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January 25, 2012


16 12. Fashion Read up on which fashion trends to leave in the old year as well as discover what the up and coming fashion styles are for 2013.

12 22

16. Center spread Over the last several years America, and the world, have been struck by devistating events that have rock countries and their citizens to the core.

22. Entertainment Be sure to catch up on this month’s hottest shows on the air including the widely enjoyed Gangster Squad. Also be sure to check out reviews of popular books and movies.

26. Sports The girls swimming season started off quickly and now the Lady Tiger Swimmers are preparing for their final end of season challenge, conference.

34. Features Woody, an art teacher at LSHS, recently had not just one, but three brand new daughters. Check out how they are doing with these new smiling faces.



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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Different Perspectives

  Just as many people see the light and dark in a room, so to do they see the various success and failure in life.   Often times what people choose to view is only the black and white aspects of events occurring in their life, but they completely ignore the silver lining. When times are good for them, they see success as a door to a better lifestyle or as overcoming an obstacle and achieving the unachievable. Shortly after their ascension into the “good life”, they quickly plummet back into their old habits and lose everything they had just gained. This is why many people who become millionaires for any reason after being of a lower class often find themselves to be bankrupt later in life. They were so used to living on scraps or just enough to get by that suddenly having disposable income corrupts them. Basically, success will many times result in failure if the successful are not cautious enough.   On the flip side of the coin is failure. What people often times don’t realize is that when people fail, they learn from their experiences and persist on. Although the problem in today’s society is that those who fail are often seen as the worst of the lot instead of as those who will aspire to greatness. Because of this, many people are afraid of being viewed as a failure and work even harder to avoid being labeled as such. For that sole reason, failures are seen as endpoints instead of being viewed as a stepping stone to a great achievement.   In some cases, outcomes can be seen as both failures and successes. In many cases, this is a direct outcome of each individual’s personality. If their outlook on a situation is bleak, then they expect the worst, and in some cases they hope for it. For others, they expect the best and when it does not happen the way they thought it would, then they lose hope that the situation will turn out in their favor. However, there are those who see both sides of the curtain. Edison, for instance, saw each perspective. He didn’t see each unsuccessful light bulb as a failure, but rather he saw it as another way not to make a light bulb and persisted. If he had had another view on his failures he may have given up, and then we may have lived in the dark ages for another century.

Kevin Adams


Editor in Chief: Kevin Adams Managing Editor: Haley Gillilan Photo Editors: John Wood and Zac Harris News Editor: Shelby Wagner Features Editors: Mary Jo Roccaro and Kailyn Smith Entertainment Editor: Haley Gillilan Fashion Editors: Tori Carlile and Jordan Julian Opinions Editor: Sean Stevens Sports Editors: Jonathon Barr and Andrew Potter Copy Editors: Paige Seymour and Daniel Graham Ads Manager: Tierney VanMeter

Writers and Photographers: Aaron Hagan, Aaron LaPaz, Allison Litthong, Andrew Potter, Andy Jarnevic, Anna Meyers, Annelise Hanshaw, Ashley Hagan, Brooke McLanahan, Cara McCauley, Chelsea Englis, Cole Raymond, Darby Beatty, Darren Clay, Dia Sims, Endia Sears, Grace Rodgers, Grace Tibbitts, Hannah Nickles, Ian Nickens, Jared Shepherd, Jesse Butler, Josh Harris, Jude Spaulding, Kyle Tye, Logan Phillips, Maddy Wylie, Matt Rellihan, Megan Terry, Morgan Bruce, Nathan Michael, Payton Seymour, Sydnee Pointer, Taelor Oller, Tristan White and Victoria Gardner. Advisor: Marc Russell


Weird Science a normal person will ingest approximately


Science gives humans a better understanding of the world they live in, as well as all that is happening within them. Here’s a breakdown of some of the strangest things mankind has attributed to science.


bugs every year with breakfast, lunch, and dinner

miles of blood cells line the human body. That’s enough to wrap around the earth twice

the human eye blinks an average of


right-handed people live an average of


years longer than left-handed people

times a year

80,000,000 approximately the average number of thoughts and ideas the human brain can come up with




the average number of dreams a human has in one year

the number of milliseconds that pass before humans actually see events that happen. Technically, we live in the past

the number of bones every health human being is born with. As we grow, several bones fuse together. The number of bones in a healthy adult is


1.5-2.25 the average number of inches astronauts grow while in space as a result of spinal lengthening and straightening due to zero gravity

the number of seconds the human heart stops when we sneeze by Jude Spaulding facts provided by Science News Review  NEWS 07

‘No Child Left Behind’ gets left behind Missouri schools reevaluate their progress under ‘No Child Left Behind,’ opting for a new change to hopefully increase students’ performances.


any states are asking and being granted a waiver from the No Child Left Behind program that is supposed to get all children to 100 percent proficient or advanced by the 20132014 school year, when the program expires.   “There have always been a certain percentage of our students that have had to meet and the number would increase each year until you reached this 100 percent which was going to come into effect next year,” principal John Faulkenberry said.   This year, 90 to 92 percent of students would have to meet No Child Left Behind standards. The percents were broken up into subgroups such as gender, race, and disabilities, with each subgroup reaching the 90 to 92 percent goal.   “Not schools, not teachers, but states, individual states have applied for waivers from the Federal Government,” Faulkenberry said.      Missouri is no longer bound to the No Child Left Behind program however the state still has to have goals and certain targets to meet. The new standards are now referred to as MSIP5, Missouri School Improvement Program. This program’s main focus is to improve schools and ensure that there is a quality public school education available

for all students within the state. There are 522 school districts in Missouri and MSIP5 reviews and accredits all of them.   “There is this thing going on out there nationally where states can join and become a part of this group that is pursuing what is called the Common Core State Standards, and 46 states have signed on. Missouri is one of those 46,” Faulkenberry said.   There is one major difference students will face with this new program.   “Kids are going to face more state assessments,” Faulkenberry said.   Testing will not change drastically for sophomores, juniors, and seniors; however, for freshmen and kids coming into the high school there will be more standardized tests. Freshmen this year will be assessed up to eight times by graduation, and seventh graders will be assessed up to eleven times.

