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The madness of the KKK By: johnny koneczny Table of contents: When did the KKK start Page: 1 Who are they? Page 2….. What did the KKK bring madness? Page 3…… What motivated the KKK to do it? Page 4……

This pic is the letters of the Ku Klux Klan

Page 0 When did the KKK start? Page 1 The KKK started in 1865 and that’s when the civil rights just started up. And the civil rights first goal was to end racist segregation and discrimination against black people. They would also enforce voting rights for blacks all in the United States. Until the civil rights came people tried to argue against white people for freedom but never got freedom until the civil rights movement. The Jim Crow laws happened after the 15th amendment and white people were segregated from white people just like haircuts and restaurants and stuff like. And the black people were not segregated from the white people. The white people were segregated from black people. And the black people did not like it because they thought it lead them farther away from full citizenship.

This is a part of the Jim Crow laws and where only blacks could do this.

Who are they? Page 2 The KKK is an organization that was made to remake the white power and make the blacks pay. Because the KKK thought that the blacks where meant to be slaves. And the whites where the better people than the blacks. They would burn crosses and bomb churches. They would hang blacks without trial. They kill blacks for no reason they would stage rallies, marches, and parades that would denounce immigrants. Like Jews, Catholics, and blacks too. They would bomb black schools, and churches. All because the blacks were getting rights from the civil rights movement of the 1960s. They had just regular weapons like iron daggers, and guns only to kill blacks with it. Sometimes the police would participate in those killing because they could not protect the blacks.

The burning of a cross from a church. What madness did the KKK BRING? Page 3 The KKK brought lots of madness to the blacks they would kill them just for fun. They would kill them to make them pay for what they did to the white people. Because the white had to segregate the blacks from them to worse places. The KKK would burn crosses from black churches, they would bomb black people’s schools, and they would bomb black people’s churches, and they would hang black people for no reason at all. They would also have people participate in those killing of the blacks. Even the police would participate in the killings of the black people. Because they could not save them from the KKK even if they tried they would die too. So that’s why they participated in the killings.

This was a bombing of a black church that was bombed by the KKK.

What motivated the KKK to do it? Page 4 The KKK was motivated by the white people to kill the black people. For glory for the white people they were too racist to even kill the racist white people. They just killed black people just because they were black. And the KKK thought the white people were better than the black people even though everyone is the same. They were just racist people who wanted to put out their anger on the black people. For doing nothing but being their self. And trying to fit in with the other people. But they just get treated like trash. Because that’s what they thought they were back then. Even some people today still think black people are trash but they are very wrong. Everyone is the same.

This is the kkk walking On the streets of a city

With black people in The city.

The timeline Page 5 The timeline The bombing of Birmingham church was in 1963 by white people. The 15th amendment Started at Feb 3, 1870

The KKK started In 1865

the brown board Education ended segregation In public schools.

Bibliography Page 6

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The madness of the kkk  
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