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LeagueLines The Newsletter of The Junior League of Austin

January/February 2010

Building a Bridge to Move Members Forward

By Krystin Johnson

A long time ago, there was a saying:“First you pledge; then you get married; then there’s Junior League; then you die.” We laugh, shake our heads, and think about how fortunate women of the twenty-first century truly are. Compared with previous generations, the options available to women today are truly staggering, not only in terms of their careers, but in the venues open to them for fulfilling leadership roles within their communities. In this dynamic new climate, Junior Leagues across America have had to face the challenge of remaining at the forefront of women’s community service initiatives in a field suddenly crowded with new options. Bridging the gap: JLA Bridge Chair, Yasmin Wagner, explains JLA projects and League procedures to new Active Krystin Johnson.

“Across all Junior Leagues, there is a pattern: members leave, on average, after their third year, and Austin is no different” explains Kelly Breeden, one of the mentors at the helm of The Junior League of Austin’s (JLA) new Bridge Program. The Bridge program launched this Fall by the Bridge Chair, Yasmin Wagner, under the guidance of Kelly Breeden and President Kathi Haralson, who began contemplating strategies for addressing the high attrition rate in the new member population during her PresidentElect year. Through this new program, JLA provides new members with support and mentoring opportunities during these first crucial years so that they may feel invested in the League and aware of the significance of their individual roles and contributions. A new JLA member’s Provisional year is a time of both considerable commitments and concentrated individual attention. The subsequent transition into Active membership, and often a community placement, can seem abrupt and isolating. “There is so much focus placed on them as Provisionals, and then we let them go into the world of Active life rather abruptly. This program is designed to help gently lead them into their Active careers,” says Kelly Breeden. “We want to continue to help them to feel like they are part of a team.” As of 2009, more than 80% of the JLA membership works outside of the home. The demands of an uncertain economy have forced women to make difficult choices in terms of their priorities and their time. These factors, combined with the ever-increasing, diverse opportunities for women in community service and leadership, have led Junior Leagues to make unprecedented efforts to maintain strong connections with their membership. Working with The Junior League of San Antonio, a League which has already implemented a similar program, JLA members Yasmin Wagner and Kelly Breeden launched the JLA Bridge Program in September 2009. The title is taken from the primary goal of helping the newest members to “bridge” the daunting gap between Provisional status and self-sustaining Active membership. The program currently offers mentoring services, social activities, and educational opportunities focusing on League leadership and general operations. Making these opportunities available during such a critical time in a new Active’s career will allow her to understand the scope of both the League’s impact within the community and her own personal impact within the League.“The Junior League of Austin truly cares about them as individuals,” says Kelly Breeden of JLA’s new members. “I want them to know what they do really does matter. This new program will help them understand how everything works so they can make educated decisions and also know that we are giving back to them in their personal development as members of our League.”


BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2009-2010 Kathi Haralson President Sandy Segura Alcalá President-Elect Jené Bearse Treasurer Erika Herndon Recording Secretary Alicia Russell Community Vice President Beth Atherton Sustaining President Julie Monday Ballard Amber Brabham

Do You Know Someone Interested in Joining The Junior League of Austin? Admissions Meetings: Thursday, January 21, 2010 – 7:00 p.m. – JLA Auditorium Sunday, January 31, 2010 – 3:00 p.m. – JLA Auditorium Prospective Member & Lead Sponsor must attend one meeting Admissions Application Deadline: Monday, February 8, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. Please visit for sponsorship information and applications

Kelly Breeden Dawn Breyfogle Abigail Bird Donovan Beth Ann Dranguet Holly Mace Massingill Gregory Noack Stacey Thompson Casie Wenmohs

The JLA Environmental Quality Committee Says... Make it a (Green) Habit The Junior League of Austin is doing our part to protect the planet! In celebration of Earth Day in April, the March/April issue of LeagueLines will be sent via email only. Keep an eye out for LeagueLines in your “virtual” mailbox in March and help to make it a green habit!

Kristin Weatherspoon Wilson


Published five times a year by The Junior League of Austin

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Mark Your Calendar January 1, 2010 JLA Office Closed January 5, 2010 General Meeting 7:00 p.m. JLA Auditorium January 18, 2010 JLA Office Closed January 25, 2010 JLA Board Meeting 7:00 p.m.