  “The Common Core standards do call for a very different type of assessing students. The assessments will become much more real world based,” Faulkenberry said.   There are two groups within Common Core State Standards and Missouri chose to be in one called SMARTER Balanced Consortium. This group works with Common Core to help produce assessments that will accurately measure student’s progression into career fields and colleges. Classes, core classes in particular, will be teaching in a more real world based format. Tests will have more real world questions that would be better used in a work environment or simply things a student could run into in everyday life.   This is how some of the states, Missouri in particular is changing because of the waiver from No Child Left Behind.

Over the years

48% percentage of states that did not meet NCLB standards in the past year, Missouri included

43,000 schools around the United States that did not meet NCLB requirements in 2011

2014 the year all students around the nation should be proficient in Reading and Math

by Anna Myers illustration by Jillian Moore statistics provided by USA Today


Chocolate Crawl A messy and delicious tradition returns


any things happen in downtown Lee’s Summit, from music festivals to Oktober Fest, but one, less heard of, is the Chocolate Crawl, a great way to get free chocolate while shopping in the family owned stores.   The Chocolate Crawl is a fair that happens on Feb 2 from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. It happens in the downtown area and is run by store owners on Main Street.   During the Chocolate Crawl participating stores will hand out free chocolate to people who come to their stores. The chocolates can be homemade or store bought, and are designed to help to get people in the mood for Valentine’s Day.   This event was created to get people out of their homes during the winter season, as well as get people to the locally owned downtown to increase public knowledge of what kinds of stores are there.   “Stores do not always see a significant change in sales during the Chocolate Crawl. For others it depends,” main street office worker Stacy Needles said.   Some stores do get more profits during the Chocolate Crawl while others do not. However, all stores that participate do end up getting a significant raise in patronage, which in the long run helps the stores get the knowledge of their business out there.   About 30 stores participate each year. This is the sixth year the Chocolate crawl has been going on since it started in 2008. It is a fun time for everyone involved, children all the way up to adults enjoy getting the free chocolate and looking in the different stores around downtown. All chocolate lovers and window shoppers help to support local businesses and keep this special Lee’s Summit tradition alive. by Anna Myers

SRO officer Darnell Sims, poses with his patrol car. Officer Sims roams the campus each day watching for suspiciaus activity.

Security Measures

In wake of recent school shootings around the country, school security systems are at the forefront of many individuals’ minds. As students pull into the parking lot here, they do not think about how the school is protected. They do not imagine an intruder sneaking into the building, changing their life forever. But now with the recent Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, the idea of a possible threat is in the back of everyone’s mind. Our school has taken this into consideration and has developed new methods to better protect our campus.   “After the Connecticut incident originally I was a little more cautious about my surroundings, but as time went on teachers have helped us be more prepared,” junior Chris Campbell said.   The day of the Connecticut incident, the main focus of danger was on the elementary schools and the students inside. Our principals, among others, have realized this affected students around the nation; in hope, a team of principals from our district got together to institute new policies to make students feel safer.   “We have plans of action,” student resource officer Darnell Sims said.   The new policy in place that took immediate effect was the closed doors in all classrooms. Teachers must keep their door closed during the class hour. Teachers and faculty believe this new policy will benefit them because it could give extra time for quick response to an intruder alert or other unsafe incident.

  “If you see someone and feel they don’t belong here, tell an adult,” principal John Faulkenberry said.   Communication between students and faculty is also very helpful in keeping the school safe. Students are everywhere, especially on an open campus like ours, and faculty can only be in so many places at one time. Students should tell a teacher or principal if they think another student could be in danger. Students have saved other students’ lives by telling an adult about dangerous situations. “We have a good awareness of people who shouldn’t be here,” Faulkenberrry said.   Campus supervisors, Seth Allen and Kevin Holman along with Officer Sims, are constantly on patrol with communication devices. Their job is to walk around the campus, and check suspicious vehicles on campus while keeping an eye out for other dangerous paraphernalia.     While teachers are trained for basic responses, there are a few extra precautions students can take, like not opening doors for strangers, walking in groups to and from class, and reporting anything that settles uncomfortably. The new policies and precautions can now ensure that students and teachers are aware of all possible dangers and can feel safe here on campus. by Sydnee Pointer photo by Brooke McLanahan  OPINIONS 09

He said...

She said...

The gunman walks through the halls. He loudly announces his intent to kill the students. Finally, he breaks his way through a door. The teacher knows what to do. He turned off the lights and hid the students. But, he’s taken an extra preparation, he’s packed a gun. Before he can cause any harm, the gunman has been shot down by the teacher.



    If teachers were allowed to carry concealed guns at school, many student lives would be saved. Teachers would have a way to combat effectively with shooters, and there would probably be less shootings if teachers had a reputation for carrying concealed weapons. LSHS would immediately become safer if this happened. At this school, we only have one resource officer. In the case of a school shooting, this would likely be insufficient. If teachers had the ability to protect students themselves, this would not be an issue. In the wake of school shootings, the need for greater protection of schools is apparent. Allowing teachers the opportunity to carry guns could have prevented many tragedies in the past. Passing this bill would make LSHS and other Missouri schools safer.   Some would say that having guns at school would actually make schools less safe, and that putting guns anywhere near students is a big mistake. They might believe that any guns at school provide more of a safety risk than it is worth. This ignores the fact that teachers can be trusted to be responsible for any guns they carry to school, and the lives that could be saved in the case of a school shooting.   Many lives could be saved during school shootings if teachers were allowed to carry guns at school. This outweighs any issues that could arise from the law.

