the way it looks is the way they want it. It is also a good place to go if one likes delicious chinese flavored chicken. “The food is fresh and its a good portion, I really like it,” freshman Emonie Allison said.

Price Range: $5.00 - 12.00   Johnny Rays is great place for one who likes the theme of a 50s diner style restaurant. They are known for their genuine tasting fries, and their amazing burgers. They are also known for their thick and rich malts and shakes. “ I love the food, and the people who work there are friendly,” senior Joanna Hoy said.

Price Range: $4.00- 20.00   La Fuente is known for their fresh chili peppers, homemade salsas, and tortillas. La Fuente would be great for someone who likes traditional mexican dishes like tamales , taco salads, burritos , and fajitas. “It’s really good. I eat here all the time, and its not expensive,” junior Taylor Berg said.



Price: $3.50- 20.50   This is a great place for families who like outside dining, there is plenty of indoor seating as well. Also they are known for their friendly atmosphere and amazing barbecue sandwiches and ribs. “The sauces are great, I think it is a great place to eat,” senior Francisco Quezada said. by Tyler Wilmore photos by Stephanie Rowden

by Ronnie Thomas photos from Associated Press


SHOW: SHOW: SHOW: SHOW: B.o.B Drake Bell with Emily Three Days Grace Rod Stewart with Stevie PRICE: $45.00 Osment PRICE: $30.00 Nicks PLACE: James C. Olson PRICE: $39-95.00 PLACE: Midland Theatre. PRICE: $ TBD Performing Arts Center. Kansas PLACE: Midland Theatre. Kansas City, Mo. 64106 PLACE: Sprint Center. Kansas City, Mo. 64110 Kansas City, Mo. 64105 Date: April 2, 2011 City, Mo. 64106 Date: March 11, 2011 Date: March 27, 2011 Date: April 12, 2011 SHOW: SHOW: SHOW: Kenny Loggins Tim McGraw Bruno Mars and Janelle PRICE: TBD PRICE: $35-200.00 Monae PLACE: Midland Theatre. PLACE: Sprint Center. Kansas PRICE: $43.00 City, Mo. 64106 PLACE: Uptown Theatre. Kansas Kansas City, Mo. 64105 Date: May 28, 2011 Date: May 20, 2011 City, Mo. 64111 Date: May 28, 2011












HI.LIFE 2011




  Mohammed Bouazizi, a young, unemployed man living with his family in Tunisia, decided to write a note to his mother. In this note, he apologized for disobeying her and told her to blame the times, not him, for his actions. Then, on Dec. 17, Bouazizi walked down to the local municipal office, carrying some paint fuel. He stopped on the street facing the municipal office, lifted the container of paint fuel over his head, and he tipped it, allowing the liquid to soak through his clothes. Then Bouazizi set fire to himself.


ouazizi’s actions seem radical, almost crazy, but his self-immolation sounded the alarm in Tunisia. By the time he died from his burns on Jan. 4, Bouazizi had become a symbol, the martyr of the revolution in Tunisia.   Soon after his death, the Arab world in the Middle East and Northern Africa began to follow Tunisia’s example. In countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Bahrain, hundreds of thousands of protesters were out in the streets, calling for change in their countries’ governments. All of this ignited by the desperate act of one young man.   But what drove these people to erupt in protest against their governments? As it turns out, these people have suffered for decades under the dictatorships that have been established in the Arab world. Tunisia is a perfect example of this. Under the control of former President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisians experienced a stagnant economy and an astounding average unemployment rate of 20 percent. Even more surprising was the unemployment rate among the college-educated population, which was estimated at about 52 percent. To make matters worse, there was a growing problem with inflation, which led to rising food prices.   In order to suppress the growing discontent about his management of Tunisia, Ben Ali, like most dictators in the Middle East, decided to develop an authoritarian political system, preventing political opposition from taking office or voicing its opinion. For a long time, the majority of Tunisians decided to let their anger stew beneath the surface, but once Bouazizi’s photos and story spread across the internet, the people decided that enough was enough. Ten days after Bouazizi’s death, Ben Ali was forced out of office and out of Tunisia.   Egypt was the next country to revolt against the 30-year dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, the President at the time. Egypt, like Tunisia, was dealing with high