No General Meeting in February Sign up for member training classes! February 23, 2010 JLA Board Meeting 7:00 p.m. March 2, 2010 General Meeting 7:00 p.m. JLA Auditorium

From the President… Believe in Yourself, Believe in Others, and Believe in the Possibilities It’s the beginning of a new year, a time when many of us are thinking about self-improvement. Some of us will make New Year’s resolutions to spend more quality time with our kids, go on dates with our husbands, volunteer more, start working out, start a business, find a new job, the list goes on and on. Experts say those who stay the course and fulfill their resolutions share these characteristics: • • • •

They believe in their ability to change. They did not indulge in self-blame or excuse making. They avoid wishful thinking and concentrate on results. They understand their motivators and reasons why the resolution is important.

These characteristics are alive and well in you, our members, and the reason why The Junior League of Austin volunteers are able to make a difference in the lives of struggling students and those less fortunate. First and foremost, we believe we can make a difference. We believe in others. We believe in results. If self-improvement is on your agenda for 2010, I hope you will consider allowing the League to help you. There are a lot of unique organizations in which you can volunteer, but the JLA is committed to developing your potential. We know our members are remarkable women, and we want to help you be better at whatever it is you choose to do. Sometimes the League sees something in you that you don’t see in yourself and affords opportunities to learn new skills and embark on new experiences. Many of our Sustaining members credit their League experience as the reason why they can now serve as executive directors of some of our area’s non-profits. So seize opportunities and believe in yourself. We believe in you! I am also very excited to tell you about an opportunity that allows our members to help develop the next generation of leaders—your children! This month the League will host a few “Kids Giving Back Nights,” based on specific age groups. Stay tuned for dates and details. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2010! Thank you for all that you do! - Kathi

Pay Your Dues Early…Win a Prize! Pay your dues ONLINE in JANUARY and be eligible to win exemption from paying 2010-2011 dues!

  DID YOU KNOW? • You can save the League processing TIME by paying ONLINE? • You can save the League MONEY by paying EARLY because it cuts down on the paper and postage used to send reminder cards and dues statements?   To pay dues online, go to your membership homepage on, where you will find your dues statement.  Paying online is quick and easy! PAY YOUR DUES TODAY! (A late fee will be assessed on payments made after April 1, 2010)   Please call 467-8982 if you have questions or if you do not have a user name or password. Page 3

Back to Basics: Getting Balance Back into your Life! The Junior League of Austin Training and Education Program 2010

Ladies, listen up, and drop and give me 20! This year the training and education programs are going to train YOU to be the BEST member of the Austin community YOU CAN BE! We will train you to: • Believe in yourself. o Putting Your Best Face Forward; Rae Cosmetics – Monday, February 8, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. , $5 per person. o Decorating 101; Karen Hall Designs – Tuesday, February 9, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. • Engage with your families, friends and community. o Living Green - A New Year’s Resolution Recycling and Green Interior Design; -JLA Auditorium – Monday, January 25, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. o What Does “Organic” and “Local” Really Mean? -JLA Auditorium – Tuesday, January 26, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. o Quick and Easy Meals When You are on the Run! -Cookwell and Company- Wednesday, February 10, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. and 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. , $15 per person. • Empower the strong woman inside. o Organization 101; California Closets - Thursday, February 4, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. o Cash and Cocktails: Financial Strategies for 2010; JLA Auditorium - Thursday, February 4, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. o Crossing the Trapeze; Saturday, February 6, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. ,$75 per person. o Etiquette for Today’s World; Board Room – Wednesday, February 24, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. ,$15 per person. Registration for training opportunities goes “on-line” at 8:00 a.m. on January 6. Spaces are limited! More programs are available on the Training and Education website. Get ready to get TRAINED!!! To register go to the Training and Education link on the Member Page of!

