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Medical Assistant: Patient Process

MISSION STATEMENT Hevia Cosmetic Dermatology is a luxury, boutique style practice with patients’ needs and comfort in mind.

Pre-Treatment Instructions to Patients – procedure by Phone: If making an appointment, be sure to tell patient not to take aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, any NSAID (non-steroidal) or Vitamin E for 7 days prior to treatment.

Day of Treatment:

+ Before patient arrives, review patient’s chart (history of treatments, allergies, medications) and take notes.

+ Place tablet and camera in treatment room.

+ Prepare super-bill with patient name.

+ Greet patient in the reception area (introduce yourself) and escort patient to treatment room. Offer a beverage.

+ Confirm with patient the reason for her/his appointment. + For “New Patient” visits – Questions to ask: • Allergies?

• • • •

Medications currently taking? Past Medical History (PMH)? Any possibility patient can be pregnant? Past history with any Injectable?

+ For “Follow-up” visits – Questions to ask: • Any change in patient’s PMH or new allergies?

• Medications?

• Any possibility of pregnancy?


+ Ask patient’s permission to remove her makeup and proceed with this task.

+ Take required photos of patient’s face or other area(s) to be treated.

+ Offer anesthetic cream, if necessary.

+ Alert doctor of patient status.

+ Observe consultation between patient and doctor and take notes, if required.

+ Prepare equipment, treatment formulations and/or instruments according to instructions from doctor (depending on type of treatment).

+ Wipe off anesthetic cream when instructed by doctor.

+ Fill out consent forms; check these forms for date and signature of patient.

+ Assist doctor, if requested, during treatment process. + Take notes of medications that will be given at the end of the visit to write prescriptions and then have the doctor or ARNP sign the prescription.

+ Document what is done in the room, i.e., name and amount of Filler, laser, settings, etc.

+ Create POS (print-out sheet, verifying charges).

+ Clean patient’s face or area being treated, if required.

+ Review with patient follow-up instructions.

+ Ask patient if (s)he has any questions.

+ Offer patient ice/arnica cream for the treated area.

+ Escort patient to the check-out desk.

+ Give patient concierge patient’s completed super-bill and POS.

* Note: Make certain Dr. Hevia has a medical assistant or other staff member with him at all times during a patient visit (unless he specifically asks to be alone).

Checklist to complete for a patient visit:

+ Patient Questions

+ Photographs

+ Patient Chart Information Completion

+ Follow-up Instructions

+ Consent Forms

Medical Assistant: Patient Process

Patient Concierge  

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