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Excerpt from Aris Reigns: The Kingdom of Vampires

As if he were looking for something, DeMarco turned to watch from the window, leaving Sarah to stare at his back in silence. The moments ticked slowly by, each second a minute, each minute an hour and all she could think about was Aris. Was he safe? Where was he? She knew a person’s whole life was supposed to flash before them in a heartbeat at the moment of their death, yet her memories were only of her life with Aris. The first time he appeared to her through one of her clients, a voice from a distant age speaking to her through Carlos Havarro’s therapeutic hypnotic trance. He returned each time she hypnotized Carlos and she grew to know him, to know who he was. Then he shared what he was; vampire, Immortal. The first time he told her about his race and how different his society was than what humans believed blood drinkers to be. She recalled her disbelief and then her fear when she realized he was telling her the truth. To quiet her fear, he explained about the two races of drinkers of blood, the Immortals and the wild, evil vampires of past legend. If that wasn’t enough to take in, when he told her the Immortals were created by the blending of humans and an Alien culture visiting earth on a scientific expedition, she knew she had lost all sense and reason. So she simply surrendered and listened to his story with an open heart. She grew to be more than fascinated by him as he explained his society in the underground Catacombs of London. He told her of the Utopian life they led. At first it had been hard for her to believe, yet when she met his closest Immortal friends, Gabriela and Richard, she came to know that everything he told her about Immortals was true. They did not take human life to survive. They were much further evolved than the evil vampires that roamed the earth and filled movie screens. She remembered when he first appeared to her as a human. She was frightened at first, but his kindness won her trust. When first he told her of their past love and life together during the time of Henry VIII she scoffed, but through her own hypnotic sessions, she came to believe it was the truth. She believed she had loved him before and she couldn’t stop herself from falling hopelessly in love with him again. Now, here she was facing another man from a time centuries ago who said he, too, had loved her and because she had chosen another, was now determined to end her present life. The sound of the door scraping on the stones as it opened jolted Sarah into the present and sent an icy shiver of dread through her body. At the sound, DeMarco spun to face the arrival of the beautiful female vampire who was stepping into the room. Sarah gasped as she recognized the same woman who had kidnapped her and slapped her so savagely in the back of the kidnapper’s car. “Ah, here is my Queen.” The King turned toward Sarah, laughing as he spoke, “Now human, you will deal with Mariska.” The female was long and lean, wearing a tight-fitting black business suit. Her strappy black high heels clicked a staccato on the stone floor as she crossed to stand next to the King. Seeing them side-by-side, even in the midst of her fear, Sarah marveled at the

Aris Reigns Excerpt  
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