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Campus Community Exhibition Center Type: Public Building Size: 23,000ft2 Location: Pullman. WA Status: In progress Concept: Light Study

The Light Space Pullman Community Exhibition Center is a gathering place where community members share and exchange various apsects of culture such as music, art, and socialising. This particular project closely investigated the penetration of natural light into a space, and the relationship between the form of screen and light .

Rock Star House Type: Private Studio/house Size: 3,500ft2 Location: Grand Canyon. AZ Status: In progress Concept: Cliff house Client: Rock Star

Party like a Rock Star Rock Star House provides a luxurious life style and a scenic view toward the water and grandeurs canyon. A house is hung on a cliff and is only accessible by boat or helicopter which gives a lot of privacy. The client’s music studio is located in the core of the house and a glass curtain wall that shows a full panoramic view of nature. House also includes a personal library, reading room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining area.

Pullman Public Library Competition Type: Public Building

Size: 20,000ft2 Location: Pullman. WA Status: Honerable Mention Concept: Exposed

The Celebration of Detail Pullman Public Library competition is a annual CMU construction competition which is intended to present innovative projects for CMU construction. The library is designed to be constructed mostly with CMU units and traditional wood. However in order to recognize this type of work, south facade presented a structural wall curving into the plaza floor. With a contrast to wooden study pods hanging on the south facade, you could obviously to notice interesting wall to floor fluid transition.

Fraiser Valley Winery Hotel/Motel Complex Type: Commercial Building Size: 65,000ft2 Location: Vancouver. BC Status: In progress Concept: Cubism

Space in between spaces Fraiser Valley Winery site is located by the Fraiser river surrounded by the vine field. This project focused on creating the “space between spaces�, where architectural space becomes clue or a view corridor for visiting beautiful natural surrounding. Visitors may walk through the complex to enjoy the space they already in, as well as sometimes directed to walk along the tree path to enjoy their evening at the bar along the Fraiser River.

Sutro Bath /House Complex Type: Public Building

Size: 95,000ft2 Location: San Francisco. CA Status: In progress Concept: Open space

The ultimate playground Formal Sutro Bath House was once the largest indoor pool in the world, until it burnt down in 1966. The site is still visited by the locals and became a historical landmark. Restoration of this bathhouse project will bring back a fun and safe atmosphere, eventually transforming into an ultimate playground where people can come and celebrate its history. The new Sutro Bath House project includes the state of the art recreational facilities and amenities such as large indoor pools, semi-covered outdoor pools, Gym, private offices, spa, tanning facility, food court, and etc.

Hope Meadow Community Type: Residential Building Size: 150,000ft2 Location: Deer park. WA Status: In progress Concept: Modular Design

Affordable Housing Hope Meadow Community provides an affordable housing to low-income young adults and international immigrants. The Study of various combinations of modules provides the ability to fit a maximum number of units in the site. The goals for this project was to create sustainable and decent housing that has a feeling good neighbours and a cohesive community, both within Deer Park and Hope Meadow. Also by includin common spaces it has increased the appeal of an open and natural area. Carefully planned sites, allowed for private and semi-private areas within each residence.

Salk Institution Competition Type: Educational Building

Size: 100,000ft2 Location: La Jolla. CA Status: In progress Concept: Legacy principle, buildings define indoor and outdoor rooms of assembly

Lagacy Continuum This Design focused on the idea of ‘creating safe harbor for body, mind and soul’. The Salk project master plan and site design allows for the landscape to be agrarian, rural, but included in regions where human occupation has shaped the land in an intimate and reciprocal way. Organizing new buildings with Khan’s legacy court-yard module (Legacy Courtyard A and B), established a set of rules in which to develop a pattern which reflects and reacts to the diverse city network surrounding it. This allows for the site to both metaphorically and literally “blends” with its surroundings, becoming a unique entity, not a singular one. Buildings define indoor and outdoor rooms, creating interesting space between spaces, which remains fluid, allowing movement and flow through the site to remain natural and not forced. Legacy court-yards created by different buildings have established a variety of experiential spaces at key points in the site. Meditative, congregational or gathering, and transitional are just a few. View corridors and viewpoints created by court-yard and buildings provide a sense of drama, and suspense in approaching the site, as well as vistas celebrating the form and striking impact of the building and site.

Bikini Farm House Type: Private Building

Size: 5.500ft2 Location: Pullman. WA Status: In progress Concept: Naked architecture Wasteful Architecture Bikinis are designed to cover essential areas of the human body with minimal effort. The Bikini Farm House investigates only the essential needs of living. The Residential area is surrounded by a green house where tall plants provide privacy as well as heating and shading. Furthermore, the Roof captures rain water used for planting, and stores heat energy during cold weather. The purpose of this project was to reduce architectural waste, and maximize energy conservation with the help of technology.

Placebo Center of Senses

Type: Commercial Building Size: not limited Location: not limited Status: In progress Concept: beautiful death

Trigger all your senses painful, tired, lonely, afraid, bored, down, depressed... These are the words describe dying people in their beds. They are too weak to move, and have lost their appetite Sometimes they smells bad because they are too tired, and depressed to wash-up. Everyday is another day closer to death, they are afraid, and lonely. Death can be celebrated by beauty, it does not have to be described with negative words because “without death, life is less beautiful”. I am proposing the Placebo Center of Senses where patients purify their body and spirit with the cycle of natural senses. Even through ‘humans’ mess-up clean environment, nature has its own cleansing cycle to purify its substances. Earth, water, and air flows through natural filtration system and becomes its original state; I believe our body would be pure and healthier when we flow through natural filtration system as well. My intension is to bring layers of natural elements in to architecture in order to trigger our five senses for to return patients into their original state of pureness. Why do we need to be pure for our death? Because we were born without pain, loneliness, stress, heaviness, or depression. I believe preparing death means leaving the worldly matters and recover the original state of pureness; where there no more worries, pain, stress. Patients in the center will only feel; hot, cold, warm, soft, sharp, wind, sun, mud, rocks, ice, grass, and forget all there else. Daily exercise not only cleanse body and spirit, it becomes an opportunity for the patients to interact with another. Many times, very sick patients are lonely and bored, sharing the feelings with other members would help them. Facility also becomes an beautiful space for family members to visit to see a process of beautiful death. Everyone knows some day we all have to meet death, since it is an inevitable event, we should face it with confidence. We lived with proud and love, Placebo Center of Senses will prepare everyone for the beautiful death. And it will also educate other family members to live with beautiful heart, so at the end death becomes an final celebration. Without death, life is less beautiful.

1530 Blake St Suit 104 Type: Commercial Building Size: 1,100ft2 Location: Enumclaw. WA Status: finished Concept: Division

Hair Salon “How do you divide a small space for 10 different areas?� This hair salon interior design project had challenges of forming unique muti-functional space.

Portfolio JK Choi  

WSU Architecture

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