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Unbeatable value and superb quality are just two of the reasons why Tapworks water softeners have been installed in homes across the UK. Now we offer the ONE BOX SOLUTION and look at the benefits:       

High flow valve – compatible with vented and unvented systems Full installation kit for both 15mm and 22mm plumbing as standard Up to 32% cheaper to run Easy to install and maintain – simple fit and forget installation Just add tablet salt from time to time to maintain the endless flow of soft water Remote telephone diagnostics facility for service efficiency Substantial warranties: o 2 years parts warranty o 2 years labour warranty o 10-year warranty on resin vessel Full site survey and specification available for commercial softeners. Talk to our specialist team. As the world’s largest manufacturer of domestic water softeners our technology is relied upon by over 2 million households.

Specification A. Total Height B. Height to salt lid C. Inlet/outlet height D. Depth E. Total depth with connectors F. Width G. Drain height H. Overflow height  Resin volume  Maximum daytime working pressure  Minimum daytime working pressure  Maximum operating temperature  Electrical supply via transformer  Maximum flow rate  Inlet and outlet connections  Drain and overflow connections  Weight excluding salt and water  Salt storage capacity  Maximum softened water capacity at 300ppm Model recommendation based on household size*

Ultra 9 EasyFlow

AD 11 EasyFlow

AD15 EasyFlow


524mm 410mm 400mm 468mm 496mm 296mm 450mm 260mm 9.9 litres 4.76 bar 1.7 bar 49°C 24V 50Hz 56.7 ltr/min ¾” BSP male 3 /8” hose spigot 14.95kg 22 kg 1690 litres

648mm 535mm 532mm 468mm 496mm 296mm 580mm 325mm 10.5 litres 4.76 bar 1.7 bar 49°C 24V 50Hz 53.3 ltr/min ¾” BSP male 3 /8” hose spigot 16.31 kg 37 kg 2266 litres

810mm 700mm 690mm 468mm 496mm 296mm 735mm 460mm 14.7 litres 4.76 bar 1.7 bar 49°C 24V 50Hz 51.7 ltr/min ¾” BSP male 3 /8” hose spigot 20.84 kg 45 kg 3333 litres

1280mm 1016mm 1057mm 464mm 578mm 464mm 1098mm 870mm 30 litres 4.76 bar 1.7 bar 49°C 24V 50Hz 83.3 ltr/min 1” BSP male ½” hose spigot 55 kg 91 kg 8424 litres

1-3 people

1-5 people

1-7 people

8+ people

(based on usage per person of 160 litres per day at 300ppm) *Water hardness and flow rates can affect which model is right for you. If in doubt pleae call 01494 480 621 for advice.

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