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The Origin Story of Mr. Tiger

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  Spring is just around the corner. The air is warming, the flowers are blooming, and change is in the tides.   Spring has long been symbolic of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings. Now is the time to reflect. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What steps do you need to take to get there?   Now, I am going to give you a little bit of advice. I am not an expert. I am not technically qualified, but I am speaking from experience. When it comes to deciding who you want to be, make sure that it is who YOU want to be. Do not let someone else tell you how to live your life.   These are the most important years of our lives. This is when we find out who we are and who we are meant to be. If you spend all of your time worrying about how others perceive you, then you will never move forward in life and never discover who you are.   The sad truth is that society sets standards that they expect you to follow. While some of these standards may make sense there are some that do not. We are taught to believe what we are told. Yet, not everything we are told is true.   If you want to do something, go out and do it. The only thing holding you back is you. Want to learn a new skill? Do it. Want to change a bad habit? What is stopping you?   At this point, I am beginning to ramble. I guess this is where I should give a little bit of my backstory in order to prove that I am speaking from experience and that I do kind of know what I am talking about.   You see, my family was never really around. My mom did her best, but it is hard to be a constant figure in your child’s life when you are juggling going back to college, two jobs, and no support from other family members. Now, add raising me to that pile. My family was simply not a part of my life.   Now, I was little. So, naturally, I thought it was my fault. Somehow, I was not good enough. Somehow, I had done something wrong. I could never be what they wanted me to be.   I am now 18 years old, about to attend my dream college, and I would say I am doing pretty well with my life. I have realized that it does not matter what others think of me. What matters is what I think of me.   So, believe me when I say, live for you and no one else. This is your life and your time to shine.








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Oftentimes, depressed people feel alone and misunderstood. With so many misconceptions, it is hard to know what is real. The Night of Hope is going to change that. Many changes occur during the four years of high school. Some students grow more than others. Meet Zakk Fowler and learn about his amazing transformation. Beat the Hipsters and know the next big names in music before everything else. Give these bands a listen and embrace the hipster phrase: “I knew them before they were cool.”

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Dial-up may be gone, but technology sometimes does not move fast enough. Put an end to phone and computer lagging with these helpful tips and ideas. The annual showing of Mr. Tiger has returned with a heroic twist. Seniors don their masks and capes this Friday. Get the exclusive backstory of Mr. Tiger. The second amendment gives Americans the right to free speech. What does that mean for the average teenager? Hear what one student thinks.


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Slavery still exists for 27 million people. Club 121 brought students attention to the ‘End-it-Movement’. Learn what can be done to end slavery for good.



Heartbreak can disrupt the daily life in many ways. There may be more to the sadness than binge eating ice cream and blanket cocoons. The snow is gone and spring is just around the corner. Check out these up and coming fashions and get ahead of the style game. The secret identity of this year’s Mr. Tiger is about to be revealed. Cover designed by Wendy Hayworth.



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Tiger Store The Tiger stores in Building A and Building B have added some new items. There are new long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts available as well as a variety of other tiger items ranging from decals for your car, to tiger lanyards.

Project Grad Project Grad is an event sponsored by the school and PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) designed to be a safe and fun choice available for all seniors to attend on the night of graduation. It takes place at the UCM Recreation Center. Businesses around Lee’s Summit are helping donate, students can say the words ‘Project Grad’ at Buffalo Wild Wings on any day, or at Habanero’s or Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt on Thursdays for a portion to be donated to the fundraiser

Summer School

Summer School is a great way for students to take classes they are unable to fit in their schedule for the school year, or to make up a class and help get the credit they need to graduate. This year’s summer school is held at Lee’s Summit West High School June 2 to June 18 from 7:20 a.m. to noon or on June 19 to July 8 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. You can find more information about online enrollment online at

Online Classes The online classes available are an opportunity for students to take classes that they normally cannot fit into their schedule. To sign up for online classes visit Powerschool/ Parent Connect and click on the registration icon.

Operation Prom

Operation Prom gives students the opportunity to donate different items used for prom to possibly win a variety of prizes ranging from Prom Tickets and a free hair styling, to a rental limo and a restaurant gift card. Items that students are able to donate include dresses, dress pants and shirts, ties, shoes, and suit jackets. If you are interested in donating, bring your item to the A Gym March 22. Written by Tanner Schulenberg Photos by Mariah Walkenhurst and contributed

UPCOMING EVENTS - APRIL 8 NHS Induction The seniors are about to leave and the juniors are stepping up. Celebrate as the top of their class join the ranks of the National Honor Society. JLABMAG.COM HI+LIFE NOW 06

12 Prom This year’s theme is Fire and Ice. Kick up the heat at the John Knox Pavillion from 8 to 12 pm. This event is for juniors, seniors, and their dates.

29 Academic Awards The school year is wrapping up and it is time to celebrate your achievements at 7 p.m. in the PAC




rypto urrencies

By Chance Copeland Photos by Eden Fitzgibbons Designed by Sydnee Pointer

An innovation that may bring an end to physical currencies.

n the past few years of economics, there has been an innovation that could forever change the world. There could be an existence that ceases to need physical currency – a world that runs predominately on electronic transfer of funds from one account to another, using currencies, other than those issued by the government, for simple things like a bouquet of bright red roses or a cup of hot coffee. With recent creations in the world of money, this may not be far off, and the new currencies responsible for all of this economic excitement are known as crypto-currencies.   Crypto-currency is a type of digital currency that is based off of cryptography. Cryptography is a way of keeping data safe. If a computer is broken into, any data encrypted or protected by cryptography is safe from the eyes of the hacker. This means that crypto-currency is almost impossible to counterfeit because it requires a cryptographic signature every time currency is transferred. Each user has a public and private key making the coins easy to transfer from one person to another as long as they have the key.   Safety is not the only benefit to cryptocurrency.   “Apparently Crypto-currencies have a heavily protected source and cap on how much currency will be in circulation,” economics teacher Curtis Cook said. “So you don’t have to worry about the government inflating the value of the currency, which they do in order to affect the economy.”   Cook explained that this could have implications for economic policy if cryptocurrency ever replaced government-backed fiat money (any money that is considered to be legal tender). Although anything is possible, Cook said that replacing legal tender with crypto-currency is unlikely.   Crypto-currencies vary in many ways from the traditional dollar. They are created to function as money, and depending on what a person is looking to buy and where