What’s Happening at Our Projects Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas 25th Anniversary Celebrations A Night of Wishes: February 19, 2010, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt, San Antonio Cinderella’s Ball: May 1, 2010 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Austin

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas invites everyone to join them at these special, and surely unforgettable, evenings to celebrate 25 years of making wishes come true. For more information, please contact Chad Wicks at 512.329.9474 or visit

The Long Center for Performing Arts - January and February Performances Support the Long Center for the Performing Arts, a JLA Community Gift recipient, by attending a Long Center Presents event or a performance by Austin Lyric Opera, The Austin Symphony, or Ballet Austin. For more information on these and other events, please visit

Long Center Presents Ballet Folklórico de México de Amalia Hernandez: January 19, 2010 The Capitol Steps: January 29, 2010 American Voices: February 6, 2010 One Night of Queen: February 17, 2010 Groovaloo: February 28, 2010

Austin Lyric Opera The Star, by Emmanuael Chabrier, January 30 and February 3, 5 and 7, 2010

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The Austin Symphony Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Violin: January 15 - 16, 2010 Diahann Carroll: February 20, 2010 Barbara Nissman, Piano: February 26 - 27, 2010

Ballet Austin The Bach Project: February 12 - 14, 2010


A Christmas Affair PHOTOS 1. One of the many gorgeous decorated Christmas trees at ACA.


2. Julie Ballard, Kathi Haralson, and Staci Turlington Dollar enjoy the Gala.


3. Donna Baldwin, Robin Wright, Katie Starley, Heather Cooke, and Nicole Powers pause for a photo during the Gala.

4. Kelly Willis entertains guests at the Gala. 4.



5. Decorating cookies at a Santa Breakfast. 6. Gala attendees Jennifer Herman, Natasha Grashel, Michele Roach, Cathy Northcutt, Lisa Kaspar, and Heather Jones.

As you know, A Christmas Affair is one of The Junior League of Austin’s most visible marketing efforts and most important fundraising vehicles. The event is also a complex financial undertaking. From the first financial outlays to develop the event, to the collection of revenue, and through all the management inherent in a large project, the ACA committee accomplishes an elaborate financial achievement. The feat is even more impressive when you consider how many different ways ACA generates revenue including ticket sales, special events, merchant fees, tearoom and auction receipts – all critical pieces of the financial whole. Furthermore, ACA runs an onsite bank for merchants during market days! Who keeps track of all this activity? The ACA Treasurer, Holly Mace Massingill and the Finance Committee track, record, count and generally keep all financials running smooth. The Treasury Room at ACA, tucked into the back halls of the Palmer Events Center, is often overlooked but vitally important to the success of the event. Several hundred thousand dollars of cash pass through the Treasury Room each year – all of it double counted and under a tightly controlled process. Hats off to the ACA team members who made this all possible and congratulations to all of the A Christmas Affair team! Your hard work and dedication made A Christmas Affair 2009, A Wild Holiday, our most successful event to date!

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Hidden Philanthropy Potential By Mandy Niles Did you know that your place of employment could be waiting…quietly, unnoticed…to maximize the impact of your philanthropy? Does your employer have a foundation that grants money to non-profits that align with their established priorities? Would your employer match your monetary donation to The Junior League of Austin, such as your annual dues or additional charitable gifts made to the League? Does your employer quantify your volunteer hours and match that time with a monetary gift? These are real examples of corporate philanthropy that many of us have the opportunity to capitalize on! Shannon Meroney, Active member and Aetna employee, discovered a wealth of opportunity when she began JLA President Kathi Haralson accepts a donation from JLA Active serving on a local Aetna Foundation committee that decides how to Shannon Meroney on behalf of Aetna. distribute the local budget for Austin/San Antonio. “One of our Foundation’s priorities is Health and Wellness. I quickly realized that if I came to the committee prepared with a good idea that matched those objectives, it would likely be funded,” says Shannon. So she gathered information on F.I.T., our new Provisional Program, and the League was given a $5,000 gift from the Aetna Foundation in support of that program. You don’t have to serve on the Board of your corporation’s Foundation to secure a gift of that magnitude, however. Research through your company’s website or human resources department will shed more light on the opportunities for matching gifts, or grants, that your company offers. Linda van Bavel is a resource for you within the League, as well as chair of the Donor Development and Stewardship Committee. She can answer questions about the process and can be reached at

