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Total Relaxation

wellnessjk.com Wave Touch Spa_Complete for Body, Mind & Soul

FULLY IMMERSIVE Relaxation for Body, Mind, & Soul

The perfect addition

The Wellsystem Wave is the next era of fully immersive relaxation combined with dry water massage. Delivering in depth relaxation for the body, mind, and soul, the Wellsystem Wave Touch is the only holistic massage/relaxation system that addresses multiple types of stress. For more than 25 years Wellsystem has been an industry leader in dry water massage systems, setting the standard for quiet and dependable operations. Your customers are experiencing higher levels of physical and mental stress than ever before, the Wellsystem dry water massage system is the answer for stress and pain relief combined. The airless system creates a quiet and consistent environment for warm water jets to massage from head to toe with high quality massage. Choose between upper body or total body based on desired results, and also choose desire massage pressure settings from gentle kneading to powerful deep tissue experience.

Release Tensions

The intensive massage works into the deeper layers of tissue, loosens tension and can can assist with muscle pain relief.

Relaxed Fitness

To warm up or relax after training, the muscles are effectively loosened by the warm massage.

Switch-on To Switch-off

A 15-minute session reduces stress, increases well-being and quite simply is good for you.

Energize & Revive

The dry water massage improves blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and delivers heightened energy levels.

Excellent Revenue Generator

· Minimum space requirement · Contactless and hygienic · Can be used at any time · No direct staff costs · Wide appeal to all target groups · Target new user groups · Enhanced customer loyalty · Spa experience differentiation

Feel the Power of Relaxation Anywhere

The dry water massage by Wellsystem is ideal for multiple business models, and brings a unique and high level modality for immersive relaxation and massage. The Wellsystem can be fully sanitized between each session, with no changing, no laundry, and no hassle.

Highly profitable and low maintenance, the Wellsystem is the perfect addition to any auto mated spa circuit or service menu. Allowing you to bring additional value to your customers through this unique relaxation experience, without the expenditure of additional support staff. Low operational costs, low maintenance, and autonomous session control for users means and ideal combination for operators who seek high value and quality services that are accessible operationally.

Effective Massage for Strong Shoulders

The shoulder muscle (musculus trapezius) is an essential predictor of mental stress and, when hardened by a tense posture, causes pain and tension throughout the body. The uniquely designed massage surfa ce of the Wellsystem, ergonomically surrounds the shoulder and neck area with its wave shape, allowing the massage jet to move around the entire shoulder muscles. This provides a comprehensive massage of the musculus trapezius. Innovative jets deliver an intense massage experience for an unrivaled and highly effective contactless shoulder massage.

The Wellsystem Wave Touch offers massage programs developed with multiple experts, which can be individually adjusted to body size, shoulder width, massage pattern and pressure.

Healthy back Relieves tension and strengthens the back

Strong shoulders

Ideal for tense shoulders and neck

Pure relaxation

A feel-good massage for the whole body

Fit legs

Makes tired and heavy feeling legs fit again

Energy boost Full body massage for enhanced energy levels

& hygienic


Wellsystem Wave Touch with Spa_Complete

Immersive Relaxation for

Equipped with the fully immersive Spa Complete, the Wellsystem brings relaxation


by appealing to all

Body, Mind, & Soul
next level

Full sensory immersion is available for customers during a session with the Well system Wave Spa_Complete. Invite your clients to enjoy a break from cell phones and technology by providing sensory relaxation with sight, sound, smell and touch.

Sight: See the Light

The combination of light and various color spectrums can create desired effects in the body like mood enhancement, relaxation, or and energy boost.

RELAX WITH GREEN LIGHT: Enhancing relaxation and and a sense of ease to combat stress.

RECHARGE WITH RED LIGHT: Ideal for recharging and revitalizing both the skin and body.

ACTIVATE WITH BLUE LIGHT : Activating light brightens the mood and activates body & mind.

C O M B I N AT I O N : Cycles through all light spectrums on a timer for a mixed session.

Sound: Hear the Music

The high-quality sound system with integrated SD card and Bluetooth® Connect com plements the massage with relaxing music and meditative sounds. The user also recei ves information on the light colour programme used. If desired, the user‘s own smart phone can easily be connected via Bluetooth® so that everyone can enjoy their own favorite music, podcasts or relaxation courses. The music is controlled via the large touch-screen display.

