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Who are you now?

Level 05 PPP2

October 2013

John Watters

Summer is over and a new set of challenges

What were your highlights this past year?

What made it memorable?

What do you feel that you gained from that experience?

The smallest things we experience are important in many ways‌


Because we build up a database that will be more than useful in the years to come.

Because we are visually bias animals, we create an onboard database of information and experiences that gives us a methodology of researching and evaluating information.

There are so many ways to gather data over our lives other than Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia.

This is where blogs are a new and a ‘revisitable' resource we can look back on and see our personal journey of likes, comment and changes in what we see and document.

Experiences in the transition between first and second year are diverse and are measured on what you have learned in year one

Work you have seen, studios you appreciate and have either contacted or are now considering contacting, all are part of your PPP journey.

Studio placements? !

Good? Bad?

How did you get it?

Any experiences you want to share?

If you didn’t contact anyone over the Summer, any reasons why?

Now is the time we start to plan what we can do to get ourselves known out there in the industry

Planning with a purpose‌

Next session we will start getting our ‘ducks in a row’


There are 5 questions on the brief that I want you to put on your (PPP) blog that we can discuss in the sign ups to follow

Anything you wish to talk about this afternoon, the sign ups are for this‌ ‌anything regarding Year 2 or your journey so far. REMEMBER. you can email me at anytime to ask more! Thank you for your engagement

Ppp2 05 session 1  


Ppp2 05 session 1