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What we value

Customer Experience

• Customer Intimacy • Excellence in customer Service


• Quality and Integrity in all that we do • Value Innovation


• Social Responsibility

Core Purpose {Value} Xiris helps protect a brand equity for those who value their brand Xiris helps maximize process productivity by as much as 25% Xiris provides engineered optical quality control solutions

Core Ideology



We are committed to listening to understand manufacturing quality problems.

We are committed to continuous improvement of solutions, processes and best practices.

Core Strengths Customer Service Availability Responsiveness

System Engineering Rapid Application Development

Software Engineering Optical Engineering

Partnered Industry Solutions Technology Web Network

What our clients have said On Xiris Solutions: • Creative engineering department • Easy to use systems that address our needs • Reliable and well engineered solutions

On the Xiris Brand: • Engineering • Affordable • Xiris is a top supplier in terms of response and results

What our clients have said Differentiation: • Continuous improvement • Engineering that cares about the solution • Flexibility – willing to work according to the client needs • Affordable and better performance • Responds quickly to requests Main reason to buy from Xiris: • Performance • Reliable solutions that work well • Suited for challenging projects


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