inflation and a rapidly growing unemployment rate, only on a much larger scale than Tunisia. Following the lead of Tunisia, on Jan. 25 Egyptian protesters marched into Tahrir Square, in the center of Cairo, calling for the removal of Mubarak. The police were sent in to disperse the crowd, which eventually led to violence in the streets of Cairo. For the next couple of weeks, the number of protesters in Cairo continued to grow, until finally, on Feb. 11, Mubarak was forced by the Egyptian military to resign and leave the country.   The situation in Libya has been by far the most deadly. Libya has been under the control of Moammar Gaddafi for over 40 years, and has been under an autocratic lockdown for the majority of that time. Gaddafi has been accused of many human rights violations, such as public executions of political prisoners. On Feb. 15, when around 200 protesters in Benghazi marched to the police headquarters to demand the release of a political prisoner, the protest was violently broken up by the police, causing more than 40 injuries among the protesters. When news spread about the violence, the revolutionaries in Libya decided to take military action, and attacked the central military encampment in Benghazi. After three days of fighting with Gaddafi’s army and Gaddafi loyalists, the revolutionaries succeeded in taking over the base. In the past couple of weeks, the revolutionaries have been successful in securing the area around Benghazi, which is on the eastern side of Libya, and are attempting to forcefully remove Gaddafi from his stronghold near the Libyan capital of Tripoli.   As the revolutions in the Middle East and Northern Africa continue to grow, the United States has taken multiple positions on the situation. For the most part, the U.S. has taken a hands-off approach, while making public suggestions that the countries’ leaders, such as Mubarak and Gaddafi, should allow the people to express their opinions.

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  However, in dealing with the unrest in Bahrain, the U.S. has decided to support the existing monarchy as long as Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the current king of Bahrain, gives more liberties to the Bahraini people.   These multiple positions have put the U.S. in a precarious position. If these revolutions were to succeed in overthrowing some of the dictatorships in the Arab world and establishing their own democracies, it would not be because of any help from the United States. Some analysts fear that this lack of support for the emerging democracies will damage relations with these new governments. Others point to the U.S. involvement in Iraq as a reference to what happens when the U.S. tries to get involved




DEC 17 Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisunian fruit peddler, douses himself in paint thinner and sets himself on fire in front of local municipal office after his fruit cart was raided by police

DEC 22 A 22-year-old man electrifies himself to death in a protest over unemployment

DEC 27 Police and protesters scuffle during a protest in the capital city Tunis

2011 Key Tunisia Egypt Libya


HI.LIFE 2011

JAN 2 The hacktivist group “Anonymous” strikes a number of Tunisian government websites, temporarily shutting them down



with the governments of Middle Eastern countries; they feel that the best way to handle the situation is to allow the Arab people to discover democracy on their own, rather than having the U.S. force it upon them.   Whether or not the revolutions are successful in bringing about democracy in the Arab world, the protesters in the Middle East and Northern Africa have proven themselves willing to stand up and fight for their rights. As one of the last bastions of dictatorships in the world, the people in the Middle East have begun to remove the autocracies that have reigned over their region for decades, and have taken the initiative in gaining their liberation; all because of one man’s sacrifice, in the desperate cry for freedom.

JAN 25 Protests begin, inspired by Ben Ali’s downfall, calling for President Mubarack to step down

JAN 29 Mubarack makes changes in the personel of his government but refuses to step down. Curfews are being ignored as thousands flock the streets

JAN 14 Tunisia’s president flees to Saudi Arabia

JAN 5 Mohamed Bouazizi dies of his burns

JAN 17 A new government is put in place, but a few of the former president, Ben Ali’s loyalist remain in key positions

JAN 27 The prime minister announces a reshuffle of the current cabinet, dropping the old loyalist to Ali

JAN 28 The amount of casualties and those wounded increases. Mubarack extends a curfew to all cities


MOAMMAR EL-GUADDAFI How long? 42 years Current Government: Republic ALI ABDULLAH SALEH How long? 33 years Current Government: Republic


JAKAYA MRISHO KIKWETE How long? 6 years Current Government: Republic

MICHEL SULIEMAN How long? 3 years Current Government: Republic

HAMAD B IN ISA AL KHALIFA How long? 6 years Current Government: Republic

FEB 16 Riots in Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, break out demanding release of human rights advocates in Tripoli FEB 11 Mubarack steps down

JAN 31 Egyptian army refuses to use force against peaceful protestors. After-curfew protestors in Tahrir Square call for Mubarack’s removal

HOSNI MUBARAK How long? 30 years Current Government: One Party State Wanted Government: Democratic

FEB 28 Rebel forces in Zawiyah held off Gaddafi’s forces consisting of tanks, aircraft, & troops

FEB 21 Helicopters and fighter jets are seen bombarding Tripoli

FEB 17 Protests begin all across Libya FEB 25 Gunfire is used to disperse protestors in the streets of Tripoli

FEB 26 Snipers were used to fire at unarmed civilians in an act by Gaddafi to show he is still in power

FEB 27 United Nations Security Council calls for an investigation for war crimes committed by Gaddafi

MAR 7 Antigovernment forces begin to lose hope of a steady march to Tripoli as they continue to fight with tanks, fighter planes, and helicopters MAR 4 Gaddafi widens forces and moves them toward antigovernmentcontrolled parts of eastern Libya