  Some may say teachers having guns on them during school could possibly be a way of keeping students safe. There have been multiple school shootings during these past two years is there another solution to keeping students safe with out weapons. In Missouri there is a law that enables teachers to conceal a weapon in their desk. This topic is a controversy to whether it is right or wrong to give teachers that right. Some other solutions many schools could take are better security. Possibly another solution could be having more than just one resource officer.   In the case of the downsides to teachers carrying a firearm there is multiple things that could go wrong. Think about it, teachers have emotions, feelings, and could become very upset with a student. People could get into a teachers desk just to look for something and find a gun. People usually say do not worry about what “ifs” but, in this case all possibilities need to be looked over. Even though the shootings have been on an up rise recently should not mean teachers should carry a firearm. Also, some parents, teachers, and students most likely would be very upset if they knew their children, students, or their own lives be endangered.   Gun control should be taken very seriously, and looked at in all point of views. It just would not be right to think a teacher could possibly have a gun in their desk, and may not know what could happen. Students should be able to feel safe about being at a school, and not have any worries.

urrently, a bill is being considered that would allow teachers to bring guns to the classroom. Passing this law would allow trained teachers to conceal and carry guns inside of the classroom. This bill would lead to more school safety, and a lower risk of school shootings happening anywhere in Missouri.

by Andy Jarnevic


he shootings, deaths, and traumatized people around the world that have been shocked by the actions of others have all led to the uprising of the gun control issue. Should teachers in Missouri be enabled to conceal a weapon at school?

by Victoria Gardner


What Do You Want, and What Would You Do?


To Whom it May Concern

Wants: A good night’s sleep Would: Stay up all night for one   teacher Mr. Donahay


Wants: Nissan GTR 2013 Would: Find Double Rainbow, jump in leprechaun’s lair and steal all his gold   senior Jordan Dale


Wants: To become my own kind of animal (a giraffe-hippo mix) Would: Risk own life   freshman Ashley Park

Wants: A new, cool Dodge Charger Would: Do anything that is not illegal to get one   sophmore Ryan Dodd


  As any student with a job could tell you, juggling work, school, and a budding social life is a pain. It has always been a matter of contention as to whether students with jobs should get spectial treatment, or if they are all just the same as students without a job.   Mostly, teachers do not care whether you have a job, or if you are just a full time student; however, this does not seem to be setting us up for success later, as college teachers are more understanding of scheduling conflicts than high school teachers are. It would not be too hard for them to make a small consideration for students with jobs, considering they make consideration for students in sports when they are having a game or a meet.   On the flip side, it is easy to see why most teachers do not make these considerations. Jobs are a privalege, not a necessity. However, sometimes jobs are a necessity. Some students might need to pay for a car, or gas, or just to help parents make ends meet. We have all heard the story of the kid helping the parents by working, and their grades slowly slip because they do not have time for homework between jobs. While this might not be the case for all students with jobs, teachers should certainly keep in mind the students with 24 hour weekends while their giving out this weeks essay.


by opinions editor Sean Stevens


compiled by Jesse Butler photos by Tristan White

Wants: Make a perfect costume of Kid Hungary Would: Do everything in in my manipulative abilities to coax my guardians and anybody I know to make this happen. If this doesn’t work, I’ll summon the angels of darkenss to do my bidding   junior Bree Short

#LSHSProbs   “At LSHS, I think a problem we have is not allowing someone ‘self defense’. If they get in a fight, people can’t control what another decides to do. No one is going to sit around, and let themselves get beat up. It’s unrealistic to expect people to not fight back. Principals, guidance, and administrators need to be logical about every situation.”

by Ashley Moore

  “One person I believe that deserves praise is Mrs. Riffie... [She] is amazing because she’s so nice and she always knows what to do if you ask her for help. She is always so organized and some how she never gets stressed out. She is a wonderful piano player, and always does so well at our concerts. I love Mrs. Riffie, and think she derserves a lot of praise.”  OPINIONS 11

What Word Would On You Do The ... Street For a Klondike Bar?

by Cara Owen

  “A problem I see in/at school is there is no organization focused on helping new students adjust and find their way through the school. As a new student from a small high school... coming to Lee’s Summit was scary and huge. I think if they made it possible for new students to meet, it would create comfort by knowing other people in the same boat.”

15% 30%

Buy one. >

by Morgan Jenkins

Can we quote you on that?


Hi-Life welcomes letters to the editor. Stop by A227 with your letter, or submit one at, and keep an eye on the next Hi-Life to see if you made it.

compiled by Sean Stevens

Fight a wolverine barehanded. Go to the moon, battle the moon people.


From top left: Sperry’s, denim high-waisted shorts, the mustache trend, patterned leggings, , TOMS, the “denim shirt, black leggings, boots and a scarf” look, Sperry boots, Vera Bradley  FASHION 13

From top left: Victoria’s Secret sequin backpack, high collared shirts, bows, high-low hems, colored jeans, leather jackets, sheer flowy shirts, peplum

14窶ェASHION窶ニ  ADS 15


the aff licted regions  CENTER SPREAD  17

Hurrican Sandy - 2012 New Jersey and surrounding areas were devistated by the rare occurance of a northeastern hurricane.

Joplin Tornado - 2011 Hitting closer to home, the town of Joplin was partly destroyed by a vicious tornado leaving many homeless and dozens buildings gone.

Hurricane Katrina - 2005 Striking at New Orleans, this storm left the city under water for days in some areas, and weeks in others.

