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Surviving High School Words by Nigel Yu and Joshua Yap Format by Justin Young


he adjustment period from grade 7 to freshman is not easy but with the

help of others it will be. Besides being in a different building you have to learn new lessons and meet new people. You always have to remember that people will always help but you will need to ask for help otherwise you won’t get help. Also if you have no friends you always have the guidance counselor to talk to.

Here in High School, there are lots of awards you can win that can bring honor to your class! Some awards that we have gotten were winning the intramurals, the Chinese and Filipino contest.

High School will also bring you more problems. Things are more difficult now but your teachers will be very helpful.

Problems, we encountered were in Math. Math was an easy subject until we went to high school. The lessons are not too easy anymore. We got through this problem by asking for help just like what we said a while ago asking for help will help you because you will learn more.

It is important for you to get to know your teachers. They will be your mentors for an entire year, and maybe even longer. They can also help you with the increasing difficulty of your new lessons and they are usually very approachable and friendly.

The seniors are like your older brothers. Don’t forget that! They are approachable and can help you with your studies or give you advice on things that they have already experienced.

All the activities this year were fun, fair, Christmas, A-day and all that. The activities we prepared nicely and we had fun. In High School, you will play a more prominent role in the planning your activities. Students are in charge of things like A-day and the Fair.

Work hard in your studies and your grades and learning will follow. High School will teach you things that you will keep forever.

Lastly, just have fun!

Surviving High School  
Surviving High School  

Words by Nigel Yu and Joshua Yap. Format by Justin Young