they are looking to buy from, they can be exchanged for goods and services. In reality, there is a lot of math behind this currency actually having a value.   “Crypto-currencies are limited in the quantity of the currency. That’s what makes it valuable,” Cook said.   The values of crypto-currencies can be unstable and change as often as every day, thus making it a risk for businesses that accept dollars as payment to start accepting crypto-currencies as well.   CNN recently covered the story of a man who has brought the use of cryptocurrency to a new level. Matt Thompson, a firm believer in crypto-currency himself, decided to put his vacation home up for sale using dogecoins. A dogecoin is a ‘litecoin-derived’ crypto-currency that is known for having the Shiba Inu as its logo. Dogecoin was created by a former engineer from IBM, Billy Markus, who had hopes of reaching more people than the investors who controlled Bitcoin’s economy. Dogecoins are each worth about a tenth of a penny. Thompson listed the home for sale for 100 million dogecoins, the equivalent of approximately $135,000.   Although there are advantages to using all crypto-currencies, there are a few specific advantages to using bitcoins in particular. Do to the low fees involved with using bitcoins, they have grown in being accepted as a “medium of exchange.” There is also a global benefit to using bitcoins, in that they involve no exchange rates when going from one country to another. It is slowly becoming a more efficient way to travel without carrying cash. As for its creation, the bitcoin protocol theory was first published on October 21, 2008 by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. He was interested in creating a decentralized currency, and although it is a great theory, due

to the fact that many of these currencies are in their beginning stages and have fluctuating values, it would be a gamble to assume that a person could live entirely off of a crypto-currency.   Even after taking all of cryptocurrencies’ successes into consideration, there have also been a couple of major failures. Days after Mt. Gox (one of bitcoin’s largest exchanges) filed for bankruptcy after a theft that translates to almost 500 million dollars, the Canadian Flexcoin bank closed after its own 600 thousand dollars were reported stolen. The currencies aren’t insured because they are not government-backed, which means that the companies effected will likely not recover from their losses.   Despite concepts and technologies that still have some growing and solidifying to do, this new innovation brings the world one step closer to a place where physical currency may become extinct.   “It almost has [already become extinct],” Cook said. “The Mint makes much less physical currency than it used to. Every time you swipe your debit card, no dollars are used.” Cook shared that while numbers are being transferred among accounts, no paper money is involved. “It’s just not a crypto-currency,” he said. But who knows, that could be next.


Designed by Jesse Butler Written by Ashley Hagan Photos by Wendy Hayworth and Kennedy Potter

END IIT Over a century has passed since it’s ‘end‘, but the struggle against slavery rages on


ery few people Instead of having the freedoms around the world they were promised, though, know that slavery is the people come to work and still going on today. live in inhumane conditions Not the form of slavery that is while attempting to pay for their commonly known throughout voyage to the country. history, but new types coming   “END IT Movement is up throughout organizations that Slavery is being the world. Human overlooked around are coming together trafficking is the to end slavery and the world because human trafficking to most common people don’t have a expose what it is,” type of present day slavery, and it good idea of what Koontz said. needs to end. common day slavery END IT was   “Slavery is introduced two is, “Koontz said. happening all years ago at an event around the world. It can be called PASSION, where 25,000 described as anyone who is college students came together trying to take away someone’s to promote the movement; now life,” senior Frankye Koontz said. they are reaching out to the   Different types of slavery world and trying to gain support are currently going on in 161 for the cause. countries around the world.   “This year at PASSION they Examples of modern day slavery decided that the day to best include organ trafficking, labor represent the movement should trafficking, sex trafficking, child be February 27 because there trafficking, and exploitation of are 27 million people in slavery any kind. around the world,” Koontz said.   “Human trafficking is a very   This year the movement was common form of present day recognized more. Celebrities slavery; it involves taking people including music artists, Olympic from other countries and making athletes, and NBA players got them work illegally here in involved and drew a Red X America,” Koontz said. on their hand to show their   Human trafficking takes participation in bringing people away from their home recognition to the END IT country by promising them a Movement. better life by coming to America.   “Slavery is being overlooked around the world because people JLABMAG.COM HI+LIFE NOW 08

Frankye Koontz and other students band together against the atrocities that continue on today, scribing the red X onto their hands to show their support to the movement.

don’t have a good idea of what common day slavery is,” Koontz said.   Two years ago, Koontz’s parents introduced END IT to her. Being a leader of Club 121 she decided to enlighten them, and they brought the cause to the school.   “People need to raise awareness and be a voice promoting justice and freedom,” Koontz said.   The problem will not end by simply being aware of it, but people can take action. Some ways to help the movement are by donating money to any of the organizations listed on the

website (including The 21 Campaign, Free The Slaves, Not For Sale, World Vision, and many others). Anyone who still wants to help, but is unable to donate can visit the END IT Movement website for more information and to take the pledge to end slavery.   Slavery can only end when people who are willing to stand up for what they believe confront it. The mission of this movement is to prevent this from hiding in the shadows and bring it forward. It is time for people to shine a light on slavery, and END IT.

For more information on how to contribute to the cause, go here.

Designed by Jesse Butler Written by Jessica Brammer




Personal Safety How can we guarantee safety?


eople are being watched everywhere, if we are not constantly alert we could be one of the many that does the right things, but at the same time could also be doing the wrong things, or in most cases, could be somebody’s victim. The things you do, you need to do with caution. We as individuals have the right to use reasonable force including deadly force for the protection of our own personal safety.   However, we can’t always control our safety. One very important thing to remember is that, if you are ever in an abusive relationship you need to get away immediately and search for help.   Abuse of any kind needs to be told and taken care of. The best thing to remember is to play the ‘What if ’ game. What if I were to being followed? What if someone were to come up and grab my arm? From here, your mind is going to feel almost like a filing cabinet and will instantly go to the fight-orflight file if you are ever being threatened or placed in any dangerous situation.   Without preparation, your body is more likely to freeze up and not know what to do, from there your brain will go into panic

Tips to protect yourself when in danger.


mode. This will make you the weakest link and in most cases your attacker will be a bigger person, which makes you less likely to fight back unless you are capable to fight amongst yourself.   It is also very important to remember that anyone is capable of being in charge of their own safety. You are never “too small” or “not strong enough” to take charge and protect your own safety, you do not always need a weapon, there are many alternatives you can use small items such as pens, flashlights, perfume and strong hairspray.   We encourage everybody to take at least one self defense class in their lifetime. Even though it might not be the very first thing you want to do, it won’t hurt you to take about 30 minutes to an hour of your time to learn protection. It will be life-changing.   There are many dangers that are possibly lurking around the next corner, but by building an awareness to what is around, they can be dealt with or even avoided altogether. Not everyone in the world has a kind and gentle soul, but being prepared and aware can lead to a much more definite, safer life.

1. Another simple technique is to break your attackers foot by stomping as hard as you can, treat it as if you were trying to flatten a coke can, if this procedure is done correctly, you might be lucky enough to break a few bones. Can be used if attacked from behind.

