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The Center Hotel The Center Hotel is a proposed design aimed at creating a link between the tourist and community. This connection creates a comforting atmosphere for the tourist to form a more stimulating bond with St. Joseph that matures over the length of their vacation. The Center unifies aspects of a tourist town by unifying and integrating functions that are mutually beneficial to both the tourist and the community. This is achieved by integrating community functions such as a restaurant, fitness center and a community garden space along the river front that connects with the greater downtown area. The Center also functions as a conference center to host conventions or art installations.




The Center Fitness The Center Fitness serves to promote fitness and health within the community. This is achieved by implementing a wide range of functions for both the community and the traveler. The Center Fitness provides space for both aerobic and anaerobic types of exercise and is flexible enough to provide space for most sports. The project includes a lifting space, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts and cardio space as well as private exercise rooms for specialty classes such as zumba or yoga.



The Center Garden The Center roof garden aims to create a space that provides a sense of enclosure with a view. This garden is an extension of the hotel itself and contributes a serene outdoor space that overlooks the St. Joseph skyline and the St. Joseph River.

East Elevation

North Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation


Ground Floor

Second - Fifth Floors

First Floor

Sixth Floor



Wall Section


w e


t u

y i a


s d

f j


g h k

1( 2)

1. Railing: 1/4” Glass Panel

9. 3” Light Weight Concrete

2. Grass

10. 1.5 MR 18 Composit

3. Brick Planters 4. 1’-6” Earth Fill 5. Kawneer 1600 Wall System Cap 6. 6” Precast Concrete Retaining Wall 7. 1’-1” Earth 8. Roof Vapor Membrane

Metal Deck 11. Curtain Wall Steel Support Anchor 12. Aluminum Panel 13. L-Angle Bolt Connector L4X4X5/16 - Hex 14. L-Angle Bolt Connector L9 1/2X9 1/2X1/2 - Hex

15. L-Angle Bolt Connector L4X4X5/16 16. W24X76 Beam 17. W27X146 Beam 18. Kawneer 1600 Wall System Mullion 19. W10X33 Steel Column 20. Kawneer ISOPORT Glass-Reinforced Nylon 6/6 Thermal Break

St.Joseph Multiplex This project focuses on creating a flex building in a downtown T5 setting. The project requirements were to renovate a pre-existing structure and redesign the exterior to allow the building to fit more fluidly within the modern fabric. The design was influenced by a desire to create a modern style with a contemporary classical influence. The structure was designed utilizing modern construction techniques.




Berrien Springs Overlay The Berrien Springs Charter Township approached us with the challenge of rezoning the M-139 corridor that runs through the city and township. The focus was to redesign the current zoning to allow future development that will be implemented within the next decade. The main struggle faced was how to allow for an efficient rezoning without down-zoning what properties are currently entitled. Outside of city hall, we met with the citizens of Oronoko Township to develop a plan that would allow for regulated development without overshadowing the “small town� setting. Andrews Department of Architecture developed a form based code overlay plan that allowed for design and property setback standards to keep the town’s current ambiance while allowing for future development along the M-139 corridor.

23 Proposed Zoning Overlay

Memorial Park

Existing Zoning

25 Proposed Zoning Overlay

Stover’s Orchard

Existing Zoning

Watercolors & Sketches




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