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All Breeds Consignment


The Upper Midwest’s Premiere Consignment Sale

Saturday September 14, 2013

Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange Dickinson, ND Ranch Horse Competition 8 a.m. MDT

Sale 12 p.m. MDT “We don’t sell the most; we try to sell the best!” 66 # T LO usty R

Joe 701- 230- 3044 John 701- 720- 6674

15 # T ob LO ntj i Pa


Double J Horse Sales  

September 14, 2013

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an Come early

Ranch Horse Competition to be held Sale Day!! Competition to begin at 8:00am MDT

Double J Horse Sales is proud to give our consignors the opportunity to demonstrate their horses in the Ranch Horse Competition. Even if you don’t have a finished ranch horse, it gives you, the consignor, the option of having your horse previewed. If you’re in the market for a broke horse, the opportunity to see the consigned horses in action is available to you in the Ranch Horse Competition. In an effort to simplify judging of the competition, we will be asking competitors to demonstrate 4 of the maneuvers listed on the right. Which maneuvers we use will be announced sale day morning, and all competitors will be asked to demonstrate the same 4. We will also give consignors the option of cattle work. Simply complete the assigned 4 tasks and then ask for your steer to be turned out for additional points to be added to your score. If you do not choose to do any cattle work, then simply demonstrate your horse’s unique talents or demonstrate some more of the maneuvers, listed on the right, for additional points. We will again announce your horse and give you up to 5 minutes to complete the assigned tasks and do any bonus work. Prizes will

be awarded to the top 3 overall performers, along with the option of having their horses sold in an escalated sale position. This should definitely increase selling prices on these horses. Buyers are willing to pay for a horse they know they can use. List of Maneuvers (Remember, you will only be asked to perform 4 of these tasks, but you won’t know which ones until Sunday morning. So, be prepared for any of them.) • Opening/closing gate • Dismount drop bit and re-bridle • Simple lead change   (lope a simple figure 8 with lead changes in middle) • Drag log • Load in trailer • Cross obstacle(s) • Turn in box (360 degrees) • Dismount and pick up all four feet • Jump a log • Run, stop and do either right or left roll back     PLUS: bonus cattle work option

Welcome to Dickinson!

Quality Inn & Suites 71 W. Museum Drive Dickinson, ND 58601 701-225-9510 Block of rooms held until Sept. 1 Make your reservations today!

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales


Important notice to prospective buyers: Please read and familiarize yourself with the TERMS & CONDITIONS of this sale. You will be bound by these TERMS & CONDITIONS. TERMS OF THE SALE 1) Double J Horse Sales; Sale(s) Management, Stockmen's Livestock Exchange, or any employees of the above act as agent only. All responsibilities and guarantees are between the buyer and seller. The horses are offered for sale according to the laws of the State of North Dakota. The right of last bid is reserved for all sellers in this sale unless otherwise announced. 2) The Sales Management is authorized, by the consignors to decline any bid made by persons who have defaulted on former purchases, and who in their judgment are not responsible or reliable bidders. 3) The Auctioneer will sell each horse to the highest bidder and will settle any disputes which may arise as to bids and buyers. The Auctioneer or Sales Management reserves the right to reject any or all bids. The horses sell for cash (U. S. funds, personal checks are considered cash). During or immediately following the sale payment shall be made to Stockmen's Livestock Exchange. Please bring letter of credit if unknown to Auction Company. Any returned checks will be turned over to County Attorney for collection. All papers will be held 3 weeks until all checks have cleared. To pick up papers sale day, payment must be made in cash, money order or cashier’s check. The horses become the property of the buyer at auctioneer’s acknowledgment of the buyer, and buyers assume all risk and responsibility of the horse from this time hence. This sale is managed according to North Dakota State Law. 4) LIMITED WARRANTIES: Unless otherwise announced at the time of sale by owner there is no guarantee of any kind as to the soundness of condition or other quality all sales are as is. If the owner makes a specific guarantee this is strictly between the owner and the buyer and not the Sales Management. RIGHT OF RECOURSE MUST BE DIRECTLY TO THE OWNER, NOT THROUGH THE SALES MANAGEMENT. Any representation made by Sales Management is made on behalf of the seller. We strongly urge buyers to thoroughly examine the horse that interests them. Veterinary assistance will be available at buyer expense. 5) Mares having foals at side will be sold with breeding certificate and application for registration of foal at side. Mares that have been bred will sell with breeder certificate. The terms of any live foal guarantee affording a right of return to the servicing stallion or refund of stallion service fee will terminate at the time of sale unless otherwise agreed to by the consignor and stallion owner. 6) The buyer will pay one transfer fee: American Quarter Horse Association transfer fee $15 for current member; transfer fee for previous member with membership expired or non members $60, this fee includes one year membership to AQHA. American Paint Horse Association transfer fee member rate $15; Nonmember rate $40. All horses will have Negative Coggins Test, Health Certificates available for Interstate or Canadian export transportation purposes. 7) All horses must have brand release and paid sales barn release before removal. 8) All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk. The Double J Horse Sales; Sale(s) Management, Stockmen's Livestock Exchange or any employees of the above and owners of horses assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for the safety of the buildings, or of the premises, or of the behavior of the horses. Every effort has been made to assure correctness of the catalog but the Sales Management and Auctioneer are not responsible for errors or omissions. Application for registration - means that the buyer is responsible for registering the horse which will cost $25.00 for foals up to seven months of age, $50.00 after 7 months to 12 months for Quarter Horses. Paints are Jan. 1 to Sept. 30 $20.00, Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 $30.00. A FEW OF THE FOALS WILL SELL ON APPLICATION. Transfer form & original registration certificate information: Buyer will be responsible for one (1) transfer, please complete transfer and send along with ORIGINAL REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE and CORRECT FEES to the Association address listed on transfer. This should be done as soon as possible, having the horse recorded in your name is very important.


Double J Horse Sales   

September 14, 2013

Table of Contents

74 Quarter Horses............................. 18, 92 Albrecht, Robert................................74, 106 Anderson, Jason...................................... 27 Anderson, Keith & Sharon....64, 76, 98, 114 Barnick, Jerome....................................... 86 Bearman, John & Tricia........................... 36 Birch, Mark.............................................. 99 Brannian, Larry...................................... 101 Brodkorb, Michele..................20, 59, 87, 111 Brown, Merilee.......................13, 47, 70, 110 Dale, Lloyd............................................... 45 Dillman, Frankie J...................................... 1 Engelhard, Linda...................................... 60 Erickson, Chuck................80, 81, 82, 83, 84 Feickert, Bill............................................... 2 Hammel Ranch.................................. 12, 53 Hardy, Rita........................6, 44, 69, 77, 108 Hauge, Morgan........................................ 10 Heitland, Amy............................. 37, 52, 113 Hickel, Paula............................................ 50 Hintz, Judy............................................... 94 Huntley, Jaden............................. 22, 72, 90 Jacobsen, Robyn....................................... 4 Jestice, Rebecca..................................... 63 Kakela, Mark or Darby........................14, 71 Klein, Brianna...................................41, 103 Koubek, Jess..............................21, 73, 104 Lambert, Adrienne........................... 49, 109 Larson, Duane......................................... 28 Lovelace, Melissa.................................... 75 Lucke, Lori......................................... 23, 93 Matlick, Marc........................................... 42 Mel Miller/ Daniel Borntrager..................... 8 Mick Strohschein/ T.R. Stirling................. 96 Miller, Mel or Suzy....43, 54, 65, 78, 88, 112 Murray, Jody............................................ 31 O’Shea, Brian.......................................... 95 Osborn, Quinton.....................................115 Peterson, Erica.......................... 19, 68, 105 Peterson, Nichole.................................... 40

Prairie Elk Colony.................................... 30 Rafter S Horses & Tack................11, 62, 97 Reeves, Chris.......................................... 24 Roshau, Colt & Cayden........................... 29 Schlegel, Matt............................................ 9 Schonert, Joe.......................................... 26 Schulz, Adam................................56, 57, 58 Sheldon, Casey................................. 39, 91 Sheldon, Todd................................... 17, 107 Simanton, Dale.................................. 16, 85 Stahly, Mike & Jackie........................... 3, 51 Stringer, Robert....................................... 46 Strommen, Aaron............................... 15, 66 Tisor, Lee................................................. 25 Torgerson, Doug................................ 55, 79 Twisted Wood Ranch (Gary Dassinger)....... .............................................. 32, 33, 34, 35 Vaughan, Shane...................................7, 89 Vigen Horse Co..............................102, 116 Weflen, Dale.............................................. 5 Wendt, Dean............................................ 67 Williams, Catherine.................................. 61 Wilson, Robert................................. 38, 100 Yeager, Shawn......................................... 48

Auctioneer: Ed Hinton


September 14, 2013

Double J Horse Sales

Boston Blue Hancock APRIL 10, 2007 FRANKIE J. DILLMAN, OWNER

Blues Dividend Silver Beaus

Beaus Black Stormys Frosty JD

Boston Bar Drifter Frosty Diamond JD


BLUE ROAN GELDING AQHA 4967846 Blue Valentine Heather Dividend Beaus Major Image Silver Moon Glo Boston Dee Bar Chico Coulee St Raygun Mistys Diomonds JD

One word will describe this pretty blue roan “BIG”! I bought this horse as a yearling from Dave and Laurie Hauck and he’s been on our ranch ever since. I’ve used him for all sorts of different ranch work. This spring he was my main horse for sorting pairs out. He also got hauled to numerous brandings. He’s at the right age where you can take him and do whatever you want with him. He will travel well all day and do it again the next day without a problem. I will be selling “Blue Duck” with a two week guarantee. I only sell my good geldings so I trust this horse will work for you. For more info call 701-290-7297.