2. You can also use your keys as a great source to jab an attacker in their eye. 3. Go for the eyes! The eyes are the most sensitive part on a person’s body. You can simply fingernail into their eye.

Some personal safety tips you need to know now. 1. Do not put yourself in dangerous situations, such as dark alleys, bad areas of town or late-night places. Pay attention to places where someone could hide. 2. Never go anywhere alone. Unless you are going somewhere that you have to go alone, always be extra aware of your surroundings. 3. While walking/jogging do not text or wear headphones with loud music. 4. Always listen to your common sense, for example if you are running alone at a school’s track and you suddenly feel like you’re being watched, go somewhere where there are more people around. 5. Be aware of your body language, make sure it shows a sense of confidence; act alert and look like you know where you are going.


Night of Hope Standing up to mental illness.

  Statistics show that suicide is the third leading cause of death in the United States and that 2/3 of people with depression don't get the help they really need.   Well, LSHS is here to say enough of mental health stigma. Through the organization called To Write Love On Her Arms, we are here to bring you a night of hope.   This Night of Hope will be filled with wonderful guest speakers, including a social worker, a police officer, several testimonies from students, and much more. Together, we are going to help end the stigma and help show the world that it is okay to need help. There's no need to be ashamed of struggling with a

Worldwide more than

350 million people suffer from depression.

20% of Americans have an anxiety disorder

mental illness, instead it's okay to get help. Help us spread the word of hope and healing!   The date is to be announced. The preceding days will host an information table selling bracelets and on the day of the event NAHS students will be painting ‘love’ on people’s arms.   In addition to our presentation, we will also be having an art auction in the Lecture Hall. All proceeds will go back to TWLOHA and the people who really need help.   If you are unable to attend this event, but would still like to donate to this cause, you can do so at: fundraise?fcid=296513

Every 40 seconds someone in the world commits suicide. For every male suicide attempt there are 3 female attempts. Males commit suicide 4 times as often as females. 14-24% of youth and young adults have self-harmed at least once. 4% of adults will occasionally self-harm. Males ande females report similar rates of self-harm. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America and the 3rd leading cause in Americans aged 15-24. More than 30% of LGBTQ kids have attempted suicide. More than 80% of those diagnosed with major depression can be treated and return to their usual activities and feelings Sources: JLABMAG.COM HI+LIFE NOW 10

Photo by Julia Ngega Design by Wendy Hayworth Staff interview with senior Kora Wilkes

Warning Signs • •

Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves. Looking for a way to kill themselves, such as searching online or buying a gun. • Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live. • Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain. • Talking about being a burden to others. • Increasing their use of alcohol or drugs. • Acting anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly. • Sleeping too little or too much. • Withdrawing or isolating themselves. • Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge. • Displaying extreme mood swings. Source:

Seek help as soon as possible if you or someone you know exhibits any of the above signs.


Written by Haley Townley Photo by Makenna Nickens Design by Cara McCauley

The weights have been lifted for this student, in more than one way. Hard work has paid off big time, and more changes are continuing to happen.


igh school changes students in many ways. It has changed Zackk Fowler, in ways he believes are for the better.   “Freshman year I was very thin and I was into wearing skinny jeans and band tees,” Fowler says.   Now Fowler is far from the thin freshman he was. He can be seen at the gym every day.   “Over time I realized how ridiculous my friends were,” Fowler said   High school has taught Fowler how to rely on himself. No one can be trusted.   “The people I called my friends freshman year either stabbed me in the back or just wanted someone to party with,” Fowler said.   He decided to change his life so that he would not push himself into something he could not get out of.   “Some people are just really rude, and it has caused me to be less outgoing,” Fowler says.   People picked on him for being outgoing, and that made him change who he was.   “I was so unhappy with my life that I didn’t want to see other people who were outgoing.,” Fowler said.   Last summer a friend gave Fowler a free bench press, and that is when his whole life changed.   “I used it in many ways,” Fowler said.   He used the bench press for deadlifts, squats, and forearm exercises.   “I also increased my calorie intake and I opened my mind to stay optimistic about weight,” Fowler said.   Fowler is glad that he was once who he was freshman year, but he doesn’t want to go back to that person.   “I do not miss the old me, but I

would not change who I was” Fowler said.   He could have gone down a completely different path if he did not meet the people he met and do the things he did.   “If the old me never existed the new me would have probably turned into something completely different,” Fowler said.   Fowler cannot explain how glad he is that he changed. “It opened so many doors for me,” Fowler said. He has been able to choose which people are beneficial to him, and which ones are hurting him. “I’ve gained many more friends and people who look up to me for the adversity that I’ve overcome,” Fowler said. Fowler wants people to know that without motivation or purpose life is nothing. “It is very important to find something you enjoy and do anything you can to bring it to your door step,” Fowler said.   High school is getting students ready for their lives. Slim to Swole Freshman year was the start of something new for most students, but for Zackk Fowler, it was out with the old and in with the new. Comparing this picture to now, Fowler has doubled, if not trippled in size, and continues to grow day by day. Photo provided by Fowler.


Sunny’s BP

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FREE 32 oz drink with any purchase

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Expires 4/28/14

Expires 4/28/14 137740



Be able to find Iran on a map. Know what the city council is up to behind closed doors. Find out how to make an icebox peanut butter pie from scratch. Get it all in the newspaper, print or digital, because a little depth looks great on you.



Smart Content_(cafe)_9x11_bw.indd Black






Written by: Morgan Jenkins


Design by: Annelise Hanshaw


A First Listen


Better than first love. Music will not gain weight and go bald. Song: ‘Mother We Share’ Genre: Electronic, Synthpop Vocalist- Lauren Mayberry Keyboardist/vocalist/guitarist- Iain Cook Keyboardist/vocalist- Martin Doherty