More about how they are doing continued on pages 18-19.... photos provided by Associated Press Images


A H ealing World

After years of reconstruction from previous natural disasters, the globe is still in a the process of getting back on a stable path. Over time, the damage is repaired, but the memories remain in the victims, forever.

Free Standing Towers - DOD of 3 Hardwood and Softwood Trees - DOD of 5 Electrical Transmission Lines - DOD of 6 Large, isolated retail building - DOD of 7 Metal Building System - DOD of 8 Strip Mall Buldings - DOD of 9 Elementary School - DOD of 10

Junior or Senior High School - DOD 11

Manufactured Home (Double Wide) - DOD 12



The Hurricane Hotspot

  People in their homes eyes glued on the news channel to get the update on a storm that ripped the east coast into pieces. Leaving millions of people in distress asking themselves to what is going to be their next option for them and their families.   In late October and early November of 2012 dozens dead, and thousands left without homes, is all caused by the late season cyclone named Sandy. The US government expected the damage to be very costly up to billions of dollars.   October 19 Sandy became a tropical wave in the Caribbean, six hours later it quickly had turned into a tropical disaster. Days later it had turned into a hurricane, with winds of 74 miles per hour, October 24 the day Sandy had tore the Caribbean into pieces, it gained strength over open water and became a category two hurricane. One day later the storm weakened to category one story continued on page 19

There are 28 damage indicators with varying degrees of damage (DOD).  CENTER SPREAD  19

(Left) A radar image of hurricane Katrina as it approaches New Orleans. (Right) Aireal image of hurricane Katrina as it crosses of the tip of Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico, to continue the destruction.

story continued from page 18

people thought the tropical depression was over.   October 29 at 8 P.M. eastern time, Sandy wiped out Atlantic city and New Jersey with winds of 80 miles per hour. Thousands of people that were stranded in homes along Jersey Shore waited for rescue teams in boats for help. More than 80 homes were destroyed in one home that was on fire in Queens. Throughout the New York metro there were several house fires. Seawater began


to surge over lower Manhattan, and over sea walls into highways and streets. Water shortly flooded through tunnels, subways, and broke down several power lines, which left Wall Street powerless.   The east coast left in disaster the people of surrounding states help as much as they can. Rescue teams working together to get the distressed families out of the unbearable disaster.


The Haiti Earthquake Today

  Three years ago, Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. This disaster killed around 316 thousand people, injured 300 thousand, and left 1 million homeless. Years after the earthquake, Haiti has still not fully recovered, despite the best efforts of those who are helping.   Relief efforts in Haiti have successfully eliminated the country’s debt, and rubble has been cleared from the streets. Schools and hospitals have been built, and building projects have begun to help the economy of the country recover. Donations to the recovery efforts in Haiti have had clear effects, and charitable organizations are doing their best to make sure that Haiti can recover and become a stronger country than before the earthquake.   Despite these promising signs, recovery has been very slow. Some complain that recovery has gone to poor causes, and has done little to help the people actually affected. 350,000 Haitians are still living in camps, and not enough homes have been built to

(Above) A look back at the area of Haiti affected by the 2010 earthquake.

address this problem. The recovery in Haiti is still ongoing, and more support is needed.   Donating to Haiti is still much needed, since recovery is ongoing. The recovery of Haiti has been slow, though much work has gone into the cause, and evidence suggests that Haiti is recovering. In the wake of the earthquake, Haiti is recovering slowly, but steadily. by Andy Jarnevic and Victoria Gardner photos provided by Associated Press Images




One of everyone’s favorite ways to spend this time leading up to The Oscars is predicting what will and will not take gold, and the HiLife staff is no exception, so without further ado, our picks for the Academy Awards 2013. Best Actress Best Bet: Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty Gamble: Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook Snub!: Marion Cotaillard, Rust and Bone Surprise: Quvenzhane Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild This race looks to be between Chastain and Lawrence. The both scooped up Best Actress Golden Globes this year, but in different catergories. It’s worth noting we have the youngest nominee ever (Wallis), who was six when shot the movie, but now 9, and oldest nominee ever (Riva), who’s 86th birthday is the night of Oscars.

Best bet: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln Gamble: Joaquin Phoenix, The Master Snub: Jamie Foxx, Django Unchained Surprise: Denzel Washington, Flight

Best Actor

This and supporting actress are the only guaranteed awards of the show. The odds of Day-Lewis getting Best Actor, beat out the odds for the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, and he absolutely deserves it. The big surprise here is Washington’s nomination for Flight, a movie that only got one other nomination.

Best Supporting Actress Best Bet: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables Gamble: Sally Field, Lincoln Snub!: Samantha Barks, Les Miserables Surprise: Jacki Weaver, Silver Linings Playbook Sally Field’s has gained critical acclaim for her performance in Lincoln, but it wil be hard to beat out Anne Hathaway this year as Fantine in Les Miserables. It’s hard to imagine the Academy recognizing anyone else this year.  ENTERTAINMENT 21

Best bet: Robert De Niro, Silver Linings Playbook Gamble: Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln Snub!: Bill Murray, Moonrise Kingdom Surprise: Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln

Best Supporting Actor

Robert De Niro is an old favorite in the Academy, with two wins for Best Actor and Best Supporting, and five more nominations over the years. Silver Linings Playbook also being a heavy-weight contender this year, he definitely has a good shot.

Best Director

Best bet: Ang Lee, Life of Pi Gamble: Steven Spielberg, Lincoln Snub: Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained Surprise: Michael Haneke, Amour Best director is going to be a dogfight this year. Life of Pi is due for a few awards, and its visual flair are what makes it so great for so many, thus giving it a good chance for best director and cinematography. That said, Lincoln will do very well this year too, so it is hard to discount in any category, and Silver Linings Playbook is in the same scenario.