Hollywood Red Dun MAY 25, 1999 BILL FEICKERT, OWNER Sun And War Peachy Legend

Grab The Sun Crimson Paddie Legacy Banjos Girl


RED DUN GELDING AQHA 3870573 Eternal Sun Grab The Money Crimson War The Only Girl Little Joe Hollywood Sally Van Joe’s Banjo Josey Lou Adams

Hollywood has been rode extensively every summer in the badlands sine he was three. I rode Hollywood in the mountains in Montana in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Nothing bothers him. I have gathered and pushed cattle on him. You can’t find a nicer horse to trim or shoe. Hollywood is totally sound and sane. He hasn’t ever been injured or cut up. Hollywood goes back to Hollywood Gold and Little Joe x Del Rio Joe. Hollywood has no white markings. Call 701-721-0894 for more info.




Classic Little Joe JULY 27, 2006 ROBYN JACOBSEN, OWNER Jic Jac Joe Miss Classic Request

Watch Joe Jack Chicory Chance RW Classic Request Miss Lo Co Rock


CHESTNUT GELDING AQHA 4866516 Two Eyed Jack Watch Jo Moore Chance A Tip Jet Skip Pride Sir Quincy Classic Miss Betsy’s Cabin Rock Bailey Grey Girl II

“Sunny” is a 2006 chestnut, standing 15.2 hands. This big shapely gelding is ready to be a great ranch or roping horse. He has good feel and a lot of whoa. 100% sound and sane, this guy is ready for a job. Sunny has never bucked & spooks at nothing! He clips, trims, loads, and bathes wonderfully. The more attention you give him, the happier he is. Sunny was used as a 4-H horse three years ago and loved the traveling. He is great around children and possesses an awesome disposition. He has the great Watch Joe Jack and Quincy on his papers. Sunny is current on all shots and worming. For more information, call 701-370-8154.


George Doc Bar JUNE 4, 1998 DALE WEFLEN, OWNER Tyrees Devine Doc Cocoa Skip A Bar

Tyrees Poco Steady Devine Doc Jukebox Charger Bar Two Patches

BUCKSKIN GELDING AQHA 3754669 Tyrees Watch Oak Bar Toots Docs Orders Bar Cat Blaze Tiny Moon Charger Nickalodeon Broadway Supreme Chica Dart

George is 16.1 hands tall and very easy to handle and catch. Ride him once a year or every day and he stays broke the same. He’s been in parades, carried flags, been used on trail rides and moving cattle. Call Dale 701-664-3460.



Ringo is a good looking, flashy colored, 7 year old paint gelding. He stands 15 hands and 1200 lbs. He’s very friendly, loves people and is easy to catch. We’ve used him on the ranch moving and sorting cattle, he side passes and works gates well. He’s been trail ridden and on overnight camping trips all over the Black Hills. Good to shoe, clip, load and haul. Current on West Nile, 5 way and worming. For more information call 605-484-8435 or 605-430-7766.

JUNE 9, 2002 RITA HARDY, OWNER Flipmia Cool Triple Tee

SALE DAY PHONE NUMBERS John 701-720-6674 Joe 701-230-3044

Sales Barn 701-225-8156


Captain Flipmia Colonel Flip Doc O Mia Triple Sharp Star Bambis Bogie

BAY GELDING AQHA X0605524 Colonel Freckles Noche Corta Doc O’Lena Freckles Mia Ladybug’s Charge Triple Sharp Leo’s Lotsa Luck Sabres Bogie

Flipmia has been ranch used and has covered a lot of miles. He is kind, easy to catch and a gentleman. Flipmia was ridden in the stockyards last winter and calved on all spring. He has drug calves, pasture roped and doctored. Flipmia has a lot of talent and is ready to prove himself in the arena. For more info 406-230-1906.


Double J Horse Sales


BT Dun That

MAY 15, 2004 SHANE VAUGHAN, OWNER Doctor Hybar Butterscotch Bunny

Scotch Hyball Wiggys Winner

Moses Wig Twist All Night

RED DUN GELDING AQHA 4523921 Doc’s J Jay Hy Silver Hope Kaweah Twister Miss Moore 1 Wiggy Bar Prissy Jet Kaweah Twister Miss Moore 1

Poco Pixie Freckles



Poco Lonestar Annie







Debbie is a really nice buckskin mare that is extremely gentle in every manner. You will have to drive a lot of miles to find a kinder mare; easy to catch in your pocket mare. Debbie is gentle for the young and old alike. She is the same whether, rode daily or once a year. Rancher, pleasure riders and trail riders take a look she can do it all. Call Terry @ 605891-3774 with any questions. Also be sure to ask about our guarantee. Debbie stands 15.2 hands and weighs 1200 lbs.




SORREL GELDING GRADE Vic is a true been there done that ranch horse. You name it, he does it, day in and day out with style. He is strong enough to hold or pull anything you want him to. Quick and cowy enough to sort the toughest cattle on a loose rein and sure footed enough to carry you safely through the roughest country. He is definitely my favorite horse on the place and I would be happy to answer any of your questions. Call Matt Schlegel at 701-650-8687. 100% sound.


Doc O Dna


Brite Skipper Anne

Poco Cuff Poco Miss One

Doc O Dynamite Suga Diamond Shi Tater Dawn Brite


BAY MARE AQHA 3800028 Jewel’s Leo Bars Christy Jay Sugar Bars Fay’s Alibi Poco Bueno Freckles Miss 84 Poco Bain Brandy Doo

Poco Pixie Freckles is a 14 year old Bay Mare that stands 14 hands. Kid broke, old reining and cutting mare. Exposed to Palomino stud and will be vet checked by sale. This mare is broke, but needs a little maintenance. For more info call Dale 651-756-0945.

He’s gentle, quiet and broke; ridden over all types of country. Doc crosses creeks, over logs, up hills and safe around traffic. Easy to shoe, trim and bathe.

Ima Diamond Dividend

Colonel Freckles Bonanza’s Sugarbar

Solid Sugarbar

15 hand red dun gelding that has been used in all phases of ranch work. Has had lots of cattle roped off of him outside. Big hipped and doll headed. Come watch him ride. For more info call Shane at: 940-765-7177


September 14, 2013

BAY MARE AQHA 4125237 Doc O’Lena Gay Bar Dixie Brown Suga Poco Millie Skip Shi Miss Dream Wauke Glo Brite Taylor’s Sue

Been there, done that -- 14.3 hands and from every event in a horse show, runs flags for a rodeo queen, take her to the barrel jackpot then take her to move/sort cows, rope in the branding pen all in the same day. Will go all day anywhere you ask her. Cross water, logs, etc. Loads trims and washes. Doesn’t act like a “mare.” Quick footed; would be a great step up horse from the beginner horse. Would make an awesome Jr. High or High School Rodeo horse. Too many colts at home or this horse would not be for sale. Call for more info or to try her out. 701-421-1535.

Bonitas Blue Boon MAY 07, 2006 MERRILEE L. BROWN, OWNER Yellow Blue Boon Jessie Poco Thirsty

Yellow Roan Of Texas Pretty Ms Nine Five Navajo Jessie Miss Poco Thristy


BLACK MARE AQHA 4792134 Peptoboonsmal Doc’s Steady Date Doc O Ninety Five Prittie Lady Zan Collins Jessie Clabber Cindy Poco Blunder Miss Thirsty Bob

Active, athletic, moves with grace and speed. Slides to stop, moves off hind end, possibly a ropers dream. Level headed, no spook or buck. Questions, call owner 218-779-6799. Guarantee: two week guarantee as represented. Buyer delivers back to seller.

SALE DAY PHONE NUMBERS John 701-720-6674 Joe 701-230-3044

Sales Barn 701-225-8156

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales

Dun Myte Well

MAY 21, 2007 MARK AND DARBY KAKELA, OWNER Three Dimension Zip Zips Rio Dun Tardys Wander Woman Myte Famous Chip Zips Famous Amos Myte Lucky Lucy


DUN MARE AQHA 4933468 Zippo Pine Three Classic Carrie Tardy’s Senor 1 Wander Bar Wasp Zips Chocolate Chip Quincys Rose Skips Myte Moon Drops

Justa Smart Playgirl


JULY 5, 2007 BLUE ROAN GELDING AARON STROMMEN, OWNER GRADE When you let your kids name your horses, you get names like Paintjob. Everyone wants them safe, quiet and gentle, so we brought you one. Here is a gentle blue roan, six year old gelding; Paintjob is a horse for the whole family. He’s not going to win any races, but is safe, quiet and gentle. Sheyna and the kids have been riding this horse and get along with him great. If you need a horse to ride the trails, ditches or ride behind some cows; then here he is. Seven day guarantee. Video on www. .701-290-7983



MARCH 31, 2002 CHESTNUT GELDING DALE SIMANTON, OWNER JOCKEY CLUB What do you get when you combine speed, brains and heart? Kandinsky! He is an 11 year old, 15.2 hands, thoroughbred gelding that showed plenty of speed at the track; racing 69 times and retiring sound. He has been ridden on the ranch, in open areas and had the rope thrown off him since coming into the Gate to Great Program…taking it all in stride. He is a very level headed horse that could make a good junior barrel mount; speed doesn’t make him lose it and he is very kind to his rider. For more photos and VIDEO go to and click on Available Horses or come to the ranch and try him!


APRIL 18, 2009 74 QUARTER HORSES, OWNER San Blast Sonnys San Leo Sonnys Lucky Glo Dot Poco Taur Shinita Pine Taur Peponitas Poco Dot


PALOMINO MARE AQHA 5183047 Peppy San Little Easter Jo Mister Go Lucky Skips Sun Glo El Taur Shinita PIne Peponitas Poco Pine Poco April Forty

“Dot” has been used on the ranch and we have used her to start colts. She is a super gentle mare and is foundation bred through and through.

