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11 interior perspective of Main Conference Room

12 double plenum facade + air intake

13 trajectory air circulation diagram + section and elevation with loadbearing facade supporting interior floor slabs

Situationist Architecture

comprehensive metropolis, fantastic spaces and vistas, synthetic application of spaces

14 a reference for conceptual analysis: The Situationist Group __ “Collage view of New Babylonia Sector� Constant, 1948


Interpretation of a situation with perpetual change. Ink and oil drawing of the Gemeentmuseum; the Hague, Netherlands.

15 a reference for conceptual analysis: The Situationist Group __ “Group Center� Constant, 1962


Understanding the 4th dimension of space, or the passing of time. This is a study of specific laws and effects of geographical environment, consciously organized on the behaviors of individuals.

16 a reference for conceptual analysis: the Situationist Group _ “The Naked City,� Guy Debord

Dutch Embassy Berlin_part 2  

Interior and exterior collage photos of the building. Further drawings and diagrams.

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