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7 Day Programmer

ST799 7 Day Electronic Programmer Your central heating system is designed to provide you with a comfortable living environment and a plentiful supply of hot water. To ensure that these conditions match your requirements, your heating installation must be properly controlled. Of prime importance in the control system is the programmer which will switch your central heating on - under the control of the system thermostats - only at the times when you need it. After all, there’s no point in heating your home when, for example, you and your family are at work or school.

On/Off Times Up to two ON/OFF sequences can be programmed in a 24 hour period, with the same setting time for HEATING and HOT WATER, and each day of the week set to different times.

Display Shows time, AM or PM and day markers.

Programming Slider Used with dual function and DAY buttons to set programme times. Programmer only operates when in AUTO position.

Operation Option Sliders Used to select operating options independently for HEATING and HOT WATER.

Note In the event of mains electricity failure the ST799 Programmer will retain all programmed times for up to one week.

Reset Button Press to reset to built in programme. Day select/Copy day Button Used during programming sequence to select programme day. Can also be used to copy programmed times to next day. Dual Function Buttons Used with the programming slider to set On and Off times and time of day when in DAY/CLOCK position. Used with programming slider in AUTO to allow HEATING or HOT WATER operation to be overidden and then automatically reset at the next programmed switching time.

Indicator Lights Illuminated during timed On sequence and when On selected using CHANGE button or CONT (Continuous) option.

The Honeywell ST799 is a unique product designed and built in the United Kingdom specifically for British homes. Using its comprehensive range of features will enable you to match your central heating usage to your living pattern and maintain your comfort requirements economically.

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