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ELEVA T E YO U R WELL N ESS E XP E RI E NC E W ITH J K e lln e ssj k. co m


Automated hydro-jet massage


Full Body Red Light


Full Body Red Light


Red Light for Face & Body

Elevate Your Wellness Experience with JK: Your Trusted Partner for Premium Equipment Manufacturing. Committed to Elevated Standards to Deliver Lasting Quality and High-Value Products in Relaxation and Wellness.


At JK Products and Services, our mission is to empower gyms, spas, and fitness centers with cutting-edge wellness equipment that enriches the mind, body, and soul of every individual. We are dedicated to transforming wellness spaces into sanctuaries of revitalization and relaxation, where our innovative products seamlessly blend modern technology with ancient holistic principles.

Driven by a passion for well-being, we strive to set new industry standards by meticulously crafting equipment that embodies durability, functionality, and elegance. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the products themselves, as we aim to foster lasting partnerships with our clients through transparent communication, exceptional service, and continuous collaboration.


Automated hydro-jet massage

Total Relaxation for Body, Mind & Soul

Leave the world behind and enter a realm of unparalleled immersion. Drift away as our automated Aqua-Massage Bed transports you to a state of relaxation where stress and tension disappear, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the world anew.

Be n e fi t s

Mental Wellness | Sensorial immersion in a world of relaxation

Healthy Back | Relieves tension and strengthens the back

Strong Shoulders | Ideal for tense shoulders and neck

Pure Relaxation | Professional grade massage, relaxation for body & mind

Fit Legs | Alieves tired and heavy feeling in the legs

Relaxed Fitness | To warm up or relax after training

Easy to use and customize | Large touchscreen display

Full sensory immersion with the Wellsystem Wave. Invite your clients to enjoy a break from cell phones and technology by providing sensory relaxation with sight, sound, smell, and touch.

Sensory Symphony | Integrated light, sound, and color therapy for a holistic experience.

Whisper Soft Serenity | Quieter than competitors ensuring uninterrupted relaxation.

Water Massage, Stay Dry | Experience soothing water massage without getting wet.

S e ssion T im e Customizeable Unit Footprint (L x W in inch) Room size rec. (L x W in foot) El e ctric a l Requ ir e m e nt s Max power consumption 3000W 20 amp 2-phase
96.46 x 74.80 10 x 9


Full Body Red Light

Total Body Rejuvenation

The Reviiive Pro laydown unit is the first of its kind to offer both Infrared and Red Light LED technology combined in an easy-to-use piece of equipment that won't break the bank. Cutting edge light spectrum technology comes together with form and function to create an in-demand service for skin care, personal optimization and recovery.

Be n e fi t s

M i n d & Bo d y | Rejuvenation for the mind & body

S k in T one | Improves skin tone and texture

Cel l u l ar T urnover | Increases full-body cellular turnover

R ecovery | Aids in recovery

A nt i A gi n g | Anti Aging for the entire body

The Revive PRO IR full body red light is the perfect addition to your business. Incorporate Revive with your existing services or as a stand-alone option to provide a variety of individual optimization benefits for your clients. Enhance your wellness offering and circuit of services with the addition of the Revive PRO IR Laydown.

Studies have shown that Red Light in combination with Infrared light spectrums increases collagen density in the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3926176/)

Measurements based on 20 minute session time. TORSO 33j/cm ² LEGS 33j/cm ² FACE 27j/cm ²

F eature s

T ota l LE D | T r ue r e d li gh t L E D t ech n o l og y fo r t he t o t a l b o d y

N ear In f rare d | Nea r Infr a r e d f o r tot a l bod y

O p erat i on s | E a s y t o c l ea n a nd o p e r a t e

Com f ort | Co mfort c o olin g a ir c i rc u l a ti o n

I n tut i ve | S i mpl e , u s e r fri e ndly control p a n e l

Me d Sp a | Pr o f e ssion al , m e d sp a styl i n g a nd a st he ti c


L E D Cou n t 4400 +

L i gh t Sp e ctr u m Full Spectrum Red Light

S e ssion T im e

Up to 60 Minutes

M inim u m Ro om Siz e 7 x 9

El e ctric a l Requ ir e m e nt s 220 - 240V, single phase, no additional wiring required

start / stop timer ventilation


Full Body Red Light

Red Light Recovery

Providing a dynamic combination for performance enhancement and recovery, the Reviiive Pro Stand Up features a combination of synergistic technologies from Red Light, Near Infrared and Vibrashape to create the perfect environment for any client interested in health and wellness benefits.

Be n e fi t s

Weight | S u pports we i gh t m a n age m e n t

Mu s c l e to n e | Improv e s m u scl e ton e

R ecovery | S u pp o rts a ctiv

R egenerat i o n | F u ll b o dy r

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