MAR 1 United States closes the Navy on the Libyan coast









hen the Oscars roll around, celebrities prepare their acceptance speeches and whip out their evening gowns while we sit down and root for our favorites of the year. The nominees for this year were all spectacular, and nearly every winner was a pleasant surprise. Best Actress in a Supporting Role: I was 100 percent for 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld to win for her performance in True Grit. She is young, though, and being nominated for her first movie is quite the accomplishment. Melissa Leo, The Fighter, was the winner. Best Actor in a Supporting Role: In The King’s Speech, Geoffrey Rush played a vital role, the king’s speech therapist, and he did it extremely well. I was all for him, but Christian Bale (The Fighter), won instead. He did a great job as Mark Wahlberg’s trainer and brother, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. Costume Design: Picking the winner for Costume Design had to be one of the easiest choices to make out of any category. The King’s Speech and True Grit both had very authentic wardrobes. The Oscar, however, went to the unique, bold, and somewhat extravagant costumes of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. Original Score: It was tough to decide whether the unique score of The Social Network or the suspenseful score for Inception would win. The Academy decided The Social


HI.LIFE 2011

Network would get the the Academy had a different Oscar. choice. David Seidler was Original Song: After awarded his first Oscar for hearing the nominees for The King’s Speech. Original Song performed, I Adapted Screenplay: I was sure “If I Rise” by A.R immediately fell in love with Rahman and Dido and Rollo Joel and Ethan Coen’s Armstrong from 127 Hours adaptation of True Grit. I just would be chosen. Instead it knew, however, that was Randy Newman’s “We Facebook would win Belong Together” from Toy everyone over. Aaron Sorkin Story 3. accepted the award for The Best Animated Feature Social Network. Film: The nominees for this Best Director: Most category are all awesome thought David Fincher would movies. Toy Story 3 was at take the win for The Social the top of my list since my Network but I predicted Tom generation has practically Hooper would win for The grown up with Woody, King’s Speech. The winner? Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, and Tom Hooper. all the other wacky toys. It Best Actress in a was exciting to see that it Leading Role: Natalie brought home the Oscar to Portman did an exquisite job loud applause. in Black Swan, Best Animated Short playing Nina, a ballerina who Film: Short films do not slowly becomes mentally usually get as much unbalanced from all the attention as other pressure she faces as Swan categories, but this year, Queen. I was definitely there were several hoping that she would win well-known ones. I rooted the Oscar. When her name for Night & Day, which I was announced as the thought was really winner, I do not think many creative and cute, but The people were disappointed. Lost Thing won the gold Best Actor in a Leading statuette. Role: Viewer polls Visual Effects: The last predicted Colin Firth would year has been full of win for his phenomenal movies with crazy cool performance as a stuttering visual effects. I thought king in The Kings Speech. either Harry Potter and the James Franco, however, was Deathly Hallows or a close second for 127 Hours. Inception was going to win, The polls were correct. Colin and sure enough, Inception Firth gratefully took home won the prestigious award. his first Oscar for Best Actor. That was not shocking, Best Picture: Before the because Inception is full of award show, I was mind-bending special positive that The King’s effects and amazing Speech was going to win in visuals. this category, even though Original Screenplay: The Social Network swept up While Inception’s a lot of awards at The Golden screenplay was my pick, Globes. In the end, The King’s with a storyline unlike any Speech did take the ultimate movie I have ever seen, prize. Pictures from AP Images by Mary Jo Roccaro and Lindsay Nelson


The Drowsy Chaperone


he winter musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, was a different type of musical than director Micah Hensley usually puts on. The Drowsy Chaperone is a show within a show.   The audience is introduced to the narrator Man in Chair (senior Nick Wilson) in the first scene. Man in Chair is the loquacious and witty character that introduces the audience to the show within a show. He invited his “guests” to join him as he listens to a recording of one of his favorite musicals, The Drowsy Chaperone.   He puts the record on and, rather than simply listening, the living room of his apartment is transformed into a stage of its own.   The The Drowsy Chaperone Man in Chair is listening to is a musical set in the 1920s about a betrothed leading lady, her somewhat-of-an-alcoholic

chaperone, and an engagement gone awry.   Robert Martin (sophomore Nik Andrews) and Janet Van De Graaff (senior Jill Williams) are to be married. Robert’s best man George (junior Vince Woods) and Janet’s chaperone (senior Olivia Lynn) are supposed to keep the couple from seeing each other before the wedding. Robert is fighting cold feet, George is struggling with finalizing wedding plans, Janet needs to hear Robert say he loves her, and Chaperone is more focused on where the bar is whether Janet stays in her room.   A French accent from Janet, a slip on Robert’s part, and the engagement is off. This is a relief to producer Feldzeig (senior Kyle Adams) who already had two gangsters (sophomore Ben Velasco and freshman Andrew Wright) that were threatening to off him if Janet

married and a ditsy pursuing actress named Kitty (junior Brooke Myers) to deal with.   Before the engagement was cancelled, Feldzeig hired the extravagant Aldolpho (senior Brendan McKenna) to woo Janet. The brash and woozy Chaperone had just been rambling about her loneliness when Aldolpho burst into the Bridal suite. Chaperone took advantage of Aldolpho’s assumption and said the she was the bride.   Two characters that are not really significant to the plot of the show, but are very comical aspects, are the cooky Mrs. Tottendale (senior Holly Harris) and her sarcastic butler Underling (freshman Daniel Verscheldon.) One of the funniest scnes is when the two are discussing how ice water would be code for vodka at the reception. Mrs. Tottendale says she needs a glass of water.