New JLA Project Reaches Students Through Education By Tillery Stout New to the JLA community projects this year is Austin Partners in Education (APIE). A unique collaboration between the Austin Independent School District (AISD) and the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the objective of APIE is to connect the community with AISD classrooms through the placement of volunteers in a classroom coaching setting. The coaching program creates and fosters effective community and school partnerships that provide AISD students preparation for college and future careers. APIE’s goal for the 2009-2010 school year is to place 800 volunteers as classroom coaches. The JLA is helping APIE reach this goal by providing three volunteer classroom coaches as well as granting $20,000 to APIE to apply towards its reading and math programs. Two JLA classroom coaches are assisting with reading fluency and comprehension, and one JLA classroom coach is assisting with math skills. These volunteers are paired with four to six students and work to make classroom instruction less like a lecture and more like an engaging collaboration. Cecilie Engle, JLA Project Chair for APIE, considers working with and being a role model for

Becky Carter, JLA Member, coaches an 8th grade student at Burnet Middle School in math while children the most rewarding part of the new placement. JLA Active Becky Carter agrees, “My service is very hands-on, and I appreciate that. I feel like I can be a good role model for the teacher looks on.

girls who need a strong influence of good in their life [because] a student may be at-risk for many factors other than educational ability. I am hoping that while we focus on decimals and fractions this year, the girls can also learn the benefits of an education.” The JLA has additional APIE placements to assist with planning and implementing APIE’s May Salute event. This event honors the outstanding teachers, staff, volunteers and community business partners for their dedication to student excellence and achievement in Austin’s schools. Cecilie emphasizes that anyone can be a classroom coach. It takes only one hour a week at a local elementary or middle school and is a great way to give back to your family, friends, businesses and community. For more information on this program, contact Cecilie at

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We did it again! Austin area kids are “warmer� this winter because of you!

Thanks so much for your support, donations and volunteer work to help make the 23rd annual Coats for Kids a big success! Special thanks to those members who organized coat drives and came out during sorting week to help hang and size coats and to those who helped on Distribution Day! Also, thank you to our financial supporters including La Que Buena 104.3, La Jefa 107.7, Dick Euting & Associates, Inc./S. Rothschild Outerwear, Walmart, McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore, L.L.P., MAXIMUS, Inc., Bank of America, All My Sons Moving & Storage, Reagan National Advertising of Austin, Antler Mini Storage, Patricia Lambert, BMC Software, Grande Communications Passion & Commitment Investment Club, Austin Sonic, Inc., Capitol Chevrolet and Endeavor Real Estate Group/Amy and Chris Ellis PPD. 2.

Coats for Kids 2009 PHOTOS

1. Thousands of coats were ready on the Palmer Event Center floor for doors to be opened early on Distribution Day. It was 19 degrees outside! 2. 2009 Coats for Kids Committee. 3. A family anxiously waited outside Palmer Event Center for warm winter coats for their children. 4. Despite the chilly temps, the line wrapped around 3. Palmer by 6 a.m. on Distribution Day.


5. Recipients lined up at the doors while volunteers prepared to assist thousands of children find just the right sized coat. 6. Coats for Kids Partners were all smiles on Distribution Day: Mark Murray (KVUE), Paul Brown (Jack Brown Cleaners), Bama Brown aka Santa (KASE), Kathi Haralson (JLA President), and Karey Oddo (Coats for Kids Chair).




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Looking for great recipes to match those new goals? Loo