This beautiful 16 hand dun mare is enrolled in the AQHA Incentive Fund and is DNA tested. She placed 7th at the 2009 Manitoba 50/50 and was an AQHA Point Earner and winner at the N.D. State Fair. Her pedigree is full of great horses and her mother has been a top producer of winners for Kelly and Ruby Stewart. Her dam “Myte Famous Chip” is the dam of the high selling colt at the 2011 N.D. 50/50. Guaranteed sound. For more info call 701-370-1253


Poco Leo Dot



2007 BLUE ROAN GELDING TODD SHELDON, OWNER GRADE Dodge is a 5 year old blue roan gelding; he is well broke, trailed behind cattle and been in the box. He is easy to catch, loads and trims. He is a stocky eye-catching blue roan. I’ve owned him since a two year old and has the potential to be an awesome ranch, rope or family horse.

JUNE 2, 2007 ERICA PETERSON, OWNER Smart Little Lena Freeway Frank Palefaced Playmate Catherines Playgirl Freckles Playboy Catherine Fitz


CHESTNUT MARE AQHA 5500385 Doc O’Lena Smart Peppy Freckles Playboy Lenas Paleface Jewel’s Leo Bars Gay Jay Doc Fitz Lemac Sweetie Pie

“Kat” is the perfect open or 4-H all around horse. She has had several months of professional reining training with Ashley Peterson. She can do all the reigning maneuvers and has also been trained for English. She has been used on the ranch, for trail riding and could easily do speed events. Please email eperterson89@ for videos.

GBH String Driftwood

JUNE 5, 2001 MICHELE BRODKORB, OWNER Arielwood Red Ariel Orphan Drift Lynn Quad Driftwood IMA Dandy Stringwood Snippys Driftwood Miss Texas String


RED ROAN GELDING AQHA 4116249 Strings Do Orphan’s Bar Girl Snippys Driftwood Redwood Pacific Snippys Cowboy Orphan’s Bar Girl Strings Do Texas Frog

“Tex” is a pretty 14.3 hand dark red roan gelding that has been used to gather and sort cattle in the pasture. He has also been used to pen cattle at the sale barn and was used for two years doctoring cattle in the feedlot. He’s been on a lot of trail/pleasure rides and has a super nice walk. He’s the perfect size for almost anyone; he has a true one hand neck rein, quiet on the ground, and guaranteed 100% sound in every way. For more info: 605-530-0516.


MAY 26, 2006 JESS KOUBEK, OWNER Freckles Benito Commander Benito Commanders Prize Pretty Blue Doll Cactus Crest Bar Miss Casey Bar Scat


BAY ROAN GELDING AQHA 4864471 Jewel’s Leo Bars San Benito Belle Dun Commander Blues Honey Diamond Crest Miss Darla Bars I Casey Bar Sure A Scat

Ranch rode gelding that has doctored pasture cattle and been used in ranch rodeos. Nice good minded gelding.


MRI Pretty Lil Whiz

MAY 2, 2008 JADEN HUNTLEY, OWNER Weavers Doc Ima Poco MRI Snips Spirit Miss Snippy Buck MRI Beau Bar Desire Provacative Cowboy Desior

Double J Horse Sales   


BAY ROAN MARE AQHA 5070918 Doc Ima Leo Call Me Pretty Poco Provocative Cowboy Double Juno Girl Bee Lowa Cowboy Go Miss Alice Oak Whiz Beau Bars Suesie

Sharp 14.3 hands roan mare; lots of shape and wants to ride around. She’s gentle and always easy to catch; could go any direction. 701-391-9587 www.

Spanish Style Accent

APRIL 21, 2005 LORI A. LUCKE, OWNER Spanish Sense Spanish Style Maker Skippa Skipstyle Madam Accent Skips Accent Madam Shoemaker


PALOMINO GELDING AQHA 4743628 Skippers Ring Spanish Creed Rudy Skippa Skip’s Style Skips Evade Skipacita Skip Tantastic Miss Spanish Sandy

“Jasper” exemplifies the true Quarter Horse. He is muscular, well built, and eye appealing. Just saddle him up and go ride. I have to sell my horse because I cannot find a reliable boarding facility close to home. I can send a video of the horse either by text or email.

Talkin Leo Baker

MAY 25, 2007 CHRIS REEVES, OWNER Spanish Rojo Leo Spanish Baker Leo Baker Lu Straight Talkin Gal Ls Straight Talk Reds Jim Baker


BAY GELDING AQHA 5007572 Mr Spanish Lee Hilda Wilda Cedar Bark Roan Miss Topsail Tony Illuminator Keota Reds Mister Gill Jamie Jim Baker

This is a nice big bay gelding that has done everything on a ranch that a horse can do. He was raised on our place. This horse is very gentle for anybody to ride. He is started in the heading. I guarantee this horse has no buck in him and I guarantee he is 100% sound all the way around. 605-848-0557.

GR Eddies Treasure

MAY 16, 2009 LEE TISOR, OWNER Eddies Questa Bars Eddies Badger Skip Tee J Badgers Lilmis Dollys Zanimpress Zans Two Eyed Bar Dolly Canimpress


GRAY MARE AQHA 5201373 Gray Ed Jo’s Questa Bars Tee Jay Badger Tee J My Sunflower Zan Parr Bar Chubbys Jackie Impressive Warrior Cissy Skipastar

Goldsberry bred four year old mare. She was sired by Eddies Badger Skip and out of Dollys Zanimpress. HYPP results N/N. Started as a three year old, put 45 days on her. Saddled her up this spring and did a little ground work and rode off. She has never offered to buck. Loads well and stands to be trimmed. I’ve been riding her two week on and two weeks off since middle of June; probably for an intermediate rider. 701-690-7099

September 14, 2013



2010 BAY GELDING JOE SCHONERT, OWNER GRADE Diablo is a well-mannered broke gelding; he has around 60 rides on him and does excellent. He does what you ask with no hesitation. He loads, trims, backs and many more things that most three year olds don’t do. Very good looking and built to be finished in any way you like. Call with any questions 701-400-7288.

High Colonel Lucky

MAY 20, 2008 JASON ANDERSON, OWNER High Rolling Roany High Rolling Lucky Quintas Lucky Jamie Fritz Command Colonel Leo Fritz Friendly Janie


BAY ROAN GELDING AQHA 5081131 Roan Prairie Vanzi Reno Bar Yellow Joe Hancock Miss Moon Quinta Friendly Fritz Freckletta Pearl Friendly Fritz Janie Gay Bar

Gentle gelding with a nice handle; has done some sorting and has started heeling a loose steer. 701-653-5160.

Burnin To Dance

MAY 2, 2002 DUANE LARSON, OWNER Dancin Doc Dancin Docs Benny Cee Town Quill Burnt Treasure Magic Treasure Twist Burnt Miss Lady


PALOMINO MARE AQHA 4182791 Doc’s Zimfandel Annie Two Jack Town Prince Paula Cee Sailing Magic Chick Twist Coulee Barry Blue Jack Burnt Um Up

Grandkids are driving now not riding. Nice mare that has been trail rode, parades, and some small play days. Easy to catch and nice to be around.

Hickorys Gold Bond


MAY 12, 2004 PALOMINO GELDING COLT & CAYDEN ROSHAU, OWNER AQHA 4586270 Doc Bar Doc’s Hickory Miss Chickasha Sports A Glory Sport Model Lolly Sport Model Loblolly Molly Peppy San Badger Bond It Peppy Smartest Little Pep Barb A Doc Soxenbonds Buy Bonds Baby Soxabond We raised this fancy 9 year old gelding as a colt. Really built correct, big hip, nice head, flash and color! Dam is an only daughter of Smartest Little Pep combined with War Leo, foundation at its best. Sire is Sports A Glory. Register of Merit in working cow horse, AQHA Superior Award and proven producer of NRHA and AQHA performers. He has a ground covering walk and the kids have put a ton of miles on him in the Badlands. Has been tracking cattle and getting used to the rope. Will make an excellent rope horse and anything else you would like to do with him. We just have not had the time to go on with him and he is going to waste. He has the color, the right age and the breeding to make you an excellent horse. He’s easy to catch, shoe and load; sound. 701-255-7370

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales

Ppb Drifter

MAY 10, 2006 PRAIRIE ELK COLONY, OWNER Poco Bueno Doc Bar Pretty Poco Bueno Model T Forty Gitalong Song Remittence Man Redemptions Star


BAY GELDING AQHA 4879328 Doc’s Dynamo Poco Miss Bid Mr Blackburn 40 Miss Coco Buck Scotto Dee Bar Cinderwood MIss The Redemption Winsome Note

Pretty Drifter is a big stout bay gelding. He is gentle and safe for anybody to ride. He will be guaranteed 100% sound. Drifter has no bad habits and will go anywhere you ask him. No buck and no spook. Do you want to rope, chase cows, trail ride or pleasure ride…then he is the horse to do it on. Drifter neck reins, leg yields away from your legs, side passes and has no problem with you opening and closing gates on him. He has also got a great stop on him. Anybody is welcome to come to the ranch before sale time to ride him and during previews before sale. Please contact me for more info regarding Pretty Drifter. Call me at 406-915-3335. And you can email me at: We will send photos and videos. We specialize in training and starting colts. Thanks for your interest.