Best bet: Lincoln Gamble: Amour Snub: The Master Surprise: Amour Usually, best picture is the easiest call to make. That could not be farther from the case this year. Zero Dark Thirty looked like a shoe-in for a while, but its hopes are looking doubtful without a best director nomination. The Master looked like it had a good shot as well, but it did not even make the list despite there being a tenth slot available for it. Silver Linings Playbook and Les Miserablés are praised in some circles and reviled in others. Django Unchained, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Argo, and Life of Pi all would be good choices, but are not the sorts of movies that the Academy goes for. Lincoln and Amour are the best bets not for being any more worthy than any of the others, but because they are the sorts of movies the Academy always goes for; Lincoln only edges out because it is an English-language film and it was directed by a bigger name. That said, it is worth noting that Amour is the first foreign language film to get nominated for best picture in seven years, the last being Babel.

Best Picture

by Daniel Graham and Haley Gillilan photos courtesy of AP Images

Watch the Oscars, Sunday Feb. 24!


Haunted House

  Consulting to an Ouija board may not be the best way to figure out the problems you face when encountering a ghost. It might be a better idea to hire a psychic who knows that they are doing. In Malcolm’s case, hiring a gay psychic was not much help. Rather than being interested in finding out more about the ghost, he was more interested find out about Malcolm.   In this outrageously funny comedy, Marlon Wayans who plays Malcolm, and Essence Atkins who plays his girlfriend Kisha, move in together and start to notice odd things happening around the house like weird noises, and things are moved out of place. Kisha believes that the house is haunted, but Malcolm is in denial about the whole thing. After a few days, Malcolm begins to realize that there really is a ghost in the house, so he hires a psychic. The

psychic does not really help with their problems, but he does help himself out by getting closer to Malcolm. After more studies on the paranormal activity going on into the house, they find out that the ghost has possessed Kisha’s body.   Marlon Wayans had plenty of experience of turning horror films into comedies from his major role as Ray in all four Scary Movie films. In the film, the actors are reenacting scenes mostly from the popular Paranormal Activity movies, but they also incorporate scenes from The Devil Inside, including the popular “Connect the Cuts” scene.   Finding a movie to enjoy may be hard, but if you’re looking for a movie that keeps you laughing with crazy twist; this could be it.


by Cara Maples-McCauley photos courtesy of AP images

2013 Booklist by Dia Sims

1. Bitter End by Jennifer Brown

4. Divergent by Veronica Roth

Plunge into a novel full of chaos, romance and intellectual fun as the main characters live their everyday lives. Bitter End by Jennifer Brown not only shows her true potential as a writer, but how easy it is to feel pain from a fictional character.

Divergent by Veronica Roth is the first book in the Divergent trilogy. The series is about a girl named Tris Prior who lives in a dystopian society where at the age of 16 they have to choose a faction to join. There are five factions: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). Tris chooses Dauntless, which was not the faction her family belongs to. The story goes on from there, betrayal, heartbreak, and action all wrapped up in a brilliant novel, that has been flying off of shelves.


2. The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Did Looking for Alaska leave a mark? Try The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? Imagine being 16, imagine having tumors in your lungs, and imagine despite all this being able to live life to the fullest. That’s exactly what happens in John Green’s newest novel. Be prepared to laugh, cry and rejoice all in one book. It’s perfectly imperfect.

***** 3. Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs A mysterious island, an abandoned orphanage, and a strange collection of very curious photographs. It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience.


5. Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson


Slavery is a well-known thing of the past. We all know the stories, or we think we do. Laurie Halse Anderson finds a way to capture how it really was in that time period through the perspective of a young girl named Isabel. When Isabel’s sister, Ruth, who is only five and suffers from mild seizures, is sold to one of the most crucial masters, what does she do? Equipped with a forged pass and a mischievous rebellious boy, she sets out on her journey to save her little sister.



Pot brownies aren’t always illegal.   Miniature sculptures of tin foil lay on shelves and around every window. Sculptures that reflect the creative and spirited nature of this restaurant’s customers and employees. Anyone can display their works.   Freebirds is a restaurant that encourages free spiritedness and inspiration. Delicious burritos with countless topping combinations fill up many happy customers. When first walking into Freebirds, customers are welcomed with long lists of topping options as well as physical representations of each size of burritos. Every topping can be mixed and matched to taste, and most are free of charge.   Junior Bryan Izydorek tried Freebirds for the first time recently.   “The designs inside are different. It’s more of a teenager friendly zone—a great place to hang at. And I think it’s really delicious. I get a regular Freebird burrito usually, and vary the toppings. I love trying new things,” Izydorek said.   Freebirds tries to surround its customers with the age of rock. Throughout the restaurant, peace signs, graffiti, and rainbows of color attract the eye. Tin foil sculptures, which

  No witnesses will come forward. The police force is not powerful enough to take them down. It is 1949 and Italian gangsters rule Los Angeles. So what can be done? Of course, form a gangster squad. The movie Gangster Squad takes a look at O’Mara (Josh Brolin), a police officer, and his team as they attempt to take down L.A.’s greatest gangster, Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the director of the film Zombieland, Gangster Squad proves to be just another good effort as far as the box office goes.   This group of six police officers went to the streets to win back Los Angeles. Along with O’Mara there is Sgt. Jerry Wooters (Ryan Gosling), Coleman Harris (Anthony Mackie), Conway Keeler (Giovani Ribisi), Navidad Ramirez (Michael Pena), and Max Kennard (Robert Patrick). Then there is Grace Faraday (Emma Stone) who ends up helping the gangster squad in Cohen’s arrest.   In the movie, the team tries to break down Cohen’s plans and put the flow of L.A.’s money back into legal hands, but as they do this they find that they only way to bring down a gangster is to act like a gangster. With a bit of humor mixed in, this movie features plenty of

are made from empty burrito wrappings, are included in the list of attractions in Freebirds.   Sophomore Grace Lett talked about the atmosphere of Freebirds compared to Chipotle’s.   “It’s definitely more American than Chipotle because they’re playing rock music. The theme of the restaurant plays along with the music,” Lett said.   Freebirds also has a comedic side. The restaurant serves pot brownies. The dessert’s description: Addicting, not illegal. The brownies are not made with any illegal substances; they’re served in a large, black pot.   These brownies are delicious and well worth the money. Each brownie like a rich, moist chocolate-y goodness with chocolate chips incorporated throughout.   With an inviting, entertaining atmosphere and great food, Freebirds makes a great place to eat, make a tin foil sculpture, or just hang out. by Grace Rogers photo by Morgan Bruce