To order: or 467-8982 Sustainer Corner By Beth Atherton, Sustaining President

“Never had (she) been as beautiful as now. She had that indefinable beauty that comes from happiness, enthusiasm, success – a beauty that is nothing more or less than a harmony of temperament and circumstances . . . like a flower nourished by the rain, by the wind and the sun, finally blooming in the fullness of her nature.” Wouldn’t we all love to be described like this? In these few words, French novelist Gustave Flaubert provides such tremendous insight into how we can be our best, most radiant selves. It is, of course, nothing external; instead, it is about enthusiasm, success, and the ideal balance between interests and opportunities. The same can be said for organizations: they are at their most successful when their membership is engaged, motivated, and provided with outlets and opportunities relevant to their passions and their talents. Because The Junior League of Austin’s most vital asset is its Sustaining membership, now 1,200 strong and growing, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is committed to addressing their needs, to ensuring that “harmony of temperament and circumstances”. This year, the SPC will review the new programs instituted in response to the 2007 Organizational Self Assessment with the goal of further expanding opportunities available to Sustainers. The first step in this process has been the creation of a working group, comprised of both Active and Sustaining members, who will extensively research the current operational structure for Sustainers in order to determine the areas of disconnect between what is currently offered and what Sustainers are actively seeking in their Junior League experience. Our burgeoning population of Sustaining members are assisting in this effort by voicing their ideas and requests, and this information will be invaluable in shaping programs for the years ahead. Both the SPC and Working Group will be looking to the Houston and Dallas Leagues, both organizations with a growing Sustainer base, as key resources for modeling our Sustainer programs, obligations, and fundraising policies, as well as strategies for developing joint programs with the Active membership. The New Year is upon us, and it has brought unprecedented opportunities for redefining and renewing Sustainer involvement, for creating that perfect harmony of opportunity and purpose which allows us to shine.

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JLA NOTES WELCOME NEW TRANSFERS ACTIVES Grace Allen – Washington, DC Amy Atsumi – Oklahoma City, OK Courtney Baldwin – Richmond, VA Charlotte Boyd – San Antonio, TX Cadey Charfen – Boca Raton, FL Suzanne Coker – New York, NY Noelle Coker – Raleigh, NC Shelby Cook – Dallas, TX Allison Crain – Denver, CO Molly Czepiel – Chicago, IL Jessica Falk – Chicago, IL Elizabeth Fazio – Denver, CO Raquel Garcia – San Antonio, TX Beverly Graham – Los Angeles, CA Meredith Greager – Denver, CO Kimberly Hayes – New York, NY Hadley Hempel – Washington, DC Mary Elizabeth Jones – Salt Lake City, UT Jennifer Jones – Dallas, TX Lindsey Langford – Northern Virginia, VA Ellie Livesay – Mid-Peninsula, CA Bridget Maloney – Plano, TX Bonnie Melhem – San Diego, CA Christie Mueller – Washington, DC Kember Mueller – Murfreesboro, TN Megan Murphy – San Francisco, CA Karen Norman – San Jose, CA Casey Obenhaus – Dallas, TX Jennifer Olivier – Dallas, TX Meghan Parker – Indianapolis, IN Ashley Perraud – Long Beach, CA Nancy Pollard – Dallas, TX Dinah Plyler – Dallas, TX Jie Ralls – Chicago, IL Jennifer Shook – Birmingham, AL Nalani Tyrrell – Atlanta, GA Jennifer Vitera-Frade – Dallas, TX Marion Ward – Washington, DC Jessica Weaver – Denver, CO Candice Weissinger –Durham and Orange Counties, NC  PROVISIONALS Debra Doliner – El Paso, TX Hilary Gainer – Lubbock, TX  SUSTAINERS Lisa Dunlevy – Dallas, TX Kathy Orgain – Beaumont, TX Caroline Rydell – Washington, TX

REINSTATEMENTS ACTIVES Darlene Brugnoli Janelle Collier Christina Fabianich Katrina Lancaster Becca McMullen Marka Peterson Shannon Powers Carolyn Merchan Saegert Dana Sipes Courtney Stephens SUSTAINERS Mary Ball Bobbie Beal Diane Broberg Kelli Brown Leslie Brown Donna Campbell Dixie Carlton Rebecca Chilton Sally Clark-Raphael Cyndi Cummings Jill Durkee Susan Edgar Sarah Jane English Elizabeth Gates Mary Margaret George Deborah Hammond Milly Heasley Debbie Hixson Nora Hodges Sandy Hoffman Kelly Hyten Dianne James Connie Jobe Patty Johns Kathryn Lang C. Ann Lowry Katherine Madden Suzanne Mayer Missy Moscoe Melissa Moze Sally Nagy Julie Oles Nancy Powell Cynthia Roessler Katherine Sangster Peggy Seaquist Sophie Sentebale Sharon Smith Jessica G. Smith