Oaks Gotta Spark

APRIL 29, 2013 JODY R. MURRAY, OWNER Sparkin Express Sparkin My Fancy Chicago Mac Ms Fancy Badlands Oak Xtreme Millie N Docs Oak Tuff Sky Chick


DUN STALLION AQHA 5514199 Zan Parr Express Diamonds Sparkle Chicago Mac Ebony’s Eagle Doc’s Oak Doc N Millie Three Straws Tuff Again Iris

On Application

MAY 2013 TWISTED WOOD RANCH, OWNER Rio Blue Badger FQHR Rio Valentino FQHR Mali Jo Clarks Golden Babe Rods Crystal Marty Red Dun Runner

MAY 2013 TWISTED WOOD RANCH, OWNER Royal Catalena Jazz MG Too Jazzy For Sox Go Black Bobby Sox GD Peppys Poco Robin June Berry Dude SS Peppy


CHESTNUT STALLION AQHA Catalena Boy Royal Bar Tindy The Flying Saint Miner’s Babe El Nino’s Dude June Berry Evans Mr Lauro Peppys Boat

Big, beautiful and eye catching! A unique colored colt, we call him a peach roan. Has bloodlines like Blackburn, Peppy San Badger, McKeag, Joe Quincy, Pretty Buck, Doc Bar and Mr San Peppy; he should be a performance horse deluxe or just a great tail horse, you decide.


BUCKSKIN MARE AQHA Rio Valentino LDK Blue Rio Leta McKeag Froelichs Edelweiss Zombi Clark Bar Skips Crystal Lady Dude’s Vip Dun 11

What an eye catching beautiful girl Babe gave us this year! A buttermilk buckskin that is a performance package deluxe; we would really like to keep her, but we actually have what we think are better ones and that’s going some. We expect to bring their babies in not too far in the future!

On Application

MAY 2013 TWISTED WOOD RANCH, OWNER Rio Blue Badger FQHR Rio Valentino FQHR Mali Jo GD Pretty Peppy Poco Blackburns Four Dee SS Peppy


DUN ROAN STALLION AQHA Rio Valentino LDK Blue Rio Leta McKeag Froelichs Edelweiss Four D Poco Boy Pretty Polly Monarch Mr Lauro Peppys Boat

Big, powerful and athletic. We kept his full sister(2012) for a replacement and she is turning into a powerful, eye catching package. Check this guy out with great horses like Doc O’Lena, Sugar Bars, The Flying Saint, Three Bars, Blondys Dude, Doc Bar, and Mr San Peppy.

Awesome Colt. Pedigree, conformation, class-he has it all. For more info call Jody Murray 406-480-3806.

On Application


On Application

MAY 2013 TWISTED WOOD RANCH, OWNER FQHR Rio Valentino MGS Sals Jumpin Jack Jackie Royal Miss MGS Smokin Lady Pep Dry Docs Hilltop GD Betsy Turner Tu


BAY MARE AQHA Rio Blue Badger FQHR Mali Jo Sasakwa Doc Royal Lady Lena Mr Forty Dry Skipazana Smokin Punk GD Ms Della Hot Pint

Mare’s first colt and really a nice one! This is a fancy, royally bred little filly with McKeag, Docs Jack Sprat, Doc Leo Lena, Zan Parr Sun and Rushin Jet; what a performance package!


Double J Horse Sales





This is a great little mare with lots of go; she will run barrels and poles. We have used her to herd cows and she has been trail riding in the badlands. She has been ridden by 10 year olds to adults. Be sure to check her out sale day. She stands about 52”.




BLACK GELDING GRADE PONY Taco is a cute coal black pony that rides like daddy's big horse. You can throw a rope off him, side pass him to any gate, and lopes around better than most horses. He is well broke & sound. Videos available. Call 641-420-0712 for more info or email

Cute Iswhatiaimfor APRIL 7, 2006 NICHOLE PETERSON, OWNER




Well broke Palomino pony size gelding. Rides really nice, crosses water and been ridden in town a lot.

Mr Cadillac Crome JUNE 17, 2009 BRIANNA KLEIN, OWNER

Thirsty Jobar Comet

TKS Bills Misty Dun Quincy Cadillac Wolfs Comet Porter Jobar




MAY 07, 2007 CASEY SHELDON, OWNER Blue Bully Te Major Mattie

Bully Bullion Blue Jean Wrangler Majors Gold Bars Tesa Wood


RED DUN GELDING AQHA 5195074 Bills Class Ms Misty Cocoa Blueboy Quincy Sunny Cadillac The Red Comet Carmen Question Porter Jet Essejobar

Very nice, calm and gentle horse; can do anything off of him. Started breakaway roping and does excellent. Will teach others how to ride.

Black Jack

DS Driftin Bullion


SORREL MARE AQHA 4774252 The Big Investment Principle Investment Tiger Serena Highschool Prinziple Zippo Really Floatin Zippo Pine Bar Vanilla Float Impressive Review Red Rose Review Big Time Review Miss Twistie Misty Twisters Jewel Two Eyed Twister Bell Adair “Uno” was started as a two year old by my sister in Scott Neuman’s program. She had a few months of training before my sister moved away. She has since had the past few years off, but will be ridden by sale time. She would make a great all around horse with more time.

Mr Cadillac Cash


September 14, 2013

SORREL GELDING AQHA 4946244 Special Effort Mary Poppins Rocket Wrangler What’s Her Name Gold Fols Gloette Bars Willywood Princess Tesa

“Buster” is a 6 year old well broke sorrel gelding. He has chased cattle and drug calves at brandings. He is a good looking gelding; has done a lot of trail riding, but is bred to run.


Black Jack stands a little over 15 hands. He is a well put together gelding, he cinches deep and has a muscular hip and hind legs. Black Jack has had miles and miles of riding in rough Wyoming ranch country. This gelding has done about everything you can do on a ranch horseback, check pastures, sort pins, load trucks, rope and doctor on and has drug lots of calves to the fire. He was also used on elk hunting trips in the Grand Tetons. Shod, current on shots, worming and dental work; 100% sound. Call 307-680-5156 for pictures and videos.


MARCH 28, 2006 MEL OR SUZY MILLER, OWNER Four Wheelin PR Sheza Sweet Demo



Leo Jack Doe Boy’s Suann MJT Demolition Simply Canadian

Cappy sells with Appaloosa registration application. Breed by an excellent appy person. He is thick made and very showy; people friendly with a lot of handle. Cappy has been ridden everywhere, alone or with other horses. Gentle to handle, trim, sheer and bathe.

SALE DAY PHONE NUMBERS John 701-720-6674 Joe 701-230-3044

Sales Barn 701-225-8156

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales



2006 PAINT GELDING RITA HARDY, OWNER GRADE Superman has been “Mr Reliable” on our ranch. As a ranch horse he can out work horses twice his size; he’s roped, doctored, branded and sorted. Superman has taken first time adult riders on trail rides and has been used for riding lessons. He’s a handy size and even handier on his feet. Superman can ride flashy with all the bells and whistles or ride with class and ease for a beginner. For more info 406-230-1906.

LD Rebels Panther

MAY 24, 1999 LLOYD DALE, OWNER Tyrees Watch Tyrees Rebel Bar Miss Flick Rebel Patty Dale Cash Crossroads Cash Miss Patty Panther


GRAY GELDING AQHA 3840852 Watch Joe Jack Ima Tyree Flick Bar Rebello Baby The Flying Saint Tesuque Pet Panther Lady Zombi

This horse was used as a stallion before he was gelded. He is an excellent ranch horse and has seen some arena work; has been used to rope both ends and runs flat and hard from behind the barrier. He is broke to drive as well as ride. He is very gentle and easy to catch. He rides with a lot of energy, so would probably not be good for a beginner, but anyone with basic riding skills should be able to get along well with him. He is very cowy and has seen some work in the cutting pen. Our granddaughter rode him a lot this summer and said he was her new “favorite horse.” 605-374-3291

Uptown Above The Rest

APRIL 2, 2009 ROBERT STRINGER, OWNER Mr Far Verse Far Above The Rest Special Jackie Uptown Night Dancer Terron Up The Town Night Dancer


GRAY OVERO GELDING APHA 963603 Verse Bars Shes Prettfar Special Affects Miss Go Quick Joe Terron Keno Whole Lota Luck Red Dancer Dakota Night

Nice looking gray overo gelding; will have 30 days riding by sale. Bloodlines go back to Mr Far Verse, Special Affect, Two Eyed Jack, Watch Joe Jack, Jackin Around, Beatle Luck, Reds Hustler and Dakota Mount. He has standing because there are too many horses to work. Will make excellent winter project for spring sales. Any questions please call 701-653-5267.



2007 PALOMINO/SNOWFLAKE GELDING MERRILEE L. BROWN, OWNER GRADE He is a gentle gelding, that is easy to catch and anyone can ride him.






Wr Leos Miss Leo


APRIL 23, 2001 SORREL GELDING SHAWN YEAGER, OWNER GRADE Twelve year old gelding that has been used to heel off of, doctor yearlings and hauled to ranch rodeos. Call 701-870-0387 if you have any questions.

2007 CHOC. CHESTNUT MARE ADRIENNE LAMBERT, OWNER GRADE PONY Pretty and cute, pony mare with a flaxen mane and tail. Bought for inexperienced 5 & 6 yr old grandchildren. She needs a bit more experienced rider. Sound and very gentle.

MAY 17, 1998 SORREL SOLID MARE PAULA HICKEL, OWNER APHA GRADE Skipa Chickenhawk Mr Blacksmith Vinegar Rose Pac Of Surprises Leo Lita Girl Leo’s Roan Man Kingalita McBarr Solid Threat McLeo Bars Lily Leo Trouble Fannie Parker’s Trouble Speedy Martin “Ruby” is a heavy framed sorrel grade mare, as we never received anything, but a copy of her original papers. Our oldest daughter learned to ride on Ruby. Both of Rubys front knees are popped which makes her a bit stubbly in rough ground. You can still saddle her up and go for a ride anytime you want, it is just best to not ride her in too rough of country. She still has a lot of miles left in her; if you are looking for a light weekend or smooth-trail horse Ruby is your gal. I would not recommend her for beginners as she has a big motor. Don’t let my honesty scare you away, there is still a lot of tread on the tires here!