Gangster Squad

action-filled scenes that will keep people at the edge of their seats and cheering for the good guys. Although the scenes full of slow motion shooting, fighting, and everything in between will attract any action movie junkie, the story line is enough to keep someone interested who is not a huge fan of action. Gangster Squad will leave people awed at the squad’s escapes and victories, but the overall movie is very unrealistic. At the beginning of the movie, it claims to be based on real events that happened in Los Angeles; however, it is very conformed to fit Hollywood’s standards. This can be either good or bad, depending on the perspective of the viewer. Gangster Squad is definitely a movie to see while it is in theaters. The big screen adds to the action and violence’s effect. It is worth seeing once, but maybe not worth renting a second time and will probably be forgotten once it has been out of theaters for a couple months. by Grace Tibbitts photo courtesy of AP Images



Basketball: By The



he game of basketball has been in America for over a hundred years. Here are some interesting numbers about the things that make the game possible.

First Basketball Made in 1891 Basketball Size - 29.5 inches

Rim Height - 10 Feet 3 Point Line Distance from the Basket - 19.75 feet

Free Throw Distance - 15 feet

Court Length - 84 Feet Court Width - 50 Feet

BackBoard Width - 6 Feet

Lanes Width - 12 Feet

Pebbles on a Basketball 4,118

by Andrew Potter and Darren Clay  SPORTS 25

by Matt Rellihan photos courtesy of AP Images




Culver’s Classic Basketball Tournaent photos by John Wood


Raytown South and Lee’s Summit North varsity boys fight for possession in a close game in the Culvers Classic tournament last Friday night in the field house.

Lee’s Summit West 24 battles for the ball at the basket against number 11 from Hickman High. LSW would go on to win the Culvers Classic tournament championship in a close game.




Sophomore Drew Lock dunks to take the lead in a close game against Truman High School. LSHS 69. THS 68 Lee’s Summit West and Hickman High battle till the end. Finally West pulls out with the win.

Lock (12) had an afternoon full of points from behind the 3 taking the Tigers to win their game by more than 20 points.

Gym Memberships  SPORTS 27

With there being three main gyms in Lee’s Summit, which one is the best?


etting in shape has been one of the most common New Years resolutions , and perhaps one that is broken the most. When choosing a gym it can be very difficult to pick which gym is the best fit. 24-Hour Fitness Perks: 24-Hour Fitness offers a range of options to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration. They do not believe that “one size fits all” when it comes to fitness clubs. Their clubs come in a variety of sizes and offer a wide range of amenities to match the distinct fitness goals and lifestyles. Some of their clubs include kickboxing, dance, cycling, and more. While everyone enjoys their clubs, the most common one is the kickboxing because not all gyms offer this club. They also have a special for all varsity athletes that choose to attend at this gym. Cost: The cost of this place depends on what package one plans to

purchase. The average membership cost is $33.99 per month. Legacy Park Perks: Legacy Park was Work Out- The Aspen Athletics Club features modern weight systems both circuit and free designed to weight giving the customers an indivualized experienced. accommodate all ages for all seasons. The 58,000 square foot center has Aspen Athletics Club a gymnasium, indoor aquatics, Perks: Aspen Athletic is the premier racquetball, cardio aerobics, fitness club that cares about cycle rooms, elevated walking its members. The club features track, and community rooms. Most upscale locker rooms, steam rooms, athletes attend this gym because three exercise studios, spin room, of the quality of the equipment and functional training, huge kids’ klub everything it offers. with educational programs, and the state of the art weight and cardio Cost: The price of attending this place equipment. Most everyone that can vary. For a membership it is $190 attends this gym enjoys working out for an annual membership or $15.83 here because of everything it offers. per month. For a day pass the cost is Aspen has a wide variety of different $6.00. types of equipment to pick from. They have treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and a lot of different weight machines. Cost: The average cost for a membership is $26.99 per month. Other membership packages may vary. Recommendation: To get the most bang for your buck go to Legacy Park to get one of the cheapest yet efficient workout experiences ever. by Payton Seymour photos by Logan Phillips

Running Away- Members are greeted with row after row of high tech work out equipment from treadmills to stationayr bikes.


High School Through the Ages

There are many things teenagers can do throughout high school. However, some things people have to be a certain age to do here are a few of those things. • At the age of fifteen person can get his or her driving permit. • They could also get into the drivers ed. class. • Fifteen year olds can get certain jobs; Summer jobs are a good option such as being a lifeguard or running a food stand. Permit











Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies






• At the age of sixteen a person can get his or her drivers license, this does take people a few times to pass though. • Most 16 year olds will get their first car. It will be an exciting time for new drivers but scary for their parents. • More places will hire people at the age of sixteen, this is the best time to find a year round job.

• All those R rated movies parents wouldn’t let teens watch, people are allowed to go see without parent consent. • This is one of the best times for people to send out college applications, for most people it means two more years of high school, which is loads of time to prepare. Hollywood Movies




by Anna Myers

Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

17 Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

• This is the age of freedom; eighteen year olds get to move out of their parents houses at this time. As well as sign their own permission slips for things, but that is just and added glory. • Since at this age most students will be seniors they will not have to make up snow days and will be getting out a few weeks before everyone else anyway!

