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CHANGE IN A WOMAN’S LIFE Part Three Understanding and Transitioning Through Change In A Woman’s Life AN EMAIL WORKSHOP BY JENNIFER KEITT © 2010 Jennifer Keitt. All rights reserved.

“The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.” –John F. Kennedy No change transition is complete without a conscious process of letting go and releasing yourself from the past

Separate Your Losses Into Categories Losses that can be defined, meaning you might think of a way to look at them differently so they donâ€&#x;t feel like such a loss: (list) _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

Losses that can be replaced or reinvented, so they donâ€&#x;t leave empty places in your life: (list) _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

Separate Your Losses Into Categories Losses you simply have to accept: (list) _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

Question: So What Is It Like For You Now? “It‟s not so much that we‟re afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but it‟s that place in between that we fear . . . It‟s like being between trapezes.” –Marilyn Ferguson

Answer: IT’S CHAOS! Chaos means that everything is fluid and that old ideas aren‟t so likely to get in the way of new ones. Chaos can open you up to new possibilities if you accept it “as given,” and learn to see with new eyes. Think of this „in between‟ place as a blank page on which new things can be written.

Homework: Strategies For Creative Chaos 1. Challenge: question your old ways of doing things. Are they helping you to get through your change, or keeping you from seeing the possibilities? 2. Explore: review your recent work and life experiences for clues to new possibilities. Look at coincidences and natural patterns that seem to be emerging.

3. Experiment: you can begin to get comfortable with the new and different in simple ways. Wear something new that may surprise others. Try a new food for lunch. Write a new idea you could put into practice. 4. Share: exchange ideas with colleagues, friends and family. Don‟t kill new ideas by saying “I couldn‟t do that.” Brainstorm the possibilities instead.

Homework: Strategies For Creative Chaos

5. Learn: there is a strong connection between learning and creativity. Have you discovered new ideas, people, places and insights about yourself during this time of change? Grab your journal and make a note of them.

Only 1 more workshop lesson left! Part four is coming soon!

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Women's Empowerment: Change In A Woman's Life Part 3  

One more installment in Jennifer Keitt's email workshop for women. In this lesson Jennifer takes women through the 'in between' state of let...

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