Poco Bueno Blue Imag

MAY 22, 2008 MIKE & JACKIE STAHLY, OWNER Blue Star Pine Pierces Poco Star Miss Skip Poco Bueno Blue Image Poco Bueno Image Miss Beggar Blue


BUCKSKIN GELDING AQHA 5209017 Pine’s Star Gray Laura Sea Sun Miss Poco Reveal Poco Bueno Tom Hugs Image Thirsty Beggar Miss Blue Grass

“Maverick” is a beautiful 5 year old buttermilk buckskin gelding. He stands 15.2 hands, 1200 lbs., easy to catch and loves people. He’s been used for all aspects of ranch work, sorting cattle, pasture roping, side passes and works gates well. We’ve also trail ridden him all over the Black Hills and on overnight camping trips. Maverick is a super nice young horse; good to shoe, clip, load and haul. Current on West Nile, 5 way and worming. For more information call 605-4848435 or 605-430-7766.


Double J Horse Sales

Lookin For A Win APRIL 20, 2008 AMY HEITLAND, OWNER

Flirtin With A Win Zan Glo Lil

Ebony Flirt Peggys Royalty Rocky Red Valentine Zanaglo


CHESTNUT GELDING AQHA 5098934 APHA 948080 Flirts Reward Poco Blue Sue Sonnys Royalty Skippas Peggy Ski Blue Valentine My Skippa Dancer Zan Parr Bar Future Gals Glo

Stu is a 15.2 hand chestnut gelding double registered Quarter Horse and regular registry APHA papers. He has been shown English and western and you can search his video on you tube. Lookin For A Win... Stu is extremely gentle, very smooth, and is an awesome trail horse. He will go anywhere you point him and is as gentle as they come. 100 percent sound. If you are looking for a super kind willing gentle gelding please call me or email me for more info. or call 641 420 0712; watch him ride or come ride him yourself. AQHA incentive fund and APHA breeders trust.






Sugs Lena San

MAY 9, 2012 DOUG TORGENSON, OWNER Sucha Smooth Doc Awesome Little Me

Smooth Town Rebel Sucha Frosty Lady Mega Powder Awesome Illusionest

GBL Gypsy Lena Sugs Honey San


Lethal Pine

JULY 2, 2007 ADAM SCHULZ, OWNER Hollywood Dun It Pines Nifty Ninety

Nifty Hollywood Pine Lethal Playgirl

Lethal Playgun Lil Smart Playgirl



BAY MARE AQHA 5465000 Smooth Town Scandalous Cause Sucha Fistful Docs Roan Frost Powder River Playboy Mistys Lil Meg An Awesome Drifter Shesa Illusionest

“Ella” is a beautiful bay mare; pretty head and real balanced. Full siblings have won futurities and been high sellers at the “NILE” horse sale. She is a great mover and a real athlete; gentle and fit. AQHA Incentive Fund. More info 406-671-5315.

BAY STALLION AQHA 5056094 Hollywood Jac 86 Blossom Berry Great PIne Stoppin Jessie Playgun Smart Letha Smart Little Jerry Haidas Princess

Proven bloodlines; loaded pedigree on both the dam’s and stallion’s side and doesn’t get any better than this. Nice stallion to produce your next winner to compete on any level.

Nifty Hollywood Pine


DUN STALLION AQHA 5018490 Hollywood Jac 86 Blossom Berry Great Pine Stoppin Jessie Gay Bar Lena Miss Dry Gypsy Sugs Chita Clarks Honey San

Sharp looking dun stallion with excellent conformation and pretty head; powerful all the way around. Uncompromised pedigree in every direction; you will like him!



Freddie is a cute dapple gray with silver mane and tail. He is 36”. Started by the Amish, he is well broke to ride and will drive. Gentle to handle and he loads and clips.

Under My Umbrella

Hollywood Dun It Pines Nifty Ninety

Nifty Hollywood Pine

Esix Gypsy Queen



Nifty San Pine

Nifty Gypsy Pine

Goose is a gentle horse for about anyone; he can go a long time without being rode and is the same. He would work for a pleasure or trail horse and has done all the ranch chores. Goose has drug calves to the fire and been used to pasture doctor. Goose stands 14.2 hands and weighs 900 lbs. Stands to get on & rides soft. Call Terry @ 605-891-3774 with any questions. Be sure to ask us about our guarantee.


September 14, 2013

Hollywood Dun It Pines Nifty Ninety GBL Gypsy Lena My Peponitas Queen

DUN STALLION AQHA 5146758 Hollywood Jac 86 Blossom Berry Great PIne Stoppin Jessie Gay Bar Lena Miss Dry Gypsy Peponitas Poco Pine Miss Whipem Queen

Very gentle, well bred, nice looking stallion with proven pedigree. Nice to be around and handle; look for him on sale day, you won’t be disappointed.





Looking for a good, well broke, medium sized pony for that little cowboy or cowgirl? Well take a look at Scooter. He stands about 12 hands and has been used by a younger girl to help check cows. He will ride off by himself and will go as fast as he is asked. He’s really quiet to be around and will load in almost any kind of trailer. Scooter will neck rein around and would be a nice step up horse for a kid that wants to ride something besides a little pony or a giant horse. Make sure and take a look at this cute pony sale day. Guaranteed 100% sound. For more info I can be reached at 605-530-0516.

SALE DAY PHONE NUMBERS John 701-720-6674 Joe 701-230-3044

Sales Barn 701-225-8156

September 14, 2013

Double J Horse Sales





Calliope is a four year old, 45 inch pony mare. She was shown 2012 and 2013 in the NW Horse Shoe Association. She excels in trail class with numerous firsts. She consistently places 3rd's and 4th’s in Snaffle Reining and Snaffle Western Pleasure with 7-10 average in the classes. She shows against the big horse’s only pony in the classes. Good things really do come in small packages. She could easily do games as well. Up to date on vaccinations/ deworming. Sound; no hoof issues. See her in the Ranch Horse Competition. See www. and search “Calliope” under ponies for video links. Call 701509-0622 for more info. Search youtube for Lindae50 for more videos.

Playin Pepper

JUNE 4, 2010 CATHERINE WILLIAMS, OWNER Sabre Playin Badge HCC Am I Blue

Playin In Lightnin Sabre Blue N Bubba Hancock Bold Blue Miss Shambo Lass


BLUE ROAN MARE AQHA 5301877 Playgun Lenas Lightning JBS Badges De Ja Vu Sabre Blue Dun It Hum Bug Hancock Waggoners Blue Snip Shambo Joe Set In Silver

I bought Pepper as a foal; I raised her and now it is time to find someone to train her. Pepper is well halter broke; I have done some ground work with ropes and lunge line. She is a very pretty horse as well as color. She stands 14.2 hands high.

Sweet Frost Flash


Frenchmans Guy Busy Bar Bee

CKS Sweet Silver

Cee Kay Barry Snippy Mo


Adairing Effort Ra MAY 5, 2008 REBECCA JESTICE, OWNER Eye Opening Effort Claudia Adair

Mr Eye Opener Marockets Effort Docs Grand Image King Susie Adair


BAY MARE AQHA 5067611 Dash For Cash Bedawee Special Effort Marocket Doc’s Drifter Kathy Hancock My Roan Gold Journery Ja 5

Absolutely beautiful gray mare; we call her “Special” because that is just what she is. Anybody can ride her; very sweet mannered. NO VICES. She’s a little taller at 15.2 hands. She’ll walk all day for you or she can fly if asked; her pedigree indicates that. She has been ridden the last three years by all types of riders, from 6-60 in age. She is 100% sound; come take a look and ride her before the sale. Call 870-4216846 for more information.

Black Jack Bumper APRIL 22, 2004 KEITH ANDERSON, OWNER Macs Heir To Chance Two Eyed Whiz Chick

Macriffik Dollys Lil Ash El Chico Jack Wait Fer Chick


BLACK GELDING AQHA 4504343 Heiroriffik Sweet Sophistication Tip By Chance Tuff Dolly Two Eyed Jack Anita Chica Grullo Deck Poe’s Spoofin Gal

Smooth ride, easy to catch, friendly & gentle. Needs consistent, experienced riding; little bit spooky, but not a bucker. Hobbles & trailers well. Has driven cattle; has a light rein.


RED ROAN MARE AQHA 5332596 Sun Frost Frenchman’s Lady Laughing Bar Boy Busy Bee Bar Mr Slash Pine Krogs Frannie Pine Sweet Silver De

Sear Villa De

Sweet Frost Flash is a four year old strawberry roan; nice gentle mare with lots of miles trail riding. Stands 14.3; for more info call Dale 651756-0945.

Double J Horse Sales Spring Sale Date To Be Announced

Rosa Lena Feature JUNE 5, 2009 MEL OR SUZY MILLER, OWNER Blue Indigo Feature Poco Rosa Lena

Blue Kewpie Feature Indigo Surprise Pure Hank Jr BJS Joy


RED ROAN MARE AQHA 5235368 Frosty Feature Blue Kewpie Doll Krogs Papdahleo Bums April Fool Pure O Lena Gold Star Queen Lefta Gray Blaze Miss Breezy Jane

“Rachel” is home raised and nicely started. Her ½ sister is in barrel training. She has crossed water, mud, logs, bridges and climbs up and down hills. Ready to go on to whatever you would like. Also would halter some as well made. Rachel would be excellent for 4-H. Breed her later, sire was 100% color producer (blue roan).