  Artist at a Glance: Mayberry, Cook, and Doherty, all previously parts of other bands or professions, joined together under common talents and Mayberry’s hypnotic voice. Their unique tone is described as pushing the boundaries between softness and power.   “…Sweet and sour contrast is the key,” said Mayberry.   Chvrches premier song, ‘Lies’, debuted on Youtube twelve months ago. Since then, the band mates have traipsed from the quiet underground scene to playing headline tours, setting stadium performance dates, and earning one of the top five song slots for the BBC Sound of 2013. Their skyrocket success is only the Song: ‘I Believe’ Genre: Alternative, Pop-Rock beginning. Vocalist/guitarist- Chris Greatti   Artist Assessment: Haunting, poignant, enrapturing, wholesome, all adBassist- Jon Paul jectives that describe ‘Mother We Share.’ Not only has the song stormed the Drummer- Mike Montalbano charts in both the States and the U.K., but it has invaded top slots in multiple countries around the world. Mayberry’s sweet and cutting voice adds lightness   Artist at a Glance: New York, the city of dreams. Amid to the song’s weighty electronic/synth beats; it elegantly melds with Cook lights, hopes, and barely scraping by, Basic Vacation found and Doherty’s keyboarding and backing sound. The lyrical aspect of the song theirs. is entrancing as well, leaving the listener snared within feelings of hope and   Artist Assessment: Up lifting, up-tempo, and soon bitterness. All in all, Chvrches has hit the music scene with a punch of originalto be the newest up starts. With sounds that reminisce ity and high interest. Their mark will not be brushed away soon. Star Sticker of modern alt-pop bands: American Authors, Bastille, Rating: 4.5/5 and New Politics, Basic Vacation play their way towards prominence with I Believe. At the moment, their sounds So similar they could be related. Other artists one may enjoy: are not necessarily breaking the mold, rather blending The 1975- Song: ‘Robbers’ with the rest of the bunch. Greatti’s vocals are breezy with Passion Pit- Song: ‘Take a Walk’ a punk whine; similar to All American Rejects’, Tyson Haim- Song: ‘Forever’ Ritter, and the instrumental arrangement is addictive but MSMR- Song: ‘Hurricane’ not necessarily novel. Nevertheless, ‘I Believe’ still bops. Paired with its catchy chorus, the song is a surefire spring/ summer smash, setting the stage for further listens and future fan girls. Star Sticker Rating: 3.5/5

Basic Vacation So similar they could be related. Other artists one may enjoy. American Authors- Song: ‘Believer’ Foster the People- Song: ‘Coming of Age’ Bad Suns- Song: ‘Cardiac Arrest’ Neon Trees- Song: ‘Sleeping with a Friend’

Check these bands out online at


Story by Gabriel Spaulding Photos by Garrett Stroginis

Technology By The Numbers


of Americans ages 19-29 use the internet.

1 in 7 people use microsoft office.


of A m own erican ad cell p u hone lts s.

Skype users use up to...


Billion information from: -%202%2023%2012%20-%20Wisdom%20 2%200%20-%20figures%20about%20 tech%20PDF.pdf bythenumbers/index.html JLABMAG.COM HI+LIFE BEAT 14

Future Technology

Everything in the future is chrome.   Many people believe the future will be the cliché world of flying cars, robots, and hoverboards. In this story, a more realistic take on the future will be shown.   People often look at the future as an advancement for technology. It’s often depicted with many different types of advanced technology, such as different methods for transportation, entertainment, work, etc. It is looked as an opportunity to help the environment by some.   “I think that we’ll go to a lot more of voice recognition things, I think that everythings going to be touchscreen, I think our cars are going to get even smarter. Things like that,” said business teacher Shannan Booth.   Some people believe businesses will change in the future. Businesses could broaden their resources by becoming more social, different types of advertisement, etc.   “People that these businesses hire are going to have to know how to use the technology that these businesses are going to use.” said Booth. “I see a lot of people working from home and eliminating that workspace all together.”   Social networks are believed to be a huge part of future development.t is used to help advertise for some businesses, keep in touch with distant relatives, and show people’s interests. But slowly, social interaction is changing and its becoming difficult for youth

to communicate through letters or face to face interaction.   “People have a hard time communicating face to face because of social media,” Said Booth. “I think our ability to communicate face to face is suffering, because of technology, and that’s how I think its going to be in the future too.”   Transportation in the future will be a key factor. Many different possible methods of transportation include more advanced cars, planes, boats, or even hovercrafts.   “Transportation has the potential to become more automated with driverless cars and planes,” said assistant principal Michelle Edwards.   Computers are getting more and more advanced along with everything else. The creation of the laptop made computers more portable. Yet, computers are becoming even easier to transport and are capable of much more.   “Computers will become smaller, more portable, and affordable for the average person,” said Edwards.   Though the future seems far away, it’s a lot closer than many people think. Technology is advancing everyday, becoming smarter and smarter. Soon enough, people will depend on technology, and things won’t be the same as they are now.

Speed up your computer or phone


Story by Jared Shepherd, Photo by Julia Ngega

Helpful Tips Overclocking


increasing the clock Overclocking is a process that involves of a processor or other rate or speed, as well as the voltage, ponents of a computer components of a computer. Many com video cards. Bear in and may be overclocked, including RAM void the warranty may ting mind that overclocking and over-vol warranty the k chec on certain components, so it’s best to may be needed er cool new a beforehand. It should be noted that age the dam may er cool before overclocking, as using a stock ers cool d Goo ut. outp component because of increased heat to used g ckin rclo Ove . can be found online for as low as $25 with easy e mad is but be a very tedious and difficult process, AMD’s OverDrive, and prog rams such as MSI’s Afterbur ner, a phone is also possible, but AS Rock’s OC Tuner. Overclocking have been rooted. only on Android based phones that

Slide to u


De-bloat Operating System

Most operating systems today are fille d with prog rams that create a larger than necessary load , don’t have many customization options, or aren ’t any use to most users. The solution to this is to ‘debloat’ the operating system. In other words, to remove bulk y prog rams and background apps and replace them with better, lighter prog rams, and delete prog rams that see no use. In debloating an operating system less RAM is used when the system is not under load, meaning that the system will operate quicker. On smartphone s this can also help to conserve battery life. Full de-bloat ing guides can be found online with a quick Google sear ch.




Optimize PC for Performance

In systems, the default setting is to optimize for aesthetics rather than performance. There are also many programs that open on startup. A number of these are not necessary right away. There are settings in the control panel that allow Windows to optimize for performance and disable certain startup programs. Power settings should be changed to high performance instead of energy saver when running from an outlet. Computer cleaning programs like CCleaner can help to increase speed by deleting junk files and registry errors. Defragmenting and error checking drives, as well as deleting temporary files can help to speed up hard drives.

Be Realistic

Not all PC’s perform the same, and older systems are going to be sluggish, some beyond the point where no amount of optimization will help. There are three possible solutions to this. The first is to install a Linux based operating system, as they are far less of a load on a system than Windows or Mac OS, but can be difficult to install and get accustomed to. The second is to make small upgrades to an old computer, like adding more RAM modules, or a video card for dedicated graphics. These are both fairly cheap and can breathe new life into a computer. The final option, when all else has failed, is just to buy a new computer. No system lasts forever and at some point upgrades have to be made. 15 BEAT HI+LIFE JLABMAG.COM

MARVELS Written by Angela Lenhardt - Photos by Kaytee McLucas and Julia Ngega - Design by Wendy Hayworth


senior boys put all of their hard work to the test as they compete for the title of ...


MR. talent





Marvel just got a new superhero and his name is Mr. Tiger.

Only one will come out on top .