Based on the context of the conversatuon proir, Underling poors her a glass of vodka. Spit-take after spit-take after spit-take.   The Drowsy Chaperone is, in fact, a muscial though, so, of course, love prevails in the end. Everyone gets married, well, except for George. Robert and Janet make up, Aldolpho and Chaperone, Mrs. Tottendale and Underling, and even Kitty and Feldzeig are to be wed. Conveniently there was a pilot, Trix (senior EllenSpaar), who could legally marry them.   In the midst of everything Man in Chair would interject his opinions, make comedic remarks, and even act alongside the characters.   The witty comments were timed just right, and the acting and singing overall made the show wonderfully enjoyable. The 90 minute runtime hardly seemed long enough. by Lindsay Nelson with Audrey Stezler and Ashley Hagan photos by Elaine Fouchia

Wedding Bells Will Ring Meet Cute. The audience is introduced to the cast and plot of The Drowsy Chaperone through a musical number entitled “Fancy Dress.” Each character has his or her own line in the song that introduces who he or she is and how they are involved in the plot. For example, Robert’s line is “I’m Robert, the Bridegroom. I’m here to marry Janet, the star of Feldzeig’s Follies whom I love a lot.”

Accident Waiting to Happen Rules of Engagement. Robert, Nik Andrews, had a case of pre-wedding-day gitters and attempted to calm his nerves by dancing a tap number. His Best Man George, Vince Woods, says dancing is far too dangerous, but to go for a skate instead. Rules are, however, Robert is not allowed to see Janet before the wedding. George ties a blindfold around Robert’s eyes to prevent him from accidentally seeing his bride-to-be.

Show Off No More. Janet Van De Graaff, Jill Williams, is a leading lady. Getting married, however, means giving up her life of fame. With everyone questioning her decision, she sings a ballad to prove she is done “showing off.” The irony is, she shows off in every way as she sings the song.

Man in Chair Main Man. Man in Chair, Nick Wilson, is the main character of The Drowsy Chaperone. He is the narrator. His ironic and witty commentary makes each audience member feel a part of the show. Several times the Man in Chair recites the other characters’ lines as they perform.





Spring Forward

As the weather is warms up, so should your look. Shake off the lingering winter blues by introducing a fresh-faced, glowing look to your makeup.


Play up your eyes by drawing a thin line on your upper lid with a brown liner (Clinique Quickliner, $15), extending to the outer corner. Using shimmery eyeshadow, (Clinique Surge Eye Shadow Duo, $18), apply the beige shade to eyelids from lash line to brow bone. Apply the brown shade to the crease and outer corner. Add intensity with a volumizing black mascara (Clinique High Impact Mascara, $14.50) to lashes, wiggling brush as you coat.


Warm up your face with a natural-looking, rosy blush (Clinique Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher, $20). Thin, long faces should apply the blush behind the apples, blending to the temples. Fuller faces should apply the blush directly on the apples, extending out and up.


HI.LIFE 2011


Moisturize with a liquid foundation (Clinique Supermoisture Foundation, $24), starting at the center of face and blending out and down. Finish with a light, oil-free powder (Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, $20) for an all day coverage.


Add subtle shine with a sweet smelling, nude gloss (Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15, $14). This juiced-up gloss can last up to 8 hours, all while protecting against harmful sun rays.


Spring Couture


It is time to pack away scarves and sweaters because the dreary winter weather is almost over. Now is the time to start putting together a spring wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions on what pieces to buy and how to put them together. written by Tori Carlile photos by Tish Sjuts

Leopard Tank

Ruffled Blouse Every girl needs a flirty feminine blouse in their wardrobe. Pair it with a jacket, as shown above, for those chilly spring mornings. This top paired with cute sandals ties the outfit together and completes the look.

Salmon Jacket A colorful jacket is a great piece to have. It is easily paired with a cute blouse, or add a different colored shirt underneath that compliments the jacket to show versatility.

White Sandals

This eye-catching top is an excellent choice for spring. It has a bright colored leopard pattern that shows boldness and adds excitement to a spring wardrobe.