Please watch your mailbox, our website or facebook pages for the date, consignment deadline and forms.

See ya next year!



Double J Horse Sales   


MAY 10, 2007 BUCKSKIN GELDING AARON STROMMEN, OWNER GRADE Rusty is a pretty 14 hand buckskin gelding, he’s six years old. We have used him for moving pairs during Al season and we have drug calves on him the last two years. You can send the kids over the hill to gather cattle on him and expect them to come back safe with the job done. We wouldn’t be selling him, but our kids are riding bigger horses. He would be a good choice for a kid who is looking for a step up from a pony, but he is still big enough for mom and dad. Seven day guarantee. Video on 701-290-7983

JT Rocket Hancock

JUNE 3, 2007 DEAN WENDT, OWNER Minted Charm Rory The Conquest Ms Vandy Reed Vanzina Bee Joe Bee Jack Lukesvanzina


BLUE ROAN GELDING AQHA 5024637 Mr Race Runner Easy Change Reed Bonanza Wibaux Sue Pondie Joe Jack Miss Grey Bee Ladys Luke Lil Sugar Moon

This is a nice gelding and he is sound. He has penned cattle in the sale barn for three years. I’m close to 80 and I’m starting to down size my herd. He has a fresh coggins and is not a great big horse.





1996 BAY GELDING ERICA PETERSON, OWNER GRADE Ace had been a very successful youth speed horse in Minnesota when we bought him. My little sister lost interest so he has been trail ridden the past few years, but could easily go back to the arena. He has never had any soundness issues.

2004 BLK & WHITE GELDING RITA HARDY, OWNER GRADE Chuck has been trail ridden all over Montana and western North Dakota. He has trailed cows and checked fences all summer. Chuck wants to be your best friend; no need for a halter, he will respectfully follow you for miles or just wait patiently as you groom him. For more info 406-230-1906.

GR Grannys Legacy

MAY 01, 2004 MERRILEE L. BROWN, OWNER Snip Of Colonel Peppys Dun Colonel Peppys Dun Doll Miss Silent Zans Zans Two Eyed Bar Silent Duster Has been a broodmare for 6 years. She is trained to ride, easy to catch and gentle. Not enough training days on her to truly call her a beginner’s horse. Questions call owner 218-779-6799. Guarantee: 2 week guarantee as represented. Buyer delivers back to seller.


RED DUN MARE AQHA 4510986 Colonel Freckles Fancy Lena Peppy Show Miss Dawn Doc Zan Parr Bar Chubbys Jackie Skip Silent Barbie Duster

September 14, 2013


Good Eh

APRIL 9, 2011 CHESTNUT GELDING MARK AND DARBY KAKELA, OWNER AQHA 5419982 Zippo Pine Bar Zippos Mr Good Bar Tamara Wess Good Huh Bet My Asset Investment Asset Judy’s Miss Mac Tackadial KNM Tacky Jackie Mister Tackadial Blackburn Mystery Zan Gold Kate Zan Gold Jackson Snippys Katie Star Well started two year old with 90 days professional training. Sired by a superior performance son of legendary “Zippos Mr Good Bar.” Dam’s side of pedigree is full of performance rope horses. Horse has always been sound and guaranteed to be sound. Marks cell 701-370-1253. P.S. Watch his video with trainer Jess Dyck.



Coronas Last Chance


2004 BAY ROAN GELDING JADEN HUNTLEY, OWNER GRADE Chilli is a 9 yr old grade bay roan gelding. 15.1 hand full made ranch horse. Lots of handle and nice to be around; very smooth moving horse that gets out and walks.

APRIL 4, 2007 BAY TOBIANO GELDING JESS KOUBEK, OWNER APHA 914202 Holland Ease Conrona Cartel Corona Chick Dashing Cartel Cash At The Counter Dash For Cash Summer Encounter Hank-A-Chief Skipped By Chance Skip A Chance Vaquera Adank Lady Christine Bar Bud Effort’s Babe “Sisco” is a very, very gentle gelding; he stands 14.2 hands and is loud colored. Used in back ground yard and ranch, also drug calves to fire. Would make a youth or anyone a nice horse.



2002 BAY PAINT GELDING ROBERT ALBRECHT, OWNER GRADE I bought this horse last spring for a dude horse order. He wintered on pretty short feed. While gaining weight my grandson started riding him; he is super gentle and safe around kids. They catch, bridle and saddle him. He has been ridden in the Platte River. A super family horse.

Peponitas Jewel

MARCH 8, 2005 MELISSA LOVELACE, OWNER Peponita Mr Salty Peponita Holly’s Serena Jewels Of Hollywood HP Machismo Daube Freckles Girl


CHESTNUT GELDING AQHA 4645553 Peppy San Bonita Tivio Holly’s Salty Dinro Serend Doc Hollywood Sentious Sadie Freckles Wrangler Doc Ota Jackie

“Bob” has been exposed to many things; he will cross water, has been around cows, climbs the hills in Killdeer and he’s been to Medora. He will carry saddle bags and does not spook. He’s easy to catch, trim and load; this horse needs a job.

September 14, 2013

Double J Horse Sales


Firechief’s First Lady W. JULY 11, 1999 SHARON ANDERSON, OWNER

BLK & WHT TOBIANO MARE FOX TROTTER 99-63052 Mo Ozark Flashdance Flash’s Indian Music Secret’s Merry Zane Paint’s Dolly B. Old Paint Dude’s Doll Missouri’s War Paint Old Paint Lazy Jane B. Major’s Black Jane Major L. Carolyn

Flash’s Fire Chief Paint’s Big Bess

Fox trotter smooth…can sort cows bareback. Slight limp after hard riding. Great for trail and arena. Likes to be with a buddy on the trail. Has driven cattle. Needs experienced rider.



Rafter E Krisha

MAY 7, 2001 CHUCK ERICKSON, OWNER Dash For Cash Tuff Buddy Cash PV Badlands Star

GRAY MARE AQHA 4164059 Hard Cash Dash Tuff Again Iris KD Stormy Bay Conchos Star Echo

Twelve year old gray mare; carries Dash For Cash on her papers. Halter broke only and has raised several nice colts, buckskins and grays. Exposed to Smoke Blakburn May 1, 2013 – July 5, 2013. Time to retire!


McKenzie Rose



Honeybucket 1995 RITA HARDY, OWNER


Honeybucket has been part of our family for many years and there isn’t much she hasn’t seen or done. She’s been used as a lesson horse for people ages 5-85, Western and English and has been used at NCHA cuttings (shown and turn-back). She has also been used in barrel racing and goat tying horse at play days; has also been in parades throughout Montana and North Dakota carrying countless rodeo queens. Honeybucket was the primary horse for Miss Rodeo Montana 2007 and carried dozens of other queens through grand entries, parades, specialty acts, and kids rodeos. She’s sure footed, extremely cowy and has covered countless miles on our ranch. For more info 406-230-1906.





Thick made, 36” pony used by the neighbors for their grandkids and now they’ve outgrown him. Rides along with the big horses.


Down To Go

JUNE 4, 2010 DOUG TORGERSON, OWNER Go Go Bedago Blue Crows Sage

Bedago Go Go Rim Girl SR Conclusive Tee Blu Crows Tailwind

GRAY MARE AQHA 5467690 Beduino Have A Go Rimalito My Royal Girl Conclusive Harney Tee Tall Tailwind Baby D OR

This is the prettiest gray roan mare you will find. She is riding real good and would make an excellent show prospect or queen horse. Call for more info 406-671-5315.

SALE DAY PHONE NUMBERS John 701-720-6674 Joe 701-230-3044

Sales Barn 701-225-8156

Linda TE Tuffys Three Bars Ole Gray Iris Comet’s Stormy Skip Badlands 13 Head Concho Star Echo Bars

Sharons Roany Shadow Pepperoni Smooth

Roan Jack Bar Sharon’s Shadow Peppermint Jack Miss Smooth Roanny

RED ROAN MARE AQHA 3716958 Fancy Roan Bar Miss Penny Jack Buck Kyd Moon’s Sharon Strawberry Jack Poco Sunup Mr Smooth One Roan Shasta

Fifteen year old red roan mare; foundation bred and broke as a young mare, but has only raised foals the last few years. Has had a lot of colorful colts, red roans and buckskins. Pasture exposed to Smoke Blakburn buckskin stallion from May 1, 2013 – July 5, 2013. Time for me to retire!


Allie Caballero

AUGUST 29, 1997 CHUCK ERICKSON, OWNER KD Stormy Bay Cameo Caballero

Comet’s Stormy Skip Badlands 13 Double Hop Miss Caballero Bar

BAY MARE AQHA 3587130 Skip Comet Sage Bush Skip Tres Bar Dakota Daisy Double Express Hopi Five Roy’s Caballero Miss Pojo Bar

Sixteen year old bay mare, foundation bred. Broke to ride and used at Peaceful Valley Trail Rides in Medora. She has not been ridden much lately and then only in a hackamore. She has nice colts each year and mostly buckskins and palominos. She goes because it is time for me to retire. Exposed to buckskin stallion, Smoke Blakburn.

Shesa Poco Ashwood APRIL 11, 1996 CHUCK ERICKSON, OWNER Mr Ashwood Twist Shesa Super Leigh

My Skip Ashwood Miss Twisty Band Super Cut Up Koko Leigh


BLACK MARE AQHA 3474850 Sure Skippa Ashwood Sue Bandaneer Riverside Twist Super Chief Barney’s Goldie Poco Burleigh Star Ko Ko

Tall, black mare; well broke to ride. She has had several quality colts for us with good dispositions. Has been exposed to buckskin stallion, Smoke Blakburn, from May 1, 2013 – July 5, 2013. I’m getting to be an old duffer and it is time to retire.