SUSTAINERS cont. Laura Spears Courtney Stephens Linda Storm Shelley Tucci Betty Wall Libby Wells Suzy Wheeler Jill L. Williams TRANSFERS OUT Thank you for your dedicated service to The Junior League of Austin and our community! ACTIVES Matilde Galan Borchers – Dallas, TX Orianna Frankie – Beaumont, TX Lucy Glenn – San Angelo, TX Ansley Tullos Gilpin – Tuscaloosa, AL Angie Henderson – Tulsa, OK Faye Hoffman – San Antonio, TX Mary Langdon – Houston, TX Mariann Morelock – Knoxville, TN Lisa Perry – Oklahoma, OK Tiffany Tredway-Ransom – North Harris County, TX Donnelly Roy – Washington, DC Robyn Tepper – Lubbock, TX PROVISIONALS Aubre Barr – Houston, TX SUSTAINERS Marilyn Gripon – Beaumont, TX Marie Gene McKnight – Fort Worth, TX Carrie Naas – Beaumont, TX Find more JLA Notes on the back of this issue of LeagueLines!

JLA NOTES Email birth and marriage announcements, condolences and notices about illness of members or their immediate family to Diana Coston, JLA Office Database Manager, at Page 9


Gabby Smith, Active

Noelle Coker, Transfer

Current Placement: Capitalines

Current Placement: Transfer from Occupation: Education Sales at Apple Inc. Raleigh, North Carolina Education/Occupation: Florida Family: Cubby (my tabby cat) State University/Flight Attendant with Community Activities: Austin Children’s American Airlines and Power Yoga Shelter & church volunteer instructor I wish I knew how to: Cook gourmet Family: My cat! dishes and invent new meals from scratch I wish I knew how to: Play the guitar If I could, I would: Volunteer all day at the If I could, I would: Sing and dance on Children’s Hospital gift shop Broadway I regret: Not studying abroad for longer Favorite thing about Austin: The than my one summer in Florence people! Favorite thing about Austin: The My favorite book is: Dune, by Frank healthy environment (no more dreaded Herbert treadmill)! My life philosophy on a bumper sticker: My favorite book is: High Maintenance, Live in the Moment by Jennifer Belle My favorite quote is: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!” - Coco Chanel

My favorite movie is: Bladerunner My favorite junk food is: Nachos

Ann Dolce, Sustainer Occupation: Retired Teacher Family: My husband, three children and nine grandchildren Community Activities: Westgate Condominium Association, President; Austin History Center Association, Board Member; St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, Board Member I wish I knew how to: Hang glide If I could, I would: Drive a Harley Davidson I regret: Being more concerned with the possibility of failure than with the possibility of success My favorite book is: I read at least one book a week, but frequently recommend A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving My favorite junk food is: Cheeze-Its

The possession I’m attached to: My The experience that has changed me family photograph albums My favorite movie is: Working Girl the most: My Vipasana meditation retreat When I look in the mirror, I see: I just My favorite junk food is: Ice Cream When I look in the mirror, I see: A don’t look these days! My worst habit is: Putting things off until wonderful, kind, loving and happy person One thing people don’t know about the last minute Favorite JLA memory or experience: me: I’m a very good rock mason - dry “Hollygrove” (while in the LA Junior stack is my specialty! When I look in the mirror, I see: A girl League) that loves to laugh at herself! Favorite JLA placement: Capitalines My advice to the Provisional class Editor Favorite JLA memory or experience: would be: Get involved. Stay active. Provisional year, Coats for Kids & ACA The best lesson I’ve learned from my JLA experiences is: The process is The best lesson I’ve learned from my always as important as, and sometimes JLA experiences is: If you do what you’ve more important than, the end result. always done, you’ll get what you’ve always Did you Know? gotten. So work hard in everything you do My advice to the Provisional class and you’ll have no regrets in the League! At ACA 2009 there were would be: Don’t choose only safe, comfortable placements. Try new My advice to the Provisional class 209 merchants from 21 experiences. I learned to be comfortable would be: Meet everyone and set up different states! in front of an audience through a social events outside of your required placement involving children’s theatre meetings. productions.