  They are big and strong. They are American icons. They have millions of adoring fans. They can do things none of us can even dream of. People wear their shirts all over school. Soon they will have a contest of strength, smarts, and abs. Only one will come out on top. These super humans are none other than a group of senior boys competing in Mr. Tiger coming to our school in just two days this Friday.   “It is a fun night and you get to see people you know up there. The boys will get dressed up, answer questions, have a talent show, and the audience gets to choose who will be Mr. Tiger. It cost seven dollars and that money will go to the school and goback to the student body one way or another,” Mr. Tiger director Karla Thompson said.   A good superhero always has to make an amazing entrance. Mr. Tiger is going to make an entrance no one will forget.   “The opening act is going to be the bomb diggity,” Mr. Tiger candidate Philip Maggio said.   The boys have been preparing for Mr. Tiger since the beginning of January and soon all of their hard work is about to pay off.   “We all put a lot of hard work into it


and it is going to be really funny and entertaining. It’s a great experience because it is a once and lifetime opportunity and it is something I will never forget it,” Mr. Tiger candidate Jacob Joersz said.   It is every little boys dream to be a superhero. Being a superhero is awesome and so is being in Mr. Tiger.   “Ever since I saw Mr. Tiger last year I knew I wanted to get involved,” Mr. Tiger candidate Sheldon Ledbetter said.   “My friend told me I should try it and I thought it would be a good way to leave a mark before leaving high school,” Mr. Tiger candidate Curtis Maxon said.   A super hero also has to stand out from the crowd. He has to have that certain something. It could be a big hammer, big house, or his very own batmobile.   “Even kids from other schools come to see our Mr. Tiger,” said Jenkins   “There are not as many boys as past years, but the boys this year have a lot of enthusiasm,” student choreographer Kaley Wells said.   “It’s going to be an amazing show and everyone should see it at least one time,” Maxon said.   To be truly amazing, Mr. Tiger has to have an amazing talent. Luckily the Mr. Tiger contestants have talents that are going to blow us out of the water.   “Me, Leo Liu, Jayce Cornell, and Clint Boyles are doing an extreme scootering act to the song White Nerdy,” Mr. Tiger candidate Jacob Joersz said.   “I am going to dance. I have been dancing since I was four and it is what I am comfortable doing in front of an audience,” said Ledbetter.   A superhero has to be able to do what most people would thinks is

impossible. Like taking a bunch a seniors boys who are used to performing on the field and putting them on the stage and creating something amazing.   “Even though we all basically can’t dance we all still manage to pull together and put on a great show,” Ledbetter said.   “I was nervous because I had no clue there was going to be this much dancing. We are doing a lot better than I expected. It was very unorganized at first but throughout all the practices we cleaned it up very well,” Joersz said.   At the end of the day the guys have to recognize what is truly important and what really matters.   “To me it’s about having fun, not winning,” said Maggio.   Being a superhero or a senior boy can be stressful and rewarding experience. They have lots of civilians or underclassman looking up to them counting on them to make this world or school a better place. They both need support so come see the Mr. Tiger show Friday Mar. 21.




Behind the mask

Hours OF practice

$300 lighting $300 sound $1,300 Dance Instructor $200 per SWag Bag $6,000+ total prizes $12 T-Shirts

Seniors boys have been practicing hard in preperation for Friday’s show. The opening dance routine lasts for five minutes. each boy has their own time to shine on stage by showcasing their talent. Judges vote on mr. tiger, mr. congeniality, and mr. tiger. the audience votes for mr. entoruage and mr. photogenic.

$7 in advance s t e k c i $10 at the door t

1 2 h c Mar seats available



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Dear Hi+Life Readers,   From Math Club to Earth Club, each group contains different aspects that serve a person’s interest. The most important thing about being active in a club here at LSHS is finding exactly which club you belong to.   Everyone has certain likes and dislikes that connect with several clubs that are provided. The good part is, all clubs are specifically organized to fit each member’s personality. There are more than a thousand students enrolled in LSHS, so pulling on a camouflage suite to blend into the crowd doesn’t have to be an escape route. Making new friends will be a part of everyday life in college, the military or even traveling. Learning how to network with others is an essential thing to attain.

A simple act like joining a cool club can develop amazing bonding skills.   The right clubs to sing up for are at the tip of your fingers…literally! They’re all located on the LSHS home page, a long list of choices. Also, it’s never too late to join a club, all leaders are accepting. High school is primarily what a person makes out of it. Finding friends, having fun and exceeding past set expectations can all be accomplished by joining an interesting club.    Living the simple days in life are worth enjoying. Trying new things is something that teens love to do. A majority of people find themselves in highs school, here. Do something crazy, join a club. The Hi+Life Staff

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>> What does free speech really mean?


he first amendment is an issue of hot debate. After all, one can hardly tune onto the news without seeing some indignant political pundit, whether right-wing or left-wing, screaming about how someone was only exercising their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment guarantees the citizens of this country many freedoms, including freedom of speech. But what is freedom of speech and how does it affect the average teenager?   Freedom of speech is the ability or right to express one’s opinion. Whether on social media, telling friends or followers what you think about the results of the presidential election or protesting peacefully for a worthy cause, it is important to remember that

the right to do such things is protected by the law. However, this right is not absolute. There are certain types of speech that society has deemed inappropriate hate speech, and while one can make this type of speech, one should be prepared to deal with the consequences.   Why should teenagers

“Why should teenagers care about free speech?” care about free speech? Young people have been the driving force of revolutions ever since revolutions have existed. A good example would be the Freedom Riders of the 1940s and 1960s. These were young college and sometimes high school students who took integrated buses through the racially segregated

South and faced extreme hate, both violent and nonviolent. They exercised their right to assemble peacefully while the world watched – and started to do something about it.   But what about hate speech, speech that targets specific groups and encourages violence and other atrocities? According to some, the right to free speech is limited, as stated earlier, and does not include speech our society has deemed taboo. According to others, free speech is unlimited but people must be warned about the consequences of their actions.   In our post-modern times, the term “hate speech” is enough to make eyes roll or shoulders cringe. Some people feel as if the term has been abused and people are complaining about nothing. Others feel as if certain

groups are targeted for hate speech more than others in the United States. Still others feel as if people don’t talk enough about what hate speech really is.   Sometimes it can be hard to comprehend what free speech is over all the shouting, although our right to free speech is possibly our most important right. As young people, we possess the ability to change the world with our words and actions, and free speech is a major part of making sure ours and future generations have the same crucial right to say what needs to be said in ameliorating our home.