Double J Horse Sales   

Smoke Blakburn

MAY 2, 1995 CHUCK ERICKSON, OWNER Forty Caballeros Mr Poco Blakburn 004 Poco Chips Jan Maysdorf Miss Smoke Pacific Nick Pretty Lady Smoke


BUCKSKIN STALLION AQHA 3365003 Mr Blackburn 04 Poco Siz Poco Chip PLady Trefoil Pac’s Leo Zoro Nicki Reb Leo Cas Miss Gypsy Smoky

Eighteen year old metallic buckskin stallion; foundation bred, registered in foundation Quarter Horse registry. Pasture or hand breed. Broke to ride and used to move cows, hunted on and used for trail rides. He’s kind of stiff and sore like I am, but an active breeder that throws a lot of buckskin and dun colts. I’m getting to be an old duffer and it is time to retire.



APRIL 11, 2008 BAY GELDING DALE SIMANTON, OWNER JOCKEY CLUB Flying lead changes? Check! Gorgeous canter on a loose rein? Check! Beautiful, brave and bold mount ready to anything you ask of him? Check! Meet Irishman, a 2008, 15.3 hands, thoroughbred gelding. He has been in Gate to Great since last fall and has turned into a solid working gelding. He spent last fall gathering pairs and this spring moving herds. He rides great alone in groups and in rough country. Then you can take him in the arena and he will canter perfect figure 8’s with flying lead changes like a finished show horse! This is a gelding that has the mind and movement to work for you all day at the ranch or in the show arena; he has great work ethic. He is stocky, has good bone and is an easy keeper. See more photos and VIDEO by going to our website: and clicking on Available Horses or come to the ranch and try him beforehand!

Docs Spunky Style

JULY 1, 2010 JEROME BARNICK, OWNER Stearns Bar Jo Jo Jo Reno Style Roan Tomcat Docs Spunky Gold Docs Flashy Poco Te De Pine


RED ROAN GELDING AQHA 5338089 Stearns Bar King Tyrees Miss Jo Jo High Rolling Roany Devil Jet Bar Doc Frostline Ledo Barscontinental Te De Goldie Sonoita Spunk

“Moose” is a big strong power house of a gelding with his whole life ahead of him. He has never bucked in his entire life and is the same if you ride him every day or once a month. He has been ranched on all spring and summer and has been used at the sale barn. If you have any questions feel free to call Matt Schlegel at 701-650-8687.

Wilywoods Lil Digger

September 14, 2013

MAY 30, 2004 MICHELE BRODKORB, OWNER Wilywood Wily Fancy Man Docs Excella Two Be Blue Legend Kingsville Legend Two Be Blue Rebel


PALOMINO GELDING AQHA 4605586 Orphan Drift Oui Oui Clark’s Doc Bar Silver Barrier Mr Kingsville Hassyampa Legend Tomichis Image Sweet Country Gal

What can I say about “Fancy”, except that he is one of the most honest, trustworthy, anyone can ride, golden palomino geldings that has had a little bad luck. “Fancy” has cosmetic scaring from a barn fire, but is guaranteed 100% in every way. I think from the youngest kid to the oldest person can ride him and will take care of you. He does know what a cow is and has ridden many, many, miles. He’s only about 14.3 hands, but is big boned and good footed. He will neck rein and will only go as fast as you ask him. Please don’t let his scars scare you as you won’t find another one like him. He loves people, easy to catch, can be ridden any time of year with no problems; very sweet, sweet horse. Call 605-530-0516 if you have any questions. Take a look sale day!!

Intangible Gold Scotch

MAY 21, 2002 MEL AND SUZY MILLER, OWNER Prince’s Fury Sunbright Prince Ultra Lark De Intangible Scotch Thee Intangible Scotch Punch



“Scotch” is registered with the POA club; however has application for App. horse since he grew up! He is a handsome, thick sorrel- snowflake gelding. Was trail ridden by novice rider for several years; will ride anywhere you point him. He would be an excellent 4-H horse.

Pats Bartenders Two

MARCH 31, 2007 SHANE VAUGHAN, OWNER Bartenders Rebel Matts Bartenders Go Matts Madam Susie Hoffmans Classic Pat Classic Oakie Jack Billy Ann Pat Pat is a big bodied bay roan gelding. He has had lots of cattle roped outside as well as used on the ranch; lightly started on the head side. Pat is very pleasant and even tempered. Saddles up gentle everyday with no hump or buck; 100% sound; extremely nice young gelding. Come check him out sale day. Videos available. For more info please call Shane at 940-765-7177


BAY ROAN GELDING AQHA 4952536 Bart Bartender Dondis Rebel Go Lucky Matt Ware’s Susie Que Classic Watch Oakie Cherie Billy Two Hat 2 Jacks Cooky

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales

Steady Doc Peppy

APRIL 6, 2003 JADEN HUTNLEY, OWNER Peppy San Badger Steady Peppy Doc’s Lady Madonna Hollyjolly Christmas Docs Christmas Playboys Dry Promise


SORREL GELDING AQHA 4464130 Mr San Peppy Sugar Badger Doc Bar Steady Date Doc O’ Lena Peppys Christmas Freckles Playboy Dry Docs Choice

Nice ranch horse that knows the ropes. Will watch a cow and rope whatever you want on him. Good to work gates on. Lots of handle and really broke. Would also make a nice head horse. 701-391-9587


MAY 08, 2007 CASEY SHELDON, OWNER Rusty Bar Martin Major Rusty Martin Vanetta Sugar Peppy Surprise Princess Dudes Prince Lad Cindy Surprise


DUN GELDING AQHA 5044000 Senior Delight Bar Della Levan Peppys Ready Money Classy Sugar Van Wendy Dude King’s Starlette Cinco Wimpy Cindy Otoe Sugar

“El Dorado” is a 6 year old dun gelding; has four white socks, a bald face and is very stout. Very well broke, if you can sit in a saddle you can ride him. He’s very friendly and easy to catch, load and trim. You can cross water, toss a rope off him, or just go on a nice trial ride.

CJ Skip Jet Skip

JUNE 24, 2004 74 QUARTER HORSES, OWNER Skippa Lent AC Stud By Mistake Joes Sister Jess AC Skip N Jetta Skippa Lent Jetting Effort




Red Rose Review

FEBRUARY 14, 1995 JUDY HINTZ, OWNER Impressive Review Big Time Review Miss Twistie Misty Twisters Jewel Two Eyed Twister Bell Adair

MAY 17, 2004 BRIAN O’SHEA, OWNER Sir Johnny King Lotsa Cash Popper Skips Cash Bowl Zans First Prize Zans Two Eyed Bar Fancy My Britches

SORREL GELDING AQHA 4641976 Skip Sav Skip Rullah Sure Skippa Skip Be Sweet Skip Sav Skip Rullah Special Effort Jet Thing

We’ve used “Skip” on the ranch moving and checking cows, etc. He’s a classy looking gelding and is super friendly and gentle to ride.


SORREL MARE AQHA 3351576 Pretty Impressive Taffy Skip Charlie Hall Chi Chi Twist Two Eyed Jack Rev’s Cutie Twist Adair Bella Blue

“Val” is a really gentle mare; my 8 year old granddaughter has been riding her all summer. She has points as a young horse in Western Pleasure. Val picks up her leads great. The girls have been working on her on barrels; they are just starting. She is easy to catch, trim and haul. Call for more info 701-225-8736.

Dandy Zan Popper



CHESTNUT GELDING GRADE Peanut is a strong, tall, and stout horse. He is a beautiful chestnut color with flaxen mane and tail. I guarantee that he is sound; he was adopted as a yearling from the BLM. He is trained and ready to ride. I have to sell my horse because I cannot find a reliable boarding facility close to home. I can send a video of the horse via email or text.


SORREL GELDING AQHA 4506231 Johnnie Popper Skipster’s Shirley Skip’s Bo Silver Cashness Zan Parr Bar Chubbys Jackie Dandys Dee Bar Glory Calls

Nine year old, flashy looking sorrel gelding; nice quiet horse with a very soft nice neck rein. He’s been around cattle and stands 15.2 hands tall with a nice build. He is a real athletic horse for his size. He’s a nice trail riding horse or ready for barrels or roping; he’s had some roping done on him. Please call with any questions 701-460-0167.

Speedy Cedar Fire

APRIL 20, 2001 MICK STROHSCHEIN & T.R. STIRLING, OWNER Hesa Speedy Splash Reinin Machine Craigs Foxy Filly Gumbo Cactus Ratchett Fire Two Gumbo Lily


BAY TOBIANO GELDING APHA 632542 Super Speedie Snappy Machine Codelles Gent Pocos Baffy Bar WDL Cedar Ratchett Solemn Fusillade Q Ton Tadpole H Flick Time

Here’s a really nice paint gelding with color and conformation. Been ranch ridden mostly and has been patterned on barrels and started heeling. This horse has a big motor. Nice and gentle to be around. Any questions call T.R. Stirling at: 605-295-2249


Double J Horse Sales





Bubba is a 7 year old QH-Halflinger cross palomino. He is very gentle and quiet; miles of trail riding and will go anywhere. Nice family size, 13.3 hands and sound. Call Dale for more info 651-756-0945.

Smart Fox Hancock APRIL 21, 2004 KEITH ANDERSON, OWNER

Docs Smart Frost The Lobos Choice

Smarta Lobo Hancocks Solono Fox

Red Solono Fox Dollys Royal Hancock


PALOMINO GELDING AQHA 4512580 King Smart Frosti Eve The Peoples Choice Miss Lobo John Note Dee Red Rock Sweet Solono Hancock Thirteen Dollys Royal Miss

Well broke with a light rein. Slight limp after heavy riding, but improving with massage.