As shown these white flower sandals are cute with just about anything. Have fun with footwear this spring. JLABMAG.COM




He said She said

THIS ISSUE, THE FEATURES AND OPINIONS EDITORS HAVE DECIDED TO COME TOGETHER AND SHARE OUR THOUGHTS ON LACROSS.   Baseball, wrestling, softball, tennis, soccer, golf, track, football, swimming and diving, and cross country running are all sports that have made themselves prominent at Lee’s Summit High School. Now there is a new player on the field, lacrosse.   Of all the sports that could have been chosen, why lacrosse? It is nothing more than a mash up of football and soccer. They threw in some extra equipment, such as the stick or ‘crosse’, downsized the ball to a solid mass of rubber the size of a tennis ball, and called it lacrosse.   In someways, I think it is just a pointless thing for our school to have. We do not even play on a competitive level. So what is the point in paying all this money to fund a sport that will not actually go anywhere? There is none, it will probably just die out within a year or two. Then everyone will eventually forget that our school was even a part of something like lacrosse.   However, while it is here, perhaps the students will enjoy it. I mean, what it not appealing about getting whacked in the face with a force so great it knocks you off your feet only to writhe on the ground in pain? Not to mention your attacker only gets a one minute penalty while you are escorted towards the medical bench. So not only is this sport a waste of funding, it is also a potential danger to the well-being of those students participating in it.   Now, some of you out there may think that football is clearly more dangerous than lacrosse, and how could I argue with you when your statement is 100 percent correct. Football is far more dangerous in my opinion. But on the flip side, those who play football are better conditioned to play and do well at it. Where as those playing lacrosse just decided to do it for fun. If they go up against a seasoned player, they could easily get demolished.   So even with so many students choosing to play lacrosse, is it really wise to risk injuries that could prevent you from playing anything again? The answer, probably not.

The Inbox


HI.LIFE 2011


by Opinions Editor Kevin Adams by Features Editor Mikayla Frommer

  There are a lot of ‘traditional’ sports that are played at our high school, but there has not always been something like this. Finally the school is branching out of the mainstream sports and is now trying something different. I am glad to say that the new sport at our school is lacrosse.   Lacrosse is definitely an interesting sport, it is basically a combination of elements from both soccer and football. This would be a good choice for anyone who rather enjoys the strategy and skill required to play soccer along with the force that is necessary in football.   I think that this game could be a great way to loose some builtup stress too, because people can be a little bit more violent when playing lacrosse than they can be when playing in a soccer match. This is also a positive thing for all of the girls that never get the chance to be on the football team.   Also, the Lee’s Summit High School Lacrosse team is just like all of our other sports. The team members have to pay certain fees in order to cover the price of their jerseys as well as any other necessary equipment required to play the sport. So how is it that much different from being on one of our other teams?   However, one of the downfalls that the team has is that there is an extra fee that has to be paid. This fee is due to the U.S. Lacrosse Club, if you want to play, you have to pay. The U.S. Lacrosse Club does this in order to keep track of all the people who play the sport. It does not matter whether they are in a major or a minor league, the U.S. Lacrosse Club makes sure they know who is doing what. So it is bad that this club costs a little bit extra, but all of our clubs still have fees to pay.   All together though, I feel like lacrosse is a really cool sport and people should not put it off without giving it a shot first. So If you do not want to pay a fee for the school team and end up not liking it, play it with some friends first and then try for our schools team if you have found a new sport to love.



  A lot of things at Lee’s Summit High School are awesome, but one thing that many students complain about is hallway traffic. Half of the time that kids are tardy it is because they say that they could not get through the freshmen in the b building lobby. Or perhaps it was because the breezeway was crammed with people just standing around and talking to some of their friends. Now teachers are not even allowed to let you slide for tardies due to the “crackdown”.   I have an idea on how to fix this. For one, more people could be around during passing periods to keep the kids out of the middle of the hallways and making them continue onto their next class. Another thing I think would help is to let the external parts of the school out of class 30 seconds before those who are in classes more towards the internal areas of the buildings. Doing this will allow those students enough extra time that is needed for them to get to class even when they are genuinely trying to get to their classes and so that tardiesKatie would not become a by sophomore Brown problem.


Staff Editorial



  For many years LSHS students have been helping fund LSW and LSN athletic department without even knowing. The three high schools in the R-7 district, all combine gate receipts from games and split the money evenly to among the three schools. In the past, LSHS has brought in significantly higher income from gate receipts.   Many are probably saying this is not fair, and we agree. LSN has been around since 1995, and LSW since 2004. We believe this has been a long enough time for them to become self reliant in supporting their athletic department. If LSHS is bringing in more money from our student body, and parents, LSN and LSW need to follow suit and get more students to their games.   In LSN and LSW’s defense, they say there will not be enough money to up keep their fields, and buy team jerseys. We feel that they should promote their sports team better if they want bigger turnouts on their game days.   Athletic Director Dan Schnell, defends the districts choice to pool gate receipts. He believes that as we are a district, funds should be split evenly between the three schools in all fairness. Schnell believes we have top notch school spirit, which is most of the reason we have higher gate receipts, more people, and more money.   Some of LSHS’s funds come from the Booster Club. Unlike gate receipts, our Booster Club profits go to our teams and is not split among schools. We think this is fair due to the fact our players are selling the product, and should get the money we raise.   According to Schnell, we annually bring in more money than the other two schools, however, this year is an exception. This year’s schedule was a key role in LSHS not making more money than our sister schools. The schedule was key because this years home games were not by Jacob Valentine the usual highly anticipated ones such as LSN and LSW. illustration by Madeline Moore-Porter   With all of this information, and knowing all sports gate receipts are split among the three schools, We believe it is time for LSN and LSW to begin providing for their own sports teams.

