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Best of the finest

frankies presents


This months edition of frankies presents offers some insight into the background of five of the hottest DJs and producers to grace your ears and a track listing of some of the all time Chicago house classics just in time for summer. Your welcome.

Best of the finest

frankies presents


Music is the universal language that brings everyone together under a sound, under a groove and vibration.

Theo Parrish grew up on Chicago house parties. He went to art school in Kansas City then later moved to Detroit. His eclectic DJ sets in Detroit in the late ’90s and early in this millennium are legendary. “Love of the music should be the driving force of any producer, performer or DJ. Everything else stems from that core, that love. With that love, sampling can become a tribute; An expansion on ideas long forgotten, reconstruction, collage. Using the same understanding openly and respectfully can turn DJing into a spiritual participation. It can turn a few hours of selection into essential history; Necessary listening through movement.” This personal philosophy gives shape and direction to the distinctive sounds that are created by Theo Parrish.

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theo parrish

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Larry He

Larry Heard is one of the originators and one of the greats of Chicago house music. He emerged publicly in 1985 from the roots of House Music, with the debut single Mystery of Love. Larry composes lyrics, music of various styles, and always has an ample catalogue of material on hand. He has performed production, writing and/or re-mixing tasks for numerous labels including: Capitol, MCA, Mercury, Warner Brothers, Virgin, EMI, Columbia, FFrr, Island, Circa and Relativity, to name a few. Heard’s history demonstrates a restlessly adventurous spirit that was instilled early in life, and this spirit continues to drive his work.


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Detroit house and hiphop don DJ Dez aka Andrés was destined for a life in music. The son of Humberto ‘Nengue’ Hernandez, an original player on Detroit’s jazz scene who sang and played percussion with the likes of Mongo Santamaria, Santana and Cachao López, He was raised on the Motor City’s rich musical history. Andrés started to explore his hometown’s house legacy from the late 90’s onwards. He hooked up with his former recordstore buddy to release a string of free-wheeling house-not-house 12-inches on KDJ, which really put him on the map as one of the most versatile figures on the Detroit dance music circuit.



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Moodymann / Moody is the moniker under which Kenny Dixon Jr produces and DJs. He is a techno/house musician based in Detroit and has created a thoroughly hybrid form of techno/house dance music via his innovative use of reworked riffs, samples and grooves taken from that city’s historically influential jazz, soul, funk and disco scene. Some call it cut-up Detroit house. He offers a friendly wink backwards at the innovative early 1990s rave scene musicians through his extensive use of old movie sound track samples, mainly culled from the old blaxploitation and b-movies.


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black jaz



Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn, Fred has been exposed to a wide variety of music such as the R&B/ Funk and Rock and Roll of the 70’s, Electro/Hip-Hop, Reggae and Disco of the early 80’s as well as House music of the mid-80’s and early 90’s. The Studio has always been a second home for Fred. Music is the language that brings his point across. Djing is the arena to spread these points of view and if you ask him what’s the point he will always say the same thing: ”Love, Life and Rhythm” His philosophy is that music is the universal language that brings everyone together under a sound, under a groove and vibration.


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Chicag // Track Listing 1 Move Your Body

6 Devotion

2 Love Can’t Turn Around

7 Work It to the Bone

3 Jack Your Body

8 Someday

4 Music Is the Key

9 Mystery of Love

5 Can’t Get Enough

10 Fun With Bad Boys


go // Composers 1 Marshall Jefferson 2 Isaac Hayes 3 Steve “Silk” Hurley 4 Steve “Silk” Hurley 5 Jessie Jones

6 Marshall Jefferson // Byron Stingily 7 Robert Lenoir // Rev.L.Thompson 8 Marshall Jefferson 9 Larry Heard 10 Screamin’ Rachael





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