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master ’s project


a dvanced design c

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a dvanced design b

achievements u.s. department of energy solar decathlon, florida intercollegiate project culminated in 1 of 11 finalists for in-

ternational competition|2011

justin j. warner

design/build project|noah nothing caring & teaching house, inc. tampa, fl aia tampa bay design awards|merit award|2009 hillsborough county community design award|award of excellence|2010

j j w a | 941-662-6534 1 6 6 1 9 palm royal d rive t ampa, f l 3364 7

usf student exhibition|work selected from school of architectural and community design|2009 and 2010 sacd design charrette|honorable mention,team competition|january 2009 and january 2010 usf dean’s list of scholars|2006 – 2010


eagle scout award|transatlantic council azores, portugal|july 2005

university of south florida|tampa, florida master of architecture degree |may 2012 |cum laude graduate with 3.57 gpa school of architecture design with an emphasis on urban architecture and community design

university of florence, italy|study abroad advance design a course|may – june


design development class focusing on building constructability and engineering disciplines

leadership construction specifications institute|treasurer|2011

set up continuing education testing center; supported architecture college council with annual picnic and newly accepted master students ice breaker event

architecture college council|treasurer|2009 and 2010

work the cpi group|tampa, florida|august 2011 – current

exhibited studio design projects in student gallery showcasing personal designs and models

men’s intramural soccer|co-captain for school of architecture and design team two, 2009 emerging leaders conference|2007

hand-picked by professor to attend three-day college team building conference

photographer, photographed new products; edited and uploaded pictures to company website videographer, implemented pilot website product demonstration program; purchased equipment, filmed demonstration and uploaded to website

ikea|tampa, florida|may – october 2009


food preparer and server, responsible for all aspects of hot food preparation; interfaced with customers providing quality service

hand drawing, drafting and modeling computer aided software utilized for drafting, 3d modeling and rendering autocad, revit, rhinoceros, grasshopper, vray, 3ds max, sketchup photoshop, indesign, illustrator digital fabrication - laser-cutting, 3d printing, CNC router photography and editing; digital film and editing; animation

harvard jolly architecture|punta gorda, florida|june – july 2008 photographer, traveled throughout southwest florida photographing project site facilities developed a portfolio utilizing photographs taken for firm marketing department



humanizing parametric design chicago, il

adaptive c ont r o l : u s i n g parametric de s i g n as a tool to ren v o k e t h e human e x p e r i e n c e master ’s project | bob macleod

this thesis focuses on how parametric systems can be used as a tool to introduce diversity, adaptability, and responsiveness to the overall design process. the parametric model is dependent on a set of variable controllers where each active parameter causes an overall change to the system’s performance. using a rule-based approach to architecture allows the designer to test a range of possible applications within a controlled design environment. this process is known as generative design, producing multiple variations of the model. parametric systems can be applied to architectural design in order to achieve a more responsive and adaptive system. models can be tuned toward specific environmental pressures and tested toward particular performance values.

as an investigation in the parametric t r a c k i n g o rganic process, datasets target specific vari- b e h a v i o r through ables in site and program. the site is p a r a m e t r ic relations located in chicago in printer’s row. proposal introduces a new transit station that will serve as a transportation hub, connecting various nodes and circulation arteries.


growing the design: generative e volutions

the station maintains its ability to change throughout the design process allowing for individual components to provide a constant and immediate feedback. the model highlights certain relationships over others allowing for specific local changes to impact the model’s scale and behavior. the underlying rules and principles of the systems can then produce a structural order and material organization of high complexity, efficiency, and beauty.


master ’s project | bob macleod





giving new identity: havana, cuba

the masterplan: urban networking

a d v. d e s i g n c | j a n w a m p l e r

in developing the master plan for the district's open spaces, integration and localization are key to havana's overall organization. it is important for the district to have an identity apart from the city. we established this area as the arts and cultural district of havana. the open spaces correspond to designate programatic functions: a main plaza to host large gatherings, as well as a cultural center. medium-sized plazas accommodate activities for the individual neighborhoods, as well as more local functions such as markets. private parks and rooftop gardens serve the invidiual blocks and families. a network of paths run through out the district, allowing pedestrians to navigate in a more direct path.

four place-specific open spaces occur through out the district: a heirarchy of public plazas branch together, pedestrian paths along the malecon leading to the r e i n v e n t i n g centro, private courtyard spaces for each o p e n s p a c e s block, and rooftop gardens for families.


renovation, p r e s e r v a t i o n , an d g r o w t h while changing mediums and scales in urban planning, we can test our overall design and concepts. studying the block and individual buildings puts us at the scale in which we would experience our masterplan. the residential is categorized by location and density: new development, infill, and renovation. high density units are situated behind the malecon and around large plazas. infill units occur on empty sites or replace damaged existing units. a d v. d e s i g n c | j a n w a m p l e r






reinventing the icon st petersburg, fl

as the new icon of saint petersburg, the pier is to serve as a destination for all. with its distinct form and positioning, this location provides the public with a variety of events. circulation is based on the wave, an constant repetitious movement through space. a large interal circulation core moves the individual along the spine of the pier through each space. a d v. d e s i g n b | d a n p o w e r s

programmatic corridor the new pier becomes a destination, offering spaces for community activities both day and night. market vendors create a corridor while walking towards the pier activating the intermediate space over the water. during the week and markets off-season, this space will become an extension of the waterfront park.

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Short Portfolio  

Examples of studio and freelance work.

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