No Handle Bars  FEATURES 29

The prophecies read that there is one who will literally ride through cities, crack mountains, and keep his balance while doing so, all on one wheel. by Ian Nickens photos by Zac Harris


nyone can ride a bike. Fewer can ride a bike without using handlebars. Only a select few can ride a unicycle, and senior Luke Parton is one of those talented beings. A unicycle can be a tool of immense power, and Parton is its master. He controls a vessel that could create praise from every corner of the world, and what does Parton use his unicycle for?   “It is a hobby. I ride around the neighborhood.” Parton said.   For those that do not know, a unicycle is a vehicle that consists of a seat, a wheel, and pedals. The only way to pilot one is by using balance and soul energy. Parton, already starting to harvest his power, has been riding for a few years now.   “I started learning how to ride after my dad gave me a unicycle when I turned 15,” Parton said. Parton had the power of the unicycle given to him by his dad, who was also his inspiration for wanting to learn the trade.   “I wanted to learn because my dad learned and he had one in the garage.” Parton said. As mentioned before, Parton is the one of the only, if not the only, unicycler in the school. Most people do not unicycle. Heck, most are never even struck with the burning passion required to ride one. This is one of the main reasons why Parton likes unicycling.   “I enjoy unicycling because not many people do it,” Parton said. Since he is unopposed in his abilities, Parton will most likely conquer the world if he so pleases. However, the road to unicycling is a rough one, and Parton did not have an easy beginning.   “I was self- taught. I held on to my dad’s truck and

rode down the driveway over and over again until I figured it out.” Parton said. Despite being a selfmade unicyclist, Parton has still managed to pick up all of the basics of unicycling, from- obviouslymoving forward, to turning.   “When riding, your arms are as important as your positioning. You have to do a kind of running motion to go forward. To turn, you can pivot or lean.   I pivot because it is faster.” Parton said. Another fundamental is how to handle a crash:   “When you crash, it is called an unplanned dismount. It is not really a crash. Generally, you can catch yourself or the unicycle before you hit the ground.” Parton said. Through practice, Parton has gotten the hang of his trade. Luckily, he does not want to use his gift for destruction- yet.   “I usually just work on basics. I can go over any terrain, and I can bunny-hop.” Parton said. That means that there is nowhere to run. Anyways, despite it being a challenge to his power, Parton recommends that readers learn to ride a unicycle.   “It is fun, but a detractor would be that while it is not difficult, it is time consuming.” Parton said. Parton will be performing his unicycle mastery this year in the annual Mr. Tiger show March 22.   In conclusion, just because anyone can learn how to ride one does not mean that the unicycle will accept all those who try. The unicycle chooses the rider, not vice-versa. Only those who are pure of soul can truly ride… with no handlebars.

Aside from math club and the IB diploma, Senior Luke Parton also rides a unicycle and performs on jumping stilts. More of Parton’s skills can be seen on March 22nd in the Mr. Tiger completion.


“Too Hot to Handle”


- Boys are responsible for 8 2-hour Sunday dance practices.


- Boys are responsible to be at 9 30-minute Friday practices.


- One Courtwarming assembly!


- Boys are required to be at 2 dress rehersals


- One Big Show!


by Annelise Hanshaw

From sweat to stage—a preview of the annual Mr. Tiger pageant.


hirty-one dancers meet in the Fieldhouse before class. They leap, whirl, and may even trip a few times. These dancers are a little different; they are senior guys. The school’s annual male pageant show, Mr. Tiger, is in the works. This year’s theme is ‘Too Hot to Handle’ in which the candidates will be portrayed as firemen.   “We have only had a few practices. Some of the choreography has been a challenge for them but they are kickin’ butt and working hard to master them,” the boys’ dance instructor Brooke Romi said. Every year the participants perform a high-energy dance routine incorporating the theme and the boys’ own personal flair. This dance will be previewed during the Courtwarming assembly.

  “The dance moves are complicated. It’s fun seeing everyone else mess up with you,” senior Jose Sarratud said.   With the time and effort it takes to prepare for Mr. Tiger, the guys have to be committed.   “It takes so much dedication and perseverance from those boys. It’s unbelievable what they learn. It’s a lot of work and pressure,” Mr. Tiger coordinator Karla Thompson said.   Participants have to be ready for the group dance performance, individual talents, and whatever questions will be thrown at them for the ‘Q&A’ part of the show. Plus, the thought of embarrassment has to be stressful.   “Our group is pretty diverse. We’re pretty evenly dispersed among activities and social groups,” senior Theo Propst said.   Any senior guy could apply to be in Mr. Tiger, which can create quite an interesting group. Seeing a large spread of student personalities should be one thing to make this year unique.   “People should go to see their

friends do stupid stuff and do dance moves they couldn’t do without months worth of lessons.” Sarratud said.   The Mr. Tiger candidates have even impressed their dance instructors with their ability to learn the choreography.   “The boys have really surprised me. I think the ladies better come to see the boys because let me tell you, they have moves,” Romi said.   Considering the amount of practice and preparation, the event should be a success. The audience may be shocked at some of the hidden talents of the guys seen throughout the halls.   “Mr. Tiger is the biggest fundraiser Student Senate has to give back to the students,” Thompson said.   Mr. Tiger is a big deal to the candidates and to the school. The tradition goes back for years and is well-enjoyed. This show is full of laughter, support, and lots of smiles.   With everyone’s eyes set on an event that’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’, these guys are practicing in hopes to take the title of Mr. Tiger.  FEATURES 31

Mr. Tiger

photos by Aaron Hagan



1. Mr Tiger- The Senior boys of Mr. Tiger rehearse every Sunday at stepping out studio and every Friday morning at the school. 2. Firemen- With the theme being Too Hot to Handle, the boys this year will be dancing to Little Wayne’s Fireman 3. Hot Hot Hot- The boys have two separate dances, the assembly teaser and the full length dance for the March 22nd show.