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Jill Baumhover, Provisional

Lyndsey Crawford, Provisional

Education/Occupation: Sweet Briar College (B.A. in Art History) and Missouri State (M.S. in Defense and Strategic Studies)/Stay at home mom

Family: Husband: Grant -- Kids: Colton (7) and Anabelle (4)

Family: My husband, Brian; children, Aubrey (4) and Henry (1.5)

Community Activities: Volunteer with my Church, Vestry, Children’s ministry, Floral Guild and PTA, room rep for kids school

I wish I knew how to: Speak a second language If I could, I would: Travel more I regret: Nothing. Life is too short. My favorite book is: The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown My favorite junk food is: Fritos and Hot Tamales My favorite movie is: Juno (for now!)

Pets: Two dogs Peanut and Stella

I wish I knew how to: Sew and to understand Spanish better

I regret: Not moving far away to go to school

I regret: Nothing

Favorite thing about Austin: This is where I grew up. Austin always feels like coming home.

I’m tired of: Not getting any sleep because I have a newborn

My favorite book is: I am currently addicted to the Twilight books

My worst habit is: Staying up too late when I need to get up early

My favorite movie is: National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

I wish someone had told me earlier: That young kids are sick every few weeks! I wasn’t quite prepared for that!

My favorite junk food is: Chips & Queso

Three accomplishments I am proud of: (1) My children, (2) finishing 2nd in my class at Officer Candidate School, (3) teaching myself graphic design

Your life philosophy on a bumper sticker: No Whiners!

Did you Know? CFK distributed 30,140 coats this year!

Family: Husband Jeff, daughters Sloane (2.5 years old) and Sutton born 10/15/09

If I could, I would: Be a movie star

The possession I’m attached to: My camera

The experience that has changed me the most: Serving our country as a Naval Intelligence Officer

Education/occupation: DDS/endodontist (root canal specialist for those who may not know—I know…fun, right?!?)

I wish I knew how to: Paint or draw

My favorite quote is: Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear and not bothering- Winnie the Pooh

I’m tired of: Picking up the food my son had so much fun throwing on the floor.

Michou Shell, Active

I’m tired of: Sweeping up dog hair

You wish someone had told you earlier: My mother really did know what she was talking about What experience has changed you most? Having children One thing people would know about you: I LOVE CHOCOLATE My advice to the Provisional class would be: Smile

My favorite junk food is: French fries!!

My worst habit is: Speaking before I think. I have foot-in-mouth syndrome. Three accomplishments you are proud of: Marrying my husband, having kids with him and owning my own endodontic practice, Westlake Endodontics (cliché, I know) What experience has changed you most? Becoming a mom (another cliché) When you look in the mirror, you see? Bags under my eyes One thing people would know about you: I love to eat!!! My advice to the Provisional class would be: Write down all of your shifts and store it in your calendar/iphone/ blackberry/whatever you use. Favorite JLA placement: West Austin Caregivers The best lesson I’ve learned from my JLA experiences is: It is possible to balance marriage, motherhood, work and voluntarism.

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The Junior League of Austin


5416 Parkcrest Suite 100 Austin, Texas 78731

LeagueLines JLA NOTES CONTINUED CONGRATULATIONS ON THE ARRIVAL OF YOUR LITTLE ONE! Tara Akins - daughter (Vivienne Ruth Akins-Smith) Misty Bray – daughter (Cassidy Rose Bray) JoAnn Jordan – daughter (Jacqueline Mia Jordan) Tiffany Marascio – daughter (Evalyn Claire Marascio) Jennifer Ransom Rice – son (Charles Ransom Rice) THINKING OF YOU Kathryn Kenjura Sara Souerbry Jessica Stanley CONDOLENCES May the memories of your loved ones support you forever. Family of Marguerite Butler Jennifer Johnson KaLyn Laney Lutie Butler Family of Ellen Steck Carter Laura Meyer Family of Elizabeth Murfee Nicole Elliott Elizabeth Collum Ozmun Melaine Gaylord Lisa Trahan Janet Hale

Who we are ... The Junior League of Austin is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Our purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Where are we going ... The Junior League of Austin will strengthen our community through creative solutions to current and future challenges. Page 2

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