Written by: Sage Young-Streich Photo by: Julia Ngega Design by: Megan Terry 21 VOICE HI+LIFE JLABMAG.COM

Long Distance 101

Written by: Bre Porter Photo by: Nick Gardner Design by: Megan Terry

Relationships can be tough, especially if they are long distance. Several girls are coping with long distance stress. Whether someone is in a relationship with someone three countries away, or three hours away, it can still take a toll on the relationship.


alfway across the globe, Maddie Greenstreet is missing the love of her life, K’Juan Hennings. He is currently serving the country overseas in South Korea. But long distance relationships, especially across-the-globe long distance relationships are not always easy. Not being able to hangout whenever you would like to, or simply just go to a movie with each other every now and then. Maddie counts down the days to when she gets to Hennings.   “ The fighting is horrible. You cant make up in person, obviously, and it’s hard enough to communicate most of the time. The separation is hard, and you’re misunderstood a lot because you can’t see the other person’s body language. Waiting for letters to come are always nerve-wracking, because you never know if something could happen. There are some trust issues, but for the most


part, we don’t really get annoyed with each other. It makes our relationship that much stronger.” Greenstreet said.   She has way more patience and strength than most people. How many girls do you know that are willing to stay committed to someone halfway around the world? Not I, that’s for sure. Cheers to Maddie. The strength it takes to have a long-distance relationship is admirable.   Tara Redel is also in a long distance relationship. He is only 3 hours away, but it is still challenging.   “ He is always there for me, and I always have someone to talk to. He does not want me around certain guys for obvious reasons, but we still get along really well, I think we work pretty well,” Redel said.   Redel also posses the same qualities as Maddie. Our school has some pretty tough girls, huh? The key to maintaining a good

long-distance relationship according to is to have good communication skills, share some interests like going to a movie separately and then talking about it together, and maybe give each other one personal possession to remind each other of your relationship.   There also has to be some type of selfcontrol, and unselfishness. Self-control comes into play when Tara, let’s say, sees a cute guy and cannot just go get his number because she is lonely, or whatever the reason may be. That would also be a very selfish move, because it takes two people to be in a relationship, so both people must be completely invested into making things work. Long distance relationships require twice as much work, from what I have seen and been told.

The Science of Heartbreak Heartbreak is more hurtful than it seems. Breakups happen to everyone, it is a common occurrence in life, yet this throbbing pain seems everything but common. Although it seems like a physical feeling It is more brain chemistry than some might think. When a loved one is lost, we feel an eruption of a very real indescribable pain that the human race has dubbed “heartbreak”.   Although heartbreak isn’t a physical wound it has a profound effect on daily life such as, loss of appetite, insomnia, headaches, depression, panic attacks, loneliness and hopelessness. When physical pain is experienced it alerts a part of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, the same part that is activated when feeling excluded, or experiencing the loss of a relationship. Perhaps physical pain and emotional pain are not as different as once thought. .   A study from the director of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Columbia have shown that human beings prefer to be physically hurt than feel social exclusion.   When someone is in love the brain lets out oxytocin and dopamine that give you feelings of contentment and pleasure, when that love is lost the brain takes away the feel-good natural chemicals you become vulnerable to uncompromising stress hormones. It is clear that brains use physical pain to prevent the risk of intimate danger and this was a development of human survival. The rise of relationships and social bonds between lovers and friends alike became an important part of survival for many species, the more socially positive they were the longer they tended to live.   So just as the brain tells someone not to touch a hot stovetop, the brain will want to not be socially alone, the pain from both instances increases our chance in survival by avoiding less desirable outcomes. This can be seen in studies of primates that when separated from loved ones, the primates experienced an increase Cortisol and a decrease in Norepinephrine which caused a rapid increase in anxiety and depression. The primates would cry loudly until rejoined with their loved ones.   For humans, a breakup or loss can trigger a similar reaction and the same experience of pain. Unfortunately, emotional pain

By Maddy Jones Photo by Julia Ngega Designed by Sydnee Pointer

can not be alleviated through physical means but it can be battled emotionally.   When looked at in perspective dealing with heartbreak can be a lot like the Kubler-Ross’s model of the Seven stages of grief. Studies from the University of Columbia have shown that high levels of social support leads to lower levels of pain.   People with more support showed a happier outlook while socially alienated individuals had a harder time adjusting, So if the brain is feeling broken hearted surround it with friends and family as difficult as it may seem. Also if someone is suffering emotionally, show support because scientifically us humans all just want to fit in somewhere.

Drawing by Maddy Jones 23TRENDS HI+LIFE JLABMAG.COM

Design By: Anna Myers Photos By: Payton Seymour Story By: Summer Given

First, groom yourself. Take a nice shower, and shave if needed. Get dressed into your most presentable clothes. You will be amazed at how much it helps something like that helps.

e c n

o e T d s fi p o e St er C p u S

  That is great, I would love to hear them.

  I am here to boost your confidence. I have a few tips that I am certain will help and a secret source I got some information from.

  I will try that. What is next?

  Photoshop your inner self. Use your mental Photoshop skills to work on your self-image.

  Interesting. What is after that?

  Think positive, and kill negative thoughts. When you have a bad thought or think something not good about your self, squash it. Just step on it. In your mind of course.

  Get to know yourself. You can’t beat the enemy if you don’t know it. Figure out what you like, what interests you. Put those things to action.

  That sounds easy enough. What’s the next step?

That’s sounds fun, what is next?

Stick to your own personal beliefs; do not let anyone change them for you. I will try not to. Try to change an old habit. Maybe you bite your nails or That is true. always forgetting to unplug your phone charger. You will What is next? be proud of yourself after accomplishing it. Smile. Got it. And yes, I want to know.   Glad you asked, the last step is vey simple. Just smile as big as you can. I also have a little information from that secret source; I think you will like it.

Well, my secret source Kristin Little, Lees summit high school counselor says, “confidence comes from the inside, not always the outside. Yes looking good helps every once in awhile but its all about what makes you happy,”

  Thank you so much for all the tips, I will try all of them.

