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Inside the Life:

Johnny Lewis

Professional World ICE Racer by winter- AMA PRo Flat Tracker by Summer

2010 Promotional Proposal

Over View • “Inside the Life: Johnny Lewis,” will give a raw glimpse into the life of an action sports athlete in the motorcycle racing arena with goals to entertain, inform and inspire young athletes. • The 2-4 episode show about the racing action and behind-the-scenes life of a young action sports star, 20 year-old Johnny Lewis, as he prepares for and competes in professional events in indoor ice racing, prepares for the opening round of the AMA Pro Flat Track Series in Daytona Beach Florida • The show will be posted on a high-definition Dish Network Channel, high- definition Internet channel, as well as countless other spots. • Each episode will focus on one type of significant competition event that will include how Lewis prepares, how he competes, and the outcomes. • Episode one will be an intro show about Lewisʼ background including past practice and race footage, telling the story of how he got to where he is in the sport. • Episodes two –four will follow Lewis as he prepares and competes in the World Championship ICE Racing Series,and then ending at Daytona Bike Week AMA Pro Flat Track Championship doubleheader. • Footage will include behind-the-scenes at Lewisʼ home and practice track, training, and other everyday life moments along with race footage including helmet cam footage. • Partnering with produce Matt Wozney from MXP TV to bring “Inside the Life: Johnny Lewis” to life.

Partners ICE Has the future of World Championship ICE Racing focused and in its sites. Manufacturers World Cup Bikes, Nitro Speedway Bikes, Unlimited Outlaw Quads, X-KARTS, Mad Dog Bikes and ICE Breaker Amateur Quads. Thereʼs something for everyone at an ICE Race! Itʼs no wonder our slogan remains – THE GREATEST SPECTACLE ON ICE!

Axiom Entertainment, is the worldʼs first family-friendly high-definition Daytona Short Track- Focused on the start action sports Internet channel that provides sports content along with TV and movies available for download (rental or full purchase) or by-mail DVD

Who we will reach

– Not only with event interaction, but with the show we will reach thousands of racing fans, possibly hundreds of thousands. With partners from Axiom TV, MXP TV, MAV TV, Speed TV, including dish and cable network channels to highdefinition online channels. Our goal marketing is to reach people of all ages from children to adults, race fans to inspiring race fans. Where will this take place

Starting in January and ending in March, Johnny will have traveled 7000 highway miles through as many as 12 different states following the World ICE Racing Tour and the opening round of the AMA Pro Flat Track Series.

Racing in front of 2000- 10,000 fans per event. 8 World ICE Racing events, 2 AMA Pro Flat Track events.

Race schedule and dates are set, filming will be taking place at all time, anytime its possible. To bring Inside the Life; Johnny Lewis to reality.

How will sponsors name and logo be noticed •

Advertisement placement will wrap from posters to team transporters, race bikes, team apparel, video/TV ads, website banners, etc.

Johnny will mention sponsors at all times possible, race interviews, radio interviews, Tv interviews, etc.

Sponsors will be associated with well-spoken and fan-accessible athlete in the paddock, on the track, at non-race events, and in the media.


Custom racing gear

ABC channel 4 Salt Lake City Tv interview

Promotional Sponsorship a. Partner始s product/service will be the official such product/service to Johnny Lewis Racing/ Inside the Life: Johnny Lewis. b. Partner will have the right to conduct team related promotional advertising programs. c. Partner will receive unlimited guess passes at ICE events d. Partner will have unlimited access to and use of the team hospitality area for guests. e. Partner will be included on the rider posters produced annually for use in scheduled autograph sessions.

Example of team race bike graphics

f. Partner, and its logo will be appropriately incorporated into Johnny Lewis Racing/ Inside the Life: Johnny Lewis publications. g. Partner will receive title billing on the team transporter and test van. h. Partner will receive title billing on rider clothing. Custom helmet design, jersey/ pants, etc. i. Partner will be appropriately incorporated into all Johnny Lewis Racing/ Inside the Life: Johnny Lewis team advertising.

Example of team test/ winter transporter Daytona Short Track- Focused on the start

Promotional Sponsorship k. Partner will receive appropriate billing on team staff uniforms. l. Partner will receive title billing in the graphics kits for the race team motorcycles, which will be made available to retail outlets for use by grass roots participants nationwide.

Example of team apparel

m. Partner will have use of the team and rider始s names, likeness, and images. n. Partner will receive event exposure through Johnny Lewis Racing/ Inside the Life: Johnny Lewis, at the World ICE Racing Championship Series and AMA Pro Flat Track Series, not limited to just first round of the AMA Pro Flat Track Series (30 plus events). o. Interactive rep will hand out and talk about products during events- interactive rep could be asked by ICE to present awards at ICE World events.

Example of autograph posters

p. Partner will have significant time allocated to the flat screen TV to share video, messages, and promotions to fans during events, such as; autograph signings, open pit area times, etc. q. Partner will receive media exposure through national television channels, a vast Internet network, and numerous high quality print publications extensively and specifically covering ice racing and flat track racing. r. The team will be named in the manner requested by Partner, resulting in exposure in every mention of the team at event, through all media, and on the P.A. system during race announcing. As an example, the team could be named the NAME OF PARTNER Johnny Lewis Racing.

Actual race photo from ICE Racing, packed crowd, close racing

Expenses and Sponsorship Levels



Production of Inside the Life (included film crew travel)


Seasonal fee for professional lies. Race fee for 10 race events

$400 $1750

Set race bike up for ICE Race Fuel

$3500 $500

Transporter Fuel for 7000 miles Lodging Team apparel/ racing gear Posters

$1800 $1200 $3500 $500

The Platinum position offers the most visible signage and benefits. Signage will always be the predominate signage, and the title includes naming rights offering the following standard benefits, we are open to discussing custom concepts and initiatives as well; - Official naming rights of team, all benefits on pages 4 and 5 . - Only one platinum sponsorship level available Cost: $10,000 The Gold position offers the second most visible signage and benefits. - Presenting sponsor naming rights of team - Only one Gold sponsorship level available Cost: $4000 The Silver position offer the third most visible signage and benefits. - Two Silver positions are offered Cost: $2500 The Bronze position offers the fourth and final sponsorship opportunity - Three Bronze positions are offered Cost: $1000

Contact Information

Johnny Lewis 484-354-2852

2010 Schedule:

World Ice/ AMA Pro Flat Track Jan 23 - Sat U.S. Cellular Coliseum - Bloomington, IL Jan 29 - Fri Hobart Arena - Troy, OH Jan 30 - Sat L.C. Walker Arena - Muskegon, MI Feb 6- Sat Cincinnati Gardens Cincinnati, OH Feb 12 - Fri David S. Palmer Arena - Danville, IL Feb 19 - Fri Sovereign Bank Arena - Trenton, NJ Feb 20 - Sat Glens Falls Civic Center - Glens Falls, NY March 3/4 Daytona International SpeedwayDaytona Beach, FL

States traveled to.

Route traveled by..

Johnny Lewis  

Daytona resume proposal

Johnny Lewis  

Daytona resume proposal