Smell: Experience the Aroma

With special aromatic scents, the massage becomes a completely immersive feel-good experience. Choose from relaxation scents like Lavender or invigorating scents like Cit rus or Eucalyptus to fully customize the experience for clients. The intensity of the frag rance can be individually adjusted or the feature turned off based on client preferences.

Skincare: Enhance your results

Red Light sessions with light activated skin care products for enhanced results. Create add-on revenue with your services through the addition of skin care options that are improved and enhanced when used with our Red Light sessions.

Limitless possibilities

Large Touchscreen Display Intuitive Operation

The simple operation in the large, rotatable touchscreen display offers you and your customers limit less user possibilities. In stand-by mode, a short instruction video explains important features and provides tips for an incomparable massage experience. The user can start with adjusting the set tings to enjoy total relaxation during the session. All settings can also be changed at any time during the massage, simply and intuitively.

Professional Set-up Manager: individual setting options & easy service

The Professional Set-up Manager delivers comple tely new operational benefits. With just a few clicks, you can configure massage times, payment options, quick-start buttons, spa settings and effect lighting, and read out all device information.

NFC Connect Today NFC is the standard for contactless payment. With the NFC Connect interface, credits and massage programmes are transferred to individual NFC cards simply, securely and contact free.




Advantages For

Your Customers · Intuitive and simple operation · Extensive and individual settings
An instruction video explains the most important functions
All settings can be pre-selected
Perfect ergonomics: touchscreen display can be rotated and tilted

Wellsystem is a part of the JK Group

With the invention of the Hydrojet as the world‘s first dry water massage system, Wellsystem created a completely new pro duct group that is quick to become the industry standard in touchless and immersive relaxation equipment.

For over 35 years, JK has developed a reputation for innova tion, quality and durability. The Wellsystem follows these same tenants and adheres to high level expectations that owners at tribute to all JK Brands.

Quality “Made in Germany“ products, with regular innovations, professional marketing and a comprehensive service network have made Wellsystem the market leader.

As part of the JK Group, which exports to over 50 countries, Wellsystem has access to comprehensive know-how with its own development center.

For more information please go to: www.wellnessjk.com

Changes in technical execution, design, prices and deliverability reserved.

Wellsystem Wave Touch Control element Touch-screen display Video function Yes Professional Set-Up for operator settings Yes Ability to import individual advertising Yes Massage areas Full body, back, shoulders, loins, legs, sectional massage, point massage Shoulder massage with 3D-Wave Yes Massage techniques Circular massage, zigzag massage, stroke massage Installed massage programs 5 Programs Pump capacity 6,5 Bar Adjustable massage intensity Multi-level (1 - 10) Adjustable massage speed Yes Adjustable body length Yes (in cm) Size of massage surface area 2.080 x 800 mm Massages can be stored on card Yes (NFC) Credit can be stored on card Yes (NFC) Water cooling Yes Air cooling Yes (depending on room temperature) Extract air Exhaust air system with ventilation, art. no. 100003585 Device color Anthracite metallic Design panel / Ambient stand-by lighting Yes (back side: optional) Massage surface area in leather look Yes Spa_Complete Operation Integrated with touch-screen display Soft Open / Soft Close Yes Skin care with Red Light Red LEDs (High Performance) Colour light applications Recharge / Relax / Activate / Rainbow Adjustable intensity of the coloured light programs Yes Relaxation programs Yes Sound system Premium Sound Smartphone connection Bluetooth ® Internal music on SD card Yes Internal aroma / Individual (Aromasticks) Yes / Yes Unit dimensions (L x B x H) 90.5 x 43.3 x 22.4 in Weight of the empty unit 485 lb (incl. Spa_Complete: 604 lb) Maximum weight of the user 462 lb Maximum duration of use 45 Minutes Water temperature 68 - 104 °F Water capacity 87 Gallons Ventilation function with Easy Access Yes Maximum power consumption 2.850 Watt (Spa Complete: 150 Watt / Air cooling: 250 Watt) Interfaces Integrated service PC and commercially available control systems OPERATION MASSAGE WELLSYSTEM SPA TECHNICAL INFORMATION COOLING DESIGN
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