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Diary of a Penguin

Jordana Pont

February 19, 2013 Dear Diary, I'm so upset! Soon I have to leave New York because Winter is almost over! Fiiiiiiissssshhhh!!!! Oh, sorry... I got a little distracted there. We penguins just love to eat fish, and I thought I just saw one swim by. You know what bothers me? Everyone thinks that penguins live In the North Pole when we really live in the South Pole. When will they learn...?

February 20 Dear Diary, My little sister is so cute. She is a Little Blue Penguin. Little Blue Penguins are the smallest penguins and they average around 33cm and 13 inches in height. My sister finished three whole buckets of halibut and of course left the smallest one for us. She is really cute, but she can be so selfish sometimes.

March 2 Dear Diary, Today is my birthday!! I am wearing my birthday suit, a classic tuxedo! Even though today is super special, I am always in my tuxedo. My birth was very special and mom said I came dressed in my mini tuxedo. It took ten days for me to hatch. The normal time for a penguin to hatch is 35 days. Today I'm turning ten!

March 4 Dear Diary, Today was a terrible day because we had global warming and an oil spill which could have killed us! Tiffany, my mom, left to go get us more fish. She's been gone for days. Do you know what the sad part is? We're stuck here with my dad. Dad just stays in bed all day, it's so boring without mom. On the bright-side I can avoid all of this, thank goodness for school because I was in school for all of this.

March 5 Dear Diary, Today is a very important day because my parents remember when their grandparents, or also known as my great grand-penguins took them fishing.

March 6 Dear Diary, I swam 20 miles per hour today. That's as fast as I can go! When I got home, I was very hungry and I saw a cake that said,

"Happy Birthday Dad!"

When nobody was looking, I gobbled the cake up. I feel bad that I ate dad's cake and to make matters worse, burnt candles taste horrible!

March 7 Dear Diary, Today I thought about inventing a new kind of penguin. Right now there are 18 different kinds of penguins in the world. If I could invent a new type of penguin, it would be called: The Penguini, and it would be... Italian.

April 28 Dear Diary, Today is my parent's anniversary and my dad, for once, is not being lazy. He is nice enough to teach me how to call for my mate because when penguins are ready to find their mate, they let out a big yell.

April 29 Dear Diary, Today someone named Taylor Swift told me that penguin eggs take thirty five days to hatch. I thought it was thirty five seconds.

May 1 Dear Diary Well, here we are and I have horrible news. My dad thought that I was texting too much so he took my phone away which means I can't write in my diary anymore. I'm so upset, but at least I still have my tuxedo ;). The End

Extra funny stuff out of my brothers diary 1. I have a crush on the new social studies teacher because she has rainbow hair that flows and she also has a half yellow half orange mustache but I'm not sure if she is a boy or a girl. 2. I'm going to put a new pair of under where on but, what is so embarrassing is that it has hello kitty, Dora, the backyards and last but not least baby pictures of me. 3. Wow,the grade on my fish eating test was an F because I ate not even a whole piece of the fish. 4. Today I went to the gym and I was on the bike and right when I got on I fell off in front of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift I was so embarrassed because I was ready to get nice and buff for that who can be the least buff contest on the bright side I wonđ&#x;˜„ 5. I just found out that I'm actually adopted and guess what my actual parents are tigers well at least that's what happened in my dream. 6. My sister is writing some dumb paper for school and I think she's been going in my diary for stuff even though this is my private information and wait what she's been going in my diary! Want to hear something funny? So when I was younger I used to write in my diary all the time.

The End

Diary of a penguin