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The research was informed by previous film posters for the film IronWeed. Inspiration was taken from an iconic scene in the film where Jack Nicholson’s character hands Meryl Streep’s Character a white flower to represent the bond between the two.

James Keefe OUGD505 / Studio Brief 3


Typeface: Market Deco Colour Scheme:

C-0 M-87 Y-100 k-48

C-75 M-68 Y-67 k-90

The flower was created from different shapes rotated 360 degrees in stages. With the colours being restricted to two swatches, blending modes and Opacities were optimised to create depth and texture.

James Keefe OUGD505 / Studio Brief 3

Final Poster

The flower represents the relationship between the two characters, a symbol for hope in and redemption. This is offset with the swirling effect to depict the characters struggles with Alcohol.

James Keefe OUGD505 / Studio Brief 3

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