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Joey Karikala 11/28/11 Project Essay No Smoking Laws

When it comes to no smoking laws, it doesn’t exactly mean that a person cannot smoke at all. It means that certain limitations are put on where and when a person can smoke legally. This is primarily to help protect the health of both smokers and nonsmokers in the area that the law is in effect. In this essay, I am going to explain the extent of smoking laws in Maine and also the different health solutions that are made as a result of these laws all over the U.S. In Maine businesses, smoking is prohibited in all employer-owned, enclosed areas of business and workplaces. All smoking is only allowed outside at least 20 feet away from entrances/exits, windows, vents, and anywhere that air might be circulated back into the workplace. Also, employers are also allowed to take it a step further and prohibit any smoking at all on their property. Maine was one of the first states to put another restriction on smokers. That restriction is the fact that people in cars, in Maine, are no longer allowed to smoke cigarettes while transporting a passenger that is under the age of 18. This law is present in Bangor Maine and many other places in the United States have considered it as well. If police catch a person smoking in a car that also has passengers under the age of 18, then the police are allowed to stop the car and charge a $50 fine. In addition to this, many restaurants, businesses, hotels, and stores also have a no smoking policy. First, lets look at the problems that smoking in public places can cause. The implicit (obvious) consequence of smoking is that it is incredibly harmful to the smokers body. Such as their lungs, throat, and the rest of the circulatory system. Also, it can cause various cancers within the smoker and pretty much ruin their lives. That is just the beginning. Also, there are countless examples of how secondhand

smoke can lead to health problems in people all around the smoker. One example is if a smoker is in a public area. In this case he is forcing everyone in that area to breath in that contaminated air. On a more specific note, lets say that there is a person in that area that is trying to quit smoking themselves. If they are forced to breath in that addictive nicotine that is the air, then they are put into a difficult situation and could ultimately fail their quitting smoking goal simply because you want to exercise your right to smoke. Smoking inside cars is a huge problem because there is nowhere for the contaminated air to go. Therefore the carbon monoxide concentration inside the automobile accumulates over time and is very troublesome for kids. This high concentration of carbon monoxide can cause even the healthiest of children to contract respiratory problems that are very serious. This is extremely unfair because, often times, the person who is receiving the health issue(s) had no choice as to whether or not they are at risk for those problems. This is definitely an example of a negative externality. Finally, the smoking also causes the atmosphere to be contaminated with the carbon monoxide gases. even though this doesn’t cause a direct impact on people, the overall wellbeing of the atmosphere is lowered and the planetary environment. So, technically, by smoking you could be harming a human in a completely different continent. Thanks to the smoking restriction laws, these health problems can be avoided as much as possible, without taking away a persons free write to smoke in their own house or outside. Thanks to this people are much safer from the air toxins and can breath freely. After all, smoking is optional-breathing is not. These are all things that I learned about smoking restriction laws. Specifically the extent of smoking laws in Maine and also the different health solutions that are made as a result of these laws all over the U.S. With all these restrictions we are kept safer, however there are still many unresolved issues when dealing with smoking and air pollution. Hopefully these laws will continue to advance in the future and people will understand the common sense that smoking is a huge killer and is not worth the risk.


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Smoking Laws Essay  

The extent of smoking laws in Maine and the problems that these types of laws help to solve.

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