Do you think that LSHS should support the sports Man on the Street Question: programs at LSN and LSW? by Jake Deperalta





“Yes we should help North and West with finances because each school should have equal amounts of money in sports. If one school has more money than the other it is not fair”

“No, this is not fair because if we have made our own money from selling more tickets than the other schools then we should be able to use it how we want and also on what.”

“It is not fair that we should have to give up the money that we have made from selling tickets so we should keep the money because we sell more tickets than the other schools.”

“No, we should not support North and West with our ticket sales. If we made the money because people like our sports more, then we should be allowed to keep what we have made.”









Editorials Youtube’s Top 10 Videos

Lady Gaga Lately



  Over the years, Youtube has become the kingdom of online video sharing. Millions and millions of people view and share videos on youtube everyday, so one has to wonder what are the top online videos? Last year Antonio Dondson’s “Bed Intruder” song topped the list with over 47 million views; who will be number one this year? Here is a look at the top 10 videos that I believe are most entertaining on Youtube.

2010 TOP 10 YOUTUBE 1.

50 Tyson

Total views: 3,650,313 2.

Who You Finna Try Total views: 966,779



Greg Jennings

Total views: 3,958,548



Worst Cry Ever

Total views: 430,752 5.

Bed Intruder Song

Total views: 47,000,000 6.

Put it Down on Me Total views: 384,810



Scarlet Takes a Tumble Total views: 18,930,023 8.

Fat Boy Cries

Total views: 14,402 9.

Chocolate Rain

Total views: 63,576,482



Shawt Bus Shawty

Total views: 20,320,575


g Kim Tabe   Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, is most popular for her unusual style, pop-disco music, and outbreaks in the music industry. Lady Gaga burst into our music scene in early 2008 with her hit single, ‘Just Dance.’ Lady Gaga’s fans enjoy the way she expresses her music and style. Gaga was looked upon as a songwriter and singer with a unique talent and personality.   There are not many artist in the music industry like her. She has brought a new kind of music to listeners. Gaga’s uniqueness is what attracted music listeners from the beginning; however, some have said that it is time for her to think of a new style. “ I think that Lady Gaga is very unusual and extreme. I am not a fan of her because I think that she is just weird, and her music is not something that I like to listen to.” Junior Tiffany Comer said.   Lately there has been much skepticism of Lady Gaga. Due to many subliminal images put in her music videos as well as her blatant acts of sexual sinfulness, many feel that her shine in the spotlight has dimmed down. “ Her music videos are disgusting. It should be rated-R. I do not like watching her videos because they gross me out.” Freshmen Emonie Allison said.   Gaga’s recently released song, ‘Born this Way’ has sparked a huge amount of controversy. The overall narrative of the song is a message of inclusion, tolerance, and human rights for all; however, her lyrics have offended many listeners because they feel that she is pushing for gay rights.The controversy surrounding this song now has many questioning her career. Is Lady Gaga simply a one-hit wonder? Have her days of being in the music industry expired?   Gaga lovers are on a mission to make sure that her pop-disco, feet tapping, fist-pumping music tops the chart. “ I love Lady Gaga. She is my favorite artist. I do not think that her lyrics are offensive. I like her music, and the way she expresses herself.” Junior Charlie Cox said.   When Gaga performs, she always asks her fans a question, “Why can’t we just have a good time like they did in the disco days?” Gaga lovers can agree that her music has that disco feeling that they all love to move their hips and pop their fingers to; however the opposing side can agree that we are now in the 21st century; so therefore, the disco days are over. It has been said multiple times that it is time for Lady Gaga to trade in the weird outfits, crazy hairdos, and outrageous pumps. It is time for her to find a new niche and a new style.

The Hi.Life is an open forum to provide up to date and pertinent information compiled by high trusted publication that raises the bar of high school journalism. The Hi.Life newsmagazine is a readers is to provide credible, reliable, and unbiased information to the student body. None of the of the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District. We strive to create a professional newsmagazine that

HI.LIFE 2011

school journalists. We will be a bold and student led publication. Our obligation to opinions in our publication reflect the views provides accurate insights and entertainment.