Your welcome. Glad to help. JLABMAG.COM HI+LIFE TRENDS 24


Paranoia goes beyond the standard fear.


omewhere in the country, a young man has not left his parents’ house for weeks for fear that the government is keeping tabs on him when he is in public. He obsessively researches military drones and the NSA, and a conversation with him reveals that he does not think about much else. A few states away, a girl believes that her Starbucks is poisoned. The incident bothers her so much that she refuses to drink coffee from Starbucks or any other establishment. In another country, a woman just cannot shake the thought that she is being followed by a man wearing a blue shirt.   When the average person thinks of the word “paranoia,” what is generally the result? They might trivialize it and make light of it, either joking about conspiracy theorist-style “quacks” with tinfoil hats or applying the term to themselves when it should not apply (“OMG, I’m so paranoid sometimes!”)   Many people are afraid of discussing paranoia and those who have it, believing all of

the sufferers to be “violent and unstable.” This poor education on a condition that affects many Americans is partially due to the stigma that comes with mental illness in our society. If people don’t want to talk about it, people don’t get educated. However, ignoring the facts won’t make the faces of paranoia get better.   Some of the symptoms of paranoia are as follows: deep mistrust of others and their motives, anxiety, a need to be self-sufficient, and irrational thoughts about others’ motives. Some types of paranoia include auditory hallucinations (hearing things that aren’t there.)   But how can a person help a friend with paranoia? A paranoid friend can be helped gently, carefully, and with compassion, the same way anyone would want help for themselves. Help them reason out their thoughts and build trust with people. If they experience hallucinations, provide their “reality check” and gently remind them that what they experience is only in their reality. It is important to note

that if a friend has not received an official diagnosis of paranoia or a similar disorder, one cannot do the diagnosing for them. Instead, be a good friend, help them thought-challenge, and listen.   Paranoia can be a hard condition to wrap one’s mind around, but it affects so many of our friends, family, and neighbors that is it important to try. Together, if we all make an

effort to comprehend paranoia and other such conditions, we can abolish the stigma against mental illness and have dignity and understanding in our society. Written by: Sage Youngstreich Photo by: Julia Ngega Design by: Annelise Hanshaw Many people are afraid of discussing paranoia and those who have it.


Written by Maddy Wylie Photos Provided by Kora Wilkes Design by Annelise Hanshaw

Left: Kora Wilkes and her dad at their joint art exhibition. Far left, bottom right, and below: In addition to art and advocacy, Wilkes is a professional model. Bottom middle: Wilkes has become a Storyteller and is working to end the stigma against mental illness.

Kora Wilkes

Artist advocates for mental health awareness.


fter the final stroke of her paintbrush has crossed the page, she rushes off to her brand new job at ReDiscover. This is just an average day in the life of senior Kora Wilkes.   “When I get older I would like to be an art therapist.” senior Kora Wilkes said. “As an art therapist, I would look at the images and try to figure out what everything means. I decided to do this freshman year after we took the career research test.”   Art therapy improves mental and physical health. It can even help people with autism improve their memory.   While it may seem Wilkes has been working toward this goal for a while, she has been doing a few other things for quite a bit longer.   “I have been doing art pretty much my whole life, and playing soccer since I was four,” Wilkes said. “I love both of those activities a lot.”   Wilkes has been exposed to art for as long as she can remember. That must be in part credited to her dad, who is a graphic design graduate from Kansas City Art Institute. Recently, Wilkes and her dad did a joint art gallery.   “My dad and I decided to do a joint art gallery over Edger Allen Poe. We started by picking out twelve of our favorite works by him and narrowed it down to eight. I usually get my art inspiration from written words like song lyrics and art literature anyway, so this was really fun for me,” Wilkes said.


  Recently, Wilkes celebrated a big accomplishment in her art career, thanks to her Edger Allen Poe artwork.   “I won 1st place at Summit Arts Festival for an Edgar Allen Poe piece I did. This was a big deal for me because it was really the first time I won an award for my art,” Wilkes said. Art, however, is not the only thing that makes Kora Wilkes the girl she is. In fact, there is soft side to her that one doesn’t have to look very hard to see.   “I recently started my new job at ReDiscover, which is a mental health clinic that specializes in substance abuse. I am a receptionist there and I am already loving the preparation it is giving me for the future, and the other people who work there are very nice. Plus I really enjoy talking to the people who come in for help,” Wilkes said.   Wilkes doesn’t stop there with her involvement in the community; as she is also an active member of LS in Action here at the school.   “One thing I am about to do for LS in Action is Mrs. Prindle and I are trying to get permission to get Storytellers started here by throwing events and such. Basically The Storytellers campaign was launched by the organization To Write Love on Her Arms and it is a two month long campaign that encourages students to talk about mental heath and really raise awareness for it,” Wilkes said.   At the end of the day, Kora Wilkes is not be the type of girl who spends time obsessing about shoes like many of her peers or crying at the end of The Notebook. Kora Wilkes is the type of girl who spends her time making sure that not only is she happy and healthy but that everyone around her is too.

Written by Esse Vertreese Photos and design by Cara McCauley


Not only is she ready to pop, but she is ready to make her way across the stage to graduate, and it is taking a lot of time, hardwork and dedication to make it there.


ome may have heard of or seen Sharla Hernandez, but do they actually know her and her story. Sharla Hernandez is a beautiful person inside and out, and she is a teen mom. Walking through the halls with her head held high, and her baby girl still baking in the oven, Hernandez continues to work on her plans for the exciting future ahead.   “I found out I was pregnant a week after my birthday, which is July 16,” Hernandez said.   Hernandez’s irregular cycles already had her confused, but when a few months had gone by, she knew there was something wrong. A close friend told her to take 2 pregnancy tests, and when both showed up positive, it left her and the father speechless.   “We can do this, we have to do this,” Fiance Tj Tahkar said.   Tj kept her strong because she had never been so over-weight. It’s not her at all. Trying to get off of the couch, Hernandez was left in tears because she just could not do it. They laughed about it, and he helped her up. Tj helped her from worrying, stressing out, and he helped to cope with her emotions by telling her everything will be okay.   “I’m happy I got engaged to him, and he’s still here,” said Hernandez.   Not only does she have her engagement to look forward to, but graduation is now right around the corner. Working her way to graduation, Hernandez will be visited by a homebound teacher for six weeks after she gives birth to help her stay on top of school work.   “I come to school everyday and walk more than a pregnant woman should. Finding clothes that are comfortable and having everyone

staring at me is not fun, but I mean it is what it is. It comes along with the pregnant part,” Hernandez said.   Teenage moms go through a lot, and are constantly worrying, but it also requires confidence and pride. The one thing that seems to really get to Hernandez is the fact that she cannot wear the cute clothes she used to. One major worry is that she now has a ‘due...due date,” which are dates that are extended past the original due date of the birth. But once the baby does arrive, she will no longer have to worry.   “My first due date was February 19, but it has been pushed back to March 13. My ultrasound is what my doctors are going by now, and I am still kicking,” Hernandez said.   With her due date around the corner, Hernandez is more eager to meet her daughter. Family seems to be the most important subject on her mind.   “Never give up, always be there for your kids, keep your head up and ignore the stares and do what you have to, because at the end of the day I’m always here for my family.”   Soon the world will meet Hernandez’s beautiful baby girl, Angel Elizabeth Tahkar. All that is left to do is wait for her arrival.  