3 22 13




Be able to find Iran on a map. Know what the city council is up to behind closed doors. Find out how to make an icebox peanut butter pie from scratch. Get it all in the newspaper, print or digital, because a little depth looks great on you.



Smart Content_(cafe)_9x11_bw.indd Black





Life? Hacked. Great solutions to the odd problems life presents.

Half the food freezing cold and the other half scorching hot? Change this by arranging it in a circle and it will heat up more evenly.

Ever gotten cut opening these plastic packages? Well do not worry anymore; a can opener can help prevent that.

Have the holes in a favorite pair of flip-flops torn? No worries! Put a bread clip around the bottom of each hole and they are good to go for this summer.

Tired of having tangled up cords? Avoid this by labeling each cord with a bread clip.

Need a cold drink fast? Wrap a wet paper towel around it, put it in the freezer, take it out in 15 minutes. Problem solved!

Definitely try this one

Run out of clips to close bags containing a favorite snack? Try this DIY project as an alternative. story and photos by Cara McCauley


Triple Threat


t the beginning of the new school year, students taking a painting or visual arts class expected to meet their new teacher, Melissa Woody, but were surprised to find that a completely different person would be teaching them the entire semester. Woody has not left the school for good, however; she is awaiting the arrival of triplet baby girls.   On Sept 22, 2012, three baby girls were born, named Aubrie, Naomi and Evelyn, though they weren’t due until Nov 25. After a bit of time on maternity leave, taking care of the triplets, Woody returned to school at

the beginning of second semester in 2013.   “I am super happy to be back,” said Woody. “I’m glad to be back with the students and being able to work again.”   Though most would think that taking care of three babies at once would be three times as stressful as taking care of one, Woody says it is not much worse.   “Taking care of three babies at once is as stressful as taking care of one baby. It’s not much different,” said Woody. “They aren’t too stressful right now, but once they start moving around, it will be much more stressful

to take care of them.”   Along with the newborn triplets, Woody also has a 4 year old daughter named Addison. Woody says Addison loves being a big sister to Aubrie, Naomi and Evelyn.     “She likes to play with them and always wants to give them piggy back rides. She also likes helping [take care of them],” said Woody.   “I am blessed,” said Woody about her newborn girls. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. There’s not a day that goes by that there isn’t a new challenge, but it’s the most rewarding job.” by Nathan Michael photos by Endia Sears

The Triplets Though these three girls were all born together, they are very different. Woody says they are different in looks, as well as personality.

Aubrie Nicknamed “Chunk”, Aubrie loves eating and sleeping. Her nickname was given to her because when she eats too much, she begins to snort.

Naomi Nicknamed “Diva,” Naomi is the highest maintenance of the three. She needs a lot of care, and likes to take her time eating. “She’s very small,” said Woody. “The doctor says she burns all her calories by crying so much.”

Evelyn Evelyn is very easy going and mellow. She is also the most adventurous of the three. Evelyn is alert and seems more advanced than the others.


What They Won’t Tell You

he young woman’s bright white teeth shine as she receives her award. Her dream of becoming a pageant-winning beauty queen has come true.   The young woman eventually went on to become a teacher to mold young and prosperous minds of children. Although this teacher wishes to remain anonymous, she is not the only teacher who keeps secrets from her students.   “I don’t tell my students my weight and age, because I don’t believe it is necessary,” teacher Kristen Jackson said.   More than one teacher agreed with Jackson, stating that since it does not affect the way students learn in the classroom, it should not be common knowledge. Weight and age are not the only secrets kept from students, though.   “I don’t tell my students my address, for safety reasons. I also don’t mention what my opinions on certain things are and what they should believe and not believe,” Stephanie Staponski said.

  Personal beliefs are a touchy subject since some people get offended when others voice their opinions.     Many teachers, like Staponski, just prefer to keep them to themselves.   There are still some teachers who like to be very candid and open to their students and tell them a lot in order to create a general trust between teacher and student.   “I like to be an open book to my students. I do know that a lot of teachers don’t tell their students relationship things and their times in college,” teacher David Wiebenga said. There are always things teachers cannot discuss with their students, like information concerning other students.   “I think the biggest thing I don’t tell my students is stuff about other students,” Staponski said.   From beauty queen titles to addresses, it just goes to show that students can never really know a teacher.

I like to be an open book to my students.

by Maddy Wylie


Caffeine: The Numbers On average, Americans consume

3.1 cups of coffee a day

People spend about


a month on coffee


soft drinks are consumed every Dr. Soda

Dr. Soda

Dr. Soda

Dr. Soda

second of every day Dr. Soda

Dr. Soda

Main sources of caffeine=

Dr. Soda


Caffeine Intake in Children Tea

Deadly Dose of Caffeine 1990


40 mg

131 cans of Red Bull


70 mg

110 mg

97 cups of coffee

Did You Know?

65 cans of Monster 52 bottles of Rockstar

Americans consume the equivalent

Energy Shot

20 Olympic size swimming pools of coffee of


each year

11 10



13 12


14 15 1


11 10



5 9 8 7



3 8

4 7





1 3 4


It takes 15 minutes for caffeine to get into the system and its effects last for 3

1/2 hours

3 7

11 10





9 8

2 4

2 3





11 10



9 8

2 3


11 10





9 8



by Mary Roccaro statistics provided by

January 2013  

Lee's Summit High School's monthly newsmagazine.