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Expires Mar. 31, 2011 JLABMAG.COM




Processed Meat THE REAL FACTS ON PROCESSED MEATS AND WHAT THEY DO TO THE BODY   A lot of students are not educated about the food they consume on a daily basis. When kids think that they are attempting to eat healthier, sometimes they are doing the opposite. Processed foods have changed the way Americans eat. Donna Staggs, the school’s nutrition services manager, gives insight as to the processed meat that is in the school cafeteria.   “Most of our products are processed items. An example of a processed meat served for the school lunch would be the chicken off the bone. The chicken fajita is processed only to a certain extent because it is pretty much still in its form,” Staggs said.   Blakely Powell, a registered dietitian, sheds light on what processed meat really means.   “Any meat made with nitrites or with fillers. A label might say there is 20% added. Generally any meat that is not organic is processed to some degree. People wouldn’t typically know that deli meat and chicken breast are processed.”   However, students should not worry about the food they are consuming in the cafeteria.   “It meets all the USDA standards. Each menu is calculated to have a certain amount of every component of the meal according the state requirements,” Staggs said.   Processed meat is made with nitrites known as carcinogens, which are cancer causing agents. Also, meat that is processed usually comes from farms that use antibiotics and growth hormones in their animals.   “These are health risks although the government would still say it is safe for

consumption. There are many unhealthy things this does to our bodies. I encourage people to eat as few processed meats as possible,” said Powell.   Processed meat also includes nutrition facts that should be considered.   “The protein levels will be the same. The difference is in the chemicals, fat, and sugar. Processed meats sometimes have added fillers that contain fat. Avoid high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenation oils. High fructose corn syrup actually changes our brain chemistry to tell us we are not satisfied and we are still hungry, so we eat more,” Powell said.   There are several other alternatives to eating processed meat, even in the cafeteria.   “Beans could be used in place of meat. They are high in protein and fiber, which is good all together. If a kid is a vegetarian they could have soy bean burgers. We do have some kids in LSHS that are vegetarian, and sometimes they feel like they are limited to only peanut butter and jelly, baked potato, or yogurt as their meal. We also offer the grilled cheese sandwiches and the mozzarella dippers. It’s just bread and cheese and doesn’t have meat product in it,” Staggs said.   Powell also had some advice on what to eat instead of meat that is processed.   “Eat organic foods, or foods without nitrites, hydrogenated oil or high fructose corn syrup. Read the labels. Eat food that is in season. My recommendation is to watch the movie Food Inc.,” Powell said.   Students should be cautious about what they are eating. Hopefully most of them will take the care that is needed to know what foods they are eating, and what the effects are to their health.

“Generally any meat that is not organic is processed to some degree. People wouldn’t typically know that deli meat and chicken breast are processed.”

by Haley Gillilan photos from Associated Press

Not So Meat- Every year there are tons of meet that are processed and packed with preservatives. Many people do not know how this affects them and their bodies. In fact, many people do not even think about the food they put into their bodies. People need to be cautious with the different types of food that they consume.


HI.LIFE 2011


Blood Types and Diets


WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS FOR THE BLOOD TYPES OUT THERE WHEN TRYING TO LOOSE WEIGHT   In society, appearance is pushed on teens along with everyone else exposed to the media. The media sets the bar of what looks good, and what does not. With the bar set so high, it has people striving to reach it and going to drastic measures to do so.   Looking good is not about wearing a certain size of pants or style of clothing, it is about feeling good about ones self. Most diets out there generalize the diet plan to fit everyone but when looking at people everyone is obviously different so one diet does not fit all. Everyone has a certain blood type and with that type there are certain ways a person should eat to lose weight and to stay healthy. Dr. Petter D’ Adamo has developed this diet and talks about it in his most resent book Eat Right For Your Type. The blood type diet is about eating what each blood type can process at a faster rate. Blood Types

Good Foods

Your Type. Dr. Petter recently came out with his book Eat Right For Your Type. This book is about how everyone’s blood type is different, and how people should eat in order to lose weight. Each blood type can process at a faster rate, so the blood type diet is about eating right for your blood type.

Limited Foods

Foods To Avoid

Foods That Help

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit

Grains, beans

Wheat, corn, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, lentils

Seafood, salt, liver, spinach, red meats, broccoli

Type A

Grains, beans, fruit, seafood, vegetables

Don’t overdo foods that help with weight loss

Red meats, dairy, wheat, lima beans

Vegetable oil, soy foods, pineapple, apples

Type B

Meat (except chicken), dairy, grains, beans, fruit, vegetables

Corn, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat

Greens, eggs, liver, licorice, pineapple, tea, grapes

Type AB

Meat, seafood, dairy, tofu, grains, fruit, vegetables

Red meats, lima Seafood, dairy, greens, tofu, beans, corn, pineapple buckwheat.

Type O Meat Eaters


Balanced Omnivore

Mixed Diet





Bike Polo, just like any other sport, presents it’s own challenges, ““Many high skill players can pick up their mallets if they drop it without getting off their bike. Balance is a skill that is needed to successfully play bike polo, because you have to steer and brake with one hand while holding your mallet in the other,” says Elrod.