Not Quite There Dated back to October, this was one of the many sonogram shots that showed Hernandez a glimpse of the face of her baby girl, Angel. 27 TRENDS HI+LIFE JLABMAG.COM

The Polytones

Student band aims high.   With indie and alternative taking over the music world, there is no better time than now to find local indie bands before anyone else. Enter The Polytones, a local band formed by students.   “I started the Polytones because I didn’t have a band and I needed a group to audition for the Battle of the Bands at Lee’s Summit North,” front man Ethan Henson said.   Henson recruited his brother, Justin Henson to play bass, as well as senior John Cooper to play drums.   While most bands are easy to lump together into a genre, The Polytones have a more unique sound that is not so simply classified.   “I don’t know how to classify it exactly, but I would say that it’s a more alternative sound, but it’s up to the listener to decide,” Henson said.   The Polytones draw influence from a mix of genres, groups like Pink Floyd, Arcade Fire, Cage the Elephant, Sonic Youth, and The Wombats, but this changes from time to time.   “I think, like most musicians, I try to emulate people, but I try to find different groups,” Henson said.   Membership in a band has been known to change people, usually for worse, but there are exceptions to the rule.   “It builds confidence in your playing ability and you become better in your listening ability. It becomes less visual and more cerebral. You have to think more about what you’re playing,” Henson said.   Processes on writing music tend to vary from musician to musician. Henson prefers to write music before words on impulse in a string of consciousness and go back and edit later.   Of course, the road to success and recognition is not without its bumps in the road.   “We’ve had trouble finding opportunities to perform. Often we become unmotivated because we don’t get to play a lot, but we work well together,” Henson said.   The Polytones currently do not have music available for download, but have demo recorded that Henson will handout can be found on Twitter @The_Polytones, and on their Youtube channel The_Polytones. Design By: Anna Myers Story By: Jared Shepard Photos By: Carter Moore JLABMAG.COM HI+LIFE TRENDS 28

Top: The Polytones, Left Middle: Justin Henson, Right Middle: Ethan Henson, Bottom: John Cooper

Retro Fashion

Take a look back at the trends from the 50’s-80’s. Far Out 70’s


  By the time the sixties ended, it was common for women to wear pants in public; especially suits, pantsuits, leisure suits, and jumpsuits. Bright colors were popular, flowing skirts stayed from the sixties. And the shorts got way shorter, usually worn with very tight t-shirts. Knee socks and roller skates were also common things to see. Going to the disco was a very popular thing to do and it had music and the fashion surrounding it made it iconic. Platform shoes, long dresses that flowed around the women as they danced, glittering patterns and big round earrings were popular things to find in a disco club. Rather than spending time and money on hair like the women did two decades earlier, hair in the 70’s was worn long and they spent minutes instead of hours.




Nifty 50’s   Fashion in the 1950’s began with Christian Dior’s “New Look”. His fashion includes mid-calf length full skirts, pointed busts, and tiny waists with a rounded shoulder line. Rock ‘n’ roll was a little thing that was introduced in the fifties and that altogether inspired poodle skirts, saddle shoes and Rockabilly fashion. Hair in the fifties was elaborate and took a lot of time, women actually got their hair done at the salon and left it that way for the rest of the week, sleeping on silk pillow cases to keep it neat. [1]


Groovy 60’s The decade of 1960 to 1969 was a definant decade of change and although women maintained the refined femininity fashion from the fifties like pill box hats, pastel suits and pea coats, there was also ‘anti fashion’ and ‘space style’. Anti fashion or ‘hippie chic’ consisted of long un-styled hair, long , loose fitting skirts or ‘Mexican’ blouses and bell bottoms, don’t forget the peace sighn. The space style was mostly short, above the knee dresses and skirts with bright, patterns, white go-go boots and sleek hair.


Sources 80’s Fashion, 70’s Fasion, 60’s Fashion, 50’s Fashion, Complex Style, The Ultimate 80’s Fashion Guide


Totally Rad 80’s

The 80’s were big, bright and loud. The shirts were oversized, the accessories were big, the skirts were big and especially the hair. It was all about making a statement with bright neon colors and mixed patterns. Big puffy mesh skirts over leggings and candy colored heels were what was displayed in fashion magazines all over America. Jean jackets stonewash bootcut jeans, leg warmers and Jelly shoes were also common things to find. With hair, the bigger the better, women got permanents or “Perms” which enabled women to have the big, curly hair that was so popular and extremely common to see. [4] By KayLee Roumas Photos by Maddy Jones Design by Sydnee Pointer 29 TRENDS HI+LIFE JLABMAG.COM

Sp Fa ri sh ng io n

Cardigans Cardigans add a little warmth to every outfit with little effort. One can throw on a cardigan that balances out the colors in the rest of the outfit. For example, if the shirt is a bright red, it can be balanced with a white cardigan.


W Ph ritt ot en os b by y: M :C a ar dd te y rM W oo ylie re

Crop tops while. Wit such as lo it is easy t any perso drawing fo the legs a effect on t



Scarves are more than articles of clothing to keep necks warm in the winter. They can also pretty up outfits that are too plain. Scarves need to have colors that match at least one color somewhere else on the outfit.

Plain Dresses

p Tops

A plain, brightly colored dress spiced up jewelry, and the perfect shoes is a great idea for a spring date night. With a plain dress, more attention is put on the accessories. Plain dresses are also great for church and fancy dinners.

Maxi Skirts Maxi skirts can create a tall and slimming effect on anybody. They make the eyes go straight to the legs and can class up any occasion. They should be worn with shirts that match the style and color of the skirt. The colors should be balanced.

will be around for a while. h different varieties, ng and short length, o find a shirt that fits nality. They work by cus onto the arms and nd creating a slimming he stomach.

aw sh an H ise n el row nn B : A gie by ag n ig l: M es e D od M 31 TRENDS HI+LIFE JLABMAG.COM

St. Patrick’s Day

By Sydnee Pointer

the actual color of St. Patrick’s Day used to be BLUE, but in the 19 century GREEN became a national symbol of Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day occurs on March 17 because that is the day St. Patrick died.

I NYC Chances of finding a four leaf clover 1 10,000

the first parade was held in Boston, MA, in 1737

the 2014 St.Patrick’s Day Parade will be the 253 annual parade held in New York City

babies named Patrick in the U.S. in the last hundred years

March 17, 1762

each year there are the first time a between parade was held 150,000 in and New York City 250,000 marchers in for St. Patrick’s Day the parade

the highest number of leaves found on a clover is 56

more than 100 St. Patrick’s Day Parades are held across the US each year


U.S. presidents of Irish decent 3 leaf clovers are often called Shamrocks



the U.S. has 34.7 million citizens with Irish decent. This population is more than 7 times the whole population of Ireland sources,, CNN, Guinness World Records, World Bank, scribd

March 2014  

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