September 14, 2013


Dods Doc

JULY 5, 2008 LARRY BRANNIAN, OWNER Dods A Commander TR Lacidoc Sap

Doc O Dynamite Commander JJ Little Hickorysap JK Lacidoc

BAY GELDING AQHA 5104308 Doc O’Lena Gay Bar Dixie Commander Oak Jan Jag Doc’s Hickory Little Peppys Vixen Doc Bruce JK Tonkaroni

Ranch horse deluxe, at the right age. Stands 14.3 hands and has been used for pasture roping and doctoring. He’s great in the branding pen; used in ranch rodeo. Nothing bothers this guy; quiet with a gentle disposition. Loads, trims, etc.; he is the using kind.

Peppys Pine Chex MAY 10, 2004 VIGEN HORSE CO., OWNER Peppys Royalty Chex Miss Pine Magic

Mr San Doc San Chaquita Chex Ranch Bars Magic Roman Pine


PALOMINO GELDING AQHA 4551539 Major Sam Peppy Smart Doc Imp Chex Discos Mocha Minx Ranch Bars Rancho Redbird True Roman Super Pine Command

“Pal” is a big pretty palomino gelding. He's been used to gather cows, drag calves to the fire, and trail riding. He is quiet, gentle and easy to get along with. For more information please contact Vigen Horse Co (701) 331-2483 or (701) 331-1809.





This guy has been used on the ranch and is super gentle and safe! Sells sound.





Well broke pony size mare. Rides really nice, crosses water and been ridden in town a lot.





Great little kids horse! Will do anything you ask; rides like a charm and was used in 4-H.





Rasberry is a red roan with black mane and tail and four white legs; very fancy. Finished heel horse and calf horse; scores well. Just as nice in or out of the arena. Ranched on doctored pasture cattle and calved on; just a nice all around horse.

Coopers Black Review MAY 9, 2000 ERICA PETERSON, OWNER ATS Super Review

SALE DAY PHONE NUMBERS John 701-720-6674 Joe 701-230-3044

Sales Barn 701-225-8156

CEA Cameo Dew

Big Time Review Sonnys Super Lexi Scorpion A Leo Gold N Moon Blaze


BLACK GELDING AQHA 3962162 Impressive Review Miss Twistie Misty Sonny’s Super Star Lexi B Quick Twisters Toad Denver’s Susie San O’ Moon Gold N Blaze

Cooper is a gorgeous black well put together gelding that has been there and done that. He was used as a show horse for several years, but has spent the last few years being used on the ranch and for trail rides. He’s great on the ranch or would make a good barrel and rope horse.

September 14, 2013

Double J Horse Sales


Apple Jack



Jack has been ridden most of his life by a lady that is now 75 years young. I have owned him for 6 months; he’s a super family horse. Gentle and kid safe, if they know anything about a horse.





Waco is a 10 year old gray gelding; he is shapey & well broke. He has been to brandings and drug calves. He has also been heeled off of. Little kids have ridden him with no problem. He loads and trims.






Rockstar earned his name; from day one he has gone above and beyond. He has covered many miles on our ranch and done everything from flagging colts to dragging calves, sorting cows to moving horses. Rockstar handles whatever you throw at him and will work hard all day. For more info 406-230-1906.





Jack has been there and done that, ranch work, trail rides and games. He was started on barrels by Jane Melby, World Champion WPRA and 2 round winner at the 2012 NFR. If you want a horse you can have fun with, this guy is the one, sells sound.

GR Money N Moore MAY 25, 2010 MERRILEE L. BROWN, OWNER GR Speed Command GR Money Bunny

A True Command PC Speedy IMA Moneymaker Too Noble Bunny


CHESTNUT GELDING AQHA 5313964 True Command N Moore Sunny Command Prairie Creek Zippo Zan Two Tres Double The Money Tardy Bar Doll The Nobility Zans Sonny Bunny



Sage is a 15 hand beautiful red roan gelding with an awesome disposition. Very quiet on the ground, easy to catch and not a mean bone in his body. He’s been used to check cattle during calving season and gather cattle; he was used a few months in the feedlot. He’s very willing and always wants to please whoever is riding him. Sage could go any direction, from an area prospect to just a nice ranch or family/4-H project for a kid. He has a smooth, long stride lope and a real nice smooth stop. Will ride the same way any time of the year and is guaranteed sound in every way. Please contact 605-530-0516 if you have any questions. Sage would be an exceptional trail riding horse, plus you would have the prettiest one on the ride!!

SQH Mays Star Buck MAY 17, 2006 MEL OR SUZY MILLER, OWNER SQH Star Buck



Rockies May Day

Lecks Star Buck Sweet Bar Lena Gay Holly Poco Rockies Touch


SORREL GELDING AQHA 4855882 Mr Poco Blakburn 021 Lecks Star Do Copoco Bueno Miss Rocky Bar Doc Gay Holly Bars Watterson Poco Doc Touch Doc Bar Miss Rock A Doc

“Rusty” is a compact 14.2 hands cow bred gelding. Not traded around. Has been over all types of terrain; water, hills, over logs and bridges. He will ride alone or with others.

Diaman H Riskey James MAY 18, 2007 AMY HEITLAND, OWNER Ris Key Business Jessie Jill


BUCKSKIN TOBIANO GELDING APHA 912132 Mr Highland Cheyenne Moon Bar 4 Bars Moon Deck Happiness Is Cherokee Siemon Miss Pioneer Savannah Bar Toby Jessies Leo James Susie My Tiger Delmars Cody Jill Delmar’s Cody Beaver’s Cody Jill

Risky is a cool colored; gorgeous headed buckskin gelding. Chalked full of talent and really rides around. Lopes great, big stop, smooth, level headed, soft in face works off leg pressure; he has primarily been used as a trail mount. He is exceptionally personable and very gentle. Loves people, goes anywhere, has been used for general ranch work. 100% sound. For more info email amyheitland@ Or call 641-420-0712. Video available . He is a must see.

Started under saddle spring 2013. Has been easy to train, good minded and gentle. Thirteen year old girl is riding him regularly.

Double J Horse Sales Spring Sale Date To Be Announced Please watch your mailbox, our website or facebook pages for the date, consignment deadline and forms.

See ya next year!


Double J Horse Sales


Watch Magic Joe APRIL 30, 2007 KEITH ANDERSON, OWNER PC Mack Frost Watch Larks Image

Sun Frost Miss Mack True Watch Duster King Larks Lady Image

BUCKSKIN GELDING AQHA 5002723 Doc’s Jack Frost Prissy Cline New Decade Truculmitos Watch Joe Jack Sutton’s Belle Larks Image Tootsie D Lady

September 14, 2013

All Breeds Consignment


With consistent riding this horse is wonderful. Smooth riding, light rein & pulls the calf sled. Has a cold back if he sets too long. Needs consistent, experienced riding. Has driven cattle.

6574 115th Ave. NW - Ray, ND 58849 Phone 701-568-3099



RH Last Cowboy MAY 6, 2009 QUINTON OSBORN, OWNER Cowboys Smooth Play Pearls Whirlwind

Smooth King Buck Dakotas Dry Playgirl Carnival King Snaps Easter

BUCKSKIN GELDING AQHA 5267728 Jrs Buck Glo Smooth Lady Dakota Playboy Til I Dry Easter Gentleman Sumay King 66 Snapper Cal Bar Easters Margarita

Nice young gelding with a rich buckskin color. Rides quiet and is dog gentle. I started this gelding. He rides off your leg really well. Should be horse enough to go any direction. Colonel Freckles, Freckles Playboy, Dry Doc, and Easter King just off his papers.

EJS Showdown Wimpy MARCH 5, 2003 VIGEN HORSE CO., OWNER Zan Jack Showdown JNS Miss Wimpy

Harlin Zan Jack Showdown Mis Reb Hancock’s Cody Top Candy Too


RED DUN GELDING AQHA 4382036 Zan Parr Harlan Jojack Miss Cowboy Showdown Joe Jack Cowboys Mis Reb Raisin Sand Doolin’s Miss Bar Joe Reed Top Judy Too

“Fred” is a 10 yr old dun gelding that is super quiet and gentle. He’s been used for trail riding and some ranch work and would make a great family horse. For more information please contact Vigen Horse Co. 701-331-2483 or 701-331-1809.


PHONE NUMBERS Sales Barn 701-225-8156 or John 701-720-6674 or Joe 701-230-3044 CheckOut Our Website

Double J Horse Sales Spring Sale Date To Be Announced Please watch your mailbox, our website or facebook pages for the date, consignment deadline and forms.

See ya next year!

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales





Double J Horse Sales   

September 14, 2013



Double J Horse Sales   

September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales





Double J Horse Sales   

September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013      Double J Horse Sales




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WILLISTON SADDLERY Hwy 2 West Williston, ND Certified Purina Animal Nutrition Dealer 701-572-2267 www.bnkqh.Com

Phone: 701.838.6245

May 6, 2012

Double J Horse Sales - Bowman Auction Market All Breeds Consignment Sale


Thank you to Deaton Chaps LLC


Thank you to Deaton Chaps LLC for the Ranch Horse Competition and an anonymous donor for the fi rst place prize chinks. Ranch Horse Competition first place prize chaps. -- Also visit us on facebook!

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Sales Barn 701-225-8156

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"Big or small, we sell them all!" John Bearman Joe Hickel Auctioneers

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Specializing in farm, household, livestock, antique, and business liquidation sales.

Double J Horse Sales 6574 115th Ave. NW Ray, ND 58849


Address Service Requested


Please bring this catalog to the sale!

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Double J Horse Sales - Fall Sale  

September 14, 2013 - Fall Catalog - Double J Horse Sales - Dickinson, ND