Polo Popularity

photo courtesy of KC Bike Polo



Ryan Elrod spends his time differently than others, playing a sport not many people know about, Hard Court Bike Polo. Hard Court Bike Polo is an increasingly popular sport in the United States and Europe.   “Like any other sport bike polo is played with two teams and the object is to score more points than the other team. The first game can be three to five points, this depends on the number of people playing,” said Elrod.   A standard game of bike polo consists of six people, three on three. An average game lasts 1015 minutes, depending on the skill of the people playing,


and the goals can be made of two cones or a hockey goal.   “Bike polo can be as expensive or as cheap as you want. You can buy an expensive bike and/ or equipment like many local players. Bike polo is a contact sport and the equipment can be easily broken,” said Elrod.   There is a catch to bike polo, however; the player cannot put their feet on the ground while playing. If one drops their mallet or falls off their bike, tapping in is required. Tapping in is to keep players from putting their feet down. If it was allowed then the game would not be as challenging. The designated spot for tapping in is agreed upon before the game begins by the two teams. Common places to

tap in are either sides of the middle of the court or a fence.   “Many high skill players can pick up their mallets if they drop it without getting off their bike. Balance is a skill that is needed to successfully play bike polo, because you have to steer and brake with one hand while holding your mallet in the other,” says Elrod.   Any bike can be used for bike polo, and a mallet is also needed to play. The mallet consists of two parts, the mallet head and the mallet shaft. Nike sells mallet heads and the shafts are normally made from old ski poles, which can be found at a local thrift store. Covers for the bike wheels are also recommended to protect the

spokes and the rims.    “There is no certain age for bike polo, it is easily accessible, flexible, and can be competitive. Anyone who can ride a bike can play. Bike polo can be played anywhere. A lot of players use street hockey courts, flat parking lots, and parking garages, sometimes we play on flat roofs. Bike polo is fun, sometimes people will bring grills and radios and will grill and listen to music while their friends play,” says Elrod.   Bike polo is played in many places around the United States. Many people are learning more about the sport and are learning how to play it. Tournaments can be set up by going to the national bike polo website. by Ashley Burrison and Jennifer Rhoades

To learn more about bike polo or to start playing visit or


HI.LIFE 2011


One Word: WIN




There is nothing like hearing the crack of the bat, the punch of braking in a new glove, and the whoosh of the pitching machine, at 5:30a.m. The LSHS baseball team is at it again preparing for their upcoming season with a very simple but demanding theme for the 2011 season, WIN.   In order to be apart of this baseball team the season begins months before tryouts. The season began weeks ago where individuals have been able to come in at 5:30a.m. and get a jump start on all of their basic fundamentals. Although the coaches are not allowed to actually coach at these mornings sessions they still take a lot of time to observe every individual player from freshman through seniors, which will give them an idea of what their upcoming season may be like. Even though it is only individual workouts the boys are already trying out to prove they deserve a spot on the LSHS baseball team.   With the upcoming season approaching Coach Mellody already has a good idea of what the competition is going to be like.   “I believe that our toughest competition this year will be blue springs south, and Lee’s Summit West,” Mellody said.   For most sports teams there is always something they look towards achieving for every season. The motto for the baseball team is quite demanding but very simple.   “This season I have one simple theme to win!” Mellody said.   Tryouts for the team began on Mon. Feb. 28 at legacy park, weather permitting. For Varsity, games will begin on March 21 at 3p.m. against Oak park.   The LSHS baseball team is excited and already preparing for a winning 2011 season. The boys have come to realize that 5:30a.m is not so bad after all and the more time they put in the better the results.

Meghan Rothschild didn’t think indoor tanning would hurt her. She was wrong. UV light from indoor tanning, especially when exposed at an early age, can increase your risk of melanoma... the deadliest form of skin cancer. That’s what Meghan developed when she was 20 after being a frequent indoor tanner since she was 17. Current estimates show that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer. Do you want to be the one... like Meghan? Indoor tanning is out.

story by Miranda Vaughn and Michelle Hurley photo by Zac Harris

Hi Life Takes a Look at:

Senior Jared Simmons 77 Inches From Head to Toe Total Weight 195 Pounds Playing Baseball for 11 Years 10 Number of Years Pitching

To read Meghan’s skin cancer story go to



Cheerleading Tryouts

Underclassman show what they’ve got to impress the panel of judges.

1 3

4 6

1. Yell It. Senior Samantha Wood teaches the underclassmen the motions and words to the cheer they have to preform. 2. Cheer Bow. There are many things that identify a cheerleader. The one most people remember is her bow. 3. Jump On It. There are many jumps a cheerleader can do. The most recognized is a toe touch. 4. Watchful Eye. Senior Shelbie Morris watches the underclassmen as they learn the dance they have to preform at try-outs. 5. Handstand. Senior Megan Cornell shows off her handstand to everyone at try-outs. 6. Number One. Junior Charlie Cox works on the cheer he has to show to the judges. 7. Toe Touch. Junior Krista Joersz jumps and hits her toe touch. 8. Tumble Time. The cheerleaders have to try-out with running and standing tumbling. 9. Work It. The underclassmen learn their dance at tryouts.


5 7





March 2011  

Monthly newsmagazine published by Lee's Summit High School.

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