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All About Guinea Pigs By Layna S. Bernstein

The Stuff of Everyday Life

Before you bring your guinea pig home you will have to have a few items on hand to make your new pet feel safe and comfortable when he or she arrives. These will include a cage, food, bowls, water bottles with spider tubes, some toys, bedding for the cage and grooming supplies. You may also want to pick up a hide away.

Good Eating

Guinea pigs eat...grass, roots, fruits, and seeds in the late afternoon. They do not require meat or dairy products in order to maintain good health. In fact, it's not a good idea to feed them either of these types of foods because they can not digest them properly. There's a grease called Timathie that they like a lot.

Being Good

The first step in training your pet is learning how to handle him or her safely. To pick up your guinea pig you will need to use both hands, gently sandwiching his or her body between them. Your bottom hand and forearm support his or her spine and back legs, while your top hand keeps your pet secure as you remove him or her.

Is Your Guinea Pig Happy Or Sad

Wen your guinea pig has a high pitched voice he or she is happy. When their eye twitches, he or she is mixed moods. When your guinea pig is jumping, skipping, or running fast in his or her cage. If your guinea pig is unhealthy then give him or her fruit salad chopped up. It always makes my guinea pig happy. Another way to make your guinea pig happy is to play with them and make sure your guinea pig is in a light place not a dark corner.

Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs 1.Guinea pigs are very caring & loving animals. 2. You can do their nails and put clothes on them. 3. They only bite when they need to pee. 4. Take them out of their cage just once a day and please don't leave them in a dark corner.

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